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At London, John Mackenzie, Efq; of June 7. Mrs M'Kenzie, younger of AppleKing's Arms Yard, Coleman-street, to Miss cross, a son. Vandam, of Guildford-ftreet.

9. Mrs Glassell, of Long Niddry, a daugh At Dumbarton castle, Mr John Turnbull, ter. junior, of Cordale, to Miss Robertson, daugh 12. At Muffelburgh, Mrs Smith, spouse ter of Captain Robertson, of that place. to the Rev. Mr Smith, a daughter.

At Aberdeen, Mr Robert Gordon, Craig. 15. Mrs Stothart of Cargen, a daughter. head, to Miss Janet Wright, niece to the late Mrs Brown, North Castle street, a son. Dr Garrow.

Mrs Lockhart, wife of Mr Walter Loc. At Dublin, Daniel Cornielle, Esq; to Miss hart, writer in Edinburgh, a daughter Stewart, daughter of Charles Ross Stewart, 16. The Lady of Sir John Sinclair, Bart. Efq; of the East India Company's fervice. of Ulbster, a daughter.

June 2. At Borrowstounness, Mr James 21. The Lady of Capt. Filmer, a daughter, Taylor, junior, Sheriff-clerk of Linlithgow,

DEATHS to Miss Janet Hart, daughter of Mr Robert At Martinique, Mr Francis Hart, surgeon, Hart, merchant, Borrowftounnefs.

At Port Royal, Jamaica, Mr John Bu. 3. At Lambeth Palace, George Wright, chan, junior, Clerk to the Signet. Esq; only son of Sir James Wright, Bart. to At Pondicherry, Lieutenant Colonel StirMiss Maclane, only daughter of the late ling, of the 74th regiment. Charles Maclane, Esq; of Oakhamptom, in At Beaufort, in South Carolina, the Rev Berks, with a fortune of L. 50,000.

Mr Matthew Taite, in the 46th year of his 6. At Rosemount, Ayreshire, Robert Cald. age. In his will there was the following pawell, Esq; to Miss Hunter of Hunterstone. ragraph : " I enjoin it on my executor, to

9. Mr Peter Jamieson, of Kingston, Ja. publish it in the newspaper, that I departed maica, to Miss Barbara French, daughter of this life in the full perfuafion, that if i died the late Mr John French, Advocate in Aber- possessed of one flave, I should not conceive deen.

myself admissible into the kingdom of heaven." 13. Ar London, John Henderson, Efq; of At New York, George Mouat, Esq; late of the Adelphi Terrace, to Miss Keate, of Char- kingston, Jamaica. lotte street, Bloomsbury.

At Geife, in the county of Caithness, At London, Licutenant Colonel Graham George Sinclair, Efq; aged 76 years. of Duchray, to Mifs Monceicff of Sauchope. At Carntyne, John Gray, Efq; in the 82d At Glasgow, Mr Wm Cuthell

, merchant, year of his age. to Miss Chriftian Fairie, daughter of Mr At Edinburgh, James Moir, Efq; AdvoRobert Fairie, bookseller.

14. Ac Lethen, I lewis Dunbar, Esq; of At Poplar, on the Thames, Angus M'Nah, 'Grange, to Miss Sophia Brodie, 2d daughter Esq; late commander of the Henry Dundas of the late Alexander Brodie, Esq; of Lethen. East Indiaman.

16. At London, Charles Bailey, Esq; to At the Hot-wells, Bristol, Arthur Nicol. Mrs Maclauchlan, widow of the late Dugald son, Efq; younger of Lochend. Maclauchlan, Esq.

Lately, at Chesterfield, Lady Elizabeth 21. At Inverary, Capt. John Campbell, Horton, lady of the Rev, T. Horton, of Hunof the 3d foot guards, to Lady Charlotte dill, and sister to the Earl of Derby. Campbell, daughter of the Duke of Argyll. At Budleigh, Mrs A. Hood, fister 'to

26. Mr Charles Adam,merchant in Dundee, Lords Hood and Bridport. to Miss Ure, daughter of John Ure, Esq; she At Dublin, the Rt. Hon. Wm Burton riff clerk of Forfarshire.

