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and Efingen on the Neckar, and Sigmar- marched against the heights of Eslingen ingen on the Danube, may be considered with a very superior force. Their attack at this moment as nearly the principal commenced there about seven o'clock in points of the Austrian position. the morning; and, after five unsuccessI have the honour to be, &c. ful efforts, they were obliged to retire

C. CRAUFURD. to Hohenheim near Stutgard.
Downing-Street, Aug. 23.,

The skill with which this position was From Col. Craufurd to the Right Hon. defended, and the vigour displayed in Lord Grenville.

repulling the reiterated and severe at. Head-quarters of his Royal High- tacks, on grounds fo interfected and

ness the Archduke Charles of woody, that neither cavalry nor artillery

Austria, Eslingen, July 22. could act with efficacy, do equal honour My LORD, I have the honour to in- to General Ilotze who commanded, and form your Lordship, that news arrived the gallant troops that executed under this morning of Gen. Wartenfleben's his orders. The excessive heat of the having been attacked on the 10th inst, day, and the great fatigue that they exby Gen. Jourdan at Friedberg, just as perienced, as they had all been under he was preparing to retire to Bengen, arms, and most of them marching the and assemble his army in that camp. whole preceding night, did not prevent

The en sy were, according to all re- them from contending most courageousports, near four times as strong as the ly with near double their numbers till Austrians; and the latter, after having eight o'clock, when victory rewarded repulsed three fucceflive attacks, were such exemplary conduct. I have not the obliged to retire to Bengen, with the least intention of making any distinction loss of several hundred men, and one between the merits of those brave men,

who are all entitled to so great a share Gen. Wartensleben's army had been of praise, but I cannot help observing to divided into three corps along the Lahn, your Lordihip, that the first battalion of

all of which were dire&ting their march the Hungarian regiment of Spleny fought : towards Bengen, but neither of them from the beginning of this action with

was fufficiently strong to make a stand out being relieved, and, though it loft of any confequence, with a probability between three and four hundred men, of fuccefs. The enemy, therefore, hav- remained in fire till night put a stop to ing arrived at the point of Friedberg, by its uncommon exertions. This circumrapid marches, the morning of the day stance is so much talked of in the army, that the Auftrians intended to quit that that I feel called upon not to pass it over poft, found a force by no means ade: in filence. quate to refift them, and profited of this The total loss of the Austrians on this circumstance, as I have mentioned above, day was about one thousand men, in

Proper garrisons are left in Mayence, cluding several officers; that of the eneManheim, Philipsbourg, and Elirenbreit- my amounted, according to the best efti. Atein.--The Archduke remains encamp- mates which can be made from the reed at Pfortzheim; the Prince of Conde ports of deserters and prisoners, to near at Villenger, and Gen. Froligh is still in two thousand. the Brifgaw. I have the honour to be, &c. In the night of the 20th, the Archduke

C. CRAUFURD. marched to Schorndorf, and on the zoth MY LORD, Gemmund, July 24. to this place. I have the honour to be, &c. I have the honour to inform your

C. CRAU FURD. Lordship, that his Royal Highness the My LORD, Nordlingen, rug. 4, Archduke, upon receiving intelligence I have the honour to inform your of the enemy's intention to dislodge the Lordship, that his Royal Highness the corps at Eningen, and thus make them- Archduke marched from Gemmund on felyes masters of the great road from the 26th of July, and encamped with Stutgard to Ulm, reinforced that impor- one part of his main army at Bohmentant post in the night of the 20th, and kirchen, and another at Urspringen. made the necessary difpofitions for a Gen. Froligh was on the fouth of the moft vigorous defence.

