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Generals Petrasch, Meerfeldt, and bia; General Nauendorf having, by his Nauendorff, in immediate and close co- different movements, obtained in those operation with each other, will endea- parts a decided superiority of position vour to fall upon the left fank of Ge- over that of the enemy. General Moneral Moreau's retreat, whilft General reau's army, in the environs of DonnaLa Tour pursues him in front, and Ge- wert, Augsburg, and Ulm, is in such neral Frolich prefies on his right. confusion and terror, that tliey have no.

General Neu has lately driven back the thing left but to seek how to effect their enemy's posts near Mayence, and taken retreat over the Rhine. The Imperial a considerable number of prisoners. troops have taken poffeffion of Stutgard

General Bournonville is arrived as and Constadt, and extend themselves all commander in chief of the French army along the Upper Rhine to Stallhoffen, of the Sambre and Meuse, in place of and even so far as to Kehl. All accounts General Jourdan; but he has not yet at- received from those parts are filled with tempted to advance. I have the honour particulars relative to the capture of difto be, &c. ROBERT CRAUFURD. ferent French Commiffaries, together Leipfig, Sept. 18.

with their plunder and booty in money An estafette from Ratisbon is just .ar- and other objects of value, by the ad. rived at this place, informing us, that, vanced Austrian troops. In this they on the rith instant, the Austrian Gene. are moit eagerly supported by the pea. rals Frolich and the Prince of Furstenberg fants of those countries, who vie one had made a successful attack on the ene; with another in discovering every thing my's forces assembled near Munich, and concealed by the enemy, and also in forced them to a precipitate retreat, with leading the Imperial troops through all the loss of about 2000 men killed and dificult passages; by all which means a wounded, and of 1500 taken prisoners. great number of the French fall daily in-This victory was chiefly decided by a to the hands of their pursuers. skilful manœuvre of General Hotze, in Admiralty-office, Sept. 13. consequence of which he had effected a L’Andromaque, a French frigate of 48 passage over the Danube, near Dona- guns, and 300 men, and 6 trading vel werth with a considerable body of Impe- fels, burnt; and 3 taken, by the squarial troops, with whom he attacked mot dron under Sir J.B. Warren, on the coast vigorously the French corps belieging of France. Ingolstadt, and obliged them to raise the Likewise s French privateers by diffiege with great loss.

ferent cruizers. Wilhemsiadt, Sept. 21.-A report of Sept. 27. Two French privatecrs, onc General Moreau's directing his retreat of 14 guns, the other of 8, and trad. through Franconia, in order to form a ing vessels retaken, which had been capjunction with jourdan by Fulda, proves tured by last mentioned privateer, by a to have been industriously spread with a squadron of frigates, off the coast of Irem delign to create alarm, but was, never- land. theless, founded on the circumstance of 04. 4. A French privateer, of 6 guns the enemy's having pushed a corps of and swivels, taken by his Majesty's floop cavalry as far as Aichstadt.

Racoon. The acts of licentious barbarity that 0&. 8. A French cutter privateer, bu have lately been committed by the ene. the Sylph lloop. iny, even exceed every thing we have Q&. 13. A French privateer, of 12 guss heard of their cruelty before. Numbers and 75 men, by his Majesty's ship Indeof villages have been burnt, not in the fatigable. way of punishment, or to retard the pur Admiralty-Office, 08. 15, fuit of the conqueror, but merely from Extract of a letter from Capt. Mowat, the delight they seem to take in wicked of his Majesty's ship Afstance, dated ness, as they frequently went out of their Halifax, Sept. 14. to Mr Nepean. Toad in order to fet fire to them,

I have to acquaint you, for the inforLeipfig, Sept. 23.-The situation of the mation of my Lords Commissioners of enemy's army, commanded by General the Admiralty, that on the 28th of lalt Moreau, is now such as to give no far- month the Thisbe, who had been sent ther apprehension whatever as to the fe- to look out in the north east quarter, curity of the whole circle of Franconia, made the signal for three strange thips and also of a great part of that of Sua: in the east south east; upon which the


