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from Spain.

holm Esq.

Feb. 10. At London, French Laurence 27. At Strathaven, John Smith Esq. of Esq. L.L.D. and M. P. for Peterborough. Crosshill.

11. Captain Carruthers, Brigade-Major 28. At Lathrisk, David Johnston, Esq. to General Craufurd, and lately returned advocate, eldest son of David Johnston,

Esq. of Lathrisk. 17. At Plymouth, Mr Robert Anderson, At Ballaville, Ross-shire, the Lady of from Cupar Angus, surgeon, Royal Navy. the deceased Alexander Chisholm of Chis

17. At London, Lieut.-General Arthur Ormshy, Lieut.. Colonel of the 6th Dragoon At Paington, Lieutenant Peter Campbell, Guards.

royal marines, son of the late Archibald 18. At Edinburgh, Duncan Buchanan, Campbell, Esq. of Ardmarnoch. Esq. late surgeon in the service of the Hon. Lately, at Grenfill's Mill, near Barnard East India Company.

Castle, aged 64, Mr S. Thwaits, farmer, 19. At Portsmouth, Capt. Thomas Haw. who measured six feet three inches in height, ker, of the Royal Navy.

and weighed 34 stones. 19. James King, Esq. of Drums, in the March 1. At Leith, Archibald Geddes, 86th year of his age.

Esq. manager of the Leith Glass-work. 20. Ar Leith, Mr Alexander Aitken, 2. At London, in his 40th year, Charles 20. At Perth, Mr James Morison book. John Carey, Viscount Falkland, a Captain seller.

in the Royal navy. He was mortally 20. At Paisley, Mr Alexander Montgo. wounded in a duel with Mr Powell, on the merie, late manufacturer in Glasgow. Tuesday preceding. (See p. 233.). His

20. At London, Gen. T. O. Mordaunt, Lordship succeeded his brother Lucius aged 79.

Charles in 1796, and married in 1802 Miss 21. At Glasgow, Mir Alexander Grind- Auton, by whom he has left a son, born lay, writer.

1803, who succeeds to the citle, and two 23. At Steyning Barracks, Capt. Martin daughters. Armstrong, of che 1st battalion 5th foot. 2. At Spott House, Lady Seton, relict

23. At Alnwick, Nathaniel Davison, Esq. of Sir Henry Seton, Bart. of Abercorn. formerly his Majesty's consul at Nice and 2. A Logie-house, Mrs Watt of Logie. Algiers.

2. At Newton, Ayr, Mrs Mary Wilson, 23. At London, Lady Dowager Ashbur. wife of Capt. David Wilsons ton, in the 65th year of her age.

3. At Ayr, Mr William Reid, of the 28. At Edinburgh, Miss Jean Mary Customs, in the 76th year of his age. Sangster, fourth daughter of the late Mr 3. At Stronchrigan, Argyllshire, ArabelJohn Sangster, factor for Lord Dundas in la, youngest daughter of Dn. Campbell, Esq. the Orkneys.

5. At Aberdeen, William Davidson, Esq. 23. Ac ditto, Mr John Howden, saddler merchant. in Edinburgh.

5. At Edinburgh, after a long illness, Mr 23. At Rachan, Peebleshire, Mrs Loch William Brown, the projector and editor of of Rachan.

the Edinburgh Weekly Journal. 23. It Hawick, in the 93d year of her 5. At Ramsgate, in the 78th year of his age, Mrs Elizabeth Elliott, daughter of the age, the Right Hon. John Murray, Earl of deceased William Elliott, Esq. of Borth- Dunmore, son of William Earl of Dunwickbrae.

more, by Katharine, daughter of William 23. At Stirling, in the 76th year of her Lord Nairn. He succeeded his father in age, Mrs Barbara Steuart, daughter of the 1756; and married Lady Charlotte Stewart, late Archibald Steuart, Esq. of Steuasthall. daughter of the Earl of Galloway, by which

24. At Duntrune, Forfarshire, Miss Gra- marriage he has left three sons and three ham of Dúntrune.

daughters. His lordship is succeeded in his 24. At London, the Earl of Orford. He titles and estates by his eldest son, George is succeeded by his son lord Walpole, now Murray, Viscount Fincastle, who married Earl of Orford.

Lady Susan Hamilton,daughter of the Duke 24. Alexander Anderson, Esq. of Udall. of Hamilton. 25. Mr Robert Corbett, of Cannigar. 6. At Edinburgh, James Kenion, Esq.

26. At Smidholm, parish of Tinwald, late of Leeds, Yorkshire. Jean Burgess, aged 93. She had been 67 6. At Danevale, Mrs Ferrier Cutlar of years married to one husband, and, before Orroland, spouse of Major-Gen. Ferrier. she died, 113 could call her mother, grand- 6. At Perth, David Macvicar, Esq. mother, and great grandmother. Thirty- 7. At his house, Leith Walk, Mr George seven of these were great grand-children. Smith, many years master of the Trinity

27. At Stronchrigan, Argyllshire, Ara- Honse, Leith. bella Campbell, daughter of the late Capt. 7. At Anchindown, Major John Grant, James Campbell, of Stronslang,

in the 71st year of his age.


