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the East India Company's service, to Miss At Kirkoswald, Cumberland, Mary Threl. Harrict Vaughan.

keld, aged 97. She supported herfelf by la. 18. Mr John Taylor, Attorney in Exche- bour to the list. quer, to Miss Margaret Feild, daughter of the At Little Berkhamstead, Herts, Jane Col. late James Feild, M. D. of Peterfburgh, Vir- lins, aged 102, a poor industrious widow, ginia.

who, a very few days before her death, walk. BIRTHS.

ed 4 miles, carrying a baiket of vegetables o&. 12. Mrs Elliot of Borthwick-brae, a

below her arm.

Sept. 1. At Dreghorn house, Mrs Trotter, 13. At Invergowrie house, Mrs Charles relict of Archibald Trotter, Esq; of Bush. Stewart, a son.

At Dundee, John Haliburton, Esq: of Mrs Oswald of Auchincfuive, a fon.

Muirtown, Inspector General of his Majetį 26. The Countess of Breadalbane, a son.

ty's Stamp Duties in Scotland. 27. Mrs Anderson of St Germains, a son.

2. At Leith fort, Lient. John, Foggo, of Nov. 4. Mrs Gray of Carse, a son.

the royal artillery. 7. Mrs Browning, wife of Capt. Browning,

3. At Greenhill, Miss Katharine Watof the Cambridgeshire light dragoons, of a son. son, daughter of the late Dr Watson, Prin

9. Mrs Forbes Mitehell of Thainston, a cipal of the United College of St Andrews. Son.

4. At Barracky in her goth year, Mrs 16. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Sir S. Gordon, relict of Alexander Gordon, Efq; of

Barrack. Egerton Licgh, a fon. 24. Mrs Hawthorn Stewart of Physgall, a

7. At London, John Mofsman, Esq; of

Canaan. fon.

27. Mrs Mackay of Scotstoun, a son. 9. At Alva, Mr Robert Wilson, late of 30. Mrs Macdowall Grant, a son..

Park, in the 94th year of his age.

II. Capt. Wni Brisbane, fon of Admiral DEATHS.

Brisbane, and late of the Aurora. At Jamaica, Brigadier General Stephen 12. Mifs Eleonora St Clair, only daughHowe, Colonel of the first Weft India regi- ter of the late-Atidrew St Clair, Efq; of Hero ment, and M. P. for Yarmouth.

mandston. On his paffage to the Weft Indies, Major At Fort George, Dr John Maclaren. R. H. Malcolm, of the 27th regiment.

At Bath, Benjamin Roebuck, Esq; late On kis paffage home from the West Indies, merchant in Sheffield. Capt. Alexander Stewart, of the 54th regi 13. The Hon. 'l'homas Lyon, brother of mert.

the late, and uncle of the present Earl, of Lately at Bath, Captain Wm Watson, aged Strathmore. 90. He signalized himself much during the 14. Sir Alexander Mackenzie, Bart. of American war, and took no lets than 127 Coul, Major-General in the service of the prizes from the enemy.

East India Company. At Bermuda, Mifs Craufurd, only daughter 15: At London, Colonel Archibald of the late Pátrick Craufurd of Auchinámes, Campbell

, late of the 2d battalion of the Efq; by Sarah, eldest daughter of the Right royals. Hon. Hugh rith Lord Semple, deceased. 16. At Edinburgh, Lauchlan Malavish,

At Bermuda, of the yellow fever, Mr James Esq; Deputy Surveyor of the Window Tas, Dalrymple, Midshipman on board the Thetis and an Enfign in the regiment of Royal Edinfrigate, second 'fon of Sir John Dalrymple, burgh Volunteers. 'Hie was interred with miliBt. one of the Barons of the Exchequer in tary honours; most of the corps attended the Scatland.

funeral. In America, Mr John Miller Advocate. 19. At Kilmarnock, Dr William Morris

In the West Indies, Brig. Gen. Archibald aged 85. Campbell.

