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24. At Stockbridge, Mr Adam Milroy, Whitehall, April 4. The King has been merchant, Edinburgh, to Miss Beugo, pleased to appoint the Right Hon. Francis daughter of Mr G. Beugo, painter, Edin-. Lord Napier to be his Majesty's High burgh.. Commissioner to the General Assembly of 24. At Edinburgh, Dr John Rutherford, the Church of Scotland.

of Craigow, to Miss Catharine Russell, April 8. The King has also been pleased daughter of Mr Samuel Russell

, Selkirk. to appoint Archibald Campbell, Esq. to be 25. At London, Lieut. John Cameron, a Lord of Session in Scotland, in the room R. N. to Miss Maria Colledge, of Lombard of Sir William Nairn, Bart. resigned. Street.

March 28. The King has been pleased to 27. At Taaphall, near Bonnington, Peter grant the dignity of a Baronet of the Uni- Couper, Esq. writer to the signet, to Mared kingdom unto Sir David Baird, Knight, ry, eldest daughter of Mr Archibald RiLieutenant-General of his Majesty's For- chardson, merchant, Leith. ces, and the heirs male of his body lawfully 27. At Newton Stewart, John Fullerton, begotten, with remainder to Robert Baird Esql of Jamaica, to Jave, youngest daughof New byth, in the county of East-Lothian, ter of Anthony M'Caa, Esq. Esq. (brother to the said Şir David Baird,) 28, At Edinburgh, Mr Thomas Scott, and the heirs male of his body lawfully be merchant,, Edinburgh, to Mary, second gotten.

daughter of Mr John Bell, merchant there. April 1. The King has been pleased to 29. At Collairnie, Mr William Scott, grant the dignity of a Baronet of the uniced farnier, Dunboig, to Miss Walker, daughter kingdom onto Sir Samuel Hood, Knight of of Mr. James Walker, farmer, Collairnie. the Bath, and Rear-Admiral of the White At Heligoland, J. Grant, Esq. PaymasSquadron, and the heirs male of his body cer of Artillery, to Johan, daughter of Me lawfully begotten, with remainder to A. Thomas Wemyss, merchant. lexander Hood, Esq. nephew of the said. At London, Captain Woodley Losack, Sir Samuel Hood, and the heirs male of his R. N. to Miss Gordon, only daughter of body lawfully begotten,

the late George Gordon, Esq. Queen's Palace, April 12

April 4. At London, Thomas Hamilton His Majesty has been pleased to appoint Miller, Esq. advocate, third son of Patrick Hugh Elliot, Esq. to be Captain. General Miller of Dalswinton Esq. to Miss Ram, and Governor in Chief of his Majesty's Lee. daughter of Abel Ram, Esq. Member for ward Craribee Islands, in America.

ithe county of Wexford. Il a Robert Moorsom, Esq. (fornierly Secre- 7. At Edinburgh, Capt. Thomas Folziott tary to Lord Mulgrave,) is appointed a Baugh, Royal Navy, to Mary, daughter of Lord of the Admiralty, in room of William the late Francis Scott, Esq. Hope, Esq. resigned.

7. Al ditto, the Rev. Simon Reid, to

Miss Sutherland, daughter of the late Mr MARRIAGES.

William Sutherland, writer, Edinburgh. Jan. 27. At Antigua, Capt. Hénty Pierce, 7. At Dalswinton House, Capt. Leslie of the Royal Arcilery, to Miss Helen Grovę Jones, of the 1st Foot Guards, lo Pringle, of Edinburgh. :

Jean, youngest daughter of Patrick Miller, March 16. At Forres, John Downie, Esq. Esq..of Dalswinton. merchant, London; to Mary, third daughter 8. At Edinburgh, Capt. Alexander Mac, of the late James Shaw, Esq. of Muircown. kay, 93d reginrent, to Mrs Ross, widow of

21. At Glasgow, Mr John Brown, met- the late David Ross, Esq. of Calcutta. schant there, to Agnes, and Mr James Burn. 9. At London, Thomas Erskine Sutherhill, tanner, to Margaret, daughters of Mr land, Esq. of Edinburgh, to Miss Highley, William Ferguson, merchant, Glasgow. of Fleet Street.