Danube near Waldsee, the Prince of On the 21st, the enemy made several Conde near Ravenfpurg, and a corps unfeints on the right, and along the whole der General Wolf at Bregentz ; the Suafront of the camp of Felbach, whilf they þians were still at Bieberach, to which place they had retired upon the conclu- MY LORD, Nordlingen, Aug: 5. fion of their armittice. General War- I have the honour to inform your tensleben kept his position near Bam. Lordship, that the enemy attacked, this berg, having a small body of light troops afternoon, the advanced posts commandbetween Nurenberg and Anspach, for ed by the Prince John of Lichtenstein, the purpose of communicating with the near Kircheimn; but they were repulled Archduke. On the 29th Gen. Froligh, with the loss of above two hundred men in compliance with an order from the taken prisoners, and a great nun ber left Archduke, marched to Bieberach, sur. dead on the field. The general position rounded and difarmed the Suabian corps, of the armies remain the same as yelobliged them to disperse immediately, terday. I have the honour to be, &c. and retire behind the line of operations.


C. CRAUFURD. ----After which he took his position in P.S. News is this moment arrived of that neighbourhood, and the Prince of Gen. Kray's having obtained a confiderConde marched to Waldsee, leaving an able advantage over the enemy at Scuadvanced guard near Ravenspurg. From ten, near Bamberg, in which neighbourthe 26th to the zoth, several skirmishes hood he had been left by Gen. Wartethappened between the advanced posts; Neben, upon the latter's marching to in all of these the Auftrians had the ad- Forcheim; but his Royal Highness has vantage; and a detachment of huffars not yet received the particulars of this Turprised a large French reconnoitering affair. party near Hohenstadt, between Blan. Downing-Street, Aug. 30. beuren and Geislingen, every man of From Col. Craufurd to the Right Hon. which were either killed or taken.

Lord Grenville. On the 31st, as the magazines on the MY LORD, Mettingen, Aug. 12. Danube were placed in safety, and as I have the honour to inform your the enemy began to manæuvre towards Lordship, that the Archduke marched the Archduke's right, his Royal High- on the oth inft. with the main army from ness determined to concentrate his prin- Nordlingen; and took a position across cipal force. He therefore moved, on the the Eger rivulet, with his right towards Itt August, with his main army to Hey- Allersheim, the centre in point of Metdenheim, on the 2d to Nersheim, and tingen, where the head-quarters were on the 3d to Nordlingen, the detached fixed, and his left towards Ilohenaltheim, corps retiring gradually, fo as to cover for the purpofe of covering more effecthis march.

tually the roads from Nordlingen and His Royal Highness' general position Ottingen to Donawert. is now as follows: The main army at which had been posted at Nersheim, unNordlingen, with an advanced guard at der Gen. Hotze, had already fallen back Nersheim; two small corps near Bop- to l'orfheim and Aufhausen, to keep up pingen and Weiltingen, to observe the the direct communication with those on roads leading from those places; and a the left back of the Danube, commanded corps of superior force at Gundelfingen, by Gen. Riese, who was now encamped for the purpose of covering the left, and near Dillengen. Gen. Wartensleben had and keeping up the communication with moved in the mean time to Forckheim, Gen. Froligh and the Prince of Conde, on the river Rednitz, and from thence the former of whom is at Weitfenhorn, to Lauf on the Pegnitz. Gen. Frolich, on the Both, the latter at Memmingen, the Prince of Conde, and Gen. Wolf, with his advanced guard at Wurtzah. remained nearly in the same position as

The enemy having discovered the mentioned in my dispatch of the 4th. channel by which the water was convey- The enemy attacked the Auftrian ed into the fortress of Konningitein, cut guards of Gen. Hotze and Reife on the off the supply, and by that means re- gth; but by a display of much skill and ducer! the garrison, confifting of about firmness, the firit of those Generals mafive hundred men, to the necesity of naged to lose fo little ground, that the surrendering. The troops marched out change of position, which was ordered with arms and baggage, and they re- for the next day, took place without inturned into the Emperor's dominions, terruption; and the latter, from his ti, on condition of not serving till exchang- tuation being more advantageous, comed. I have the honour to be, &c. pletely repulsed the attack that was made C. CRAUFURD,


The corps


upon him.

