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of May last, the date of their application eating. The four gentlemen, whom the to the Quarter Sessions.

activity of the Magiftrates of Edinburgh 11. Tlie High School was examined provided for our colony, I have seen, this day by the Magistrates, Professors, and conversed with separately fince my &c. The Golden Medal was adjudged arrival here; they seem all of them gift. to Master Arch. Fardine Caverhill, as Dux ed in the powers of conversation. Muir of the Rector's clats.

was the first I saw; I thought him a fenOn Thursday the 11th, the Magistrates fible modeft young man, of a very retired and Town Council of Glasgow present. turn, which certainly his situation in ed the freedom of that city to Sir Tho- this country will give him opportunity mas Palley, Vice Admiral of the White. of indulging ; he said nothing on the fe

The quantity of linen cloth ftamped verity of his fate, but seemed to bear for sale in Scotland last year, exceeds the his circumstances with a proper degree quantity made in the year 1792, by near of fortitude and resignation. Skirving half a million of yards.

was the next I saw; he appeared to me 15. At Montrofe races, last week, the to be a sensible well informed man; not company was genteel and numerous. young, perhaps fifty-he is fond of There were great variety of amusements, farming, and has purchased a piece of balls, plays, concerts, &c.

ground, and makes good use of it, which 21. This day a number of lots for will by and by turn to his advantage. building on, in Charlotte Square, New Mr Palmer paid me the next visit; he is Town, were exposed to sale. The up- said to be a turbulent restless kind of fet prices were reduced more than one man; it may be fo, but I must do him half of what they were when first ex. the justice to say, that I have seen noposed. Twenty in all were for sale, but thing of that disposition in him since my one only was purchased. The former arrival. Mr Margarot seems to be a upset price was 1701. but was reduced to lively facetious talkative man; complain1161. at which price it was fold. ed heavily of the injustice of his fentence,

17. By a letter from Governor Hun. in which, however, he found I could ter, New South Wales, to, his friends not agree with him. I chose to appoint in Leith, dated 16th October 1795, we a time for seeing each separately: and on have the following paragraph:

the whole I have to say, that their ge66 This settlement is wonderfully im- neral conduct is quiet, decent, and orproved fince the time I left it. It appears derly; if it continues so, they will not now to be making rapid progress to find me disposed to be harsh or distrefward an independence for provision. Our fing to them.” corn fields (wheat)at this moment appear HIGH COURT OF JUSTICIARY. as beautiful and luxuriant as any I ever An appeal having been made to this faw in any part of the world; and bar. Court, against the sentence of the Sheriff ring those accidents to which all coun- in the case of M‘Kay, ordering him to tries are liable, we shall have a rich and be publicly whipped, upon the ground abundant harveft. Our gardens are e- of informality. Their Lordships after qually productive; we shall have a va. considering informations for the parties, , riety of fruit, European as well as tropi- suspended the sentence which regards the cal. Our grapes are in immenfe quanti- punishment of whipping ; but ordained ties; some of the gentlemen from their M‘Kay to be set at liberty, in order that own gardens expect to make a butt, fome he depart forth of the county of Edina two butts of wine this year. The few burgh, within eight days from the acattle we have are thriving exceedingly. bove date, (August 23d) under the cerThe Meep and goats are wonderfully tification contained in the Sheriff's fenprolific; three lambs at a time is no un- tence. common thing, and that twice a year;

SCOTS APPEALS. the goats still more so. We tind the best The following is an accurate list of breed of theep to be between the small appeals from the Court of Session in Bengal ewe and the large Cape ram; Scotland, that have been heard last Sefthey produce a middle fize, which is de- fion of Parliament by the House of. licate fine meat.-All the fuperfluous Lords. males among the goats are prepared for 1. Frafer versus Fraser-Dismissed as the pot or fpit; and are fine, that I incompetent. would defy even an epicure to say whe- 2. Gordon v. Home- Remitted. ther it was mutton or caperato he was 3. Lindsay v. Kinloch-Afirmed.

