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The justices of the peace for the coun- (the Star brig of 14 guns)--and that aty of Kinross, have convicted two per- nother veffel (fuppoted to be the Weasel Biotus of the offence of illegally difulling floop which had failed from Shield) was ipiri's ; when their ftills, utentiis, &c. bearing down. were condemned as forieited, and each From Alnwick advice is received, that diclinqucit find in the sum of one hunc on tlie 26th, there was a fhip set on fire arci pounds:

last night just off Coquet INand, by a The juítices of Renfrewshire have a. French privateer which took the crew wired fines against private diftillers in prisoners, but set two women on shore 1 u dittrict to the amount of 5421. near Shields. The privateer is still in

Tr Court Martial which has been fight. Liting for the last three weeks at Sheer There are now in circulation a numreis, on the mutineers of the Defiance ber of counterfeit guineas and half guineas man of war, when lying in Leith roads, which cannot be detected by weighing terminated on Thurfulay, when, of the them, as they are considerably above the i vcriten unfortunate and deluded nien, ftandard. But which upon closs examibine were ordered to be hanged, six to naiion, though well executed, will be raive corporal punishment, and two found deficient in the milling-Larger Wicre acquiticd.

than the real coin, of a lighter colour, The Louis d'or, on the 16th, was bearing date 1790. Wurth in alignats fix hundred thousand The very laudable excrtions making Lari.

by the Highland Society to improve agriOn Wednesday the 24th failed from culture in the Highland diftricts of ScotBrwick the Union and Roxburgh pack- land, cannot fail of being attended with a brig cutter; at half paft two the happiest effects. By holding out A. M. the fired a gun, a fignal to bring premiuins, they are exciting the attento; the vetiels wore immediately and tion of the inhabitants in these districts bure up to her; she being a very little to improve the breed of Highland horses ditance off, found it impossible to get and black cattle-the proper conitrucfrom her: She then sent a boat on board, tion of farm-houses and offices-he best and took pefieffion of the vessels, and method of casting peats and preserving and made the crew and passengers pri- mosses--the preservation of potaioes in luners. After taking some part of the all teafons, and the improving and raifCargo out of the Union, they scuttled ing them on ground hitherto not cultiva, ber and the went down. At three o'clock ted-as also the cultivation of madder. P. M. the Ruxburgh, we understand was fuit to Dunkirk. Parting with the Lindsay v. Kinloch ; after Lord Thur

kaburit, fie went in chate of a brig; low had given his opinion, he concluded 3 coming up with ner, the cutter fired a by moving, that the last interlocutor of

gin; the then brought to under Danish the Court of Sesion be affirmed, all forCulours. Being a neutral fhip, the Cap- mer interlocutors reversed, and the delain of the cutter sent the patiengers be- fendant affoilzied from the claim. longing to the above captured ships on On Wednesday the 23d couríel were budine Dane, excepting three foldiers; heard in the House of Lords on the apLie trde bound to the Frith of Forth.- peal from Scotland, in which Miss Ki The pafiingers were landed yesterday tharine Mercer, ekleit daughter now 2 2: Ni whaven.

live of the late Colonel W. Mercer of The Duchess York of Leith for Lon- Aldie, appellant; and Sir John Ogilviu

was captured by a Fishing priva- of Invercarity, Bart. Hope Stewart of leer on the 20th. She had on board 100 Ballechin, E!q. and Miss Margaret Elferuits of the royals and 42d, she is phinitone, daughter of the lion. George carried to Otterd.

Keith Elphinstone, and the said George From various accounts it appears, Keith Elphinslone, her adminitra or in that there are a number of privateers law, respondents. The Lords have aj: anilling on the east coast.

firmed the decree of the Couri of Seffiou. This morning the Lord Provoft re HIGH COURT OF JUSTICIARY. cuired intelligence that the privateer, Trial of Yohn and dithur Oniel for murder. which capiured the two Berwick smacks, The libel, in fubitance, stated, That was icen off that port yesterday morning in puifiiance of an act pated in iht jaft at 3 o'clock, engaging a Britiih cutter fullion of Parliainent, intituled, “ An act Vol. LVIII.





