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The result of the answers was, that Sir prisoners of war on the 22d, nor, If drj. Hew had obtained very little informa- ven back upon Lisbon, without making tion, and that he did not recollect pré- farther efforts. The French could not cisely from whom he had it. The rest have been prevented from retiring a. has been anticipated in his previous ex. cross the Tagus, and the advantages sehibitions.—Gen. Fergusson also read an- cured by the convention could not, in swers to some written questions of the their opinion, have been secured by any President. From the landing to the other means. General N. however, was battle of the 21st, there was a regular somewhat doubtful as to what might supply of provisions, and on that day have been their conduct, for “ he would there was three days biscuit in the camp. say, that the whole French army, both He did not know the strength of the men and officers, were completely broforts on the Tagus, and the defences of ken-hearted, and dispirited, after the Lisbon; the castle of Lisbon he believed battle of Vimiera.” The convention, to be of no great strength, but the forts General S. observed, was similar to that and positions of defence in the vicinity in Egypt in 1801. In reply to some and on the Tagus were certainly strong. questions about artillery, it was stated Had the French withstood a siege, the that the Alfred, which was armed with army was not provided with the neces. 24 pounders, was ordered to attend the sary artillery, the largest being 2-poun- movements of the army from Mondegy, ders. In the event of such an attack for the express purpose of supplying Lisbon must have been destroyed. As whatever heavy ordnance may be want. to the convention, General F. seemed ed. There was no heavy artillery on to doubt whether the objects accomplish- carriages, and if there had, it could not ed by it might not have been obtained have been brought forward on account more speedily by other means. General of the badness of the roads. Captain Spencer gave in a military report of the Preval, of the engineers, gave some in. strength of the forts commanding the formation respecting the works at LisTagus.

bon. The President then signihed that Seventh day, Nov. 26.-Generals Ack. there could be no further proceeding un: land, Spencer, and Nightingale, were til the arrival of Sir H. Burrard, who examined. They were of opinion that was hourly expected, and the Court ad. the French would not have surrendered journed sine die.

Scottish Chronicle.

HIGH COURT OF JUSTICIARY. respite during Iris Majesty's pleasure.
January 25,

The circumstances connected with this 'HE

mations ordered in the case of Rachel “On Friday, 8th July last, the mother Wright, convicted of child-stealing at of the child having gone into a neigh. the Glasgow circuit, in Sept. last, de. bour's house, left her playing at the door, livered their opinions at great length. On her coming out, about ten minutes Their Lordships unanimously agreed in afterwards, she missed thie infant, when finding that child-stealing is a crime, ac. a search was immediately made, and cording to the law of Scotland, and one every means used to get intelligence that, so often as it had occurred, had concerning her, but to Do purpose. The been punished capitally.' Sentence of distraction of a parent's mind, in such a death was therefore pronounced on the situation, it is more easy to imagine : 'prisoner, that she be executed at Edin. than describe. In this distraction, howon the 8th March. Before pronouncing 'ever, did both parents remain until sentence, the Lord Justice Clerk made Sunday at mid-day, when such intelli. a most impressive and eloquent address gence was obtained as led to the recoto the pannel.--All their Lördships were very of the child. The circumstances present. She has, however, received a attending the discovery are worthy of



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record.—Having mentioned their loss to

MARRIAGES. Mr Ewing of Glasgow, he, on the Sun. Jan. 23. At Drumoyne House, Robert day, after the morning service, intima- Smith, Esq. of Mountblow, Jamaica, to ted, that if any person could give infor. Jane, eldest daughter of William Reid, mation respecting the child, he would Esq. merchant in Glasgow. be happy to receive it. Providentially

26. At Edinburgh, William Falconer, a person was present who had seen a wo

Esq. of Briskhall, to Ann, fifth daughter of

the late John Sutherland, Esq. of Wester, man carrying a child into Kilmarnock the preceding day, and from the inhu- Royal Marines, to Agnes, second daughter