4. Mercer v.. Ogilvie-The Court of During the last twelve keffions of ParSesion determined, that a person must liament, one hundred and twenty-nine aplive fixty free days after making a will to peals from the Court of Suflion have render it valid, in terms of the act 1696; been determined, only twenty of which and that the day on which the deed is have been totally Reversed; this remade is not to be counted. Afirmed. flects great honour upon the Court of 5. Robertson v. Laird-Insurance Cafe: Sellion, many of them having been cales Whether leave to call at a port, means of great intricacy, doubt, and difficulty, any port, or only, such a port as is in the on which even the House of Lords were tract of the voyage ?-The Court of Sef- divided., fion found, that going to Hull, when the voyage infüred was from Virginia to Hol- , The weather this month has been reland, with leave to call at a port in Eng- markably fine ; since the užtii it has been land, was not within the policy:- Afirm- - unusually hot. The thermometer in a ed, with 100l, colts.

north exposure, at eight o'clock in the 6. Ommaney, and Executors of Sir morning, standing from 65 to 70. From Charles Douglas, v. Mrs Bingham, his the 23d the weather has been couler, daughter and her husband-Sir Charles but itill remarkably favourable. The had made a will, leaving a provision to drought has been uncommon, many Mrs Bingham, with a codicil that she springs being dry that never before were should forfeit it, if she married Mr Bing, remembered to be so. It has been reham. She, however, married that gen- marked too, that the trees are parting tleman-The Court of Sefion decreed, with a great quantity of their foliage; that Sir Charles was domiciled in Scotland this cannot be the effect of frost, but and that the codicil was void. The House must be owing to a want of moisture to of Lords were of opinion that Sir Charles supply the abundance of the leaves. was domiciled in England, and that the Oats and barley are begun to be cut in codicil was legal.-Reversed.

various parts of the country, from the 7. Stein , v. Stęuart and Co.-The 12th ; but no general harvest is expected Court of Seflon had determined that a before the first week of September. All proof was incompetent and irrelevant agree that the crop is good and abunrespecting certain circumstances of a dant every where, and that harvest will contract betwixt the parties.--The House be at leaft three weeks earlier than last of Lords Reversed the decree, and allow- year. In consequence of the great suped the proof, after which the Court is to plies of grain of all kinds, and the abunre-hear the cause.

dant crop, prices have of late fallen con8. Cameron v. Cameron-This was a liderably, particularly in the London claim made to a lease of part of the fore market.--Beef and mutton here 4d and feited estate of Callart, founded on fome sd; lamb 4d; veal 3d per lb. Fish not loose minutes of the Board of Annexed so plenty. The herrings are caught aEstates—The Court of Session Dismised bout Dunbar, but not in plenty, owiug, the claim. The House of Lords Affirmed it is faid, to the clearness and stillness of the decree, without hearing the respon- the water.--Wages of reapers at the dent's Counsel.

West Port, on Monday 29th; 15. Id. 9. Fife v. Williamson-The Court of The English report for July ftates, Session reduced a will made in favour of that the crops were, in general, abunLieut. Fife, by the brother of the ref- dant; but, on account of the untowards pondent, as obtained by undue means, nefs of the weather, the hay has been and awarded damages and costs--- Afirm- got in at a very unusual expence. The ed, without bearing the respondent's change of the weather has allo had cone Counsel.

