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frigate was driven on shore in his boat, cafion may require, for the purpose of in going from his veffel, (which was fruftrating 'fuch a defign; and for the difmasted) to the Admiral. He confirms more fpeedy manning of faid vessels, the account of the fleet being French, have authorised Captain Brenton to enand with views hoftile to this country; rol all men proper for the fervice (not but does not appear to know, whether feamen), to be exercifed in the use of the whole fleet (which confifted of about cannon, at fuch times as may leaft infeventeen fail of the line, fifteen frigates, terfere with their usual occupations."and, including transports and luggers, Capt. Brenton, therefore, hereby defires amounting to fifty fail) were all to re- fuch perfons, not feamen, as are willing affemble at Bantry Bay. General Hoche voluntarily to enrol themselves, to enwas on board, commanding a confider- ter their names at the Rendezvous at able force. I have the honour to be, Leith. my Lord, PELHAM."

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On Wednesday the 30th ult. the Pref bytery of Edinburgh, met here, and took under confideration the overture of last General Affembly, appointed to be tranfmitted to the Prefbyteries of the Church, refpecting Chapels of Eafe. After a very able and fpirited debate, the question was put to a vote, Approve of the overture, or Not? It was carried, by a narrow majority, of 21 to 17, Approve. Againft which Profeffor Hunter, and feveral other gentlemen, entered a proteft.

On the 30th ult. the Cotton mill of Denftoun, near Down, took fire, and though every means were used, the one half of the work, containing the water machinery, was burnt to the ground. Luckily no lives were loft.

Dec. 1. Captain Brenton of the Rendezvous at Leith, has made public notification," That the Lords Commiffioners of the Admiralty, having receive ed intelligence of an intention on the part of the enemy, to attempt a defcent upon this kingdom, have judged it expedient to order gun-boats, flat-bottomed boats, and fire-vefiels, to be got ready with all poffible dispatch, to be employed as oc

About 60 brave seamen, refidents of Muffelburgh and Fisher row, have of fered their fervices, in terms fimilar to thofe of Newhaven, mentioned in our laft, page 198. The gentlemen of the county have alfo voted them a medal, with a suitable infcription.

The feamen of Kinghorn to the number 43, have made an offer of their fervices fimilar to that made by the feamen of Newhaven and Fisherrow, alío the fihermen of Ufan and Ferryden to the number of 56.

On Friday, Dec. 2d, while the New caftle waggon, on its way to Edinburgh, by Lauder, was going down a small declivity, the wheels fuddenly shifted, and entangled the galloway on which the driver rode. The horfe fell, and the driver unfortunately tumbled in before one of the wheels, which went over his body and inftantly cruthed him to death.

On the 22d a fire was discovered in the manfion houfe of Baron's court, near Londonderry, the feat of the Marquis of Abercorn, which completely destroyed the centre part thereof.

It is a prevailing opinion, that frofty weather is more healthy at this feafon of the year than mild open weather; the contrary, however, feems to be clearly proven by Dr Heberden the younger, in a paper presented to the Royal Society, The excefs of the mortality in January 1795, above that of January 1796, was not less than 1352 perfons. "A number," ," fays the Doctor, "fufficient furely to awaken the attention of the most prejudiced admirers of a frosty winter." The January of 1795 was a very fevere month, and that of the prefent year fo remarkably mild, that most people complained of the unfeafonablenefs of the weather, and apprehended dreadful effects relative to health; ap. prehensions which this interefting fact


feems to refolve into mere vulgar prejudice. What renders this fact more ftriking, is the following remark, to use the Doctor's own words: "Though I have only stated the evidence of two years, the fame conclufion may univerfally be drawn, as I have learned from an examination of the weekly bills of mortality for many years. These two seasons were chofen, as being each of them very rémarkable, and in immediate fucceffion one to the other, and in every body's recollection.

The grand French Armada destined a gainft Ireland, failed from Breft on the 16th or 17th. It appears to have confifted of 18 fhips of the line befides frigates, corvettes, &c. and to have had a

bout 25,000 troops on board. On the 22d, they appeared off the fouth-weft coaft of Ireland; being dispersed in a hard gale, eight line-of-battle fhips. with feveral frigates, &c. took shelter on the 24th in Bantry Bay, and left it on the 27th without attempting to land.



John Pringle v. Miffes Janet and Jane Dove reverfed, after a hearing of three days.

24. This day the House of Lords heard counsel in the Scots Appeal, Mac-` kenzie v. Scott. Affirmed the judgment of the Court of Seffion, with 1ool. cofts.