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for enabling the magiftrates in the several counties in Great Britain to raise and levy, under certain regulations, such able The month of February has continued bodied and idle persons as shall be found fresh and mild for the season. The farwithin the said counties, to serve in his mers have got their labour very far ad.. Majesty's Navy,” the magistrates in the vanced, and are withing for a little frost burgh of Dumfries having, on the oth of to check vegetation, which is rather June laft, issued a warrant to their offi. coming on too rapidly. The thermometer cers and conftables to search for and ap- has ranged from 39 to 49 in the shade, prehend all able-bodied, idle, and dif- during the day. Though showery, there orderly perfons, who could not, upon have been no serious rains.--Markets, examination, prove themselves to exer- fince last month, have been a little on cise and industriously follow fome law. the rise, though not much.-Potatoes ful trade or employment, or to have have got up to ss. per peck. Herrings fome substance sufficient for their fup- are still in plenty.-Butter is. per pound, port and maintenance, and to bring them - Eggs 6d. per dozen.-Abundance of before the said magiftrates, in order to fish almost every day. be examined and dealt with as the said The English report for January ftates, act directs: and these officers and con- that the continuation of rains and warm ftables, accompanied by a party of the weather throughout the month, has first fencible regiment, having proceeded proved unfavourable to the growing to the house of the said John Oniel, aud plants of wheat in general, by increasing having knocked at the door, and desired the worm and slug, and forcing the veadmittance, it was refused by the said getative powers of the soil at an untimeJohn and Arthur Oniel, who declared ly feafon. Early feeding, and trading their resolution to shoot the first person them with theep, have been found more who should enter the house; that the than usually tuccessful throughout the said conftables and party having inform- winter. Oats, barley, pease, and beans, ed them of the presence of the peace of are fortunately found to rise from the ficers, and repeatedly remonstrated on fail more abundantly than was at first the impropriety of resistance, proceeded expected; but the pressing recommento force open the door, when the said dation of the legiNature has produced John and Arthur Oniel did both, or one but few instances where the meal from or other of them, fire three guns, loaded any of there is mixed with wheaten for with lead drops and sugs, or small bul. general consumption. Bean dibbling, lets, from the inside of the house, upon and drilling of white peale, have comthe laid officers of the law, and party af- menced on many diy foils; but the fifting them, by which John Grant, à broad cast fowing is retarded by the private in the said first fencible regiment wetness of the season. The strong lands was severely wounded in both his legs, raised for fallows, are much chilled by in so much that one of them was obliged the inceffant rains, and will cross badly to be amputated; and who, after lan- in general, for want of dry winds, or guishing for a considerable time in the a meliorating froft. The young clovers infirmary of Dumfries, died in confe- few well, though but few of them have quence of the wounds he had so received. received their intended dressings of maSerjeant Beaton, Alexander Fraser, and nure. Rape standing for crops looks John Cuming, of the fencibles, and Ro- kindly, and is grown this year to a larbert Howat, constable, were likewise ger extent than usual. Lean cattle of wounded.

all kinds are still scarce. Smithfield has The Jury returned their verdict on received of late but a short fupply of Tuesday after the rifing of the Court of beef or Mutton of the prime kinds; the Seffion, all in one voice finding John O- former is now worth 45. the latter 5s. niel failty, but finding, in like manner, per ftone, and sink the offal. The early the libel, not proven, as to Arthur Oniel, flocks of Dorset and Wilt hire have had who was of consequence, dismissed from a favourable lambing season, and twin.. the bar.

ned more than usual. Hay continues The Court sentenced John Oniel to be reasonable, except in the vicinity of the hanged at Edinburgh on the oth of new barracks for

Horses of all March next, and his body to be given kinds are further reduced in price. to the surgeons.



17. At Carnousie, the Lady of Colonel

Duff, a daughter.

At London, Lady Margaret Cameron, a

fon. Feb. I. At Coilsfield, Major Robert Dun. Marqueen, younger of Praxfield, to Miss chrane John't on, a fon.

