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Caithness Legion, to Miss Bower, of Entham Thomas Dunckerly, Esq; of Hampton house, eldest daughter of Edmund Bower, Court, natural son of George II. Efq; of Prospect Hill, Berkswi

Hon Mrs Robinson, Lady of Colonel Ro22 At Edinburgh, John Gordon, Esq; of binson, and sister to Lord Clive. Whitehill, to Miss Eleanor Maitland, daugh Anthony Hunt, Esq; second Captain in ter of the deceased Pelham Maitland, Esq; Greenwich Hospital.

23. At Menie, Thomas Buchan, Esq; of At Kilkenny Caftle, Ireland, the Rt Hon. Auchmacoy, to Miss Euphemia Turner, eld- the Earl of Ormond, primier Earl of Ireland. eft daughter of Robert Turner, of Menie. At St Vincent's, Capt. Robert Vaughan,

of the 59th regt. BIRTHS.

At Duddington, near Stamford, Mrs WalAt Castle Howard, the Countess of Car- den, aged 100. lite, a son.

At Edinburgh, the Rt Hon. Frances VifJan. 4. At Cavill, Mrs Thomas Robert- countess Kenmore. fon, a daughter.

At Dublin, Mrs Beresford, in the 103d January 7. This morning, between nine year of her age, grand aunt to the Marquis and ten o'clock, the Princess of Wales was of Waterford. happily delivered of a Princess. His Royal At Twickenham, T. Wildman, Esq; M.P. Highness the Duke of Gloucester, his Grace for Hindon, Wilts. the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Lord Leonard Coward, Efq; aged 80, thrice Chancellor, the Lord Prefident of his Majef- Mayor of Bath. ty's Council, his Grace the Duke of Leeds, At Riga, Mr James Balfour, merchant. his Grace the Duke of Devonshire, the Earl At Vienna, Prince Charles of Lichtenstein, of Cholmondeley, Lord Chamberlain, and the of a wound he received in a duel. Earl of Jersey, Master of the Horse to his At Grenada, Major Norman Maclean, of Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, the the 68th regt. This brave officer defended

Right Hon. Lord Thurlow, and the Ladies the post of Gouyave for five months, with a ! of her Royal Highness' Bedchamber, were handful of men, without once being insulted present. Lond. Gaz.

by the Brigands. But the moment they heard 8. At Kinnaird, the Lady of Sir David of his death, they attacked it, and got porCarnegie of Southekk, Bart. a daughter. session of it the fourth day after his inter

At Eccles, Mrs Marjoribanks, a daugh- ment. Every individual at Grenada regrets ter.

his death ; and even the negroes testified, by 9. At Mount Riddell, Mrs Riddell, a son. their grief at his funeral, that they had loft 13. Mrs Fairnie of Kilmuck, a son. their protector.

15. At Kinloch, Mrs Kinnear of Kinloch, At Bromyard, Moses Phillips, aged 105 4 fon.

years. He was by trade a basket-maker, but 22. Mrs Marjoribanks of Marjoribanks, à had served in the army during the reigns of daughter.

George I. II. and his present Majesty. h13. Mrs Fotheringham Ogilvie of Pow At Cape Nichola Mole, Lieut. Col. Boyd rie, a fon.

Manningham, of the sist regt. commandant 24. Mrs Ramsay of Barra, a daughter.

of that place. 30. At Elderflie House, the Hon. Mrs At Gibraltar, Charles Strickland, Esq; MaSpiers, a daughter.

jor of the 82d regts of foot. 31. At London, the Lady of Wm Fraser, On his passage from Madrass to Bengal, Líq; a daughter.

Mr Alexander Kellie, surgeon, second son of

Mr George Kellie, surgeon, Leith.

Jan. 1. At Edinburgh, Mrs Elizabeth In August last, at Rome, of a putrid fever, Cleghorn, widow of the late Mr Janies that celebrated artist, Mr James Durno.- Hotchkis, brewer. Prince Auguftus, Lord Wycomb, and all the 2. At Glasgow, in the goth year of her British at Rome, attended his corps to the age, Mrs Janet Fleming, relict of Mr James grave.