20. At Kensington, John Ford, Esq; ViceLately, at Bridgenorth, Shopshire, David Admiral of the Blue. Caldwell, at the advanced age of 107 years. 22. At Fareham, near Portsmouth, the Rt He was born in the army, in the fhire of Ayr, Hon. James Lord Cranstoun, a Captain in the and served as a drunmer in the reign of King Royal Navy, and Captain General of GreWilliam, and a soldier under Queen Anne. nada, in the 428 year of his age. He marHe had resided at Bridgenorth for the laft 70 ried in 1792 Mifs Elizabeth Montolicu, lifter years of his life, and retained his faculties to of Lüly Elibank. Having no illuc, he is fuc. the last day of his life.

ceeded by his brother George, a Lieutenant Lately, Anne Keighly, aged 100, of Hun. Colonel in the army. flet, near Leeds. She was mother, grand. 25. Miss Margaret Carnegie, eldest daughmother, and great-grand-mother of 253 chil ter of the late Ålexander Carnegie

, Efq; of dren. She was carried to the grave by 12 Balnamood, in the 83d year of her age. great grand-children, and near 100 attended :: 27. At Edinburgh, Mr John Medina,

har funeral

fon of Sis

P. 100.


John Medina, an eminent historical and por. Philofophy in the University of Glasgow, in trait painter in this country in the end of last the 87th year of his age. His claborate and century. With him ends, in the male line, ingenious works will be baking monuments the name of Medina in this country.

of his eminent abilities. .-29. At Coates, near Edinburgh, the Rt Hon. 9. M. Gcorze Maxwell, merchant in and Rev. John Earl of Glencairn, in the 16th London. year of his age He married in 1785 Tabel 10. At Greenhead, Mr John Gordon, of la, sister to the Earl of Buchan ; leaving no Glasgow, merchant. issue, it is uncertain who will succeed to the 11. Mr Jola Addifon, merchant in Mon. titles, there being several claimants, v. 53. tro

Dr John Cantly, Physician in London. 28. At Berwick upon Tweed, James Wood, 12. Mrs Barbara Balmain, spouse to Adami Efq; aged 75.

Pearson, Erq; Secretary of Excise. Mrs Martha Williamson, daughter of the 13. Mr Charles Gordon, son of the late late Mr Joseph Williamson Advocate, relicz John Gordon, Eiq: of Balmoor, W. S. of the Rev. Mr Muchet minister of Stirling, 14. Sir John Hopkins, Knc. and Alderman and widow of Mr Murray of Aycon in Fifa of Castle Baynard Ward, London, faire,

The Rt Hon. John Lord Ballenden, HeriAndrew Robertson, Esq; of Black table Uther to the Exchequer in Scotland. wells, aged. 77, late Provost of Ding wall. Dying a widower, without iilue, it is uncertain

At Aberdeen, Captain James Skene, who succeeds to the titles and Hereditary in the 69th year of his age.

Ushership ; probably both may fall into the 30. At Monyinusk, Sir Archibald Grant, family of Roxburgh, to whom he was presumBart. of Monymulk

tive heir. OA. 1. at Bath, in the 76th year of his 16. Victor Armedus Maria, King of Sarage, the Rev. James Fordyce, D. D. a native dinia, and Duke of Savoy born 1936 a wi. of Aberdeen, and educated in that University, dower. He has lest nine children amongit his first promotion was to be one of the mi- which are, Charles Prince of Piclmout his nisters of the collegiate church of Brechin, heir, married to the Princess Mary Adelaide, afterwards he was minifter of the parish of liker to the late French King; Mary Josepha, Alioa, from which he had a call to be paftor married Compt de Provence, row King of of a respectable congregation in Monkwell France; M.lry Theresa, married Compt de street London; thus accepting a dependent, Artois, brother to the late King of France, in place of an independent living, which we now living in the Abbey of Holyrood House, believe he had cause afterwards to repent. He at Edinburgh. was a respectable clergyman, and an aniinated 19. At Westmill, the Hon. Alice Ballenden, preacher : his Sermons to Young Women filter of the late Lord Ballenden were much admired, and went through feve Daniel Turner, 1). D. many years minister ral editions; but want of health had deprived of the Scots church ac Woolwich. the world for many years of his public la The Rey. William Hoyden, minister of bours.

the parish of Penpont. Sir Edward Bannerman, Bart.

