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tack that the enemy made upon them, tages over the French army of the Sambre with a very fuperior force, from Oden- and Meuse, commanded by General an, in the Murg Valley, quite to the Jourdan, that the latter appeared to be Rhine. The fame evening intelligence compelled to retreat, to raise the fiege was received, that the Wirtemberg of the fortress of Ehrenbreitstein, and to troops, and part of the contingent of recrois' the Rhine. It has been fince the circle of Swabia, had abandoned the thought, however, that this retrograde pass of Friedenitadt, in the mountains march was not so much a compulsive of the Black Forest, the poffeffion 'of movement as a military maneuvre, in, which enables the enemy to operate'a- tended to draw the attention of the Aufgainst the Archduke's left, and to cut trians from the operations on the Upper off his Royal Highness' communication Rhine, and thereby enable General Mowith the Prince of Conde's army, and reau, the French commander in chief of the corps of Austrians that was ftationed the army of the Rhine and Mofelle, the in the Brisgaw, under the command of more ealily to crofs the Rhine at Huo' General Frolich, at the same time that ninguen, in the neighbourhood of Strass it lays open to them the duchy of Wirt- burgh. This object having been effectu. emberg, and the routes leading to the ally obtained, General Jourdan again Austrian magazines at Villingen and crolled the Rhine, renewed the fiege of Rothweil,

Ehrenbreitstein, drove the Austrians from This circumstance, lo important in all their positions in the vicinity of the its poffible confequences, and to unex. Sieg and the Lahn, and entering the pected, from the position that covers circle of Franconia, took the cities of the pafs of Friedenstadt, being consi- Francfort, Wurtzburg, and Bamberg, dered, as in reality it is, almoft inattack. and finally compelled General Wartenable, obliged his Royal Highness to re. Neben, who succeeded the Archduke tire towards Ettlingen on the .eth, and Charles in the command of the Auftrians to detach a strong corps into the moun in this part of Germany, to take refuge, tains, or his left, to secure that flank, after several bloody engagements, in the and to endeavour to re-establish a com- Emperor's hereditary kingdom of Bomunication with the Prince of Conde. 'hemia, and General Frolich, who will probably In the Upper Rhine, Gen. Moreau was have been obliged to fall back towards not less successful against the Archdukes Willingen, as their right, and even 'their Charles, who had himself affumed the rear, must be endangered if they remain command of the Austrian army in Sua. ed in the Brisgaw after the Swabian bia, in the room of General Wurmfer, troops bad 'retreated.

who had been fent with a confiderable:9 The enemy's progress on the Lower reinforcement, to command the army Rhine has also been considerable. Ac- in Italy. Several battles were fought';

5 cording to the laft reports, General and the result of the victories near Raw Jourdan was marching to the Lahn, ftadt and Ettingen, in particular, hay with that part of his army which had been, that the Auftrians have been com. crossed the Rhine at Neuweid; with the pelled to retreat from the Neckar to the remainder he was maneuvring against Danube; the principal cities of Suabia the Austrian corps that was nationed at have been taken pofleffion of by the Neukirchen, about four league's from French; and the Margrare of Baden, Dilingbourg ; and 'it'is by no means the Duke of Wurtemburg, and indeed-1 impoffible, that he may soon advance to the whole & circle of Suabia, have been i the Mainé, as the Austrian army of the compelled to sue for peace. Rhine has been too much weakened by In Italy, the operations of Marshal the very large dietachments which it Wurmfer were, for fome time, very a was obliged to send to Italy at the be successful... The French lof three or o ginning of June, to 'bé able now, effec- four fortresses of confequence, and wert tually to oppose the enemy's progress obliged to evacuate Verona, and to rails on all fides at the fame time.