Scot, of Rutherglen." In October last, at Savanna La Mar, Ja. 5. At London, the Hon. Richard Fitzpamaica, Mr William Forbes, merchant there. trick.

la November last, At St Domingo, Capt. At Annan, John Irving, Esq; of Gula William Hay, of the 8 za regt. second foni of lielands, in the Soth year of his age. the Hon. William Hay, Efq; of Lawfield. 9. Angus Macalister, Efq; of Loup.

At Peterwoodsky, Madam Poulterazky, At Drynie, Wm Mackenzie, Efq; of fecond daughter of Charles Gascoigne, Esq. Pitlundy, aged 8ş years.

At Tortola, Capt. George Gordon, of the Patri Thomson, Efq; of Warwick Court, Hope of Greenock.

merchant, and formerly writer in Edinburgh, At Hampstead, Mathew Barton, Esq; Ad 8. Mathew Stewart, Esq; of Lochridge. miral of the White.

Ac Edinburgh, Miss Catherine Wil

kinson, fourth daughter of the late Thomas was an agreeable and instructive companion; Wilkinson of Barrowhill.

possessed of a vigorous and independent fpirit, At Queensferry, James Dalyleih of and of a benevolent and feeling heart, he Reddock, Eiq; in the gift year of his age. was a warm and steady friend, a lover of

At Cloleburn, Neil Ewart, Esq; of Al. public order, and an enemy to licentiousness, lershane.

on the one hand, and to tyranny, on the 9. At Edinburgh, aged 70, George Keith other. Many have surpassed Mr Jameson Marischall, Esq; of Northfieid, lineal descend - in splendid talents ; but in few has human ent heir-male of the Marischal family. Vide naturt appeared more pure and more refpeedvol. 44. P. 557:

able. II. At Edinburgh, Mrs Jean Clerk, wi 29. On board the Baffet, in the Downs, dow of the late James Smollet, Lfq; of Bou Wm Hamilton, Elq; commonly called Lord hill.

Belhaven, a Niajor in the army. His title At Londonderry, Lieut. Wood, of the was called in question ac last election, and the Fisefire fencibles.

House of Peers set aside his vote. Mr Ha12. At Edinburgh, Alexander Sinclair, Erq; milton of Wifhaw is supposed to have the of Barrock.

preferable right. 13. At Perth, Mungo Murray, Esq; of 29. At Lancaster, Mr Alexander Stevens, Kincairney.

senior, the celebrated architect. Mr John Anderson, F.R. S. S. Lond. and Edin. and Professor of Natural Philofo

: PREFERMENTS. phy in the university of Glasgow.

Lieut General Thomas Trigge, to be At Inverkeithing, Capt. James Spittal

Lieut. Governor of Gibraltar, vice O'Hara. of Blairlogie.

Major General Cornelius Cuyler, to be 14. At Schivas, Hugh Forbes, Esq; of Lieut. Governor of Portsmouth, vice Trigge. Schivas.

The Lord Advocate, Dean of the Faculty

of Advocates. 15. At Edinburgh, Walter Hunter, Esq. of Polmood.

W. Laurence Brown, D. D. Principal of At Glasgow, Mr Robert Auchincloss, the Marischal College Aberdeen, in place of merchant.

Dr Campbell, riigned. 16. Ať Camberwell, Mr David Richard

Dr Gasken at Psymouth, and Dr Stewart, fon, of Panton Square, London.

Perth, to be Fellows of the Royal College of 17. Mr Robert Williamson, formerly mer

Physicians, Edinburgh. chant in Leith.

Alexander Moire, Esq. of Scotstown, to be 19. At Dundee, Charles Lyle, Efq; of Kin. Sheriff-depute of Aberdeenshire, sice Alex. nordie.