21. At Kelly Hall, Devonshire, Samuel 10. Ac Pittencrieff, James Harrowar, Laing, Esq. to Miss Agnes Kelly,

younger of Inzievar, Esq. advocate, to Miss 22. At Glenfeachan, Argyllshire, the Hunt, daughter of the late William Hunt, Rev. Mr M‘Donald, minister of Gigha Esq. of Pitcencrieff. and Cara, to Miss Margaret Stevenson, 10. At London, the Right Hon. Lord daughter of John Stevenson, Esq. of Glen- Gardner, to the Hon. Charlotte Smith, feachan.

daughter to Lord Carrington. 28. At Southampton, Captain Gilbert 14. At Blyth, Mr Thomas Scott, writer, Heathcotę, of the royal navy, to? Ann, Lauder, to Miss Robina Mabon. daughter of the late Charles Lyell, Esq. fof... 16. At Tavèrernan, the Rev. Mr George Kinnorty:

Forbes, to Mary, only daughter of Alex23. Ac Edinburgh, Mr Robert Oliver, ander Forbes, Esq. of Inverernan. of Venchon, to Miss Richardson, of Woud. 17. At the Isle of Whithorn, Francis side.



Shand, Esq. of Liverpool, to Miss Reid, year of his uge, Mr James Renwick, Lieut. daughter of Sir John Reid, Bart.

of the Royal Marines attached to his MaApril 17. At Stirling, Jas. Porteous, Esq. jesty's ship Porcupine. late of Jamaica, to C. A. Somerville, daugh- Jan. 7. At Cape Town, Andrew Case ter of the Rev. Dr Somerville, of Stirling sels, Esq. King's Advocate at the Cape of

17. At Glasgow, Mr Alexander Dil Good Hope, and son of Mr Andrew Case gliesh, merchant, 'co Ann, daughter of Mr sels, Leith. John Thomson, manufacturer..

20. At Kingston, Jamaica, Mr William 18. At Newton, near Doune, John Mac- Imray, jeweller. donald, Esq. of Kintyre, Berbice, to Miss 20. At Dominica, John Trotter, Esq. Christiana Cameron.

Feb. 12. Ac Rait, Perthshire, Mrs FerViscount Bernard, to Miss Broderick, gusson, wife of Mr Robert Fergusson ; and daughter of the Archbishop of Cashel. on the 18th March, Mr Robert Fergusson,

At Dover, Robert Dalgleish, Esq. of Lon- writer, his eldest son, a very promising don, to Miss Collett.

young man. At Southampton, Captain Baird, of the March 9. At Clapham, Surry, Mrs Guards, to Miss Dixon, daughter of T. Thornton Astell, widow of William ThornDixon, Esq. formerly of the East India ton Astwell, Esq. of Everton, in BedfordCompany's service.

shire, and aunt of the Counters of Leven

and Melville. BIRTHS.

11. Ac Tiverton, Devonshire, after two March 19. At Great Yarmouth, the Law days illness, Mrs Cowley, the celebrated dy of Capt. Robert Campbell, of his" Ma. dramatic writer. jesty ship Nassau, a son.

12. At Newlands, Liddisdale, John El19. Ai Aberdeen, the wife of Capt. A liot, Esq. of Coomes, aged 68. dam Cumine, a son.

15. Ac Dundee, Mr Henry Johnstone, 22. At London, the Lady of Coutts merchant. Trotter, Esq. a daughter.

16. At Perth, Mr Duncan M‘Diarmid, 25. At Cameron House, Dumbartonshire, writer, much and justly regretted. Mrs Rouat Smollett, a daughter.

18. At Edinburgh, aged 17, Mr Francis 28. At Greenside House, Mrs Ker, a Bell Grant, eldest son of Francis Bell Grant,

Esq. of the island of Barbadoes. 30. At Deebank, Mrs Anderson, a son.) 19. At Battle.Barrock, John Boyce, Esq.

30. Ac Edinburgh, the Lady of Samuel of the 36th regiment. Anderson, Esq. banker, a daughter.

19. At Bath, Mrs Erskine, wife of Alex. 31. Mrs Fraser of Eskdale, a son.

ander Erskine, Esq. of Bathall. At Notting Hill, near Kensington, the 19. Ac Edinburgh, Miss Anne Bruce, Lady of the Hon. Colonel Macdonald, a daughter of the late Rev. J. Bruce, minis

ter at Airth. Aprill. The Lady of W. Sturges Bourne 20. At Forres, Mrs Elizabeth Arnot, Esq. M. P. a daughter.

wife of John Gordon, Esq. of Edintore. At Litchfield, Mrs Maxwell, Lady 21. At London, her Grace the Duchess of Lieut-Col. Maxwell, a daughter. Dowager of Bolton, aged 75.

4. Mrs Rose Innes, of Netherdale, a 21. At Paisley, Mrs Margaret Mason, daughter.

wife of the Rev. William Smart. 5. Ac Dundee, the Lady of Capt. Lau- 21. At Bath, Miss Hart, daughter of the der, Forfarshire militia, a daughter.

late Mr Robert Hart, merchant, Boness. 6. At Middleton House, Mrs Hepburne 21. At Ullapool, much regretted by the Mitchelson, a son.

inhabitants, Robert Melvill, Esq. to whose 6. At London, the Lady of Sir John L. public spirit that village, in a great meaJohnstone, of Westerhall, Bart. a daughter. sure, is indebted for its rise and progress.

