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Inconstant, at Sea, June 30. have been received on board fome of the Sir, I had the honour of acquainting fhips. you, in my letter of the evening of the Commodore Nelson, in the Captain, 23d inst. accompanied with dispatches remained at anchor off the Malora, and by the Blanche, of the supposed forcible will doubtless stop any English ihips who entry of the French troops into Tusca- may not be informed of the French beny, and their intended invasion of Leg- ing in poffeffion of Leghorn. horn.

I feel myfelf particularly obliged to On the 24th I attended a meeting of Lieutenant Grey, employed in the tranthe conful and factory, where the infor- sport service, for his great exertions in mation that had been received was com- getting the stores, &c. off, and great municated; and having allured them credit is due to Mr Heatly, agent victhat I would remain at anchor in the tualler, who was indefatigable in saving road for their protection until the ene. the provisions, wine, &c. my obliged me to weigh, the merchants I have cause to be fatisfied with the prepared to embark their goods on board unanimity and united efforts of every the merchant-thips and transports, which English subject on this occasion, where were ordered immediately out of the fo little notice could be given ; and conMole, and I requested Captain Craven fidering that no certain accounts were would use every dispatch in getting the ever received, that the French were ablarge ships lower masts, spars, &c. launch- folutely in Tufcany till the 25th, I hope, ed and fecured on board the transports. Sir, you will believe, that nothing has

On the 25th, many of the merchant been wanting to accelerate the einbarkvessels, and the Elizabeth transport, ation, or to accommodate and protect which was fheathing in the Inner Mole, both the persons and property of his were got out, and the maits lashed a- Majesty's subjects, and the unfortunate longside the latter.

Emigres, all of which I left fafe off Cape On the 26th, the Gorgon arrived a- Corse yesterday at noon ; Lord Garlies bout noon, and the remaining large spars having promisedto see them in safety in. were launched and sent to that thip, to San Fiorenzo, with the Lively, Mewhen having got certain information of leager, Gorgon, Comet, and Vanneau, the intention of the enemy, who Nept I have the honour to be, &c. at Pantedera, only eighteen miles from

Tho. F. FRFEMANTLE, Ltghorn, I ordered the whole of the con Admiralty Office, July 30. voy, amounting to twenty-three fail of Extract of a letter from Capt. James square-rigged vessels, and fourteen tar Athol Wood, Commander of his Matans, to be got under weigh at daylight jesty's floop Favourite, to Evan Neon the 27th; a little after noon on that pean, Esq; dated Fort Royal Bay, day the French entered the town of Leg Martinique, June 2. horn, and began firing at the Inconftant Favourite, St George's Bay, Grena. about one, when I got under weigh with. SIR,

da, Feb. 17. 1796. the only vefiel remaining, which was a Since I did myself the honour of wriprize to L'Aigle, a brig laden with ship ting you on the sth in tant, his Majesty's timber. Two small privateers endea- floop under my command has captured voured to cut her off, which obliged us two French privateers, and run one on to tack to support her, and occafioned fhore within the Bocas on the Island of Some few flot being exchanged, which, Trinidada ; at the iame time, the Alarm however, did no damage.

and Zebra captured a privateer to leee Comviodore Nelson, with the Captain ward of us, and retook two schooners. and Meleager, who had received notice The name of the largest privateer capof the enemy's design, anchored here on tured by the Favourite is the General 27th at ten o'clock, and the Commo- Rigaud, of 8 guns and 45 men, mostly dore added the Meleager to the convoy, Italians and Spaniards, a moft desperate which was of much importance, as the set, without any commission; the small cujemy's small privateers were numerous one was lately the Hind packet, taken and enterprizing.

off St Vincent's. The men jumped oAll the flipping, vjearly the whole of verboard, and got afhore before we could the English property, and all his Ma- take possession of the Hind. The name jesty's naval stores and provifions, have of the privateer run ashore is the Banan. been faved ; and every English person