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we tall briefly mention the current re. morrow, at day... had drawn out nearly been obliged that day to have laid down his Holiness does not winty, because him the

Admiral immediately made the fignal ral defiled by the bridge of Villa InspenFor a general chace. So very light was ta, and defeated their intention. the breeze, and witbal partial, that the General Anĝerau arriving on't

the youth thips did not fiver for 1ome time. Tlie of September before Porto Lenågo,on. squadron continued in pursuit, and a- vested the place. General Manena fl

ibut half past five in the evening, the patched thither the brigade of General Topaze brought the nearcft thip to ac- Vixior, to on the side of Adize; fide, and hauled nown her colours. strong, furrendered themfelves prisoners Upon my taking poffeffion of lier, I of war. "The French found there i found ber to be L'Illizabeth, mounting pieces of field ordnance, and the sco 36 guns ; 24 twelve pounders on her men made prisoners by General Wurm. main deck, and 12 Wines on her quarter- fer, 'in the battle of Cerea, who by the deck and forecattle, a large ship, said to means were delivered. I be about 1000 tone. 70%

On the 14tif Of September the divifo

of General Mamena fetont at day break CONTINENTAL INTELLIGENCE. the road of Dela Canelli, in order to

from Cartchato, towards Mantua, by For the movements and operations of seize the Fauxburg St Georze, and thus the armies of the Rhine and Danube, compel the Austrians to enter the place. we refer to the official accounts extrad. The engagement' began at noon, and the ed from the gazettes, given on page 710, Austrians defcated the French with some Eft qe

loss. As no oficial accounts have arrived General Mairena' took on the night Since our last from the army in Italy, of the 14th, a position behind. On the

the French learnt port. JOn the 9th September, Gen. Wurm- all the gärrison of Mantua to

to defend two fer learnt the arrival of the French Geimportant posts, called the Favourite

, neral Massena, at Vicenza. He felt that and St George ; and by this bold med he had not a moment more to lose, he sure to preserve the means of procuring defiled along the Adige, which he cros- forage for their numerous cavalry. At fed at Porto Legnago. On the 11th two o'clock in the afternoon, General Genera! Buonaparte made dispositions Bon attacked the Austrians posted be to cut off the retreat of General Wurm- fore St George, on the left of the French fer. For that purpose a wing of his


The French Generals Pigeon, army took the

village and bridge of Victor, and Kilmaine," marched by the Cerea. But some part of the French right to pass the Austrians. The battle troops taking a wrong roút, General began on all sides with great fpirít

, but Wurmfer was enabled to retake both the the French in a short time penetrated village and the bridge. Buonaparte the centre of the Auftrians, and carried marched himself thither upon the firf St George, and took zoóo prisoners, report of cannon, but it was too late. with 25 pieces of cannon.

We must,” said be, make a bridge of gold to an enemy.which sies, or op. OUT !! DIK ROME. O iw hurti! ple a barrier of steel. The Austrians the peace concluded l between the ilren made good their retreat, who, from French republic and the Pope is attendall calculation, would otherwise have, ed with very, their arms and firerdered themselves the briefs he has ifthed refpe Aing the af prisoners. Wermler diled all the night faits of France. He 15 afraid of their of the nth towards Mantua, with such compromifing "his infallibility. The rapidity, that in the morning lie arrived French government insists upon this as a early at Nogara. He learned that the step receffaryto secure the peace conclude bridges of the Molinella

were cut down, ed between them. Already all the Cari and that French divifon, waited for dihals have been afrembled and confult: would be imprudent to force Caftellaro, and the plenipotenziaries of the Pope, because at the dawn the French were in have sope to Florence, where they can Kursuit of him, but the Auftrian Gene continue their disculliond, more peace



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ably than at Rome, where the minds of land, to capture several ships, and to do the people are greatly agitated, and great damage to the inhabitants in the where their differences may be accom- Bay of Bulls, from whence they are said modated, under the mediation of M. to have departed in searcb of farther Azarra, minister of the king of Spain. booty. FRANCE.

