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pal part of the field of battle; a deci. The rear guards were of course with-
lion, however, taken with the utmost drawn from the above-mentioned poits,
reluctance, becaufe Gen. Reise had suc- and Donawert evacuated in the course
ceeded to the extent of his most fanguine of the day.
hopes, and had advanced, about four When his Royal Highness commenced
o'clock in the afternoon, nearly to Hay- this manæuvre, General Wartensleben

was in the position near Amberg. To The Auftrians loft on this occasion turn the left of this position, General from 1200 to 1500 men. · The French Jourdan had detached a considerable loss in killed and wounded is estimated column on the great road leading from at above 2000 ; besides, more than 1200 Nuremberg, through Neumark, to Ra. prisoners are already brought in, four tibon; and, in order to oppose this copieces of cannon, and several ammuni- lumn, Major-General Nauendorf was adtion waggons.

vancing from the latter place with a This morning the whole army of his corps of four of the battalions newly arRoyal Highness has taken exactly the rived from Austria and some light troops. same position that it had on the roth. I On the 17th the troops which the have the honour to be, &c.

Archduke had brought from the army C. CRAUFURD. of the Upper Rhine, repassed the Danubes MY LORD, Dunawert, Aug 14. in two columns, at Neuburg and IngolI have the honour to inform your ftadt, and encamped near those places, Lordship, that the Archduke marched the latter of which being capable of de. with his main army to this place on the fence, and important from its situation j3th, where he was joined by Generals on the river, a garrison was thrown into Hotze and Reise. The enemy did not it. The column that paffed at Neuattempt to interrupt this movement, burg was commanded by Lieut.General though it was made in the day, nor have Hotze. On the 18th the troops halted. they advanced since, which is a convin The intention was to proceed from. cing proof that the affair of the rith hence with the right column from Inchecked very materially their intended golstadt towards Beilugriess, and Lieut. plan of operations.

General Hotze's considerably further to
The pass of Bregentz continues to be the left; but, in the night from the 18th
defended by Gen. Wolf, and that of to the 19th, intelligence was received
Freufsen will be covered by Gen. La that General Wartensleben had been o.
Tour's left. I have the honour to be, &c, bliged to quit the position of Amberg

C. CRAUFURD. and return behind the Nab.
Downing-Street, Sept. 20.

The above mentioned projected move-
Dispatches have been received from Ro- ment of the Archduke's corps now be-

bert Craufurd, Esq; by the Right Hon. came very dangerous; as its communiLord Grenville.

cation with General Wartenfieben would MY LORD, Lauffen, Aug. 27. have been in the greatest degree precariI have the honour to inform your ous, and its retreat, in case of defeat, Lordship, that the main body of the (being cut off, as it might have been Austrian army of the Upper Rhine paf- from the road to Ratisbon), extremely fed the Danube at Donawert on the 13th difficult : His Royal Highness therefore inftant, and halted near that place on directed his march more to the right, the 14th; the rear guards ftill occupying and arrived on the moth instant with his the road leading from Norlingen and right column at Hemman. From this Hockstadt to Donawert, the former at time Major-General Nauendorf's corps, the defile of Haarbarg, the latter at a vil- which advanced the same day to the lage about a league eastward of Blenheim. heights of Talwarg, formed his Royal

On the 15th, his Royal Highness, lea. Highness's advanced guard, Lieutenant ving General La Tour with a consider. General Hotze's corps marched towards able part of the army of the Upper Rhine Beilugriefs. to defend the Lech, marched with the By this march, the Archduke fecured remainder down the right of the Danube, the road to Ratisbon, and the right flank with an intention of re-crossing it, in or. of Jourdan's army was equally threatender to operate againit General Jourdan's ed, he having advinced to the Nab. right flank, whilst General Wartensleben A heavy cannonade, heard in the dishould advance and attack his front. rection of Schwartzfeld on the 20th in


