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Kennoway, at sundry times. He was and John Rolle, weavers, Margaret Laufound guilty upon his own confeßion, ric, and Margaret Murray, all refidling and was sentenced to transportation for in Stonehaven, were accused of being life, under the pain of death in case of concerned in a riotous mob, which cols his return.--- James Loudon, late keeper lected at the mill of Cowie in the month of the tolbooth of Cupar of Fife, and Ja- of February last, and assaulted George net Taylor his wife, were indicted for Philp in Mćagrave, and his fervant, for állowing the preceding criminal to ef. the purpose of compelling them to sell cape from prison ; but the Court found meal at a reduced price. Evidence was that no specific facts were charged fut. produced that John Brand was confined ficient to constitute a crime againit James by a fever, and therefore could not ap. Loudon, and therefore dismilied the li- pear to itand trial, fo that as to him the bel as to him ; but as to Janet Taylor, diet was deferted pro loco et tempore; and remitted to the Sheriff of Fire, to inquire the trial having proceeded againit the into her conduct, and to inflict iuch pu- others, the Jury found, that a number niihment as the fame shall appear to de- of perfons did assemble at the said mill ferve.-William Brand, thread milier, on the day libelled, and, in a riotous David Low, servant to John Shand wea- mauner, wounded and assaulted Mr ver, and Joseph Petrie weaver, all in Philp, for the purpose above mentionMontrose, indicted for being concerned ed, and attacked and prevented his ferin a mob collected for the purpofe of vant from procuring affistance to him ; seizing grain; but, owing to some pare found it proven, that the pannels were ticular circumstances, the diet was de present at the meeting, and art and part serted pro loco et tempore, and they were in committing the assault; but, from the dismissed.

peculiar circumstances of the case, un16. The Circuit Court was opened at animously recommended the pannels to Aberdeen by the Right Hon. Lord Juf- the mercy of the Court. They were tice Clerk and Lord Craig, and proceed. sentenced to imprisonment for three ed to the trial of James Grant and James months, and to find caution to keep the Graham, who were accused of breaking peace for one year, under the penalty of into the shop of John Lyall in Damhead two hundred merks each.-John Doof Fordown, upon the night between naldson, barber, Joseph Kynoch, fhoethe 4th and sih January last, and steal- maker, William Rofs, fon of Charles ing a quantity of yarn and other goods Ross woolcomber, Fanny Rofs his lifter, therefrom. They were both found guil- and Hugh Maclean, sailor, all in Aberty upon their own confeffior.. Grant deen, were accused of being concerned was sentenced to transportation for life. in a riotous mob, which happened in And Graham, who is a young man, was Aberdeen upon the night of Saturday banished Seotland for fourteen years.-- the 13th of February lait, and of break. James Cassie, twist miller, Alexander ing into the shops of William Rae, mealMonro, son of John Monro labourer, feller in Aberdeen, and James Smith, Margaret Monro, daughter of the said mealseller there, which they demolished John Monro, and John Hendrie, late and destroyed, and carried away theresheriff-officer, all in Peterhead, were ac- from all the articles of goods therein cused of being concerned in a riotous contained. Hugh Maclean having failmob at Peterhead, collected for the pur. ed to appear, sentence of fugitation was pofe of rescuing John Greig, weaver in pronounced against him; William Ross Peterhead, who was then custody un. and Fanny Ross confessed their guilt ; der examination before the Sheriff of the John Donaldson also confessed his being county. Alexander Monro having fails concerned in the proceedings at one of ed to appear, fentence of fugitation was the shops ; but Joseph Kynoch having pronounced against him; Margaret Mon. denied his guilt, the trial proceeded as ro confessed her guilt, and submitted to him, and the Jury found it proven, herself to the mercy of the Court ; and that he was present at the proceedings Cassie and Hendrie were found guilty which took place at the thop of W. by the verdict of a Jury. Margaret Mon- Rae; the Jury, considering the situation ró was sentenced to imprisonment for of W. Rols and Fanny Ross, and the two months; and Cafiie and Hendrie confessions made by them, unanimously were banished from Scotland for life. recommended them to the mercy of the William Watt, John Lambe, John Brand, Court. Joseph Kynoch was sentenced

