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April 15. Mrs Cochran of Kirkfield, a At London, Lady Bridget Tollemache, daughter.

relict of the Hon. Mr Tollemache, brother to 18 Mrs Cathcart of G-noch, a daughter. the Earl of Dyfart

19. Mrs Major Maclean, Isle of Monk, a 13 A: Edinburgh, Mrs Máry Congalton, fon.

George Street At Drumpellier, the Lady of Andrew . At Stewarton, the Rev. Thomas Max. Stirling, Efq; a son.

well, minister of that parish. 23. Lady Margaret Maclean, a son.

14. Ai Aberdeen, Mr Montague Beattic,

son of Dr Beattie, Proteffor of Moral Philo. DEATHS.

sophy in the Marischal College, Aberdeen. At Naples, Lieut. Duncan Forbes Mitchell, At Edinburgh, Alexander Macrae, Esq; of his Majesty's ship Victory.

of the ifland of Jamaica. At Hydrabad, in the Eatt Indies, William -At Invereik, Archibald Christie, Efq; Steuart, youngest son of Mr James Steuart, late of Ratho. writer in Edinburgh.

15. It London, Thomas Smith, Esq; At Calcutta, Mrs Margaret Leslie, widow Banker. of John Rose, Eiq; and daughter of Charles :-Richard Wilbraham Bootle, Esq; father Lellie, Esq; of Elgin.

of the Member for Westbury. At Berne, in Switzerland, the Ro Hon. --At Dalnotter-hill, James Hamilton, Efq; Spencer Compton, Earl of Northanipton. of Barns.

On his paffage from Jamaica, Mi Charles At Bristol, Miss Ramsay, daughter of
Hay, fecond son of the late Wm Hay, of Wm Ran say, Esq; of Barnton

At Eainburgh, Alexander Maconnochie,
In India, Captain Haig of the Woodcote, Esq; one of the Commiflioners of the Customs
Indiaman. He was unfortunately drowned in for Scotland.
Bengal river

At Hunterstown, Robert Hunter of that Lately, Mrs Susan Mills, aged 1.2. She Ilk, in the 6th year of his age. hai lived the greater part of her days in one 17. A London, Mr Stephen Storace well house, calle, the shipmeadow Lockhouse, on known in the muficai world. the Bungay navigation

At Guerniey, Lieutenant Governor At .ca, on board his Majesty's ship Dicta. Small, in the 7th year of his age tor, Major Dundas, of the 26th light dra. -Ac Edinburgh, Mrs Ann James, spouse goons.

to Alexander Seton, Esq; of Preston. At Surat, in the East Indies, Mr George 18. At Inverness, Major George Monro, Paron, son to John Paton of Grandhome. late of the 68th regt. of foot.

Lately, at Dublin, in St Patrick's Hospi. 19. st Birkhall, Charles Gordon, Esq; of tal, wanny M‘Daniel, aged 106. She was Abergeldic, aged 72. twice married, both times to a soldier. Her -At Milton of Orr, in Galloway, Mr first hosband was killed ar Fontenoy, and her Andrew Boyd, preacher of the gospe!. fecond at the battle of Preiton Pans, where - At Birkhill, Mrs Katharine Wedderburn, The likewise loft a fon.

widow of the late David Scryngeour, Esq; of March 10. Mrs Elizabeth Dewar, of Las, Birkhill, Advocate. fodie, aged 87.

At his seat at Vache, in Buckingham-Hon John Forbes, Admiral of the Fleet, fhire, Sir Hugh Palliser, Bart. Adniral of and General of Marines. He was the oldest the White, Governor of Greenwich Hospitala officer in the Navy, being appointed a Post and Scarborough castie, and an Elder Brother Captain in 1736

of the Trinity House. He commanded the -At Stirling, Mrs Wright, of Loss, in her rear division of the British Fleet on the 27th 87th year.

of July 1778, in the engagement between - Mrs Seton, Lady of Governor Seton, of Admiral Keppell and Compte D'Orvilliers, the island of St Vincent's.

and preferred a charge against Admiral Kep-At London, the Most Hon.the Marchio. pell, on which he was tried by a court mar. pels of Winchester,

Thal, and acquitted. Sir Hugh was likewise 11. st Dublin, the Countess Dowager of tried, and was acquitted. Aldborough, in the gcih year of her age 22. At Edinburgh, Capt. James Hamilton

12 At Edinburgh, Mrs Beatrix Simpson, of Broomhill spouse of the Rev. Dr Kemp, one of the 24 At Edinburgh, Miss Jean Murray, ministers of that city.

daughter of the late James Murray, Esq; of -At Glasgow, Mrs Ann Campbell, relict Cherrytrees. of Mr John Somerville, late of Park.