fiderable effect on toe growing wheats. 10. Irving v. Turin, &c. respecting fe. In the northern counties of England, and queftrations of the appellant's real ef- some parts of Scotland, the early crops tates Ayfirmed, with 6ol. cofts

of this grain arei much infected with * 12. Sir Robert Anftruther v. Sir John what is called the yellow rust. In Anftruther refpe&ing an exclusive right Yorkshire and Northumberland, the to coals and minerals in the lands of A- crop is not equal to that of last year, credale of Pittenweëm.-- Afirmed. and without favourable weather must be RECAPITULATION:

late. In the midland districts, much Affirmed as my Remitted in wheat has run to straw; and although Dijiniljed. 2-1 Reverjedt 1 2 fome coros are touched with the yellow

blight, producing fmut, yet, in the west,

Total, II more particularly, a plentiful hevelt VOL. LVIII,

4 L



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may be confidently expected. In the William Ramsay of Banff, Bart. to Miss Brissouth and west, the barleys also wear a coe, of Edward Street, Portman Square. very promising appearance, and may be 11. Henry Wallis, Esq; of Maryborough expected to be nearly as abundant as Lodge, to Miss Helen Maccall, daughter of they were last year. As little or no rain James Maccall, Esq; of Glasgow. fell on the north-east side of the iland 12. Mr Daniel Macqueen, joint Collector during the months of May and June, of the land tax for the city of Edinburgh, to the spring-fown corns had suffered much Miss Janet Jamieson, youngest daughter of before they were refreshed by the show. Mr John Jamieson, merchant, Leith. ers of July; and, in consequence, there 15. Patrick Ballantine, Esq; of Orchard, must in those places be light crops of to Miss Taylor, daughter of Mr Wm Tayoats, barley, and beans.

The pease

lor, merchant, Glasgow. promise better. In districts farther welt

, Penelope Macaulay, daughter of the Rev.

16. The Rev. Gavia Hamilton, to Miss where moist weather was less wanted, the spring crops in general cannot fail John Macaulay, late Minister of Cardross


in Dunbartonshire. to be far more luxuriant. Though the price of butcher's meat has been on the . s. to Miss Farquhar, daughter of the deceas

20. At Aberdeen, Mr John Morrison, W. decline, yet stock of all kinds have kept ed Robert Farquhar, Efq; of Newhall. up their enormous prices in almost every

22. George Ross, Esq; of Balsarroch, to: part of the kingdom. Sheep, and wean. Miss Clark, youngest daughter of the late ed lambs, and fore stock, have indeed James Clark, Esq; of Kirkcudbright. been fold at some late fairs, for prices At Posfil, the Rev. Wm Reid, minis. hitherto without example.

ter of New Cumnock, to Miss Mary Allan,

daughter of Mr Richard Allan. LISTS,

At Ardfhcal, Duncan Stewart, Esq; of Woodside, to Miss Margaret Stewart, daugh.

ter of the late Duncan Stewart, Esq; of ArdMARRIAGES.

sheal. The Rev. George Henry Storie, Redor of Stowe in Effex, to Miss Eliza Jekyll Chal

At Knowlesley, Lancashire, Edmund mers, youngest daughter of Lieut Col. Chal. Hornby, Efą; to Lady Charlotte Stanley,

daughter of the Earl of Derby. At Edinburgh, the Hon. Major George Advocate, to Miss Isabella Cockburn, daugh.

23. At Edinburgh, Wm Robertson, Esq; Carnegie, to Miss Elizabeth Swinton, daugh: ter of the late Thomas Cockburn, Efq; of ter of Lord Swinton.

Rowchester. Robert Gordon, Esg; of Xerxes de la Frotera, to Miss Rudyard, daughter of Ma. - fon of the Right Hon. Henry Dundas, to Miss

30. Robert Dundas, Esq; M. P. for Rye, jor Rudyard, commanding the Royal En

Anne Saunders, a young lady poffeffed of a gineers in Scotland.

fortune of 100,00pl. At Middleton, John Swinton, Esq;

BIRTHS. younger of Swinton, to Miss Hepburn,

Mrs Young, Queen-street, a daughter. dilo daughter of Robert Hepburn, Efq; of Clerkington.