At Ardgowan house, Sir Michael 4. At Edinburgh, Mrs Moubray, wife of Stewart, Bart. in the 84th year of his age. Mr Moubray of the General Poit Office. He was admitted a member of the Faculty

5. At Summerfide, East Lothian, James of Advocates in the year 1735. He is fucKnox, 1fq;

ceeded in his title and estate by his eldest son, 6. Henry Stark, Esq; of Taiffes.

John Shaw Stewart, Esq; Duncan Forbes Mitchell, Efq; of Thains. 21. Mifs Blair, only daughter of Charles ton, third son of the late Sir Arthur Forbes Blair, Efq; of Down house. of Craigievar, Bart.

22. Rev. David M-Clelian, minifter of - Lady Dalwood, spouse of Sir Henry Beith, in the 74th year of his age. - Dashwood, and litter-in-law to the Counters 26. Ai Edinburgh, Sir Benjamin Sinclair. of Galloway.

He is suceceded by his only fon, now Sir 7. At Caroline Park, Sir John Stuart of John, in the East Indies. Allanbank, Bart. in the Sad year of his age. 30. At Egliatoun Castle, the Rt Hon. He entered Advocate in 1737, was many Archibald Earl of Eglintou, a General of years Sheriff of Berwickshire, afterwards his Majesty's forces, Colonel of the ad regia Solicitor for the Stanıp Duties in Scotland, ment er Royal North Britih dragoons, Gothe emoluments of which he enjoyed to his vernor of Edinburgh Castle, and Lord Lieudeath; George Buchan of Kelio, Esq; has the tenant of the county of Ayr. His Lord thing survivency.

was twice married, and has left two daughMrs Elliot, spouse of Mr Cornelius ters. He succeeded his brother in 1769, who Elliot, W.S.

was unfortunately killed by Mungo CampThomas Reid, D. D. Professor of Moral bell, an officer of cxcise, in a {cuffie, vol. 36.

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P. 557.613. An ample fortune, with the 19. Edward Bearcroft, Efq; M. P. for title, goes to Col Montgomery, M. P. for Saltash, Chief Justice of Chester, and one of Ayrshire, Col. of the 3d regiment of fencibles, the King's Counsel. and deputy governor of Edinburgh castle. At Bervie, near Forres, the Lady of The ancestor of this noble family came over the Hon. Lewis Duff, brother of the Earl of with William the Conqueror, and command. Fife. ed the right wing of the army at the battle 27. Gilbert More, Efq; merchant in Aber. of Hafiings. His descendant, Sir John Mont- deen, in the 78th year of his age. gomery, at the battle of Otterburn in 1388, Captain Maitland Sharp, of the Marines

. took, with his own hand, Lord Percy, after Mr Wm Anderson, writer to the fignet. he had killed Earl Douglas, and mortally The Rev. James Paton, minister of Torwounded Earl Murray, and for his ransom phichen. made him build the Castle of Dunnoon, which At Hackney, Mr Bowler Miller, aged 71, was the chief residence of the family for many the oldest clerk in the Bank of England. generations.

Alexander Anderson, Efq; Banker, London. The Queen Dowager of Denmark.

