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and at twelve o'clock came up with and

St Lucia, May 22. 1796. captured the French corvette La Volcan, Sir, in my letter of the 4th of May, I after a close action of one hour and å had the honour to acquaint you of the quarter, with the loss of one-feamen successful attack on the enemy's batteries killed and one wounded. The above on the side of the Grand Cul de Sac; mentioned ships having claced two vuels and as it had been previously determina standing a contrary way, we lost fight of ed that the principle attack on the e. them about ten o'clock

nemy's works should be made on the I have judged it proper to make this' north side of Morne Fortune by the port to land our prisoners, whose num. Ridge of Dúchasseaux, every exertion bers far exceed our own, as well as to was made to complete the road for e. refit and complete our water. I am, recting the neceffary batteries, and to &c.

A. F. EVANS. bring forth the artillery and amunition. [This gazette also contains a letter from On the 16th instant, the batterier, confifVice-Admiral Kingsmill acquainting of ting of eighteen pieces of ordnance, were the capture of L'Eveille privateer moun. opened. There could only be considered ting fix guns, and of a coallier her prize, in the light of a first parallel. The reby Capt. Wation of the floop La Trom- cond parallel is now nearly complete, peuse.)

and the lodgement for the last or third is to be made to-morrow. If this

operAdmiralty Office June 28.

ation should be attended with the effect (This day's gazette contains dispatches expected from it, it is probable that we from Sir John Jervis, K. B. giving an ac. shall, in the coarse of ten or twelve days count of Commodore Nelfon having cut be in poffefion of the enemy's works upout from under the batteries at Loana, on Morne Fortune. It is difficult for ine four French vessels Jaden with corn, to give an adequate idea of the ground wine, and warlike stores, for their army in which we are obliged to act. The in Italy.)

natural obstructions, as well as every oba Admiralty-Office, Fully 1.

stacle that the entmy could throw in our [In this day's gazette there is an ac. way, render the poit of Murne Fortune count of the capture of the French cor- not only respectable, but in a high devette La Légere of 22 guns, by his Ma- gree difficult to be fubdued. jesty's fhips Apollo and Doris.-This As the enemy still retain poffeffion of ship the last of the squadron that fail- the Vigie, and as they only held it with ed from Brest under the command of a Nender force, it appeared of confeCommodore Moulson; they are all ta- quence to get poffeflion of it, as it would ken by British cruizers.)

shorten our line of attack, and cover our

right flank; and affo as it gave us in Admiralty Office, July 2. fome degree the command of the Care[The gazette of this date, contains in. nage. For this purpose on the night of telligence of Capt Tomlinson commanthe 17th instant, the 31st regiment, hapding his Majesty's sloop La Suffisante, of pening to be the regiment neareft at: 16 guns, having captured the Morgan hand, was ordered to march immediate*French privateer, carrying 16 guns and ly after it was dark to take poffeffion of ten swivels, with fix Englifh merchant the Vigie, where the enemy had not thips which she had taken.)

apparently inore than from one hundred

and fifty to two hundred men. The first Parliament-Street, July 4. : La part of the attack fucceded to our with; Dispatches, of which the following are extracts, from Lieut.-General Sir Ralph which was feebly defended; was seized,

à battery of three eighteen pounders, Abercromby, K. B. were received by the gufis spiked, and thrown over the the Right Hon. Henry Dandası bu precipiće. There remained on the fum

SIR, St Laicias May 22087962 mit of the brif one large gun and a field In addition to my letter of the dot the regiment was ordered

totalment May, I have the honour to acquaist you

pofft flott of; "unfortunately the that Major-Gen, Whyte has returned guide was wounded, and the troops bes from Berbice, which colony accepted of the hill: While in this situation, the ea

came imcertain of the right approach to the terms offered to: Demerary, and is nemy's grape thot sok effect to such a now in our quiet poffcifion. I am, i des degree, as induced Lieutenant-Colonel Signed) FR. ABERCROMBY". Hay to order the regiment to retreat;