Mrs Stewart, spouse to Captain Charles A London, Capt. Jekyll, of the 43d Stewart, of the Fife fencibles, a

Aug. 1. Mrs Scott, of Harden, a fori. regt: to Miss Charlotte Campbell, daughter

7. The Lady of Major General Hamilton, of Robert Campbell, Esq; of Alknish. Stewart Spalding, Efq; lately from Ja.

8. Mrs Lindefay of Wormiston, a fona. I maica, to Mifs Ann Spalding, daughter of

14. Lady Helen Hall, a daughter. the late Mr Charles Spalding, merchant.

15. Mrs Johnston of Hutton-hall, a daugh. Aug... Ac Hopes, James Milnes, Efq; of Kingston-upon-Hull, to Miss Mary Hay,

16. The Countefs of Dalkeith, a daughter.. daughter of John Hay, Esq; of Hopes.

17. Mrs Christie of Durie, a son. 2. John Peter Grant, Efq; of Rothiemur.

21. At London, the Marchioness of Titchchus; to Miss Jane Ironside, third daughter of

field, a son. the late Rev. Wm Ironside, of Houghton-le- 22. Mrs Muir of Caldwall, a daðghter, fpring.

DEATHS. 4 The Hon. William Hay Carr, brother of the Earl of Erral, to Miss Elliot, daugh- ker, of Wick, near Bath. His death was

At Bristol, Mr Thomas Harris, påper-mac ter of Samuel Elliot, Esq; of the island of occasioned by a fracture in his head, whichAntigua., 4. At Rochester, Major Farquhar, of the his horse. About two years fince his fathers:

he received a few days before by a fall from: 29th regiment, to Miss Trollope, of Hune came to his death by a similar accident ; tingdon, 5. At Limpsfield, county of Surrey, Sir

son was drowned a few months before. Mr:



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and a

Harris's partner was likewise killed (when Licut. James Dickson Wightman, of the in his company) by falling from his horse be- Bombay frigate, killed in a descent on the tween Bristol and Wick.

island of Ceylon, son of the late John WightLately, at Kipley, in Derbyshire, John man, Etq; of Maulilie, Wizzall, in the ucth year of his age. He At Madras, Licut. John Macpherson, irr had been in the army since his 16th year un. the East India Company's service. He was til discharged from it on account of his age. son of Col. Duncan Macpherson of Bleaton.

At Burton, in Kendal, Mrs Ann Bicker- At Hydrabad, in the East Indies, Lieut. stech, aged 103 years. She retained her men. Wm Stewart of the Bombay establishment. tal facultiea to the last, and walked down At Calcutta, Mr Laurence Dalrymple, Itairs to her parlour the day she died.

commander of the East India country ship At Madrid, 11th July, the Right Hon, the Swallow, son of Mr Wm Dalrymple, mer. Countess of Traquair.

chant Edinburgh. At Martinico, Capt. Alexander Dunlop, In the Weit Indies, George Vaughan, Esq; of the 27th regt. of foot, of the wounds he' Captain of the Alarm frigate. received at the capture of St Lucia.

At Worcester, Elisabeth Hunt, aged 100.At Barbadoes, of a fever, Major Chryftie, She retained the use of all her faculties to the of the 42d, or Royal Highland regiment of day of her death. foot.

Ac Glasgow, Mrs Catherine Canıpbell, At Kingston, Jamaica, Samuel Sinnoch, relict of Mi Daniel Campbell, late merchant at the age of 125. He assumed for a long in Glasgow, aged 94. time the appellation of George Rex, and re- Sir Roger Moysten, Bart M. P. for the tained his faculties until the two last years of county of Flint. He had represented the his life.

county eight times, and was chosen the ninth On board the Raymond, of the wounds he at last general election received at St Lucia, Lieut.-Col. Arbuthnott, Wm Lloyd, Eiq; Admiral of the White. of the 3rt regt.

