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Lieut. Pine therefore returned on board, having received a fevere contufion on the breaft from a mufquet ball. As the tide rofe again it became practicable to make a fecond attempt to burn the remaining veffels. Lieut. Pearfon was accordingly detached for that purpofe with the boats, and I am happy to add, his gallant exertions fucceeded to the utmost of my hopes, notwithstanding the renewed and heavy fire of mufquetry from the fhore. This fire was returned with great fpirit and evident good effect; and I was much pleafed with the conduct of Lieut. Goffet, in the hired lugger, and Mr Knight, in the Diamond's launch, who covered the approach and retreat of the boats. The veffels were all burnt except an armed lugger, which kept up her fire to the laft.

Killed, 2 feamen.-Wounded, firft Lieutenant Horace Pine, Lieutenant Carter of the marines, and five feamen.

Horfe Guards, March 17.

Extract of letter from Major Gen. Leigh to Mr Secretary Dundas, dated Martinico, Jan. 21.

I this day received Brigadier Gen. Stewart's flatement of the attack on his camp at St Vincent's on the 8th inftant, and the return of the killed, wounded, and miffing in that unfortunate affair.

The Governor, and a committee of the Legislature of St Vincent, having written to the Commanding Officer at Barbadoes, on the firft notice of this difafter, Brig. Gen. Knox immediately fent off 260 men of the 63d regiment, who had arrived there, under the command of Lieut. Col. Gower, to their affiftance. Extract of a letter from Major-Gen. Hunter to Major-Gen. Leigh.

Herewith I have the honour to inclofe to your Lxcellency a letter from Biigadier-Gen. Stewart, with a lift of the killed, and wounded, and miffing, in the unfortunate action of the 8th inft.

I have made the best arrangement I could think of for the fafety of Fort Charlotte, and the protection of the town, to effect which, I was under the neceffity of evacuating the new Vigie, perceiving the enemy's intention of cutting off our communication with it.

I much fear that I fhall be under the neceffity of retiring with the troops into Fort Charlotte, which is a poft in my opinion not to be taken by all the force the enemy can bring against it.

Extract of a letter from Brig. Gen. Stewart to Major-Gen. Hunter, dated Kingstown, Jan. 13.

About three o'clock on the morning of the 8th inftant, the enemy made an attack on our left, where we had a threepounder and a cohorn, placed upon a tongue of land, which ran out about fitty yards, thought, from the fteepness on each fide, to be almoft inacceffible. On the firft fhot, I immediately ran out as faft as the darknefs would permit me, and was met by Major Harcourt, fieldofficer of the day. I found the men all paraded, and Brigadier Gen. Strutt, who had juft then received a wound in his face, exerting himself much with the 54th regiment. I fill proceeded to the left, but, from the darkness, could not diftinguish the enemy from our own foldiers (about this time a French officer got over our works, and was taken prifoner); and not being yet certain whether the enemy had taken poffeffion of the battery to the left, I directed Major Harcourt to reinforce that post with the picquet of the 40th; but before this could be done, I had too much reafon to believe it was taken, and immediately dispatched a meffenger to Lieut. Col. Graham, to bring up the whole or part of the fecond Weft India regiment; but before the meffenger had got many yards, a firing was heard on the right from the enemy, and all along the front. In this fituation, I left Capt Harrison of the light company of the 54th regiment, most actively employed in ufing every exertion to keep his men to their duty, and was proceeding to the right, by the 40th regiment, to know what was doing there, but I had fcarce reached this regiment, when I heard the battery I had left was taken. I inftantly turned about, directing Major Harcourt, with all the men I could collect, to follow me and retake the battery. I again met Brigadier-Gen. Strutt between fome men, who informed me his leg was thattered, and Capt. Harrison fhot through the fhoulder. I ftill pushed forward, uting my beft endeavours, with other officers, to animate the men to their duty, many of whom, at that moment were killed and wounded. At this time, the troops in the front and on the right of the line, gave way, and the enemy took poffeffion of the remaining battery. In this dilemma nothing but a retreat could be thought of.

We reached Biabou with confiderable


lofs. The enemy hung on our rear and right; but, from the judicious attention of Lieut. Col. Fuller (who on every occafion afforded me the most ready affiftance) and Lieut.-Col. Graham, they were kept off.

