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marque and

secution of the said treasonable purposes

EDINBURGH. many large bodies of men have affembled

His Majesty's order in Council, issued and arrayed themselves, and marched for granting letters of

gene. in military order, and with military mural reprisais against the Spaniards, was fic, through several parts of the said dis. read at the Crofs with the ulual forma, tricts, under the pretence of saving corn, lities. and digging potatoes, (though they far The passage boat from Leith to Kirk. exceeded the numbers necessary to be caldy, in attempting to make Kirkcaldy employed in such services), to the very harbour, got on the rocks to the eastgreat terror of the loyal and faithful ward, and foon after went to pieces, fubjects of his Majefty: And whereas All on board were faved, but goods to a fuch treasonable outrages have caused considerable amount were, loft. well grounded alarms in the minds of The fishermen of Newhaven, to the his Majesty's faithful subjects, and are number of 59, have addresied a very of the most dangerous and pernicious patriotic and spirited letter to the Lord tendency :--Now we, the Lord Lieu. Provoft, making a tender of their services tenant and Privy Council, being deter- on board any of his Majesty's ships of mined to maintain the public peace, war or gun boats, on the station of the and to afford protection to all his Ma- Frith of Forth, in case of an invasion, jesty's loyal subjects, and immediately At a meeting of the justices of peace and and effectually to exercise all powers heretors of Mid Lothian, a medal was with which the Constitution has invested voted to them as a mark of the sense the us for these purposes, do forewarn all county had of their bravery and public persons of the danger they may incur, fpirit. and, on their allegiance, charge them to 17. This day Robert Cullen, Esq; Addefist from such treafonable practices: vocate, after going through the usual And we do hereby ftriatly charge and probationary trials, took his seat on the command all Mayors, Sheriffs, Juftices bench of the Court of Session, under the of the Peace, and other Peace Oficers, title of Lord Cullen. and all officers civil and military in this On the evening of the 19th, four pri. kingdom, and all other his Majefty's soners made their efcape from jail, by loving subjects, as they tender their al- digging a hole through the wall. One legiance to his Majesty, and their own of them, A. Mitchell, pretended lunacy safety, to use their best endeavours to fome days before. He was put into a prevent, and where that cannot be done, strait waistcoat, which, against next to discover and bring to justice those con- morming, he found means to tear to cerned in the aforesaid practices; and to pieces. He was next handcuffed ; these prevent and disperle all treasonable, se- he twisted and broke off; then he was. ditious, or unlawful assemblies; the ne, fastened to the long bar, which be likecessary orders having been already issued wife tore up. to the several officers of his Majesty's Lady Elliot and family arrived from forces in this kingdom, to be aiding and Corsica, in the Gorgon frigate'. They aflisting to the civil magistrates in the left Corsica on the 4th ult. Sir Gilbert execution of their duties for that pur- remains at Porto Ferrajo. pose. Given at the Council Chamber 25. This day the Magistrates raised in Dublin, the 6th day of November the price of bread, wheậtën, 9 d. house-. 1796.

hold, 711.

26. A man was rode over in the Cowe The French, it appears, lay great gate by a cart last night in a state of instress on the disaffected spirit of the Irish. toxication, and died this morning. He The insurrection of Ireland (say their was a black sinith by trade. newspapers) which turns upon England hericif the disasters of civil war, which Jamieson' and Co. v. Laurie and Co. The maintained, during three years, on reversed, cxcept in the instance of the the blood-stained soil of La Vendee, muít interlocutor of the inth of December fix the attention of Europe. It may be 1772, which related principally to the productive cf'incalculable consequences; article of demarrage perhaps the peace of France depends Mr Grant's trustees and executors,

v. Douglas, Heron, and Company :-The point determined by this appeal is



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of considerable importance. The res- Dumfries

7 Queensferry pondents brought an action, in the Court Lochmaben

Bo-ness of Session, against the appellants, for pay- Sanquhar 2 Lanarkthire 71 ment of a debt they claimed from the Moffat

Glasgow, &c. 71 estate of the late Mr Grant. There were Dumbartonshire 21 Hamilton

3 various objections stated, and all of them Dumbarton

Lanark over-ruled by the Court of Session. In Kirkintilloch' Ruthergien particular, it was argued, that the ap. Edinburghshire 80 Strathaven pellants, executors appointed by, and Edinburgh 80 Airdry acting under an English will proved in Dalkieth 5 Nairnshire