30. At dicto, Arthur Copperthwaite, Esq. man manner in which she treated it, of James Kenion, Esq. late of Leeds, Yorkconceived that it could not be her own, shire. and that most likely it was the one ad. Lately, at ditto, John Wentworth Sturvertised. This information being im. geon, Esq. to Barbara, second daughter of mediately communicated to the father, the late Captain James Skene, of Aberdeen. he instantly set out for Kilmarnock ; At London, Captain Pulteney Malcolm, but, upon reaching that town, he learne royal navy, to Miss Elphinston, eldest ed, to his disappointment, that the wo daughter of the Hon. William Fullerton man had proceeded towards Irvine, whi- Elphinston. ther he posted with the utmost speed. Walker, Aughtergaven, to Cecilia, second

Feb. 1. At Perth, the Rev. Robert S. While hastening to Irvine, in extreme

daughter of Mr Cornfute, merchant in agitation, he was accosted by a gentle. Perih. man on horseback, and asked the cause

13. At Edinburgh, John Stewart, Esq. of of his pushing forward at such a rate; Binny, to Janet, youngest daughter of the who, being informed of it, immediately late James Dundas, Esq. of the East India dismounted, and gave the poor man his Company's service. horse. This circumstance, however, al.' 13. At Dumfries, William Walker, Esq. though well intended, had likely defeat. late of Jamaica, to Margaret, eldest daugh. ed its purpose ; for the poor man, im

ter of the late Rev. Dr Burnside, of that pelled by his anxiety, kept the horse at


16. At Heckfield church, Hants, the a quick pace, and being wholly unaccustomed to riding, found himself soon

Right Hon. Sir Arthur. Paget, K. B. to the

Right Hon. Lady Augusta Fane, daughter unable to proceed farther. At this mo- of the Earl of Westmoreland, and the di. ment he fell in with a young man (a vo- vorced lady of Lord Boringdon. Junteer, we believe,) to whom he made Lately, at London, Ebenezer Gairdner, his case known ; when he forth with vo- Esq. of Cannon Street, to Harriet, only lunteered his services, and, mounting daughter of the late T. Meredith, Esq. of the horse, proceeded in quest of the Calcutta. thief. When he came within a little of Captain Peter Parker, of the Melpomene Prestick, he descried a

frigate, to Miss Marianne Dallas, daugh. man with a child, answering the de

ter of Sir George Dallas, Bart. scription he had received ; and immedi.

Charles Christie Esq. of Gunnersbury ately demanding, in an authoritative John Dickinson, Esq. of Winchester Row,

Lodge, to Miss Dickinson, daughter of tone, that she should stop and deliver

London. the child, she was, as it were, fixed to

BIRTHS.. the spot, and speechless. The child

Jan. 1. At Skeldon, the Lady of William had been so subdued by beating, that Fullarton of Skeldon, Esq. a son, who died she showed no symptoms of reluctance on the 10th. at coming to a stranger; and he, after 17. The Lady of Captain M. H. Scote, getting her secured by a party of volun- royal navy, a daughter. teers who were passing at the time, rode

(19. Mrs Gillanders of Highfield, a son, off in triumph with the infant to her fa

23. Ac Alva, Mrs Johastone of Alva, a ther. When he came 'within sight of

daughter. him, the only symptom the child showed

24. At Collie.Priest House, Devonshire,

. of sensibility, was of exclaiming, “ Eh, Lady Mary Hay, a daughter there's my daddy!"-It is unnecessary rie, a daughter.

27. At Edinburgh, Mrs Clarke of Com. to add, that he hastened home, to re. 29. At Slains Castle, the Countess of Erstore to the arms of his afflicted wife the rol, a daughter. infant, whose loss had almost deprived 29. The

Lady of Geo. Macpherson Grant, her of reason."

Esq. of Ballindalloch, a daughter.



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At Cove, near Cork, Lady Charlotte in the island of Dominica, Charles Drummond, a son.

M.Murdo, of his Majesty's ship Amaran. Feb. 1. At London, the Countess of Lou. the, son of Capt. George Lewis M'Murdo, don and Moira, a daughter.

Dumfries-shire militia. 3. Mrs Bruce of Kennet, a still-born · 27. At Crantie in Orkney, in the prime of child.

life, James Wacson, Esq. factor for the Rt. 5. At London, the Lady of Geo. Mac. Hon. Lord Dundas. kenzie, Esq. of Berners Street, a son. Jan. 3. 1809. At London, in his 53d year,

At ditto, the Lady of Malcolm Ross, the most noble Dennis Brown, Marquis of Esq. a son.

