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tish Government. General Beckwith, cellence of the Fuzileer brigade, and of the Commander in Chief, has transmit the spirited and judicious exertions of ted the following account of this expedi- Lieut.-Col. Ellis and Majors Pearson and tion :

Offey, of the 23d, also of the bravery On the 28th of January, the army of Major Campbell and the light infansailed in two divisions from Carlisle try battalion, all of which have enabled Bay, Barbadoes. The first divisjon, me to retain this valuable position withnear 7000 men, under Lieut.-Gen. Sir out artillery, within 300 yards of the George Prevost, landed on the 30th at enemy's intrenched camp, covered with Bay Robert, on the windward coast, guns. I have to lament the loss of Capt. without opposition. And the second Taylor, acting Deputy Quarter-masterdivision of 3000 men under Major. Gen. General, who was severely wounded Maitland, landed at Point Solomon, also whilst rendering effectual-service to his without opposition. The following is country. the report of the success of the several I cannot omit acknowledging, that to divisions.

Lieutenant Hobbs, of the Royal EngiMartinique, Heights of Surirey, neers, I am indebted for the rapidity of Feb. 2. 1809.

our movements, and ultimate success, SIR– In conformity with your orders, from his acquaintance with the country, I disembarked on the 30th ult. with the which enabled him to guide and direct Fuzileer brigade of the first division of our movements. I have the honour to the army, at Malgre Tout, in the Bay be, &c. Robert, at four o'clock P. M. and pro.

GEORGE PREVOst, Lieut.-Gen. ceeded from thence to De Manceaux's To Lieut.-Gen. Beckwith, c. estate, where I arrived late, in conse. quence of the difficulties of the coun.

Heights of Surirey, Feb. 1. 1809. try.

Sir I moved from the Habitation Before the dawn of next day, I reach- Bork at seven o'clock this morning, ed Papin's, and proceeded with the ad. with the light battalion commanded by vance, composed of the Royal Fuzileers, Major Campbell, and being joined on and the Grenadiers of the 1st West In- the heights of Bruno by the Honourable dia regiment. The enemy retiring be- Lieut. Col. Pakenham with the 7th re. fore me, I reached the heights of De giment, the rifle company of 23d regio Borke's estate towards evening, where ment, and the grenadiers of the ist West I was joined at day-light, on the 1st India regiment, I proceeded towards the inst. by Brig.-Gen. Houghton, with the heights of Defourneaux. The column 23d, and the light infantry battalion, was scarcely in motion before a consi. under Major Campbell of the Royal derable body of the enemy's regular fora West India Rangers. I lost no time af- ces, commanded by General of Brigade ter this junction, and pushed forwards d'Houdelot, was discovered very advanthe Hon. Lieut. Col. Pakenham, with tageously posted on the declivity of a the Royal Fuzileers, to possess himself hill, with the river Monsieur in their of Morne Bruno. This movement I front, and one or two field.pieces on supported by the light infantry batta- their left. Having reconnoitred their lion, under Brig.-Gen. Houghton, who position, I determined to attack them, was ordered, after uniting the two corps, although the light artillery attached to to proceed to force the heights of De. the brigade could not be brought up. fourneaux, whilst I held the Royal Col. Pakenham, with the rifle company Welsh Fuzileers in reserve to streng- and grenadiers of the 7th, and rifle comthen such points of attack as might re- pany of the 23d, was directed to turn quire it.

the right, and Major Campbell, with As the greater part of this operation the light battalion, the left of the ene. was conducted by the Brigadier-Ge- my's position, whilst I proceeded to at. neral with spirit, I shall beg leave to re- tack them in front, with the battalion fer to his report. I have only to add, companies of the 7th, and the grenadiers that on my coming on the heights of of the ist West India. The result pra. Surirey, I had innumerable proofs of ved in every respect such as was to be the valour and judgment of the Hon. expected from the bravery and discipLieutenant.. Col. Pakenham, of the ex. line of the troops which I had the hon

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nour to command. The enemy were Officer killed.-Captain Taylor, of the driven back from every position with Royal Fuzileers, acting Deputy Quar. considerable luss, and retired in the termaster-General. greatest disorder.

