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Wright was accused of forgery; but Wheaten, L. 1 1 fome material witnesses being absent, the

Household, Advocate Depute deserted the diet a- No Tenpenny Bread to be allowed. gainst

the pannel pro loco et tempore. 9. The Circuit Court was opened at The progress of vegetation has been Dumfries by the Right Hon. Lords Esk- very slow during the whole of this month. grove and Methven. Isobel Fead was the mornings and evenings have been accused of child murder, and p« titioned in general cold and frosty. A good deal for banishment. The Advocate Depute of injury has been done to the flourilh, ftated, that, in the particular circum- and to the small fruit. The wheat has Atance of the cafe, he was induced to loft its colour, and the hay crop appears consent to the prayer of the petition, to be greatly stinted. The range of the and that the pannel be banished from barometer in the shade was from 40° to Scotland for 14 years; and she is senten- sro. On the 9th, with, and 31st, there ced to be banished accordingly.

were showers of fleet, accompanied with 14. The Circuit Court was opened at some hail. The markets have kept very Ayr by the Right Hon. Lord Methven. high, beef from 5d. to 8d. per pound of There was no business before the Court. 171 oz.; mutton from 6d. to 8d. do.; veal

9. The Circuit Court was opened at from 4 d. to 7d. do.; pork from 47d. to Inverary by the Right Hon. Lord Dun- 6d. do.; lamb from 25. 6d. to 3s. 6d. per finan; but there was no business to come quarter. Potatoes, iod. per peck-Albefore the Court at that place.

paragus, from 1s. 4d. to 45. per hundred. 14. The Circuit Court was opened at - Fresh butter, Is. to 16d.-Eggs, 6d. Glasgow by the Right Hon. Lords Swin- per dozen-Pigeons, Is. per pair-Best ton and Dunfinan, when the following oatmeal, 1s. 5d. per peck. business came before them: William The English report for April ftates, Jackson, portioner of Miinton of Kil- that the present, on account of the mildbride, accused of murder, was fugitated ness of the weather, has proved an unfor not appearing.---John Tweddale, te- commonly favourable feason for every nant in Nemphlar, accused of theft, not operation in husbandry. Little rain appearing, fentence of fugitation was having fallen since the month of Februpronounced against him.-- John Carru- ary, the fields plowed fince that time thers, or Crothers, foldier in the firft have benefited much by the dry weather, battalion of the royal regiment of foot, which, with the seasonable frosts in accuitd of theft, and of being habit and March, have reduced the soil to a powrepute a thief. The Advocate Depute der, with small labour to the harrow. passed from the charge of habit and re- The wheats throughout the kingdom pute; and Carruthers being found guil- exhibit a degree of strength and forwardty, by his own confeffion, he was fen- nefs very unusual fo early in the season; tenced to be whipped through the streets and should the ensuing month (generally of that city on Wednesday next, and the most trying) prove mild, with modeand thereafter banished Scotland for life. rate showers, there can be little doubt

18. The Circuit Court was opened at of a most abundant crop. In Scotland, Stirling by the Right Hoit. Lord Swin- particularly, so great an extent of wheat ton. There was no business before the was never before feen, which, in general, Court.

looks well, and far superior to the crop May 16. The Magistrates of Edin- of last year. The spring seed-time has burgh set the following table of affize of been remarkably good. Great part of bread for the city and fuburbs, and to the grain is beginning to appear, and it continue till a new order:

looks very regular and promising. In Price of Wheat per boll, L. 2 o the northern counties, the fields intendAllowance for manufacture, o 6 o ed for barley are in a forward preparation;

Table of Affice. lb. oz. dr. what has been sown beginsto peep through Peony Loaf Wheaten,

5 S the soil. In stiff soils in the western dilDitto Household,

7 tricts, the barley fowing goes on with diffiTwopenny Loaf Wheaten,

culty, through the want of spring showers. Ditto Household,

The rye-grass and clover are generally Threepenny Loaf Wheaten, O IS 15 good, and very early, a circumstance Ditto Household,


much in favour of the fine lambing seaThe Quartern Loaf to be fold,

fon, as they afford plentiful food to the VOL. LVIII..


