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On the 27th of January a sudden impassable ; several houses in that line
thaw took place, which produced effects were completely insulated by the water,
in the streets of the metropolis of Lon. and the inhabitants unable to obtain pro-
don, and the roads in the neighbour visions, or to get out of their houses,
hood, which have been scarcely paralfor two days,
Jeled at any former period. The water Accounts from different parts of the
produced by the melting of a vast country state a variety of accidents from
quantity of snow rendered some of the the inundations occasioned by the above
roads quite impassable, and the torrents sudden thaw. In Bedford Street, Wal-
which have thus been caused have done cot, near Bath, several houses were un-
great damage, At Battle-bridge, Gray's dermined by the force of the water, fell
Inn-lane road, the water rushed into down, and buried the inhabitants, a.
the houses, and the inhabitants were mounting to about ten, in the ruins. A
forced to fly to their upper stories for · number of bridges were carried away;
protection ; the Kensington road could and corn stacks, hay ricks, cows, pigs,
only be passed with great difficulty by &c. swept down the river. At Eton,
carts. In Dorset Street, Portman Square, and the lower parts of Windsor, the in-
the common sewer was blown up, and habitants were obliged to take shelter
ļeft a dreadful chasm. In the houses in in the upper stories, the lower being in.
the neighbourhood of Kensington and undated. Much damage was also done
Vauxhall, a torrent of water rose, which nearthe river--Chelsea, Lambeth, Dept.
in its progress carried away furniture, ford, &c. have suffered much. The
trunks of trees, cattle, &c. and has de- roads, in many places, were impassable,
stroyed a great number of bridges. and the mail-coaches stopt.
The Clapham road was rendered quite


Scottish Chronicle.

Sourgh tomges, or at least a Considerable suspenders,

derogatory to the dignity of

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COURT OF Session, Second Division. sel for the parties, the Lord Justice
Feb. 11. 1809.

Clerk stated to the Court, that a paper
TOME time since, some of the Edin- was appended to the answers for the

number of the members of these lodges, the Court. He alluded to a letter from
withdrew themselves from the Grand Lord Moira to the Substitute Grand
Lodge of Scotland; in consequence of Master Mr Inglis, and which not only
which the Grand Lodge had issued de stared, in forcible terms, the private o-
nunciations against the private indivi- pinion of that nobleman, but contained
duals who had so seceded, and expel. also the opinion of his Royal Highness
led them from all masonic privileges. the Prince of Wales upon the merits of

The question now before the Court this question. This production his
originated in bills of suspension, pre. Lordship conceived to be highly inde-
sented in name of certain individuals, cent and improper, as it seemed to be
who had been appointed by the Grand brought forward with no other view
Lodge as the legitimate office-bearers than to influence unduly the decision of
of these lodges, against the others who the Judges. That upon a former oc-
had seceded, praying the Court to in. casion of this kind, where an attempt
terdict these persons from meeting as had been made to influence the opinions
masonic bodies. The lodges are Mary's of the Judges, it was upon record, that
Chapel, Canongate Kilwinning, St An, the Court had interfered in a very de-
drew's, St David's, and Caledonian. The cided manner; and could he imagine or
interdicts had been granted by Lords suppose for a moment (what he well
Newton, Glenlee, and Cullen, whose knew to be impossible,) that his Royal
judgments were now brought under the Highness, or Lord Moira, had given
review of the Court,

their authority for the pretended proBefore proceeding to hear the coun- duction, it would be incumbent on the



Court to act as their predecessors had Mr Murray, and Mess. Clerk; Greendone on that occasion, by ordering the shiels, and the Hon. Henry Erskine documents in question to be burnt by were severally heard, each of whom the hands of the common executioner, acknowledged their advice had been and by granting warrant of commits given to produce the letter complained ment; but he was well aware, that no such proceedings were, or could be, It was stated from the Bench, that sanctioned by his Royal Highness of certainly every idea of an improper mothat distinguished Nobleman ; on tive upon the part of the gentlemen at contrary, the letter in question seemed the bar, was done away by the explato be a confidential letter from Lord nation that had been given; but still the Moira to Mr Inglis. Blame, therefore, Court were of opinion, that if parties could only attach to the agent in the were allowed to make such productions case; and his Lordship concluded by in a Court of Justice, containing the on moving that he be ordered to attend at pinions of private persons, far less that the bar on Tuesday next.

