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we have had at different times pretty

sharp frosts in the mornings. The butch-
er market continues unusually high for
the season, beft beef and mutton 5d.

veal 6d. per lb. and the supply of fith

Sept. I. At Balyoukan, Alexander Ferhas been scanty. The allize of bread is

guffon; Efq; of Balyoukan, to Miss Ifabella coming fast down, the houihold loaf Watson, only daughter of Dr E. Watson, being now 74, and is foon to be lowered Leicester-street, London, to 61.

2. At York, Sir Charles Turner, Bart, THE English report for August ftates, M. P. to Mifs Newcomen, daughter of Sir that perhaps at no period have the ope. William Newcomen, Bart. Ireland. rations of nature to completely aided the 5. At Balharry, George Kinloch, Esq; of industry of the husbandman as in the Kinloch, to Miss Helen Smyth, daughter of present season. A more abundant crop, John Smyth, Efq; of Balharry. and more favourable weather for getting James Adams, Efq; M. P. to Miss Hamit in, has scarcely been remembered. It mond, fister-in-law to the Rt Hon. Henry is additionally fortunate for the public, Addington. that our cultivators of the earth, tempted 9. Mr Thomson, Naval Officer, Leith, to by the great prices of grain during the Miss Fyers, daughter of the late Thomas last year, were induced to Low an un. Fyers, Esq. usually large proportion of their lands 15. At Aberdeen, Mr Alexander Forbes, with wheat. Importations to a very

late of Jamaica, to Miss Eliza Lumsden, great extent have also taken place, which, daughter of the Rev. Robert Lumsden, late with our own fuperabundant produce,

minister of New Machar. can scarcely fạil to make grain far more

19. At Edinburgh, Archibald Campbell, plentiful than it has been for many years. Ann Erskine, daughter of the late Rev. Mr

Esq; of Clathick, Advocate, to Miss Mary Such is the general result of a corre

William Erskine. spondence through nearly twenty districts of Great Britain : The particular reports merchant, Edinburgh, to Miss Mary Ma

26. At Greenock, Mr Robert Tweedie of fingle districts, it is believed, will not thie, only daughter of the late Captain Maconsiderably affect it. In this place it shie of that place. may be interesting to mention the average

At Port Glasgow, Alexander Dunlop, prices of wheat in corresponding months Efq, merchant in Greenock, to Miss Marwithin the last ten years.

garet Colhoun, daughter of Wm Colhoun, In 1786, July 37 6 August 39' 0?

Esq; of Kenmuir,
42 IOS

In 1796,
75 os

In 1792,
In 1795,


8 93 10

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Aug. 31. The Lady of Sir William AuThe

average in Mark-lane, in the guitus Cunningham, Bart, a daughter. four weeks of July and Auguft, in the Mrs Stuart Monteach, a son. present year, has been 678. 8d. and Sept. 5. Mrs Moile, of Mains, a daughter. 445. 6 d. In the northern districts, the 7. Mrs Dirom, of Mount Annan, a barley and oats and beans are very far daughter. 1hort of expectation, though the late

8. Mrs Lawrenson of Inverighty, a warm weather has much aslifted them. daughter. The peale promise to be a better crop.

10. Mrs Watson; spouse te Mr Joha The crops of this grain have proved very Watson writer, Merchant-Itreet, a daughter. fuil and luxuriant in the eastern and mid- II. Lady Charlotte Hope, a daughter. land, and particularly fo in the fouthern

14. The Lady of Francis Sitwell, Esq; a. and wellern districts. Stock of all kinds, danghter. however, fill. continue at high prices,

15. Lady Augusta Clavering, a son. and little variation has yet taken place

10. Mis Den ar of Vogrie, a daughter. in any of the fairs or markets. The

17. The Marchionefs of Tweeddale, a seafon throughout has proved highly fa

daughter. vourable to Fallowing: Indeed the ground

Mrs Maclean of Lochbuy, a daughter. never, appeared in a better state of cul

22. Lady Catheart, a daughter. turt. Hops promise variously. Com. Scott, Bart. a daughter.

24. At Ancrum, the Lady of Sir John plaints are made in Keni ofthe shortness of bine, and in Worceferihire of the

Mrs Campbeti of Barcalden, a son.

