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At Dublin, Daniel Cornielle, Efq; to Mifs Stewart, daughter of Charles Rofs Stewart, Efq; of the Eaft India Company's fervice.

June 2. At Borrowftounnefs, Mr James Taylor, junior, Sheriff-clerk of Linlithgow, to Mifs Janet Hart, daughter of Mr Robert Hart, merchant, Borrowftounnefs.

3. At Lambeth Palace, George Wright, Efq; only fon of Sir James Wright, Bart. to Mifs Maclane, only daughter of the late Charles Maclane, Efq; of Oakhamptom, in Berks, with a fortune of L. 50,000.


6. At Rosemount, Ayrefhire, Robert Caldwell, Efq; to Mifs Hunter of Hunterstone.

9. Mr Peter Jamicfon, of Kingston, Jamaica, to Mifs Barbara French, daughter of the late Mr John French, Advocate in Aberdeen.

13. At London, John Henderfon, Efq; of the Adelphi Terrace, to Miss Keate, of Charlotte ftreet, Bloomsbury.

At London, Lieutenant Colonel Graham of Duchray, to Mifs Monceieff of Sauchope. At Glafgow, Mr Wm Cuthell, merchant, to Mifs Chriftian Fairie, daughter of Mr Robert Fairie, bookfeller.

14. At Lethen, Lewis Dunbar, Efq; of 'Grange, to Mifs Sophia Brodie, 2d daughter of the late Alexander Brodie, Efq; of Lethen. 16. At London, Charles Bailey, Efq; to Mrs Maclauchlan, widow of the late Dugald Maclauchlan, Efq.

21. At Inverary, Capt. John Campbell, of the 3d foot guards, to Lady Charlotte Campbell, daughter of the Duke of Argyll.

26. Mr Charles Adam, merchant in Dundee, to Mifs Ure, daughter of John Ure, Efq; fheriff clerk of Forfarfhire.

27. At Glasgow, Mr Alexander Warrand, merchant in Glasgow, to Mifs Grace Mac. aul, daughter of the Rev. Dr Macaul, one of the minifters of that city.

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June 7. Mrs McKenzie, younger of Apple. crofs, a fon.


9. Mrs Glafsell, of Long Niddry, a daugh

12. At Muffelburgh, Mrs Smith, spouse to the Rev. Mr Smith, a daughter.

15. Mrs Stothart of Cargen, a daughter. Mrs Brown, North Castle street, a fon. Mrs Lockhart, wife of Mr Walter Loc. hart, writer in Edinburgh, a daughter

16. The Lady of Sir John Sinclair, Bart. of Ulbfter, a daughter.

21. The Lady of Capt. Filmer, a daughter, DEATHS

At Martinique, Mr Francis Hart, furgeon, At Port Royal, Jamaica, Mr John Buchan, junior, Clerk to the Signet.

At Pondicherry, Lieutenant Colonel Stirling, of the 74th regiment.

At Beaufort, in South Carolina, the R ev Mr Matthew Taite, in the 46th year of his age. In his will there was the following paragraph: "I enjoin it on my executor, to publish it in the newspaper, that I departed this life in the full perfuafion, that if I died poffeffed of one flave, I fhould not conceive myfelf admiffible into the kingdom of heaven." At New York, George Mouat, Efq; late of kingston, Jamaica.

At Geife, in the county of Caithness, George Sinclair, Efq; aged 76 years. At Carntyne, John Gray, Efq; in the 82d year of his age.

At Edinburgh, James Moir, Efq; Advo


At Poplar, on the Thames, Angus M'Naḥ, Efq; late commander of the Henry Dundas East Indiaman.

At the Hot-wells, Bristol, Arthur Nicolfon, Efq; younger of Lochend.

Lately, at Chesterfield, Lady Elizabeth Horton, lady of the Rev. T. Horton, of Hundill, and fifter to the Earl of Derby.

At Budleigh, Mrs A. Hood, fifter 'to Lords Hood and Bridport.

At Dublin, the Rt. Hon. Wm Burton Conyngham, one of the Commiffioners for executing the office of Lord High Treasurer in Ireland.

At Bath, Lord Viscount Falkland, aged 30. He is fucceeded by his brother the Hon. John Charles Carey. The first Lord brought the account of the death of Queen Elizazeth to King James VI. for which he was honoured with the peerage and became a great favourite. The fecond Lord was an active royalift in the civil wars, and was killed at the battle of Newberry.


Lieut. Gen. Jofeph Broome, Colonel of a battalion of the royal artillery, and mastergunner of St James Park.

At Edinburgh, Colonel George Gordon,


of the late Scots Brigade, in the S2d year of his age.