Wm Butler, Esg; lare Lieutenant-Colonel On his paffage from India to England, of the 38th regt. of foot. Litut. John Baillie, of the Madrass establish- July 26. At Knightsbridge, Wm Maxwell, ment, and town major of Pondicherry, only Esq; late of Dalfwinton. ron of Robert Baillie, Esq; of Mayville, in 30. Joseph Allan, Efq; of Eldftrikle. Ayrshire.

31. Captain Dalgarno, of his Majesty's ship At St Domingo, of the yellow fever, Leander. Lieut. Henry Drummond, of the 67th regi- Aug. I. Sir Robert Pigot, Bart. Colonel medt of foot. :

of the 38th regiment of foot, a General in Mr Robert Haldane, Capt. of the Ann the army, and Governor of St Mawes. Sucand Eliza, was unfortunately drowned, to ceeded by his son, Lieut. Col. George Pigot. the eastward of the Cape of Good Hope. 2. Captain Orrock of the royal navy, sudMost of his crew, consisting of 42 fouls, pe- denly. rished at the same time.

3. At St Andrew's, Miss Doig, daughter Lately, William Lindsay, Esq; Governor of the late David Doig, Efq; of Cookstoun. of the island of Tobago.

4. At London, John Bell, Esq; many Ac Madrid, the Duc de Crillon, Captain years first commissioner for taking care of General of the army. He commanded the sick and wounded seamen. united armics of France and Spain, at the 5. At London, the Lady of Sir Wm Gorfiege of St Phillips, in the island of Minorca, don, K. B. last war.

6. At Edinburgh, Mr David Allan, hisLately, at Chart, near Dorking, Thomas tory painter. Master of the Acadendy estaCornewall, Esq; the oldest superannuated blished by the trustees for manufactures in Captain in the Navy.

Scotland. He received the rudiments of At Martinique, Mr James Bruce, surgeon his art in the Academy of Painting instituted to the forces, son of John Bruce, Esq; Sheriff. and carried on for a considerable time by substitute of Clackmannan. fhire.

Mefl. Fowlis in Glasgow. From thence he On his passage to India, Mr John Robert- went to Italy, where he spent many years in 1on, "furgeon, 2d son of the Rev. Mr Robert- unremitting application to the study of the fon, minifter of Ratho. He had the appoint- great models of antiquity. At Rome, in the: ment of affiftant surgeon in the East India year 1773, he gained the prize medal given Company's service, tho'only 19 years of age, by the Academy of St Luke for the best spee

Lately, at Waterford, Mr Thomas Chap- cimen of historical composition; and it is be. man, mariner. He failed round the world lieved he was the only Scotsman (Mr Gavin in his Majesty's ship the Centurion, com. Hamilton excepted) who has ever obtained manded by Commodore Anson.

that honour. His admirable talents for con.. Robert Darbey, M. D. physician to the position, the truth with which he delineated Mancheher infirmary, &c.

nature, and the characteristic humour that

distinguished his pictures, drawings, and The honour of Knighthood on Capt. Wil. etchings, are not exceeded by any artist in liams, of the Unicorn frigate. Britain. In private life his character was Marquis Townshend, to be Governor of marked by the stricte honour and integrity, the island of Jersey. his manners were gentle, unassuming, and Colonel Ilay Ferrier, of the Scots Brigade, obliging.

to be Lieutenant-Governor of Dunbarton 7. Within a few hours of each other, at Caftle. Leith, Mrs Henrietta Brown, aged 87, wi- Ncil Macvicar, Esq; Chairman ; David dow of Mr John Tod, ship-builder; and Mrs Milne, and Wm Sibbald, Esqrs. Deputy ChairElizabeth Tod, her daughter, aged 61, spouse men of the Chamber of Conimerce, Edinburgh. of the Rev. Dr Johnston, minister of North The King has been pleased to appoint RoLeith, and one of his Majesties Chaplains in bert Cullen, Esq; Advocate, to be one of the Ordinary.

Lords of Seffion. 10. At Clifton, the Hon. David Ogilvy, The Right Hon. the Earl of Kinnoul, to late Captain of the 4th dragoons, brother to be Lord Lyon, King at Arms for Scotland. Lord Bamff.'

