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is he in the eyes of the Eternal, who a Cadiz. About the 22d of February, lone penetrates the intentions of men, 500 of the above description were acand according to them determines their cordingly brought ashore; but the peo

elevation? Who sincerely wishes the ple suspecting from their appearance. welfare of his fellow, serves God; and that the major

part of them were French, his Omnipotent goodness protects him. became incensed against them, and in

“ We desire that, in conformity with sisted that they should be immediately these dispositions, you direct the pray. remanded to their place of confinement, ers of the faithful, whom Providence The Marquis urged the necessity of his has intrusted to you. Let us all ask of obeying the orders of the Junta. The God, that he deign to let fall upon us Governor of Cadiz (Jones,) in order to his spirit of peace and wisdom ; let us appease the people, remonstrated with abjure every passion, that we may be the Superintendant against the expe. occupied alone by such sentiments as diency of the measure, while opposed ought to animate us, and which the ge by the inhabitants. But the Marquis neral interests of this monarchy inspire ; persisted. The popular fury increased, let the exercise of religion, tranquillity and the Marquis was forcibly seized, and happiness, succeed to the discords with all his papers, and closely confined to which we have been a prey ; let us in the Convent of the Capuchins. Gereturn thanks to God for the success neral Caraffa was also seized, and along which he has been pleased to grant to with several others sent to confinement. the arms of our august brother and Some suspicions having been excited of powerful ally the Emperor of the French, the loyalty of some of the Magistrates, who has had no other end in support. (whether justly or not we cannot say,) ing our rights by his power, than to pro the house of one of them, Don Juan de cure to Spain a long peace founded on Hereda, was broken into, when he was her independence. The French army brought out, and cruelty murdered by will evacuate the Spanish provinces as the infuriated mob in the public street. tranquillity shall be spread, and as they On inspecting the Marquis's papers, it shall unite around our throne.

was not discovered that he entertained - Our will is, that you order each of any design hostile to the interests of the the curates of your diocese to sing a so- people, but they had nevertheless delemn Te Deum the first Sunday after the termined that he should not be restored receipt of this letter.

to power. The soo prisoners were re“ Giyen at our Palace of Madrid, turned to the hulks by order of the Gothe 24th of Jan. 1809.

vernor, and the disturbances immedi

“ I THE KING. ately subsided. We have not learnt the “ The Minister Secretary of State to his determination of the Junta on this un. Majesty,

fortunate business. General MackenMARIANO Louis D'URQUIJO." zie, who was on board Admiral Purvis's

fleet in the outer harbour, with a body COMMOTION AT Cadiz.

of British troops, had behaved with much Another popular disturbance has propriety on the occasion, for which he been excited at Cadiz, the consequen- received the praises of the Spanish peoces of which have proved serious. The ple. In reply to an invitation given cause, so far as we can learn, appears to to him for landing and opposing his be the following :-A number of the force against the insurgents, he said, prisoners of Dupont's army, who were " That he was at the head of a body of confined on board the hulks in the har. British troops at Cadiz, ordered there bour, and who were all either Germans, by his Government to co-operate with Swiss, or Poles, had offered to enlist in the Spaniards any where against the the Spanish army. The Marquis de common enemy, and he should not, of Villei, who had been appointed Super. course, be justified in an interference in intendant of Cadiz by the Supreme jun- any commotions among the Spaniards, ta of Seville, on the defection of Morla, however he might lament the causes communicated the proposal of the pric which led to those commotions." He soners to the Junta, who sent him or also declined giving his assistance in ders to liberate soo of the prisoners, and their councils, which he also considered incorporate them with the garrison of an interference.


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advance of the insurgents under Col. REVOLUTION IN THE GOVERNMENT.

Adlersparre, dispatched a courier to the

western army, with orders to remove A most extraordinary and unexpect- Baron Cederstrom from the command cd revolution has suddenly taken place in chief, and Adlersparre from his comin the Government of this kingdom, the mand under that officer. This courier chief object of which is said to be the

was, however, prevented from proceedrestorauion of peace, The King has ing hy Major. Gen. Adlercreutz, and the been arrested and imprisoned, and his King was told that all was quiet.