May 30. At Spring Garden, near Ayr, Mifs Katharine Young, daughter of the late Rev. James Young, minifter of New Cumnock.

31. Mr Alexander Molle, late Surgeon in the fervice of the East India Company.

On his paffage from the West Indies, Sir John Laforey, Bart. Admiral of the Blue. He was commander in chief of the fquadron on the Leeward island station In 1758, at the fiege of Louisburg, in Cape Breton, he commanded a divifion of the boats of the fleet that went in to Louifburg harbour, and boarded the Prudent of 74 guns, and Bainfaisant of 64 guns, the former being a-ground, was burnt, but the latter was towed out of the harbour; for which gallant action he was made a Poft Captain by Admiral Boscawen, June 2. At Morningfide, Mr Thomas Rattray, writer in Edinburgh.

3. At Edinburgh, Mrs Bell, widow of the Rev. William Bell.

5. At Gullan, Mrs Aitken, lately from. Jamaica, fpoufe of Captain Aitken.

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His Majesty has been pleased to grant the dignity of an Earl of the kingdom of Great Britain, to the Rt Hon. Lord Hawkefbury, by the name, ftile, and title of Earl of Liver pool, in the county of Lancaster.

Likewife the guy of a Vifcount, of faid kingdom, to the Rr He». Lord Hood, of the kingdom of Ireland, by the name, stile, and title of Viscount Hood, of Whitely, in the county of Warwick.

Likewife the dignity of a Baron of the kingdom of Great Britain to the following The Rev. Robert Scott, minifter of the Noblemen and Gentlemen: parish of Inverleithen.

At lavernefs, Mrs Frafer of Farraline, 6. At Leith, Mrs Ifabella Pattifon, fpoufe to Mr Alexander George Milne, merchant there.

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The Rt Hon. Francis Earl of Moray, by the name, file, and title of Baren Stuart, of Cafleftuart, in the county of Inverness.

The Rt Hon. John Earl of Calloway, Knight of the Moft Ancient Order of the Thistle, by the name, ftile, and title of Baron Stewart, of Garlies, in the ftewartry of Kirkcudbright.

The Rt Hon, James Earl of Courtown, of the kingdom of Ireland, Knight of the Moft Illuftrious Order of St Patrick, by the name, ftile, and title of Baron Saltersford, of Saltersford, in the county palatine of Chester.

The Rt Hon. George Earl of Macartney, of the kingdom of Ireland, Knight of the Moft Honourable Order of the Bath, by the name, file, and title of Baron Macartney of Parkhurft, in the county of Surry, and of Auchinlèck, in the ftewartry of Kirkcudbright.

The Rt Hon. John Chriftopher Burton, Vifcount Downe, of the kingdom of Ireland, by the name, ftile, and title of Baron Darunay, of Cowick, in the county of York.

The Rt Hon. George Viscount Middleton, of the kingdom of Ireland, by the name, file, and title of Baron Broderick, of Pepper Har row, in the county of Surry, with remainder to the heirs male of his father Gorge Vifcount Middleton, deceafed.

The Rt Hon. Alexander Baron Bridport, of the kingdom of Ireland, Knight of the Moft Honourable Order of the Bath, Admiral of the White, and Vice-Admiral of Great Britain, by the name, ftile, and title of Barons Bridport, of Cricket, St Thomas, in the county of Somerfet.

Sir John Rous, Bart, by the name, ftile, and title of Baron Rous, of Dennington, in the county of Suffolk.

Sir Henry Gough Calthorpe, Bart. by the name, ftile, and title of Baron Calthorpe of Calthorpe, in the county of Norfolk.

Sir Peter Burrel, Bart. by the name, ftile, and title of Baron Gwydir, of Gwydir, in the county of Carnarvon.

Sir Francis Baffet, Bart. by the name, ftile, and title, Baron de Dunfanvile, of Trehidy Park, in the county of Cornwall.

Edward Lafcelles, Efq; by the name, ftile, and title of Baron Harewood, of Harewood, in the county of York.

John Rolle, Efq, by the name, ftile, and title of Baron Rolle, of Stevenftone, in the county of Devon.

John Campbell, Efq; by the name, stile, and title of Lord Carlor, Baron of Caftiemartin, in the county of Pembroke.

His Majefty has been pleased to grant the dignity of a Baronet of the kingdom of Great Britain to the following Gentlemen:-John Cox Hippelley, Wharton Amcotts, Edniund Craddock Hartopp, Thomas Turton, and Robert Baker, Efqs.


Licut General Sir Robert Sloper, K. B. to be Governor of Duncannon Fort. Major-General Gardiner, to be Governor of Hurft Caftle.

Col. Wm Campbell, of the 24th regt. to be

Governor of Bermudas.