I have the honour to be, &c. and Emigre desirous of leaving Tuscany,



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[By another letter of 12th March, from Captain Evans (of which I inclose Captain Wood mentions his having fallen you a copy, No 1.) giving an account in with three of the enemy's cruizers to of the capture of the French privateer windward of this island ; two schooners, Vulcan, by his Majesty's floop Spencer; one of 10 and the other of 12, and a and on the 7th of the same month the Thip of 14 guns. Light and baffling Esperance arrived, and brought me a winds prevented their getting along-lide letter from Captain Rodd (of which I of the ship until eleven at night, when also inclose a copy, No 2.) containing the surrendered without resistance. This an account of the capture of anotber fhip was the Sufanna of Liverpool, that French privateer, named the Poillon had been taken only a few days before, Volante, formerly the Flying Fith, in and was fitted and manned by the ene- his Majesty's service. my to cruize against the trade of his Ma (Follows the letters from Captains jesty's subjects. The two schooners e- Evans and Rodd.] scaped under the favour of the night.]

Admiralty-Office, Aug. 20. Admiralty-Office, Aug. 6. A letter of which the following is a Admiral Kingsmill in a letter, dated copy, has been transmitted by Admi. Cork Harbour, July 31, informs, that ral Sir John Jervis, K. B. Commander his Majesty's fhips Cerberus and Sea in Chief of his Majesty's ships and horse, had, during a cruize, captured a vessels in the Mediterranean, dated on French privateer cutter, called the Cal. Board his Majesty's ship Victory, off vados, mounting 6 guns, 10 swivels, Toulon, July 18. and 38 men, which had been out ten

Captain, Porto Ferrajo, days from Brest, but had not made any Sir,

July 10. 1796. prize, and they sent her to Plymouth. I have the pleasure to inform you, Admiralty-Office Aug. 6.

that the troops under the command of Extract of a letter from Admiral Sir Mayor Duncan, took poffefsion of the

Peter Parker, Bart. Commander in forts and town of Porto Ferrajo this day
Chief of his Majesty's ships and vessels at ten o'clock.
at Portsmouth and Spithead, to Mr On my joining the convoy from Bastia
Nepean, dated Royal William, at yesterday forenoon, Major Duncan ha-
Spithead, Aug. 6.

ving done me the favour to come on
The Telemachus cutter returned this oard, we concerted
morning from a cruize, with the Mar. methods for executing the Viceroy's
guarita French privateer of 4 guns and instructions to the Major.
40 men, which the captured yefterday The troops were landed last night, a-
afternoon off the Owers: The faid pri- bout one mile to the westward of the
vateer had, early the same morning, ta- town, under the direction of Captain
ken the floop John, William Ayles maf. Stuart of the Peterell, and the Major
ter, from Sunderland, bound to Wey, immediately marched close to the gate
mouth, which the Telamachus retook on the west side; and at five o'clock this
and sent into this port. Inclosed is morning sent in to the Governor the
Lieut. Crispo's letter, giving an account Viceroy's letter, containing the terms
of the capture and re-capture above-men- which would be granted to the town,

and gave him two hours for his ara (Follows Capt. Crispo's letter, in which swer. At half past five I came on fhore, nothing very material occurs, only he when we received a message from the adds, « She had been three days from Governor, deliring one hour more to Cherbourg, and had only taken this consult with the principal inhabitants. Noop; but I have the fatisfaction to add, We took this opportunity to assure the that by taking her, five other vefsels ef- Tuscan inhabitants, that they should caped being captured.”]

receive no injury whatever in their perAdmiralty-Office, Aug. 20. fons or property.. Extract of a letter from Vice-Admiral Having ordered the ships into the har,

Murray, Commander in Chief of his bour, to their several stations before apMajesty's fhips and vessels at Halifax, pointed, the Major and myself determi. dated on board the Resolution, July ned, Thould the terms offered be reject15

ed, instantly to open the fire of the ships, Sir, The Thetis arrived here on the and to storm the place on every point Ist of last month, and brought me a letter from the land and sča.