Mantua, This success, (End oftebe Gazettes.) stift however, was of short duration, The

Y9C French General Buonaparte obtained a : FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. twenty miles north-wel of Mantua, and

decisive victory near Castiglione, about Soon after the opening of the cam. where it is remarkable, the French hado paign on the Lower Rhine, the Austrians defeated the Imperialik: ninety yearso had obtained fuch confiderable adran, before.")

the ficge


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We refer our readers to the several the gallant veteran. y 'The figure appears accounts of those operations publithed in parliamentary robes. On the pedestal in the Gazettes, as most to be relied on, there is to be a basto relievo, exprefing No opinion can be formed as yet of the the currender of the fons of Tippoo to confequence of the late very obstinate, the British hero, engagements with Bounaparte ; his ac. On Sunday morning, a duel was fought counts are unqueftionably exaggerated in Hyde-park, between Mr Pride and and untrue, and the other accounts have Mr Carpenter, two American gentlemen, not reached us of fo late a date as to in which the latter received a fhot, which judge of the iffue.

in terminated in his death, on Tuesday, at

Richardson's hotel, in Convent-gardens AMERICA. June 13. On Monday, at three o'clock to which the bodę had been removed. in the afternoon, a room in Lodge-alley, ing, at the said hotel, in a dispute ont

The duel originated on Saturday evenCharlestown, S. Carolivá, was discovered to be on fire, which in a few minutes the subject of American politics. The

coroner's inqueft brought in their vercommunicated tothe neighbouring buildings. The citizens soon affembled, but dićt wilful murder againt a perfon, or their exertions could not stop the devour persons unknown; nothing having aping fames till three o'clock next morn-peared in evidence to criminate Mr

Pride, or any one individual in particalar. ing, nor till a very confiderable part of the city was destroyed. Every house in Queen-freet, from the Bay to the corner

EDINBURGH. of Church-street; two-thirds of Union

The straw bonnets, now so much the street; Church-street, from Broad-street fashion, originated in Ireland, and from to St Philip's Church, with only two ex

a praise-worthy, motive in Lady Louifa ceptions ; Chalmer's and Beresford's al. Connolly, who, to employ the poor of leys; Kinlock’s-court ; and the north Cellbridge, a little village near Castletown fide of Broad-street, from the State House the seat of her Ladyship and Mr Conto four doors below Church-itreet; and nolly, infituted a manufacture of strawo five houses on the Bay, were burnt to the into hats and bonnets, which rapidly imground. The public buildings destroy, proved, and gave bread to hundreds. ed are the French church, and several Females were the manufacturers. adjoining buildings. St Philip's church

It is said that at Birmingham and was on åre several times, and ultimately neighbourhood, the number of dogs de must have been deftroyed, if a spirited ftroyed is computed at 1006, in confenegro man had not ascended to the top quence of the tax. To the honour of of the cupola, next the vate, and tore Scotland, we have not heard of a fingle off the thingles. The private buildings instance of this economical cruelty have destroyed, and the property they con- ing

been exercised here. tained, are eftimated to exceed 250,00ol. A large field of very fine barley was

There is reason to suppose that this mis- cut down on Thursday the 4th, upon fortune was the work of some wicked the lands of Bridgefide of Ceres, in Fife incendiary.

shire. And a parcel of ripe barley was

cùt down at Edenside, in the neighbourLONDON.

hood of Kelso. July 28. One of the powder mills on Aug. 3. The Justices of Peace of MidHounslow Heath blew up about eleven. Lothian, as heritors, upon motion of Four unfortunate persons perished, but the Lord Advocate, agreed to delay the no others were burt.

sport of shooting partridges, &c. till ist' 30. This night's Gazette contains a October, to give time to get the grain proclamation for proroguing the Parlia- cut down, &c. ment from the 12th of August to the 3. This day the Justices of Peace of 15th of September, then to meet for the the county of Edinburgh determined a dispatch of business.

question respecting an increase of wages Aug. 3. Mr Banks has finished a very of the journeymen cabinet-makers and fine model of Marquis Cornwallis, for joiners in this city and neighbourhood. the purpofé of making a statue in marble, They were of opinion, that they ought which is to be sent to Madras, and to have twopence on the fhilling addi. placed in a conspicuous station, as a tional, till such time as oatmeal should mark of the gratitude of the East India fell at one fhilling a.peck; and that the Company, for the military services of advance should take place from the first

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of May last, the date of their application eating. The four gentlemen, whom the to the Quarter Sessions.

activity of the Magistrates of Edinburgh 11. The High School was examined provided for our colony, I have seen, this day by the Magistrates, Professors, and conversed with separately fince my &c. The Golden Medal was adjudged arrival here; they seem all of them giftto Master Arch. Fardine Caverhill, as Dux ed in the powers of conversation. Muir of the Rector's clats. *

was the first I faw; I thought him a fenOn Thursday the 11th, the Magistrates fible modeft young man, of a very retired and Town Council of Glasgow present. turn, which certainly his situation in ed the freedom of that city to Sir Tho- this country will give him opportunity mas Palley, Vice Admiral of the White. of indulging; he said nothing on the fe