Conyngham, one of the Connifioners for 27. At Glasgow, Mr Alexander Warrand, executing the office of Lord High Treasurer merchant in Glasgow, to Mifs Grace Mac. in Ireland. aul, daughter of the Rev. Dr Macaul, one of At Bath, Lord Viscount Falkland, aged the ministers of that city.

30. He is succeeded by his brother the Hon. At Paisley, Mr Robert Burns, to Miss John Charles Carey. The fira Iord brought Taylor, eldest daughter of Dr Alexander the account of the death of Queen Elizazéth Taylor, Physician in Manchester,

'to 'King James VI. 'for which he was honourBIRTHS.

ed with the peerage and became a great faThe Marchionefs of Blandford, a son. vourite. The second Lord, was an

active The Lady of Captain Hope, of the navy, royalift in the civil

wars, and was killed at a daughter.

the battle of Newberry. At Spital, near Wigton, the wife of Jo Lieut. Gen. Joseph Broome, Colonel of a Jeph Langhorne, a boy and two girls, who battalion of the royal artillery, and mastero are likely to live. It is remarkable that this gunner of St. James' Park. woman has had 7 children within these four At Edinburgh, Colonel George Córcón, years.


his age.

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of the late Scots Erigade, in the Sad year of bowyer, aged 95 years. He had been 63

years member of the incorporation of Mary's May 30. At Spring Garden, near Ayr, Chapel; and at his death had all the vigour Miss Katharine Young, daughrer of the late of a young man., Rev. James Young, minister of New Cum 21. At Eastcraigs, John Stewart, Eiq. de. nock.

pute governor of Blackness caite, 31. Mr Alexander Molle, late Surgeon in 22. At Edinburgh, Mrs Maryaret Spens, the service of the East India Company.

reliet of Mr Wm loglis, Turgeon. On his pasiage from the West Indies, Sir At Youngfield, John Ranaldson, Esq; John Laforey, Bart. Admiral of the Blue. of Blaithall. He was commander in chief of the Squadron At Kirkcubright, in consequence of a On the Leeward island Itation In 1758, at fall from his horse, Edward Macculloch, l.fq; the fiege of Louilburg, in Cape Breton, he of Ardwall. commanded a division of the boats of the

PREFERMENTS. Ricet that went in to Louisburg harbour, and His Majesty has been pleased to grant the boarded the Prudent of 74 guns, and Bain- dignity of an Earl of the kingdom of creat faisant of 64 guns, the former being a-ground, Britain, co the Rt Hon. Lord Hawkeury, was burnt, but the latter was towed out of by the name, ftile, and title of Earl ny broero the harbour ; for which gallant action he was pool, in the couT!" ni Lancaster. made a Post Captain by Admiral Bofcawen. Likewise the ??cy of a Viscount, of said

June 2. At Morningside, Mr Thomas kingdom torbe kris Lord Hood, of the Rattray, writer in Edinburgh.

kingdom of iron by the name, file, and 3. At Edinburgh, Mrs Bell, widow of the title of fount Hood, of Whitely, in the Rev. William Beil.

county of Warwick. 5. At Gullan, Mrs Aitken, lately from, Likewise the dignity of a Baron of the Jamaica, spouse of Captain Aielen.

kingdom of Great Britain to the collowing The Rev. Robert Scott, minister of the Noblemen and Gentlemen : parish of Inverleithen.

The Rt Hon. Francis Earl of Moray, by At laverness, Mrs Frafer of Parraline, the name, file, and title of Baron Stuart, of 6. At Leith, Mrs Isabella Pattison, spouse Caffleftuart, in the connty of Inverness. to Mr Alexander George Milne, merchant The Rt Hon. John Earl of alloway, there.

Knight of the Mioft Ancient Order of the Mr Adam Paterfon, merchant Dun- Thistle, by the name, stile, and title of Baron fermline.

Stewart, of Garlie, in the stewartry of KirkAt Knightsbridge, Rt Hon. the Coun- cudbright. tess of Sussex.

'The Rt Hon. James Earl of Courtown, of 9. At Edinburgh, Mr Thomas Pringle, the kingdom of Ireland, Knight of the Moft cabinet-maker.