In September a terrible fire broke out

at Quebec, which at first menaced the The Executive Directory published an whole city with destruction. The church official note, purporting, that an appli- and convent of the Recolets were burnt cation, dated Westminster, the 21st of down. It stopped towards Mount CarSeptember, was remitted, on the 27th mel, after having entirely consumed 13 of September, to the minister of foreign or 14 houses, among which are two beaffairs for the French republic, and by longing to Chief Justice Monk. him presented to the Directory, desiring passports for an envoy from the British

LONDON. cabinet, who was to proceed to Paris,

O&. 1. A superb diamond hilted sword, to make overtures of peace. That the Executive Directoryimmediatelycharged Nabob of Arcot, for the honour of the

a splendid acknowledgment from the the minister of foreign affairs to deliver Princess of Wales' pi&ture sent him, was the paliports desired, to the envoy of this day presented to his Royal Highness England, who shall be invested with

the Prince of Wales. full powers, not only to propose and negociate a peace between the French re- barked at Dover at ten o'clock in the

On the 18th, Lord Malmesbury empublic and Great Britain, but to con- forenvon. His Lordship and suite reach. clude it definitively between the two ed Calais at three o'clock in the after. powers."

noon of the same day. He was received On the 23d September the anniversary fete of the foundation of the republic, and the Etat Major, and conducted by

upon his landing by the Municipality was celebrated in Paris, in the Champ them to the Silver Lion Hotel. His

Lord, de Mars, with much appropriate scenery thip and fuite dined at the hotel, and and magnificence.

On the 27th of September Baileul, in expressed gaeat fatisfaction with their the council of five hundred, on a mo same day, two of the messengers attend

entertainment. In the evening of the tion of order, called the serious atten. ing his Lordship, and some of his servants tion of the council to the reiterated at. went forward. On the following mor. tempts of the conspirators. Their boldness, their impunity, every thing seemed ning, Wednesday the 19th, his Lordship, calculated to alarm the good and peace Executive power, and the Comman

after seeing the Commiffary of the able citizens. He urged the necessity of dant of the garrison, proceeded on his repreffing faction instantly. He therefore proposed to form a commission of journey to Paris

. In his route he was five members, to revise the laws relative every where received with the hearty to the suppression offeditious assemblages, day morning, his Lordship approach

gratulations of the people. On Saturand the mode of prosecuting and trying ed Paris, and about ten miles from all those who attack the constitution and the city' he was met by a crowd of government. This proposal was adopted. pcople, many of whom were Poiffardes, SPAIN.

who received him with the loudest acThe court of Spain have declared war clamations, surrounding the carriage, againft Great Britaio, and published a and taking every means of teftifying their long manifesto, with their reasons, which joy. As they approached the environs will be noticed among the State Papers of Paris, the prodigious crowd increased, for next month,

The Poissardes entered Lord Malmes"In consequence of which a fleet of 19. bury's caniage, and overwhelmed him sail of the line, besides frigates failed with their careffes, and they were about from Cadiz, for the Mediterranean on

to take the horses from the carriage to the 26th ult.

draw him in triumph into the city, an

honour which his Lordship was anxious AMERICA.

to decline, he therefore threw fome The French squadron under Admiral handfuls of money amongst the crowd, Richery found means to get to Newfounda which drawing all their attention, he VOL. LVII.



