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Houfe of Peers. For a List of the Peers derly manner, affault with stones and Oreturned, see page 489.

ther offenfive weapons, the house then July 2. This day the Royal Edinburgh occupied by the Right Hon. Robert Volunteers were reviewed on Bruntstield Duadas of Arniston, his Majesty's Advolinks by Lord Adam Gordon. A num- cate, and did break ihe windows of the ber of military gentlemen were present, fame, by throwing in stones, to the great who were highly pleased with the ap. terror, danger, and annoyance of the pearance of the corps. They muftered persons within, and to the disturbancë about $60.

of the public peace; and the said Adam 4. The Royal Highland Society of M‘Kay took an active part in the said Scotland met this day in terms of their lawless and riotous proceedings, or at charter, when the Right Hon. the Earl least did wickedly and feloniously excite of Kinnoul was called to the chair; and and instigate the mob to commit the after a ballot, a number of gentlemen fame. Further, the said persons, among were admitted as members. The So- whom was the faid Adam M‘Kay, did, ciety then took under consideration the with sticks, stones, or other offensive proceedings of their Committee of Di- weapons, wickedly and feloniously afrectors, and were much pleased to find, fault, maltreat, and otherwise endanger by their printed advertisements on the the persons of those who endeavoured to table, copies of which had been distri- put a stop to such riotous proccedings; buted over the country, and published particularly Colonel James Abercromby, in the newspapers, that the premiums of. James Oswald, Esq; Advocate, and Dafered by them for the current year were vid Boyle, Efq; Advocate, with several towards proper objects; particularly en- others, who were endeavouring to discouraging useful improvements in agri- perse the said mob, &c.-The jury gave culture, and mending the breed of black in their verdict, “Finding, in one voice, cattle and sheep in the Highlands. The that on the day libelled, the pannel was report of the committee towards obtain- present in the mob, and active in exing an act of Parliament for the abolition citing and instigating them to riot; but of the thirlage, was also approven of. found no other part of the libel praven.'

Mr Secretary Dundas has sent 201. to His Majesty has been graciously pleathe Kirk-leffion of Lasswade, to be dif- sed to grant his royal charter, constitutributed among the industrious poor of ting the Procurators of Glasgow into a that parish.

body corporate and politic, by the name The Court of Seffion has ordered of “ The Faculty of Procurators of the interdict against small lotteries to be Glasgow. continued till November next. They are A few days ago a dog belonging to a considered as contrary to act of Parlia- gentleman in Leith bit several persons, ment, and the number which lately start- and also some dogs. The Magistrates

has very properly given the alarm and Sheriff have issued orders on this to the servants of the crown to have the subject, which it is the duty of every subject investigated.

well-wisher of society to affiít in seeing 4. The Royal Company of arch- properly enforced. ers shot for the Edinburgh arrow, on

Edinburgh Races.-On Monday, the ciBruntsfield links, which was won by Mr ty's plate of fifty pounds, was run for, William Robertson, jeweller.

and won by R. Alex. Qswald, Esq; of The Convention of Royal Boroughs Auchincruive's Chucklehead, have ordered L. 300 to be paid towards Tuesday's, the King's purse, by Sir repairing the harbour at Eye mouth. Hedworth Williamson's Septem.

18. This day came on before the Sheriff Wednesday's by Mr Mangle's Young of Edinburgh, the trial of Adam M‘Kay, Sir Peter. servant to Captain A. Bickford, of the Thurday's by Mr Smith's Favourite. 25th regiment of foot, indicted for be- Friday's by Mr Norton's Trifle. ing concerned in a riot on Saturday the Saturday's by Mr Baird's Trimmer. 4th of June laft. The libel ftates That The company has been fewer than on the said 4th of June, a number of usual. The races on the whole afforded persons, ainong whom the said Adam pretty good sport, particularly those on M*Kay was one, did assemble in a rio- Wednesday and Saturday. The theatre tous manner in South bridge-street, from was but ill attended, Miss Wallis having whence they proceeded to George's gone to Glasgow; the only support was Square, where they did wickedly and the musical exertions of Mr Incledon. Seloniously, and in a rintnus and disor


ed up

October 5.

The following are the appointments of Elliock, Lieutenant Colonel of the g8th for the ensuing Autumn Circuits. regiment of foot, to Miss Zepherina Lough

Weft-Lord Justice Clerk and Lord Craig. nan, daughter of Thomas Loughnan, Etq; Stirling,

Saturday, September 3. of Great Russel-itreet, Bloomsbury. Glasgow, Wednesday, September 7.