The quantity of linen cloth ftamped verity of his fate, but seemed to bear for sale in Scotland last year, exceeds the his circumstances with a proper degree quantity made in the year 1792, by near of fortitude and resignation. Skirving half a million of yards.

was the next I saw; he appeared to me 15. At Montrofe races, last week, the to be a sensible well informed man; not company was genteel and numerous. young, perhaps fifty-he is fond of There were great variety of amusements, farming, and has purchased a picce of balls, plays, concerts, &c.

ground, and makes good use of it, which 21. This day a number of lots for will by and by turn to his advantage. building on, in Charlotte Square, New Mr Palmer paid me the next visit, he is Town, were exposed to sale. The up- said to be a turbulent restless kind of fet prices were reduced more than one man; it may be so, but I must do him half of what they were when first ex- the justice to say, that I have seen noposed. Twenty in all were for sale, but thing of that disposition in him since my one only was purchased. The former arrival. Mr Margarot seems to be a upset price was 1701. but was reduced to lively facetious talkative man; complain1161. at which price it was sold. ed heavily of the injustice of his fentence,

19. By a letter from Governor Hun. in which, however, he found I could ter, New South Wales, to, his friends not agree with him. I chose to appoint in Leith, dated 16th O&ober 1795, we a time for seeing each separately: and on have the following paragraph:

the whole I have to say, that their ge“ This settlement is wonderfully im. neral conduct is quiet, decent, and orproved fince the time I left it. It appears derly; if it continues so, they will not now to be making rapid progress to- find me disposed to be harsh or distress ward an independence for provision. Our fing to them.” corn fields (wheat)at this moment appear HIGH COURT OF JUSTICIARY. as beautiful and luxuriant as any I ever An appeal having been made to this faw in any part of the world ; and bar. Court, against the sentence of the Sheriff ring those accidents to which all coun- in the case of M‘Kay, ordering him te tries are liable, we shall have a rich and be publicly whipped, upon the ground abundant harvest. Our gardens are e- of informality. Their Lordships after qually productive ; we shall have a va. considering informations for the parties, riety of fruit, European as well as tropi- suspended the fentence which regards the cal. Our grapes are in immense quanti- punishment of whipping ; but ordained ties; some of the gentlemen from their M‘Kay to be set at liberty, in order that own gardens expect to make a butt, some he depart forth of the county of Edina two butts of wine this year. The few burgh, within eight days from the acattle we have are thriving exceedingly, bove date, (August 23d) under the cerThe Meep and goats are wonderfully tification contained in the Sheriff's senprolific; three lambs at a time is no un- tence. common thing, and that twice a year; the goats still more so. We tind the best The following is an accurate list of breed of theep to be between the small appeals from the Court of Session in Bengal ewe and the large Cape ram; Scotland, that have been heard laft Sef. they produce a middle fize, which is de- fion of Parliament by the House of. licate fine meat.-All the superfluous Lords. males among the goats are prepared for I. Frafer verfus Fraser-Dismissed as the pot or fpit; and are fo fine, that I incompetent. would defy even an epicure to say whe 2. Gordon v. Home Remitted. ther it was mutton or caperato he was 3. Lindsay v. Kinloch-Afirmed.


4. Mercer v., Ogilvie The Court of During the last twelve feflions of ParSesion determined, that a person must liament, one hundred and twenty-nine aplive fixty free days after making a will to peals from the Court of Scilion have render it valid, in terms of the act 1696; been determined, only twenty of which and that the day on which the deed is have been totally Reversed; this remade is not to be counted.-Afirmed. flects great honour upon the Court of 5. Robertson v. Laird -Insurance Case: Seffion, many of them having been cafes Whether leave to call at a port, means of great intricacy, doubt, and difficulty, any port, or only such a port as is in the on which even the House of Lords were tract of the voyage ?- The Court of Sef- divided. fion found, that going to Hull, when the voyage insured was from Virginia to Hol- , THE weather this month has been reland, with leave to call at a port in Eng. markably fine ; since the 13th it has been land, was not within the policy. Afirm- " unusually hot. The thermometer in a ed, with sool, colls.