7 England, and over an estate governed Musselburgh &c.7 Nairn by the laws of England, could not be Elginshire 37 Orkney called upon in the Court of Seflion to Elgin


Kirkwall account for their actings, as they were Forres

3 Shetland

19 bound to account in the Courts of Eng. Fifeshire


Lerwick land only, where alone the executors Cupar


Stromness could be discharged of their trust, and Dumfermline 8 Peebles hire in which country the whole creditors Inverkcithing Peebles

3 might be made parties to a fuit. The Burntilland 2 Perthshire

160 House of Lords, after hearing counsel, Kinghorn


24 on the motion of the Lord Chancellor, Kirkcaldy 5

Culrofs reversed all the interlocutors of the Court Dyfart

3 Dunkeld of Seffion, excepting that part of an in- Anfiruther, E. Crieff

4 terlocutor which found, that, in the pre- Anftruther, W. 1 Dumblane fcription of bills, the last day of grace



Auchterarder must be taken as the day of payment :


Alyth leaving it to the respondents to institute

Pittenweem 2 Renfrewshire a claim in a competent way against the St Andrew's


Renfrew executors of Mr Grant.-Counsel for the Leven, &c. 2 Paisley, &c. 18 appellants, the Lord Advocate and Mr Lesly, &c. Port-Glasgow 2 Dallas ; Solicitor, Mr Campbell. For Newburgh

Greenock 16 the respondents, Meff. Grant and Anf. Forfarshire

70 Rossshire

49 truther; Solicitor, Mr Spottiswoode. Brechin


Dundee The following is an accurate statement of

33 Dingwall Forfar

4 Fortrose the proportions of the 15,000 men to be

Montrose Ś Stornaway raised for the army and navy, in the

Arbroath counties, burghs, &c. of Scotland:

Roxburghshire 43 Kirrymuir


3 Aberdeenshire 154 Eyemouth

Cupar-Angus Jedburgh

5 Aberdeen

I Haddingtonihire 38 Hawick

Haddington 5


Dunbar 4 Selkirkshire
Peterhead Banffshire
53 North Berwick 2 Selkirk

3 Frasersburgh Banff

3 Prestonpans Galashiels Old Meldrum Cullen

I Invernessshire 72 Stirlingshire

I Inverness

14 Stirling 7 Ayrshire 81 Keith

2 Kinrossfhire 6 Falkirk Ayr 5 Fochabers



I Kincardinethire


35 Kilmarnock Caithnershire 24 Inverbervie Dornock Beith


3 Kirkcudbright Wigtonshire 18 Stewarton


Stewartry 28

Argyleshire 87 Cromartyshire Kirkcudbright 3 Whitehorn
Inveraray 3

New Galloway I Newt. Douglas 2
Campbletown 6 Clackmananshire 3 Castle Douglas 1 Stranraer
9 Clackmanan

Gatehouse Rothsay 3



Total 2093 Berwickshire 33 Dumfriesshire

43 Linlithgowshire 17



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The weather has been tolerably mild, dest danghter of Mr Robert Newbigging, and very favourable for the husbandry writer in Lanark. during the whole of the month. In Mid- The Rev. Alexander Forrester, minister of Lothian rain would have been of service; the gospel at Linton, to Miss Charlotte many places have suffered for want of M'Caul, daughter of the Rev. Dr M'Caul, water. The markets are high for the one of the Ministers of Glasgow. season, beef and mutton 4d. and sd. per

O&. 8. At Portsmouth, George Johnstones 1b. pork 6d. veal 7d. eggs is. per dozen. M.D. to Miss Meik, eldest daughter of Dr Fish rather scarce, excepting the herrings, Meik, King's Physician to the town and garwhich are 8 for a penny:

-In Eng

rison of Portsmouth. land, the wheat season has so long conti

10. At Whitehouse, Mr Adam Rolland, nued fine, that a much larger breadth W. S. to Miss Anne Newbigging, daughtec has been fown throughout the kingdom

of Mr Newbigging. than was expected: The early plants on of Sir John Stanley, of Aderley, Bart. to the

