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at the age

Harris's partner was likewise killed (when Lieut. James Dickson Wightman, of the in his company) by falling from his horse be- Bombay frigate, killed in a descent on the tween Bristol and Wick.

island of Ceylon, son of the late John WightLately, at Kipley, in Derbyshire, John man, Efq; of Maulilie, Wizzall, in the ucth year of his age. He At Madras, Licut. John Macpherson, inr had been in the army fince his 16th year un. the East India Company's service. He was til discharged from it on account of his age. son of Col. Duncan Macpherson of Bleaton.

At Burton, in Kendal, Mrs Ann Bicker At Hydrabad, in the East Indies, Lieut. Itech, aged 103 years. She retained her men- Wm Stewart of the Bombay establishment. tal facultiea to the last, and walked down At Calcutta, Mr Laurence Dalrymple, Itairs to her parlour the day she died. commander of the East India country ship

At Madrid, fith July, the Right Hon. the Swallow, son of Mr Wm Dalrymple, iner. Countess of Traquair.

chant Edinburgh. At Martinico, Capt. Alexander Dunlop, In the Weit Indies, George Vaughan, Esq; of the 27th regt. of foot, of the wounds he Captain of the Alarm frigate. received at the capture of St Lucia.

At Worcester, Elisabeth Hunt, aged 100.At Barbadoes, of a fever, Major Chrystie, She retained the use of all her faculties to the of the 42d, or Royal Highland regiment of day of her death. foot.

At Glasgow, Mrs Catherine Canıpbell, At Kingston, Jamaica, Samuel Sinnoch, relict of Mr Daniel Campbell, late merchant

of 125. He assumed for a long in Glasgow, aged 94. time the appellation of George Rex, and re Sir Roger Moysten, Bart M. P. for the tained his faculties until the two last years of county of Flint. He had represented the his life.

county eight times, and was chosen the ninth On board the Raymond, of the wounds hc at last general election received at St Lucia, Lieut.-Col. Arbuthnott, Wm Lloyd, Eíq; Admiral of the White. of the 31st regt.

Wm Butler, Erg; lace Lieutenant-Colonel On his paffage from India to England, of the 38th regt. of foot. Litut. John Baillie, of the Madrass establish July 26. At Knightsbridge, Wm Maxwell, ment, and town major of Pondicherry, only Esq; late of Dallwinton. son of Robert Baillie, Esq; of Mayville, in 30. Joseph Allan, Esq; of Eldftrikle. Ayrshire.

31. Captain Dalgarno, of his Majesty's ship At St Domingo, of the yellow fever, Leander. Lieut. Henry Drummond, of the 67th regi. Aug. I. Sir Robert Pigot, Bart. Colonel ment of foot.

of the 38th regiment of foot, a General in Mr Robert Haldane, Capt, of the Ann the army, and Governor of St Mawes. Suc. and Eli was unfortunately drowned, to ceeded by his son, Lieut. Col. George Pigot. the eastward of the Cape of Good Hope. 2. Captain Orrock of the royal navy, sudMost of his crew, consisting of 42 fouls, pe- denly. rished at the same time.

3. At St Andrew's, Miss Doig, daughter Lately, William Lindsay; Efq; Governor of the late David Doig, Efq; of Cookstoun. of the island of Tobago.

4. At London, John Bell, Esq; many Al Madrid, the Duc de Crillon, Captain years first commiffioner for taking care of General of the army. He commanded the sick and wounded feamen. united armics of France and Spain, at the 5. At London, the Lady of Sir Wm Gorfiege of St Phillips, in the island of Minorca, don, K. B. last war.

6. At Edinburgh, Mr David Allan, his. Lately, at Chart, near Dorking, Thomas tory painter. Master of the Acadendy estaCornewall, Esq; the oldest superannuated blished by the trustees for manufactures in Captain in the Navy.

Scotland. He received the rudiments of At Martinique, Mr James Bruce, surgeon his art in the Academy of Painting instituted to the forces, son of John Bruce, Esq; Sherift. and carried on for a considerable time by substitute of Clackmannan. fhire.