of the greatest subject in the state, and Counsel were then heard for the par- heir apparent to the Crown, it might ties, viz. Mr Hume, at considerable tend to very dangerous consequences length, for the seceding lodges, and the indeed. The Court therefore ordered Hon, Henry Erskine and Mr Clerk for the letter in question to be withdrawn the suspenders. The action was laid from the process, and allstatements from upon an act passed in the year 1999; it to be expunged from the record. entitled. An act for the preventing of SIR JOHN MOORE.-On Wednesday seditious meetings;' and it was contend- Feb. 15. at a meeting of the inhabitants ed by Mr Hume, that, ist, The appli. of Glasgow, called by the Lord Provost, cants had no patrimonial or substantial it was unanimously agreed to erect a interest in this case, and consequently monument to the memory of their everno title to pursue ; 2dly, That the act to-be-lamented and gallant townsman, did not apply, his clients having been Sir John Moore, K. B.-A sum exceedqualified before the clerk of the peace, ing 1500l. was immediately subscribed. in terms applicable to masonic lodges; The subscription already amounts to whereas, by a certificate he produced, upwards of 30ool. the Grand Lodge of Scotland itself ne. Mrs Moore, mother of Gen. Moore, ver had complied with the terms of the has most generously sent to the Treasuact, nor qualified in terms of law. rer of the Royal Infirmary in Glasgow

The Court was of opinion to remove one hundred guineas, as a small testia the interdict, and passed the bill, that mony of the high sense she entertains the rights of parties might be farther in. and the gratitude she feels to the Lord quired into.

Provost, Magistrates, and the inbabi. February 14.

tants of her native city of Glasgow and This day the agent for the suspenders, neighbourhood, for the honour already Mr D. Murray, W. S. attended at the shewn, and still more what is intended bar of the Court ; but before farther to perpetuate the memory of her belo. procedure, Mr Inglis, Substitute Grande ved son.” Master, begged to be heard. He stated, On the 22d of February Robt. Stewthat no blame could at all attach to Mr art, for house-breaking and theft, was Murray, on account of the production executed at the West End of the Tol. in question. He was ready and willing, booth of Edinburgh, porsuant to his if blame attached to any person, to take sentence. He was assisted in his dethe whole responsibility upon himself. votions by the Rev. Dr Baird and Mr He had received the letter in question Porteous, chaplain to the jail, and wet from the Noble Lord, in his official ca. his fate with penitence and resignapacity of Grand Master, and had ac- tion. cordingly laid it before the Grand Lodge John Macintyre and Andrew Stewart, of Scotland. Forming, therefore, as it convicted at the same time with Robert did, a part of the record of the Grand Stewart, and Rachael Wright for childa Lodge, he submitted that it was a pro. stealing, have all received his Majesty's per production in this question, A must gracious pardon, on condition of minute was then given in and read, for being transported for life.

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Vaccination is established under the maWhitehall, Jan. 28. (The King has been nagement of a Board, which consists of the pleased to grant the dignity of a Baron of following Members :-Sir Lucas Pepys, the united kingdom of Great Britain and Bårt. President of the Royal College of Ireland, unto the Right Hon. James Earl of Physicians : Dr Mayo, Dr Heberden, Dr Hopetoun, and the heirs male of his body Satterley, and Dr Bancroft, Censors of the lawfully begotten, by the name and title of College ; George Chandler, Esq. Master ; Baron Hopetoun of Hopetoun, in the coun- and Robert Keate, Esq. and Sir Charles ty of Linlithgow, with remainder to the Blicke, Governors of the Royal College of heirs male lawfully begotten of his late fa- Surgeons. The Board have appointed the ther John Earl of Hopetoun, deceased. following Officers ;-Director, Dr Jenner;

The Earl of Cloncarty has been elected Assistant Director, James Moore, Esq. ; a Temporal Peer of Ireland, in the room of Register, Dr Hervey ; Principal Vaccinathe late Earl of Clanricarde. Fifty-one tor, J. C. Carpue, Esq.; Vaccinators at the Peers only voted, of whom 50 were for Stations, Charles Aikin, Esq. T. Hale, Esq. Lord Cloncarty, and one for the Earl of Richard Lane, Esq. Edward Leese, Esq. Mount Cashel.

