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The harmony and good understand ty-five men, which she took yesterday ing between the army and the navy, em- morning off St Catherine's Point. The ployed on this occasion, will, I trust, be Fly floop has also fent into this port La a farther proof of what may be effected Furet, French lugger privateer, of five by the hearty co-operation of the two swivels and twenty-feven men, which she services.

took yesterday seven leagues from PortI cannot conclude without expressing land. my fullest approbation of the zeal and Admiralty Office, Aug. 256 good conduct of every Captain, officer, Extract of a letter from Capt. John Igand man in the squadron; and also that nateaff, commanding her Imperial Maduring that time I was necessarily em- jesty's floop Dispatch, dated Yarployed on thort, that my first Lieutenant, mouth Roads, Aug. 226 1796. Edward Berry, commanded the ship, Sir, I have the honour to acquaint and placed her opposite the grand baf-you, for their Lordships information, tion, within half piftol-shot, and in such that, cruizing with her Imperial Maa manner as could not have failed, had jesty's floop, under my command, off we opened our fire, to have had the the Texel, with the feet, on the 20th greatest effect. I have the honour to inftant, 1 gave chace to a strange fail, be, &c.

Hor. NELSON. and, in the course of five hours, by the Sir 7. Jervis, K. B.

help of towing and rowing, I came up Admiralty Office, Aug. 20. with her, when, after firing a few thot, Copy of a letter from Admiral Peyton, I had the pleasure to fee her strike' her

Commander in Chief of his Majesty's colours. She proves to be a schooner fhips and vessels in the Downs, dated privateer, mounted with six guns and Auguft 19.

four swivels, and having on board thirtySIR, I have received a letter from the five men. I learned from her captain, matter of bis Majesty's hired armed cut- that she had captured four English vefter Lion, dated the 17th, which acquaints fels, and was then on her passage from me, that on the 16th the Lion, together Norway to the Texel, for which place with the Swallow revenue cutter, chaced she had two pilots on board. She was a lugger and a floop, recaptured the built three years ago, is coppered, and, floup, and took the lugger; found her in my opinion, fit for his Majesty's ferto be a French privateeer, with swivels vice. and small arms, and 17 men, three days Admiralty-Ofice, Ang. 30. from St Valory's, and had not taken any: Extract of a letter from Sir Peter Par. thing but the above floop. I am, &c. ker, Bart. dated on board the Royal

Jos. PEYTON. William at Spithead, Aug. 28...
Admiralty-Office, Aug. 20.

The Telemachus cotter brought in By a letter from Sir John Borlase yesterday a small French privateer of 4 Warren, commanding a squadron of his swivels and 22 men, and also a smug. Majesty's frigates, dated the 7th instant, gling vefiel; both which were taken the information is received, that he had fame day at the back of the Ife of chaced into Dovarnenez Bay, near Brest, Wight. a French convoy, under the protection This morning Captain Amos, of the of a frigate of 30 guns, and a brig of Swallow cutter in the service of his Ma18, which were driven on thore, and jefty's revenue, brought into this port. the latter bilged; as were also a trans- a French privateer, called Petit Diable, port of 600 tons, and a schooner of 80 of the burden of fix tons, belonging to tons; and that 'five brigs of 120 tons Calais, which he captured last night off cach, two chasse marees of 90, and a Farleigh. The crew confifted of the dogger of 100 tons, were abandoned by firit and second captain and 12 men. their crews and burnt.

(The Gazette of Sept. 6. contains a Admiralty Office, Aug. 25, letter from Captain Drury of his Ma. Extract of a letter from Admiral Sir Pe- jesty's lip Alfred, stating, that on his

ter Parker, Bart. dated on board the way to Jamaica, he had captured the Royal William, at Spithead, Ang. 23. French national frigate La Renomee,

Please to acquaint their Lordships, of 44 guns, and 320 men, without any that his Majesty's cutter Speedwell

' ar- lofs. She is a very fine frigate, only two rived at Spithead this morning with La' years old.] Breve, French cutter privateer, carrying

(End of the Gazettes.) une fix pounder, two swivels, and iweļi.