25. Mrs Cameron : Locheil, a fon. mouldi

29. Lady Grace Douglas, a son.



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Bunan of Saxony; and 2dly, Louisa, Gister to On the 10th July, in the 64th year of his Lord Cathcart, Countefs of Mansfield in age; David Rattenhouse, the Newton of A her own right, who survives, and is fucceedmerica. He suoceeded Dr Franklin, "as Pre- ed in titles and estate by his son David Wiltident of the Philosophical Society, and is suc. liam, born 1777. His Lordship was appointed ceeded by Dr Prieitley.

in 175 s his Majesty's Ambassador to the King At New York, Mr David Briggs, mer- of Poland, Elector of Saxony; afterwards,in the chant, younger brother of Mr Alexander same character Briggs, wine merchant, Dalkeith.

Germany; and since then to the French

donne Emperor and Empress of On his pallage to Bombay, Lieut. George King. He filled the office of Justice General Forbes, of the Madrass cavalry, fecond fon in Scotland for several years, which he lately of the late Charles Forbes, Esq; of Achery resigned to his Grace the Duke of Montrose; nach.

and after serving in several of the Princi. Ac Port-au-Prince, Capt. Lewis, of his pal Offices of State, dicd President of the Majesty's ship Hannibal.


. His Lordship had represented the At Jamaica, Colonel Lewis, from St Do- Scots Peers in the higher house of Parliamingo; he held the office of Quarter-matter ment ever since 1754, and was the only one General to his Majesty's forces.

alive of the fixceen, except Lord: Findlater, At Cape Nicola Mole, Lieut. o lonel who was then elected ş and what is fingular, Mackenzie, of the 21st light dragoons, cldest in last Parliament he sat in a double capacity, fon of Mr Alexander Mackenzie, W. S. as Viscount Stormont, representing the Scots

At Calcutta, Mr John Chalmer, eldeft Peers (no new election taking place, as in + fon of the late William Chalmer, Esq; of the case of Duke of Cueenfberry and Lord Dalry.

Abercorn, v. 49. p. 153) and as a Britisha At Jamaica, Lieut. John Maxwell Taylor, Carl, by che title of Earl Mansfield. of the 3d West India regiment, son of the

PREFERMENTS. I Rev. Dr William Taylor, one of the minifa Francis James Jacksoni, Esq; to be 'Amters of Glasgow.

bassador to the Ottoman Porte. In Berkeley county, Virginia, Mr Charles

Sir Wm Faucitty to be Governor of Chel-Roberts, at the uncommon age of 116 years. sea Hospital.

In the West Indies, Lieutenant Colonel Colonel Jeffery Amherst, to be Governor Masan, of the 32d regiment.

of Upnor Castle, At St Domingo, Lieut. Colonel George Lord Mulgrave to be Governor of Scar. Legard, of the 69th regiment of foot. borough caftic.

At Martinique, Lieutenant Philip Anftru. Maj. Gen. T. Musgrave to be Governor ther, of the royal navy, son of Sir Robert; of Tilbury and Gravesend. Anftruther of Balcaskie, Bart,

Col. Wm G. Strutt, Deputy Governor of Lately, Mr Williunr Windress, aged 110, Stitling Castle of Gaftang, Lancafire.

The Earl of Chaiham, to be President of At Lisbon, where he had gone for the the Council. recovery of his health, Capt. John Conyng- The Hon. Lloyd Kenyon, Clerk to the ham, of the 43d regiment of fuot.

Court of King's Beoch. At Bath, Robert Fergusson, Efq; aged 91, B:ook Warfon, "I'fq; Lord Mayor, Steformerly an eminent merchant at Cork.

phen Langston and Willian Staines, Elors Aug. 23. At his house in the county of blad. Sheriffs of the city of Londot for the etidington, Alexander Burn, Esq.

suing year. 24. At Barnes, Surrey, Rear Admiral ,

Thomas Hay, Esq; Chamberlain of the city John Stanton, aged 67.

of Edinburgh, in room of Hugh Buchan, Elq 28. Mifs Alexandrina Elpliiufton, young-, refignei, est daughter of the lite Alexander Elphinston, Efq; Advocate.