At Hopeton House, Lady Georgina Co1 Montgomery, second daughter of Co

Mrs Gibson of Chitton, a daughter. ka-Montgomery of Coil field. A London, Mr Hugh C. Richardson, son

DE ATHS. of Mr Joseph Richardson, Newfield, to Miss In the West Indien, on board the Iphigeketardiori, daughter of Mr David Richard- nia frigate, Mr Duncan M'Neil, lon of the in.

lite Capt. Duncan M'Neil of Dunmore. The Rev. John Scott, minister of Gree At Martinico, agui 19, Capt. John Johnpost, to Mila Susanna Fisher, daughter of ston, of the 75th regt. second lun vf Mir Lixe sate Alexander Fiiher of Dychmount. Johuston of Lathirk. Henry Thornton, Esq; M. P. to Miss

At Antigna, Charles Kerr, Erq; an emiSites, daughter of James Sykes, Efq; York nent merchant in that iflund. fre.

Lol with the Leua frigate, in the voyage 3. At Glasgow, James Farie, younger of to the West Indies, Lord Charles Steuart, younge Fartun, 10 Miss Scott, daughter of Mr A, eft son of the Marquis of Bute, of which he Swil, merchant.

was a Lieutenant. 12. Ai Leith, Mr Ebenezer Anderson, At Kirbystephen, Westmoreland, Mrs Agmerchant in Leith, to Miss Elizabeth Short nes Mofon, aged 92 years, mother of the late red, daughter of the lare Mr Robert Short- Rt Rev. Di George Mason, Bishop of Sodor red of Greenhead, merchant in Leich. and Mann.

15. Corner Robert Finnan, of the 28th At Manchester, Mr J. Shaw, aged 80, masdryana, to Miss Jean Gordon, daughter of ter of a punch-house there, well known for the late Mr Gordon of Knox.

the fingular cntom of company never Raying 21. At Matfelburgh, Mr Burn, Baltic in it after eight o'clock in the evening. merchart, Fisher-row, to Miss Scott, daugh At Stromness, Mr John Sinclair, merchant. tar of the late Dr Scott.

At Stornoway, Mr Alexander Maciver, fe25 At Glasgow, Mr James M'Nair, mer- nior, merchant. chant, to Miss Christian Edington, eldest At Danızick, Mrs Elliot, spouse of Mr daughter of Thomas Edington, Esq; of Car- Adam Elliot, nierchant there.

At Bath, the Rt Rev. Dr Hotham, Bihop At Bankhead, Fifeshire, Mr John Blair of Clozher. Mult, merchant in Dundee, to Miss Mary In Orkney, the Rev. Mr Sand, minister of Armit.

Hoy, aged 85. 27. At Glasgow, his Excellency Robert 3. At Bith, Charles Lockhart, Esq; of Luton (Ambassador to the Sublime Porte) to Muiravenside, Advocate, Collector of the Culo Miss Henrietta Marchant, daughter of the tomis at Bo-ness. leczoled Nathaniel Marchant, Etq; of the At Edinburgh, Licut. Benjamin Dodd, ward of Jamaica.

of the marines jto Wadman, Esq; of the Inner Temple, 4. At Edinburgh, Miss Mary Ellis, 2d Buitilia at Law, to Miss Douglas, daughter daughter of the late Rev. George Ellis, minic. Francis Doulas, Esq; of the Royal Navy: ster of the gospel at Carriden.

Leut. C. Barnett, of the Guards, to Miss At Glasgow, Mrs Elizabeth Smellie, K., daughter of Admiral King.

widow of Thomas Hot kirk, F1q; of Dalbeth. At Peiersburgh, James Dalrymple, Efq; 5. At Craigow, Mrs Beairix Stedman, of North Berwick, to the Dowager Coun- wife of Dr John Rutherford of Ballilisk. teis of Hadington.

6. At Edinburgh, Miss Isabella Gibson, At Speen, in Berkshire, the Earl of Guilde daughter of the late Thomas Gibson, Erdi ford to Miss Coutts, eldest daughter of Mr Principal Clerk of Seflion. Thomas Coutts, Banker in the Strand.