Officers wounded-Captain Gledstanes, Col. Pakenham having turned the of the 3d West India Light Infantry; right ilank of the enemy, pushed for- Lieutenant Johnson, of the 4ih ditto ; ward towards the heights of Surirey, Lieutenant Jackson, of the rifle Com. supported by the 23d under Lieut.-Col. pany Royal West India Rangers. Ellis, and Major Pearson. The enemy Oficer missing.-Lieutenant Gilmour, had collected a considerable force, chief. of the ist West India Regiment, taken ly drawn from Fort Bourbon, to defend prisoner. the approaches to the heights of Surirey, Return of Killed, Wounded, and Missupported by a small field train, and fa. sing, upon the Heights of Surirey, 2d poured by a very strong position. Not- February 1809. withstanding such formidable obstacles, 7th or Royal Fuzileers, ist battalion, I Lieut. Col. Pakenham, secunded by serjeant, 20 rank and file, killed ; 1 field the exertions of Lieut.-Col. Ellis, Ma officer, 2 captains, 1 serjeant, i drumjors Pearson and Omey, and the deter- mer, 58 rank and file, wounded; 3 rank mined bravery of the whole detachi- and file missing. 81h, King's Regiment, ment, after repeated attacks, at length, sst battalion, 1 field officer, 4 rank and oy a very spirited charge, compelled file, killed ; 13 rank and file wounded. the enemy to take shelter under the co. 23d, Royal Welch Fuzileers, ist batt. I ver of their redoubts, and established strj:ant, 3 rank and file, killed; I subhis position on the heights.

altern, i staff, 19 rank and file, woundAt this moment you resumed the ed; i serjeant missing Detachment ist command of the advance, and, in con. West India Regiment, i rank and file formity with your orders, I brought up killed, Light Battalion, 1 captain, I serthe remainder of the Royal Fuzileers, jeant, 14 rank and file, killed ; i field and the light battalions, to the heights officer, i subaltern, 2 serjeants, 36 rank of Surirey.

and file wounded. I have the honour to be, &c. Total-1 field officer, i captain, a

DANIEL HOUGHTON, Brig. Gen., serjeants, 42 rank and file, killed; 2 To Lieut.-Gen. Sir Geo. Prevost Bart.&c. field officers, 2 captains, 2 subalterns, I

staff, 3 serjeants, i drummer, 126 rank Return of Killed, Wounded, and Mis- and file, wounded; i serjeant, 3 rank

sing, of the division under the com. and file, missing. mand of Lieut.-General Sir George Oficers killed.--8th Regiment, Major Prevost, Bart. in the action of the ist Maxwell. Captain Sinclair, 25th regis February 1809.

7th or Royal Fuzileers, ist battalion, Oficers wounded... 7th Regiment, Hon. i captain, 9 rank and file, killed ; 2 ser. Lieut. Col. Pakenham; Captains Rowe jeants, i drummer, 56 rank and file, and Cholwick. 23d ditto, Lieut. Roswounded; 4 rank and tile missing. 23d kelly; Surgeon Power. Light Bartaor Royal Welch Fuzileers, ist battalion lion, Major Campbell of the Royal West i serjeant, 14 rauk and file, killed ; 2 India Rangers; Lieutenant Hopwood, serjeants, 79 rank and file, wounded; I of ditto. Staff, Capt. Coote, serjeant, 5 rank and file, missing. De- cainp to Lieut.-Gen. Sir George Pre. tachment of the ist West India regt. I vost, slightly. rank and file killed; drummer, 18

Geo, W. RAMSAY, Jank and file, wounded ; i subaltern Brigadier and Adjutant-Generale missing. Light Battalion, ir rank and file killed ; i captain, 2 subalterns, I Here follow two letters from Rear. serjeant, 2 bugles, 30 rank and file, Admiral Sir A. Cochrane, containing an wounded; 3 rank and file missing. account of the co operation of the navy