Biabou being upwards of twelve miles from Kingilown, without provision, and Little ammunition, it appeared by no means prudent to take poft here; I therefore, as foon as the men had got fome little_reft, and it became dark (after having ordered fires to be kindled,) refumed our march towards Kingstown unmolefted.

Return of the Killed, Wounded, and Milffing in the attack of the enemy on the Camp b-fare Mount Williams, Ifland of St Vincent, Jan. 8.

Total-8 ferjeants, I drummer, 45 rank and file, killed; 1 major, 2 captains, 10 fubalterns, I furgeon, 6 ferjeants, 2 drummers, 87 rank and file wounded; 10 ferjeants, 1 drummer, 180 rank and file, missing.

Names of Officers wounded.-BrigadierGen. Strutt, Brigade-Major Stewart, Brigade Major Walford (not included in the above return.)

JA. STEWART, B. Gen. Admiralty-Office, March 18. Extract of a letter from the Hon. Robert Stopford, Captain of his Majetty's thip Phaeton, to Mr Nepean, dated at fea, March 11. 1796, Cape Finiter. re, E. N. E. 40 leagues.


I Have to request you will inform my Lords Commiflioners of the Admiralty, that the French Corvette, called La Bonne Citoyenne, mounting 20 nine-p ders, and carrying 145 men, was captured yesterday by the fquadron under my orders, Cape Finiflerre E. by N. 58 leagues.


The difference of opinion which pre; vailed between the Board of Controul and the Eaft India Company, with refpect to Mr Haftings, is entirely removed, and it is at length agreed, that the law expences of Mr Haltings thall be difcharged by the Company, and that, as a compenfation for his fervices, he fhall be allowed an annuity for life of socol.

Feb. 23. Admiral Gardner in the Oncen, failed with the reft of the men of war under his command, with the flect for the Weft Indies under convoy,

except the transports with troops, which are to fail under convoy of the Vengeance man of war.

The Duke of York has abolished the regmental confolidated funds; a reformation by which the troops now get all their pay without floppages, to the total prevention of all thofe frauds, fo long practifed both on the public and the foldiery.

The reports of the naval preparations going forward in the ports of Holland, with a view of affisting their new allies, received ample confirmation by the appearance of their fleet at fea, and which was of confiderable force. On Tuesday, Feb. 23. they were difcovered coming out of the Texel by an English frigate and a cutter, ftationed to watch their motions; they confifted of 6 two decked hips, 8 large frigates, and 3 fmaller veffels. Their defination was unknown; it was conjectured that they were either bound for the North Seas, to convoy home a fleet of merchantmen, or to go north about and join the French fleets at Breft or Toulon. The Admiralty immediately difpatched Admiral Duncan, with Admiral Pringle, in queft of them.

The Marquis del Campo left this country on the 29th for Paris, to affume his character as ambaflador from Spain to the French republic.

March 8. were executed on board the

Defiance man of war at Sheerness, five of the mutineers, who were found guilty by a court martial; four others received his Majefty's pardon. This awful spectacle had a due effect upon the feveral fhips companies, who behaved in a very proper and becoming manner on the occafion.

10. This day came on at the Eaft India Houfe, the adjourned queftion between the Dire&ors of the Eaft India Company and the old fhipping owners, mendation of the Court of Directors for when, after a fhort debate, the recomhiring their fhips by public contract was

agreed to.


March 3. The Duke D'Angouleme attended the Theatre Royal this evening for the fift time, accompanied by her Grace the Duchefs of Buccleugh.

4. The Lord Provoft received a re. fpite in favour of John O'Neil, under fentence of death for murder, for feven days after Wednesday the 9th inft.


5. This day the Royal Edinburgh Volunteers had a general field day, and were reviewed by his Grace the Duke of Buccleugh, Lord Lieutenant of the county.

11. The foundation of the New Affembly Rooms in Glafgow, was laid in prefence of the magiflrates, the cominittee of fubfcribers appointed for conducting the building, and a number of other gentlemen.

On Saturday the 12th, David Downie was liberated from the Cattle, in confequence of his Majesty's remiffion of the fentence against him. We understand he and his family have taken their departure for America.

