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Liel. 'By this means General Merfeld war, destined for the purpose of retaking was enabled to establish a communica. this settlement. tion near Fenerbach with General La Having made every arrangement with Tour's left. The enemy was now alfo in my means, by the eftablishment of a driven from the village of Candern. small post, and the laying the road by a

General Nauendorf's corps had been sufficient number of the few men' which in inarch all night, and, owing to the I, had been able to mount, for watching extreme badness of the roads in the Saldanha Bay, I received a report on the mountains, (rendered almost impassable) 3d inftant, transmitted in 14 hours, that had not been able to commence its real 9 ships had appeared off the coast on the attack till two o'clock; so that it was preceding afternoon, which I immedilate in the afternoon before it succeeded ately communicated to Vice-Admiral as far as I have mentioned. An extreme Sir G. K. Eiphinstone. By the same res thick mist, followed by a violent storm, port, there appeared to be the ftrongest which lasted till dark, put an end to the probability that his Majesty's brig the action.

Hope had been captured by them, and The enemy, finding that the opera- as there was no farther account of them tions of the day had completely prepared the next day, I concluded that the inthe way for an attack upon the heights formation which they had received, by of Tannefkirchen, (which was to have that means, of our strength here, had taken place this morning) did not chufc induced them to continue their route, to await it, but retreated in the night, and that they would stand far to the His rear guard quitted the heights be: westward before they doubled the Cape, hind Schlingen about four o'clock this to avoid Sir George's fleet, which had morning, and he appears to be retiring put to fea as soon as poffible after the towards his Tete-de-Pont at Huningen. receipt of the intelligence. I have the honour to be, &c.

In order, however, to omit no preR. CRAUFURD. caution, I sent up Lieutenant M'Nab, Head-quarters, Mappach, 08. 27. with a few mounted men, to watch the MY LORD, I have the honour to in. Bay more narrowly; and from him I form your Lordship, that in the course received a report, on Saturday night the of last night General Moreau's army re- 6th inftant, at twelve o'clock, that the treated across the Rhine at Huningen. same number of ships which had former

The last of his rear guard was this ly been reported, had anchored that morning fill on the heights of Weiller, morning in the Bay, and there was no on which he had constructed a large and doubt of their being enemies. I loft not folid work; but after a skirmising with a moment in fending directions to Sithe hussars, they evacuated the height mon's Town, from whence, by the geand redoubt before any infantry could neral willingness and activity which precome up; and nothing now remains on vailed amongst all ranks, five vefsels were this fide the river but a few troops in a dispatched by nine o'clock, in quest of small Tete-de-pont, behind which is a 'the Admiral; with the information. kind of horn-work, lately constructed As it fortunately happened that the on the island, called Shueter Insel. I 25th and 27th light dragoons, with part have the honour to be, &c.

of the 19th, and the whole of the 3311 R. CRAUFURD. regiments, were in Simon's Bay, I could Parliament-Street, Nov. 3. be under no apprehension for the safety A dispatch, of which the foll wing is a of the colony, froin any force which

copy, was this day received by the could be landed from nine ships of war. Rt Hon. Henry Dundas, from Major It becamé, however, an object of inGeneral Craig, commanding his Ma-' finite importance to the welfare of the jesty's troops at the Cape of Good fettlement, to prevent any body of the Hope, dated camp on the fhore of Sal- enemy from throwing themselves into danha Bay, Aug. 19.

the country. At the fame time the se Sir, I have great fatisfaction in re- curity of the Cape Town became an obporting to you the event of an attempt jed of particular attention, both from which has been made by the enemy, the reafonabie expectation, that the eneand which has terminated to the honour my would not have come with such a of lis Majesty's arms, in the entire cap- force without a prospect of a junction ture of the squadron of Dutch thips of with some other armament, and from


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the possibility of the Admiral being pre- of the bay, to see him, with all his fails venied from doubling the Cape by the crowded, advancing with a fair wind dinorth-westerly winds which usually pre- rectly to the mouth of the harbour, yail at this seafon, and which would though still at fome distance. One of carry the enemy in fix hours from Sal- the enemy's frigates, which lay near danha to Table Bay. It was therefore the shore to cover their watering, canwith particular satisfaction that I found nonaded us very briskly as we defcended myself pofseffed of a force adequate to the heights, though without effect, and both these objects.