Prices of Grain ut Paddington, Sept. 30. 31. At Craigbarnet, Mrs Anne Stirling, Wheat, 335. Barley, 255.- Oats, 17s.6d. spouse to John Stirling, Efq; of Craigbarnet. Peafe, 215, 6d. No old barley in the market,

At Lundie house, Licut. Col. Duncan of Lundie, succeeded by his brother the Ad

Edinburgh, Sept. 30. Oat-meal, 75. rd.

Bear-meal, is. Peafe-meal, rid. miral. Sept. I. Rt Hon. David Murray, Earl

PRICES OF STOCKS. Manifield, Viscount Stornont, Knight of

Sept. 28 the Thistie, President of his Majesty's Moft Bank Stuck

shut Hon. Privy Council , Heritable Keeper -of 3 per cent, red. fhuti

shut the Royal Palace of Scoon, and joint Chief 3 per cent. conf. 54) 54 Clerk of the Court of King's Bench. His 4 per cent. 73*725

Inut Lordship succeeded his father in 1748, and India Stock


Sept. 5.

*1785 his uncle in 1793, vol. 55. p. 154. He India Bonds

married fir Henrietta

dubter of Count;

Lot. Tik

II!. 148.








Pag. To Correspondents

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MONTHLY REGISTER. and manners of the Hindoos

Extracts from the Miscellaneous
Works of Mr Gibbon

678 Giving an account of the operations o On the Life and Education of a

of the armies in Germany: 710-19 School 678 Admiralty Dispatches

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719 Visit to Rome, and Observations on Foreign Travel 679 Parliament opened

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721 Cure for the Water in Sheep 686 Shocking murder at Glasgow

721 Topography and Natural History of Circuits

722 Scotland County of Linlithgow 689 Report of the Weather, &c.







Sold by JAMES WATSON & Co. No 40. South Bridge ;

And by the Principal Bockfellers in Town and Country
By ALLEN & WEST, No 16. Paternoster-row, London.

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T There was not room on the Cover" fdr ačknowledging the receipt of several communications.

The Traditional account concerning the death of Jólin, Earl of Gowry, does not differ much, as to the facts, from that given by Principal Robertson; the reasoning and conclusions from these, accords with the view given of that transaction, but we do not think the paper throws any new light upon this mysterious part of pur history.";AM (. 12

UTOMOTII There is a good deal of humour and easy rhime in Fhilo-Scoticus' Story, The whole is much too long for our Miscellany—if he give a part of

"ve fall it. He will also advert, that, io many passages, it is rather indelicate thefe should be expunged if the author means to publish it as a separáte poem.

President for Antiquarius may depend upon getting back the original. Ons is sou srt

The paper upon Innoculation shall also be returned. We mult abridge it's little .

Ko will appear next month.

15 cana miglie

ERRATA-Tage 688.col. 1. line 4. for parish read University. parisol Page 689, line 32. "from the top, for Kinnou read Kinneils u vi

Ti 110 00160 27200 » timer bana

*M09:15 1

anon se to share AGRICULTURAL IMPROVEMENT. * viuno who ng IDMASY

IT has long been the practice in Germany, Denmark, and the countries on the shores of the Baltic, not only for those who fatten bullocks for the butcher, but for those who keep milk cows, to give them frequently what they call a DRINK, which is a kind of pottage, prepared differently in different parts of the coantry, and in different feasons, according to the facility with which one or other of the articles occasionally employed in it may be procured, and according to the different ifancies of individuals. The articles most commonly ed are, bran, oatmeal, brewers' grains, mashed patatoes or turnip, tyemeal, with a large proportion of water's sometimes two or three, or more of these articles are united in forming the drink, and of whatever ingredients the drink consists, a few eggs, for the most part, and a large proportion of falt, are always added.