PREFERMENTS. Nov. 1. At Stirling, Mrs Jean Finlayson, Sir Walter James Warden of the Mint. relict of the late Wm M.Killop, Esq; of West Earl Carhampton to be Commander in haugh.

chief of the forces in Ireland, 2. At Dunse, Dr James Hall, physician. General Lord Adam Gordon to be Gover

-Rev. James Lindsay, minifter of Kirk- nor of Edinburgh Castle, vice Earl of Eglinlifton, in the 85th year of his age.

ton, deceased. 4. At London, Kenneth Mackenzie, Esq; Lieut.-General Charies Rainsford to be Goof Cromarty.

vernor of Tinmouth, vice Lord Adam Gor? At Glasgow, Mrs Crawford, widow of don. the late John Hunter Spreule Crawford, Esq; Colonel Edward Morrison, of the Coldof Cowdenhill.

stream Guards, to be Governor of Chester, 5. William Ann Douglas, Esq; younger of vice Rainsford. Strathendrie.

Major-General George Nugent to be Capo - At Goodwood, in Sussex, her Grace the tain of St Maw's Castle, vice Morrison. Duchess of Richmond,

Mr Robert More, preacher of the gospel

, 6. At London, Archibald Govan, Esq; to be minister of the parish of Oldham tocko. At Houston Manse, the Rev. John

PROVOSTS. Monteath, minister of the united parishes of Glasgow-James Macdowal, Efq; Lord Houston and Killellan, in the oth year of his Provost. age.

Aderdeen- George More, Esq; 7. At Barnton, Mr Wm Ramsay, youngest Arbroath-David Balfour, Esq; son of Wm Ramsay, Esq; of Barnton.

Ayr-John Ballantine, Efq; Capt. John Marjoribanks, late of Crum Burntifland-George Ledingham, Efq; rigg bàrracks, author of several ingenious Dumbarton-- John Denny, Esq; poetical pieces.

Dundee- Alexander Riddock, Lfq; At Cowden, near Dalkeith, Mr Stair Dumfries—David Staig, Esq, Baillie.

New Galloway-Hon. John Gordon.' At Glasgow, Mr James Alexander, sur Kirkaldy-George Morgan, Efq; geon.

Perth--Alexander Fechney, Esq; 10. John Macdonald Kinnier, Esq; Comp. Haddington- Alexander Maitland, Esq; troller of the Customs at Borrowstoungess. Lanark- John Bannatyne, Esq;

12. At Edinburgh, Mr. John Paterson, Stirling-John Gilchrist, Esq; Printer in Edinburgh.

· Miss Smollet Rouet, only child of John Prices of Grain at Haddington, Nov. 25. Smollet Rouet, Efq; of Auchendennan.

Wheat, 28s. Barley, 258. Oats, 165. 13. At Kirkton, Mt John Whyte, late pur. Pease, 155. Beans 14s. fer of the Taunton Castle East Indiaman. 15. At London, Capt. Fortescue, of the 15th

Edinburgh, Nov. 25. Oat-meal, is. 114

Bear-nieal, is. Pease-meal, 10d. 16. John Orrock, Esq; of Orrock. 18. At London, the Most Hon. Thomas

PRICES OF STOCKS. Thynne, Marquis of Bath, Groom of the

Nov. 27. Stole, Knight of the Garter, and one his Ma. Bank Stock 1441

1431 jesty's Privy Council. He is succeeded in titles 3 per cent. red. 551 and estates by his son, Viscount Weymouth, 3 per cent. conf. 563 M. P. for Bath.

4 per cent. 72

723 In the Assembly at Durham, Sir Wm India Stock Dick, Bart. of Prestonfield, Major of the India Bonds

regt. of foot.

Nox. 9.


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For DECEMBER 1796.