he most proper

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The harmony and good understand. ty-five men, which she took yesterday ing between the army and the navy, em- morning off St Catherine's Point. The ployed on this occasion, will, I trust, be Fly floop has also fent into this port La a farther proof of what may be effected Furet, French lugger privateer, of five by the hearty co-operation of the two swivels and twenty-seven men, which she services.

took yesterday feven leagues from PortI cannot conclude without expressing land. my fulleit approbation of the zeal and Admiralty Office, Aug. 25good conduct of every Captain, officer, Extract of a letter from Capt. John Igand man in the squadron; and also that nateaff, commanding her Imperial Maduring that time I was necessarily em jesty's Noop Dispatch, dated Yarployed on thore, that my first Lieutenant, mouth Roads, Aug. 226 1796. Edward Berry, commanded the ship, Sir, I have the honour to acquaint and placed her opposite the grand bass you, for their Lordships information, tion, within half pistol. Thot, and in such that, cruizing with her Imperial Maa manner as could not have failed, had jesty's loop, under my command, off we opened our fire, to have had the the Texel, with the feet, on the 20th greatest effect. I have the honour to inftant, 1 gave chace to a strange fail, be, &c.

Hor. Nelson. and, in the course of five hours, by the Sir 7. Jervis, K. B.

help of towing and rowing, I came up Admiralty-Office, Aug. 20. with her, when, after firing a few thot, Copy of a letter from Admiral Peyton, I had the pleasure to fee her strike her

Commander in Chief of his Majesty's colours. She proves to be a schooner fhips and vessels in the Downs, dated privateer, mounted with six guns and Auguft 19.

four swivels, and having on board thirtySIR, I have received a letter from the five men. I learned from her captain, master of his Majesty's hired armed cuts that she had captured four English verter Lion, dated the 17th, which acquaints fels, and was then on her passage from me, that on the 16th the Lion, together Norway to the Texel, for which place with the Swallow revenue cutter, chaced the had two pilots on board. She was a lugger and a sioop, recaptured the built three years ago, is coppered, and, floop, and took the lugger; found her in my opinion, fit for his Majesty's ferto be a French privateeer, with swivels vice. and small arms, and 17 men, three days. Admiralty-Office, Aug. 30. from St Valory's, and had not taken any: Extract of a letter from Sir Peter Parthing but the above sloop. I am, &c. ker, Bart. dated on board the Royal

Jos. PEYTON. William at Spithead, Aug. 28. Admiralty-Office, Aug. 20. The Telemachus cutter brought in By a letter from Sir John Borlase yesterday a small French privateer of 4 Warren, commanding a squadron of his swivels and 22 men, and also a smug. Majesty's frigates, dated the 7th instant, gling veffel; both which were taken the information is received, that he had fame day at the back of the 10e of chaced into Dovarnenez Bay, near Brest, Wight. a French convoy, under the protection This morning Captain Amos, of the of a frigate of 30 guns, and a brig of Swallow cutter in the service of his Ma18, which were driven on thore, and jefty's revenue, brought into this port the latter bilged ; as were also a trans- a French privateer, called Petit Diable, port of 600 tons, and a schooner of 80 of the burden of fix tons, belonging to tons; and that 'five brigs of 120 tons Calais, which he captured last night off each, two chasse marees of 90, and a Fárleigh. The crew confifted of the dogger of 100 tons, were abandoned by firit and second captain and 12 men. their crews and burnt,

[The Gazette of Sept. 6. contains a Admiralty Office, Aug. 25, letter from Captain Drury of his Ma. Extract of a letter from Admiral Sir Pe- jesty's lip Alfred, stating, that on his

ter Parker, Bart. dated on board the way to Jamaica, he had captured the Royal William, at Spithead, Aug. 23. French national frigate La Renomee,

Please to acquaint their Lordships, of 44 guns, and 320 men, without any that his Majesty's cutter Speedwell

' ar- loss. She is a very fine frigate, only two rived at Spithcad this morning with La' years old. Breve, French cutter privateer, carrying