We learn from Dumfries that on Saturday the 12th a very great crowd of people confifting chiefly of women and boys, affembled and feized confiderable quantities of meal, which was pafling through the town for the purpofe of fhipping: It is but juftice to state, that this mob committed no fpecies of outrage, but that of feizing the meal, which was allowed to be fold to the inhabitants at the reduced price of 2s. 4d. per ftone. The next forenoon, however, the mob aflembled again, and proceeded to fundry farm-houfes in the ftewartry, where they feized and fent into town feveral large quantities of meal, which were properly housed. By the well timed exertions of the civil and military power no further disturbances have taken place. Confidering the very liberal donations of individuals, as well as public meafures taken for the relief of the poor, and fupplies of meal (every newfpaper being filled with accounts of them), it is aftonifhing that any tumults or difturbance fhould happen any where.

At a general meeting of the county of Edinburgh, a committee was appointed to meet with the Lord Provoft and magiftrates, for the purpose of establishing a weekly market in Edinburgh, or its vicinity, for the fale of all forts of grain and flour, as alfo, to fix proper regulations for the conduct of the market, and the dues and fees, at a moderate rate, to encourage farmers to come to market. 13. A further refpite for one month was received for O'Neil, now under fene tence of death in the tolbooth of this city.

22. The trustees of the will of the late Profeffor Anderson held their first meeting in the Tontine Tavern, Glafgow, when they nominated nine ordinary ma

nagers, who are to act along with the executors, for carrying into effect a courfe of lectures in experimental philosophy, fuch as he himfelf delivered for many years with fo much reputation. The apparatus, mufeum, library, &c. bequeathed by the Profeffor to this inftitution, is faid to have cost him upwards of three thousand pounds.

22. A letter from Dunbar fays, that a brig and a cutter have taken three veffels, and run one afhore to day, between this and St Abb's Head.

On the 24th was launched from Mr John Syme's yard, Leith, a fine veffel, named the Sufanna. She is the largest ever built in Leith, measuring 90 feet keel, 28 feet frame, and burden 352 tons carpenters measure, or 600 tons dead weight. She is the property of Mr Gladstones of Liverpool.

Lord Dundas, as Governor, of the Proprietors of the Forth and Clyde Na vigation, has given one hundred guineas to the Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

No circumftance has lately occurred, productive of more benefical effects to fociety, than the late rife in the price of fpirits. Our streets were frequently dif graced by miferable objects reeling about, furious with whisky, or proftrate on the pavement. It is pleasant to remark, that no fuch fights are now to be met with; fobriety has taken the place of difiipation, and induftry, we hope, that of idleness.

It is mentioned as a fingular fact, that a man and his wife, who were born on . the fame day, baptized on the same day, had lived fifty-five years together, died lately in the parish of Sewarton, in Ayr-{ 2, fhire, on the fame day; and were bus. ried together.


As a man was driving a nail below window in Drummond flrect, four stories high, he unfortunately fell into the ftreet, and was killed on the spot.

The inhabitants of this city are greatly indebted to the Lord Provoft and Ma gistrates for the well-timed act of Coun, `cil regulating the flesh, veal, and fih markets, ordering all thefe to be exposed in public market to prevent foreftalling, the good effects of which have been al ready felt.

During this month, the Theatre has; been indifferently attended; the princi, pal performers are Mr Aiken and Mr Woods, Mrs Twilleton and Mrs Kembic.

The entertainments of the Circus are ended. In general the company has


been refpectable and numerous, and the entertainments applauded, particularly the poney races.