The Rev. Charles Talbot, second son of Inverary, Monday, September 12. the Hon. and Rev. George Talbot, to Lady

North-Lord Elkgrove and Lord Methven. Elizabeth Somerset, elsiet daughter his
Perth, Saturday, September 1o. Grace the Duke of Beaufort,
Aberdeen, Friday, September 16. Lord Vifcount Andover, son of the Earl
Inverness. Friday, September 23. of Suffolk, to Miss Coke, eldest daughter of
South-Lord Swinton and Lord Dunlinnnan. of Thomas Wm Coke, Esq; of Holkam,

Saturday, September 24. county of Norfolk.
Dumfries, Friday, September 30. July 2. At London, Sir Richard Gamon,
Jedburgh, Wednesday,

Bart. to Lady Amelia Cooke, daughter of

the late, and sister to the present. Duke of A. The late rains have altered the ap

thole. pearance of the crop much, especially 4. Mr James Hamilton, merchant in on elevated and dry grounds. There Glasgow, to Miss Ann Hozier, daughter of seems nothing a-wanting now but heat James Hozier, Esq; of Newlands. to bring forward a plentifui harvest. 5. At Edinburgh, Wm Buchannan, Erq; The second crop of hay being so much of Auchmas, to Miss Sarah Bartlet, second mended, prices will not probably be fo daughter of Mr Benjamin Battlet, Storehigh as was conjectured—18. per stone keeper, Edinburgh Caitle

. from the rick, was, we believe, higher of New Broad street, to Miss Balfour, daugh

9. At London, Alexander Begbie, Era; than ever was paid for hayin this country before. Beef and mutton fame as last ter of the late Majot Henry Balfour.

12. At Hawkhill, near Edinburgh, John month; strawberries scarce, and dearer than usual, they never fell below 9d.;- Johnston of Alva.

Gordon of Craig, Esq; Advocate, to Miss green pease never below is.--potatoes

Robert Bruce Dundas, Esq; of Blair, iod.-fish rather scarce, salmon 8d. at the "to Miss Elizabeth Spital of Blairlogie. cheapeft.

BIRTHS. Throughout every part of England,

At the seat of General Hale, in Yorkhire, the ensuing harvest itill promises to be the Lady of the Hon. Laurence Dundas, a unusually abundant. The Wheats every daughter. where blossom well; the feason, on the July 3. Mrs Tulloch of Ellicitown, whole, has been highly favourable ; and daughter. the quantity fown is greater than haz 4. Mrs Leslie of Findrassie, a fon. been known for many years. In the 5. Lady Mary Drummond, wife of An. fouthern, western, and midland districts drew Berkeley Drummond, Esq; a fon. the Hay liarvest, which is already be- 6. At Edinburgh, Mrs Lindsay Carnegie, gun, turns out a very heavy and abun- a daughter. dant crop. In the north, on the con

Mrs Fraser of Fraserfield, a daughter. frary, the hay crop is thought not to

7. At Inveresk, Hon. Mrs Charteris, a be half of last year's, and much below daughter, a common or medium produce. The 10. Mrs Pringle of Clifton, a son. turnip fowing goes on promisingly; and,

II. Mrs Russell, of Arden, a daughter, from the good order of the land, a large

14. Mrs Norton, Lady of the Hon. Baron crop may be looked for. Cattle and Norton, a son. Meep fiil continue very high; and beef

22. Mrs Turner, Turnérhall, a fon. and mutton confequently keep up their

DEATHS. late enormous prices. It is conceived,

Lately, on his passage from the East Indies, there are plenty of these articles in the Alexander Blair, Efq; late Lieutenant in the country, but there is, at present, in Eng

74th regiment. Jand, fo plentiful a pafture, and the gra- gilvy of the 45th Tegiment, son of Sir John

Killed at St Lucia, Lieutenant Ramfag 0. ziers in general are become fo opulent, Ogilvy of Inverquharity; Bart.- Capt. Wm by the circumstances of the times, that walker, of the 31st regiment, for of the late there is little chance of a reduction of Mr Wm Walker, town.clerk of Inverkeithprices taking place.

ing. LISTS.

At New London, in New England, of an apople&tic fit, the Right Rev. Father in God,

Samuel Seabury, D. D. Bishop of ConneetiMARRIAGES.

cut and Rhode iland States.' He was the New 4 per cent. 794

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first Protestant Bishop that ever went to A. Hon Sir George Howard, K. B, one of his Inerica, and was confecrated by the College Majesty's Privy Council, Colonel of the first of Bishops in Scotland.

regiment of dragoon guards, and Governor of At Stromness, James White, fisher, at the the island of Jersey, and choose the 5th time extraordinary age of 109.