S. Sawrey, Esq. and J. Vincent, Esq.-Se-
Queen's Palace, Feb. 6. The Right Hon. cretary, Charles Murray, Esq.
Sir John Nicholl, Knight, was, by his Ma-

jesty's command, sworn of his Majesty's
most Honourable Privy Council, and ap- Admiralty Office, Jan. 4. 1809. The
pointed a Judge of the Arches Court, in King has been pleased to appoint the Right
the room of Sir William Wynne, resigned. Hon. Cuthbert Lord Collingwood, Vice-

The King was also pleased to confer the Admiral of the Red, to be Major-General honour of Knighthood on Doctor Christo. of his Majesty's Royal Marine Forces, in pher Robinson, appointed his Majesty's room of Admiral Lord Gardner deceased, Advocate General, in room of Sir John

Foreign Office, Feb. 6. The King has

War-Office, Jan. 14. been pleased to appoint Charles Oakeley,

43d Foot-Lieut.-Gen. Sir John Francis Esq. to be his Majesty's Secretary of Le Cradock, to be Colonel, vice Gen. Smith, gation to the United States of America. deceased.

Whitehall, Jan. 13. The King has ap- 71st Ditto-Lieut.-Gen. Francis Dundas, pointed the Rev. Alexander Symers to the

to be Colonel, vice Sir John Cradock. church of Lethnot, in the presbytery of

94th Ditto-Lieut.-General James Lord Brechin, vacant by the death of the Rev. Forbes, to be Colonel, vice Dundas. John Taylor.

3d Garrison Battalion-Major General March 7. The King has also presented Rowland Hill, to be Colonel, vice Lord the Rev. Donald Ross to the church of Kil.

Forbes. muir, in the Isle of Skye, vacant by the

War Office, Jan. 28. death of the Rev. Donald Martin.

3d Foot Guards-Captain John Charles George Douglas, Esq. of Cavers, has pre

Rooke to be Captain of a company, vice sented the Rev. James Strachan to the Lieut.-Col. Robert Anstruther, deceased. church of Cavers.

18th Foot-Lieut.-Col. Geo. Horsford, The Earl of Cassillis has presented the to be Lieut.-Col. vice Honyman, deceased: Rev. William Ferrie to the Professorship 52d Ditto-Major-General Hildebrande of Civil History in the United College of Oakes, to be Colonel, vice Sir John Moore, St Andrew's, in room of Dr Adamson de

deceased. ceased.

3d West India Regiment Major. Gen. His Majesty has been pleased to consti- John Cope Sherbrooke; to be Colonel, vice tute and appoint the Right Hon. Lord Na

Oakes. pier, the Right Hon. the Lord Advocate,

Sicilian Regiment-Major-General RoŞir Patrick Murray, Bart. of Ochtertyre, nald Craufurd Ferguson, to be Colonel, vice Adam Rolland, Esq. Advocate, Gilbert In

Sherbrooke. nes, Esq. of Stow, John Campbell, Esq. and David Reid, Esq. seven of the Honourable Feb. 25. His Majesty has appointed Col. Board of Trustees, to be Commissioners for Thomas Graham of the 90th foot, (Bal. carrying into execution the act passed last gowan,) to be Major General in the army. session of Parliament for the further en- Brigadier-General Henry Clinton to be couragement of the British White Herring Adjutant General to the Forces in Ireland, Fisheries.

vice Brigadier-General Robert Anstruther, Vaccination.--In pursuance of the re- deceased. solution of Parliament passed in the last Deputy Commisssary - General Robert session, a national institution for pron.oting Hugh Kennedy to be a Commissary-Ge.



neral of Stores, Provisions, and Forage to 10. At Springfield, near Douglas, Lieuc.. the Forces.

Col. Robert Bowie, of the Hon. East India Downing Street, Jan. 30. The King Company's Beugal establishment, to Miss has been pleased to appoint Brigadier. Ge- Eliza Coventry, daughter of the late James neral the Hon. Charles Willian Coventry, Esq. be Governor of Fort Charles, in the island 13. At Largs, Archibald Douglas, Esq; of Jamaica.

advocate, to Jane, daughter of Francis

Brown, Esq.

14. Mr John Hay, merchant, Leith, to Jan. 23. At Lettoch, near Beauly, Lieut. Miss Alice Cranstoun, daughter of the late Robert Robertson, 74ch regiment, to Mar

Mr Robert Cranstoun, Crailinghall. garet, third daughter of the Rev. Mr Pa- 14: At London, Lieut.-Col. Barclay, of terson, of the Scots Episcopal Church at the 52d regiment, to Miss Isabella ColquLettoch.

houn, second daughter of Pat. Colquhoun, 26. At Aberdeen, Capt. Adam Mellis, Esq. 45th regiment, to Sarah, youngest daughter 15. At Edinburgh, John Swinton, Esq. of Capt. William Gibbon, jun. of Aberdeen. of Broadmeadows, to Miss Rannie, only

Feb. 10. At Edinburgh, Mr James Scott, daughter of the late James Rannie, Esq. tobacconist, Hawick, to Elizabeth, daughter merchant in Leith. of the late Mr George Turnbull, merchant 22. At ditto, Thomas Guthrie Wright, there.