On Tuesday December 6th, the Houfe of Lords heard counsel in the Scotch appeal, in which the borough of Dumbarton were appellants, and the Marquis of Lorne and others refpondents; decree of the Court of Seffion reverfed with

100l. cofts.

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more in the world. I confefs there is juft caufe for you to look upon me as an object of contempt; but I pray and hope, that you will look alfo on me as an object of pity, and deal with me as your wifdom and clemency hall think moft proper; for I judge myself, bound by the law of God and my country, to fubmit myself to your determination, whatever the fentence may be. JAMES M'KEAN.”

I have finned greatly against God, the law of my country, the excellent rules and bonds of human friendship, and the family whofe head is now no VOL. LVIII.

Having again figned his acknowledgement of guilt in the record, the Court found the libel relevant to infer the pains of law; but allowed the pannel a proof of facts and circumftances, which may tend to alleviate his guilt.

The Lord Advocate then ftated, that

though he might avail himself of the judicial declaration of the pannel, twice fubfcribed by himself, and acknowledged in open Court, agreeable to uniform practice, as most complete evidence, yet as this cafe was of a fingular nature, he would, for the satisfaction of the Jury, examine a few witneffes, and leave their evidence with them without faying a word.

Several witneffes were then examined to prove his guilt.

The evidence being finished, the Jury were inclofed. Next day they returned a verdict, all in one voice, finding the pannel Guilty. After a suitable exhortation from Lord Justice Clerk, fentence was pronounced, ordaining M'Kean to be carried back to the tolbooth of Ediaburgh, there to remain till the 26th inft.; and then to be tranfmitted from Sheriff to Sheriff till he arrived in Glasgow, to be fed on bread and water till the 25th executed at the common place of execuof January next, and on that day to be tion, and his body delivered to the Profeffor of Anatomy in the Universitys'

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THE weather this month has gone. much to extremes; the froft fet in much fooner than ufual, and continued with increafing severity till Saturday the 24th, when the thermometer stood at 17°; aviolent ftorm fucceeded on the 26th and 27th, and a change to more moderate weather was the confequence; on the 31ft,the thermometer rofe to 48°. Provifions have continued at high prices; beef and mutton 5d. and 6d. per lb.; veal 7d. The 6 E hew.

herring fishing having occupied all the hands, white fish have been very fcarce; falmon 1s. 6d. to 28. per lb.; herrings id. per dozen.

The English report for December Aates, that the late intense froft, which came on before the ground was fufficiently covered with fnow, excited no fmall degree of alarm for the turnips and later fown wheats. The former, in diftricts where they are drilled, and the large turnip cultivated, particularly those early fown, have doubtlefs fuffered confiderably. The wheats, however, fince the thaw, have again began to revive, and apparently have received but little injury. On the whole, the young wheats that are above ground, look tolerably; and as the late high prices have occafioned larger quantities to be fown, the value next year may be expected to be ftill further diminished. The foil having, during the month, been locked up from the plough, the chief employment of the husbandınan has been threshing. The average price of wheat, by the last return from England and Wales, was 58s. 3d. per quarter. It is here worthy of obfervation, that threshing machines are daily coming into more general ufe, particularly in the north of England. The demand for sheep, and the prices of mutton, keep pace with thofe of cattle and beef. Horfes are the only article of live flock at all reasonable in price.



At Calcutta, in May laft, Capt. Alexander Binny, to Mifs Jackfon, daughter of William Jackfon, Efq of that place.

At Hurst, Berkshire, the Hon. Copely Afhley, brother to the Earl of Shaftsbury, to Lady Anne Spencer, daughter to the Duke of Malborough.

Nov. 26. At London, Mr George Robertson, of Granton, near Edinburgh, to Mifs Eleanor Noble, fifter of George Noble, Efq; of the Royal Navy.

27. John M'Bean Efq; late of Jamaica, to Mifs Henrietta Frafer, eldest daughter of Wm Frafer of Park.

28. Spencer Boyd, Efq; of Pinkhill, to Mifs Sarah Wilkinson, daughter of Joseph Wilkinton, Efq; deceased.

Dec. 1. James Smith, Efq; of Brechin, to

Mis Margaret Irvine, daughter of the deceased John Irvine, Efq.

10. At Dumbarny Manse, the Rev. Andrew Bell, minifter of the Gofpel at Crail, to Mifs Catherine Beatfon, daughter of the late Rev. David Beatfon, minifter of Dunbarny.

19. t Glasgow, the Rev. John Macleod, one of the minifters of the Chapel of Ease, to Mifs Marion Brown, daughter of Mr Simon Brown, late merchant in that city.