PROMOTIONS. · II. At York, at the great age of 93, the His Majesty has been pleased to appoigt well known Mr Christ. Pivett, carver and

Generals gilder. He was formerly in the retinue of John Duke of Argyll lord Frederick Cavena his Royal Highness William Duke of Cum- Jeffery Lord Amherft disn berland : He fought under the Earl of Stair Studholme Hodgson and at the battle of Dettingen, and 'under the George Marquis Charles Duke of Duke of Cumberland ar the battle of Fonte


Richmond noy; was at the liege of Carlide, and the bat-,

To be Field-Marsalls. tle of Culloden. He had not layen in a bed

Lieutenant-Generals for 38 years.

Sir. D. Lindsay, Bart. James Grant 13. At Myffelburgh, the Hon. General

Ed. Maxwell Brown Sir Wm Fawceut, K.B. John Stuart, of Pittendriech, uncle to the

William Marquis of Earl of Moray, he had formerly becn in the Eyre Massey

George Warde

Lothian, K.T. service of the States General.

Flower Mocher Sir Charles Grey, K. B. 15. Montgomery Campbell, Esq; one of

Sir R. Sloper, K. B. Sir T. Spencer Willon, the Directors of the East India Company, 16. At Fordell-house, Lady Henderson, Ralph Earl of Ross George Morrison

Staates Long Morris Bart. relict of the late Sir Robert, Henderson, Bart. Sir Rob. Pigot, Bart. Thomas Clarke of Fordell.

Sir J. Darling, Bart. and Richard Beckford, Elg; the West India

Ruflell«Manners Charles Rainsford merchant; he represented Leominster in laft,

Thomas Hall parliamenta ; The Rev. Alex. Lyell, minister of the

To be Generals in the Army. Scots congregation at Rotterdam.

Major-Generals Arthur Edie, Esq; merchant in London. Anth. Geo. Martin Felix Buckley Of an apoplectic fit, in the Areet, Mr Al-" Benjamin Gordoni

Charles Wmn Lyon derman Tweedy, of the city of Dubiin. Hon. Thomas Bruce H. Watson Powell Richard Benyon, M. P. for Peterborough. George Ainslie

Thomas Stirling 17. David Craigie, Efq; of Dumbaruie, W.S." James Adeane George Garth

and 19. Mr David Forbes, writer Edinburgh.”. Edward Smith

Richard Grenville 20. At Edinburgh, Lieut. Joseph Mooue, Thomas Bland of the Royal Navy.

To be Lieutenant-Generals in the Army, 24. Mrs Johanna Moodie, spouse to the

Prices of Grain at Haddington, Aug. 26. Rev. Mr Moon, St Andrew's church, Edin

Wheat, 325. Barley, 225. Od. Oats, 185 burgh.

Pease, 218. Beans, 2 is. 27. At Edinburgh, Robert Donaldson, Efq; W.S,

Edinburgh, Aug. 30. Oar-meal, Is. 24 PREFERMENTS

Bear-mcal, IS.. Peafe-meal, 11d. The King has been pleased to grant the. dignities of a Baron and Viscount of the king

PRICES OF STOCKS, dom of Great Britain, to Charles Medow s

Aug. 27. Pierrepont, Efq; by the titles of Baron Pi- Bank Stock 151 errepont and Viscount Newark..

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3 per cent. red. 60

His Majesty has been pleased to confer the 3 per cent. conf. 594
dignity of a Baron of the kingdom of Ire-, New 4 per cent. 78
land on

India Stock 182
Sir Joshua Vanneck, Bart. by the title of India Bondoa
Baron Huntingfield ; --and Robert Smith, Lot. Tickets 11l. 75. 6d.
hide by the title of Baron Carrington. Irith ditto st 175, 8d.


Aug. 4.


uil, 196

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