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ftant, and other reasons, made it necef- encamped in the evening in the neighfary to proceed but slowly until more bourhoodof Amberg, Herschpruck, Laufcertain intelligence of General Warten- fen, &c. General Jourdan is continufleben's situation could be obtained, and ing his retreat towards Förcheim. a combined plan of attack finally arran Whilst these operations were carrying ged. The above-mentioned cannonade on, General Moreau crossed the Danube afterwards proved to have been an af- at Donawert, and acted with his whole fair of no importance.

army againft General La Tour, who has On the azd, the enemy's corps, which been obliged to quit the pofition of the had advanced fron Neumark, and taken Lech, and on the 24th took another be. poft behind a deep ravine, through which hind the Ifer.-General La Tour's lofs the great road paffes near the village has been very inconsiderable, although of Teining, was attacked by the advan- the great fuperiority of the enemy obligced guard under General Nauendorf, ed him to retreat. and obliged to quit its position and re Thus, my Lord, have I endeavoured treat towards Neumark.

to give your Lordship an accurate acOn the 23d, the Archduke and Lieut.. count of the late events and movements, General Hotze's corps, having reunited, and it is with the deepest concern mult advanced in several columns, and drove conclude it by informing your Lordship, the enemy from their pofition behind that my brother, Lieut.-Colonel Craufurd, Neumark. General Hotze pursued them was unfortunately wounded and taken to within a league of Altdorf, and at the on the 25th inftant. same time pushed forward a confiderable The Archduke has been pleased to column of cavalry, and some light in write to General Jourdan, reclaiming fantry, under Major-General Prince John him; and I have no doubt of their giving of Lichtenftein, on the great road to- him up, as it would be contrary to eve. wards Nuremberg.'

ry rule to detain à perfon as prisoner of The right column of the Archduke's war, who was not, at the time of his becorps encamped hear Neumark. ing taken, employed in a military capa

On the 24th, the long-intended com- city. bined operation took place against Ge It is impoflible for me to express to neral Jourdan's army.--This operation your Lord hip how much thé Archduke, was performed in seven columns – That and, I may fay, all the principal officers of the right of General WartenNeben's of the army, have shewn theinfelves in. army advanced towards Weger; ano. terested about Colonel Craufurd; nor ther large column proceeded from can I conclude without assuring your Schwartzfeld; having a third of smaller Lordship, that his being taken was not force to its left; and a fourth advanced owing to any imprudence; though infrom Swandorf towards Amberg ; in the deed his conduct, ever since he has had neighbourhood of which place the three the honour of being attached to the Adlatter columns were to unite, and that of Atrian army, has been marked by that the left to form a junction with the conspicuous zeal, activity, and courage, Archduke's right; which proceeded from which he cannot help displaying, even Neumark by Castell, to Amberg, having when only a spectator of military operatwo strong corps to the left; of which tions. I have the honour, &c. the one under Lieut.-General Staray ad.

ROBERT CRAUFURD. vanced to Herschpruck, and the other MY LORD, Bamberg, Aug. 31. under Lieut.-General Hotże to Lauffen. I have the honour to inform your This excellent disposition would cer- Lordship, that after the affair of the 24th tainly have been followed by a very de. inst. General Jourdan continued his recisivé battle, had not the enemy, alarm. treat in several columns through Velden, ed at the menacing movements of the Pegnitz, &c. in the general direction of Archduke's corps, retreated to precipi. Ebermanftadt and Forcheim; he has tately as to make it impossible.-Their been clofely pursued by the Archduke's lors muft, however, have been confider- army, under which denomination I comable; and two battalions of their rear prise that lately commanded by General guardi, which defended as long as pof- Wartensleben, as well as those troops Gble the defile ci An.verg, were com- which his Royal Ilighness brought with pletely annihilated by some squadrons him from the Danube. of Austrian cavalry. The different corps On the 25th inft. the advanced guard,


under Lieut. General Kray, marched by schaid. On the left of the Rednitz, Sultzbach to Hohenstadt, and a consi- Lieut.-General Hotze advanced to Burg derable column of the enemy's baggage Eberach, pushing forward his advanced was taken or destroyed in the defile guard under the Prince of Lichtenstein between that place and Velden. The to Eltman on the Maine. Lieut.-Gene. troops which had encamped the prece- ral Staray's corps, which had followed ding evening near Amberg, followed General Fotze's march, advanced to General Kray's march, and the Arch- Clofter Eberach. Very early on the duketook his head-quarters at Sultzbach. morning of the 30th, Jourdan's army