24 Ar Edinburgh, Alexander Stuart, Efq; - Ai Kirkcudbright, Elizabeth Mac- of Torrence. kenzie, daughter of the Bon. Colonel lex - At Glasgow, Niel Somerville, Esg; ander Mackenzie of Coningsby, in the sitt -Nr Robert Robertson, merchant in Kirkyear of her age.



March 24. At St Andrew's, Mrs Janct Theory and Practice of Physic in the Unie Lindesay, spouse to Dr Melville, physician versity of Glafgow. there.

Mr John Steel, to be Minister of the parish 25. At Edinburgh, Mrs Helen Simson, of Morham. reliš of the late Rev. David Plenderleath,

Meff. Andrew Jopp, Francis Gordon, Wil. late one of the ministers of Edinburgh liam Carnegie, and Thomas Burnett, admitted

-At Aberdeen, Miss Turner, daughter, to the Society of Advocates in Aberdeen. of the late George Turner, Esq; of Menie.

John Dunlop, Efq; to be Collector of the -At Norriestown, the Rev. Patrick Cald- Custom at Bo.ness. well, minister of the gospel there.

The degree of M. D. on Mr Charles Grace, 26. At Edinburgh, Miss Barbara Douglas, surgeon in Cupar, by the University of St dlaughter of the late James Douglas of Dor- Andrew's. nock.

The degree of D. D. on the Rev. Paul -At Broughton near Edinburgh, Mrs Fraser, minister of laverary, by the University Helen Seton, widow of the late Rev. Robert of St Andrew's Paton, minister of Lefswade.

The degree of D. D. on the Rev. James, -Miss Jane Rattray, youngest daughter of Fraser minister of Drumoak, and the Rev. Capt. Råttray of Athurston.

David Cruden, minister at Nigg, by the - At London, Henry Minchin, Efq; M. P. Marischal College, Aberdeen.. for Bolliny, suddenly while fitting down to

Rt Hon Henry Dundas, to bë Governor, dinner.

and Patrick Millar, Esq; to be Deputy-Gover27. At St Andrew's, the Hon. Mrs nor, of the Bank.of Scotland. Katharine Ankruther.

His Grace the Duke of Buccleugh, to be 28. At Leith, Mrs Susan Dalrymple, re. Governor, and Gilbert Innes of Stow, to be Jict of Dugald Maxwell, Esq; of Cowhill, in Deputy Governor, of the Royal Bank of the 94th year of her age.

Scotland. 29. At South Kiscadale, in the ille of Ar

William M‘Dowall, Esq; of Garthland, ran, Lieut. George Walker Stuart, of the Governor, and William Tod, Efq; of London, 82d regt.

merchant, to be Deputy-Governor, of the 29. At Glasgow, the Rev. Dr John Gillies, British Linen Company. fenior minister of that city.

The University of Edinburgh, conferred 30. Duncan Robertson, Elq; of Kindro- the degree of D. D. on the Rev. William cher, in the 92d year of his age.

Greenfield, Profeffor of Rhetoric, and Belles 31. At Kilmarnock, Mr John Muir, se- Lettres, and also elected him their represcanior, merchant, aged 86.

tative to the ensuing General Assembly 31. At Edinburgh, Thomas Tod, Efq; merchant in Edinburgh, 'Treasurer to the

SEQUESTRATIONS. Orphan Hospital, aged 77, who, at his own March 30. David Jamie & Co. merchants defire, was interred amongit the Orphans at

in Montrose. the Hospital, to whom he had been a large April 4. John Stedman, merchant in Kin. Benefactor, and faithful Steward,


18. Sinclair & Williamson, merchants in PREFERMENTS.

Leith. Robert Lifton, to be his Majesty's Envoy

-David Ewing, manufadurer in Glasgow. Extraordinary to the United States of America.