His uncle, the Duke of Sudermania, who had Majesty, in a day or two after, disco been Regent during his minority, has as vered that this report was fallacious, and sumed the reins of Government. This determined immediately to proceed a important intelligence has been coma- gainst the insurgents in person at the municated to the British Ministry by head of his guards. On the 13th, in the Admiral Sir Richard Keates, who com morning, his Majesty left his apartments mands a British squadron stationed off to go down to the parade in front of the Gottenburgh. The details of this in. Palace, with the intention of announcing teresting event are not as yet quite sa. his determination to the guards, and cal. tisfactory or explicit. But the following ling upon them to follow him. But appears the most probable account we while he was descending the great stairhave met with :

case towards the parade, Major-Gene. The disasters occasioned by the war ral Adlercreutz, Col. Milan, Col. Jagerwith Rassia had produced universal dise horn, and some others, advanced to meet tress among the people, which was aug. him, as if through compliment, and hav. mented by the severity of the winter, and ing surrounded him closely, Gen. Adlerthe great scarcity of provisions. The creutz addressed him, and said, that all army too became discontented on ac- possible means having been tried in vain count of their pay being long in arrear, to induce him to adopt counsels consis. and being almost destitute of clothing, tent with the exigencies of the times, it provisions, &c. This spirit of discon. became pecessary to have recourse to tent broke out into open ipsurrection 2. restraint. The King; surprised, but not mong the troops on the frontiers of Nor. deprived of his usual courage, said cool. way; and their Colonel Adlersparre, in- ly, What do you mean? Am I arreststead of re pressing, encouraged and head. ed? All around him answered, Yes.ed the insurgents. On the night of the The King upon tliis drew his sword, 6th of March he entered Carlstadt, with and attempted to run Adlercreutz thio? a part of his army, and demanded of the the body, while the others rushed in on Burgomaster quarters for his troops, every side, and overpowered and diswhich was refused ; in consequence of armed him. In effecting this, however, which he made application, in the most the foremost, Count Snoilsky, received presumptuous manner, to Count Rosen, a wound in his hand from his Majesty's ihe Governor, stating, that if his request sword. The King, though overwhelmwas not granted, the troops he com ed by force, still preserved the firmness manded should enforce it, and take of bis character unaltered, declaring that quarters wherever they could find them.

it was in vain to attempt to control him Count Rosen still persisting in the re- by violence, and that his sentiments and fusal, he was ordered under arrest, as principles would ever remain the same. was the Burgumaster, and the troops In the night his Majesty was conveyed forcibly obtained what their leader had to the castle of Drottingholm, when his demanded. Colonel Adlersparre, at the Majesty wrote on the next day (14th) head of two thousand regular troops, to his Queen. and about the same number of peasant On the 13th of March, the Duke Rery, then set out on their march to Stock

gent issued the following holm, to demand of the King to call a

PROCLAMATION diet of the States, as well as to obtain payment of the troops under his com BY THE DUKE OF SUDERMANIA. mand.

We, Charles, by the grace of God, On the 9th of March, the King being Hereditary Prince of Sweden, he Goths, informed of the insurrection, and of the Vandals, &c. Duke of Sudermania,


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Grand Admiral, &c. do declare, that, vus III. on the oth of November 1778, under existing circumstances, his Majes. but that the other States, which, as uty is incapable to act, or of conducting sual send Deputies, may observe the the important affairs of the nation : We following order :-From the Clergy are have therefore (being the nearest and expected to appear the Archbishop, only branch of the family of age,) been every Bishop from his diocese, the first induced, for the time being, as adminis- Pastor in Stockholm, together with so trator of the kingdom, to take the reins many from each diocese as usual, and of of government into our hands, which, the other States as many as usual, all with the help of the Almighty, we will provided with necessary letters of depu. conduct, so that the nation may regain tation, in order that we may be able to peace both at home and abroad, and that begin the Diet, and, after its being fortrade and commerce may revive from tunately finished, give you permission their languishing state. Our inviolable to return every one to his province. intention is, to consult with the States Which every one must respectively. obon the means to be taken to render the

serve, and we are, &c. Given at the future time happy to the people of Swe. King's palace at'Stockholm, March 14. den. We invite and command, there. 1809." fore, all the inhabitants of our nation, On the 15th of March the Duke of our forces by sea and land, avd also the Sudermania published a vindication of civil officers of all degrees to obey us, his conduct, and an account of the meaas our real intention and their own wel. sures which led to the arrest of the King. fare demand. We recommend you all The paper is interesting, but too long to the protection of God Almighty. for our insertion. It begins by the part Done at Stockholm Palace, the 13th which Sweden took in the coalition aMarch 1809.

gainst France in 1805, which was follow(Signed) CHARLES.