9. At Edinburgh, the wife of John Jar. 22. At Aberdeen, aged 75, William Fiddine, Esq. Advocate, a son.

ler, Esq. late of Carriston in Fife. 20. At ditto, the Lady of Major St Paul, 22. Ac Torbay, Lieut. Lewis Lamb, of a daughter.

his Majesty's ship St George, son of the The Lady of William Shairp, Esq. of deceased Mr John Lamh, Leith. Kirkton, a daughter.

22. At Chigwell, near London, Captain

Joseph Honyman, Royal Marines, ninth DEATHS.

son of the deceased Patrick Honyman, Esq. May 19. A£ Trichinopoly, Mr John of Græmsay. Gowdie Hay, son of John Hay, Esq. sur. 22. At Edinburgh, much regretted, Mr geon in the Hon. East India Company's ser. Roderick Stewart, aged 30, surgeon of 8th vice,

West India regiment. ..Dec. 28. In the West Indies, in the 22d 23. At London, aged 61, Thomas Hol



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croft, Esq. author of Hugh Trevor, the son of the late Alexander Bruce, of Ken-
Road to Ruid, and a number of other plays, net, Esq.
Doveis, travels, translations, &c. Mr viola 27. c Edinburgh, Mrs Sarali Chancel-
croft was for a considerable time an actor lor, wife of vir Robert Sayers,
in Covent Garden i heatre.

28. At Edinburgh, Alexander Munro,
March 23. At Kelso, James Potts, Esq. Esq.
Agent for the Bank of Scotland.

28. At Relugas, Susan, infant daughter 23. At Millton, near Fort George, Mrs

of Thomas Lauder Dick, Esq. younger of Mary. Cuthbert, relist of Francis Knowles, Fountainhall. Esq. aged 79.

29. At his seat, of Writtle, in Essex, the 23. Ac Balfracks, Alexander Menzies, Right Hon. Robert Edward Baron Petre. Esq. of Balfracks.

29. At Edinburgh, Mr William Sibbald, 23. Ac Edinburgh, Mrs Hamilton, wife architect, and overseer of public works for of Dr James Hamilton, jun. Professor of the city of Edinburgh, much and justly reMidwifery.

gretted. 24. Al ditto, Mrs Jackson, spouse of 29. At Humbie, in the 87th year of his James Jackson, Esq. Chamberlain of the age, Mr Peter Dudgeon, late farmer at city of Edinburgh.

Bankhead, East Lothian. 25. In the Episcopal Palace, in the Close 29. Ac Leith, Mrs Sibbald, mother of the of the Cathedral Church of Litchfield, the Rev. Dr William Sibbald, one of the mijustly celebrated Mrs Anna Seward. This nisters of Haddington, and of the Rev. lady was the author of Louisa, a novel, a John Sibbald, minister of Kirkmabreck. Monody on Major Andre, a Life of Dr 29. At Perth, Mrs Margaret Moncrieff, Darwin, and of various other productions. relict of the Rev. George Murray, minisShe was in the 66th year of her age. Few cer of the gospel at Lockerby, aged 70 women ever exhibited more strength of in- years. tellect, or more delicacy of taste. Her poet- 30. At Picardy Place: Miss Janet Clerk, ry is particularly distinguished by beauty second daughter of John Clerk, Esq. of Elof imagery and vigour of sentiment. She din. has some times been thought affectedly 31. At Drumsheugh, at an advanced age, elaborate ; but her pictures are never in- Mr James Maule, factor for the Earl of distinct, and the whole is always exquisite- Moray, a situation which he had held for ly finished.. In critical acumen she was always unrivalled, and no latent excellence 31. At Forfar, John Ritchie, Esq. one of nor defect could escape her observation- the oldest Masters in his Majesty's savy. she had the poet's taste and the poet's eye. Lieut. Col. Charles M-Lean, late of KinIn her moral temperament there was no ill lochaline. nature, no maliginity ; nothing selfish, no- Lately, at Plymouth, Nicholas Vincent, thing base. She was generous without os- Esq. Admiral of the White, at the advantentation; but she was generous in the ex- ced age of 86 years. He was made a Post treme. She was fond of praise ; but she Captain in the year 1747. was liberal in bestowing it. Her friends At Enfield, in his 73d year, Richard were very numerous, and they composed no Gough, Esq. well known in the literary and small part of the virtue and genius of the antiquarian world. times. Taste so refined, sentiments so ele- Ac Brompton Row, Miss Eliz. Johnston, vated, affections so glowing with kindness, of Carnsalloch. and worth so void of guile, have seldom Lately, at Edinburgh, Mr Duncan M“been conveyed, in the person of the same Farlane, late session-clerk, New Kirkpatrick. individual, to the silent tomb.