-Member of Parliament for Starnford. He On his passage from India, Thcodore Cor- was Lieut.-Col. of the Buffs at the battle of bet, Efq; civil payniaster to the East India Culloden, and killed Lord Strathallen with Company at Madraís.

his own hand. Vol 8. p 188. At Bristol Hot Wells, James Gray, Esq; At London, the Rt Hon. Wm Gerard one of the Editors and Proprietors of the Hamilton, aged 69, a Privy Counsellor in Morning Chronicle.

Ireland, with a pension of L. 2000 on that At Lerwick, John Scott, of Greenwall, in establishment. He had fat in the British Unst.

House of Commons 8 different parliaments, At Birmingham, aged 103, Thomas Tay- and was supposed to have been the author of lor cobler. He worked at his trade till with- Junius' letters. in a week of his death.

17. At Edinburgh, Thomas Miles Riddell, At Cape Nichola Mole, Alexander Crau. Esq, only son of Sir James Riddell, of Ardo furd, Esq; Commissary of accounts to the ex. namurchan and Sunart, Bart. pedition fent to that inand, and son of Sir 19. At Dundee, Miss Small, daughter of Alexander Crausurd, Bart.

the Rev. Dr Small, one of the ministers of June 22. At London, Mrs MʻLean, of that city. Duke street, Portland Place.

21. At Southampton, Admiral Carteret. 24. At Edinburgh, Mr ames Mather, He had long been afflicted with the loss of vintner.

speech. 26. Mrs Helen Lamont, relict of Bailie 21. At Dumfries, after a lingering illness George Black, Glasgow.

the celebrated Robert Burns. His póstical 30. Thomas Rutherford, Esq; of Know- compositions, distinguihed equally by the south.

force of native humour, by the warmth and John Scudaniore, Esq. M. P. for Hereford, the tenderness of passion, and by the glowing He was 68 years of age, and had been cho "touches of a descriptive pencil, will remain a sen fix times to represent that city in Parlia- lafting monument of the vigour and the ver.

satility of a mind guided only by the lights July 1. At Edinburgh, Campbell Edmon- of nature and the inspirations of genius.

His Tone, Esq; Lieutenant Governor of Dum- ordinary endowments, however, were accombarton Castle.

panied with frailties which rendered them At Pollock house, Capt. Robert Max useless to himself and his family The last well of the 16th regiment of foot, fon of the months of his short life were spent in sickness late Sir James Maxwell of Pollock.

and indigence; and his widow, with five in. At Stornoway, in the 73d year of his fant children, and in the hourly expectation age, Bailie John Maciver.

of a fixth, is now left without any resource, 3. At Kinghorn, Major Andrew Ruther. but what she may hope from the regard due ford, late of the 16th regiment of foot. to the memory of her husband.

4. At Park, Lady Hay, widow of the late The Preferments. &c. will be inserted in our next, Sir Thomas Hay of Park.

SEQUÉSTRATIONS. At Aberdeen, Mr Alexander Ding- July 1. James Eiffet and son, merchants, wall, merchant there.

Montrose. 5. George Bruce, Esq; of North GlaGnount.

John Parerfon, merchant, Dundee.
At Machany, the Dowager Viscounters

Prices of Grain at Haddington July 29. 10. At Moffat, Mrs Duff, widow of the · Wheat, 36s. Barley, 275. Oats, 198. 6d. late Admiral Duff, of Fetteresso, and daugh- Pease, 23s. 6d. Beans, 238. ter of the late General Abercromby of Glaf

Edinburgh, July 30 Oat-meal, is. 340 fagh.

12. At Buxton, Andrew Hamilton, Efq; Beár-meal, is. 2d. Pease-meal, is. Depute Comptroller of the Excise.

PRICES OF STOCKS. 13. George Buchanan, Esq; of Auchintor

July 6.

July 27. lie.

Bank Stock 1521
Mr Robert Ochiltree, surgeon, Inverary.

604116 At Dundee, Mrs Margaret Ogilvy, 3 per cent. red. 624

594560 daughter of the late Sir David Ogilvy of Baru 3 per cent. confort


785 India Stock 1874

181 14. At Craigmill, near Dundee, Mr Wil

India Bonds 18 dil. Jiam Landale, surgeon.

Lot, Tickets 12l. 55. 16. At London, Field Marshall, the Right

Lich dittomarina


ras, Bart.

ill. 198.

