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Scots 459

Etymological observations 899

Mæcenas, sketch of the life of lo
Europe, on the primaval form of 533 Magnetic needle, new discovery regarde
Fashionable life, by Dr Currie 542 ing the variation of 508
Farms, on the utility of large 700 Machines to shorten labour, obfervations
Female institution, a singular one 754 on the utility of 602
Fordyce James, D. D. account of 797 Macartney, Lord, sketch of the life of 653
Flame, on the electricity of 471

Manners of mankind, obferv. on 457
French Revolution, observations on by Matrimonial differences 896
Mr Gibbon 754

MʻPherson, James life of 221. 365
Truit trees, method of improving 364 Milton, anecdotes of 154
Giants, remarks on 606

Mind pleasure of, well cultivated 463
Gibbon's account of the plan of his hif- Money, value of in last century 900
tory 535

Monuments of Dr Johnson and Mr
character by himself 759

Howard, infcriptions on 436
Germany, anecdote of the present Em- Naples, account of the Lazeroni of 386
peror of 9

Naval signals, origin and use of 807
Globe, on the structure of the 240 Nerves, humurous account of the 178
Grafting trees, observations on 247 Observations on the character, &c. of
Great Britain, extent and cultivation of yo Queen Elizabeth 885,
Gypsies of Naples 386

Paper, method of making Indian 146
Heart, Delusions of, a tale 13

Pasigraphy, new invention of 292
Health and sickness, observations on 812 Petersburgh, new defeription of 195
Henry V. of Shakespeare, observations Poetry, on Didactic 193
on the character of 461

- on the ancient Scottish 734
Henry, Dr, account of 293

Portuguese, customs and manners of
Highlanders, characteristic traits of the 24. 106. Poetry of 890

Potatoes, on the culture of 188
Highland dress, hiftory of, by Sir John Rainy day, pleasures of the closet upon
Sinclair 671

Hindoos, hiftory, religion, and manners Receipts---For making hens lay in winter

2. For making Parmesan cheefe 49.
History of the Jews in England 740. 822 For sweetening butter. 74.. Por Stilton
History of Don Pedro King of Portugal cheefe 74. For taking spots out of
and his confort 173

clothes, &c. 146. For cleaning the
Hudson the dwarff, account of 654 teeth 220. To destroy the Black Clock
Husbandry, obstacles to 187

Idler's account of himself 454

Respiration, effects of 310
Inclosures, observations on 109

Rheumatism, receipt for the cure of 580
Innoculation, on the advantages of 660. Rome,

visited by Mr Gibbon 679

Royal Society of London, account of 840
Jews in England, history of 740. 822 Rolland, M. portrait of 338
King's Skinner's bill, anno 1625. 806 Rullia, present state of society in 745
Ladies, Turkish account of 17

ftate of 230.,298
- Weith, account of 17

Salt as a manure 614
Lancashire, statistical account of 34 Scotland, introduction to, and Topogra-
Letters, original-Sir J. Lesley, to Sir phical account of 42. Of Mid Lothian

Tho. Riddle 36. By Lord Bacon 99. 112. 242. 329: Of East Lothian 369.
* M. Rolland, to Robespierre 166. Mr Of Berwickshire 440. Of Roxburgh-
Burke, to a Noble Lord 197. Waller, fhire 513. Of Selkirkshire 618. Of
to Oliver Cromwell's daughter 389. Peeblesthire 619. Of Linlithgowshire
Dr Hawkefworth, to a young lady 451. 686. Of Lanarkshire 729. 807.860.908
Of Shakespeare 885. Of Dr Robert Scotch, national character of 29
fon and Dr Birch 901

Scriptures, historical account of the dif-
Life of a man of genius 96

ferent versions of 328
Literary history of the present period School, on the education of &c. from
171. 235

Gibbon 678
Louis the 16th, character of 296 Sentiments of the soul, mental affections,
Literature of Scotland, in the 16th cen. pity, &c. 89. 190
tury 401