Illustrious Order of St Patrick, by the same, At Dumfries, Mr Thomas Huddleston, ftile, and title of Baron Saltersford, of Saltersconfe&ioner, the in 96th year of his age. ford, in the county palatine of Chester,

At Leith, Mr James Pinkerton, mer The Rt Hon. George Larl of Macartney, of chant.

the kingdom of Ireland, Knight of the Most 10. Gcorge Kirkpatrick, Esq; one of the Honourable Order of the Bath, by the name, depute clerks of Sellion.

file, and title of Baron Macartney of Park11. At Cockick, Mrs Agnes Gordon, hurst, in the county of Sorry, and of Aucbinlėck, fpouse to John Mair, Efq; of Cocklick. in the stewartry of Kirkcudbright.

12. At Walworth, in his 88th year, Alex The Re Hon. John Christopher Burton, ander Sheriff, Esa; formerly of Craigleith, Viscount Downe, of the kingdom of Ireland, Dear Edinburgh.

by the name, stile, and title of Baron Datunay, The Lady of Sir Henry Hay Macdoul- of Cowick, in the county of York. gail, of Makerston, Bart,

The Rt Hon. George Viscount Middleton, At Banal, Miss Helen Duff, daughter of the kingdom of Ireland, by the name, fille, of the deceased Alexander Duff of Halton. and title of Baror Broderisk, of Pepper Har.

13. At Bath, Johnltou Faitholm, Esq; on- row, in the county of Surry, With remainder ly son of the deceased Thomas Fairholm of to the heirs male of his father Giorge VifPikod, Elg;

count Middleton, deceafed. Mrs Margaret Bonnar, wife of Alex The Rt Hon. Alexander Baron Bridport, ander Chalmers. Efq; of Inverduning. of the kingdom of Ireland, Knight of the Moft

13. At Craigston, Wm Urquhart, Esq; of Honourable Order of the Bath, Admiral of Cragiton.

the White, and Vice-Admiral of Great Bria 15. At Kilmarnock, Mr James Morros, rain, by the name, 'file, and title of Bororo bookseller, in the 76th year of his age. Bridport, of Cricket St Thomas, in the coun

26. At Edinburgh, Mr Thomas Grant, ty of Somersei.

March 15.

Sir John Rous, Bart, by the name, stile, both foot, Capt. Prancis Slater to be Maand title of Baron Rous, of Dennington, in the jos. county of Suffolk.

ist bat. 7oth foot. Capt. G. J. Hall, from Sir Henry Gough Calthorpe, Bart. by the the 12th foot, to be Major. name, itile, and title of Baron Caltborpe of ist bat. goth foot. Capt.. Ross, from Calthorpe, in the county of Norfolk. the Royal Fuzileers, to be Major. Sir Puter Burrel, Bart. by the name, stiic,

Marcbi. and title of Baron Gwydir, of Gwydir, in 22d light drag. Major the Hon. Wm Lümthe county of Carnarvon.

ley, to be Lieutenant Colonel. Capt. Daniel Sir Francis Basset, Bart. by the name, stile, Siddons, to be Major. and title, Baron de Dunftanvile, of Trehidy 22d foot. Capt. J. R. Foster, to be Major. Park, in the county of Cornwall.

goth foot. Major Francis Erskine, to be Edward Lascelles, Esq; by the name, ftile, Lieutenant Colonel. Capt. Thomas Rudfand tille of Barou Harewood, of liarewood, dell, to be Major. in the county of York.

78th foot. Lieut. Col. Alexander Macken. John Rolle, Esq, by the name, stile, and zie, to be Licutenant Colonel Commandant. title of Baron Rolle, of Stevenítone, in the Lieut. Col. J. R. Mackenzie, to be Lieuten. county of Devon.

ant Colonel. Tolin Campbell, Esq; by the name, stile, 81ft foot. Capt. L. A. Parry, from the and title of Lord Careor, Baron of Castiemar- 49th foot, to be Major. zin, in the county of Pembroke.

His Majesty has been pleased to grant the 12th drag. Major Merryn Archdall, to be digniry of a Baronet of the kingdom of Great Lieutenant Colonel. Capt. R. Brown, and Bricain to the following Gentlemen :- John Capt. James Hare, to be Majors. Cox Hippedley, Wharton Amcotts, Edniund Lanarkihire and Dumbarton fencible ca. Craidock Hartopp, Thomas Turton, and valry. Major Wm Hamilton, to be Lieu. Robert Baker, Esqs.

tenant Coionel. Capt. Wm Bertram, to be Liquc General Sir Robert Sloper, K. B. Major. Capt. Claud Hamilton, to be Major, to be Governor of Duncannon Fort.

