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that were in them. The loss in all of It is impossible to attempt to do jufthese redoubts was considerable, and in tice to the conduct of the Archduke; one the artillery drivers were at lalt o- he annimated the troops in retaking bliged to fire the guns but all the at- Sundheim, directed the attacks on the tacks were repulsed.

work that had been lost to the left of it, The enemy's right column, after oc. and, under the heaviest fire, gave his cupying the two works which they had orders with the greatest coolness and carried, pushed on between tie dykes, the most perfect military knowledge. to attack the left of the second line; Lieut. Proby, of his Majeity's 9th but Prince Frederick of Orange, whose regiment of foot, (attached to Lieut. gailant and judicious conduct cannot be Colonel Craufurd's mission,) was woundlufticiently praised, laving rallied his .ed by a musket-shot; but I feel great brigade, placed a part of his infantry be. fatisfaction in being able to add, that hind the dyke, which connects the third the wound is of a very night nature, redoubt, from the left of the first line, and will have no other consequence with the work which is on the left of whatever than that of a very thort conthe second ; and, in this situation, he re- finement. I have the honour to be, &c. listed the moít fevere attack that can be

Rob. CRAUFURD. imagined upon his front, whilst thore Head Quarters Offenburg, Nov. 23. bodies of the enemy's infıntry, which My LORD, It is with much fatisfaction had pierced between the redoubts of the that I have the honour to inform your first line, were actually in his rear; he Lord'hip, that, after an interval of ten not only inaintained his post, but com- days without any advices from Italy, his pletely checked the enemy's progress on Royal Highness the Archduke has this this flank..

day received a report from General AlA great part of the troops on the left vinzy, the tenor of which is fuch as to -wing had been working in the trenches confirm the hopes which his former difon the right of the Kinzig. General patches inspired. This report, which is Latour, who cominands the army of the very short, dated Calabro, November fiege, formed three of thete battalions 13, and is in substance as follows: wbich happened to be just returuing After the action of the 6th, near Barfrom work, and retook the village of fano, the enemy continued to retreat, Sundheim, which he maintained, though abandoned even the frong position of the enemy made great efforts to dislodge Montabello without resistance, and croshim. Lieutenant-General Staader, who led the Adige at Verona. commands the left wing, drove back the On the rith, General Alvinzy arrived enerny, who had advanced against the near Villanova, and the same evening a right of the second line of it, and re- contiderable part of the enemy's army, took the redoubt upon the left of Sund- commanded by Buonaparte in person, heim: and the Prince of Orange, ad arivanced trom Verona, and took poft in vancing between the two dykes, difcat- the neighbouring mountains. ed the column with which he had been Early on the 12th, Buonaparte comfo feverely engaged, and recovered the menced a general attack upon the whole redoubts it had carried. The enen:y line, which, though made with infinite then retired into his intreached camp. violence, was reliled with the most per

The loss of the Austrians amounted fedt fendiness and bravery. to 40 officers, and about 1300 men, Wulf Buonaparte was thus employkilled, wounded, and milling, which, ed, in repeated, though ineffectual efforts, considering that not more than half the to force ine front of the position, Geneleit wing was engaged, is certainiy con- rał Alvinzy detached a column against fiderable ; but that of the French must each of his fanks. No tooner had these have been much greater. The ground arrived at their point of attack, than the round the works was, in fome parts, enemy retreated with precipitation; and covered wit's their dead bodies, and I a most severe and important. affair was am very much within bounds in stating thus completely decided in favour of the their loss at 3000 men.

During the Austrians. time the French were in poffeffion of the Two of the enemy's Generals were redoubts on the left, they found means known to have been wounded, and a to carry off five pieces of cannon. The third was amongst the number of prison, Others were all retaken.