we returned their fire with as little, No time was lost in making the ne. having at that time only three pounders cessary arrangements in a country totally with us; but a howitzer being brought, unused to a movement of this nature. shells were thrown with great effect and The troops began their march on Sun- precision by Captain Robertfon, who day morning, necessarily by divisions, would probably foon have destroyed on account of subsistence. The Burgher her; but perceiving that our fleet was Senate was afle mbled, to whom I com- then entering the bay, and that there municated my intentions, to which they was no possibility of her escaping, I deexpressed the most ready compliance. fifted from firing, thinking it more for Waggons were every where demanded his Majesty's interest that she should by them, and furnished with chearful- share the fate of the remainder of the ness. Cavalry was necessary, but the squadron, the capture of which appearappointments of the 28th were on board ed to me to be inevitable, than that we a thip which had failed in quest of the should risk the destroying her, from a Admiral. Those of the 25th were also vain punctilio of obliging her to strike on board a ship in Simon's Bay, and to us. We then employed ourselves in we had not above fifty horses. The making the necessary dispositions for afappointments were bought up, and I fording such affilaxe as might be in did not scruple, on such an occasion, to our power, in the event of the obttinacy require all faddle-horses, without exem- of the enemy obliging the Admiral to tion, to be brought in, which were va attack them, as well as such as would lued by two members of the court of be expedient, in case they should run justice, and two officers of the 28th their ihips on fhore, neither of which, dragoons, and paid for on the spot, to however, I thought probable. I was acthe entire satisfaction of the owners. cordingly informed, by a letter from Sir

By these means, Sir, leaving Major. George the foilowing morning, that the General Doyle in the command of the whole had surrendered themselves to him. troops at and about Cape Town, a- The means by which this event has mounting to near 4000 men, and Bri. been accomplished, Sir, has not afforded gadier-General Campbell in the imme- any opportunity to his Majefty's troops diate command of the town, I, on the of displaying that bravery in his service, morning of the 16th instant, reached which I am confident they would have Saldanha Bay, at the head of the ad- fewn, had the occasion presented itself: vanced guard, consisting of the light in- But if the utmost alacrity and cheerfulfantry, a body of Hottentots, and fifty ness, under almost every privation, exof the 25th light dragoons, aflifted by cept that of meat, during a march of Brigadier-General M-Kenzie. The re- ninety miles, through fo barren a counmainder of whose corps, consisting of try that there were but five houses in the grenadiers, the 78th and 80th batta. the whole line, have any merit, I can lions, fifty more of the 25th, and one with truth present them to his Majesty's hundred of the 28th light dragoons, in notice. all about 2500 men, with two howitzers This march, Sir, has never yet, I be. and nine field pieces, arrived there also lieve, been attempted by any body of in an hour after.

troops, however finall, and permit me In the mean time the Admiral had to assure you, has been attended with returned to False Bay, and on there re- such uncommon difficulties, that it neceiving the firit accounts of the enemy ver could have been accomplished but being in Saldanha Bay, had put to sea by the display of the qualities I have again with the utmost expeditions and mentioned in the troops, and an union of we had the satisfaction, from the heights extraordinary exertions in all the defrom whence we descended to the thores partments concerned. In these all have

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equal claim to my acknowledgments; nying detail of the proceedings of the but I cannot dispense with particularize squadron * from the 4th to the 18th init. ing the intelligence and a&tivity with and I hope the Lords Commissioners of which, regardless of the uncommon fa. the Admiralty will approve the measures tigue which attended it, Lieut. M‘Nab I have taken, so effential to the British of the 98th regiment, with about twenty commercial interefts in the East. of his mounted men, performed the fer- The ships are all coppered, and in vice allotted to him, of watching the e- good condition, except the Castor, whose nemy, and preventing any communica- rudder is defetiye. tion with them, from the first moment In justice to the officers and men I of their coming into the bay, till our ar- have the honour to command, it is my rival.

duty to observe, that, in consequence of It is, Sir, with very particular satis- the most violent tempestuous weather ! faction that I have further to report, ever beheld, and the very unpleasant fi

. that I have received, on this occasion, tuations in which the squadron was at every posible affiftance from his Majef times placed, they cheerfully, and much ty's subjects of the colony.

to their credit, underwent a degree of The Burgher Senate have discharged fatigue hurdly credible. the duty imposed upon them with the Capt. Aylmer will have the honour of greatest readiness, impartiality, and ac- presenting these dispatches. I beg leave tivity, whilst their requisitions and or to mention him to their Lordships, as a ders on the inhabitants for their wag- refpectable gentleman, and an active -ofgons, cattle, and horses, have been com. ficer. I have the honour to be, &c. plied with, with a cheerfulness which

G. K. ELPHINSTONE. could, I am fatisfied, only proceed from [Follows the detail of the proceedings a conviction of the preference to be gië of the squadron, and the articles of ca. ven to his Majesty's mild and paternal pitulation.] government, over the wild system of anarchy and confusion from which they were K. Elphinstone ; Tremendous, 74 guns, Rear

* Monarch, 74 guns, Vice-Admiral Sir G. furnishing the means of being effectually Admiral Thomas Pringle; America, 64 guns, defended. This will be delivered to you, Sir, by Ruby, 64 guns; Sceptre, 64 guns ; Trident


Commodore John Blankett; Stately, 64 guns; my Aide-de-Camp, Capt. Baynes, who 64 guns ; Jupiter, so guns; Crescent, 36 has been in this country since the first guns; Sphynx, 24 guns; Moselle, 16 guns arrival of his Majesty's troops under my Rattlesnake, 16 guns; Echo, 16 guns; and command, and to whose intelligent and Hope floop. active affistance I have been on every occasion highly indebted. I beg leave, Sir,

List of the Dutch Squadron.