14. This day came on the trial of William Brown, carter in Leith, indicted for ftealing fix bars of iron from the yard of Meffrs John and William Crawford, merchants in Leith, on the evening of the 15th, or morning of the 16th of September last, and being habit and repute a thief.-The examination of witnefes being concluded, Mr Solicitor Gerural addreffed the Jury in'a very able manner on the part of the Crown. He was followed by Mr James Ferguson, for the pannel, in a very ingenious and argumentative speech. The Lord Juftice Clerk then fummed up the evidence with his ufual accuracy and candour, leaving it entirely with the Jury to return fuch verdict as, from the whole circumitances of the cafe, their own confciences fhould dictate to them.. His Lordship, however, thought it neceffary particularly to mention, that, by the law of Scotland, a perfon convicted of the moft trifling theft, if he should at the fame time be proved habit and repute a thief, would render him liable to a capital punishment; while fimple theft, if cot to a very great extent, would only infer an arbitrary punishment. What ever, therefore, the opinion of the Jury might be, as to the ftealing of the fix bars of iron, which, of itfelf, was not a capital offence, he thought they muft, at any rate, find the habit and repute not proven.-The Jury returned their verdict, finding, by a plurality of voices, the libel not proven, whereupon the pannel was diimiffed from the bar.

21. This day came on the trial of Lieutenant James Fyffe, of the Eigin fencibles, profecuted by Patrick Duff, of Carnoufie, Efq; with concurrence of his Majefty's Advocate, for perjury, in taking the trust oath (as alleged on a nominal qualification) at the election for the county of Banff, in July 1795. Lieutenant Fyffe objected to the purfuer's title to profccute in this infance, and pleaded not guilty to the indictment. The arguments of the counfel on both fides were extremely able and ingenious, The Court has ordered printed informa



March 8. The Houfe of Lords heard counsel in the appeal from the Court of Seffion, Robertion against Laird, being an infurance qufion, and generally this

whether leave to call at a port, means any port, or only fuch a port as is in the tract of the voyage?-Decree affirmed, whereby the Court found going to Hull, when the voyage infured was from Virginia to Holland, with leave to call at a port in England, was not within the policy,Appellants ordered to pay rool. cofts.

Ommany and others, executors of the late Admiral Sir Charles Douglas, against Mrs Bingham, Sir Charles' eldest daughter: Decree reverjed.

DURING this month the wind has continued mostly at east. We had little rain, but a good deal of hazy weather, which has brought on a fort of influenza, particularly amongst children. The range of the thermometer has been from 30° to 42° or 43°; on the 26th, `a confiderable quantity of fnow fell. Markets, towards the end of the month, have rather been on the rife; best beef, 5d.; mutton, 6d.; 'veal, 6d.; the fit have been in plenty, and in confiderable variety.

The English reports from the feveral districts, contain the agreeable information, that far more wheat has been fown this year than usual, and that the farmers are already bufily engaged in fowing their spring corn. This circumftance, by the confumption of feed, cannot but tend for the prefent to occafion a trifling advance of grain in general, though it mult tend eventually to a reduction. No opinion of the next year's crop can as yet be formed from its prefent full and promising appearance, as, from the uncommon mildnefs of the feafon, and the late general rains, the crops of wheat promife equally well in good and bad foils, and whether properly or im properly cultivated. In confequence of the late mild weather, the land is now, in excellent good order for breaking up the wheat ftubble, and receiving the crops of barley and oats. Graffes, and every kind of herbage, are in the moft luxuriant and forward ftate. In the grazing coun ties, there is a profufion of turnip tops, and other winter greens: This cannot fail in a fhort time to bring down the price of mutton confiderably. cows and fat cattle were never fo fearce and dear, in the memory of experienced graziers, as at prefent; and they are likely to remain fo for fome time. The price of ftores will of courfe be on the advance. Ufeful horfes, on account of the continued demand for the army, are every where ifing in price.




March 1. At Huntly, Jofeph Forsyth, Efq; of Kingston, Upper Canada, to Mifs Ann Bell, daughter of the late Wm Bell, Efq; late

in Cocklarachie.

3. At Glafgow, Mr Robert Orr, manufacturer in Pailey, to Mifs Mary Paterfon, daughter of the late Mr Robert Paterfon fheriff-fubftitute of Renfrewshire.

11. At Edinburgh, Francis Grant, Efq; of Kilgrafton, to Mifs Ann Oliphant, eldeft daughter of the deceafed Robert Oliphant, Efq; of Roffie.

14 At Oban, Capt. Niel Livingstone, late of the brigantine, the Marquis of Lorn, to Mifs Jean Campbell, daughter of Mr Donald Campbell of Eriska.