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Pag. New Discovery, respecting the Va- . of the Western Territory of North riation of the Magnetic Needle 508 America

New Invented Composition to be The Origin of Duty and Right in
used in place of Yeaft

Man considered

558 Anecdotes of French Characters con- Dr Priestley's Observationson the innected with the Revolution

crease of Infidelity

Topography and Natural History of New PUBLICATIONS


On the Nature and Construction of

Leonora's Vision, from Pye's tranthe Sun and Fixed Stars, by Mr

sation of Burger Herschell

519 Sonnets, by Sir B. Boothby An Historical Account of the Tranf

Verses written in an Inn lation and Different Versions of

562 'the Scriptures

Lines addreiled to a Young Lady 562 522

To Night
Thoughts on Books
On the Art of Engraving, by Sir R.


532 Declaration of the Empress of RufOn the Primæval Form of Europe 533 sia

563 Mr Gibbon's Account of the Plan,

&c. of his History of Rome 535

Origin of Organs, with the Story of Containing dilpatches from Sir John
Giaffar, by M. Genlis

Jérvis, Commodore Nelson, Sir
Literary Imitation, Defcription of

H. C. Christian, Capt. Hamilton,
Bartholomew Fair in


Capt. Drummond, Hon. W. F.
A Sketch of Fashionable Life, by Dr

Wyndham, General Sir R. Aber-

cromby, Gen. Forbes, , Captain

Trollope, &c.

$564-71 Of the Ruta Baga, or Swedish


On the Use of Lime as a Manure Š45 Operations of the Armies in Ger.
Obfervations on the Various Bene- many and Italy

5712 fits derived from Sheep -548 | America-Dreadful fire at CharlesParticulars in the Natural History of.


573 Birds

On Coins, by Civis

Incidental Occurrences

573 Account of the Bank of Genoa

Incidental occurrences


Letter from Botany Bay

574 Hearne's Journey from Hudson's Scotch Appeals

574 Bay to the Northern Ocean 554 Report of the Weather, &c.

575 Imlay's Topographical Defcription LISTS— Marriages, Births, &c. 575-8






Sold by JAMES WATSON & Co. No 40. South Bridge ;
And by the Priocipal Backfellers in Town and Country:

By ALLEN & West, No 16. Paternoster-row;
And MARTIN & Bain, No 184. Fleet-street, London,


MAGNETIC NLEDLE. WE feel a great satisfaction in having it in our power to announce to the public, that a Gentleman has discovered the cause of the variation of the Magnetic Needle ; and that, through his theory, he has construcied a Compass, which lands invariably due North and South, on all parts of the globe. The navigator, by this wonderful discovery, can always steer a true course; and the Engineer or Surveyor will always meafure correct angles to the true meridian.

The inventor has termed it Azimutal.-By being compared with the common needle, it indicates the true variation. What is moit extraordinary in it is, that any quantity of iron, placed at one yard distance, does not in the least affect it. in

We are likewise informed, that the inventor has a Needle, which indí. cates the Latitude by its dip, and that he will foon be able to produce another, by which the Longitude shall be discovered through an equable vari. ation of 90 degrees East and go Weft. By these three forts of Compasses, the azimuth observations, and the altitudes of the sun, or distances from moon and stars, Thall be laid aside, or at least used as proofs to those inventions ; out this last point is not yet proved like the two others.

From what we could collect, it appears that the inventor of the Azimutal is of opinion, that ele&ricity is a fluid and calid agent, and that magnetism is invisible and a frigid agent.

We suspect that the inventor introduces magnetism with an apparatus fimilar to that of electricity, by conductors. He has shewn his apparatus but to a few confidential friends, and if we credit them, his magnet carries above 200 weight. 11

The Azimutal hasz, we are informed, been proved on land and sea both East and West, and answers every purpose for navigation. By comparing it to all dials, it is perfectly correct, and when placed in an azimuth compåss box, the observations of amplitudes determine at once its nature and utility

European Mag.



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To make a yeast gallon of the above composition to be used as yeast, (such yealt gallon containing eight beer quarts), boil in common water eight pounds of potatoes, as for eating, bruile them perfectly smooth, and mix with them, whilft warm, two ounces of honey, or any other Tweet, and one quart (oeing the eight part of a gallon of yealt,) of common yeast. And for making bread, mix three beer-pints of the above composition with a bushel of four, using warm water in making the bread :"the water to be warmer in winter than in summer; and the composition to be aised in a few hours after it is made; and as fonn as the sponge (the mixture of the composition with the flour) begins to fall the first time, the read should be made and put in the oven vis

Ata in last Number, p. 436, Inscription on Dr Johnson's Monument,

Cominn rond Homini.

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