On the 26th Lieutenant-General Kray that is, the heavy artillery, &c. began to pursued the enemy in the direction to cross the Maine at Hallstat. wards Graæffenberg, and Lieutenant During the whole of the operations General Hotze, advanced from. Lautfen which I have had the honour of describe towards Erlangen on the Rednitz; the ing to your Lordship in this and my last former having his right covered by Ma- dispatch, his Royal Highness' great aim jor-General Elsnitz, in the neighbour- has been to bring General Jourdan to a hood of Velden, Neuhang, Blech, &c. decisive battle, but the bad roads and as had the latter his left, by Major-Ge- defiles the troops had to pass between neral the Prince of Lichtenftein, who the Danube and Amberg considerably had passed through Nuremberg. The rotarding their march, gave Jourdan Archduke's columns marched from the time to get off; and he has since fuccamp of Sultzbach to Herschpruck on ceeded in avoiding a general engagement, the Pegnitz.

wherein he has been greatly favo!ired On the 27th Lieutenant-General by the nature of the country, which is Hotze, having crossed the Rednitz, mo- extremely hilly, woody, and interested ved towards Hochstadt on the Aisch, so as to make it impracticable io enploy Prince Lichtenstein's corps forming his the cavalry: advanced guard, Lieut. General Kray's Nothwithstanding it is much to be recorps marched to Graæffenberg, Bet- gretted that it was not possible to bring zenstein, &c. and the army from Hersch- the enemy to a general battle, yet there pruck to Lauffen.

are strong reasons to hope that those On the 28th the Prince of Lichten- mafterly manæuvres, by which the ftein's light troops approached on the Archduke has forced them to so sudden left bank of the Rednitz, very near to a retreat, and has already driven them Bamberg. Lieut.-General Kray march- considerably out of the direction which ed to Neukirch, and the Archduke to Jourdan undoubtedly must have wished Heroldsberg.

to take, may ultimately have as happy On the 29th, upon the approach of an effect upon the general issue of the the advanced guard, the enemy aban- campaign, as they, at all events, will be doned precipitately the strong fort of honourable to his Royal Highness. Forcheim, setting fire to the mill and I am not yet enabled to inform your bridges on the Wisent to cover their re- Lordihip of the number of prisoners treat. Their rear guard, consisting of made by the different columns: A con. ncarly a divifion, took post in the night considerable number were taken on the with its left to the heights of Egglesheim, 23d in the affair near Neumark; and in and its right to the Rednitz, on the the affair of Amberg there were between road from Forcheim towards Bamberg. nine hundred and a thousand. Of what The army encamped betwcen Baiersdorf has been taken since I shall have the hoand Forcheim.

nour to acquaint your Lordship in my Early on the morning of the 30th, next. Lieut.-General Kray moved forward to A corps under Major-General Nauenattack the enemy in their position near dorf was detached on the 25th inst. to Egglerheim, but they abandoned it so reinforce General Tour, who is behind quickly that no serious affair could be the Ifer. engaged, nor could the column, which On the 27th Colonel Craufurd was had been sent through the mountains to left behind by the French, with a fafeturn their left, arrive in time to fall upon guard, at Betzenstein, they having found their retreat, so that their loss was not it imposible to transport him any furconsiderable. Lieut.-General Kray pur-. ther without endangering his life; they fued them towards , Bamberg, and the exacted his parole not to serve again Archduke took his head quarters at Hiro the Republic will exchanged, which will,