LONDON. The proceedings of the Directory,

The affairs of Europe were never perhave long been carried on with so much haps more critical and interesting than tecrecy, ihat we have not attempted for at present. France, on one fide, having some time, to say any thing regarding the made peace with Spain, and entered in affairs of the Cabinet at Paris. In the to a treaty both offensive and defensive course of the month, however, there have with that power, will naturally look on been considerable commouons in that the fuccessful operations of Buonaparte city. On the night of the 10th, a ferious in Italy, as prefages of univertal conquest insurrection took place. The Jacobini- in that quarter; and of succets to their çal infurgents, to the number of between schemes in the fouth and west of Europe: 1400 and 1500, attempted to take pofief. While, on the other side, the address, fion of the camp of Grenelle. A regular fkill, and intrepid exertions of the Archbattle ensued, and several lives were lost. duke, seem to threaten the total defThe promptitude of the measures adopt- truction of the hitherto successful army ed to restore tranquility, foon produced of the Sambre and Meuse. Jourdan's the delired effect. A military coinmiflion army diperted and driven behind the has been instituted for the purpose of try- Lahu, gives the Archduke an opportunity ing fuch of the infurgents as were appre

'of sending a 'ftrong reinforcement to aid hended, and the legislative bodies have General la Tour in his operations againit refolved, that domiciliary visits shall be Moreau, who seems to be between the daily made in certain departments.

two armies. Wherever the French have. Sept. 22. It was yesterday about one been, both in Italy and Germany, they o'clock after mid-day, that the confpira- seem to have exalperated the peasantry tors of Grenelle were shot at the head of by their rapacity and cruelty. Whenthe camp. It was the first time that any ever an opportunity offers, they rise up one had been shot in Paris since the re- in arms against them.-The squadron volution. The twelve convicts were con- fent out hy the French, seems to raise ducted in two carriages, in the midst of suspicions of the fate of the Newfounda strong armed force, and a concourse of land fishery ; but the reinforcement fent citizens, which was wisely prevented to that quarter by Sir Alan Gardner, it from vociferating and abuling men, who is hoped will be able to protect them, were about to pay for their crimes with and defeat the schemes of the enemy. their lives. They had, it is said, not only Much has of late been said regarding a an assured, but á gay air. They embrac- peace: The British cabinet feem to go ed each other as they defcended from the every reasonable and prudent length to carriages. They were ordered to kneel; obtain that much wished-for object. The only four obeyed. General Jacob, one

result of Mr Hammond's million to the of the conspirators, faid to the foldiers, continent, and of the negotiations for a “ Fire ; I do not fear death.” The lig- paffport for an embaily to Paris, will pronal being given, they all fell.except bably be foon laid before Parliament, Cailleux, who was but slightly wounded. which has just met, and which will imHe was proftrated by a second discharge. mediately, when the necessary forms are

gone through, proceed to the national WEST INDIES.

business. No movements of any consequence At home Britain is in a most respecthave taken place for some time. It ap- able state of defence, our troops at prepears that the ravages of the yellow fe- fent amount to no fewer than 152,000 ver have not quite cealed.

effective men; and from the augmentaA disagreement having taken place tioas that are about to take place, will between the Spaniards and the French shortly be little less than 130,000 men. Commissioners, relative to the surrender Our navy is alío in a formidable condiof St Domingo, a part of the Spanish tion. The amount of the naval estainhabitants fent a deputation to Gene. blishment at this time is greater than has ral Forbes, foliciting his protection. The been known. The last return to the 31st British General, in consequence, issued of August makes the number of fhips in a proclamation, offering his protection, commission 467, of which 122 are of the and guaranteeing to them, under the line from 74 to 112 guns; tighteen of 30; banners of his Britannic Majesty, safety 180 frigates from 24 to 44 guns; and to their persons and property.