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which it did with confiderable lofs. Lieu- garrisons of those platese From Souftenant-Colonel Macdonald handsomely friere we have been informed that peace. advanced with part of the granadiers to able poffeffion has been given; from cover the retreat of the 31st regiment, Vieux Fort there is no report. The which he accomplished. It is proper to principal obje&t of the blockade of observe that a night attack on the Vigie Morne Fortune has been obtained. The was indispensably neceflary, as three enemy bas been prevented froin escaping batteries of the enemy flanked the neck into the woods; their troops, whom they of land which connects the Vigie with call regulars, have been made prisoners the main; and in general in this country, of war, and the armed negroes have been when you have to march to attack an e. in a confiderable degree difarmed. nemy's poft, who have artillery, and This will be delivered to you by Ma. where it is impossible for you to advance jor Forbes, my Aid-de-Camp, whom I with any other on your part, it is almost beg leave to recommend to your pro. a matter of neceffity to attack at night. tection. I have the honour to be, &c. Hitherto the troops continue healthy,

RALPH ABERCROMBY. notwithstanding their exertions and fasigue. I am, &c. R. ABERCROMBY.

Return of the killed, wounded, and mishing; Head-Quarters, St Lucia,

in the island of St Lucia, from the 28th SIR, May 31. 1796.

of April to the 24th of May inclusive. I have the honour to acknowledge the Fatal -I major, 1 captain, 1 lieutenant, receipt of your letter of the 18th of : ferjeant, 62 rank and file, killed ;3 March. In my letter of the 22d of May lieutenant-colonels, ? majors, 12 capI acquainted you, that on the day fol- tains, 14 lieutenants, 3 enligns, 14 ser. lowing we intended to make a lodgment jeants, I drunmer, 329 rank and file, as near to the enemy's works as possible wounded ;-4 captains, 2 lieutenants, 3 This, however, was deferred from ne- ferjeants, I drummer, 112 rank and file, cefliy till the 24th.

miffing. The 27th, 53d, and 57th regiments Killed--Major Knevit Wilson, of the had been previously placed near the point 27th regiment; Lieut. Nuttall of the of attack. On the morning of the 24th 57th regiment. the 27th regiment lodged themselves u. Wounded --Lieut.-Cols. Hay and Ara pon two different points, the nearest of buthnott, of the gift regiment ; Major which was not more than five hundred R. H. Malcolm, of the 27th régiment ; yards from the fort. The enemy made Capts Stewart of the 53d regiment; a vigorous effort to dislodge them, but Murray and Sauvrell, of the 31st regiby the good conduct and spirit of Bri- ment; Louisendhalle, of Lowenstein's; gadier General Moore, and the steady William Gillman and Alexander Duna and intrepid behaviour of the officers lop, of the 27th regiment; and Bariac, and inen of the 29th regiment, the ene- of the Royal Etrangers; Lieutenants my were twice repulsed with confider- Collins and Carmichael, of the $3d rem able lofs, and before night the troops giment; Torrens of the 63d regiment; were completely under cover: At the Gregory, dangerousy, of the 44th reLame time the communication to the giment; Hackshaw and Sullivan, of the pofts occupied by the 27th regiment was 31st regiment; Ch, Sillery, Sampson Le carried on with the utmoft vigour, and Mesurier; George Elliot, of the 27th two batteries for eight pieces of artillery regiment; and Fletcher, of the Royal were begun.

Engineers; Ensigns Chirion, of Lowena Upon the evening of the 24th the ene- stein's ; De Courtray, of the Royal Emy desired a suspension of arms until trangers; and George Milligan, fince noon the next day, which was granted dead, of 27th regiment; Quartermaster till eight in the morning : A capitulation John Stuthers, of the 27th regimenty for the whole isand ensued, a copy of flighty wounded, and not included a which I have the honour to inclose. On bove. the 26th the garrison, to the amount of Miffing--Capts. Johnson and Walker, two thousand men, marched out and of the gift regiment, fince found to be laid down their arms, and are become dead. prisoners of war. Pigeon Mand is in (Follows Rear-Admiral Christian's leto our poffelion. The 3.5th regiment has ter giving an account of the operations of þeen detached to Souffriere and Vieux the navy during the fiege of St Lucia, Fort, to receive the submiflion of the accompanyed with a liš of Imall voice VOL. LVIII.