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ewes, instead of turnips, which have bat, of Preston, corn dealer, a daughter. It this season gone off so early. In the is Mrs Abbat's zoth child, and only the 21st north of the island the appearance of the year of her marriage. clover and rye-grass is, however, not so

The wife of Ifaac Hainsworth, of Cockflattering, the plants of clover being very ridge, Leeds, of three fons. They were bapthin in most places. There is å fine tised Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. prospect of apples in the western cyder

At London, the Lady of Claud Ruffel counties. It is at length ascertained, Esq; a for®. and the fact is confirmed by some of the

4. Mrs Rooch, wife of Wm Charles Reoch, beft informed persons, that no real scar. Efq; a fon,

6. At Cullean Castle, the Rt. Hon. the city has ever existed in this country, and that the late high prices of wheat have Countess of Calblis, a daughter. been the sole work of monopolists. The

At Aberdeen, the Lady of Alexander

Allardyce, Esq; M. P. a daughter. corn-markets have never been more plen

9. Mrs Grant of Congalton, a son. tifully supplied than during the last month, and the prospect of large impor- Lady Balgonie, a daughter.

16. At Balgonie in Fifeshire, the Rt Hon. tations, added to the alarm that has

20. The Lady of Lieut. Colonel Mactaken place among the speculators, will, donal of Lochgary, a daughter. no doubt, keep the prices moderate till

23. Mrs Wemyss of Wemyss, a son, after the ensuing harvest. Cattle and

DEATHS. sheep are higher than was ever remem- The Countess de Welderen sister of Lord bered; and, from the great demand, it Howard de Walden, and Lady of Count de is to be feared will continue so. From Weideren, formerly Ambassador to this the great stock of last year's hay on Court from the United Provinces. hand, and the promising appearance of At his house near Dorking, John Eld, Esq; the spring, the price of that article has aged 92. fallen considerably.

At his seat at Whitewell, Sir Bellingham

Graham, Bart.

On his passage to the West Indies, Lieu. tenant Colonel James Smith Baillie, of the

99th regt. of foot; MARRIAGES.

At Martinico, Lieutenant Ross Gillespie, At London, Sir Thomas Liddel, Bart. to of Gen. White's regt. fixth son of Dr.Tho. Miss Maria Simpson.

mas Gillespie, Physician in Edinburgh. At London, the Rt Hon. Lord Porchef- At Grenada, Mr Richard Muir, Surgeon. ter, to Miss Acland, riece to the Earl of Il- On his passage to Barbadoes, Mr James chefter.

Smollet, mate of the Phænix East Indiaman, Earl Temple, eldest son of the Marquis of fourth son of Alexander Smollet, Efq; of Bono Buckingham, to Lady Ann Elisabeth Bryd. hill. ges, daughter of the late Duke of Chandos. Ac Madras, Dr Andrew Ponton, Surgeon,

Wm Barnet, Esq; of York, to Miss E. C. in the East India Company's service, fon of Markham, second daughter of his Grace thc Mr Alexander Ponton, archite&, Edinburgh. Archbishop of York.

In the East Indies, Mr John Clidsdale, AlSir Hector Mackenzie of Gairloch, Bart. (sant-Surgeon in the East India Company's to Miss Christian Henderson,

service. May 3. At London, the Hon. and Rt At the manse of Kippin, Mrs Christian Rev. the Lord Bishop of St David's, to Miss Innes, spouse of the Rev. Mr John Canıpbeli, Penn, daughter of the late Hon. Thomas minister of Kippin. Penn, proprietor of the province of Mary- Alexander Fergusson, Esq; of Craigdar. . land.

roch, Advocate. He was unfortunately killed 17. Henry William Hardy, Esq; to Miss by the overturning of a chaise on the road Eleanor Douglas, niece of the late Sir James from Drumfries to Craigdarroch. Douglas of Kelhead, Bart.

At Tain, Bailie George Millar, merchant 20. At Edinburgh, James Pierson, Efq; to there. Miss Margaret Oughterlony, second daughter Mrs Chriftian Crawfurd of Crawsurdsa of the late John Oughterlony, Esq; of Gwynd. burn, in the gift year of her age.