Seanien most humbly to' recommend him to bis Majesty's notice. I have the honour to Sbips names. Commanders.

Troops. be, &c.

Admiralty-office, Nov. 3.

Dordrecht, Rear-Adm. Lucas, 66 370 Dispatches, of which the following are

Revolution, Capt. Rhnebendd, 66 400

Adm. Tromp, copies (brought by Capt. John Ayl

Valkenburg, 54 280 Casthor,


44 240 mer, of his Majesty's ship Tremen. Braave,

Zoetmans, 40 230 dous), were this day received from the


Valk, Hon. Vice-Admiral Sir George Keith Sirene,

De Cerf,

26 136 Elphinstone, K. B.




74 Monarch, Saldanba Bay, Aug. 19. Maria, (storeship) SIR, I have the honour to inclofe a list of a Dutch squadron, under the com

Total 342 1972 mand of Rear-Admiral Engelbertus Lu. cas, fent hither for the reduction of this Naval Captures this Month. colony, but which were compelled to

Le Vatour privateer, of 9 guns, and furrender by capitulation, on the 17th 78 men, by the Dryad frigate. inft. to the detachment of his Majesty's

A French corvette, of 20 guns, by ships under my command, on the terms Admiral Colpoys' squadron. also inclosed. For further particulars I

A French corvette, of 18 guns, taken, beg leave to refer you to the accompa and another of the same force run on


Guns and

2S 130



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Thore on the French coast, by a squadron

LONDON of frigates under the command of Capt. Orders are issued for the Court's going Moore of the Melampus.

into mourning for the late King of Sara A French privateer of 12 guns, by a dinia. He was born the 26th of June squadron of frigates under Sir J. B. War. 1726, and ascended the throne on the

20th of February 1773. He married in (Nov. 21. The Gazette of this day, 1750 Maria Antoinetta Ferdinanda of contains a letter from Captain Bower of Spain, who died in 1785. The Prince the Terpsichore, giving an account of the of Piedmont, who succeeds him, was capture of the Spanish frigate Mahone- born on the 24th of May 1751. sa, in the Mediterranean, on the 13th

The Company of rank who honoured: O&tober, after a smart action, without the Lord Mayor with their attendance at the loss of a man. She is reckoned the Guildhall on Lord Mayor's day, were exfinest frigate in the Spanish navy, had tremely numerous; among whom were about 60 killed and wounded in the his Royal Highness the Duke of York, action. We are sorry our limits will and the principal officers of the army not admit the infertion of the account of now in the kingdom, with all the Judges this fpirited and well-conducted action.) and the leading statesmen of both parties. (End of the Gazettes.)

Mr Pitt's coach was pelted with mud!
--Six fellows were taken into custody.

Nov. 3. A general Court was held at

the East India House, for the purpose of Nov. 28. Though we have not been taking into further confideration the folable to insert the whole of the corres: lowing adjourned question :-" That an pondence hitherto made public, which application be inade to Parliament, for has passed between Lord Malmsbury leave to increase farther the capital Rock and Delacroix, the French minister for of this Company two millions, at such foreign affairs, yet nothing material has times, and at fuch rates, as the Court of taken place, posterior to the letters page Directors may see proper, with the con760. The negociation appears, at pre- fent of the Lords of his Majesty's Treasent, to be at a stand.

fury. And that the powers vested in the The Austrians after having driven the

Company to issue bonds thall be redu. French across the Rhine, have laid fiege ced, as the capital stock of the Comto Kehl and Huninguen, with a great pany shall be increased; that is to say, force.

if the Company Shall have occasion to In Italy it appears that General Wurm- add one million of capital to their stock, fer has made several successful forties the power of issuing bonds on the part from Mautua, and still keeps Buona- of the Company, shall be reduced from parte at defiance. It is highly probable, three millions to two millions, and to that the supplies from Germany will in proportion.”—After a debate of fix by this time have reached him.

hours, the question was unanimously The treaty of peace with the Pope agreed to. experiences the greatest difficulties. A

On the 12th of Nov. the British Cabi. Congress had been established at Flo

net issued orders for granting letters of rence; but the Pope is afraid of com

'marque to British fubjects, to make reprising his infallibility, and will not re- prisals upon Spain and her subjects. peal the briefs relative to France. The