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I believe, take place immediately. He by Lieutenant General Melas, between has been most severely wounded in the the lake and the Adige, was to force all head by a musket ball; but I have the the enemy's strong posts on Monte Balhappiness to inform your Lordship, that do ; the third was ordered to march, the Archduke's owie surgeon, whom his under the command of Lieutenant-Gen. Royal Highnefs (whose goodness on this Davidowich, by the great road from occasion has been great indeed) was plea- Alla, and, being separated only by the sed to send to him, as well as the other Adige from a part of the third division, surgeons who attend him, give me the was to support it, and join it as soon a greatest reason to hope for his recovery. bridge could be -placed between Dolci

In case of my absence from the army and Rivoli; the fourth column, under for a few days, Capt, Anstruther of the the commaud of Lieut. Gen. Mezaros, guards, who came lately from Berlin, will was designed to turn the enemy's right have the honour of informing your Lord flank, by marching from Baffano on fhip of every thing that happens.

ROBERT CRAUFURD. Early on the 29th the enemy was at-

tacked on their whole line of posts, and

were every where driven in. Lieut. Gen. Downing Street, July 30. Quafdanowich took 1000 prisoners at A dispatch, of which the following is Salo and marched on to Brescia. General

an extract, was received by Lord Melas attacked the post of Ferrara on Grenville, from Lieut. Col. Graham, the summit of Monte Baldo, covered by dated Roveredo, July 4.

an immense ravine ; his troops crossed On the 30th ult. I had the honour of it with the greatest intrepidity, and informing your Lordship, that the enemy drove the enemy from intrenchments, made an unsuccessful attack on Monte batteries, and redoubts: A part of his Baldo on the 28th ; since that, all has re- division attacked, with equal courage mained quiet. Marshal Wurmser ar- and success, the narrow pass of Brentino, rived here this morning.

between the mountain and the Adige, Downing-Street, Aug. 27. The artillery of the third divifion supDispatches of which the following are ported this attack from the left bank of

copies, have been received from Col. the river; and the same corps, which Graham, by the Rt Hon. Lord Gren- acted under the command of Lieutenant ville :

General Sepotendorff, pushed on along
Head-quarters of Field-Marshal the right bank, and forced the impor.

Wurmfer's Army, Valeggio, tant poft of Rivoli, where the enemy's
August 1.

batteries commanded the passage of the My LORD, I have the honour to in. river. In these attacks nine pieces of form your Lordships, that the fiege of cannon and 1500 men were taken. The Mantua is raised, the French

having re- other divifions advanced with little refiitreated last night with the utmost preci- tance. On the 20th the two center dipitation.

vifions being united, continued their I can now send only a very hafty ac- march in different columns on to Castle count of the operations of the Imperial Nuovo, and Peschiera ; at the defiles of army, which have been attended with Campora and Cavaggione the enemy such signal success. The great exertions were again driven, with loss, from strong the enemy were making against Mantua pofitions, and in the night they retreated determined his Excellency Field-Mar- by Peschiera. Thal Count Wurmser, to make dispofi Major-Gen, Spiegel entered Verona, tions for attacking the enemy, without which the enemy abandoned. On the waiting for the arrival of further rein. 3ift Major-General Pittoni occupied forcements. Accordingly, on the 28th Villa Franca, and the head-quarters were ult. the different corps were assembled fixed here without oppofition ; a corps at their respective destinations, the asmy of observation being left near Befehieri forming four divisions, which were to under the command of Major-Genera advance by different passes from the Bajolitz. These well-concerted and ra mountains of the Tyrol. The first co pid movements determined Gen. Buonasumn, on the right of the Lago de Garda, parte to an immediate retreat across the under the orders of Lieutenant General Po and the Mincio. I have the honour Quasdanowich, was to march on to Salo to be, &c.

