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This Orb o'th earth ; his last offences to us
Shall have judicious Hearing. Stand, Aufidius,
And trouble not the

Cor. O that I had him,
With six Aufidius's, or more, his tribe,
To use my lawful sword

Auf. Insolent villain !
All Con. Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill him.

[The conspirators all draw, and kill Marcius,

who falls, and Aufidius’s stands on him. Lords. Hold, hold, hold, hold. Auf. My noble Masters, hear me speak. i Lord. O Tullus

2 Lord. Thou hast done a deed, whereat Valour will weep. 3 Lord. Tread not upon him makers all, be

quiet ;
Put up your swords.
Auf. My lords, when you fhall know (as in this

Provokd by him, you cannot) the great danger
Which this man's life did owe you, you'll rejoice
That he is thus cut off.

Please it your Honours
To call me to your Senate, I'll deliver
My self your loyal servant, or endure
Your heaviest censure.

į Lord. Bear from hence his body,
And mourn you for him. Let him be regarded
As the most noble Coarse, that ever Herald
Did follow to his urn.

2 Lord. His own impatience
Takes from Aufidius a great part of blame :
Let's make the best of it.

Auf. My Rage is gone,
And I am itruck with sorrow : take him
Help, three o'th' chiefest foldiers; I'll be one.
Beat thou the drum, that it speak mournfully :
Trail your steel pikes. Though in this city he


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Hath widowed and unchilded many a one,
Which to this hour bewail the injury,
Yet he shall have a noble memory.

(Exeunt, bearing the body of Marcius. A dead

March founded.

The End of the Sixth Volume.


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