Sheep, cure of water in 686
Lime asa manure, on the use of $45.825 on the benefits of 348


of 694

752. 824


creation 320

Shakespeare, newly discovered MS. of Tafte, influence of rarity and expence on
100. 258. Detected 885

Smith, Adam, account of the life of 3.75 Thirlage, hiftory of 110
Smollet, Tobias, sketch of the life of 725 Tippoo Sultan, account of the army of
Snailes, two females supported by 364 611
Spain, poetry of 890

Trade of Great Britain, obfervations on
Stars, Herschell's account of the fixed 336

Travelling, Mr Gibbon's observations
Style of Swift and Addison, observations on 679
on 681

Travellers, observations on 747
Sun, Herschell's account of the compofi- Varieties of the animal and vegetable

tion of the 519.591
Sugar, hiftory of 303

Vizier, anecdote of a Scotch 302
Synonymous terms, utility of defining Voltaire's creed, remarks on 447

Vortigern, account of 259
Switzerland, observations on a tour in Water, method of preparing sulphure

Tales-Delusions of the Heart 13. 84. Watering of meadow3, obfervations on
Decayed Merchant and his Daughter 249
776. 255. 367. Bird Catcher and Ca. War as conducive to happiness, thoughts
nary 251. The Good Friar of Augf-
burg 305

The Lost Emperor 308. Weather, disadvantages of fine 810
Love and Joy, an allegory 394. The World, observations on our intercourse
Sport of Fortune 395. Origin of Or.
gans, &c. 538. Affecting Story of Mr Yest, new invented composition for 50%
Hall 681. Albert and Emma 748. 817. Young, Arthur, account of 80.
875• History of a Full.bottom'd Wig

oús 74

on 315

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with the 32

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Part II. Historical Intelligence, Foreign and Domesic, and State Papers,
The Reader will find a variety of Miscellaneous Articles under each of the following divisions, which

could not be put into an Index.

New South Wales 574. Resolution to
Cause of the misunderstanding on the augment the corps of Royal Edinburgh
Frontiers 131. Standard of the French Volunteers 647. Monument erected to
Republic presented in Congress 213. Re- Provost Drummond 648. List of gra-
solutions of the House of Representa duates in medecine at Edinburgh 648.
tives 350. Dreadful fire at Charlestown Thomson, the poet's, anniverfary cele-
573. French squadron appear of New- brated at Dryburgh Abbey 720. Ma.
foundland 719. Fire at Quebec 759, gistrates of Edinburgh chosen 721. James

Buchanan, the Lanark carrier, mur-
Plague there 60. British Mimifter leaves dered 721. Kirkaldy passage boat loft
that court 60.

789. Statement of the proportions of

men to be raised by the different coun-
Remarkable rainbow appeared 67. Count ties, &c. 790. Office bearers of Grard
D'Artois and fuit land at Leith 68. Elec- Lodge elected 862. Overture respec-
tion of the Dean of Faculty 68. Gold. ting Chapels of Ease 862,
smith's kall burnt 69. Barracks in Great Appeals 141. 217. 286. 358. 574. 722.
Britain 140. Privateers infest the coasts 789. 863. Abftract of 575
141. Riots at Dumfries 216. State of Trials before the High Court of Justic
the British Navy 286. Fiars for crop ciary 141. 217.574. 863
1795 287. General Assembly 358 427. Circuits 358. 428. 505.722.
Dutch Frigate runs into Greenock 426.
Duel between Major Crichton and Mr Resolutions of the Council of Five Hun-
Bennet 426. Two Catabaw Indians ar dred, Dec. 1795, 57. Council of El-
rive 427. Peers elected 503. Trial of ders swear hatred to royalty 128. Reso-
M‘Kay för å riot on the King's birth tions relative to affignats 129. Anni-
day 504. Edinburgh races 506. Ex. versary of the death of Louis XVI. 129.
fract of Governor Hunter's letter from Proceedings of the Directory 212. Na.