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taken poffeflion of in the carenage of St This morning the army, with all the Lucia.]

artillery (except two pieces of cannon General Orders.

lost at Valeggio,) ammunition, ftores, During the fervices which have been and baggage, passed the Adige in perfect carried on in the island of St Lucia, all order at Chinfa : In this affair the loss of the courage and every exertion of the the French must have been confiderable; army would have proved ineffe&tual, if that of the 'Auftrians is trifling, and feli Rear Admiral H. C. Christian, and the chiefly on one of the battalions of Straroyal navy had not stepped forward, foldo, pofted at the loridge of Valeggio, with the alacrity which has been so con- but in all it does not exceed 300 men, spicuous in forwarding the most arduous many of whom being wounded, could part of the public service: To their skill not be brought off for want of waggots. and unremitting labour is in a great This afternoon, while the bridge measure owing the success which has at- Chinfa was removing, the

hat tended his Majesty's arms. It will af- peared on the right bank of the Adige, ford the Commander in Chief the great- and began a cannonade, which was reest satisfaction, to be able to lay before turned. It has continued during all the his Majesty the eminent services which evening, with scarcely any loss on the have, on this occafion, been performed side of the Austrians." by the royal navy, and Admiral Sir Hugh Downing Street, June 30. Cloberry Christian will confer a particu- Dispatches, of which the following are lar obligation on Lieutenant General Sir are extracts, have been received from Ralph: Abercromby, and the army at Lieut. Col. Craufurd, by the Rt Hon. large, if he will be so obliging as to Lord Grenville. communicate to the royal navy, and in

MY LORD, Baumholder, June 1. particular to Captains Lane, Ryves, and I Have the honour to inform your Stephenson, and the other officers who Lordship, that hoftilities commenced acted on shore, and to the corps of ma, yesterday morning at half an hour pati rines, the great obligation which they ten o'clock. The enemy attacked the consider themselves under to them. village of Walhaufen, situated near the

T. BUSBY, Aflict. Adj. Gen. fource of the Nahe, and occupied by QPERATIONS OF THE FRENCH AND the Auftrians as an advanced poft ; but

they were repulsed, lofing from fixty to Downing-Street, Yune 17 seventy killed, and near four hundred A letter of which the following is an ex. taken prisoners

tract, has been received by the Right The Austrian General Schellenberg Hon. Lord Grenville, from Col. Gra. took posseffion at the same time of Kern, ham, dated Peri, May 31.

upon the Nahe. The enemy made feYefterday morning the French army, veral unsuccessful efforts to dislodge him under the command of Gen. Buonaparte, from that post, and sustained a confiderconsisting of about 22,000' min, forced able lofs. the passage of the Mincio, at Valeggio. To-day a part of the Austrian huians,

Gen. Beaulieu ordered the different and the Salkbourg light infantry, attaccorps of his army to retire on Castle Nu- ked and defeated one of the enemy's ovo, except the infantry at Goito, which, pofts near Steinberg, towards the fource being part of the garrison of Mantua, of the Bliss. There have been other was sent back there, and the dispositions trifling skirmishes that are not worth nowere fo well made, that this was exe- ticing ; in all which the Aufrans have cuted without any loss : every attempt had the advantage. In the course of to moleft them in their retreat was not yesterday and to-day, their lofs has been only immediately checked by the diftin. four officers and between feventy and guished conduct of the cavalry, both eighty non-commiffioned officers and Auftrian and Neapolitan, but the right privates. I have the honour to be, &c. of the French was attacked, with great

C. CRAUFURD. intrepidity and fuccess, by eight squa

Ober Mufchell, yune 6. dirons (Hulans and the Neapolitan regi- On the 4th and 5th reports were rea ment du Roi) coming fror Groito,'who ceived from Prince Ferdinand of Wircut down a great many meni, took some temberg; who commanded the corps upprisoners (among them one of Gen. Bạo on the Sieg. They stated in fubstance as naparte's aides-de-camp, and three other follows: pificers), and brought off 150 horses.