A regt. of fencible cavalry. Lieut. Col. Major General Gardiner, to be Governor Andrew Macdowall, to be Colonel. Andrew of Hurft Castle.

Houston, Efq; to be Lieutenant Colonel. Col. Win Campbell, of the 24th regt. to be Capt. Robert Dundas Macqueen, to be Major. Governor of Bermudas.

ioodth foot. Capt. Alex der Napier, te Mr David Murray, to be one of the De- be Major. pute Clerks of Session,

13 oth foot. Major George Myrick, to be Shadrach Moyfe, Esq; to be Secretary to Lieutenant Colonel. Capt. Robert Pigot to the Board of Custoins in Scotland.

be Major. Rev. John Lockhart, minister of Cambus 2d regt. of Royal Manx Fencibles. Lord aethen, to be one of the ministers of Glaigow. Henry Murray, to be Colonel. Capt. Charles PROMOTIONS.

Small, from half pay, to be Lieutenant CoJan. 23. 5th dragoon guards. Major J. 0. lonel. Capt. Wni Peachy, late of the 120th, Vandeleur to be Lieutenant-Colonel. Capt. to be Major.

Sherlock, to be Major.
Sth light dragoons. Major James Hall, to

SEQUESTRATIONS. be Lieutenant Colonel. Capt Samuel Cook, June 10, Archibald Maclear of Heifher. and Capt. John Vandeleur, to be Majors.

29. Murdoch Macaulay, fhipmafter in 27th light dragoons. Capt. George Wyn- Stornoway. yard, from 31st dragoons, to be Major. 28th ditto. Brevet-Major Thomas Pidcock,

Prices of Grain at Hadulington, June 24. to he Major.

Wheat, 415. Barley, 258. Oats, 22s. 6d. 68th foot. Brevet Lieutenant Colonel Tho

Peale, 20s. Beans, 255. mas Pidon, from 17th foot, to be Major.

811t foot. Brevet-Major John Watling, to Edinburgh, Fune 30. Oat-meal, 15. 4 d. be Major.

Bear-meal, is. 2d. Peale-meal, is.
85th foot. Brevet-Major Thomas Grey, to
be Major.

A regiment of Infantry. George Wm
Ranay, to be Lieutenant Colonel Com June 10.

Bank Stock 153 mandant.

154 12th foot. Major Thomas Grey, from the 3 per cent. red. One

6211 85th foot, to be Lieutenant Colonel.

3 per cent. conf. 62

677 New 4 per cent. 7962

8011 28th light dragoons. Major John Hope,

India Stock faut

Shut. to be Licucenant Colonel,

India Bonde

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June 29.






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Inscriptions on the Monuments of

Dr Johnson and Mr Howard

Attachment to Home, from The In

436 Memoirs of the late George Camp

fluence of Local Attachment, a Poem 481

Sonnet, Invitation to a Friend
bell, D.D.

482 Topography and Natural History of

The Lass of Fair Wone, from the
Scotland continued

German of Burger

482 Remarks on Voltaire's Creed, by the

Dr A-, to Dr E. Quid bellicosus

482 Bishop of Norwich


A Complete List of the MEMBERS
Letter from Dr Hawkesworth to a returned to serve in the New

Young Lady entering upon the PARLIAMENT, for the Counties,


Cities, and Boroughs, in Great
An Idler's Account of Himself


484-89 Observations on the Manners of Man

List of the Scotch Peers re-


489 Characteristic Traits of the Ancient Method to destroy the Black Clock 489 Scots Highlanders


Observations on the Character of

Prince la nry, drawn by Shakef-

Containing dispatches from Sir R.