7. Patrick Grizue, Esq; of Inchbrakie. BIRTHS.

8. At London, Mrs Kerr, wife of Wn

Kerr, Esq; Secretary to the General Post Of. At Limerick, the Lady of Major Buchan- fice, Scotland. ban, a daughter.

At Buncle Manse, Mrs C. M. Barker, Mrs Scott, Lady of Lieut. Col. Scott, a son. fpoufe to the Rev. Mr Douglas, minister of Feb. 5. Mrs Mackenzie of Mountgeraid, Buncle. i daughter.

10. At Finzean, Archibald Farquharson, 7. Mss Dalgliefh of Scotscraig, a daughter. Efq; of Finzean. - Lady Doune, a son.

11. At Aberdour, the Rev. Robert Lison, 8. Mrs Cameron of Kinlochleven, a son. minister of that parish.


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At Coats, Alexander Aytone, Esq; of At London, Dr Stewart, of Lower GrofKippo.

venor Street. At Aberdeen, Capt. Ceorge Synimers, 22. At Aberdeen, Alexander Robertson, late of the 25 th regt. barrack-malltr of Aber- · Líq; late of the island of Greuaela, acen.

24. At Aberdeen, Mifs Abernethie of 12. At Antigua street, near Edinburgh, Maven. Thomas Anderson, Liq; late of the island of 25. At Dumfries, Mifs Charlote Blackstock, Jamaica.

youngest daughter of the deceafcd Mr Charles At Forfar, Bailie Wm Gray, aged 8; Blackitock, surgeon there. years.

At Silver Mills, Mrs Margaret Gifford, At Bargenie, John Hamilton, Ifq; of relict of Mr Nicol Somerville, painter in Bargı nie, Advocate

Edinburgh. 14 At Dumfries, in the. Sist year of his 27. At Glasgow, James Dennistoun, El age, Mr George Gorden, late merchant in of Colgrian. that city.

PREFERMENTS. At Dumfries, Mr James Milligan, Rt Hon. the Eari of Lule, the dignity of merchant.

Viscount, Earl, and Marquis of Great BriAt Laffwade, Mrs Margaret Duncan, tain, by the titles of Viscount Mountjoy, Larl wife of Mr James Stewart, late apothecary of Windfor, and Marquis of the county of in Edinburgh.

Bure. 15. Mr Thomas John Stewart, surgeon in Rear-Admiral Christian, to be a Knight of Kincardine O'Niel.

the Bath. 10. At Glasgow, Miss Christian Houston,

Dr Walter Farquhar, of London, to be de daughter of the late Akxander Houston, Elq; Baronet, after having the degree of M. D. of Jordanhiil.

conferrad on him by the University of Edin. 17. Mrs Harriet Reid, spouse of the Rev. burgh. Wm Stronach, and daughter of the late Sir The degree of Doctor in Divinity on the James Reid, Bart.

Rev. James Murhead, minister at Urr, by At Bulville, in Badenoch, James Mac- the Univerfity of Edinburgh. pherson, F fq; M. P. for Camellord; a gentle Lori Methven, to be a Lord of Justiciary. man well known in the literary world, as the Allan Macouochie, Elt; Advocate, to be a translator of the beautiful pocins of Ollian, Lord of Seffios. and other works.

The Duke of Bucclengh to be Governor, Lord Harvey, a Captain in the royal navy. and Gilbert Inres of Stow to be Deputy. Gom Sir Francis Geary, Admiral of the White. vernor, of the Royal Cank of Scotland, le

Mrs Davidson, Lady of John Davidson, elected. Esq; W. S.

The Duke of Qucenßery has presented the Robert Dick, Ffq; Advocate and Profeffor Rev. James Robertkar, minister of kirkniiof Civil Law in the University of Edinburgh. chael, Vacant by the death of Dr Burgess.

William Denholm, Efq; of Birkwood, The University of Aberdeen have confer. aged 71 years.

red the degree of D. D. on Mr James Fraser, 19. At Edinburgh, Miss Ross, daughter minister of Drumock, and Mr David Craden of the late James Ross, Esq; of Stranraer. at Nigg, 4. Edinburgh, Mrs Eleonora Bruce,

SEQUESTRATIONS, wife of Mr Jaines Gray, writer in Edinburgh.