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tional domains 279. Proclamation re Shaw 357. Trials for treason 647. New
lative to mandats 280. Charette taken parliament opened 720. Proclamation
280. Extent of the French territory by Lord Camden, Lord Lieutenant:788.
286. P:oceedings of the Council of French Fleet appears off Bantry Bay
Five Hundred 348. Situation of Paris 861.
421, Letters from their generals, and
conditions of an armistice with the Defeat of the Austrians $8. Successes
Court of Naples 502. Armistice with of the French 281. Louis XVIII. or.
thi Pope šo2. Proceedings of the Di- dered to quit Verona 349. Progress
rectory 645, 719.

of the French 349. 420.

Articles of

suspension of arms with the Duke of
Under this held also will be found va Parma 421. Operations of the armies
rious letters of inielligence respecting

572. 718,

Corsica retaken by the
the capture of ships, &c.

French 787. See also Londun Gazette3.
From the West Indies 60. 214.351. 354.

422. 423- 490. 567.64,3. 859.

Amethyst frigate loft 65. Duel be,
From the Eait Indies 62. 282. 565. 858. twixt Major Sweetman and Capt. Wat-
From Sir Sidney Smith 213.

fon 66. Princess of Wales delivered of
From Sir John Borlase Warren 282. 353. her first child 66. Birth-day dresses

67.. Powder mills at Hounslow blown
From Sir Edward Pellew 352. 424. up 67. 133. 573. 787.' Trial of Stone
From Amiral Duncan 422.

for high treason 132. Admiral Chris-
From Col. Graham and Lieut. Col. Cray tian's ficet dispersed by a severe storm
* furd 496. 571. 632. 716. 776. 782. 854. 135.' Their Majesties assaulted 136.

From Capt. Anftruther 710. 779. A lunatic gets into the Quten's apart-
From Mr Wyndham at Florence 566. ments 137. Cate of Mrs Phipoe 137.
From Gen. Craig, and Admiral Elphing Of Mr Hastings 215. Mutineers on
fton at the Cape of Good Hope 784. board the Di fiance executed 215

Charges exhibited against Colonel Caw.
Situation of the armies on the Rhine 58. thorne 284. Ditto againt Admiral
Armistice for twų months agreed on Cornwallis" 284. And fentence 285.
59. 65. State of affairs 212. Presen Terms of the new loan 356. Trial of
tation of the Princess of France at court Mr Reeves for a libel 356. Poll for the
281. Letters sent to the French on city of Wellminster 425. Capture of
breaking up the armistice 421. Ope. the Triton East Indiaman 425. Recon.
rations on the Rhine 572. 718. 859. ciliation between the Prince and Prin-
For various other particulars respect cess of Wales 426. Duel between Lord
ing the operations of the armies, see Valencia and H. Gawler, Esq; 503.
Letters from Colonels Graham and Duel in Hyde Park 573. Aspect of af-
Craufurd, and Captain Anstruther, un fairs 645: Dreadful fire at Liverpool
der the head of London Gazettes.

646. Amphion frigate blew up at Ply-

mouth 646. Lord Malmesbury sets out
A National Convention agreed upon 59. for Pariś 719.' His reception by the
Meets with opposition in some provin. populac 719. Progress of the negotia-
ces 129. 130. Population of Holland tion 760.833.867. Capture of the Dutch
131.' Public affairs 212. Convention feet at the Cape of Good Hope 784.
formed 281. - Disturbances at Amster. East India Company resolve to increase

their capital 787. Terms of the new

loan 788. Subscriptions for 860. Let.
For the important successes of our arms ter to the Admirals and Captains of
in the East, fee London Gazettes. Lord Howe's fleet, accompanying a mea

dal from his Majesty 86ų. Bill of
State of Barbadoes 6o.' Jamaica 63 131. mortality, &c. 830.
Maroon wat 213. General intelligence

House of Commons.
645. See also London Gazettes. Congratulatory Address on the birth of

a Princess 125. Waste lands í 25. Sup.
Remarkable affray at Armagh 69. Trials ply, extraordinaries for 1796. La.
for high treason 137. Opening of the bourers wages bill 126. Motion for
Parliament 139. Channel trade 210. peace 127. Slave Trade 208. High
Fisheries 278. Court Marshal on Col. price of corn 209. Game laws 273.