Abercromby and Admiral Chris-
On the Pleasures of a Well Cultivat.

tian, giving an Account of the ope-
ed Mind

rations of the Army and Navy in Agriculture of Mid-Lothian 465 the Weft Indies.-Likewise from On the Electricity of Flame

471 several Naval Officers, giving an

Account of the capture of dif-
REVIEW OF NEW BOOKS. ferent French war-ships.Also

from Colonels Graham and Crau.
An Apology for the Bible, by the

furd, giving an Account of the Bishop of Landaff


operations of the Austrians and Philosophical Differtations on the

French, in Italy and on the
Eyptians and Chinese, by M. de



Miscellaneous Works of Edward
Gibbon, Efq;-On Self-biography


50-2 His conduct in a love connection 476 Conditions of the Armistice between History of the Trial of Warren Haf Naples, the Pope, and the French 50%

tings, Efq;-Character of Mr Haf-

Incidental Occurrences

503 Prosperity of Great Britain, com

EDINBURGH. pared with the State of France 478

Incidental occurrences

503-4 Report of the Weather, &c.

505 New PUBLICATIONS 479-81 | LISTS-Marriages, Births, &c. 505-6


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Sold by James Watson & Co. No 40. South Bridge ;
And by the Principal Booksellers in Town and Country:

By Allen & West, No 16. Paternoster-row;
Aad MARTIN & Bain, No 184. Fleet-treet, London,




Son, each is entitled to the honour THE liberality of the present age done to his memory. The statue of has at length opened the noble fabric Dr Johnson exhibits grandeur and eleof St Paul's Cathedral for the recep- vation of mind, such as posterity will tion of monumunts for those who have expect to find the characteristics of this eminently distinguished themselves by sublime Moralift. The workmanship their virtues or their talents, or by ser- confers honour on Mr Bacon ; and the vices rendered to their country. It has following Epitaph by Dr Parr, if it adds long been a general complaint that Wef- little, will not detract from the repucaminster Abbey is over-crowded ; and tion of that eminent scholar. less discrimination has been exercised in the selection of thofe for whom these


GRAMMATICO ET CRITICO memorials have been admitted. From Scriptorum. Anglicorum. Literate. Perite, the regulations laid down by the Dean Poetæ. Luminibus. Sententiarum, and Chapter of St Paul's, this last fault Et. Ponderibus. Verborunt. Admirabili, is not likely to be repeated in their Ca

Magiftro. Virtutis. Gravissimo. thedral. Circumstances make it evident

Homino. optimo. et singularis. Exempli.

Qui vixit Ann. 1xxv. Mens. 11. Dieb. XIII. that Sir Christopher Wren forefaw that

Deceffit, idib. Decembr. Ann. Chrift. the noble pile he was erecting would

CɔɔCC.LXXXII. become at fome period a new Temple Sepult. in Æd. Sana. Petr. Westmonafteriens, of Fame, and he accordingly construct

xul. Kal. Januar. Ann. Chrift. ed it to answer that end. Of the two


Amici et Sodales Literarii. eminent persons who forft are admitted

Pecunia. Conlata. into it, Mr HOWARD and Dr John

H. M. Faciund. curaver.

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INSCRIPTION ON MR HOWARD'S. Which the Public has now consccrated to his
This Extraordinary Man

Had the fortune to be honoured, whilst living, He was born at Hackney, in the County of
In the manner which his Virtues deserved.

Middlesex, Sept. 2, 1726.
He received the 'Thanks

The çarly part of his life he spent in retjre-
Of both Houses of the British and Irish

ment, Parliaments,

Residing principally on his Paternal Estate
For his eminent Services rendered to his Coun at Cardington, in Bedfordshire,
try and Mankind.

For which County he served the Office of
Our National Prisons and Hofpitals,

Sheriff in the year 1773.
Improved upon the suggestion of his Wisdom, He expired at Cherson, in Ruslian Tartary,
Bear testimony to the folidity of his Judge.

On the 20th January 1790;

A Victim to the perilous and benevolent And to the estimation in which he was held

attempt In every part of the Civilized World,

To ascertain the cause of, and find an effica-
Which he traverfed to reduce the sum of cious Remedy for the Plague.
Human Misery.

He trod an open, buc unfrequented, path to
From the Throne to the Dungeon, his Name

Iinmortality, was mentioned

In the ardent and unintermitted exercise of
With respect, gratitude, and admiration!

Christian Charity.
His Modesty alone

May this Tribute to his Fame
Defeated various efforts that were made during Excite an emulation of his truly glorious

To erect this Statue,


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his life,

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