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to be imprifoned for a month ; William them, that theirafterwards being brought Ross and Fanny Rors to be imprisoned to trial or not would much depend upfor two months; and the whole three on their good behaviour as peaceable were ordered to find caution to keep the fubjects hereafter.The Judges having peace for a year; John Donaldson was had occasion to mention the Aberdeen fentenced to banishment from Scotland Volunteers, they were pleased to exprefs for seven years.- Peter Sangster, appren• their opinion of the utility of that inititice to a manufacturer, John Graham, tution, and the important services which plaisterer, and David Smith, weaver, all that corps had rendered to the comin Aberdeen, were accused of being con- munity on a late occafion. ecrned in a riotous mob in Aberdeen, 21. 'The Circuit of Justiciary was a upon an earlier part of the same day pened at Inverness, by the Right Hon. with the preceding, who proceeded to Lord Craig; and proceeded to the the harbour, and unloaded a couple of trial of James Mackenzie, apprentice veftels which were lying there, which con. to John Fraser, weaver, Alexander Mactained meal and potatoes. Margaret gregor, wright, Thomas Fraser, garGelan, refidenter in Macduff, and Iso- dener, Grizel Chisholm, spouse of Wil. bel Minto, wife ,of George Lumsden, ljam Fraser, carter, and David Morrison weaver there, were accused of being con- journeyman weaver, all in Inverness, eerned in a riotous mob which happen- accused of being concerned in a riotous ed at Macduff upon Saturday the 2d of mob which happened in the town of January last, for the purpose of obstruct- Inverness in the month of March lait, ing the shipping of grain. Margaret Le concerning the scarcity of meal, and afnim, wife of William Mair, shopkeeper, faulting the Magistrates and Volunteers Elizabeth Nicol, wife of Lawrence Swan, of that place. David Morrison having failor, Janet Lyon, wife of James Smith, failed to compear, fentence of fugitation thread-miller, Janet Smith, wife of John was pronounced against him; and the Glashan, failor, and Margaret Urquhart, trial having proceeded as to the others, wife of William Lewis, also failor, all in the Jury found that Thomas Fraser was Portfoy, were accused of being concern- very active at the commencement of the ed in a riotous mob which happened at mob, particularly on the shore, and in Portfoy on the morning of the 15th of the manufactory of Mackintosh, JamieMarch last, for the purpose of compel- fon, and Co.; but found it not proven ling James Reid, factor to the Earl of that he took any part along with the Findlater, to fell the Earl's oatmeal at mob after the elapse of one hour from one Milling per peck. Catherine Shaw, the reading of the riot act; and found fervant to George Shand, shipmafter, the libel fully proven against the other William Wilson, fisherman, Jean Wil- persons. _In confequence of this verdicts fon, fisherwoman, Janet Alexander, wife Thomas Fraser and Grizel Chisholm were of Henry CruickHank, tailor, and Mar- fentenced to four months imprisonment garet Ross, wife of John Farquhar, sai. and to find caution to keep the peace lor, 'all in Macduff, were accused of af- for one year; and James Mackenzie and faulting and deforcing a fheriff officer Alexander Macgregor were banished and his affiftant., when apprehending from Scotland for life.- Marion HenMargaret Gellan and Ifobel Minto be- des from the parish of Dunrosiness fore mentioned. Catherine Shaw, W. Wil and county of Orkney and Shetland, acfon, and Jean Wilson, having failed to caled of child murder, was, upon her appear, sentence of fugitation was pro- own petition, and the consent of his Ma. nouned against them. And his Majesty's jefy's Advocate-depute, banished from Advocate, confidering that a number of Scotland for feven years under the urual persons had already, in the proceedings certification.-James Mackintoshmafon, of the Court, been feptenced to be pu- janet Wilson daughter of James Wilfon nished for crimes of the like nature; that vintter, Mary Macphail, and Margaret the offences of these persons were not fo Morifon, residenters in the town of Naim atrocious as those of the former; and were accused of being concerned in a that there were other particular circum- riotous mob which happened in the

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ftances in their favour; he was induced, town of Nairn in the month of March from these confiderations, to defert the last, collected for the purpofe of feizing diets against thefe perfons pro loco et tem- grain lying in a house in the neighbourpore: but at the same time intimated to hood, and of affaulting one of the Ma.