147 Goops, brigs, and culiers.


Sept. 1. Thomas Macdonald, Efq; for- ing are, Captain Pellew, one lieutenant, merly of Edinburgh, W. S. counsellor at one purter, one midshipman, one mate, law, has been appointed one of two com- one boatswain and mate, and 33 seamen mifiioners to go to America, on the part and marines faved: several of these badof his Majesty, pursuant to the late treaty ly wounded. The rest, shocking to rewith the United States. By that treaty late, configned to eternity! About 42 it was provided, that two commissioners bodies were picked up, and carried to should be appeinted by his Majesty; two the bone-huuse of the royal hospital, and by the prelident of the United States; placed in coffins, among which are fix and a firth by the unanimous voice of young women. How this accident hapthe other four, or, if not unanimous, by pened is yet unknown. Captain Pellew, lot, in the manner prescribed by the Captain Swaffield, of the Overyffel of 64 treaty: That these five, or any three guns, and a lieutenant of the Amphion, of them, should constitute a board, to were dining together; hearing some fit first at Philadelphia, but with power busle, Captain Pellew and the lieute. to adjourn fron• place to place as they nant ran into the quarter-gallery, and the thould fee caule, and to determine fi- fhip instantly blew up, forward. Captain nally and without appeal, according to Pellew was blown on the hulk, and the equity and juttice, all claims by British lieutenant into the water. Both were subjects against the inhabitants of the U- saved. Captain Pellew wounded in the nited States, as at the time of the peace. face, and the lieutenant in the leg. Poor

6. In the London Gazette of this Captain Swaffield, a Mr Spry, jun. upevening are two orders from the King holder, of Dock, and his ton, were all in council, dated Weymouth, Sept. 3. sunk with the wreck. A fergeant of the for licensing, till the 25th of December Nocth Devon was also blown up, with next, the exportation of goods, in neutral several other persons visiting their friends, veffels, to the United Provinces, Auftria, it being the anniversary of his Majesty's and Italy; and the accepting, indorfing, coronation. The master, gunner, carand paying bills of exchange, &c. from penter, and mates, Lieutenant Campbell the said places, under certain restrictions of the marines, (nephew of Colonel therein fet forth.

Campbell) are amongst the unfortuate On Friday the 18th, a little before sufferers. 12 o'clock, a most alarming and dread- Admiralty-office, Sept. 26. A list of ful fire broke out in a warehouse belong. men faved from the Amphion, transmiting to and adjoining the brewery of ted by Admiral Sir Richard King, comMeslrs Harvey and Fairclough, in Cheap- mander in chief of his Majesty's ships fide, Liverpool, and could not be got and vessels at Plymouth, to Mr Nepean. under till the whole of the building, with Captain-Ifrael Pellew.. its valuable contents, were consumed, Lieutenant-James Muir. viz. Mr Middleton's stock of cotton Armourer-James Harry. machinery, &c. 12,000 bushels of wheat, Seamen James Russel, James Stanley, 6coo ditto of barley and oats, with the Michael Kerley, John Lacey, Benjamin ftock of hops, malt, &c. belonging to Farewell, William Smith, William Can. the brewery concern, and amounting in tel, James Prior, Michael Conelly, John the whole to the value of 15,000l. Five Satchell, John Jones, Daniel Driscoll, perfons, who were working at one of Charles Harrison, John Paterson, Robert the engines, were cruihed to death, and Erewick, Peter Colleld, William Atkinten others bruised and wounded in fo son, William Elliot, Ifaac_Bateman, dreadful a manner, that four of them Matthew Powers, Ebenezer Thompson, are fince dead in the Infirmary.

Samuel Giles, Richard Rouley. 23. Yesterday at four o'clock, the Am- All the above have received contusions phion frigate of 32 guns, Captain Israel or are hurt in different degrees. Pullew, lathed along-fide the Irinceffa Master's mate-Henry Haywood, not hulk át Plymouth, blew up with a dread. hurt. ful explosion. The shock felt was like Marines-Benjamine Hollinworth, Roan earthquake. In a moment the fore bert Mansfield, John Kenton, William part of the ship was scattered in 10,000 Collar, Charles Moorhead, James Stanly, fhivers, and nothing but wreck to be seen. Thomas Cooper, Thomas Cranston, WilThere were near 300 men, women, and liam Wheelin, George Adams, John children on board when this shocking ac- Beaufoy, Michael Freney; sident kappened. The returns this morn• Boatswain-Henry Montarden;


Have received contusions, or are hurt the Royal Edinburgh Volunteers, the in different degrees.