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On the 13th of October, his Excel. While Summer with a matron grace,

was permitted to reach the place of bis dicated to the memory of Robert Burnsg. deftination, but still attended by an im- and placed by the Earl of Buchan on a menfe applauding multitude. His Lord. therm immediately adjoining to the buft Mhip had an interview with the French of Thomson, in the Chapter-house. The Minister for Foreign Affairs on Sunday, beautiful verses composed by. Burns, for and had been well received by him. A the crowning of the bust on Ednam-hill

, meffonger came over in the flag of truce were recited, with two additional stanwith Mr Wiffin, to the Sardinian Mini zas to the memory of the Poet of dyr fter here, with an account of the death Shire. of his Sardinian Majefty, which has been While Virgin Spring, by Eden's flood announced in the gazette

Unfolds her tender mantle green,
Or pranks the fod in frolic mood,

Or tunes Eolian strains between :
lency the Lord Lieutenant proceeded to

, the House of Lords, and opened the Yet, oft delighted, ftops to trace feflion with a speech, fimilar to that

The progress of the spiky blade: made by his Majesty to the English Par. While Autumn, benefactor kind, liament.

By Tweed erects his aged head, The address to his Majesty was mo. And sees, with self-approving mind, ved for by Mr Wolfe, in a maiden Each creature on his bounty fed: speech, and seconded by Mr Bagwell. While maniac Winter raġes o'er

Mr Grattan proposed an amendment The hills whence claffic Yarrow flows, to the address, the purport of which Rousing the turbid torrents roar, was, to effect the complete concession of

Or sweeping, wild, a waste of frows : the conftitutional privileges to the Ro. So long, sweet Poet of the year, {wòn, man Catholics of Ireland. This produ

Shall bloom that wreath thou well haft ced a debate, which was not concluded While Scotia, with exulting tear, till paft two in the morning; and the

Proclaimsthat THOMSON was her SON! amendment was strongly opposed. On the part of Mr Grattan, and his friends, And Coila's LARK*, who rais'a these the debate was conducted with much

frains, force and spirit; they supported the

So sweetly warbling THOMSON's praise, indispensable necessity of an hearty union Tho' he is gone, he hills our plains of all sorts of the people, to the safety

With his wild, varying, native lays : of the empire at this crisis. It was op. And here, befide this votive urn, pofed by the other side, upon the With purple flow'rs and cypressbound, ground, that the mode and occasion of With claffic tears bedew'd, i mournintroducing it, as a clog to the address, His like with us no more is found ! was inexpedient and ungracious, and The Procurator Fiscal of the city has, that as going to demand a ftipulation for by order of the magiftrates, given intithe Catholics, it was inimical, rather mation to the proprietors of the houses than friendly to their caufe.

on the north fide of St Andrew's Square, The House at length divied--Ayes that they must build up thes vacant 12, Noes 549. Door

ground in Queen's Street, immediately. The motion for the original address behind their houses, agreeable to the owas then put and carried,

riginal plan, and uniform with the other In a few days after, the Attorney: buildings in that ftreet. This proper re: General brought in a bill relative to gulation has been long wished for to persons charged with high treason, and complete that elegant fireet. for Cufpending the act of Habeas Corpus.

MAGISTRATES OF EDINBURGH, . OA. 4. The Lord Provost, Magiftrates,

and Council, walked in procession from B701 EDINBURGH.

the Council Chamber to the High Church, Dal 22. The anniverfary of the birth where an excellent fermon was preached of Thomson the poet was celebrated, as by the Rev. Dr Hunter, one of the mi. usual, at Dryburgh Abbey. On this oc- nisters of this city. After divine service, casion, an urn of Parian marble, cut by they returned to the Council Chamber the late Mr Jeans, the ftatuary, was deas Lask, the old Scottil epithet of & Peet.



