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FOR 1887,

An Annual Publication, giving the Statistics of the Universalist

Church, and other Denominational information,

It contains statistics embracing the number, location, membership and condition of all our parishes, churches and Sunday schools ; the character and value of parish property ; the date of organization of the several State Conventions, with the time and place of the next session, and a list of officers and committees ; the General Convention, its officers, work and funds ; the periodical publications of the Church; the various Colleges, Theological Schools and Academies : the Woman's Centenary Association, its organization, work and officials; the Universalist Historical Society, its library, grades of membership and officers ; the Publishing House, its officers, funds and publications ; several other organizations auxiliary to, or under the patronage of the Church ; and a complete list, alphabetically arranged, of Universalist clergymen and lay preachers, with their postoffice address. It also contains biographical sketches of preachers deceased during the year. It thus puts into small compass and convenient form, a mass of information which would be difficult to find elsewhere.

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