23. At London, Nathaniel Bishop, Esq; of Lately, at Hallow Park, in Worcestershire, Gloucester Place, to Miss M. E. Douglas, Wm Weaver, Esq; aged upwards of 80 years, daughter of the late Sir James Douglas. He had formerly been Captain in the royal BIRTHS.

regiment of horse-guards, and was at the Her Grace the Duchess of Leinster a fon. battles of Dittengen and Fontenoy. He had Lately, Mrs Abbat, wife of George Ab- two brothers killed in the service.


At London, John Pardoe, Esq; M. P.

Mrs Mary Turner, of Church-Linch, At London, George Anderson, Esq; Ac. Worcestershire, aged 110. countant to the East India Board of Con- At London, the Right Hon. James troul.

Lord Somerville. He was one of the fix. April 2. At St Andrew's, Mr David Fra. teen peers to represent the peerage of Scotser; writer there.

land in parliament. His Lordship succeeled 5. At Edinburgh, Alexander Forbes, Lfq; his fa her in 1766, and is succeeded by his of Kirkpottie.

nephew, who will be the fifteenth Lord SoAt Auchries, Mrs Irvine, aged 75, nierville. Their ancestor came over with the widow of the late Alexander Irvine, Esq; of Conqueror, and at one period enjoyed very Drum.

large estates both in Scotland and England. At Whitehaven, Mrs Jane Tweedie, Their progenitor was the famous Sir Philip spouse to Robert Tweedie, Esq; of Antigua de Somerville, proprietor of the lordship of fireet, Edinburgh.

Whitchnour, who bequeathed a fitch of ba6. At Aberdeen, in the 77th year of his con to every husband and wife in the manor, age, George Campbell, D. D. F. R.S. Edin. who could say they had no difference for a late Principal and Professor of Divinity in the year and day after marriage ; and at this day Marischal College and University of Aber. the claim is often made at Whitchnour Flouse. deen, and one of the Minifters of that city. The family enjoyed, at one time, the barony

7. Ac Glasgow, John Fergusson, Esq; of Carnwath and Linton, Gilmerton, Drum, merchant, formerly of the island of Jamaica. and Goodtrees, in Scotland; but the eighth

At Edinburgh, Miss Nancy Rebecca Lord dying without heir male in 1618, the Kerr, daughter of the late Wm Kerr, Efq; of estates went to kis daughter, and the honours Chatto.

to his brother, who having no fortune to At Bishop-Auckland, Miss Mary Home, support the dignity, the titles lay dormant daughter of the late Mr Alexander Home, until reaffumed by the last Lord in 1722. Princes street.

The Right Hon. Lady Ann Maria 8. At Inverkeithing, David Ballingall, Esq; Montague, aged 19, lifter of the prcsent Duke one of the magistrates of that burgh, former of Manchester. ly of the South fencible regiment.

Dr Harris, of Doctors Commons. He - Mrs Lucas, Lady of Charles Lucas, has left a large fortune, chiefly to charitable Efq; and daughter of Major Ogilvie of Hem- purposes. mington.

20. At Edinburgh, George Douglas, Esq; 9. At Caradell, in Argyleshire, Dugald Marchmont Herald. Campbell, Esq; of Caradell.

21 At Pimlico, Mr Yates, comedian, aged At London, Simon Fraser, Efq; jun. 84. He has left property to the amount of of Quebec.

36,0col. in different legacies. 11. At London, Dame Hefter Heathcotte, 23. At Edinburgh, Mr John Johnson, Lady of Sir Archibald Edmonstone, Bart. of wine. merchant. Dontreath.

May 1. David Carnegie, Erg; late in the Mrs Gardner, spouse to Mr Alexander service of the East India Company. Gardner, jeweller, Edinburgh.

2. At Hope Park, near Edinburgh, James Mrs Wight, widow of the late Mr Ogilvy, Efq; Deputy Receiver General of the Wight of Ormiston, East Lothian.