Elphiniton, Esq. dead. 20. At Balgarvie, Mrs Robertson, of Bal

Mr John Bell, to be Minister of the parish

of Carriden. parvie. At Windsor, Major B. Douglas, of the In

Mr Hugh Macdougall, to be Minister of valids, formerly a Captain in the 37th foot. the parish of Killin. 21. At Dura, near Cusar, Miss Isabella

SEQUESTRATIONS. Menzies, eldest daughter of Dr Robert Men

Jan. 2. Alex. Grant, late vintner in Stone. zies, physician there.

haven. 23. At Dunkeld, Lady Katharine Murray,

7. Andrew Bauld, merchant, Arbroath. the infant daughter of the Duke of Athole.

15. David Carmichael, corn and cuttle deal. 24. At Musselburgh, Mrs Margaret Crich.

er in Mount turpie. ton,spouse of William Crichton, Esq. of South Carolina,

Prices, of Grain at Haddington, Jan. 29. ' 26. At Aberdeen, Charles Gordon, Esq; of Buthlaw.

Wheat, 48s. 9d. Barley, 28s. Oats, 239, 6d. 26. At Newcastle upon Tyne, in the gift Peafe, 218. Beans, 219. year of his age, the Rev. Richard Jameson, fometime minister of the Episcopal Congre- Bear-meal, 1s. 24d. Peale-meal, is.

Edinburgh, Jan. 30. Oat-meal, isa sd gation at Dumfries, and afterwards Chaplain to the English factory at Dantzig.--Mr Jame.

PRICES OF STOCKS. fon, by the advantage of a learned and fiberal education at Edinburgh, which he iniproved,

Jan. 29. during the eight years of his residence at Bank Stock 1771

17531 Dumfries, by afsiduous conversations with 3 per cent. red. 691 the late Reverend and celebrated Dr Black. 3 per cent. cons. 69 701

695 lock, acquired, a correct and elegant taste in 4 per cent. conf. 845 polite literature. Fond of moral philosophy, India Stock shut

2147 he joined practice to theory; blessed with a India Bonds os. difc.

148. dir. chearíul temper and an enlightened mind, he Lottery Tickets 141. 128. 6d. 141. gs. 6d.

Jan. 8.

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Pag. Receipts—To prepare a Sulphu

POETRY. reous Water--For making Stil The Wish

123 ton Chetle--For making Potatoe The Zodiac

Bread-For sweetening Butter 74 Ode on a College Feast Day

Account of the Life of Adam Smith, : Inscription on a bust of Addison
LL. D. concluded

75 || Address to Jurymen, by P. Pindar
Some Account of Arthur Young, Esq; 80| An Invocation
Anecdotes, &c.


The Delafions of the Heart.-A
Tale, concluded


Motion on the Walte Lands
O the Sentiments of the Soul

Labourers' Wages

of Mental Affections

Motion for Peace

of Pity

90 MONTHLY REGISTER. of the Love of Country 91 French Republic

128 Observations on the Utility of De

fioing Synonymous Terms, con Advices from different places on the


129 On the Domestic Life of a Man of Holland

96 || America

131 On the Influence of Rarity and Ex West Indies

pence in deciding Questions of


98! Stone's Trial
Original Letter hy Lord Bacon 99 | Account of the loss of the Dutton
Manuscripts of Shakespeare 100 Emperor's Answer to the Congratu-
Account of the Cinnamon tree

latory Letter of the Diet

135 An Account of the Discovery of the Incidental Occurrences

132-7 Cape of Good Hope

IO3 Obfervationson the Manners and Cul

High Commission Intelligence 137 toms of the Portuguese, concluded 106 Speech of the Lord Lieutenant on On Inclosures


opening the Irish Parliament Hiitory of Thirlage 110||Supplies

139 Topography, &c.county of Edinburgh 112


List of the different barracks in the

Brown's Elements of Medicine 117

O'niel 3 Trial

141 Morgan's Finances of G. Britain 119 Incidental occurrences,

140 -2 Chisholm on the Yellow Fever 120 |Report of the Weather, &c.