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ers already brought in. I have the ho. It appears by the Rear-Admiral's difnour to be, &c. ROB. CRAUFURD. pacches, dated the 27th of March and 11th

Ofenburgh, Nov. 27. of April laft, and which reached us on the My Lord,

18th inft. by the Orpheus frigate, that the It is with much fatisfaction that I British croops were in possession of the illands have the honour to inform your Lord- of Amboyna and Banda, with their several ship, that his Royal Highness the Arch- dependencies, comprizing, as it was thought, duke has this day received a report from the whole of the Dutch Ilands, excepting General Davidovich, dated Provezano, Fornaté, yeilding cloves, nutmegs and mace

. Nov. 18. in which he gives an account This acquisition has been attained without of bis having on the preceding day, the smallett loss on our side. attacked and entirely defeated the ene

Amboyna and its dependencies were delimy on thc heights of Rivoli.

vered up, on the 16th of February, and Banda The attack commenced about feven and its dependencies on the 8th of March. in the morning of the 17th, and, after a Copics of the capitulations are inclosed. most obftinate resistance, the enemy was

The Admiral speaks in the handsomeft manentirely driven from his position, and ner of the activity and alacrity with which .pursued as far as Cambara.

every duty was performed by the forces upGeneral Davidovich took 12 cannon, and dwells particularly on the perfea har

der his command, both naval and military; about 1100 prisoners, and many officers.

mony Amongst the latter are Generals Florella officers and men in both fervices. It behoves

which all along fublisted between the and Valette. He praises, in the warmeft us on this occasion to convey to you the high terins, the conduct of his Generals, and sense we entertain of the able and spirited the discipline and remarkable bravery conduct displayed by Rear-Admiral Rainier

, of his troops.

whose hearty co-operation with us in every The enemy having, in the course of mexsure conducive to the public weal, de. the night from the 17th to the 18th, re- mands our warmest acknowledgements; and ceived considerable reinforcements, took whilft we feel assured of your entiro appló. another position on the heights near bation of all the means employed by this GoCambara; in which General Davidovich vernment, to give effect to the arrangements attacked him the next morning, and framed by his Majesty's Ministers for secur. drove him back beyond Peschiera. ing the Dutch settlements in India, it is, never

When General Davidovich fent off theless, incumbent upon us, to declare, that this report (the evening of the second the accomplishment of this great objed has

a:fair,) he was encanped with his right been chiefly obtained by the zealous, and towards the Lake of Garda, near Colla, cheerful support which we have had the good and his left to the Adige; Peschiera be fortune to experience from the officer enti ulting in front of his right wing, and Ve- ¢d with the exccution of it. rona in front of his left. I have the ho

We shall do ourselves the honour of transpour to be, &c.

niitting, by the first sea conveyance, copies of ROB. CRAUFURD.

all the papers received from the Admiral,

which will enable you to førın an accurate Parliament-Street, Nov, 29.

opinion of the value of those Mands. At A dispatch from the Governor and Council present we can only give you a fummary of of Madras, dated Fort St George, June 22, his proceedings. 1796, of which the following is a copy, The Admiral found in the treasury at Am. has been teceived by the Court of Direc- boyna 81,112 rix dollars, and in store 515,949 tors of the East India Company, and by pounds weight of cloves; in the treasury at them communicated to the Right Hon. Banda 66,675 rix dollars, and in store 84,771 Henry Dundas.

pounds of nutmegs, 19,587 pounds of mace, HONOURAELE SIR3,

besides merchandize and other stores at each We have particular satisfaction in offering place, upon which no value had been then to you our sincere congratulations on the put. 'complete success which has attended the ope We are preparing to send a reinforcement Tations of Rear Admiral Rainier in the east- of troops for the better protection of those eru feas; and judging that an early con- valuable Mands; and, as the Admiral has admunication of this event might be of material vised us that he is short of provisions, and in tise to his Majesty's Ministers, we have de- want of a fupply of naval and

military stores

, termined to forward this letter by the route it is our intention to forward an adequate ei Bullorah.

jock of excry nccefsary article.