ed first by the loss of their commerce C. LAGERBRING. with most of Europe, and afterwards by On the 14th of March, the Duke of that of all the Swedish dominions in Sudermania published another proclama- Germany. The King of Sweden was tion, summoning the Diet to meet at invited to accede to the peace of Tilsit, Stockholm on the ist of May :

but refused; the consequence of which 66 We Charles, by the grace of God, was a war with Russia and Denmark, &c. assure you, Estates of the Realm, the loss of Finland, amounting to oneCounts, Barons, Archbishops, Bishops, third of Sweden, in point of population Nobles, Clergy, Burghers of Cities, and and value. Commerce was destroyed, Commonalty, of our particular favour, and the people burthened with taxes to gracious intentions, and kind affection, an extent wl.ich they could not bear. In under the protection of almighty God. this state of things, the army of the north

“ Since we, according to our gracious resolved to march to Stockholm. to obproclamation of the 13th instant, have tain redress of their grievances; the ofound ourselves called upon to take the ther armies had formed the same resolureins of Government as, Regent, in or tion. The King, on hearing of this, der to save our beloved native country had resolved to withdraw to the south from unavoidable destruction, we have to raise a counter army, and oppose the considered it of the highest importance insurgents, and nothing could persuade to deliberate with the states of the realm him to alter this resolution. No other upon the means which may procure and means remained to prevent a civil war confirm the future happiness of the Swe- from being added to all the other evils dish nation. We wish, therefore, and with which Sweden was scourged, but command that all the States of the realm to do as he had done. He had been enmay assemble in the capital of the king- 'treated by all the officers, civil and mili. dom before the 1st of May next, and tary, to take upon himself the govern. that not only the Nobility may regu ment of the State, and, old as he was, he late their conduce by the laws for thought it his duty to do so, as the onthe House of Nobles, given the 6th of ly means even of preserving the safety June 1626, by the King Gustavus A- of his Majesty's person; and he confides dolphus, of glorious memory, &c. and that this step will be viewed in its prorevived and confirmed by King Gusta. per light by every honest Swede. Such

is the substance of the Duke of Suder. his mother. An armistice has been conmania's vindication of his conduct ; and cluded with Russia and Denmark, and we confess that, to us at least, it appears messengers have been sent to Paris to in some measure satisfactory. We are treat about a peace. disposed to allow the King of Sweden the greatest praise for the manliness of

PRUSSIA, his conduct, and the goodness of his principles. The conduct of his brother The Royal Family of Prussia have in-law, the Emperor of Russia, was al- paid a visit to the Emperor Alexander together indefensible. He attacked him at Petersburgh; but whether it has without provocation, contrary to the any political measure for its object, has most solemn treaties, after having con not transpired. On the 29th of Decem tributed to bring him into the situation ber the King, Queen, 'with the Princes uf an enemy of France. But to expect William and Augustus, set out from that a country like Sweden could effec Konigsberg, and arrived at Petersburgh tually resist the united attack of all in perfect health on the 6th of January. Europe, was vain and delusive.. Swe. The following is the account of their den as it stood was unable to carry on reception in Petersburgh: the war.

Complete subjugation must On the arrival of the King and Queen have been the consequence of persisting. of Prussia at the castle of Strelme, We do not see therefore, since the King where they passed the night, they were absolutely refused to listen to peace, met by the Grand Duke Constantine, how the country could have been sa and the Count Tolstoy, to compliment ved, except by a revolution similar to them in the name of his Majesty. They what has happened,

were scarcely seated at table, when With respect to the continuance of the they were surprised most agreeably by alliance between Sweden and Britain, his unexpected arrival. The Monarch nothing is yet known, but the Duke of spent the evening with his illustrious viSudermania has declared that he wishes sitors, and did not return till late to St to remain on friendly terms with Great Petersburgh." The solemn entry into Britain. The Swedish Ambassador in the capital took place next day. London has got new instructions, and has The King was remarkably gay. He been continued in his situation by the wore a uniform lined with sables, which new Government. That the Swedes the Emperor had given him. The would wish to continue their connexion Queen had a white satin pelisse lined with this country, cannot be doubted; with sables. The Grand Duke Conbut as their object is peace with their stantine, on horseback, with his sword present enemies, and as it is a rule with in his hand, rode on the left side of the Bonaparte to stipulate that his allies · Queen's carriage, and immediately beshall have no correspondence with Bri hind this carriage marched a squadron tain, it is easy to foresee that Sweden of chevaliers gardes; then followed three will be ultimately forced into the coalition carriage belonging to the Court, drawn against us. Meanwhile Ministry, it is by eight horses, and afterwards the new said, have resolved to keep the Baltic carriages built here for the Queen, and open, and a large fleet is to be sent im. drawn by eight black horses. Forty mediately to that sea.