15. At Greenwich, Major Hamilton, of the royal artillery, to Mifs Charlotte Hardy, daughter of the late Conful at Cadiz.

17. At Kintore, John Davidfon, Efq; of Kebbaty, to Mifs Farquhar, daughter of Baillie Farquhar, Kintore.

-At Pitmedden, Mr Wm Elack, merchant in Aberdeen, to Mifs Jean Stephen, daughter of Alexander Stephen, of Pitmed


18. At Edinburgh, John Mackenzie, Efq; merchant in Glasgow, to Mifs Jane Maria Stirling, daughter of Sir John Stirling of Glorat, Bart.

29. At Edinburgh, Wm Balderfton, Efq; clerk to the fignet, to Mifs Helen Gilmour, fecond daughter of Wm Charles Little Gilmour, Efq; of Liberton and Craigmillar.

The Rev. Thomas Kennedy, of St Madoes, to Mifs Sarah Morgan Murray, daughter, of the deccafed Bailie Robert Murray, Cannon



Feb. 28. Mrs Souter of Mount Pleafant, a daughter.

11. The Lady of Sir William Elliot of Stobbs, Bart. a fon.

26 At Crathes, Lady Burnett, of Leys, a daughter."

27 Mrs Alexander of Ballamyle, a fon. 30. At Craigo, Mrs Taylor, wife, of John Taylor, Efq; lateof Jamaica, a fon

31 At Weftquarter Houle, Lady Bruce of Stenhouse, a fon


At Port-au-Prince, Wm Sinclair, Efq; M.D. Purveyor to the hofpitals, and fon to James Sinclair, Efq; of Forfs, Caithnefs.

At St Domingo, Mr Robert Wardrobe, of lis Majefty's fhip Severn.

On the 15th ult. Donald Cameron, in the parish of Abernethy, Strathfpay, 2zed 102 He had spent 60 years as a fervant in the family of Lurg.


In the island of Tobago, Mr James Collow, fon of the late Mr John Collow, minifter of Penpont.

Lately, at Sunnefide, in the county of Durham, Mr Jofeph Dorham, aged for. He had been formerly in the army, and mounted guard at Whitehall 81 years ago.

Sir William Chambers, Surveyor General of the Kings Works.

Emanuel Elem, of, Leeds, a Quaker, who had by trade acquired a fortune of L. 200,000. James Anderfon, a tinker, at the aftonifhing age of 114.

Mr Kelly, in the county of Meath, Ireland, at the age of 105.

At Chailott in France, Abbe Raynall, the celebrated hiftorian, at the age of 84.

On the 15th ult. at Kilbryde, at 12 o'clock noon, Mr Wm Wyllic, farmer and flater. there, aged 31 years; and at 12 o'clock at night, Ann Wyllie, his wife, aged 76 years. They had lived together 58 years in great harmony. They have left 14 grandfons, and 11 grand-daughters.

At London, Major James Campbell of the Marines.

At Kilmarnock, Mifs Barbara Morris, daughter of the late Dr Wm Morris, in the 78th year of her age.

At Hoy in Orkney, the Rev. Robert Sands, minifter of Hoy and Græmiay, in the 85th year of his age.

March 7. At Ardlogie, Wm Stuart, Efq; of Loanhead, in 84th year of his age.

8. At Glasgow, Mr David Edmond, merchant.

9. At the manfe of Crimond, the Rev. James Johnftone, minifter of Crimond, in the 82d year of his age.

(The remainder of the Lifts, &c. will be given in next number.)

SEQUESTRATIONS. March 1. Win Frafer, merchant and calendar-man, in Glasgow,

3. Ninian Alexander mafon in Dundee.
4. James Ballingall, builder in Perth.
25. Andrew Campbell, vintner, at Lech-

Prices of Grain at Haddington, March 30.
Wheat, 53s. Barley, 34s.
Oats, 28s.
Peafe, 28s. Beans, 26s. Tares, 348.

Edinburgh, March 31. Oat-meal, Is. 8d.
Bear-meal, Is. 24d. Peafe-meal, 1s. 14d.

March 7.
Bank Stock fhut

3 per cent red. fhut
3 per cent. conf. 683
4 per cent. conf. 85
India Stock fhut

India Bonds 5s. difc.

March 31.


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45.5s dif.

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