The two divifcäs of the enemy's



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troops that were in the neighbourhood of quarters were moved, on the 6th instant, Duffeldorff, being considerably reinfor- from Obermufchel, to Wonsheim, on ced from the army of the North, march- the road from Creutznach to Altzey; on ed towards the Sieg, and, after some the 8th to Nider Ulm; and on the oth to fevere fkirmishes, forced the Prince of this place where they remain to day. Wirtemberg's advanced posts to quit All that part of his arıny which is des that river on the ift. His Serene High- tined to act immediately against GeneLess then took a position at Crobach, ral Jourdan, has passed the Rhine at Maynear Hackenburg, having an advanced ence, and is advancing towards the eneguard at Altenkirchen.

my, full of fpirits, and confident of vicOn the 3d the enemy attacked the tory. poft at Altenkirchen, and carried it with Marshal Wurmfer has detached to great loss, after experiencing the most the Upper Rhine a sufficient number of obstipate resistance that it was possible troops to put his left flank in security to make. Nothing could furpass the against any attempts which General Mobravery displayed by the Austrian troops, reau might now be induced to'make on but they were obliged to yield to the that fide, and his Excellency fill maingreat superiority of numbers, the enemy tains a position, with a part of his army, having brought the principal part of the on the left bank of the Rhine, from Reh force which they had on the right bank of Hutte, to Franckenthal, the left of which the Rhine against that one point. is covered by the lower part of the Reho

Head Quarters, Hockheim, June 10. bach rivulet, and the front and right by My LORD, I have the honour to in- the canal called the. Flotebach, that inform your Lordship, that, on the 6th terfects the plain from the Rehbach to inftant, Prince Ferdinand of Wirtem- Franckenthal, and runs from thence berg, upon finding that the cnemy was through part of the wood of Frisenheim manæuvring his right flank, retired from into the Rhine, the Synbach rivulet to the Lahn, and I hopefoon to have the honour of tranf. took a position near Limburg, having a mitting to your Lordship accounts of his corps upon his left at Nafiau, and one Royal Highness's success againt General upon his right at Weilberg; the latter Jourdan, and the consequent relief of detached five squadrons of light cavalry Ehrenbreitstein; events, which the vigoto the neighbourhood of Wetzlar, for rous offensive measures that will be im the purpose of observing the enemy's mediately pursued in that quarter seem movements on that fide. The first rein- to insure. I have the honour to be, &c. forcements that were sent to the Prince

C. CRAUFURD. of Wirtemberg joined him on the 7th. Head-quarters of his Royal Highness the Several other troops have since arrived Archduke Charles of Auftria, Hackenin the position of the Lahn, and the fur. bourg, Yune 18. ther progress of the enemy is effe&tuaily I have the honour to inform your LordAtopped by the active and energetic mea ship, that the Archduke's head-quarters Lures which the Archduke has employed were moved from Hocheim' to Schwalupon this important occafion.

bach, near Koningstein, on the 11th inGeneral Jourdan, immediately after fant; to Heffe Homburg on the 12th ; the success of General Kleber against the and to Græfin Wisbach the 13th, where Prince of Wirtemberg, threw bridges they remained the 14th; on which day over the Rhine at Neuwied, and he is nis Royal Highneis completed the necefassembling, with the utmoft diligence, fary arrangements for the defence of the the principal part of his army, on the Lahn, between Braunfels and the Rhine, right bank of the Lahn. His first inten- which chiefly consisted in pofting a large tion evidently was to advance to Frank- corps at Limbourg, with two others of fort; but, as the Archduke has com- inferior force near Naflau and Weilburg. pletly foiled him in that project, he seems, On the 14th a considerable corps, under now to confine his views to the fiege of the command of Lieutenant General Ehrenbreitstein, which fortress he has Werneck, arrived at

of Wetzlar. ing against him with his main army, hav- Another strong column, commanded by invefted. The Archduke is now march- at Butzbach, near Wetzlar, the Saxons ing left a considerable corps, under Ge. General Kray, marched the same day to neral Mercantin in the position behind the neighbourhood of Braunfels, and a the Seltz rivulet between Mayence and Partisan corps pursued acrofs the Lahn Altzey. His Royal Highncis's head