11. John Thomas Stanley, Esq; eldest son tender foils have, as is usual in mild open Hon. Miss Holroyd, daughter of the Right weather, been touched in some places Hon. Lord Sheffield. with the sug: but sheep treading, or Charles Lyell, Efq; of Kinordie, to heavy rolling, has checked the mischief, Miss Smith, daughter of Thomas Smith, where good husbandry prevails : The Esq; of St Martin's Lane, London. wheats later fown, however, plant more 18. Capt. Scarth, of the Princess of Wales' regularly, and have at present the fairer light dragoons, to Miss Eliza Johnston, of promise. The mice in the eastern dif- Dumfries. trict still continue their devastations, and James Stewart, Efq; of Carfin, mera do great damage to the new sown corn, chant in London, to Miss Sword of Glasgow. particularly clover leys not closely rolled Capt. Donald Cameron, of the Lochadown. Oats are found to rise abundant- ber G. Volunteers, to Miss J. G. Cochran, ly, and the barleys prove a good average daughter of Capt. Cochran, of the Invalids, crop, but the quality is in general course. Fort William. From the abundance of latter grass, 19. James Edmonstone, Esq; of Newton, the continuing growth of turnips and to Miss Barbara Seton, daughter of the decole seeds, and the prospect of plenty of ceased Sir Henry Seton, Bt. sye, tares, and other spring feed, hay

20. Mr Wm Callander, writer in Edin: is falling daily in price.--In the wool burgh, to Mifs Barbara Davidson ughter trade nothing material has been done of the late Mr John Davidson, Dalmeny. fince the last report. The hop-planters

22. Francis Grahame, Esq; of Morphiae, complain of the number of dead-hills,

to Miss Marion Hutchison, daughter of Dr and the scarcity of sets to replace them: James Hutchison of Drumore. Lean stock of all kinds, except in small

24. Mr James Young, writer in Edinlots, is hardly to be procured for mo

burgh, to Miss Magdalane Webster, daughs

ter of Mr Robert Webiter, at Mains of Errol ney; the principal graziers of Leicesterfhire and Buckinghamshire have lately of Naval Works, to Miss Sophia Fordyce,

26. General Bentham, Surveyor General bought in their best oxen at little short daughter of Dr Fordyce, of Ellex street, of 3s. per fone.


Nov. I. At Dundee, James Allardice, Efq; LISTS.

of the island of St Vincent's, to Miss Sufanna Keith, daughter of James Keith, Esq; Collec

tor of Excise, Dundee. MARRIAGES.

2. John Span, Esq; merchant in Bristol, to At Petersburgh the King of Sweden to the Miss Munro, of Granada, with a fortune of Princess Alexandrina daughter of the Grand 40,00cl. Duke of Russia.

James Connell, Esq; of Madras, to Miss Ac Rotterdam, Mr John Jay, merchant in Janet Ferrier, daughter of Mr James Ferrier, that city, to Miss Heien Livingston, daugh- W. S. ter of the late Alexander Livingston, Esq; of At Drum (heugh, Carr, Esq; of Aberdeen.

Leeds, to Miss Erskine, daughter of the late Sir Thomas Gage, Bt. to Miss Charlotte Lord Alva. Campbell, coufin to Lord Cawdor.

8. Capt. Barclay, of the West Lowland Dr Gregory, physician in Edinburgh, to Fencibles, to Miss Kesterman, daughter of the Miss Isabella Macleod, daughter of Donald late Wm Kestorman, Esq; Macleod, Esq; of Geanies.

12. Capt. James Floyer Erskine, of the Sept. 27. The Rev. Wm Menzies, minif- Scotch Brigade, to Miss Shairp of Hoddam. ter of Lanark, to Miss Jane Newbigging, sla 13. At London, Capt. J. C. Mitchell, of

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the East India Company's service, to Miss At Kirkoswald, Cumberland, Mary Threl. Harriet Vaughan.

keld, aged 97. She supported herfelf by la. 18. Mr John Taylor, Attorney in Exche- bour to the lift. quer, to Miss Margaret Feild, daughter of the At Little Berkhamstead, Herts, Jane Col. late James Feild, M. D. of Peterfburgh, Vir- lins, aged 102, a poor industrious widow, ginia.

who, a very few days before her death, walk. BIRTHS.

ed 4 miles, carrying a baiket of vegetables o&. 12. Mrs Elliot of Borthwick-brae, a

below her arm. son.

Sept. 1. At Dreghorn house, Mrs Trotter, 13. At Invergowrie house, Mrs Charles relict of Archibald Trotter, Esq; of Bush. Stewart, a lon.

At Dundee, John Haliburton, Esq: of Mrs Oswald of Auchincruive, a fon,

Muirtow'n, Inspector General of his Majet26. The Counters of Breadalbane, a son.

ty's Stamp Duties in Scotland. 27. Mrs Anderson of St Germains, a son.