Total--i captain, i serjeant, 35 rank with the army, and the capture of the and file, killed ; i captain, 2 subalterns, battery at Point Solomon, and of Pigeon 5 serjeants, 4 drummers, 2 bugles, 183 Island, with the destruction of the Am. rank and file, wounded ; i subaltern, i phitrite frigate of 44 guns, and all the serjeant, 12 rank and file, missing. shipping in Fort Royal Bay, and of the



The enemy

Carnation at Marin, and a corvette at in the construction of gun and mortar St Pierre's. The report of Captain Bea. batteries, and in the landing cannon, ver, of the Acasta, to whom was in-, mortars, and howitzers, with their antrusted the disembarkation of the troops,, munition and stores, in dragging them which was effected with the utmost ex- to the several points selected by the en. pedition, and in the most regular order, gineers, and in the completion of the is also given. Captain Beaver bestows works, and in mounting the ordnance. great praise on all who were concerned The exertions of Commodore Cockwith him in this arduous business, es- burn, and other naval officers under his pecially Captains Cochrane of the Etha- orders upon the right, and of Captains lion, and Bradshaw of the Eurydice, and Barton and Nesham of the navy upon Capt. Withers, principal agent for trans- the left, in forwarding these services, ports.

were most conspicuous. Head-quarters, Martinique, during the interval fired upon our en.

Feb. 15, 1809. campinents with shot and shells, but My LORD,

fortunately with little effect, and his I have the honour to submit for your picquets, when pressed, constantly fell Lordship’s information the details of back under the protection of his works. our taking possession of St Pierre on the On the 19th, at half past four in the gth, the occupation of the French hos- afternoon, we opened from six points pitals in the town of Fort Royal on the upon the enemy's fortress, with 14 pie1oth, and the surprise of a French pic. ces of heavy cannon, and 28 mortars and quet close to the Bouille Redoubt upon howitzers, and the cannonade and bom-, the night of the uth. In my general bardment continued with little interreport of the action of the 2d, time did mission until noon of the 23d, when the not admit of my expressing my regret French General sent a trumpet with a at the loss of Capt. Sinclair, of the 25th letter to our advanced posts, near the light infantry, a very respectable officer, Bouille Redoubt, in the front of attack. who fell at the head of his company in' In this communication Gen. Villaset the course of duty, and Ensign Adam- proposed, as the basis of negotiation, sun, of the 2d West India light infantry, that the French troops should be sent to was entitled to be included in the list France, free from all restriction as to fu. of the wounded.--I have, &e.

ture service; but this being inadmissi. G. BECKWITH, Com. Forces. ble, the bombardment recommenced at Rt. Hon. Lord Castiereagh.

ten at night, and continued without in[Here follows a letter from Major. termission until nine o'clock of the 24th, Gen. Maitland to Lieut.-Gen. Beckwith, when three white flags were discovered enclosing a report from Lieut. Col. Bar- flying in the fortress; in consequence, nes, who commands the third brigade, our fire from the batteries immediately containing the particulars of his taking ceased. possession of St Pierre, with the capitu. It is with the most heartfelt satisfac. lation agreed on between him and the tion I have now the honour to report Commandant of the National Guards. to your Lordship, for his Majesty's inThe troops of the line are prisoners.-- formation, that, supported by the talents The militia and National Guards lay down of the General Officers, and in particu. their arms, and return to their occupa- lar of Lieut. Gen. Sir George Prevost tions ; fortifications surrendered as they and of Major Gen. Maitland, the expenow are; public property on shore and rience and zeal of all the other officers, afloat is also surrendered ; and the inha- and the valour and unremitting labour bitants to be protected by the Command- of this army, strengthened by the indeers of his Britannic Majesty's forces.] fatigable exertions of Rear-Admiral Sir

Head-quarters, Martinique, Alexander Cochrane and the squadror,

Feb. 28, 1809. this campaign, notwithstanding inces. My LORD,

sant rains, has been brought to a glo. In my letter of the 15th inst. I had rious conclusion in the short space of the honour to transmit to your Lord. 27 days from our departure from Barba. ship the details of our operations to the does. IIth preceding ; from that period until The command of such an army will the 19th, we were incessantly employed constitute the pride of my future life.