Esq. Auditor of the Court of Session, to 10. At Cupar-Fife, Janies Greig, Esq. Mary, youngest daughter of the late Dr to Jane, daughter of the Rev. Dr George John Hill, Professor of Humanity in the Campbell.

University of Edinburgh. 16. At Reading, Berks, Dr W. P. Lauder, to Harriet, youngest daughter of the

BIRTHS. late Joseph Dalmer, Esq. of that place. Feb. 24. At Aldourie, Inverness-shire,

27. Ac Merchiston Hall, Charles Camp- the Lady of William Fraser Tytler Esq. a bell, Esq. younger of Comby, to Miss daughter. Christian Graham Napier, youngest daugh- 26. At Clifton, the Lady of Capt. Deans ter of the Hon. Charles Napier.

Dundas, Royal Navy, a daughter. 27. At Glenluce, Mr William Kerr, of Murch. 1. At Whiterig, Mrs Sibbald, a Stranraer, to Isabella, eldest daughter of the late Lieut. Col. Hope of the Royal Ar• 3. At St Andrew's, the Viscountess tillery.

Glentworth, a son and heir. March 2. At Edinburgh, Mr John Eas. 4. At Edinburgh, Mrs Inglis, wife of ton, merchant there, to Ann, eldest daugh. William luglis, Esq. writer to the signet, a ter of the late John Bennet, Esq. of Gair. nybridge.

4. At ditto, the Lady of Dr Mackenzie 3. Ai London, James Stewart Oliphant, Grieve, a daughter. Esq. of Rossie, to Miss Anna Read, daugh- 6. At Doune Lodge, the Lady of Lord ter of William Truman Read, Esq. of North Doune, a daughter. Audley Street, London.

8. At Lixninunt Cottage, the Lady of 3. Ac Powder Hall, near Edinburgh, William Jay E q, a son. William Macdonald, Esq. younger of Cai- 10. At Closeburn Hall, the Lady of C. ley, to Helen, daughter of Thomas Currie, G.$. Menteath, Esq. a son. Esq. of Ormiston.

13. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Capt. D. 3. At Edinburgh, Charles Campbell, Esq. Canıpbell, Royal Navy, a daughter. Lieutenant 94th regiment, to Miss Hook,

14. Mrs Kinloch of Killrie, a daughter. daughter of the late Captain Lionel Hook, of the Hon. East India Company's service.

DEATHS. 6. At London, Charles Ruddoch, Esq. Oct. 14, In Jamaica, Mr John Farquharlate of Tobago, to Mrs Macfarlane, of Do- son, son of the deceased Mr James Far. navourd, Perthshire.

quharson, late of Coldrach. 6. At Glasgow, Mr James Cowan, mer- 19. In Spanish Town, Jamaica, Elizabeth chant, to Janet, eldest daughter of the late Haywood, a free black voman, at the very Thomas Pott, Esq. merchant in Glasgow. advanced age of 130 years.

9. Ac Edinburgli, James Davidson, Esq. 30. At Barbadoes, John Booth, Esq. surW. S. to Mrs Miller, widow of John Mil- geon of his Majesty's ship Pompee. ler, Esq. of Jamaica.

Nov. 10. In Jamaica, Mr James Allar9. At Liverpool, Mr Walter Laidlaw, dyce, son of James Allardyce, Esq. Collecmerchant there, eldest son of Mr Laidlaw, tor of the Custonis, Aberdeen. Philiphaugh, to Miss Rogers, only daughter 30. At —, Mrs Lucinda Heywood, wife of James Rogers, Esq. of the former place. of Henry Young, Esq. Madeira.




in Spain.