Mell. Fowlis in Glasgow. From thence he On his passage to India, Mr John Robert. went to Italy, where he spent many years in fon, "surgeon, 2d son of the Rev. Mr Robert- unremitting application to the study of the fon, minister of Ratho. He had the appoint- great models of antiquity. At Rome, in the ment of affisant surgeon in the East India year 1773, he gained the prize medal given Company's service, tho' only 19 years of age, by the Academy of St Luke for the best spe.

Lately, at Waterford, Mr Thomas -Chap- cimnen of historical composition; and it is beman, mariner. He failed round the world lieved he was the only Scotsman (Mr Gavin in his Majesty's ship the Centurion, com- Hamilton excepted) who has ever obtained manded by Commodore Anson.

that honour. His admirable talents for comRobert Darbey, M. D. physician to the position, the truth with which he delineated Mancheher infirmary, &c.

mature, and the characteristic humour that

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distinguished his pictures, drawings, and The honour of Knighthood on Capt. Wil. etchings, are not exceeded by any artist in liams, of the Unicorn frigate. Britain. In private life his character was Marquis Townshend, to be Governor of marked by the strictet honour and integrity, the illand of Jersey. his manners were gentle, unassuming, and Colonel Ilay Ferrier, of the Scots Brigade, obliging

to be Lieutenant-Governor of Dunbarton 7. Within a few hours of each other, at Castle. Leith, Mrs Henrietta Brown, aged 37, wi Niil Macvicar, Esq; Chairman ; David dow of Mr John Tod, ship-builder ; and Mrs Milne, and Wm Sibbald, Esqrs. Deputy ChairElizabeth Tod, her daughter, aged 61, spouse men of the Chamber of Conimerce, Edinburgh. of the Rev. Dr Johnston, minister of North The King has been pleased to appoint RoLeith, and one of his Majesties Chaplains in bert Cullen, Esq Advocate, to be one of the Ordinary.

Lords of Seflion. 10. At Clifton, the Hon. David Ogilvy, The Right Hon. the Earl of Kinnoul, to late Captain of the 4th dragoons, brother to be Lord Lyon, King at Arms for Scotland. Lord Bamff.

PROMOTIONS. II. At York, at the great age of 93, the His Majesty has been pleased to appoigt well known Mr Christ. Pivett, carver and

Generals gilder. He was formerly in the retinue of John Duke of Argyll Lord Frederick Cavena his Royal Highness William Duke of Cun. Jeffery Lord Amherst dish berland: He fought under the Earl of Stair Studholme Hodgson and at the battle of Dettingen, and under the George Marquis Charles Duke of Duke of Cumberland at the battle of Fonte


Richmond noy: was at the siege of Carlide, and the bat

To be Field-Marsalls. tle of Culloden. He had not layen in a bed

Li pant-Generals for 38 years.

Sir. D. Lindsay, Bart. James Grant 13. At Myffelburgh, the Hon, General

Ed. Maxwell Brown Sir Wm Fawceu, K.B. John Stuart, of Pittendriech, uncle to the

William Marquis of Earl of Moray, he had formerly becu in the Eyre Mafley

George Warde Lothian, K.T. service of the States General.

Flower Mocher Sir Charles Grey, K B. 15. Montgomery Campbell, Esq; one of

Sir R. Sloper, K. B. Sir T. Spencer Willon, the Directors of the East India Company,

Staates Long Morris Bart. 16. Åt Fordell-house, Lady Henderson, reliet of the late Sir Robert Henderson, Bart.' Ralph Earl of Ross George Morrison

Sir Rob. Pigot, Bart. Thomas Clarke of Fordell.

Sir J. Darling, Bart. and . Richard Beckford, Esq; the West India

Russell.Manners Charles Rainsford mercharit; he represented Leomiokter in last,

Thomas Hall parliamente,

To be Grnerals in the Army.
The Rev. Alex. Lyell, minister of the
Scots congregation at Rotterdam.