On the 9th at night, information was Gen. Mercantin, who was to preserve received that the Prince of Conde had the communication between Gen. Reise been obliged to retire to Mindenheim, and the main army. As the enemy had on the Mindel, and Gen. Wolf into the a great fuperiority of numbers, it was defile of Bregnetz, where, however, he resolved to attack by surprise, and for had posted himself in such a manner as this purpose the marches were so arto check the enemy's maneuvre in that ranged, that the columns were to be quarter. Gen. Wartensleben also re- formed on the different points, from ported, that his position was so bad as whence they were to advance, juft beto make it highly imprudent for him to fore day break, and proceed immediateawait the attack which Gen. Jourdan, ly. However, a moft violent storm, from his late movements, seemed to be which lasted several hours, made the meditating; and the same day Gen. Mo- night fo extremely dark, and the roads reau arrived in great force oppofite the fo bad, that the troops and artillery were center of his Royal Highness's extensive above double the time they otherwise line, forming with his left on the heights would have been in performing their of Umenheim, his center in point of Cat- movements, and therefore the attack zenstein, and his right on the heights of was necessarily deferred till feven o'clock. Dunftelkingen and Deschingen, with a This enabled the enemy to discover the corps to cover his flank near Laningen, whole plan, and prepare for their de. on the Danube. His reserve was between fence. Nersheim and Konigsbron.

Notwithstanding so unfortunate a cir. On the both the enemy advanced a cumstance, which deprived the Arch. strong part of their first line into the duke of the great advantage of surprise, woods in their front, where they efta. his Royal Highnefs persevered in his reblished themselves firmly, and the fame folution. The three columns of the cene evening, about fix o'clock, they attack- ter were successful in disoding the eneed Gen. Hotze's left, at Eglingen and my's advanced guard from the woods, Amerdingen, with great impetuofity, and they drove it back to the heights of They succeeded in driving back his ad. the principal position; but the column vanced posts, but they made no impress that marched towards Umenheim findfion on his left position, nor did they ing itself taken in flank by General Mointerrupt the attack that his Royal High- reau's referve, which had advanced for ness intended to make upon them the. that purpose as soon as the affair com next morning; of which the following menced, was obliged to retire. This was the disposition :

laid Gen. Hotze's right flank open, and An advanced guard, commanded by forced him also to fall back to the poliPrince John of Lichtenstein, supported tion of Foreheim, from whence be had by a small corps under Gen. Staray, was marched in the morning; but the Prince to march from the camp of Mettingen of Furstenberg and Gen. La Tour mainalong the road that leads from Nordlin- tained their advantages.. Just as the gen to Nersheim, and endeavour, by ma- Archduke was making his dispositions næuvring to the enemy's left flank, to for strengthening and bringing forward dislodge them from the heights of Umen- his right again, he received a report heim. The rest of the main army was to from General Wartensleben, purporting assemble at Foreheim, Aufhausen, and that he was obliged to retire to Amberg; Amerdingen, from whence it was to and that a column of Gen. Jourdan's ar march in three columns; that of the my had already arrived at Nuremberg, right under Gen. Hotze; that of the for the purpose of co-operating immecenter under the Prince of Furstenberg; diately with Gen. Moreau. His Royal and the left under Gen. de la Tour, and Highness now judged, that, even if vicattack the enemy's center and right, torious on this part, he would probably whilft Gen. Reise, strengthened by part ftill be obliged to retreat to Donawert, of Gen. Frolich's corps, drove them from by the movements that the enemy were the neighbourhood of Laningen, and making on his right, and, thould he be marched towards Giengen and Hayden- so unfortunate as to experience a defeat, heim, in order to come into the rear of the consequences, from the same reason, Gen. Mureau's position. This latter might be moft disastrous. He therefore movement was to be covered on its right fufpended his attack, and contented him by a small intermediate corps under self with remaining master of the princi