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dam 423.





State of the nation 275. Slave trade the Caspian Sea 501. Death of her Im-
bill loft 276. Maroon war 277. Slave perial Majelty, &c. 860.
trade 344. Dog tax bill 345. Ways
and Means 345. Proceedings regard- The Spaniards dilinantle their ships of
ing Colonel Cawthorne 411. He is ex war 281. Declare war against Britain
pelled the House 412. M Grey moves 719.
for an impeachment of his Mjetty's

Ministers 412. State of the nation 413. Misunderstanding with the Empress of
His Majesty's speech at diffolving the

Rullia 2*13.
parliament 418. List of new members

chofen 404. His Majefiy opens the Exchange of the Princess Royal of France
new Parliament 705. Debate on the for the French Deputies 59.
addres, 707. Propotaltoi new levies of
men 772. Army estimaies 774. Nivy Note transmitted to M. Barthelemi, by
and Exchequer bills 774. Civilry buil M Wickham 272. Noie transmitted
845. The Budget 846. N.wt.18€* 847. to M: Wicknam by M. Barthelemi 272.
Ways and Means 851 King's m [- Daciaration of the Empress of Rur-
fage, of a rupture with Spain 917.925.

tia 56 3:

Dispatches to the Russian
Mr Fox moves for a censure of the Mi.

charge d'Affairs at Madrid, Dec. 1795
nifter 917. Motion regardi'g M. La 756. Anfier by the Spanith Minister
Fayette 922. State of affairs in India 757. Srbitance of the treaty between

France and Spain 758. Decree of the
House of Lords.

Court of Spain against Great Britain
Addresses on the birth of a Princess 129. 759. Memorial of Lord Malmesbury,

Vote of Credit bill 211. Mi Burke's and correspondence with Delacroix,
penfion 278.. Legacy tax 347. Na. regarding a peace 760.770. 833.867. '
tional expenditure 415. Finances 417. 910. Address of General Warnington
Parliament disolved 418. New Parlia. on religning the offict of President of
ment opened 606. Proceedings 776. the United States 828. Translation of
Debate on the King's meilage 929. Lord Malmesbury's credentials 910.
Debate on meilage of the breaking off' Declaration of, his Britannic Majcity
the negotiation with France 930. on the failure of the negotiation for

peace 910. Answer of the Court of
The King signs his renunciation of the Great Britain to the Spanish declaration
throne 60.

of war 913

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Part III. Books Reviewed.
Agriculture, letters and papers on 49.

of the trial of W. Hastings, Esq; 477
Antient mctaphysics, by Lord Monbod. Hutton's mathe naticai and philofophi-
do 265

cal dictionary 839.
Apology for the Bible, by the Bishop of Imlay's topographical defeription of
Landaff 472

North America 557
Bromley's history of the fine art3 200 Institutes of Hindoo law 2,8
Brown's elements of medicine 117 Letters for literary ladies 906
Burke's letters' 764

Louliad, by P. Pindar 47
Camilla, or a picture of Youth 691 M‘Knight's Translation of the Apostolic
Chisholm on the yellow fever 120 cpiftles 51
Cordiner's remarkable ruins, &c. in Morgan's Finances of Great Britain 119
North Britain 763

Origin of duty and right in man cond-
Dalloway's inquiry into the science of dered 558
heraldry 45

Owen's travels in Europe 904
Dirom on the corn laws 628

Philofophical dissertions on the Egyp-
Fawcet's art of war 48

tians and Chinese, by M. de Pauw 474
Gibbon's miscellaneous works 476 Prosperity of Great Britain compared
Heárne's journey from Hudfon's Bay 554 with France 478
Hill, Dr, of St Andrew's, sermons 698 Priefley's observations on the increase
History of Poland 50

of infidelity 559
of Great Britain, by Dr Henry 401


minds 704

Reply, &c. relative to the high price of Treatise on the police of the metropolis
grain 203