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giftrates of Nairn. The jury found the ing into ear. The late fown winter and pannels guilty of assembling themselves spring wheats have not suffered in the in a riotous and feditious manner as li- fame degree. In the midland coun. belled; but found the other points of ties, the wheat is likely to be too big the libel not proven. In consequence of and too rank. In the west, all the this verdi&t, the pannels were sentenced grains are, without exception, in tre to three months imprisonment, and to most promising state of verdure. The find caution to keep the peace for one rain fell just in time to bring forward year thereafter, under the penalty of the barley and oats, which in confe. two hundred merks Scots each.-Dou- quence wear every where the most gal Cameron, tacksman in Barr, John healthy appearance. In the midland Cameron tenant there, John Cameron, and southern districts, the grasses come ion of John Bain More Cameron, tenant well; and there is the prospect of abunthere, Dougal Cameron, son of John dant crops. In the north, on the conCameron tacksman of Inverthillivaulin, trary, there is expected to be a very light Angus Macphie his servant, and Malcolm crop of hay. The pasture grass is worse Macmillan tenant in Muirshiarlich, were than it was three weeks ago, the stock all accused of assaulting and beating a eating it off, and the froft killing it. messenger at arms in the execution of his The preparation for turnips goeson withduty; but the criminal indictment having out interruption, and is far advanced. not reached the Sheriff of Inverness in In Scotland, where this plant is cultitime to be regularly executed for bring- vated in a style of perfection and exacting on the trial at this Circuit, the diet nefs unknown in the southern parts of was deserted pro loco et tempore ; which the island, the weather, even its coldends the Northern Circuit.

ness, has been favourable to the fallows.

The apple trees, which had been brought The weather has been sharp and cold so forward by the mildness of April, for the season, with little rain. The have been much injured by the late cold range of the thermometer in the shade winds. The later blown forts alone has been from 48 to 56 or 57°. The promise to be productive. Cyder has in hay crop has suffered much, but grain consequence rifen confiderably in price. of all kinds is likely to be a good crop, The prospect of a good hay harvest, and though there is much danger of its shoot- the large demand for the navy, have ing too soon on some grounds, unless raised the price of stock of all kinds, bethere comes rain and more heat very yond all former example. Lean cattle quickly. Markets have been plentifully have been gradually advancing, in so fupplied, though prices have been high. exorbitant a manner, at all the spring In the middle of the month they were fairs, that unless they should be sold out as follows: New potatoes were sold at at a price that will render butcher's meat $8. the peck; green pease at 45.—Straw- inaccessible to the poor, they can afford berries gs. the pint-at the end of the little or no profit to the grazier. Every month is. 6d. each. Beef and mutton 6d. artifice is exerted to keep up and raife and 7d. per lb.; beft lamb 2s. per quarter. the prices of the corn-markets. The

The English report for May states, legal conviction and punishment of fome
that the seasonable showers of rain which foreftallers, in various parts of the king
have fallen in the course of the present dom, the continued importation, and
month, have had the happiest effects on the promising appearance of the ensuing
the growing crops, and afford the pro- harveft, will, however, probably have
fpect of a moft abundant harvest. Per- their due effect and defeat the projects
haps no season can be remembered, that of mercenary speculators.
has on the whole been more congenial
to the spirit of agriculture. In the north-

ern districts, and in Scotland, the cold
and frosty winds at the beginning of the

month have, however, had a sensible
effect in retarding vegetation, which, ex-

At Shrewsbury, the Rev. Forefter Leigh cept in rich foils, and in fituations much ton, to Miss Barclay, daughter of Major-Gen

neral Barclay. fheltered, has made little progress. The early fown wheats have been stationary Culmore, Captain in the 2d battalion of the

At Invernettie, Wm Forrester, Esq; of for the last three weeks, losing much of 4th fencible regiment, co Miss Gordon, daughtheir colour, and spindling up as if com. ter of Alexander Gordon, Efq; of løvernettie. Vol. LVIII.


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At London, John Mackenzie, Efq; of June 7. Mrs M'Kenzie, younger of Apple. King's Arms Yard, Coleman.street, to Mifs cross, a son. Vandam, of Guildford-ftreet.

9. Mrs Glasselt, of Long Niddry, a daugh. At Dumbarton castle, Mr John Turnbull, ter. junior, of Cordale, to Miss Robertson, daugh. 12. At Muffelburgh, Mrs Smith, spouse ter of Captain Robertson, of that place. to the Rev. Mr Smith, a daughter.

At Aberdeen, Mr Robert Gordon, Craig. 15. Mrs Stothart of Cargen, a daughter. head, to Miss Janet Wright, niece to the late Mrs Brown, North Castle street, a son. Dr Garrow.

Mrs Lockhart, wife of Mr Walter Loc. At Dublin, Daniel Cornielle, Efq; to Miss hart, writer in Edinburgh, a daughter Stewart, daughter of Charles Ross Stewart, 16. The Lady of Sir John Sinclair, Bart. Efq; of the East India Company's fervice. of Ulbster, a daughter.

June 2. At Borrowstounness, Mr Jaines 21. The Lady of Capt. Filmer, a daughter, Taylor, junior, Sheriff-clerk of Linlithgow,

DEATHS to Miss Janet Hart, daughter of Mr Robert At Martinique, Mr Francis Hart, surgeon, Hart, merchant, Borrow stounness.