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March 8. Åt Edinburgh,' aged 19, Mr the horse on the road, and judging, from its William Smith, coachmaker, James's Place. appearance without the rider, that some

8. At Edinburgh, Mrs Ann Malcolme, accident had happened, rode quickly for. widow of Dr John Malcolme, late physician ward, and found the Colonel lying on the at Ayr.

ground, so bruised by the fall, that, not8. At ditto, Barbara Campbell, wife of withstanding every exertion, he survived Mr William Bell, candlemaker there.

only a very short time. 9. At Keithock, Patrick Bowie, Esq. of 11. At Elie, Dr John Reid. Keithock.

11. At Clarkston, Stirlingshire, Thomas 9. At Edinburgh, Mrs Barbara Ponton, Livingston, Esq. of Parkhall. spouse of Mr Alexander Ponton, solicitor. 12. At Middlebie, the Rev. Abraham

10. At ditto, Mrs Craigie, relict of Lau- Nivison, minister of that parish, rence Craigie of Glendoick, Esq.

12. At the manse of Abernethy, the Rev. 10. At Goldlands, Miss B. Scott, daugh- Wm. Duncan, minister of that parish, in the ter of the deceased Charles Scott of Crum

61st year of his age, and 35th of his ministry. haugh, Peq.

15. At Edinburgh, John Campbell, Esq. 10 At his house at Sciennes, Mr John younger of Shawfield, Member of Parlia Gibson, hosier.

ment for the Argyll and Ayr district of 11. Col. James Rattray, of Arthurstone. burghs, and Colonel of the Argyllshire reWhile riding home from Forfar in the even- giment of North British militia. He mar: ing, he was thrown from his horse, and ex- ried Lady Charlotte Campbell, youngest pired in a short time thereafter. A medi- daughter of the late Duke of Argyll, by cal gentleman, belonging to Forfar, met whom he has left a numerous family.

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TO CORRESPONDENTS. Scotus, which was accidentally delayed this month, will appear in our next.

We shall lay Mr Wcir's statement before the public, without, however, pro nouncing any opinion on the subject.

The Account of Yeast Powder is under consideration. It may be necessary to abridge the introductory discussion, which is too long, and too little connected with it.

Philalethes is received, and his complaint may probably be well founded; but the subject would not, we suspect, be considered by our readers as of sufficient importance.

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ER Scott sc.

11. llums tell


For the Scots Mag & Edin."

Liter.' Mis pub:' by d. Constable & Con May 1809.

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Edinburgh Literary Miscellany,

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For APRIL 1809 :

. With a view of MELGUND CASTLIT. 'I




be Officer,


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Register of the Weather for April, 224 Literary Intelligence, English and
High Water at Leith for May, ib. Foreign
Descriptiod of Melgund Castle,

Proceedings of the Wernerian Natu.

ral History Society,


pn Sir John Moore, by Mr Monthly Memoranda in Natural Hig-"


*286 tory, (2441 Lines on Mr Walter Scott,

ib, Statistical and military View of the To-mortow. 2-Lines, "Austrian Dominions,

288 Discourse by Lord Minto, Governorij Ode to the Violet, 246 Elegy on the late Mr B.,

ib, General of Bengal, to the Mem. 1 i 1 Isabella.--Matrimony, .

iba bers of the College of Fort-Wila liam, ole.

249. Account of a Residence in Madrid,

PROCEEDINGS OF PARLIAMENT. and a Journey from thence i to

House of Lords,


ib. Lisbon ; by a British

State of the Nation,

Description of Edinburgh; with an House of Commons,

290 Account of the present State of

The late Negociation, its Medical School, (concluded,) 258

Convention of Cintia, .. •.293
Letters to the Editor, occasioned by

Sir John Garr's Caledonian Sketches, 261, America.--Embargo removed, 294
On the Necessity of a New Alphabet, 264 +President's Speech,

ib. Synopsis of the Gaelio and Latin

Spain and Portugal,

1997 Languages,


-Offcial Letters of Sir F. Moore, ib. Criticism....bition of Paintings Commotion at Cadiz,

• 302 • 268 $weden, ... Claim, by Mr Weir, to the Invention -Revolution in the Government, ib. of Rockets,


Proclamation by the Duke of SuOn the Advantages of Yeast Powder, 271

dermania, Memoirs of the Progress of Manu. Prússia.-King visits Petersburgh, 305 factures, Chemistry, Science, and

Holland Ports opened, • - 306 the Fine Arts, i.. 273, West Indies,

ib. Original Letter from Swift to Dr

--Capture of Martinique,

ib. Yenny, 274 Conquest of Cayenne,

311 Mineralogical Account of Mount Fire at Christ Church College, Oxford, 314 Caucasus,


Scottish REVIEW.
High Court of Justiciary,

315 Campbell's Gertrude of Wyoming, a Court of Session,

Pennsylvanian Tale; and other Military Appointments,
280 Civil Appointments,

317 Marriages,

ib. New Works published in Edinburgh, 284. Bi ths an. Deaths, Scottish Literary Intelligence, ... 234 Stocks and Markets,

320 Statc

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by Scottish



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ib. 316

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