Arthur Edie, Esq; merchant in London., Anth. Geo. Martin Felix Buckley
Of an-apoplectic fit, in the freet, Mr Al-' Benjamin Gordoni

Charles Win Lyon derman Tweedy, of the city of Dublin. Hon. Thomas Bruce H. Watson Powell." Richard Benyon, M. P. for Peterborough.. George Ainslie

Thomas Stirling - 17. David Craigie, Eig; of Dumbarnie, w.s." Janies Adeane

George Garth

and 19. Mr David Forbes, writer Edinburgh... Edward Smith

Thomas Bland 20. At Edinburgh, Lieut. Joseph Moodie,

Richard Grenville of the Royal Navy.

To be Lieutenant-Generals in the Army, 24. Mrs Johanna Moodie, spouse to the

Prices of Grain at Haddington, Aug. 26. : Rev. Mr Moore, St Andrew's church, Edin

Wheat, 325. Barley, 225. Od. Oats, 1952: burgh.

Pease, 218. Beans, 2 is. 27. At Edinburgh, Robert Donaldson, Efq;. W.S,

Edinburgh, Aug. 30. Oar-meal, Is. ad PREFERMENTS

Bear-meal, Is. Peafe-meal, 11d. The King has been pleased to grant the dignities of a Baron and Viscount of the king

PRICES OF STOCKS, dom of Great Britain, to Charles Medow s Aug. 4.

Aug. 27. Pierrepont, Efq; by the titles of Baron Pic Bank Stock 1511 errepont and Viscount Newark.

3 per cent, red. 60

581 His Majesty has been pleased to confer the 3 per cent. conf. 594

58 dignity of a Baron of the kingdom of Ire-, New 4 per cent. 784

771 land on

India Stock 182
Sir Joshua Vanneck, Bart, by the title of India Bondana
Baron Huntingfield ; ;-and Robert 'Smith, Lot. Tickets 11l. 7s. 6d.
high by the title of Baron Carrington. Irith ditto sł 175. 8d.


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Pag. 11


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American Recipe for the Rheuma Britain




Character of Mr James Beattie


Biographical Anecdotes of the Count

de Buffon

586 Lines written by Sir Richard Hill

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with the French Revolution, conti-



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of the Sun and Fixed Stars, con-




Particulars in the Natural History of

Operations of the armies on the

Birds, concluded

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Observations on Dancing as an Imi-

from Col. Craufurd, &c. 632-40

tative Art, by the late Adam Smith

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LL. D.


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gainst using Machines to shorten

Dispatches from Sir John Jervis, and



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On Salt as a Manure

614 Incidental Occurrences


A new Species of Rye-grass 617 Account of the blowing up ofthe Am.

Topography and Natural History of phion frigate, with a list of the

Scotland-Selkirkshire and Peebles-





Abstracts of New Acts passed during Several persons apprehended for

last Seflion of lait Parliament

treasonable practices

Dog-lax, Stamps on Hat-linings,


Partridge Shooting


Incidental Occurrences

List of the gentlemen graduated at


the University


Wallace's Prospects from Hills in Report of the Weather, &c. 648


IV oliftonecraft's Residence in Swe LISTS-Marriages, Births, Deaths,

den--Short account of Norway 627

Preferments, &e.



Sold by JAMES WATSON & Co. No 40. South Bridge ;
And by the Principal Booksellers in Town and Country,
By ALLEN & West, No 16. Paternoster-row, London,

TO THE EDITOR OF THE SCOTS MAGAZINE. SIR, THE following anecdote, which gave rise to the high duties imposed up

on Claret wine, I think is worthy of a place in your Miscellany.