At Port Royal, Jamaica, Mr John Bu3. At Lambeth Palace, George Wright, chan, junior, Clerk to the Signet. Esq; only son of Sir James Wright, Bart. to At Pondicherry, Lieutenant Colonel Stir. Miss Maclane, only daughter of the late ling, of the 74th regiment. Charles Maclane, Ésq; of Oakhamptom, in At Beaufort, in South Carolina, the R ev Berks, with a fortune of L. 50,000.

Mr Matthew Taite, in the 46th year of his 6. At Rosemount, Ayreshire, Robert Cald. age. In his will there was the following pawell, Esq; to Miss Hunter of Hunterstone. ragraph : “ I enjoin it on my executor, to

9. Mr Peter Jamieson, of Kingston, Japublish it in the newspaper, that I departed maica, to Miss Barbara French, daughter of this life in the full perfuafion, that if i died the late Mr John French, Advocate in Aber- poffefsed of one flave, I should not conceive deen.

myself admislible into the kingdom of heaven. 13. Ar London, John Henderson, Efq; of At New York, George Mouát, Esq; late of the Adelphi Terrace, to Miss Keate, of Char- kingston, Jamaica. lotte street, Bloomsbury.

At Geife, in the county of Caithness, At London, Licutenant Colonel Graham George Sinclair, Efq; aged 76 years. of Duchray, to Mifs Monceieff of Sauchope. At Carntyue, John Gray, Efq; in the 82d At Glasgow, Mr Wm Cuthell

, merchant, year of his age. to Miss Chriftian Fairie, daughter of Mr At Edinburgh, James Moir, Esq; AdvoRobert Fairie, bookseller.

14. At Lethen, Ilewis Dunbar, Efq; of At Poplar, on the Thames, Angus M'Nab, "Grange, to Miss Sophia Brodie, 2d daughter Esq; late commander of the Henry Dundas of the late Alexander Brodie, Esq; of Lethen. East Indiaman.

16. At London, Charles Bailey, Esq; to At the Hot-wells, Bristol, Arthur Nicol. Mrs Maclauchlan, widow of the late Dugald son, Efą younger of Lochend. Maclauchlan, Esq.

Lately, at Chesterfield, Lady Elizabeth 21. At Inverary, Capt. John Campbell, Horton, lady of the Rev, T. Horton, of Hunof the 3d foot guards, to Lady Charlotte dill, and sister to the Earl of Derby. Campbell, daughter of the Duke of Argyll. At Budleigh, Mrs A. Hood, fifter 'to

26. Mr Charles Adam, merchant in Dundee, Lords Hood and Bridport. to Miss Ure, daughter of John Ure, Esq; she. At Dublin, the Rt. Hon. Wm Burton riff clerk of Forfarshire.

Conyngham, one of the Conniffioners for 27. At Glasgow, Mr Alexander Warrand, executing the office of Lord High Treasurer merchant in Glasgow, to Mifs Grace Mac. in Ireland. aul, daughter of the Rev. Dr Macaul, one of At Bath, Lord Viscount Falkland, aged the ministers of that city.

30; He is succeeded by his brother the Hon. At Paisley, Mr Robert Burns, to Miss John Charles Carey. The firi I.ord brought Taylor, eldest daughter of Dr Alexander the account of the death of Queen Elizazeth Taylor, Physician in Manchelter,

"to 'King James VI. for which he was honourBIRTHS.

ed with the peerage and became a great faThe Marchionefs of Blandford, a son. vourite. The second Lord was an active

The Lady of Captain Hope, of the navy, royalist in the civil wars, and was killed at a daughter.

the battle of Newberry. At Spital, near Wigton, the wife of Jo

Lieut. Gen. Josep Broome, Colonel of a leph Langhorne, a boy and two girls, who battalion of the royal artillery, and master are likely to live. It is renrarkable that this gunner of St. James' Park. woman has had 7 children within these four At Edinburgh, Colonel Çeptge Córdoni, years.


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his age.