Roland's appeal to pofterity 262 Wakefield's Letter in answer to Paine
Sketch of the war with Tippoo Sultaun on the English funds, &c. 836

Wallace'. prospects from bills in Fife 624
Thoughts on the high prices of provi- Whim, a comedy, by Lady Wallace 261
sions 699

Winterbotham's account of China 339
Travels through Naples 762

Woolstoncraft's residence in Sweden 627

Part IV. Poetry.
Address to jurymen by P. Pindar 124

Pilgrim 270
Alonzo and the fair Imogin 702 Prayer of Q. Elizabeth 57
An effufion, in the manner of Spencer Prologue to Vortigern 342

Prologue to the Way to get Married 206
Attachment to home 481

Pro patria mori 903
Caller herrin 55

La Liberta, from Dr Burney's memoirs

of Metaftafio 907
Caftles in the air 845
Contented mind 270

Lass of Fair Won, from the German 482
Dr A. to Dr E. Quid bellicosus 482 Labor ipfe voluptas, paraphrased 771
Epilogue to Speculation, a comedy 55 Lawyers out-fet 771

to the Way to get Married 206 Leonora's vision from Burger 561
to Vortigern 342

Ledyard's praise of women 770
Epitaph on Dr Johnson 207

Lines addrefsed to a young lady 362
Epigram 908

Lines written by Sir R. Hill 630
Hair dreffer's petition to Mr Pitt 770 Shepherds song to May 344
Hawking, a ballad by P. Pindar 56 Sigh, by Mr Coleridge 342
Influence of local attachment on vulgar Sonnet, Queen Mary taking her leave of

France 271
Inscription on a bust of Addison 124 Song, in the Lock and Key 207
Invocation 124

Sonnet to the evening star 409
Joan of Arc, quotations from 343

invitation to a friend 48%
Ode for the new year 54

- by Sir B. Boothby_561
on winter 57

to Susan, by Mr Norgate 703
on a college feast day 123

to my Love 843
to Cynthia, by Dr Walcot 207 Spring, by Miss Seward 342
on the death of Dr Kippis 290 Thirty-eight, by C. Smith 36
for his Majesty's birth day 409

The Wish 123
to night 562

The Zodiac 123
Oid Oliver or the dying shepherd, by P. Translation of De conjol. philofopbią 410
Pindar 207

The menagerie of the gods 630
Old maid 409

The magpie, a Tale 631
On friendship 770

The tempest by Metaftafio 843
Ovium Divos, burlesqued 271

The modern tippling philosophers 844
Pains of memory 703

Verses written in an inn 362
Part V. Marriages, Births, Deaths, Preferments, and sequestrations.
MARRIAGES. Bailey 432 Bishop 360

Buchannan 70. Carr 567. 794
Acland 360 Balderston 218 Bishop of St Da- 505

Chalmers 567
Adam 432

vid's 360
Buchan 73

Christie 288
Adams 649
Ballantine 567 Black 218

Clark 567

Cochran 791
Aitken 288 Barclay 431.791 Bootle 288

Boyd 70. 864

Caldwell 432
Alexandrina Prs Barnet 360

Cockburn 567
Barnett 143
Bower 71

Callander 791
Bartlet 505
Bowles 288

Cameron 791
Allan 576

Colhoun 649
Allardice 991

Beatson 864 Brandling 288 Campbell 218. Colt 70
Anderton 143 Begbie 505

Bridges 360 432. 567. 649. Congreve 70
Andover 505
Dell 218. 864 Briscoe 567 791

Connell 791
Armit 143
Bentham 795
Brodie 432.

Carnegle 567
Afhley 864 Binny 864 Brown 864 Carnegie 288

Cornielle 432

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Burn 143
Buras 432

Coke 305

Cooke 505

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