The French squadron, under the comCardinal Goleppi carried to Rome the mand of Richery, which had been so conditions imposed by the Directory, long blocked up in Cadiz, failed along which the Pope rejected.

with the Spanish fieet, on their declaraNo official accounts have been pub- ration of war againīt this country, for lished regarding the evacuation of Corii. Newfoundland, where they are said to ca. By letters from General Gentili to have committed great depradations. the French commissioners in Italy, dated They have fince arrived of France, hav, O&ober 15, we are informed, that the ing escaped the different British squaFrench had landed and taken Bastia with drons cruizing in the Bay of Biscay. between 800 and 900 prisoners, conliling

17. Two more powder mills, near principally of emigrants; that Sir G. Whitten, on Hounslow Heath, blew up, Elliot the Viceroy had taken refuge in and five men belonging to them unfor Porto Ferrajo, with the troops which tunately loft their lives by the explofion, escaped from Bastia.


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An experiment was lately made in

HRELAND. Hyde park before the Duke of York,

The Irish seem not to be animated at &c. of a carriage on a new construction, large with that loyalty, so confpicufor the conveyance of troops from place ous in the people of this country, in preto place. This machine is fo contrived paring to oppose the designs of the as to be able to carry 50 men above, and French to invade these kingdoms. Withtheir arms, baggage, &c. below; it will out going into a detail of particulars we travel nearly as fast as a stage coach, and shall insert the proclamation of Lord afforded fatisfaction in the experiment. Camden: A trial has also been made at Lime.

CAMDEN, house, before a number of military of- Whereas we have received informa. ficers, of a new invented gun carriage, tion that divers ill-affected persons have calculated to produce a considerable entered into illegal and treasonable af faving in the number of men neceffary fociations in several parts of the counties to work the guns. Its motion of traverf. of Antrim, Down, Tyrone, Londondering is so dextrous, that it may be always ry, and Armagh, to fábvert the establishbrought to the fide, and loaded on board, ed government of the kingdom, and for which prevents the men from being ex. effecling such their treasonable purposes, posed to small shot.

have assassinated divers of his Majesty's The sympathy of the people of New- faithful and loyal subjects, and have en. castle to the French emigrant clergy con- deavoured, and threaten to assaffinate, tinues to be generously displayed, by all others who shall endeavour to detect rendering their fituation as comfortable or suppress their treason; and in further to them as pollible.

prosecution of their designs, have en, From the East Indies we have the & deavoured to deter his Majesty's loyal greeable intelligence of the furrender of subjects from enrolling themselves, under Åmboyna and Banda, with their several Oficers commisjoned by his Majesty, dependencies, to Admiral Rainier, with. for the defence of this kingdom, during out the smallest lots. The accounts from the present war, by maiming and def. the Gazette will appear in next number. troying their cattie, and by assaulting

and wantonly wounding one perfon, aThe following are the precise terms vowedly because he had enrolled him. proposed by Mr Pitt, for raising the sum felf, and by threatening aflaflination a. of Eighteen Millions by subscription. gainst all persons who should fo enrol Every fubfcriber of 100l. to receive a de. themselves; and, in further prosecution bentúre of 110l. payable in four years, of such their purpose, have, by felonious or in the option of government at any and other illegal means, endeavoured shorter period, not less than one year secretly to procure ammunition and oafter the conclusion of the peace. The ther warlike fores; and particularly that amount to be paid in money; or, at the several evil disposed persons broke into option of the holder in three per cents. one of his Majetty's fores in the town stock, which at that period may be esti- of Belfift, in the county of Antrim, and mated at 95. The interest at 5 per cent. thereout took and carried away ten baron the debenture of 110l. to be paid dur. rels of gunpowder: And whereas we ing the interval, half yearly. One fourth have also received information, that on of the debenture to be transferable after Tuesday the 1st of November insi, a conthe second payment, but not till then. fiderable number of armed men, alloAt any subsequent time before repay- ciated in the aforesaid treasonable crne ment, every debenture of no. may be fpiracies, entered the town of Stewartsexchanged for 10sl. capital, of five per town, in the county of Tyrone, and cut cents, irredeemable for four years, or and maimed several of the peaceable intill one year after the conclusion of a habitants of the said town, who had repeace, and then to be paid, in the op- fused to join in their associations, and tion of the holder, either in money or in who had agreed to enrol themfelves in three per cents. ftock, as before, at the

corps, under officers to be commifprice of the day. The first payment to fioned by bis Majesty, for the preservabe made on the 16th of December, the tion of the public peace, and for lhe proremaining instalments to be paid be- tection of the kingdom against foreign tween the months of March and October, invasion: And whereas we have also re1997

ceived information, that in further pro



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