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We have great pleasure in acquainting you, the most masterly and judicious manner; and wboat the Company's possessions on this coast I beg leave to express my marked admiration are in a state of perfect tranquility; and that of this most meritorious officer, whose conduct we have no reason to believe that any designs on all occasions will, I am confident, highly are in agitation hy the native powers hostile recommend him to his Majesty's gracious fato your interests. We have the honour to vour. I beg leave also to recommend all those be, &c. HOBART.

officers and men under his immediate comALURED CLARKE. mand, particularly Lieutenant Gilman, of the EDW. SAUNDERS. 19th regiment of foot, of wirom he speaks C. W. FAI.LOZIELD. in terms of higḥ approbation. I am happy

to inform you, that the Major-General, wko Parliament-Street, Dec. 10.

was wounded in the above gallant defence of Dispatches, of which the following are ex. the important quarter under his command, is

tracts, have been received by the Right perfectly recovered.
Hon. Henry Dundas, froin Major-General This important defeat of the enemy affures
Gordon Forhes, commanding his Majesty's the tranquility of Jeremie, and particularly as
troops in the island of St Doiningo, dated it is certain Rigaud, the chief of the blacks
Port-au-Prince, Oct. 9.

to the southward, has decidedly declared a.
I am happy to have the power of assuring gainst Santhonax and the Republic, and has
you, that our situation in St Domingo is by caused almost all the white people in his
far more favourable at this time than Gince power to be massacred.
his Majesty has been in possession of any part

Major-Gen. Bowyer, at the end of his ac, of it. The success of the very judicious are count, adds, I have not hitherto been able to arrangements made by Major General Bow. procure exact returns of the killed and woundyer, at Jeremie, and the divisions amongst ed, but I conceive that the 17th regiment the enemy in the south part of the island, had about seven killed, and 14 or is woundwhere almost all the Republican whites have ed: None dangerously in my affair of the been mafsacred since their defeat, hus afTared 19th ult. Lieut. Col. Hooke has not yet the safety of the important quarter of the made his report ; but I do not believe more Grand Ance,

than two was killed at Trois, and three or The fame spirit of discord prevailing also four wounded; so that the enemy's shɔt and in the north, and the succese of our troops shells had little effect. towards the Spanih frontiera, have encou.

I am sorry to say that my Brigade-Major,
raged the remains of jeau Francois' army to Manners, received a ball through his thigh;
co-operate with us. They have, in corife- but as it missed the bone, no bad effects will.
quence, fought several batiles with the Re- arise, and he is doing well.
publican party, and have fenc us a number of

Captures by bis Majesty's Slip.
St Marc's and Mole St Nicholas are also

Dec. 12. A French privateer, of 2 guns, by in a state of perfect fecurity, and the parish

the Marechal de Coubourg cutter, Lieutenant

of L'Arcahaye was never in a higher state
of cultivation, nor the negroes more peaceable

15. A French privateer, by the Lion cutter. and orderly, than at this monient. Indeed

16. A French privateer, by the Eurydice such is the public confidence, that the plan

frigate, Capt. Talbot. ters are now actually importing from Ja

20. A French privateer, by the Greyhound maica a considerable number of uew negrocs.

frigate, Capt. Young.

(End of the Gazettes.)
Extract of a letter from Major-General For-

bes, to Mr Secretary Dundas, dated Port-
au-Prince,'04. 9.