Customs. Mr Matthew MʻInnes, surgeon in Crieff. 3. At Edinburgh, John Russel, Esq; Clerk 14. Ai Edinburgh, Mrs Elliott, widow of to the Signet. Mr Wm Elliott, of Woollee, writer in Edin- Alexander Pott, Esq; of Borthwickburgh.

shiels, late Surgeon in the hospital in the West At Bath, Major General Hughes, Co. Indies. lonel Commandant of his Majesty's marine 4. At Blackadder, Miss Mary Boswell. forces.

--Henry Lumsden, Esq; of Auchindoir, At Edinburgh, Mr Alexander Palmer, 5. Mr Win Watson, senior, maliufacturer aged 83.

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in Glasgow. 15. At Muirhoufe, Mrs Ann Hamilton, At Tooting, near London, James Veitch aged 94, daughter of the late James Hamil Esq; of Elliock, Lieutenant in the 72d regt. ton, Esq; of Dalziel.

of foot. 16 At Perth, Mr James Marshall, junior, 6. At Dublin, Sir Thomas Blackhall, manufacturer,

Knt. fenior Alderman of that city. At Mansfield, the Rev. Robert Buch- Ai Edinburgh, Samuel Charteris, Efq; anan, one of the ministers of Lefmahagow, late Solicitor of the Customs. in the 7 2d year of his age.

7. At Linclouden, Miss Margaret Maica - At Aberdeen, Mr David Ogilvie, of land of Eccles.

Ac Mount Pleasant, John Hepburn



the navy.



Lockhart, cldest son of Mr Walter Loekhart lexander Douglas, Bart. M. D. admitted Felwriter in Edinburgh.

lows of the Royal College of Physicians, E4. At Bath, Kenneth Murchison, Efq; of dinburgh. Tarradale.

Richard Ellifton Phillips, Esq; to be a Com9. At Newron, Ensign Philip Thomson, miffioner of the Customs in Scotland. fecond son of Colonel Thomson of Charleton. At Corstorphine, Miss Ann Austin,

PROMOTIONS. daughter of the late Hugh Austin, Elq; of

War-Office, Jan. 3. Burdwan, Bengal.

26th foot. Major George Duke, to be 11. Walter Scott, Efq; of Wauchope. Lieutenant Colonel, vice Gordon, promoted

11, At Glasgow, Mr Alexander Grindlay to the command of the 85th foot. Brevet merchant.

Major Erskine Hope, to be Major, vice Duke. 13. The Hon. James . Erkine of Alva, 78th foot, 2d hat. Major J. R. Mackenone of the Senators of the College of Justice, zie, to be Lieutenans Colonel. Capt. John in the 73d year of his age. In 1749, he was Mackenzie to be Major, vice J. R. Macken. appointed Sheriff-depute of Per:hthire; in zie. 1754, a Baron of Exchequer; and in 1761, Loyal Tay Fencibles. Thomas Thompson, a Lord of Seflion.

Esq. to be Major, vice Ayton, who retires. At Edenside, Mrs Agnes Martin, daughter of the late James Martin, Esq; of

Jan. 9. Clermont,

6th drag. guards. Major Sir Thomas ChapAt Edinburgh, the Hon. Miss Mari- man, to be Lieutenant Cologel. Capt. Lieut. anne Semple, daughter of the late Hugh Lord Wm Tomkins to be Major, vice Sir T. ChapSempie.

man. Capt. Wm Keir to be Major. 21. Mrs Grizell Baillie, daughter of Hugh

Jan. 16. Baillie, Esq; late of Monkton.

'Major General his Royal Highness Prince Lady Charlotte Finch,

Edward, to be Lieutenant General in the ar. :) At Edinburgh, Mrs Calderwood Dur- my. ham of Largo.

5th foot. Major T. Talbot, from the 85th, At Oldhamstocks, the Rev. John to be Lieutenant Colonel, vice Smyth. Cochran, minister of that parish.

both foot. Licut. Col. Martin Hunter, to 23. At Edinburgh, the Rt Hon. Lady Lo- be Lieutenant Colonel, vice Ritchie, deceased. vat, aged 86.