IN the year 1754, the late Admiral Sir Hugh Palliser was commander of the Sea-Horse man of war, lying in the road of Leith. A man, under indentures as an apprentice, had been enlisted as a sailor, on board this ship. On petition from his maiter, and on production of the inden. ture. Judge Philp, at that time Judge of the Court of Admiralty in Scotland, granted warrant to bring the man alhore to be examined. A macer of Court went aboard to apprehend him; but was told by Captain Palliter, that he confidered himself as subject only to the law.of England ; and that he would not suffer the man to go ashore. Upon this, the macer, with his blazon on his breast, broke his wand of peace, and reported this illegal act of deforcement to the Admiralty court. The Judge then granted warrant to apprehend Captain Palliser himself, to bring him from aboard his ship, and to commit him to prison, which was accordingly done. Next day he was brought into court, and, on refufing to submit to its jurisdiction, because he held his commission from the Board of Admiralty, he was again remanded to prison, there to remain, till lic' berated in due course of law.

When the case was reported by the Earl of Findlater, then Lord High Admiral of Scotland, to Chancellor Hardwicke, (that great ornament of the law, and of human nature,) the Chancellor said, ti he was a bold judge who had done this ; but he had done what was right.” This just and high toned decision, from a man fo gentle and amiable as Mr Philp, was followed with the universal approbation of his country.

Captain Palliser, who had been often regaled with liberal potations of Claret at a small expence, in revenge for this treatment, which he considered as a great affront, informed how well the people of this country fared by the low duties on Claret, on which a great addition was foon' thereafter laid upon it.


TAKE of garlic two cloves, and of gum-amoniac one drachm. Bruise them together; and make them into boluses with water. Swallow one of them at night, and one in the morning. Drink, while taking this recipe, fassafras tea made very strong. This is generally found to banish the rheumatism, and even contraction of the joints, in five times taking.







R Beattie, after giving fome in high veneration, and was also attach-

account of the life of his son, ed to the church of Scotland, in which says, “ Of his character and opinions I he had been educated; he knew, that, Thall subjoin some further particulars, in respect of doctrine, the principles of which could not be conveniently intro- both are the same; and, as to the dif. duced in the preceding narative. I fet ferent forms of eclesiastical discipline and them down as they occur, without at- worship, he did not think he had any tempting arrangenient.

right to affect fingularity, or to moleit Piety and meekness were Atriking the peace of either church, by clamourfeatures in his character, habitual to him ing about matters of no effential ime: 'in ipfancy, and through life. I find portance. He wilhed to be, and to among his papers forms of devotion, be considered as, a Christian ; title, composed for his own use, of which I which he thought infinitely more homay perhaps give a specimen. The nourable than any other. The words Christian religion, and its evidences, he Lutheran and Calvinist he well underhad ftudied with indefatigable applica- stood, but fet no value on them; though tion ; and the confequence was such, he was ever ready to own his obliga. as may be always expected in like cases, tions to those learned men, who had where the inquirer has candour and been instrumental in bringing about the sense: no person could love his reli- 'reformation from Popery. gion more than he did, or believe in it Of modern divines his greatest fawith fuller affuránce of faith : But in his vourite was Dr Clarke. He studied behaviour there was no austerity or fin- all that author's works with his usual gularity. Even when he came to be a accuracy, and with much delight. Even man, he had, when in health, and in the controversy with Dodwell he studio the company of his intimate friends, all ed; for he thought it strictly connected the playfulness of a boy. The effect of with what Baxter and others had taught religion upon his mind was, to make concerning the incorporeal nature of the him cheerful, considerate, benevolent, soul : the doctrine of which he was a intrepid, humble, and happy. Of the zealous defender; which he had excontracted principles and unamiable pre- amined as far, I believe, as human in. judices of sectaries he had no concep- genuity can examine it ; and on which tion. He loved all the human race; he has left a great deal in writing, though he bore a particular love to all Chris- nothing finished. I need not add, for tians; and he wished all parties to ex. after what has been said it will be naercise Christian charity toward each turally supposed, that he was a warna other. The church of England he held admirer of Di Campbell's excellent See last vol. (1794) p. 158. 221.989. writings, and very judicious “ Trarllation of the Gospels."



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