It is with the utmost satisfaction I have the

There are no accounts arrived that honour to inform you, that the enemy, who give farther information of any confes had made use of the utmost exertion to col- quence, than that contained in the Ga. lect all their force in the southern parts of the Zette Intelligence. The efforts of the colony for the attack of Jeremie, in various Austrian army are fill particularly dipoints at the same time, have been defeated rected again it Kehl; its firrender may every whers, with very considerable loss on be daily looked for: The Austrians have their side, and on our part forcunately very succeeded in creating batteries upoa the trifling. Major-General Bowyer, whofe ac- heights above lluninguen; but the count of the business I enclose, has conducted French troops seem stils to be in poffer himself, in the difficult situation of a com. Gon of the land and bridge. mand of very extensive country and posts, in


The following is General Berthier's reign on the oth of July 1762. She was letter from Verona, of the 15th Novem- married to her late husband (whose unber, giving a boasting account of his luc- happy fate is so well known) while Duke cets: “ After the most difficult manæu- of Holstein Gottorp, in 1745. By bim vres, the most obstinate battles, eight she had the prefent Emperor, her fuedays without putting off our boots, we cellor, formerly known as the. Great have beat General Alvinzy, and pursued Duke of Rullia. He was born in 1754, his corps as far as Vicenza. Five thou and has been twice married. By his prefand prisoners, three thousand killed and fent wife, the Princess of Wirtemberg, wounded, four stand of colours, twelve now Empreis, he has two fons, Alexan. pieces of cannon, are the fruits of this der and Constantine, and a daughter, victory. D’Alvinzy has rallied behind Alexandria Pawleona. the Brenta. Davidovich, ignorant of what has happened to Alvinzy, is on the right bank of the Adige, after having forced the division of Vaubois, and has

LONDON. advanced on the other side from Rivoli: we doubt not but he will retire : if he Nov. 24. In the Court of King's preserves his position, he will soon be in bench, Mr Law prayed the judgment of our power with the 6000 men that he the court upon Thomas Hall, Eic; a Ma. commands. Long live the army of Ita- gistrate, and Major of a Volunteer fenly!--Prefently Mantua will be in our cible corps at Berwick, and Alexander power. Never was a battle more bloody. Macleane, Captain in the faine corps, We had two generals mortally wound for an abuse of their power as military ed, and five who, it is hoped, may re- officers, in keeping fevernt soldiers in cover; two aid-de-camps of the general the same regin.ent out of the way, under in chief, and an adjutant-general, killed. pretence of military discipline, io order I have not time to lay mort; we have to prevent their voting at ibe clection fur again to fight; no repose till the enemy mayor of the borough of Berwick.-On is destroyed.'

behalf of the defendants, a number of

affidaviis, made by very relpectable pero RUSSIA.

fons, were produced and read in mitiga

tion of punishment. In chefe affidaviis, St Petersburgh, Nov. 18. Last night her the defendants were repretented to le Imperial Majesty, who had been feized gentlemen of honour, and bo fiad for with an apoplectic fit on the preceding fome years past rendered fire merito. day, expired at a quarter before ten rious fervices to their country.-t af: o'clock. Her feet had swollen very much peared that the expences of their trial previous to the attack, for which the had cost the detendants sool. After had taken medicine. Immediately after, counfel were heard on boih fides, the The felt fevere pains in her bowels, and Court fentenced the two defendants to had retired into an inner apartment. be imprisone, one month in the Kirg's. Being misfed, her attendants fearched af- bench prifon, and as an additional puter her, and on opening the door of the nishment, Major Hall was fined sol. clofet, they found her Majetty lying tente In our lait, p. 788, we ftared the terms less on the ground, with her iect toward roposed the minilier for the new the door. Immediately after her Imperial loan. The success has exceeded all cxMajesty's dtceafe, the Emperor Paul was pectation. On the 5th the following proclaimed before the palace, in the 1. mcde was recommended and adopted fual form, and the whole court, which by the Bank of England. One million was there assembled in anxious expecta. was fubfcribed by the bank in their cortion, from the morning of the Empress's porate capacity, and four hundred thouaccident to the moment of her death, fand pounds by the Directors individu. immediately took the oath of allegiance ly; and before the close of the books the to the new sovereign, as did the four re- firft day, five millions were subscribed by giments of guards, and every thing pas- different merchants and others. At ttu led with the greatest order and tranquil- o'clock this morning (5th) the parleur -lity.--The late Empress was born on the doors at the bank were opened, before 2d of May 1729, and commenced her which timethelobly was crowded. Num.