2. At Leith fort, Lieat. John. Foggo, of Nov. 4. Mrs Gray of Carse, a son.

the royal artillery: 7. Mrs Browning, wife of Capt. Browning,

3. At Greenhill

, Miss Katharine Watof the Cambridgeshire light dragoons, of a fon. son, daughter of the late Dr Watson, Prin

9. Mrs Forbes Mitehell of Thainston, a cipal of the United College of St Andrews. Son.

4. At Barracky in her soth year, Mrs 16. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Sir S. Gordon, relict of Alexander Gordon, Efq; of

Barrack. Egerton Licgh, a fon. 24. Mrs Hawthorn Stewart of Physgall, a

7. At London, John Mofsman, Esq; of

Canaan. fon.

27. Mrs Mackay of Scotitoun, a son. 9. At Alva, Mr Robert Willon, late of 30. Mrs Macdowall Grant, a fon.. Park, in the 94th year of his age.

11. Capt. Wni Brisbane, son of Admiral DEATHS.

Brisbane, and late of the Aurora. At Jamaica, Brigadier General Stephen 12. Miss Eleonora St Clair, only daugh. Howe, Colonel of the first West India regi- ter of the late-Andrew St Clair, Efq; of Her. ment, and M. P. for Yarmouth.

mandston. On his paffage to the West Indies, Major At Fort George, Dr John Maclaren. R. H. Malcolm, of the 27th regiment. - At Bath, Benjamin Roebuck, Esq; late

On kis paffage home from the West Indies, merchant in Sheffield. Cape. Alexander Stewart, of the 54th regi- 13. The Hon. 'l'homas Lyon, brother of ment.

the late, and uncle of the present Earl, of Lately at Bath, Captain Wm Watson, aged Strathmore. 70. He signalized himself much during the 14. Sir Alexander Mackenzie, Bart, of American war, and took no leis than 127 Coul, Major-General in the service of the prizes from the enemy.

East India Company. At Bermuda, Mifs Crauford, only daughter 15: At London, Colonel Archibald of the late Patrick Craufurd of Auchinames, Campbell

, late of the ad 'battalion of the Esq; by Sarah, eldest daughter of the Right royals. Hon. Hugh rith Lord Semple, deceafed. 16. At Edinburgh, Lauchlan Madavisn,

At Bermuda, of the yellow fever, Mr James Esq; Deputy Surveyor of the Window Tas, Dalrymple, Midshipman on board the Thetis and an Ensign in the regiment of Royal Edin. frigate, second 'fon of Sir John Dalrymple, burgh Volunteers. He was interred with miliBt. one of the Barons of the Exchequer in tary honours; most of the corps attended the Scatland.

funeral. In America, Mr John Milter Advocate. 19. At Kilmarnock, Dr William Morris

In the West Indies, Brig. Gen. Archibald aged 85. Campbell.

20. At Kenfington, John Ford, Esq; ViceLately, at Bridgenorth, Shopshire, David Admiral of the Blue. Caldwell, at the advanced age of 107 years. 22. At Fareham, near Portsmouth, the Rt He was born in the army, in the fhire of Ayr, Hon. James Lord Cranstoun, a Captain in the and served as a drunimer in the reign of King Royal Navy, and Captain General of GreWilliam, and a soldier under Queen Anne. nada, in the 42d year of his age. He marHe had resided at Bridgenorth for the last 70 ried in 1792 Miss Elizabeth Montolicu, After years of his life, and retained his faculties to of Lüly Elibank. Having no issue, he is sucthe last day of his life.

ceeded by his brother George, a Lieutenant - Lately, Anne Keighly, aged 100, of Hun. Colonel in the army. flet, near Leeds. She was mother, grand- 25. Miss Margaret Carnegie, eldest daughmother, and great-grand-mother of 253 chil- ter of the late Alexander Carnegie, Efq; of dren. She was carried to the grave by 12 Balnamood, in the 83d year of her age. great grand-children, and near 100 attended 29. At Edinburgh, Mr John Medina,


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John Medina, an eminent historical and por- Philofophy in the University of Glafgow, in trait painter in this country in the end of last the $7th year of his age. His claborate and century. With hini ends, in the male line, ingenious works will be laking monuments the name of Medina in this country.

of his eminent abilities. 29. At Coates, near Edinburgh, the Rt Hon. 9. M. George Mixwell, merchant in and Rev. John Earl of Glencairn, in the 16th London. year of his age He inarried in 1785 Tabel- 10. At Greenhead, Mr John Gordon, of la, filter to the Earl of Buchan; leaving no Glasgow, merchunt. issue, it is uncertain who will succeed to the IL Mr Jona Addison, merchant in Mon. titles, there being several claimants, v. 53. trofe. P. 100.