Rothsay and Caithness Fencibles, ift bat. 25. At Edinburgh, Mrs Smith, relie of Major David Rae to bę Lieutenant Colonel, Mr William Smith, merchant, aged 90. vice the Earl of Glafgow. Capt. James Moo

27. Dr Alexander Eason, Physician in die to be Major, vice Rac. Manchester.

Reay fencible Highlanders. Col. Mackay

Hugh Baillie, from the half-pay of the late PREFERMENTS.

94th, to be Colonel. George Mackay, Esq. The honour of Knighthood on George to be Lieutenant Colonel. Capt. Robert HoPownall, Esq; Secretary of the Province of

neyman to be Major. Lower Canada. Wm Adam, Efq; to be one of the King's


May 4. Wm Moffat, druggift, Richmond Alexander Allardyce, Efq; of Donnattor, street. Edinburgh, to be Lord Rector of the Marischall College, Aberdeen. Rev. Leslie Moodie, to be minister of the

Prices of Grain at Haddington, May 27: parifh of Newton. /

Wheat, 415. 6d. Barley, 258. 6d. Oats, The degree of L. L, D. on Robert Town.

23s. Pease, 235. Beans, 235. fon, Efq; F. R. S. Edinburgh, by the University of Edinburgh. The Rt Hon. the Earl of Leven, to be his

Edinburgh, May 30. Oat-meal, 18. 4fd. Majesty's Commissioner to the General Af Bear-meal, Is. 2d. Pease-meal, is. sembly of the Church of Scotland. Rev. Dr Wm Greenfield, Moderator of the

PRICES OF STOCKS. General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. May 13.

May 27. Earl of Kinnoul, and Sir Grey Cooper, Bc. Bank Stock

1554152 fworn of the privy Council.

3 per cent. red. 6511

63 62 George Cranston, Efq; Advocate to be Af- 3 per cent. conf. 664

64 638 sessor to the burgh of Canongate,

New 4 per cent, 817,

804 793 Sir Walter Farquhar, Bart. London; Dr ¡ndia Stock 209

194.196 John Hutton Cooper, Stamford ; and Sir A. india Bonds











New Method of Improving Pruit Translation from the Latin, Bætius Trees

364 'De Confolatione Philofophie 410 Anecdote

364 Account of James Macpherson, Lfq;



HOUSE OF COMMONS. The Decayed English merchant and Expulsion of Colonel Cawthorn his Daughter concluded

Impeachment of Ministers

412 Topography and Natural History of

State of the Nation

413 Scotland continued


HOUSE OF LORDS. Minutes of Agriculture continued 375 National Expenditure ;

415 Management of Highland estates 375 State of the Nation A New View of the City of Copen- His Majesty's Speech on the Proro

hagen, by Mrs Woolstoncraft 379 gation of Parliament Character of the Dutch, &c.

384 Reflectious on National Character


385 Curious particulars refpecting the

Operations of the armies in Italy, Lazaroni (Gypfies) of Naples

and on the Rhine

419-20 Present State of the Fine Arts


GAZETTE INTELLIGENCE,, Letters which paffed between Charles Containing dispatches from Lord

Waller and Frances Cromwell 389 Balcarres, Admiral Duncan, Mr Love and Joy-An Allegorical Tale 394 Frafer, Gen. Forbes, Admiral Para The Sport of fortune, an anecdote ker, Capts. Martin, Williams, and from real history


Lord A. Beauclerk; &c. 422-25 Epitaph on Alexander Duncan, D.D. 410


Capture of the Triton East India-
Henry's History of Great Britain

425 Literature of Scotland in the 16th Incidental Occurrences

425-6 century

401 A Sketch of the War with Tippoo


Incidental occurrences

42647 405 New PUBLICATIONS

Proceedings of the General Assem-

Northern Circuit

428-31 Ode for his Majesty's Birth-day

431 Report of the Weather, &c.

409 The Old Maid

409 LISTS–Marriages, Births, Deaths, Sonnet to the Evening Star 409 Preferments





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By ALLEN & WEST, No 16. Paternofter-row;
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