121–2||LISTS-Marriages, Births, &c. 143,-4

132 133






Sold by James Watson & Co. No 40. South Eridge ;
And by the Principal Booksellers in Town and Country,

By ALLEN & WEST, No 16. Paternoster-row;
And MARTIN & BAIN, No 184.. Fleet Street, London,



GRIND four drachms of the flowers of sulphur with an equal quantity of magnesia, in a glass mortar. Work


the mass gradually with water, to the amount of a quart, and then pour the liquid mixture into a close vessel, which may be conveniently shaken wo or three times every da for three weeks. After it has settled for two days, the liquor is to be decanted. The same ingredients will impregnate a like quantity of water, two or three times, to an equaldegree of strength. One ounce of this solution, diluted with a quart of

pure water, forms a medicine fit for use. It is an effectual remedy for the chronic rheumatism, and cutaneous disorders ; it is also useful for the scrofula and



TAKE the night's cream, and put it to the morning's new milk, with the rennet ; when the curd is come, it is not to be broke, as is done with other cheeses; but take it out with a foil-dith altogether, and place it in a fieve to drain gradually ; and, as it drains, keep graudually pressing it till it becomes firm and dry ; then place it in a wooden hoop ; afterward to be kept dry on boards, turned frequently, with cloth binders round it, which are to be tighted as occasion requires.


THE following method of making potatoe bread has been laid before the Bath Agricultural Society, of which a specimen was produced, and met with general approbation : "To any given weight of four put half that weight of potatoes. Let the potatoes be well boiled, peeled, and mashed ; mix them up with flour, while warm ; then add the yeast, and proceed as in the common method of making bread : observing to make the bread as dry as possible.”


AS butter is very apt to be tinctured with a turpip taste at this season, when cattle is much fed on that root, the following method to sweeten it, may be

acceptable to country readers,

“ Put into your cream-pot, a piece of falt-perre : put your cream upon it daily, as it is skimmed off your milk, and stir it up as usual. Every time you clean out your cream-pot, to churn, supply it with the like quantity of falt-petre, A piece the size of a nutmeg, is sufficient for a quantity of cream that will produce fix pounds of butter : and so in proportion for a larger or smaller quantity



For FEBRUARY 1796.

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BOUT two years after the publi- Douglas, (who formerly had been a

cation of “ The Wealth of Na member of his family at Glasgow, and suns, Mr Smith was appointed one of for whom he had always felt the affecthe Commissioners of his Majesty's Cuf- tion of a brother,) while the divided ons in Scotland ; a preferment which, with him those tender attentions which on his estimation, derived an additional her aunt's infirmities required, relieved Taive from its being bestowed on him at him of a charge for which he was pecuthe requelt of the Duke of Buccleugh. liarly ill qualified, by her friendly fuperThe greater part of these two years he intendence of his domestic economy. pied at London, in a society too exten The accession to his income which five and varied to afford him any oppor- his new office brought him, erabled him traity of indulging his taste for ftudy. to gratify, to a much greater extent than His ume, however, was not loft to him. his former circumstances admitted of, felf; for much of it was spent with some the natural generofily of his disposition ; c: the first names in English literature. and the state of his funds at the time of Of these no unfavourable specimen is his death, compared with his very mopreferred by Dr Barnard, in his well derate establishment, confirmed, beyond koowo versés addrefled to Sir Joshua a doubt, what his intimate acquaintanReynolds and his friends :

ces had often suspected, that a large proIf I have thoughts and can't express 'em,

portion of his annual savings was allotGibbon shall teach me how to dress 'em,

ted to offices of secret charity. A smail, In words select and terse;

but excellent library, which he had graJenes teach me modefty and Greek, dually formed with great judgeinent in Smith how to think, Burke how to speak, the sélection ; and a simple, though hoAnd Beauclerc to converse.

spitable table, where, without the for. In consequence of Mr Smith's ap- mality of an invitation, he was always pornement to the Buard of Customs, he happy to receive his friends, were the sen ored, in 1778, to Edinburgh, where only expences that could be considered

ipent the last twelve years of his life; as his own. ti ving an affluence which was more The change in his habits which his thang equal to all his wants ; and what removal to Edinburgh produced, was to as to him of fill greater value, the not equally favourable to his literary it fruct of palling the remainder of his pursuits. The duties of his cffice, dramong the companions of his youth. though they required but little exertion

His mother, who, though now in ex- of thought, were yet fufficient to walie meme old


Mill poffefied a consider. his spirits and dilipate his attention ; wie d.gree of health, and retained all and now that his carreer is closed, it is ter fcculies uniin paired, accompanied impossible to reflict on the time they corI to town; and his coulin Miss Jane fumed, without lamenting that they had

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