798 798

843 843

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Patent for Canal Locks

796 A Mathematical and Philofophical An Effe&ual Cure for Çorns

Dictionary, &c. by Charles HutDeaths of Persons of Rank or Emi.

tön, LL.D. nence in 1796

796 Account of the Royal Society of Biographical Account of James For England dyce, D. D. 799 New PUBLICATIONS

841 Anecdotes of Distinguished Persons

David Hume


Lord North

The Tempeft from Metaftafio
Topography and Natural History of

The Modern Tippling Philosophers 844
Scotland continued

Castles in the Air
County of Lanark

Copy of a curious bill of the King's

PARLIAMENTARY INTELLIGENCE. Skinner, anno 1625 806 Commons---Cavalry bill

845 On the Origin and Use of Naval Sig Budget, Taxes, &c.

846 nals

On the disadvantages of fine weather 810
Observations on health and ficknes3 812 GAZETTE INTELLIGENCE,
History of a full bottomed Wig 814 Containing important information
Albert and Emma, a Tale, continued 817 regarding the operations of the
Hittory of the Jews in England, con armies on the Rhine and in Italy,

822 also of the operations is the West Efray on Cleanliness and Innocula Indics

854-860 tion, concluded

Observations on Lime as a Manure. 825 Death of the Empress of Ruflia 860
Subscription to the Loan

860 Address of General Washington on

Gold medal presented to the Adresigning the office of Prefident

mirals and Captains that were in of the United States


the action of the It of June 861 Correspondence between Lord Mal

DUBLIN. mesbury and the French minifter,

Accounts of a French fleet in Bancontinued

try Bay,

A Letter to Thomas Paine, in reply Incidental occurrences, &c.

to his " Decline and Fall of the Appeals
English system of Finance," by Trial of M'Kean for murder
D. Wakefield

836 Report of the Weather
Institutes of Hindu Law, &c. tran. Lifts—Marriages Births-Deaths,
slated by Sir W. Jones
838 Preferments, &c.


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863 863


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Sold by JAMES WATSON & Co. No 40. South Bridge ;
And by the Principal Bookfellers in Town and Country,

By ALLEN & VEST, No 16. Paternoster-row, London



ON the ad of August, the specification of a patent was enrolled in the Petty Bag Office, by John Luke Esq; of Trevisses, in the county of Cornwall, for a new mode of lifting, drawing, and conveying loaded and light boats out of one canal into another, instead of the present mode by means of locks. The invention consists of an inclined plane, running from the surface of the upper that of the lower canal, with a system of machinery at the upper end of it, by which the boats are drawn up and let down the plane. The machinery consists of a water-wheel, that is turned by a stream let in upon it from the upper to that of the lower canal, with other wheels connected therewith, and with the rope that passes over a pulley, and connects with the carriage in which the boat is placed : also of a loaded vessel, called a tun, which affists and regulates the machinery, and what moves up and down a corresponding and parallel plane, but in a direction opposite to that of the boat. In case of a scarcity of water, the principal axle of the machinery is fupplied with a hand-turn, which is of fuffici ent power to answer the purpofe of the water-wheel. The contrivances for lifting up and letting down the carriage of the boat, from the water surface of one canal to that of the other, is simple, and well calculated for the purpose.

AN EFFECTUAL CURE FOR CORNS. BATHE the part, if not inconvenient, in warm water, and apply an ivy leaf, which had been previously steeped for twenty-four hours in vinegar. Repeat the Iteeped leaf each day, till the corn is eradicated, and the space it occupied becomes smooth, which in most cases will happen in a week.


James M‘PHERSON, M. P.-Abbe Raynall-Sir William Chambers-Sir Hugh Pallifer-Lord Somerville-Robert Burns, the poet_Professor Thomas Reid-Earl of Mansfield-Viscount Falkland-Hon. John Forbes, Gen. of marines--Sir George Howard—Sir Robert Pigot-Lord Alva-Earl of Eglin

Lord Dreghorn-_Lord John Cavendith-Earl of Glencairn-Lord Cranston-Lord Hervey-Lord Ballenden--Lieut. Governor Trapaud Alderman Picket, &c. &c.


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