Congressional Serial Set

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1907
Reports, Documents, and Journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

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Seite 164 - The Professional Papers, Bulletins, and Water-Supply Papers treat of a variety of subjects, and the total number issued is large. They have therefore been classified into the following series: A, Economic geology; B, Descriptive geology; C, Systematic geology and paleontology; D, Petrography and mineralogy; E, Chemistry and physics; F, Geography; G, Miscellaneous; H, Forestry; I, Irrigation; J, Water storage; K, Pumping water; L, Quality of water; M, General hydrographic investigations; N, Water...
Seite 24 - The right way to dispose of town sewage is to apply it continuously to land, and it is only by such application that the pollution of rivers can be avoided.
Seite 45 - Fluctuations of the water level in wells, with special reference to Long Island, New York, by AC Veatch.
Seite xli - A review of the laws forbidding pollution of inland waters in the United States, second edition, by EB Goodell.
Seite 152 - Commissioners appointed to inquire into the best means of preventing the pollution of Rivers (River Thames). 2 vols. fol. London, 1866. First Report of the Commissioners appointed in 1868 to inquire into the best means of preventing the pollution of Rivers (Mersey and Ribble basins).
Seite 92 - What method or methods of treating and disposing of sewage (including any liquid from any factory or manufacturing process) may properly be adopted...
Seite 25 - In more exact work a sliding scale of coefficients is used, the values depending on the amount of precipitation and the month or season. For precipitous and impervious basins the run-off will be nearly coincident with the precipitation. Jf, however, there are lakes, forests, extensive ground-water storage, or accumulated snow within the basin, the precipitation in one month may not appear as run-off for a considerable interval of time, and any attempt to estimate the run-off for any month from the...
Seite 32 - the offensive and polluting properties and substances therein, so that after its discharge into said river it shall not create a nuisance which might endanger the public health.
Seite xii - stock,' as it is called, is stacked in piles 10 to 15 feet high to drain. Concerning the action which takes place in the rotaries, the Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry,' says: "'The chemical action of the milk of lime on the incrusting materials surrounding the straw fiber is not a vigorous one. These incrusting materials are not completely, nor, indeed, to a great extent, separated from the cellulose. The...
Seite 10 - London were simply drains to carry off the storm water— the discharge of sewage into them being forbidden bylaw — in 1847, only three years after the report of the health of towns commission, it was made obligatory to discharge all sewage into those drains. In other countries the example set in England was more or less promptly followed. In the United States numerous drainage systems existed, one in Boston, for example, dating from the seventeenth century; but the first comprehensive sewerage...

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