1961) 20 Kitchens have been built in differeot parts of Germany, particularly in I

Bavaria, Trand large boilers provided and fitted up in the stables and cow-houses, merely

for the purpose of preparing food for the horses and cattle; the example has been followed in feveral instances in this country. It is asserted by many very intelligent farmers who have adopted this new method of feeding, that it is highly sadvantageous that the drink, by being boiled, is rendered more pourishing and

wholesomes, and that the expence of fuel, and the trouble aptending this process, abis amply compensated by the advantage derived from the improyrgent of the food. They even found it their interest to continue the boiling a confiderable time, two or three houts for instance, as the food continued to be Aill farther improved the Jonger the boiling was continued, always adding a quantity of common falt." - Common falt is both agreeable and outritious to animals as well as to the 2 human species. "In Germany they catch the wild horses in the woods by laying baits of falt for them.

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the 15th 290ks eppure al For OG TO B E R 1106796atcubai'r 91T -polegy od: holt1900. 1 jtrpezarisvig at man intent oj as die v911ib 10:1 2610ipcasi no lo gauw 1.1 od dohroit 2001 2000 bris goi 7489 210?patlyon 2111* 004 Wir wa Y76 2V70 * 299.99 sil xand:01 05 sw jud SKETCH OF THE LIFE OF GEORGE LORD MACARTNEY.

nobleman, whose talents

have been from his youth em Rusñ?, and was employed in his own ployed in the service of his country, and country as Secretary to Lord rowol: whose amiable qualities have acquired hend, Lord Leutenant of Ireland. In him the 'esteein and regard of all to April 1768, he was chofennto reprewhom he is known, is of an ancient fa- fent the borough of. Cockermouth in the mily settled in Ireland, though original. parliament of Great Britain, and in Ju, ly from Scotland. He has been the ly following obtained a feat in the Irishi architect of his own fortune in a great Parliament, a being chafen ford1 Armagh. measure, and has, on every occasion, In the beginning of 1769, he was sworn shewn that he is deserving of the ho- of the Privy Council of Ireland, and nours conferred


hin. He is the continued in that kingdom during the only son of George Macartney, Efq; of rest of Lord Townshend's administra. Auchinleck in Scotland, of an ancient tion. In June 1772, he was nominatfamily, who was fecond son of another ed a Knight of the Bath, and was in. George Macartney, by Elizabeth, young- stalled at Westminster by proxy fest daughter of the Rev. John Winder, of the same month od gost 2 Prebendary of Kilroot; and Rector of: 70 Ir 177492 he was chosen Member of

e county He was born in the ycat 1737. His of Air, Irvine, Rothsay, Campbeltowa, education, we believe, was received in and Inverary, -anet in December 1995, 3 Ireland, and from his literary acquire.? tvas appointed Captain General and ments appears to have been liberal. 3. In Governor n Chief of the islands cof the early part of his life he travelled Grenada, the Grenadiges, and Toba

h «Holland, by

Tand, by which noblemati he was the year 1779, whenjton the capture of introduced into business. At the age these islands by the French, he was fent

of 27 years, in 1963, he was appoint- a prisoner to France: 9vOn the to Yed Envoy Extraordinary to the Em- June 1776, bis Majestys

. obiya privý feal <ptels of Rufiz, and in Maóber follow at St-James's, and by patent at Dublin Ving received the honour of knighthood. 19th July following, advanced him to

In June 1966, with the consent of his the Peerage by the title of Lord MaSovereign, he had conferred on him, cartney, Baron of Liffanouye in the by the King of Poland, the molts an-w couety of Antrim, though he did not Hcient Order of the White Eagle; and take his seat untib therzth of March

on the żoth of November 1907, he was op788. s vei 11 ii banoi asva vad? as appomted' Ambaffador Extraordinary lion After having ferved iis conntry in

and Plenipotentiary to the Empress of Ruffia, in Ireland, and in the West InSTRuffa? 11937 es elastics as conditia bdies, la a new scene opened, cand in DeBMY6L. LVIIni agizori bliv a dor Vins4Y2nnut sisicem

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