(End of the Gazettes.) une fix pounder, two swivels, and tweļi



LONDON. The proceedings of the Directory,

The affairs of Europe were never perhave long been carried on with so much haps more critical and interesting than secrecy, that we have not attempted for at present. France, on one fide, having some time, to say any thing regarding the made peace with Spain, and entered inaffairs of the Cabinet at Paris. In the to a treaty both offensive and defensive course of the month, however, there have with that power, will naturally look on been considerable commotions in that the successful operations of Buonaparte city. On the night of the 10th, a serious in Italy, as presages of univerfal conquest insurrection took place. The Jacobini- in that quarter; and of succets to their çal insurgents, to the number of between schemes in the fouth and west of Europe: 1400

1500, attempted to take poflef. While, on the other side, the address, fion of the camp of Grenelle. A regular skill, and intrepid exertions of the Archbattle ensued, and several lives were loft. duke, seem to threaten the total defThe promptitude of the measures adopt- truction of the hitherto successful army ed to restore tranquility, foon produced of the Sambre and Meuse. Jourdán's the defired effect. A military coinmiflion army diiperted and driven behind the has been instituted for the purpose of try- Lahı, gives the Archduke an opportunity ing such of the infurgents as were appre

of sending a strong reinforcement to aid hended, and the legislative bodies have General la Tour in his operations againit resolved, that domiciliary visits shall be Moreau, who seems to be between the daily made in certain departments.

two armies. Wherever the French have. Sept. 22. It was yesterday about one been, both in Italy and Germany, they o'clock after mid-day, that the confpira- seem to have exalperated the peasantry tors of Grenelle were shot at the head of by their rapacity and cruelty. Whenthe camp. It was the first time that any ever an opportunity offers, they rise up one had been shot in Paris since the re

in arms against them.-The squadron volution. The twelve convicts were con- sent out by the French, leems to raise ducted in two carriages, in the midit of suspicions of the fate of the Newfounda strong armed force, and a concourse of land fishery; but the reinforcement fent citizens, which was wisely prevented to that quarter by Sir Alan Gardner, it from vociferating and abusing men, who is hoped will be able to protect them, were about to pay for their crimes with and defeat the schemes of the enemy. their lives. They had, it is said, not only Much has of late been said regarding a an assured, but a gay air. They embrac- peace: The British cabinet seem to go ed each other as they descended from the every reasonable and prudent length to carriages. They were ordered to kneel;

obtain that much wished-for object. The only four obeyed. General Jacob, one result of Mr Hammond's mission to the of the conspirators, said to the foldiers, continent, and of the negotiations for a “ Fire; I do not fear death.” The lig- passport for an embally to Paris, will pronal being given, they all fell.except bably be foon laid before Parliament, Cailleux, who was but slightly wounded. which has just met, and which will imHe was proftrated by a second discharge. mediately, when the necessary forms are

gone through, proceed to the national WEST INDIES.

business. No movements of any consequence At home Britain is in a most respecthave taken place for some time. It ap- able state of defence, our troops at prepears that the ravages of the yellow fe- fent amount to no fewer than 152,000 ver have not quite cealed.

effective men; and from the augmentaA disagreement having taken place tions that are about to take place, will between the Spaniards and the French shortly be little less than 130,000 men. Commissioners, relative to the surrender Our navy is also in a formidable condiof St Domingo, a part of the Spanish tion, The amount of the naval estainhabitants fent a deputation to Gene- blishment at this time is greater than has ral Forbes, soliciting his protection. The been known. The laft return to the zist British General, in consequence, issued of August makes the number of ships in a proclamation, offering his protection, commission 467, of which 122 are of the and guaranteeing to them, under the line from 74 to 112 guns; eighteen of 50; banners of his Britannic Majesty, safety 180 frigates from 24 to 44 guns; and to their persons and property.