Dr John Cantly, Physician in London, 25. At Berwick upon Tweed, James Wood, 12. Mrs Barbara Balmain, fpouse to Adani Esq; aged 75.

Pearson, Erq: Secretary of Excife. Mrs Martha Williamson, daughter of the 13. Mr Charles Gordon, son of the late late Mr Joseph Williamson Advocate, relict John Gordon, Eiq; of Balmoor, W. S. of the Rev. Mr Muchet minister of Stirling, 14. Sir John Hopkins, Koc. and Alderman and widow of Mr Murray of Aycon in Fifa of Castle Baynard Ward, London, faire,

The Rt Hon. John Lord Ballenden, HeriAndrew Robertson, Esq; of Black- table Viher to the Exchequer in Scotland. wells, aged 77, late Provost of Ding wall. Dying a widower, without issue, it is uncertain

At Aberdeen, Captain James Skene, who succeeds to the titles and Hereditary in the 69th year of his age.

Ushership ; probably both may fail into the 30. At Monyinusk, Sir Archibald Grant, family of Roxburgh, to whom he was profumBart. of Monymulk

tive heir. OM. 1. at Bath, in the 76th year of his 16. Victor Armedus Maria, King of Sar. age, the Rev. James Fordyce, D. D. a native dinia, and Duke of Suvo; born 1726 a wiof Aberdeen, and educated in that University, dower. He has lest nine children anong it his first promotion was to be one of the mi- which are, Charles Prince of Pirmout his nisters of the collegiate church of Brechin, heir, married to the Princess Mary Adelaide, afterwards he was minifter of the parish of fifter to the late French King; Mary Jolepka, Alloa, from which he had a call to be paftor married Compt de Provence, now King of of a respectable congregation in Monkwell France; Mary Thereft, married Compt de street London ; thus accepting a dependent, Artois, brother to the late King of France, in place of an independent living, which we now living in che Abbey of Holyrood House, believe he had cause afterwards to repent. He at Edinburgh. was a respectable clergyman, and an animated 19. At Westmill, the Hon. Alice Ballenden, preacher : his Sermons to Young Women filter of the late Lord Ballenden were much admired, and went through feve- Daniel Turner, L). D. many years micister ral editions; but want of health had deprived of the Scots church at Woolwich. the world. for many years of liis public la- 20. The Rey. William Hoyden, minister of bours.

the parish of Penpont, Sir Edward Bannerman, Bart.

At Ardgowan house, Sir Michael 4. At Edinburgh, Mrs Moubray, wife of Stewart, Bart. in the 84th year of his age. Mr Moubray of the General Port Office. He was admitted a member of the Faculty

5. At Summerside, East Lothian, James of Advocates in the year 1735. He io fucKnox, L.fq;

ceeded in his title and estate by his eldest son, 6. Henry Stark, Efq; of Taisses.

John Shaw Stewart, Esq; Duncan Forbes Mitchell, Esq; of Thainfo 21. Mifs Blair, .only daughter of Charles ton, third son of the late Sir Arthur Forbes 'Blair, Efq; oi Down house. of Craigievar, Bart.

22. Rev. David M-Clellan, minister of Lady Dafwond, spouse of Sir Henry Beith, in the 74th year of his · Dashwood, and litter-in-law to the Counters 26. Ai Edinburgh, Sir Benjamin Sinclair. of Galloway.

He is suceeeded by his only fun, now Sir 7. At Caroline Park, Sir John Stuart of John, in the East Indies. Allanbank, Bart. in the S2d year of his age. 30. At Egliatoun Castle, the Rt Hon, He entered Advocate in 1737, was many Archibald Earl of Eglintoun, a' General of years Sheriff of Berwickshire, afterwards his Majesty's forces, Colonel of the ad regia Solicitor for the Stamp Duties in Scotland, ment or Royal North Britih dragoons, Gethe emoluments of which he enjoyed to his vernor of Edinburgh Cattle, and Lord Lieudeath; George Buchan of Kello, Esq; has the tenant of the county of Ayr. His Lordships survivency.

was twice married, and has left two daughMrs Elliot, fpoufe of Mr Cornelius ters. He succeeded his brother in 1769, who Elliot, W.S.

was unfortunately killed by Mungo CampThomas Reid, D.D. Profesor of Moral bell, an officer of cxcise, in a scuffie, vol. 35



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