Dec. 4. At Demerara, universally respecte Lately, at Ambleside, Lieutenant James ed and regretted, Dr James Robinson. Stewart, 88th regiment, son of the late

6. At ditto, Mr John Dickson, son of Lieut.-General James Stewart. the late Mr Gilbert Dickson, of Glasgow, Lately, in consequence of the wounds he a young man of the most promising abili. received in the battle of Vimiera, Captain ties, and deeply regretted by all his relations. Eustace, 20th dragoons, son of the late Ge

20. William Ker, Esq. of Spring Garden, neral Eustace. Jamaica.

Feb. 1. At Tilloch, parish of Echt, aged 26. At Deptford, Miss Mary Ann Milne, 84, Mıs Barbara Duthie, relict of the Rev. daughter of the Rev. Dr Colin Miilne. Willian Copland, minister of the united

In the island of l'rindad, Capt. Quintin parishes of Forbes and Kearn. Logan, of the 37th regiment, Brigade-Ma- 1. Ac Haslar Hospital, Portsmouth, Mr jor to his Excellency Governor Hislop. William M‘Gill, surgeon in the 1st regi.

Jan. 12. At Glasgow, Mrs Darling M. ment (Royals,) and eldest son of Mr Wil. Kechnie, wife of Mr James Forrester, liam M'Gill, Port-Glasgow. His death merchant.

was occasioned by a fever, brought on by 13. At Exeter, Miss Rebecca Wright extreme fatigue during the late expedition Finlay, of Wallyford.

13. At in the prime of life, deeply 2. At Liverpool, the Hon. Mrs Stanley, lamented by his numerous friends and ac- aged 92, relict of the Hon. and Rev. John quaintances, Lieut. John Cameron (late Stanley, formerly one of the rectors Licommander of his Majesty's brig Flamer,) verpool. son of the late Mr John Cameron, saddler 2. At Plymouth, of his wounds received in Dunkeld.

in Spain, Major Crigan, of the 81st regt. 15. At Nairn Grove, Dr John M'Far- son of the Right Rev. the Bishop of Man. lane, eldest son of Collector M'Farlane, 2. At East Coats, Fife, Mr John Edie, who, from his amiable disposition and abi- farmer there. lities, promised to be a credit, to himself 3. At London, Laurence Dundas Camp, and family

bell, Esq. By the death of this Gentleman - At Corunna, while serving with the the republic of letters has lost a most able British army, Lieutenant W. Dawson, of and ardent member. There was nothing the 1st regiment, or Royals.

in the walks of literature or politics in 17. Of the wounds he received in the which the variety and versatility of his tabattle of Corunna, Captain Duncan Camp- lents did not enable him to take a lead. bell, of the 428 regiment, son of Mr Do- Circumstances, however, necessarily con: nald Campbell, of Ardnacross, isle of Mull. fined his pursuits to the affairs of our em

21. At St Andrew's, in an advanced age, pire in India, and of these he possessed a Captain John Graham Bonar, of Greigs. profound and philosophic knowledge. town, much regretted by his fanily and Mr Campbell was the first who set on foot, friends.

in 1798, the Asiatic Annual Register, and 23. At Braco Park, Mr William Garden. who has since conducted it with such abi

25. At Lundersdean, near Haddington, lity and success. To that work we may Mrs Margaret Laurie, aged 86, relict of well refer for Mr Campbell's minute and Mr Robert Aitchison, late farmer at Thurs. accurate knowledge of our Indian affairs, ton Mains.

which has been still further manifested in 26. At Edinburgh, Mr John Brown, his strictures on the charges recently wright.

brought against the Marquis Wellesley in 30. At laslar Hospital, Gosport, Lieut. the House of Commons. At the moment Joseph Nunn, of the 26th regiment, in con- of his last illness, he was occupied in writ. sequence of the wounds which he received ing the history of the administration of that in the battle of Corunna.

distinguished nobleman in India ; and the 30. At Aberdeen, aged 62, Mr Alexan- public have to regret that Mr Campbell der Calder, cabinet-maker.

has not lived fully to complete a work that 31. At Sanda House, in Kintyre, Mrs would have most satisfactorily demonstrated Hester Campbell, wife of Major Hector the masterly and comprehensive scheme of M'Neill, of Ardnacross.

policy which the noble Marquis had die At Winchester, T. Scott, Esq. late of the gested, and laid down as the most efficient island of Tobago.

rule for the government of our indian em: The Rev. Thonias Moss, many years pire. In short, Mr Campbell's intellectual minister of Briery Hill Chapel, and author endowments could only be surpassed by that of “ 'The Beggar's Petition," and other ad- niildness of manners, and amenity of dispomired poetical pieces.

sition, which gave so powerful a charm to Lately, Mrs Bethune, relict of the Rev. his social virtues, in all the relations and all Dr Bethune, of Rowsant.

the habitudes of private life.


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