thousand persons paraded in the streets. One instance of disapprobation of the The two Empresses came to meet revolution in Sweden has come to our their Majesties at the gate of the last knowledge. In Dalecarlia, anciently so antichamber of the castle ; and these aufamous for the heroic patriotism of its gust Personages, preceded by 64 Chaminhabitants, Baron Norden, the Gover. - berlains and Gentlemen in waiting, renor, sumaioned the provincial chiefs, paired to the apartments of the Dowager who formally protested against the de: Empress, to whom the King of Prussia position of Gustavus.

gave his hand. The Queen was led by The latest dispatches from Sweden the Emperor and Empress. In a most state, that the King has been removed to elegant apartment, hung with a greater distance from Stockholm. His loured silk, the Queen found a superb Queen has ont been permitted to see golden toilette, and in a basket adorned bim ; but he has had an interview with : with flowers, sjx Turkish shawls, &c. April 1809.


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Their Majesties left Petersburgh on while his subjects and dependents are the 31st January. His Imperial Rus labouring under so many anti-commersian Majesty attended them to the con cial impediments ? It cannot be supfines of the district of Petersburgh, and posed that humanity is his motive.they were saluted by 101 guns. Du- Perhaps also he may wish to conciliate ring their stay in Petersburgh, they re. the Americans, as most of the articles ceived numerous proofs of the friend. to be imported into Holland are those ship of the Imperial family; and also, which they can furnish. Our Govern. according to report, a million of ducats, ment, it is said, purpose to obstruct this on account of an old debt due from extension of commerce, because British Russia to Prussia. Among the fetes gi- manufactures are still excluded from the ven in honour of their Majesties, that at Continent. They mean to withdraw the French Ambassador's hotel was by the licences to the Continent, which far the most splendid. Their Majesties have been hitherto granted liberally. arrived in Memel on the 8th February That Bonaparte is rather inclined to in the evening.

conciliate the Americans, we conclude
from the following decree which he has

recently promulgated :

1. The American ships detained in

the ports of the empire, in consequence The Dutch ports have been opened only of the embargo, may set sail to reby a fresh decree for the exportation of turn directly to the United States, but numerous articles, and the importation this favour" is not to extend to vessels of many others. The following is a list seized in consequence of irregular paof goods which, from the rst of April pers or other causes. 2. The ships from 1809, are permitted to be exported and which the embargo is taken shall be imported to and from allied or neutral put at the disposal of General Arm. States in Dutch vessels, or those of al- strong, Minister Plenipotentiary from lied or-neutral powers, to and from the the United States, to secure the direct harbours of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, return of those vessels to that country: Dort, Groningen, Embden, Harlingen, Their departure shall not take place till Veere, Zienkee, Delfzyl, and Brouwers. they have given security, and received haven:

certificates from our consuls, vice-conExports. Books, beans, butter, bran- suls, or agents of commerce in France dy, bricks, cambrics, cheese, copper ma or America, that the said cargoes connufactured, clocks, clover and garden tain only territorial or manufactured seeds, eels, flower-roots, fruits, Geneva, productions of our empire, and there is gauzes, glue, hoops, hides dried, iron nothing in them produced by the collo. manufactured, leather, linen, lintseed, nies or commerce of England.-8. Our , madders, mill-stones, oak-bark ground, Ministers of Foreigp Relations are char. oats, oils of seed, pottery, powder blue, ged each, in as much as concerns him, peas, paper, perfumery, plants, pipes, with the execution of this decree. playing cards, quills, rushes, silk manu

Another decree of the same date confactured, sacch. saturni, starch, tiles, tains in substance, that the confiscated thread and thread tape, tobacco, tarras, American vessels, whose sale will take turf, vinegar, watches, white lead, wine, place on the part of the empire, may be wood manufactured.

bought on foreign account, on paying Imports.--Ashes (pot), candles, cop a duty of 15 francs per ton. per, corn, fish-oil, isinglass, hare-skins, hemp and hemp seed, hides (rough), iron, leather (manufactured), lead, lint

WEST INDIES. seed, mercury, mats, pitch, Russia skins, rape-seed, stock-fish, soda, tar, tallow,

CAPTURE OF MARTINIQUE. tobacco, timber, wax, wool, and wine. We announced in our last Magazine

The motives which have induced Bo. (p. 218) the preparations making by the naparte to permit this relaxation of bis British General for an attack on this political system, it is difficult to conjec. island, and we have now the satisfaction ture. Has he found it impossible to to find that this valuable colony is once Taise the necessary supplies of money, more ynder the sovereignty of the Bri

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