Mr David Murray, to be one of the Depute Clerks of Seffion.

Shadrach Moyfe, Efq; to be Secretary to the Board of Cuftoms in Scotland.

Rev. John Lockhart, minister of Gambusnethen, to be one of the minifters of Glasgow. PROMOTIONS.

Jan. 23. 5th dragoon guards. Major J. O. Vandeleur to be Lieutenant-Colonel. Capt.

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12th foot. Major Thomas Grey, from the 85th foot, to be Lieutenant Colonel.


28th light dragoons. Major John Hope, to be Lieutenant Colonel.

22d light drag. Major the Hon. Wm Lumley, to be Lieutenant Colonel. Capt. Daniel Siddons, to be Major.

22d foot. Capt. J. R. Fofter, to be Major. 50th foot. Major Francis Erfkine, to be Lieutenant Colonel. Capt. Thomas Rudfdell, to be Major.

78th foot. Lieut. Col. Alexander Mackenzie, to be Lieutenant Colonel Commandant. Lieut. Col. J. R. Mackenzie, to be Lieutenant Colonel.

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Sold by JAMES WATSON & Co. No 40. South Bridge;
And by the Principal Bookfellers in Town and Country
By ALLEN & WEST, No 16. Paternofter-row;
And MARTIN &BAIN, No 184. Fleet-street, London,

FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. Ruffia-France Conditions of the Armiftice between Naples, the Pope, and the French 502



ENGLAND. Incidental Occurrences EDINBURGH. Incidental occurrences Report of the Weather, &c. LISTS-Marriages, Births, &c. 505-6

503-4 505


DR JOHNSON'S. THE liberality of the prefent age has at length opened the noble fabric of St Paul's Cathedral for the reception of monuments for those who have eminently diftinguished themfelves by their virtues or their talents, or by fervices rendered to their country. It has long been a general complaint that Wefminster Abbey is over-crowded; and lefs difcrimination has been exercifed in the felection of thofe for whom these memorials have been admitted. From the regulations laid down by the Dean and Chapter of St Paul's, this laft fault is not likely to be repeated in their Cathedral. Circumftances make it evident that Sir Christopher Wren forefaw that the noble pile he was erecting would become at fome period a new Temple of Fame, and he accordingly conftructed it to answer that end. Of the two eminent perfons who firft are admitted into it, Mr HowARD and Dr JOHN

SON, each is entitled to the honour done to his memory. The ftatue of Dr Johnson exhibits grandeur and elevation of mind, fuch as pofterity will expect to find the characteristics of this fublime Moralift. The workmanship confers honour on Mr Bacon; and the following Epitaph by Dr Parr, if it adds little, will not detract from the reputation of that eminent scholar.


Scriptorum. Anglicorum. Literate. Perito

Poetæ. Luminibus. Sententiarum. Et. Ponderibus. Verborum. Admirabili, Magiftro. Virtutis. Graviffimo. Homino. optimo. et fingularis. Exempli. Qui vixit Ann. LXXV. Mens. 11. Dieb. XIII 1. Deceffit. idib. Decembr. Ann. Chrift. CɔɔCC.LXXXIIII.

Sepult. in d. Sanct. Petr. Weftmonafteriens. XIII. Kal. Januar. Ann. Christ. €3.5CCLXXXV.

Amici et Sodales Literarii.

Pecunia. Conlata.

H. M. Faciund. curaver.


This Extraordinary Man
Had the fortune to be honoured, whilst living,
In the manner which his Virtues deferved.
He received the Thanks

Of both Houfes of the British and Irish

For his eminent Services rendered to his Coun-
try and Mankind.

Our National Prisons and Hofpitals, Improved upon the fuggeftion of his Wifdom, Bear teftimony to the folidity of his Judge. ment,

And to the estimation in which he was held In every part of the Civilized World, Which he traverfed to reduce the fum of Human Mifery.

From the Throne to the Dungeon, his Name
was mentioned

With refpect, gratitude, and admiration!
His Modesty alone

Defeated various efforts that were made during
his life,
To erect this Statue,

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Which the Public has now confecrated to his

He was born at Hackney, in the County of
Middlefex, Sept. 2, 1726.
The early part of his life he spent in retire-

Refiding principally on his Paternal Estate
at Cardington, in Bedfordshire,
For which County he ferved the Office of
Sheriff in the year 1773.
He expired at Cherfon, in Ruflian Tartary,
On the 20th January 1790;

A Victim to the perilous and benevolent attempt

To ascertain the cause of, and find an effica-
cious Remedy for the Plague.
He trod an open, but unfrequented, path to

In the ardent and unintermitted exercise of
Christian Charity.

May this Tribute to his Fame Excite an emulation of his truly glorious Atchievements.


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