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and proceeded to the election of Magi- 22d of September last, by an officer from ftrates for the ensuing year; and yefter- Bow-street, from on board a rice ship day the Council was filled up, and the lying at Blackwall, which was going government of the city vefted in the fol- back to the Eaft Indies, and has remain lowing gentlemen :,

ed since that time in cuftody. Lord Provost - The Right Hon. THO, 9. An alarming fire broke out this MAS ELDER of Forneth.

morning, in the vitriol works at BurntBailies CHARLES KERR, Efq; Wil- island, which destroyed the roof, and a

LIAM COULTER, Efq; MALCOLM good part of the stock. By the exertions

WRIGHT, Efq; WALTER WOOD, Efq; of the inhabitants it was prevented from
Dean of Guild-NIEL M'VICAR, Esq; spreading
Treasurer---PATRICK CRICHTON, Esq; On Friday the 9th a moft shocking,
Old Provoft-Sir JAMES STIRLING, Bart. and apparently premeditated, murder
Old Bailies--David Milne, Esq; James and robbery was committed on James

Eyre, Esq; David Hunter, Efq; George Buchanan, carrier between Glasgow and
Spankie, Efq;

Lanark, by James M'Kean, shoemaker,
Old Dean of Guild--William Hunter, Esq; High-ftreet, Glasgow. The circumstan-
Old Treasurer and College Treasurer--Tho, ces are briefly as follow: About fix
Smith, Esq;

o'clock, Buchanan, it would appear in Merchant Counsellors_Messrs Archibald consequence of a previous invitation,

Gilchrift, Thomas Henderson, William called at M'Kean's house, and was con-

ducted by him into a room, in which Trades Counsellors-Thomas Chalmers, there was neither a fire nor a candle, Alexander Nisbet.

and where MʻKean instantly put his diaOrdinary Council Deacons Francis Braid- bolical design into execution, by cutting

wood, Convener, Archibald Stewart, his throat direaly across with a razor, John Clerk, John Orr, Thomas Mil- and robbed him of his watch and a con. ler, John Auchterlony.

siderable sum in money. M‘Kean im Extraordinary Council Deacons James mediately afterwards came out of the

Ruffel, William Auld, John Greig, Jo- room and asked for a towel, which his fiah Maxton, William Frafer, Alexan- daughter gave him, but which, he faid,

der Greig, Macduff Hart, James Bailie. would not do, as Buchanan, who was James Eyre, Esq; Admiral of Leith. intoxicated, had wet the room. He George Spankie, Efq; Baron Bailie of then took up a green cloth which was Canongate and Calton.

spread over the carpet, and retired with: David Hunter, Esq; Baron Bailie of Ports- it into the room, which fuperadded to a burgh.

noife which foon followed, resembling Mr Archibald Gilchrift, Captain of that of moving the chairs from one part Orange Colours.

of the room to another, excited fome Under the late Magißracy, the police surprise in his wife, he ran to the door, of the city has been judiciously regulat- which was opened by M'Kean, when ed. Every endeavour has been used to alarmed at the fight of fome blood lying alleviate the distresses of the poorer class on the floor, she Thricked, Murder ! on of the inhabitants; the markets have which her husband inftantly took up his been properly inspected; and every at- hat and ran off. He has fince been aptempt at monoply or forestalling fevere. prehended, and lies in Glafgow prison : ly punished. Sir James Stirling, the late to stand his trial.* 11 Provost, has received the thanks of feve.' The Synod of Fife, at their meeting ral of the incorporations, and the Coun- on the roth inft. 'by a great majority, cil have voted their thanks to him, to be dismissed the overture formerly brought transmitted in a gold box, with the arms before them, by which it was intended of the city, and a fuitable inscription to exclude any Profeffor of Divinity froma engraved on it.

holding a parochial charge. 8. This morning David Urquhart, fon The prohibition againft the distillation of Thomas Urquhay, late Deputy Pofta of low wines and spirits from barley, &c. master in Kirkwall, was brought to town is removed by an order of the Privy from London, by Mr Williamson, mef. Council of the 20th inti. senger, and committed to prison, on a The herrings have now begun to apa charge of having abstracted letters and pear in such numbers in the Frith, that money from the Post-Office of Kirkwall. They are already selling at 7 for a penny. He was apprehended at London on the



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