Feb. 13. Adam Nixon, merchant in Long-
Ai Ayr, Mrs Bowie, wise of William

holm, Bowie, Esq; of that place, formerly hospital

John Gilbert, ccachmaker in Aberdeen: Jurgeon for the island of Antigua.

At Borrowstounness, Mr Robert Grin Prices of Grain at Hiddington, Feb. 26. lay, fhipnafter. 21. At Glack, Mrs Margaret Mackenzie, Beans, 205. Grey Peale, 285.

Wheat, 49s. Barley, 28s. 6d. Cats, 27s. wife of Roderick Mackenzie, Esq; of Giack. At Edinburgh, Major Cornelius Grant;

Edinburgh, Feb. 27. Oat-meal, is. 60 late in the service of the Eift India Company. Bear-meal, 1s. 24d. Peafe-meal, is.

At Aberdeen, Mr Alexander Aberne. thie, merchant there.

PRICES OF STOCKS. Ai London, Mrs Steuart, wife of George

Feb. 28. Steuart, Esq; of Devonshire-ftreet, Portland Bank Stock 1761 176

175* Place.

3 per cent red. 695 685 }

65 John Clarkson, Efq; of the Auditor's Of. 3 per cent. conf. 697 089 1

6965 fice, in the Excise, London.

4 per cent. corf. 843

84} At London, the Rt Hon. Thomas Lord India Stock fhut 2134

212 Viscount Scuthwell, of the kingdom of Ire- India Bonds os. disc. land.

Lottery Tickets 141. 6s. Cd 141.

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Feb. 12.


55. dif.





MARCH 1796.




2 LO


Pag. Method of Making Indian Paper 146

POETRY. Method of taking Spots out of .

Prologue to the way to get Married 206 Cloaths and Furniture 146 Epilogue to the Same

206 Life of Buchanan 147||To Cynthia, by Dr Walcot

207 Anecdotes of Milton ,

154|| Old Oliver, or the Dying Shepherds Account of the Life of Abbe Sieyes 156

by P. Pindar

207 Topography and Natural History of

Song in the Entertainment of the Scotland continued 159 Lock and Key

207 Letter by M. Rolland to Robespierre 166Epitaph on Dr Johnson, by Miss Letters on Duelling

Literary History ofthe Present Period 171
History of Don Pedro

King of Portugal, and of his un-

HOUSE OF COMMONS. fortunate confort

Slave Trade 173

208 The Decayed English merchant and High Price of Corn

209_IO his Daughter


HOUSE OF LORDS. The Disadvantages which have at. Vote of Credit Bill tended the Introduction of Nerves 178

IRISH PARLIAMENT. Experiments made to Determine the

HOUSE OF COMMONS positive and relative Quantities of

Channel Trade Moisture absorbed from the At

HOUSE OF LORDS. mosphere, by Sir B. Thomson, Knt. 181\Indemnity Bill Obfervations on Coins

184 Obitacles to Husbandry


On the culture of Potatoes 188 | France-Holland-Germany
Of the Sentiments of the Soul, con. Sweden- America - Jamaica

213 cluded

190 GAZETTE INTELLIGENCE, On Didactic Poetry

193 | Containing Dispatches from Sir W. New Description of St Petersburg 195 S. Smith, Major General Leigh, Subftance of a Letter from Mr Burke

Major Gen. Hunter, Brig. Gen. to a Noble Lord

197 Stewart, and Capt. Stopford 213-15 REVIEW OF NEW BOOKS.

LONDON. Bromley's History of the Fine Arts 200||Incidental Occurrences

215 Reply to the Inftructions given by’

EDINBURGH. the Common Council of Oxford Incidental pccurrences 215-16 relative to the high price of grain, High Court of Justiciary~Appeals 217 &c.

203 Report of the Weather, &c. 217 Nźw PUBLICATIONS

205!LISTS—Marriages, Births, &c.



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