22. Charles Phin, haberdasher in EdinEdward Thornton, Esq; to be Secretary of

burgh. Legation to the United States. Rt Hon. Richard Larl Howe, to be Ad.

25. John Ewing, senior, shipmaster in

Limekilns. miral of the Fleet, and Generalaf the Marines, vic. Admiral Forbes, deceased.

Prices of Grain at Haddington, April 29. Rt Hon. Lord Bridport, to be Vice-Admiral

Wheat, 4cs. Barley, 263, of Great Britain.

Pease, 225, 6d. Beans, 218. 6d. Tares, 38s. Hon. Wm Cornwallis, to be Rear-Admiral of Great Britain.

Edinburgh, April 30. Oat-meal, is. 7d. Sir Edward Pellew, Knt Captain in the Beur-meal, Is. 24d. Pease-meal, 1s. Id. Navy, and Wm Bellingham, Efq; the dignity of Baronets of Great Britain.

PRICES OF STOCKS. • Charles Mitchell, Efq; Captain in the Navy,

April 27. and Wm Watson, Erq; the honour of knight- Bank Stock 170

1631 hood.

3 per cent red. 68 Lord Hood to be Governor of Greenwich 3 per cent conf 605

661 Hospital.

New 4 per cent. 834

81352 Major General Sir Hew Dalrymple, to be India Srock shut

2003 Lieutenant-Governor of Guernsey,

India Donds 45. disc. Dr Robert Freer, to be Profeffor of the

Oats, 235,

April 7

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For M A Y


303| Dog Tax



Pag. 1

Pag New Invention-Pasigraphy 292 Epilogueto Vortigern

34% To obtain a Spirit from Carrots 292 || A Picture of Peacefuì Humble Life, Account of the Life of Robert Henry and Description of the Person and D. D,

293 Habitation of Despair, from Joan Character of Louis XVỊ. by Mad.

of Arc

343 Rolland

296 The Shepherd's Song to May, by 7. Interesting Particulars of the Govern Butterworth

344 ment of Russia, &c. concluded 298 A Scotch Grand Vifier-An Anec



HOUSE OF COMMONS. A Sketch of the History of Sugar, in

Slave Trade

344 the early times

345 The Good Friar of Augsburg 305 Ways and Means

345-7 The Lost Emperor

308 Of some of the Effects of Respiration Legacy Tax, &c.

347 on the Animal body


MONTHLY REGISTER. Cursory Remarks on Dedications 311

France Upon the Means of War as conducive to our happiness


FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. On the Inefficacy of Advice 31% Louis XVIII ordered to quit Verona 349 Thoughts on the Varieties, both in America

350 the Animal and Vegetable Creation

320Containing dispaiches from Lord Minutes of Agriculture-Survey of Balcarres, Major Gen. Leign, Adthe Central Highlands


miral Parker, Sir Edward Pelk w, Topography and Natural History of Sir J. B. Warren, Brig. Gen, NiScotland

329 cols, &c. On the Trade of Great Britain



Trials of Crossfield, and Mr Reeves 356 Portrait of Mad. Rolland by Herfelf 338|| Account of the death of Lord Charles Winterbotham's Account of the Chi


357 nese Empire

Incidental Occurrences

356-7 339 New PUBLICATIONS


İncidental occurrences
Spring, by Miss Seward

Appeals and Circuits

3.59 The Sigh, by Mr Coleridge

342 Report of the Weather, &c.

342 Prologue lo Vortigern

342 || LISTS-Mrrag: s, Births, &c. 360-2





Sold by JÁMES Watson & Co. No 40. South Bridge ;
And by the Principal Booksellers' in Town and Country

By Allen & West, No 16. Paternofter row ;
And MARTIN & BAIN, No 184. Fleet-street, London.