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To these brave troops, conducted by ARTICLES OF CAPITULATION. Generals of experience, and not to me, Fort Desaix shall be given up to the their King and country owe the sove;' troops of his Britannic Majesty on the reignty of this important colony; and I following conditions :trust that, by a comparison of the force which defended it, and the time in which The garrison shall march out with all it has fallen, the present reduction of the honours of war, but must ground Martinique will not be deemed eclips. their arms beyond the glacis. Officers ed by any former expedition.

shall keep their swords. The forces of: I have the honour to enclose the ar.

France shall be embarked in proper ticles of capitulation, as originally pro. vessels as prisoners of war; they shall posed by the French Commissioners, in proceed to Quiberon Bay, under guard consequence of Gen. Villaret's applica- of some English ships of war. There tion to me for that purpose during the an exchange shall take place between forenoon of the 24th, and acceded to by the two nations, rank for rank; but Lieut. Gen. Sir George Prevost, Major. from the high esteem with which his Gen. Maitland, and Commodore Cock. Excellency the Captain General Villaburn, appointed by the Rear-Admiral ret Joyeuse is held by all, it is admitted and myself to meet them. This capitu- that himself and his Aides-de-Camp lation, which was mutually ratiñed the shall be sent to France free from any resame night, will, I trust,' be honoured striction. with his Majesty's approbation. I en.

The garrison shall be embarked, at close also a return of the French garri- the expense of his Britannic Majesty, by son, which it is supposed will be in a battalions and companies, and shall be state to embark in the course of a few victualled according to the English ra. days; from which it will appear that I tion. did not over-rate the original numbers

[The other articles of the capitulaof the enemy.

tion do not differ from those agreed to By the next conveyance, I shall have in similar cases. All the individuals, of the honour to submit to your Lordship’s whatever nation they may be, who are consideration the various details which inhabitants of the isle of Martinique, are now referred to in general terms,

are not to be molested on account of and to report the merits of the several their political opinions; and the persons corps; but the science of the officers of and property of the inhabitants are to the Royal Artillery has been too conspi.

be respected.] cuous not to be particularly noticed, the

Done at the advanced posts, Feb. 24. interior of the enemy's fortress being torn 1309. to pieces by shells; his works have also Men capable of being embarked. been much injured by shot from the Total, 2 General Officers, 12 Superior gun-batteries, manned by the seamen Officers, 141 Officers, 1827 petty offi. under the direction of Commodore

cers or soldiers, 242 marines. Cockburn and other naval officers.

Then follows a long and most minute After the embarkation of the French list of artillery, amnunition, and stores troops, I shall have the honour to com- in Fort Desaix. The cannon were 24 mand the eagles taken from the enemy serviceable, brass, from 24 to 4-poundto be laid at the King's feet.

ers; 64 iron do. 10 brass mortars, 12 Captain Preedy, of the goth regi. iron do. 900 new muskess, 1730 barment, one of my, Aides-de-camp, has rels of powder, and large quantities of the honour to be the bearer of this dis- shot and musket cartidges. The ou patch : he is an officer of service, and I ther forts were equally well provid. beg leave to recommend him to his Ma. ed. jesty's 'favour, and to your Lordship’s Of the provisions in Fort Desaix, there protection.-I annex the following re- were 1300 barrels flour, 2500 pounds turns; ordnance,ammunition, and stores, bisquet, 300 tierces salt beef, 98 barrels taken from the enemy; provisions in salt pork, 12,600 pounds sugar, 10,000 the fortress, with the daily issues; and pounds coffee, 19,000 pints rum, 600 the King's hospitals.

pints brandy, 2000 pints claret, 2000 I have the honour to be, &c. pints vinegar, 1600 pounds salt, sou

G. BECKWITH, Com. Forces, pounds sweet oil, 150 pounds fish oil,


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650 cords wood fuel, 1000 pounds can. CONQUEST OF CAYENNE.

