Portraits of Men of Eminence in Literature, Science, and Art, with Biographical Memoirs: The Photographs from Life, Band 2

L. Reeve & Company, 1864

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Seite 20 - It becomes incidentally our duty to do him justice in these particulars. From what we have already stated, it will appear that, with respect to the system and form of the catalogue, whatever be its defects, Mr. Panizzi can be charged with nothing further than the constant approval and acceptance of one leading principle — that of fulness and accuracy — suggested on high authority, adopted by an able superior and predecessor in office, indicated by the statutes of the Museum, and enforced by the...
Seite 7 - Mr. Berkeley's labours as a Cryptogamic botanist for upwards of thirty-five years, during which they have been more especially devoted to that extensive and most difficult order of plants the Fungi, have rendered him, in the opinion of the botanical members of the Council, by far the most eminent living author in that department. These labours have consisted in large measure of the most arduous and delicate microscopic investigation. Besides papers in various journals on Fungi from all parts of the...
Seite 50 - Rhone, and soon afterwards by the decease of his amiable and accomplished wife. Gradually, however, listening to the claims of his art, Julius Benedict proved to the world, in 1857, that he had lost none of his pristine talent, by the manner in which he wrote an overture and incidental music to the tragedy of Macbeth...
Seite 26 - ... school where he acquired a sound knowledge of mathematics. At the age of nineteen he joined in the capacity of " civil assistant " a division of the Ordnance Survey which was stationed in his native town. In 1844 he was engaged by a firm in Manchester, and for about three years he was employed in engineering operations in connection with railways.
Seite 22 - Each person has a space of 4 feet 3 inches long. He is screened from the opposite occupant by a longitudinal division, which is fitted with a hinged desk, graduated on sloping racks, and a folding-shelf for spare books.
Seite 63 - I have remarked that when inquirers of a strong will really set themselves to attain a definite object they generally accomplish it ; and in my own case the time at length arrived when I was permitted to revel in the delight of seeing the Humming Birds in a state of nature, and to observe their habits in the woods and among the great flowering trees of the United States of America and iu Canada.
Seite 134 - ... 1828, XV. p. 165. BOWERBANK (Jas. Scott). 1. Observations on the Circulation of the Blood in Insects. — Ent. Mag. I. p. 239. 2. Observations on the Circulation of the Blood and the Distribution of the Tracheae in the Wing of Chrysopa Perla. — Entom. Mag. IV. p. 179 Wiegm. Arch. VI. p. 314. 3. On the Structure of the Scales on the Wings of Lepidopterous Insects Entom.
Seite 18 - Bennet, a committee of the House of Commons was appointed to inquire into the state of the police of the metropolis.
Seite 126 - ... Medical Society, of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, of the London Geological Society, and of the St. Petersburg Mineralogical Society, and Erving Professor of Chemistry and Mineralogy in Harvard University, indicted for the Murder of GEORGE PARKMAN, Master of Arts of Harvard University, Doctor of Medicine of the University of Aberdeen, and Member of the Massachusetts Medical Society, before the SUPREME JUDICIAL COURT OF MASSACHUSETTS ; including the HEARING ON THE PETITION FOR A WRIT...
Seite 2 - ... mode of living in his youth, by which his affairs had become embarrassed. His father died in 1566, while he was at Rome, and confined to a prison, but for what cause is not known. His liberation was, however, soon after obtained, and he returned to England to take possession of his large inheritance. In the following year, he received the honour of knighthood, and was raised to the peerage by the title of baron of Buckhurst. He was selected in 1570, on account of his character and accomplishments,...

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