147 Hoops, brigs, and culiers.


Sept. 1. Thomas Macdonald, Esq; for- ing are, Captain Pellew, one lieutenant, merly of Edinburgh, W. S. counsellor at one purter, one midshipman, one mate, -law, has been appointed one of two com- one boatswain and mate, and 33 seamen millioners to go to America, on the part and marines faved: several of these bad. of his Majesty, pursuant to the late treaty ly wounded. The rest, shocking to rewith the United States. By that treaty late, configned to eternity! About 42 it was provided, that two commissioners bodies were picked up, and carried to should be appointed by his Majesty; two the bone-house of the royal hospital, and by the president of the United States; placed in coffins, among which are fix and a fifth by the unanimous voice of young women. How this accident hapthe other four, or, if not unanimous, by pened is yet unknown. Captain Pellew, lot, in the manner prescribed by the Captain Swatfield, of the Overyffel of 64 treaty : That these five, or any three guns, and a lieutenant of the Amphion, of them, should constitute a board, to were dining together; hearing fome fit first at Philadelphia, but with power busle, Captain Pellew and the lieuteto adjourn fron• place to place as they nant ran into the quarter-gallery, and the should see caute, and to determine fi- fhip instantly blew up, forward. Captain nally and without appeal, according to Pellew was blown on the hulk, and the equity and juftice, all claims by British lieutenant into the water. Both were fubjects against the inhabitants of the U- saved. Captain Pellew wounded in the nited States, as at the time of the peace. face, and the lieutenant in the leg. Poor

6. In the London Gazette of this Captain Swaffield, a Mr Spry, jun. upevening are two orders from the King holder, of Dock, and his ton, were all in council, dated Weymouth, Sept. 3. sunk with the wreck. A sergeant of the for licensing, till the 25th of December North Devon was also blown up, with next, the exportation of goods, in neutral several other persons visiting their friends, vefleis, to the United Provinces, Austria, it being the anniversary of his Majesty's and Italy; and the accepting, indorfing, coronation. The master, gunner, carand paying bills of exchange, &c. from penter, and mates, Lieutenant Campbell the said places, under certain restrictions of the marines, (nephew of Colonel therein fet forth.

Campbell) are amongst the unfortuate On Friday the 18th, a little before sufferers. 12 o'clock, a most alarming and dread Admiralty-office, Sept. 26. A list of ful fire broke out in a warehouse belong. men saved from the Amphion, transmiting to and adjoining the brewery of ted by Admiral Sir Richard King, comMellrs Harvey and Fairclough, in Cheap- mander in chief of his Majesty's tips fide, Liverpool, and could not be got and vessels at Plymouth, to Mr Nepean, under till the whole of the building, with Captain—Israel Pellew. its valuable contents, were consumed, Lieutenant- James Muir. viz. Mr Middleton's stock of cotton Armourer- James Harry. machinery, &c. 12,000 bushels of wheat, Seamen James Russel, James Stanley, 6coo ditto of barley and oats, with the Michael Kerley, John Lacey, Benjamin ftock of hops, malt, &c. belonging to Farewell, William Smith, William Can. the brewery concern, and amounting in tel, James Prior, Michael Conelly, John the whole to the value of 15,000l. Five Satchell, John Jones, Daniel Driscoll, perfons, who were working at one of Charles Harrison, John Paterson, Robert the engines, were cruihed to death, and Erewick, Peter Colleld, William Atkinten others bruised and wounded in fo fon, William Elliot, Ifaac Bateman, dreadful a manner, that four of them Matthew Powers, Ebenezer Thompson, are fince dead in the Infirmary.

Samuel Giles, Richard Rouley. 23. Yesterday at four o'clock, the Am All the above have received' contusions plion frigate of 32 guns, Captain Israel or are hurt in different degrees. Pullew, lathed along-fide the l'rincesa Master's mate-Henry Haywood, not hulk at Plymonth, blew up with a dread- hurt. ful explosion. The shock felt was like Marines-Benjamine Hollinworth, Roan earthquake. In a moment the fore bert Mansfield, John Kenton, William part of the ship was scattered in 10,000 Collar, Charles Moorhead, James Stanly, fbivers, and nothing but wreck to be seen. Thomas Cooper, Thomas Cranston, WilThere were near 300 men, women, and liam Wheelin, George Adams, John children on board when this thocking ac- Beaufoy, Michael-Freney; sident kappened. The returns this morn• Boatswain-Henry Montanden;


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