Admiralty-Office, April 15. 1809.
Returns of sick and wounded in his
Majesty's General Hospital at Marti- his letter, dated at Cayenne, the 9th of

Capt. Yeo, of the Confiance, has, with nique, between ist and 27th February,

February last, transmitted to the Hon. Total-Gun-shot wounds 380, fevers 172, fluxes 244, ulcers e, casualties 6, Admiral Sir S. Smith, detailing his pró.

W. W. Pole, copies of his letters to Rear
debility 4.-Total 815
Discharged, cured of gun-shot wounds ceedings in the expedition against the

above settlement.
121, fevers 30, fluxes 112, ulcers 2, ca.
sualties 5.-Total 320.

Having, in conjunction with the Por.
Died, of gun-shot wounds 20, fevers tuguese land forces, under the command

of Lieut. Col. Manuel Marques, taken 5, fluxes 9.—Total 34. Remaining, of gun-shot wounds 239, of tire distract of Oyapok; and, on the

possession, on the 8th December last, fevers 86, fluxes

123, ulcers 7, casualty 15th of the same month, with the Con1, debility, 4.-Total 460,

The recoveries from operations have fiance, and a Portuguese sloop and cutbeen very successful ; the wounded men Yeo, together with the Lieutenant-Co

ter, reduced that of Approaque --Capt. in general are doing well.

Eleven officers have been admitted lonel, proceeded to the attack of the into the hospital of wounds, two of town of Cayenne, with the Confiance, whom were mortally wounded, Major ler vessels having on board sso Portu

two Portuguese sloops, and some smal. Maxwell, 8th regt, ard Captain Taylor, acting Quartermaster-General, and one

gucse troops. has been discharged, Major Campbell;

The following is Capt. Yeo's letter the others are doing well.

on this subject. [The Extraordinary Gazette contains His Majesty's ship Confiance, Cayenne a letter from Admiral Cochrane, giving

barbour, 15th Jan. 1809. an account of the proceedings against, On the 4th inst. it was determined to and the surrender of Fort Bourbon.-- make a descent on the east side of the The exertions of the seamen were very Island of Cayenne. All the troops were great indeed, in getting the heavy can. embarked on board the small vessels, a. non up to Mount Surirey. The service mounting to 550, and eighty seamen and was one of the utmost labour and diffi. marines from the Confiance, and a parculty, owing to the rains and the deep- ty of marines from the Voador and Inness of the roads; but all those obstacles fanta brigs. On the morning of the oth were overcome--for what obstacles can. all dropt into the mouth of the river. In not British seamen overcome? The Ad. the evening I proceeded with ten ca. miral says, tbat never did greater una

noes and about 250 men, to gain possesnimity between the two services pre. sion of two batteries; the one, Fort vail than on the present occasion.] Diamant, which commands the entrance Return of officers and seamen killed and of the river Mahuree, the other, Grand

wounded whilst serving on shore under Cane, commanding the great road to the orders of Commodore Cockburn, the town of Cayenne. The vessels, at the reduction of Martinique. with the remainder of the troops, I en

Names of officers wounded. Ama. trusted to Captain Salgado of the Voa. Tanthe, Mr Thomas Wickland, boat- dor, with orders to follow me after dusk, swain

; Mr Thompson, gunner, slight- and on my making a signal he was to ly.--Pompee, Mr James Scott, master's enter the river and disembark. I reachmate, slightly; Mr Thomas Mills, mid- ed Point Mahuree at three o'clock next shipman, slightly ; Mr Joha Edevearn, morning with five canoes; the others begunner, badly.

ing heavy could not keep up. We then Names of men killed.-Pompee, Ro. landed in a bay half way between the bert Rundle, carpenter's crew ; Moses two batteries. The surge was so great Butler, able; Pat. Mackay, landman.- that our boats soon went to pieces. I Amaranthe, John Kerr, coxswain ; Wm. ordered Major Joaquim Manuel Pinto, Roberts, boy.

with a detachment of Portuguese troops, G. COCKBURN, Commodore. to proceed to Grand Cane; while my. Martinique, Feb, 27. 1809.

self, accompanied by Lieutenants Mul


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