north exposure, at eight o'clock in the 6. Ommaney, and Executors of Sir morning, standing from 65 to 70. From Charles Douglas, v. Mrs Bingham, his the 23d the weather has been couler, daughter and her husband-Sir Charles but itill remarkably favourable. The had made a will, leaving a provision to drought has been uncommon, many Mrs Bingham, with a codicil that fhe springs being dry that never before were should forfeit it, if she married Mr Bing- remembered to be fo. It has been reham. She, however, inarried that gen- marked too, that the trees are parting tleman-The Court of Seffion decreed, with a great quantity of their foliage; that Sir Charles was domiciled in Scotland this cannot be the effect of frost, but and that the codicil was void. The House must be owing to a want of moisture to of Lords were of opinion that Şir Charles supply the abundance of the leaves. was damiciled in England, and that the Oats and barley are begun to be cut in codicil was legal.Reversed.

various parts of the country, from the 7. Stein , v. Steuart and Co.-The 12th; but no general harveft is expected Court of Session had determined that a before the first week of September. All proof was incompetent and irrelevant agree that the crop is good and abunrespecting certain circumstances of a dant every where, and that harvest will ? contract betwixt the parties.--The House be at least three weeks earlier than last of Lords Reversed the decree, and allow- year. In confequence of the great suped the proof, after which the Court is to plies of grain of all kinds, and the abunre-hear the cause.

dant crop, prices have of late fallen con8. Cameron v. Cameron - This was a fiderably, particularly in the London claim made to a lease of part of the for- market.-Beef and mutton here ad and feited estate of Callart, founded on fome sd; lamb 4d; veal od per lb. Fish not loose minutes of the Board of Annexed fo plenty. The herrings are caught aEstates—The Court of Session Dismised bout Dunbar, but not in plenty, owing, the claim.-The House of Lords Affirmed it is said, to the clearness and stillness of the decree, without hearing the respon- the water. Wages of reapers at the dent's Counsel.

Weft Port, on Munday 29th, 15. Id. 9. Fife v. Williamson-The Court of The English report for July ftates, Session reduced a will made in favour of that the crops were, in general, abunLieut. Fife, by the brother of the res, dant; but, on account of the untowardpondent, as obtained by undue means, nefs of the weather, the hay has been and awarded damages and costs--- Afirm- got in at a very unusual expence. The ed, without bearing the respondent's change of the weather has allo had cone Counfel.

fiderable effect on the growing wheats. 10. Irving-v. Tarin, &c. respecting fe- In the northern counties of England, and queftrations of the appellant's real ef- some parts of Scotland, the early crops tates-s+Ayirined, with 6ol. cofts. of this grain arei much infected with

12. Sir Robert Anftruther v. Sir John what is called the yellow rust. In Anftruther-refpe&ing an exclusive right Yorkshire and Northumberland, the to coals and minerals in the lands of A. crop is not equal to that of last year, credale of Pittenweêm. Afirmed. and without favourable weather must be

RECAPITULATION, "") 50, late. In the midland districts, much Affirmed --- Remitted that wheat hås run to straw; and although Dimijed. N-1 Reversed 2 fome corns are touched with the yellow

blight, producing smut, yet, in the west,

Total, II more particularly, a plentiful havet VOL. LVIII,


4 L

may be confidently expected. In the William Ramsay of Banff, Bart. to Miss Brifsouth and west, the barleys also wear a coe, of Edward Street, Portman Square. very promising appearance, and may be 11. Henry Wallis, Esq; vf Maryborough expected to be nearly as abundant as Lodge, to Miss Helen Maccall, daughter of they were last year. As little or no rain James Maccall, Esq; of Glasgow. fell on the north-east side of the isand 12. Mr Daniel Macqueen, joint Collector during the months of May and June, of the land tax for the city of Edinburgh, to the spring-fown corns had suffered much Miss Janet Jamieson, youngest daughter of before they were refreshed by the show. Mr John Jamieson, merchant, Leith. ers of July; and, in consequence, there

15. Patrick Ballantine, Esq; of Orchard, must in those places be light crops of to Miss Taylor, daughter of Mr Wm Tayoats, barley, and beans.

lor, merchant, Glasgow.