At Gadgirth, Francis Redfearn, Efq; to Mifs Steele, daughter of the Rev. Johm Steele, of Gadgirth

20. Thomas Renny, Efq; W. S. to Mifs Harriet Moyfe, daughter of Shadrach Moyse, Efq; Secretary to the Board of Customs.

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Mr James Haliburton, merchant, and one of the prefent magiftrates of Dundee, to Mrs Young, relict of Mr James Young, farmer at Neuvoy.

22. At Dundee, Major William Rattray, of the East India Company's fervice, to Mifs Janet Rankine, daughter of John Rankine, Efq; of Dudhope.

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Mrs Chryftie of Baberton, a daughter. 21. Mrs Hay of Lawfield, a daughter.

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of Ratifbone.

Lieutenant General Robert Prescott, to be Governor of the North American Provinces. Lieutenant Colonel George Brodie, to be Lieutenant Governor of Fort Auguftus.

Lord Auckland, to be Chancellor of the Marifchal College, Aberdeen.

James Home, Efq; Clerk to the Signet, to be Lyon Depute.

Charles Barnett of the 3d foot guards
George Marquis of Huntly of the tooth foot
Augulus Maitland of the ist foot guards
John Callow of the 3d dragoons
George Benfon of the 60th foot
Hon. Edward Finch of the 2d foot guards
Hon. George Walpole of the 13th dragoons
Ifaac Galcoyne of the 2d foot guards
Hon. George Fred. Fitzroy of 2d foot guards
Stephen Poyntz of the 1ft life guards
Francis Humb. M'Kenzie, half-pay of the
78th foot


George Bernard of the 84th foot
George Nugent of the 85th foot
John Bowater of the marines
Thomas Averne of the marines
Thomas Duval, half-pay of the marines
James Barker, half-pay of the 56th foot
John Campbell of the marines

Charles Tarrant of the engineers in Ireland
William Lewis of the marines,

John Calcraft of 2d foot guards
Hon. John Hope of the 25th foot
Hon. Vere Poulett, half-pay of the indepen


His Majefty has been lately pleafed to pro- Charles Barton of the 2d life guards mote the following.

George Cunninghame of the Scotch Brigade
Frederick Halkett of the Scotch Brigade
Ilay Ferrier of the Scotch Brigade
Alexander M'Kenzie of the 78th foot
William Congreve of the Artillery
Hon. James Forbes of the 2d foot guards
Lord Henry Paget of the 16th dragoons
John Doyle of the 87th foot
John Stewart of the artillery

B. Trecothick Henniker of the 9th dragoons
David Douglas Wemyfs of the 18th foot
Hon. John Leflie of the 1tt foot guards
Henry Wynyard of the 1ft foot guards
William Thornton of the 1ft foot guards
John Stuart of the 3d foot guards
Duncan Campbell of the 98th foot
Thomas Grofvenor of the 3d foot guards
Charles Howard Bulkeley of the 2d foot

John Barclay of the marines

Robert Brownrigg of the 2d foot guards
Gerald Fitzgerald of the 1ft foot guards
W. C. Archer of the 1ft foot guards

William Macarmick, half-pay

William Maddox Richardfon of the 64th foot Henry Hervey Afton of the 12th foot

William Earl of Banbury of the 3d foot guards

Gerritt Fisher of the 9th foot

George Milner of the 3d foot guards
John Henry Frafer of the 2d foot guards
W. Dclean Clephane of the 3d foot guards

John Freke, half-pay of the 39th foot
Richard England of the 24th foot
John H. Hutchinson of the 94th foot
John Hamilton of the late 81ft foot
Alexander Hay of the 109th foot
Thomas Goldie of the late 82d foot
Robert Douglas of the 47th foot
Simon Frafer of the 133d foot
Thomas Davies of the artillery
Robert Manners of the 3d foot guards
William Loftus of the 24th dragoons
Frederick George Mulcafter of the engineers
Alexander Mercer of the engineers
George Hewitt, of the 92d foot
James Hartley of the 75th foot

To be Major Generals in the Army.


Bank Stock

Hon. Robert Taylor of the 5th dragoon 3 per cent. red. 56


3 per cent. conf. 574

Hon. Arthur Wefley of the 33d foot.
Hon. Edmund Phipps of the 1ft foot guards
To be Colonels in the Army.

(Sequeftrations will be given in the Appendix.)

Prices of Grain at Haddington, Dec. 30. Wheat, 278. Barley, 24s. 6d. Oats, 14s. Peafe, 145. Beans 135.

Edinburgh, Des. 30. Oat-meal, 1s. id. Bearmeal, Is. Peafe-meal, 9d.

Dec. 9.

4 per cent..733
India Stock

India Bonds

Lot. Tickets Fal. 8s.

Dec. 26. 144 144




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