pal part of the field of battle; a deci. The rear guards were of course with-
lion, however, taken with the utmost drawn from the above-mentioned posts,
reluctance, because Gen. Reife had suc- and Donawert evacuated in the course
ceeded to the extent of his most fanguine of the day.
hopes, and had advanced, about four When his Royal Highness commenced
o'clock in the afternoon, nearly to Hay- this manæuvre, General Wartensleben

was in the position near Amberg. To The Auftrians loft on this occasion turn the left of this position, General from 1200 to 1500 men. The French Jourdan had detached a considerable loss in killed and wounded is estimated column on the great road leading from at above 2000 ; besides, more than 120n Nuremberg, through Neumark, to Raprisoners are already brought in, four tilbon; and, in order to oppose this copieces of cannon, and several ammuni- lumn, Major-General Nauendorf was adtion waggons:

vancing from the latter place with a This morning the whole army of his corps of four of the battalions newly arRoyal Highness has taken exactly the rived from Austria and some light troops. fame position that it had on the roth. I On the 17th the troops which the have the honour to be, &c.

Archduke had brought from the army C. CRAUFURD. of the Upper Rhine, repassed the Danube MY LORD, Dunawert, Aug 14. in two columns, at Neuburg and Ingol. I have the honour to inform your ftadt, and encamped near those places, Lordship, that the Archduke marched the latter of which being capable of de. with his main army to this place on the fence, and important from its situation 13th, where he was joined by Generals on the river, a garrison was thrown into Hotze and Reise. The enemy did not it. The column that paffed at Neuattempt to interrupt this movement, burg was commanded by Lieut.-General though it was made in the day, nor have Hotze. On the 18th the troops halted. they advanced since, which is a convin. The intention was to proceed from. cing proof that the affair of the vith hence with the right column from Inchecked very materially their intended golftadt towards Beilugriess, and Lieut.. plan of operations.

General Hotze's considerably further to
The pass of Bregentz continues to be the left; but, in the night from the 18th
defended by Gen. Wolf, and that of to the 19th, intelligence was received
Freuffen will be covered by Gen. La that General Wartensleben had been o.
Tour's left. I have the honour to be, &c, bliged to quit the position of Amberg

C. CRAUFURD. and return behind the Nab.
Downing-Street, Sept. 20.

The above mentioned projected move-
Dispatches have been received from Ro- ment of the Archduke's corps now be-

bert Craufurd, Esq; by the Right Hon. came very dangerous; as its communiLord Grenville.

cation with General Wartenfieben would My Lord, Laufen, Aug. 27. have been in the greatest degree precariI have 'the honour to inform your ous, and its retreat, in case of defeai, Lordship, that the main body of the (being cut off, as it might have been Austrian army of the Upper Rhine paf- from the road to Ratisbon), extremely fed the Danube at Donawert on the 13th difficult : His Royal Highness therefore inftant, and halted near that place ou directed his march more to the right, the 14th ; the rear guards ftill occupying and arrived on the 20th instant with his the road leading from Norlingen and right column at Hemman. From this Hockstadt to Donawert, the former at time Major-General Nauendorf's corps, the defile of Haarbarg, the latter at a vil- which advanced the same day to the lage about a league eaftward of Blenheim. heights of Talwarg, formed his Royal

On the 15th, his Royal Highness, lea. Highness's advanced guard, Lieutenant ving General La Tour with a consider- General Hotze's corps marched towards able part of the army of the Upper Rhine Beilugriefs. to defend the Lech, marched with the By this march, the Archduke fecured remainder down the right of the Danube, the road to Ratisbon, and the right flank with an intention of re-crossing it, in or., of Jourdan's army was equally threatender to operate against General Jourdan's ed, he having adv:nced to the Nab. right flank, whilft General Wartensleben A heavy cannonade, heard in the dithould advance and attack his front. rection of Schwartzfeld on the 20th in