The pease promife better. In districts farther welt, Penelope Macaulay, daughter of the Rev.

16. The Rev. Gavia Hamilton, to Miss where moist weather was less wanted, the spring crops in general cannot fail John Macaulay, late Minister of Cardross,

in Dunbartonshire. to be far more luxuriant. Though the price of butcher's meat has been on the s. to Miss Farquhar, daughter of the deceas

20. At Aberdeen, Mr John Morrison, W. decline, yet stock of all kinds have kept ed Robert Farquhar, Efq; of Newhall. up their enormous prices in almost every

22. George Ross, Esq; of Balfarroch, to part of the kingdom. Sheep, and wean. Miss Clark, youngest daughter of the latch? ed lambs, and store stock, have indeed James Clark, Efq; of Kirkcudbright. been fold at some late fairs, for prices At Fossil, the Rev. Wm Reid, minif. hitherto without example,

. ter of New Cumnock, to Miss Mary Allan,

daughter of Mr Richard Allan. LISTS,

At Ardlheal, Duncan Stewart, Esq; of Woodside, to Miss Margaret Stewart, daugh

ter of the late Duncan Stewart, Efq; of Arda MARRIAGES.

sheal. The Rev. George Henry Storie, Rector

At Knowlesley, Lancashire, Edmund of Stowe' in Effex, to Miss Eliza Jekyll Chalmers, youngest daughter of Lieuc Col. Chal. Hornby, Efq; to Lady Charlotte Stanley,

daughter of the Earl of Derby. At Edinburgh, the Hon. Major George Advocate, to Mifs Isabella Cockburn, daugh

23. At Edinburgh, Wm Robertson, Efq; Carnegie, to Miss Elizabeth Swinton, daugh- ter of the late Thomas Cockburn, Esq; of ter of Lord Swinton.

Rowchester. Robert Gordon, Esq; of Xerxes de la

30. Robert Dundas, Esq; M. P. for Ryepil. Frotera, to Miss Rudyard, daughter of Major Rudyard, commanding the Royal En- Anne Saunders, a young lady poffefsed of pl.

-- {on of the Right Hon. Henry Dundas, to Miss gineers in Scotland.

fortune of 100,000l.

it is duit At Middleton, John Swinton, Efq;

BIRTHS. younger of Swinton, to Miss Hepburn, daughter of Robert Hepburn, Efq; of Clerk

Mrs Young, Queen-street, a daughter. v lo

Mrs Stewart, spouse to Captain Charles ington. A London, Capt. Jekyll, of the 43d Stewart, of the Fife fencibles, a daughter. ,

Aug. 1. Mrs Scott, of Harden, a for. regt: to Miss Charlotte Campbell, daughter

7. The Lady of Major General Hamilton, of Robert Campbell, Esq; of Alknish.

a son. Stewart Spalding, Efq; lately from Ja. maica, to Mifs Ann Spalding, daughter of

8. Mrs Lindefay of Wormiston, a fona. I

14. Lady Helen Hall, a daughter. the late Mr Charles Spalding, merchant.

15. Mrs Johnston of Hutton-hall, a daugh Aug, 1. Ac Hopes, James Milnes, Esq; of Kingston-upon-Hull, to Miss Mary Hay,

16. The Countefs of Dalkeith, a daughter, og daughter of John Hay, Esq; of Hopes.

17. Mrs Christie of Durie, a son. 2. John Peter Grant, Esq; of Rothiemur. 'chuls, to Miss Jane Ironside, third daughter of field, a son.

21. At London, the Marchioness of Titchthe late Rev. Wm Ironside, of Houghton-le

22. Mrs Muir of Caldwall, a daughter, (pring.

The Hon. William Hay Carr, brother

At Bristol, Mr Thomas Harris, paper-mae of the Earl of Erral, to Miss Elliot, daugh. ker, of Wick, near Bath. His death was ter of Samuel Elliot, Esq; of the island of occasioned by a fracture in his head, which Antigua., 4. At Rochester, Major Farquhar, of the his horse. About two years fince his father

he received a few days before by a fall from 29th regiment, to Miss Trollope, of Hun- came to his death by a fimilar accident ; and a tingdon.

son was drowned a few monchs before. Mi : $. At Limpsfield, county of Surrey, Sir



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