Sligo, Earl of Altamont, and Knight of 9. At ditto, Mrs William Browa, Lang. the order of St Patrick. don Place, a daughter.

3. At ditto, the Hon. Henry Percy, son 11. At St Mary's, Scilly, the Lady of of Lord Louvaine. Lieut.-Colonel George Molle, of the 9th 3. At Dundee, Mr Patrick Williamson. tegiment of foot, a son.

4. At Aberdeen, Mr Alexander Crombie, 15. At Ayr, the Lady of the Hon. Ro- merchant, in the 618 year of his age. ger Rollo, a daughter.

4. At Dumfries, Miss Barbara Grierson, 19. At Denham Green, the Hon. Mrs daughter of the late Mr John Grierson. Erskine of Cardross, a son.

4. At Linlithgow, Mrs Mary Mitchell, The Lady of Brigadier-General Henry relict of Bailie John Gibson. Campbell, a daughter.

5. As Branxholm, aged 63, Adam OgilAt Botley Grange, Hants, the Lady of vie, Esq. of Hartwoodmyres, Advocate, and Colonel Gordon, à son.

Chamberlain to his Grace the Duke of Buc

cleuch, greatly and deservedly regretted. DEATHS

5. At Upper Sibberton, Mr Patrick CunFeb. 1808. On his estace, in St Thomas's ningham, farmer there. in the East, Jamaica, after a residence of 5. At his house, Leithwalk, James Ogil30 years upon the island, George Tod, vie, Esq. late Collector of Excise for Fife. Esq. eldest soni of the deceased Mr George 5. At London, the Hon, Mrs Cornwallis, Tod, shipmaster in Leith.

sister to Lord Bayning. March. At Halifax, Nova Scotia, Lieut. 5. At Bach, General Edward Smith, Col. James Gordon, commanding his Majesty's of the 43d regiment of foot, and Governor gun-brig Plumper. As a man and an of- of Fort Charles, Jamaica. ficer, he was highly respected and beloved. 5. Mrs Forbes, wife of Jas. Forbes, Esq.

Oct. 6. At Jamaica, Lieutenant Andrew of Stanmore Hill Skeney of the 60th regiment, fourth son of 7. At Ormidale, Major Alex. Campbell, the late Capt. James Skene, of Aberdeen. late of the Argyllshire militia.

Nov. At Richmond, Jamaica, Peter Mar- 7. At Callander, Mrs Ann Drummond, gin, second son of Mr Peter Martin, Belle- aged 64, widow of James Simson, Esq. of ville, near Edinburgh.

Edenshead, Fife. 9. At Kingston, Jamaica, Mr Lauchlan 8. At Dumfries, Mrs Riddick, relict of Bogle, merchant there.

Robert Riddick, Esq. of Curbietoun. 20. In Jamaica, Lieut. Col. Robt. Hony- 8. At Edinburgh, Mrs Amelia Fraser, pran, second son of Lord Armadale. He relict of William Abernethy, Esq. of Criberved as a volunteer during the campaign monmogate. in Egypt, where he was honoured with the 8. At ditto, in the 30th year of his age, approbation of Sir Ralph Abercrombie, and Lieut. John Berry, late of the Royal Navy. acquired the esteem and friendship of Sir He served on board of his Majesty's ship John Moore, Generals Hope, Spencer, Revenge, in the glorious action of the Briand other distinguished officers. At the tish fileet, commanded by Admiral Lord attack on the Dutch lines, at the capture Ņelson, off Trafalgar. of the Cape of Good Hope, he, under Sir 8. At Hamilton, Archibald Burns, Esq. David Baird, led on the 93d regiment, of Commissary of Hamilton and Campsie, and which he was Major, and was severely Sheriff-substitute for the county of Lapark wounded. As Lieutenant-Colonel of the at Hamilton. 18th regiment of foot, he lately received 8. At Dundce, Mr David Livingston, the thanks of the Commander in Chief of writer. the island of Jamaica, for his active servi. 9. At Glasgow, Mrs Elizabeth Macfie, ces in suppressing a mutiny of the Black wife of Mr Gilbert Lang, jun. troops in that island, where he has since 10. At Forres, William Monro, Esq. fallen a victim to the fever of the country, late of Jamaica; he lived respected and at the age of 27.

died regretted. Dec. I. At Milton, Captain Archibald 11. At Edinburgh, Mrs Ann Carstairs Macdonald of Milton.