PASIGRAPHY. The following are set forth as the outlines of this Art, by the inventor

M. Chaumereix. THIS Art, its innumerable advantages, and the importance of its consequences, are submitted to the mature reflections of enlightened minds, to Itatesmen, merchants, bankers, printers literary and learned men, as well as to the curious of all countries. The result of this discovery will be, that if two correspondents, French and English for instance, knowing only their maternal language, learn to write in Pasigraphy, from that moment the Frenchman will read and understand in French what the Englishman could only write and express in inglish--and the Englishman will read and comprehend in English what the Frenchman could only write and express in French. The fame line may be read and understood at once by an Englishman, a German, an Italian, a Spaniard, and a Ruflian-although the writer had only traced it in his own language, and although he knew not a single word of the others. Thus, at the end of a very few hours, any intelligent person may pafigraph his own idiom, by consulting the method, characters, and the twelve invariable rules which exercise will place in his memory


TO OBTAIN A SPIRIT FROM CARROTS. ACCORDING to a notification in the second volume of the Edinburgh Philosophical Transactions Dr Hunter of York found that fpirit may be advantageously procured from the fermented juice of this root. Dr For fter gives the process employed at Halle for the purpose, and the proportion of fpirits obtained." 2112lbs. of carrots were plucked, and spread to dry for three days; they were then freed from their green tops, fibres, and points : the bodies were then boiled for about three hours with 216 Pruffian

quarts of spring water: the carrots were next pressed, and the juice, together with the liquor of the first decoction, was boiled for five hours with some hops. When the temperature of the liquor was reduced to 66 degrees of Fahrenheit, six quarts of yeast were added to it. The fermentation was continued for forty eight hours, when the liquor stood at 58 degrees of Fahrenheit, and the grounds subsided. 481bs. of fermented car. Tit.juice were then warmed and poured into the fermented liquor ; this operation heated the whole to 66 degrees; a second fermentation ensued, and lasted about twenty-four hours; the liquor, after this time stood at 58 degrees Fahrenheit, and was now barrelled, which excited a third fermentation of three day's continuance. The liquor thus prepared yielded 48 quarts of Qrong spirit. Dr Forster thinks that this process would answer in the Pruffian states, in times of scarcity and dearness of grain. it is for our own distillers to conclude how far it may at any period be preferable to the ordinary method practised in this country,





MAY 1796.

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R Rourt Henry, author of the from that time till November 1976:
“ History of Great Britain, writ- and then became colleague-minister in

a new plan,” was the son of the Old church, and remained in that James Henry, farmer at Muirtown in ftation till his death. The degree of the parish of St Ninian's, North Britain, Doctor in Divinity was conferred on and o. Jean Galloway, daughter of him by the University of Edinburgh in Gall way of Burrowmeadow in Sir. 1770, and in 1774 he was unanimoully Inghie. He was born on the 18th chosen moderator of the general aflı mbly of February 1718, and having early re- of the church of Scotland, and is the folued to devote himself to a literary. only person on record who obtained that proteslion, was educated first under a distinction the first time he was a memMr John Nicholson at the parih school ber of thc affembly. of sc Ninian's, and for some time at Soon after his removal to Berwick, the grammar school of Stirling. He he published a scheme for raising a fund completed his course of academical study for the benefit of the wilows and orphans at the universiy of Edinburgh, and of Protestant diffenting minifters in the afterwards became master of the gram- north of England. This idea was promar-School of Annan. He was licensed bably suggested by the prosperity of the to prah on the 27th of March 1746, furd which had alınost thirty years beand was the first licentiate of the pref- fore b en established for a provision to bytery of Annan after its erection into Ministers' widows, &c. in Scotland. a teparate presbyttry. Soon after, he But the situations of the clergy of Scots received a call from a congregation of land were very diffrent from the circ Przfbyterian diflenters at Carlit, where cumstances of diffenting minifters in he was ordained in November 1748. England.

Annuities and provisions Io chis station he remained twelve years, were to be lecůred to the families of and on the 13th of August 1760 became dissenters, without fubjecting the india paltor of a diffenting congregation in visuals (as in Scotland) to a proporBerwick upon Tweed. Here he mar- tional annual coutribution, and without ried in 1763 Ann Balderstone, daughter such means of creating a fand as could of Thomas Baideritone, furgeon in Ber- be the subject of an act of parlianient 16 wick ; by whom he had no children, 'secure the annual payments. but with whom he enjoyed to the end cuteness and activity of Dr Henry furof his life a large share of domestic hap mounted there difficulties; and, chit fty pioels. He was removed from Ber- by his exertions, this ufeld and bene? wick to be one of the ministers of Edin. volent institution commenced about tle burgh in November 1763 : Was minister year 1762. The management was enof the church of the New Grey Friars truited to him for several years ; and Vol. LVIII.

S 3


The ait

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