THO. GRAHAM. >rd Brescia; the second, commanded


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Head-quarters, Goito, Aug. 2. whole Austrian force engaged consisted My Lord, Since I had the honour of of about 13,000 infantry and 1500 cavalwriting to your Lordship yesterday, the ry. All is quiet hitherto to-day, both Field-Marshal has received accounts from armies remaining opposite to one another General Canto D'Irlas, Commandant of in the same position as yesterday. Mantua, which state, that the enemy,

I have the honour to be, &c. , having masked their retreat, by conti

T'HO. GRAHAM. nuing to fire as usual on the place du Head-Quarters, Valeggio, Aug. 5. ring the night, he could only send his MY LORD, The French army having cavalry in pursuit of them yesterday yesterday received very considerable remorning, and that they had already inforcements from the Milanois, and a brought in about 600 prisoners, among ftrong column from Bozolo and Marcathem a great number of artillery men; ria having advanced this morning by St that he was in pofleffion of all their mor- Martino towards Medoli, threatening tars and cannon, amounting to about the rear of the left wing of the Imperial 140, with 190,000 shells and balls, and army, which extended into the plain, great' quantities of other stores of all the field-Marshal ordered that its front kinds. The head-quarters were remo- should be changed, by being thrown ved here to-day, and the army will con- back towards the high ground on which tinue the pursuit of the enemy; but the the right wing was posted. During this exceffive fatigue the troops have under-, movement the enemy attacked in great gone; the difficulty of supplying them force on the high ground; and some of at first where no magazines could be the battalions of the right wing having previously formed; and the excessive given way, fell in with those of the left heat of the weather, retard the progress wing not yet posted. This unfortunately of the army. No further report is yet created confusion, and obliged the field. received from Lieutenant-General Quaf- Marshal to retreat to this place. Lieut. danowich. I have the honour to be, &c. Gen. Mezaros, who was on his way

Tho. GRAHAM. from Borgo-forte to join the army, arP.S. No reports having been as yet rived to-day at Goito. There are no received from the different divisions, I accounts yet of Lieut. Gen. Quafdanocannot mention the loss of the Imperial wich, so that it is probable he iš Atill aarmy; but I am happy to be able to mong the mountains; and the enemy itate, from general information, that it being collected in fuch force near the is inconfiderable, in comparison of what fouth end of the Lago de Garda, it will might have been expected from the dif- be very dificult for him now to form a ficulties that were surmounted.

junction that way. I have the honour Head-quarters, Guidizolo, Aug. 4. to be, &c.

THO. GRAHAM. MY LORD, Field-Marshal Wurmser, with a view of afsifting the operations of Admiralty-Ofice, Aug. 23. Lieut. Gen. Quafdanowich, having sent Copy of a letter from Sir John Jervis, Gen. Liptaye with an advanced guard, K. B. Commander in Chief of his Maon the 2.d, to Castiglione delle Steviere, jesty's ships and vessels in the Medimarched a body of troops early yester terranean, to Evan Nepean, Esq; datday morning from Goito to support him. ed on board his Majesty's ship Victory,

General Liptaye had been forced to off Toulon, July 1. 1796. retire from Cattiglione, and was nearly SIR, The Inconftant joined this mornfurrounded on the heights between it ing from Leghorn; and I inclofe, for and Solforino. The cavalry disengaged the information of the Lords Commifhim, and the regiments forming as they fioners of the Admiralty, Capt. Freecame up, the affair became general, the mantle's report of the proceedings of Imperial troops maintaining theirground, the enemy in Tuscany, their taking

pornotwithstanding the great fuperiority of feflion of Leghorn, and the retreat of the numbers of the enemy, till night put an Britilh factory, with most of their proend to the combat. Too much praife perty, which they owe to the unparalcannot be given to those regiments which leled exertions of Capt. Freemantle, and were first engaged, and which sustained the officers and crew of the Inconftant; alone the attack of the three divisions of Commodore Nelson, owing to calms and the French army, nor to the cavalry, light winds, not having reached Legs which repeatedly repulsed the French hora Road until the enemy was in pot, cavalry, consisting of 3000 horfe. Thę feffion. I am, &c. J. JERVIS.

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