11. At ditto, Miss Dewar.

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86 years.

Jan. 12. At Montrose, Lieut, Jas, Ouch. Duncan Campbell, Eag. of Killochronan terlony, of the Edinburgh Castle Invalids, Lieut. Col. in the Breadalbane Fencibles at the age of 83.

He was distinguished by every qualification 13. At Aberdeen, James Paull, Esq. aged that can render an officer 'valuable to his

country. The officers of the 42d regiment, 19. At Sligo, in Ireland, Andrew Hume, in which he served 22 years, lament, with sen. Esq. merchant, after a long and severe deep concern, the loss of an inestimable illness.

friend, and the soldiers as for a father, whose 15. At Aberdeen, Mr Robert Tower. exemplary life became the victima of the in

17. At Brechin, much regretted, at the cessant fatigue sustained in the arduous house of the Rev. David Blackadder, Tho.. discharge of duty, and in unwearied exer, mas Blackadder, aged 75.

tion to alleviate their hardships. Seized 18. At Tweed Bank, the Lady of Lieut. with a fever soon after the battle of CoruaColonel Dunsmore, much esteemed, and na, in which he was engaged, he lived to sincerely regreted by a numerous circle of arrive and expire at Plymouth, in the 41st friends and relations.

year of his age. 18. At Dumbarton, John Gray, eldest 27. At Edinburgh, Mr Alexander Law, son of John Gray, Esq. Sheriff-substitute of messenger at arms. Dumbartonshire.

27. Ac Byers, East Lothian, Beatrix 19. At Portobello, Mrs Mary Mitchell, Dudgeon, second daughter of John Dudwife of Mr Charles Ritchie, ironmonger, geon, Esq. of East Craig. Edinburgh

29. At Hope Park House, Robert Nas. 19. At Edinburgh, Mrs Mowbray, relict myth, Esq. advocate. of Mr Robert Mowbray; merchant, Edin. 30. Lieut. John Macdonald, of the Royburgh,

al Artillery, son of Captain Macdonald, 19. At Daill, in Argyllshire, John Mac- Ballispardan. Douga!!, Esq. of Lunga.

30. The Rev. James Gordon, minister of 21. At London, Lieut.-General Hibbert, Bellie, in the 82d year of his age, and 55th formerly Commander in Chief of the East of his ministry. India Company's forces in Bengal.

30. At the manse of Abbotshall, the Rev. 21. At Hamilton, Alexander Gray, Esq. George Shaw, in .che 73d year of his age, manufacturer there, and one of the magis and 40th of his ministry. traces of that burgh.

2.31. At Edinburgh, Mrs Jean Storie, wi22. At London, Lieut-Col. Bothwell, dow of Mr Alexander Storie, candlemaker, late of the Royal North British Dragoons. Edinburgh.

22. At Edinburgh, Mr John M'Glashan, 31. At Craig House, H. Colquhoun, Esq. writer.

On his passage home from Coruana, 22. at the manse of Kincardine O'Niel, Lieut. -Colonel Symes, of the 76th regithe Rev. William Morice, in the 81st year ment, formerly Ambassador to the kingof his age and 48th of his ministry.

dom of Ava. 24. At his house in Whitehall, London, Lately, aged 72, his Excellency Count aged 80, the Right Hon. James, Earl of Bruhl, many years Minister from the ElecFife. His Lordship is succeeded in his lor of Saxony to his Britannic Majesty titles and estate by the Hon. Alex. Duff, of Knight of the Order of the White Eagle. Echt, his Lordship's next brother german, Lately, at the Rectory House, Lincoln now Earl of Fife. The British title of Ba- shirę, Mrs Radcliffe, the celebrated authoron is extinct.

ress of the Romance of the Forest, the 24. At London, Gordon Turnbull, Esq. Mysteries of Udolpho, and other popular late of the island of Grenada. Of this gen- works. tleman it can be said, that, so perfect were Lately, at her brother's, the Rev. S. Rayhis virtues, no one who knew him but will mond, of Belchamp Hall, Essex, the Right lament his death, and venerate his memory. Hon. che Countess of Dundonald.