Lord Lieutenant called the attention of There may be a few more saved, who the meeting to the present situation of were supposed to be on thore, but their public affairs, and requested their adnames have not yet been procured. vice. The officers and committee hav

ing deliberated accordingly, came to the DUBLIN.

following opinion :

That we without the smallest apprehension, the

Views Sept. 18. This day a number of per accession of strength which France has fons, charged with the crime of high received by the junction of Spain ; an treason, were brought to town from Bel.

event which we think will be attended faft. They were next day brought be with consequences fatal only to the defore Mr Justice Boyd, and, after a long luded government which has allowed itexamination, were remanded to prison, self to be feduced, or rather terrified, where they remain in close confinement. into fuch an unnatural alliance : But, as Government having received informa

this apparent increase of strength must tion of the treasonable practices of the

give additional confidence to our eneabove persons, two messengers were dispatched on Thursday to take them into mies, it is highly expedient to how

them, that this country is capable of custody. The mellengers having communicated their business to the Marquis the force brought against it. That it is

increasing its exertions in proportion to of Downshire and Lord Caftlereagh, the of great importance, that the exertions two regiments quartered at Belfast were of the country should be attended with under arms early on Friday morning, as little expence to Government as por: and took their stations at the ends of lible, and should leave at its disposal for the streets which lead from the town foreign service the regular armies of the Some of the persons accused meant to Crown. That in these views an auggo to the country, but finding their re mentation of the Volunteer Corps aptréat obstructed, made a virtue of neceflity, and surrendered themselves. A man will further show our enemies that our

pears to be a most desirable object, as it of the name of Weir was taken into cus, constitution cannot be overthrown but tody by the Earl of Westmeath, and by the extirpation of the people. That lodged in Carrickfergus goal. Several the corps of Royal Edinburgh Volunothers have been taken up in different teers was originally limited to 700 only, parts on similar charges.

becaufe that number was deemed suffi.

cient for the exigency of the moment. EDINBURGH.

That it appears to be proper that the Aug. 28. Accounts from various parts number of the corps (hould now be inof the country inform of the commence- creased, leaving it to be afterwards connient of the barley harve!.

sidered by the Lord Lieutenant, wheOn the 29th of August, about 11 o'clock ther, in point of neceflity and expe. as Mr George Bathie, brewer in Dun- diency, the Royal Edinburgh Volundee, was seeing some friends go on teers should be formed into two batta. board a ship bound for London, the lions.” night being very dark, he unfortunately The Lord Lieutenant having consider-, ftepped over the pier, and was drowned. ed the above opinion, highly approves

Sept. 3. A great number of meal-dealers of it; and invites all well affected inhain Glafgow were fined for exposing meal bitants of this city and suburbs, capable to fale, wbich was spoiled by having of bearing arms, to enrol themselves been too long in their poffeflion. amongit the Royal Edinburgh Volun

In consequence of orders from the teers. JAMES STIRLING, L. L. Treasury, the Board of Customs at Edin. 18. At a Justice of Peace Court held burgh have given directions to the leve- here, a great many private ftills were ral ports in Scotland to prevent all Spa- condemned, and heavy penalties awardnish ships, which may be in any of the ed; and a woman named Mary John. ports, from proceeding on their voyages, fton, alias Robertson, residing in the until further crders upon the subject. Abbeyhill, was convicted in the penalty

14. This day at a meeting of the Lord of 301. Sterling, but not being able to Lieutenant of the city of Edinburgh, the pay down the penilty, she was sent to Field Officers, the-Captains of Compa- the Bridewell for fix morxhs. Another nie3, and Committee of Management of person was fined in rool.