Lately, at Chester, James Bond Muir, 25. At Dumfermline, Mr James Whyte, only son of the deceased Mr William Muir, supervisor of Excsic.

merchant in Grenada. 25. Ac Easdale, Mr Alexander Camp- Lately, at Keise, Mrs Bogue, relict of bell, of Barravurich, aged 80.

Mr James Bogue, farmer at Kelsu. 25. At Crieff, James, second son of Wil. April 2. Ac Banff, Mrs Amelia Begbie, liam Stewart, of Ardvorlich, Esq.

relict of Mr Jas. Stewart, merchant, Banff. 25. At Aberdeen, Miss Catharine Rich- 2. At Lamberkin, aged 15, Miss Marardson, daughter of the late Lieut. Rich- garet Miller, much and justly regretted. ardson, of Mortlach.

6. At Edinburgh, Mr James Tait, of 26. At Edinburgh, the Right Hon, Chris- Toxside. tina Elizabeth, Dowager Countess of Kin- 6. At Armadale, in Skye, John Alexan.

der Graham, Esq. Chamberlain of Skye, 26. At Annan, Mr George Clapperton, and late Lieutenant Colonel of the Royal jun. surgeon.

Leith volunteers. 27. At Kennet, Alexander Bruce, fifth


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Aprilete At Stitchel House, Sir James 22. At his house in Canongate, aged 66, Pringle, of Stitchel, Bart. in his 84th year after a few days- illness of an infanimation - 8. Ac Colchester, Mrs Moffat, -wife of in his breast, the Rev. Dr Andrew Hunter: Wm. Moffatt, Esq. Paymaster of the 2d of Barjarg, Professor of Divinity in the battallion of the 79th regiment, and daugh. Unversity of Edinburgh, and one of the ter of Alex. Govan, Esq. of Greenhill. Ministers of the Tron Church.

8. At Wick, Mr James M.Phaul, mer- 22. At Edinburgh, Mr James Robertchant there

son, Solicitor at law. 9. At Edinburgh, Mrs Jean Loch, relict Capt. Towry, of the Navy, and one of of Mr Alexander Murray, printer, and the Commissioners of the Transport Board. daughter of the deceased John Loch, Esq. John Bazely, Esq. Admiral of the Blue, of Over-Carnbee, Fife. "

aged 69. * 9. At Dunifries, aged 93, Mrs Jean Hay, At Dublin, the Right Hon. John Monck daughter of the deceased John Hay, Esq. Mason, at the age of 84. Inspector-General of the Customs in Scot. At Buttersea, Alexander Champion, Esq. land, and relict of Mr Archibald Malcolm, one of the Directors of the Bank of Eng. one of the town-clerks of Dumfries.

land. 10. At London, Dr David Pitcairn. At his seat, Brynbela, Denbighshire, Ga

10. At Greenock, Lieut.-Colonel Henry briel Piozzi, Esq. husband of Mrs Piozzi, George Johnston.

formerly Mrs Thrale. - 13. At Edinburgh, Mr Robert Welsh, A Charlton House, Miss Einily Carmison of Robert Welsh, Esq. of Collin.' chael Smyth, youngest daughter of Dr Car.

14. At ditto, Miss Martha Stevenson, michael Smyth. daughter of the late Alexander Stevenson, At London, Mrs Ross, wife of AlexanEsq. of Montgreenan.

der Ross, Esq. 14. At ditto, Mr Cathcart Boyd, former, ly examiner of Salt Duties for Scotland.

17. At Dumfries, Mrs Copland, relice of Scotcu FIAR S-Crop 1808. Alexander Copland, Esq. of Kingsgrange.

20. At London, Earl Harcourt, niany East Lothian-Wheat, 48ş. 70.- Barley, years Master of the Horse to her Majesty: 316. 3 d. --Oars, 278. 5d. - Pease, 298. 6 d. His Lordship was in his 73d year, and is Mid Lothian-Wheat, 47s. 6d. - Barley, succeeded by his brother William in his ti- 308.-Oats, 24s.-Oatmeal, 28s.-Pease and tles and estates.

Beans, Sos.

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Pease and Oatmeal.

Barley Meal. Bolls. / Price. Bolls. | Price. 230 24 23 46 18 17 231 24 29 40 18 280 23 22

S. April 3. 76 90 92 44 33 38 45 50 10.

76 91 34 44 28 3546 52 17.

76 91 35 45 26 34 45 52 24 76 91 34 44 26 34 44 52



300 29 22 58 17 16

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