24. At Edinburgh, Mr James Brunton, Lately, at Nith Bank, Mrs Murray, mo. writer.

ther of the first Countess Lockhart, 25. At Baraton, the infant daughter of Lately, at Edinbarnet, aged 90, James George Ramsay, Esy.

Stirling, Esq. of Law, 25. At Kelmune, Duncan MacDougall, At Edinburgh, aged 75, Mr John Home, Esq. of Kneepoch, Argyllshire.

land surveyor. 26. At Edinburgh, Mr Alexander Mori- At Titchfield, Rear Admiral Jonathan

lace of Wrights Houses, aged 88. Faulkner. 26. At Kennoway, Capt. David Seton, At Catisfield, Rear Admiral Edward aged 57.

O'Bryen, who gallantly broke the line, 27. At Plymouth, Major Archibald Ar- when commanding the Monarch, in the gyle Campbell, 420 regt, son of the late memorable action off Camperdowa. He


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was a very brave officer, and was several 10. At Walton upon Thames, the Right times wounded, fighting the battles of his Hon. Lady Augusta Bennet, daughter of: country.

the Earl of Tankerville. At Beverley,Lieut.-Colonel Hutchinson, 10. At Skeldon, the infant son of William Major of the 36th regiment of foot. Fullarton, Esq advocate.

At Kirkton, Kirkmahoe, Mr James Fer- 11. Ac Edinburgh, Robert Vans Agnew guson, farmer, at the advanced age of 88. Esq. of Shuchan and Barnbarrow, Wigton

Feb. 1. Ac Summerville, Mr William shire. Phillips, son of William Phillips, Esq. of 11. At the manse of Muthill, the Rev. Summerville.

John Scott, minister of that parish, in the 2. At Aberdeen, Robert Barclay, Esq. 65th year of his age, and 43d of his ministry. aged 94.

11. At Leith, Mrs Margaret Maitland, 4. At Inverness, Mr George Munro, eldest daughter of the late Mr James Maitmerchant.

land, shipmaster, and wife of George Sim, 5. At Edinburgh, in her 80th year, Mrs Tobacconist. Christian Ker, daughter of the late John 12. At Edinburgh, aged 78, Mr Allan Ker, Esq. Professor of Humanity in Edin- Begg, accountant of Excise. burgh College, and of Greek in King's 12. At London, Mr William Macintosh, College, Aberdeen.

late of Culclachy, near Inverness. 5. At ditto, aged 38, Capt. James Ross 12. At Glasgow, Walter A. W. MeikleFarquharson of Invercauld, royal navy. 3. ham, youngest son of Dr William Meikle

6. At Hawick, the Rev. Thomas Dyce. ham, Professor of Natural Philosophy in

6. At the Abbeykill, the Rev. William that university.. Sivewright, preacher of the gospel.

13. At Edinburgh, Mrs Katharine Ers. 7. At Edinburgh, John Smyth, Esq. of kine, relict of Gilbert Laurie, Esq. late Balharry, writer to the signet.

Commissioner of Excise. 8. At ditto, Mr William Henry Scott, 17. At Heriotshill, Mrs Katharine Lock. engraver, aged 29.

hart, relict of Robert Jamieson, Esq. wsi8. At Grinisthorpe Castle, his Grace the ter to the signet. Duke of Ancaster and of Kestevan, Mar- 17. At Edinburgh, Mrs Eliza Hamilton, quis and Earl of Lindsey. The Dukedom spouse of the Rev. Mr Oliver, minister, and Marquisate become extinct, but the Corstorphine, much and justly regretted. Earldom devolves on General Albemarle Al Huntingdon, Capt. Thomas ScevenBertie, Member for Stamford.

son, Royal Navy: 9. At Morebatele, Mr David Morison, At London, Dr John Hunter, F. R. 9. student of medicine, son of the Rev. David Physician Extraordinary to the Prince of Morison, Morebattle.


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