bers could not get near the books at all; in London, his Majesty would have prewhile others, to teftify their zeal, called sented the medal to each of them io perto the perfons at the books then figning, fon; but that being, from various causes, to put down their names for them, as at this time impollible, his Majesty, in they were fearful of being shut out. At order to obviate all further delay, has about twenty minutes past eleven the therefore heen pleased to direct them to ; fubfcription was declared to be com. be forwarded in this manner. pletely full, and hundreds in the rooin Allow me to express the great fatisfacwere reluctantly obliged to go away. tion I feel in being made the channel of By the post innumerable orders came communicating to your Lordship so froin the country for fubicriptions to be distinguished a mark of his Majesty's apput down, scarcely one of which could probation. I have the honour to be, &c. be executed. And long after the fub- Admiralty, Nov. 30. SPENCER, fcription was cloled, perfons continued The admirals to wear the medal ful. coming, and were obliged to depart dif- pended by a ribband round their necks. appointed. It is a curious fact, and well The captains to wear the inedal fufpendworth stating, that the fubfcription com- ed to a ribband, but falened through pletely filled in fisteen hours and twenty the third and fourth button hole, on the minutes :

left fide. The colour of the ribband Two hours on

Thursday, blue and white. Six ditio on


21. This morning, when the turnSix ditto on

Saturday, keys of Newgate were preparing to reOne ditto, 20 min. Monday, move the convicts sentenced to Botany

Bay, among whom was the noted Major Fifteen bours, 20 min.

Semple, who, it seems, had flattered The Duke of Bridgewater actually ten- himself with the hopes of a pardon, he redered a draft at hght on his banker, for guested permiffion to return to his cell, the 100,000l. which he subscribed to the which was granted. Under pretence of New Loan ! which of courte could not searching for some neceffarics, in the be accepted, as the act is not yet paffed. presence of Mr Kirby, jun. he suddenly December 16.

drew a knife, and stabbed himself in the Copy of the letter transmitted to all the body. He now lies extremely ill, refutes

Admirals and Captains, whose names every kind of fuftenance, and declares were mentioned in the Gazette by Earl he is determined to put an end to his ex

istence.' Howe; as having lignalized themselves in the action of the ift of June, 1794, folution cutter, arrived at the Admiralty,

22. Lieutenant Columbine, of the Reaccompanying a medal which has been presented to them.

with dispatches from Admiral Sir John

Jervis, commander in chief of his MaMy Lord, or Sir,

jesty's fiet in the Mediterranean. They The King having been pleased to ora contain an official account of the eyacuader a certain number of gold medals to tion of Corsica by our troops. * be struck, in commemoration of the vicit tory obtained by his Majesty's fleet un. der the command of Earl Howe, over that

DUBLIN. of the enemy, in the actions of the 29th in one of May, and ift of June 1794, I am com

The following official letter appeared manded by his Majesty to present to your

in a Dublin paper of the 30th., home Lordihip one of the inedals above mentioned, and to signify his Majesty's plea

Dublin Castle, Dec. 29. 1796. : sure, that you thould wear it when in

“ MY LORD, your uniform, in the manner described The last accounts from Gen. Dal. by the directions which (together with rymple are by his Aid-de-Camp, Capt. the medal and ribbands belonging to it) Gordon, who left Bantry at ten A. M. I have the honour to transmit to you. on Tuesday, and arrived here this inorn

I am also commanded by his Majesty ing. Seventeen fail of French ships of to acquaint your Lordship, that, had it the line were at that time at anchor at been polsible for all the officers on whom the lower part of Bear INand, but at fuch his Majesty is pleased to conser this mark a distance, as their force could not be of his approbation, to attend personally, ascertained. The Lieutenant of a French



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