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to Koningiberg, which lies between Gief heights, which, from the broken ground fen and Herboin on the Dille.

in their front, are difficult of access. The river Dille formed the natural left There was a projecting point of wood Hank to the enemy's line of defence that formed upon the face of these heights which was covered on the right by the a salient angle to the rest of his line; and Rhine ; and as the hills on the right bank this wood, returning through the centre of the Dille are very steep, woody, and of the position, extended to the right difficult of access, it was effential for the and left behind each wing, to the Lahh enemy to occupy them, but more espe- and the Dille. cially so, to take the position between This fallient point was strongly occuHermanstein on that river and Altenbourg pied with infantry, as well as the heights on the Lahn, as the Austrians would and village of Altenberg, and on the then have been completely prevented height above Hermanftein the primcipal from crosting at Wetzlar, and obliged to part of the cavalry was formed, being manoeuvre, by Gieffen, towards Herborn fúpported by infantry posted in the wool and Dielenburg

in their rear, the artillery was diftributed The Archduke ordered General Wer- upon the spots most favourable for takheck to push his advanced pofts across ing the face of the pofition. In this or the Lahn and the Dille at Wetzlar on der, General Le Fevre waited the arrival the 14th, and to pass, on the 15th, with of the rest of his corps; had it come up his whole corps ; to support which mar before the ArchDuke alta the Auftnoeuvre, the Saxons were directed to ad- rians must have retired acrofs the Lahn vance to Wetzlar the fame day, and Ge- at Wetzlar. His Royal Highness, perneral Kray to occupy the heights beq feetly aware of this circumstance, refolvtween Braunfels and Leuhn on the Lahn. ed not to delay his attack a moment afThe French General Le Fevre was in ter the Saxon cavalry should have arrivmarch with a large corps for the fame ed. This did not happen till feven in object at the same time. The heads of the evening, and the difpofition was then his columns attacked General Werneck's made in general as follows: Three fquaadvanced guard, which, after making a drons of the Austrian cavalry, regiment very long and most obftinate resistance, of Carachy, supported by that of Naffau, was obliged to yield to the great fupe. were ordered to charge the left, and the fiority of numbers. The enemy then Saxon cavalry the front of the heights occupied the above mentioned position above Hermanftein, while the Austrian with their right to the Lahn and their grenadiers attacked the enemy's center left to the Dille, and began a fevere can- in the wood, the left wing was kept nonåde upon the Auftrians, who, though back. The regiment of Carachy advancat the foot of the heights with the rivers ed through the hollow ways and ravines, close in their rear, had formed again and and, when arrived at the top of the food firm. His Royal Highnefs the Arch. height, charged the enemy with a deduke having arrived jạft as the advanced gree of intrepidity that muft do theni guard was retiring, ordered the Saxons immortal honour; but as they were very to accelerate their march, and particu- much broken by the extreme badnefs of larly their cavalry to advance with as the ground, and as the French cavalry much expedition as possible. His Royal was numerous and drawn up in perfect Highness likewise ordered that part of order to receive them, they were repulfGeneral Werneck's corps, which had re- ed. The regiment of Naffau bad, in mained in referve on the left bank of the the mean time, reached the fummit and Lahn, to join their advanc<d guard, and formed; they therefore received the reJeft the detachments on the left oppolite giment of Carachy, which rallied under Altenbourgh, and on the right at Anar, their protection, charged the enemy agam near Hermanftein, as they had been at with part of the regiment of Naliau on firft pofted, in order to secure the flanks. their Aanks, and part as a second line In this very critical position his Royal and, after as regular a shock as could Highness remained, answering the ene. take place, they proved victorious. This my's cannonade from a battery of twelve happened before the Saxon cavalry bad pounders, and determined to attack as reached their point of attack, or the foon as the head of the. Saxon column grenadiers had arrived at the wood ; and Thould have passed Wetzlar.

the enemy, finding themselves taken in The polition that General Le Fevre Aank, and moft vigorously pursued, reoccupied, was composed of a range of tired their first line with great precipi


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