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ftant, and other reasons, made it necef- encamped in the evening in the neighfary to proceed but slowly until more bourhood of Amberg, Herschpruck, Laufcertain intelligence of General Warten- fen, &c. General Jourdan is continufleben's situation could be obtained, and ing his retreat towards Forcheim. a combined plan of attack finally arran- Whilst these operations were carrying ged. The above-mentioned cannonade on, General Moreau crossed the Danube afterwards proved to have been an af- at Donawert, and acted with his whole fair of no importance.

army against General La Tour, who has On the 2zd, the enemy's corps, which been obliged to quit the position of the had advanced fronı Neumark, and taken Lech, and on the 24th took another be. poft behind a deep ravine, through which hind the Ifer.-General La Tour's lofs the great road paffes near the village has been very inconsiderable, although of Teining, was attacked by the advan- the great fuperiority of the enemy oblig. ced guard under General Nauendorf, ed him to retreat. and obliged to quit its position and re- Thus, my Lord, have I endeavoured treat towards Neumark.

to give your Lordship an accurate acOn the 23d, the Archduke and Lieut. count of the late events and movements, General Hotze's corps, having reunited, and it is with the deepest concern I muft advanced in several columns, and drove conclude it by informing your Lordship, the enemy from their position behind that my brother, Lieut.-Colonel Craufurd, Neumark. General Hotze pursued them was unfortunately wounded and taken to within a league of Altdorf, and at the on the 25th instant. same time pushed forward a considerable The Archduke has been pleased to column of cavalry, and some light in write to General Jourdan, reclaiming fantry, under Major-General Prince John him; and I have no doubt of their giving of Lichtenftein, on the great road to- him up, as it.would be contrary to eve. wards Nuremberg.

ry rule to detain à perfon as prisoner of The right column of the Archduke's war, who was not, at the time of his be. corps encamped hear Neumark. ing taken, employed in a military capa

Ön the 24th, the long-intended com- city. bined operation took place against Ge- It is impoflible for me to express to neral Jourdan's army.-This operation your Lordfhip how much the Archduke, was performed in seven columns - That and, I may fay, all the principal officers of the right of General Wartenseben's of the army, have shewn theinfelves in. army advanced towards Weger; ano- terested about Colonel Craufurd ; nor ther large column proceeded from can I conclude without assuring your Schwartzfeld; having a third of smaller Lordship, that his being taken was not force to its left; and a fourth advanced owing to any imprudence; though infrom Swandorf towards Amberg ; in the deed his conduct, ever fince he has had neighbourhood of which place the three the honour of being attached to the Adlatter columns were to unite, and that of strian army, has been marked by that the left to form a junction with the conspicuous zeal, activity, and courage, Archduke's right; which proceeded from which he cannot help displaying, even Neumark by Castell, to Amberg, having when only a spectator of military operatwo strong corps to the left; of which tions. I have the honour, &c. the one under Lieut.-General Staray ad.

ROBERT CRAUFURD. vaneed to Herfchpruck, and the other MY LORD, Bamberg, Aug. 31. under Lieut.-General Hotze to Lauffen.. I have the honour to inform your This excellent disposition would cer- Lordship, that after the affair of the 24th tainly have been followed by a very de. inst. General Jourdan continued his recisive battle, had not the enemy, alarm. treat in several columns through Velden, ed at the menacing movements of the Pegnitz, &c. in the general direction of Archduke's corps, retreated fo precipi. Ebermanftade and Forcheim; he has tately as to make it impossible. Their been clofely pursued by the Archduke's loss muft, however, have been confider- army, under which denomination I comable; and two battalions of their rear prise that lately commanded by General guard, which defended as long as pof- Wartensleben, as well as those troops Gble the defile or Anberg, were com- which his Royal Highness brought with pletely annihilated by some squadrons him from the Danube of Austrian cavalry. The different corps On the 25th inft. the advanced guard,


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