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of the late Scots Brigade, in the Sad year of bowyer, aged 95 years. He had been 63

years member of the incorporation of Mary's May 30. At Spring Garden, near Ayr, Chapel; and at his death had all the vigone Miss Katharine Young, daughter of the late of a young man., Rev. James Young, minister of New Cum- 21. At Easteraigs, John Stewart, Elq. denock.

pute governor of Blackness caftie, 31. Mr Alexander Molle, late Surgeon in 22. At Edinburgh, Mrs Margaret Spens, the service of the East India Company.

reliet of Mr Wm loglis, Turgeon. On his pasiage from the West Indies, Sir At Youngfield, John Ranaldson, Esq; Joho Laforey, Bart. Adnairal of the Blue. of Blaithall. He was commander in chief of the squadron At Kirkcubright, in consequence of a on the Leeward island Itation In 1758, at fall from his horse, Edward Macculloch, Efq; the fiege of Louisburg, in Cape Breton, he of Ardwall. commanded a division of the boats of the

PREFERMENTS. Acet that went in to Louisburg harbour, and His Majesty has been pleased to grant the boarded the Prudent of 74 guns, and Bain- digrity of an Earl of the kingdom of rest faisant of 64 guns, the former being a-ground, Britain, to the Rt Hon. Lord Hawkesbury, Was burnt, but the latter was towed out of by the name, stile, and title of Earl of invero the harbour ; for which gallant action he was pool, in the County Lancaster. made a Post Captain by Adiniral Boscawen, Likewise they of a Viscount, o Taid

June 2. At Morningside, Mr Thomas kingdom. torbe Rilin Lord Houd, of the Rattray, writer in Edinburgh.

kingdom of Irejua, by the name, stile, and 3. At Edinburgh, Mrs Bell, widow of the title of tifount Hood, of Whitely, in the Rev. William Bell.

county of Warwick. 5. At Gullan, Mrs Aitken, lately from. Likewise the dignity of a Baron of the Jamaica, spouse of Captain Aitken.

kingdom of Great Britain to the following The Rev. Robert Scott, minister of the Noblemen and Gentlemen : parish of Inverleithen.

The Rt Hon. Francis Earl of Moray, by At laverness, Mrs Frafer of Farraline, the name, file, and title of Baron Stuart, of 6. At Leith, Mrs Isabella Pattison, spouse Caftleftuart, in the connty of Inverness. to Mr Alexander George Milne, merchant The Rt Hon. John Earl of alloway, there.

Knight of the Miofi Ancient Order of the Mr Adam Paterfon, merchant Dun- Thistle, by the name, stile, and title of Baron fermline.

Stewart, of Garlies, in the stewartry of KirkAt Knightsbridge, Rt Hon. the Coun- cudbright. tess of Sussex.

The Rt Hon, James Earl of Courtown, of 9. Ac Edinburgh, Mr Thomas Pringle, the kingdom of Ireland, Knight of the Moft cabinet-maker.

Illustrious Order of St Patrick, by the name, Ac Dumfries, Mr Thomas Huddleston, stile, and title of Baron Saltersford, of Salterscunfedioner, the in 96th year of his age. ford, in the county palatine of Chester.

At Leith, Mr James Pinkerton, mer- The Rt Hon. George Larl of Macartney, of chant.

the kingdom of Ireland, Knight of the Most 10. Gcorge Kirkpatrick, Efq; one of the Honourable Order of the Bath, by the name, depute clerks of Sellion.

stile, and title of Baron Macartney of Park11. At Cocktick, Mrs Agnes Gordon, hurft, in the county of Sorry, and of Aucbinleck, spouse to John Mair, Erg; of Cocklick. in the stewartry of Kirkcudbright.

12. At Walworth, in his 88th year, Alex- The Re Hon. John Christopher Burton, ander Sheriff, Esq; formerly of Craigleith, Vifccunt Downe, of the kingdom of Ireland, Dear Edinburgh.

by the name, stile, and title of Baron Datunay, The Lady of Sir Henry Hay Macdou. of Cowick, in the county of York. gail, of Makerston, Bart,

The Rt Hon. George Viscount Middleton, At Banal, Misi Helen Duff, daughter of the kingdom of Ireland, by the name, fiile, of the deceased Alexander Duff of Halton. and title of Baran Broderisk, of Pepper Har.

13. At Bath, Johnstou Faitholm, Esq; on. row, in the county of Surry, With remainder ly son of the deceased Thomas Fairholm of to the heirs male of his father George VilPiloa, Efq;

count Middleton, deceafed. Mrs Margaret Bonnar, wife of Alex- The Rt Hon. Alexander Baron Bridport, ander Chalmers. Efq; of Inverduning, of the kingdom of Ireland, Knight of the Moft

13. At Craigston, Wm Urquhart, Esq; of Honourable Order of the Bath, Admiral of Craigton.

the White, and Vice-Admiral of Great Bria 15. At Kilmarnock, Mr James Murros, tain, by the name, 'file, and title of Barone : bookfeller, in the 76th year of his age. Bridport, of Cricket St Thomas, in the coun16. At Edinburgh, Mr Thomas Grant, ty of Somerset.

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