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An elegant monument is erecting in The following gentlemen have rethe Canongate Church-yard to the me- ceived their degree of M.D. at the Uniinory of George Drummond, Efq; who versity this year repeatedly filled the office of Chief Magiltrate of this city, greatly to his own James Hare, De Pbitbifi. honour, and so much to the satisfaction John Barclay, De Anima feu principio vitali. of the citizens.

James Bell,

De Apoplexia bydracephalica. We are informed that several gentle. John Heddle, De Variola. men at Liverpool have already subscribed J. A. Bannerman, De Dysenteria. sixty guineas for the relief of the family Robt. Lidderdale, De Imaginatione. of Robert Burns the Poet. On the evening of the 20th curt, as a

Wm Woolcombe, De Peritonitide puerpes fervant of Colonel Gordon was travel. ting north with two horses, he was at. Tho. Archd. Murray, De Pbænomenis et natura tacked, within four miles of Stirling, by

morbi ex fubmerfione

ariundi. three men on foot, who demanded one of the horses. The servant, refusing to Tho. Stokes Salmon, De Chorea.

William Webb, comply with their unreasonable demand,

Quædam de morbis epce

dimisis, Ga. was beat in a cruel manner, and robbed

De Synancbe tracheali. of his watch, &c. The robbers inten- John Yelloly,

Tho. W. Routh, De l'yobo petecbiali, tion was undoubtedly to carry off both horses; and they would surely have ef.

Charles Mogan,

De Podagra. fected their purpose, but for the unruliness of the horses, who kept the fellows

John Beamish, De Pueumonia. at bay till the servant recovered, who Tully M'Hugh, De Podagra. (eeing the horses disengaged, seized the Andrew Galbraith, Quadam de erroribus eviopportunity, mounted, and got off.

tandis in Studzis Media 21. This evening Thomas Urquhart,

cinæ profequendis com late deputy postmaster of Kirkwall, was

plectens. brought here and committed to prifon, James Kirby, De Typbo. on a charge of having abstracted letters Savage Donovan, De Synanche maligna. and money from the Poft-office of that Samuel Adams, De Pbibisi pulmonali.

Francis Macartney, De Variola. On Tuesday the 27th, the camp at Bartholomew Carier, De Infantibus tractandis. Dunbar broke up. The Windsor For- James Sheehy, De Hydrocefbalo interna reiters marched for Perth barracks; the Peter Maclouchlin, De Oculo bumano. Perthshire Fencible Cavalry marched for Kelfo, &c. on their route to England; David Walker, De Inflammatione. and the Rutlandshire to Hamilton bar- James Jones, De Tetano. racks.

John Adam, De Sufpenfa respirationes On the night between Wednesday and Francis Peyton, De Dysenteria. Thursday last, a soop belonging to Cra

JAMAICIA. mond, laden with kelp from the High- James Vernon, De Diabete. lands, the master's name Falconer, was Bernard Harding, De Typbe icterode. cked near Dunbar, and every person


De Variala.
on board perished. One family in Cra. Henry Nibbs,
mond had three fons on board.

It is a curious fact, that ever since the Dominic Lynch,

De Podagra. accession of George I. to the throne of these realms; os rather, since the Duke DURING the month of September the of Berry, grandfon of Louis XIV. afcend- weather has continued favourable. Exed the throne of Spain, in every war 'in cepting the equinoctial storm, which which Great Britain has 'been engaged only lasted about 50 hours with any dewith either France or Spain fingly, the gree of severity, there has fcarcely been has had to contend with both before the an unfavourable day, for the harvest

. conclusion of hoftilities. Even at. qne However, the grain is by no means either period, when France quarrelled with all got in or cut down. Though the Spain, and England entered into an al- good weather continues, it will be the liance againit the latter, the Court of end of October before the harvest be Versailles suddenly made a peace with finished. The therinometer has ranged the Spaniards, and both united against from forty-seven to fifty-eight deg, and Britain



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