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own man.

P. 46.

want, or disabled by old age, that they subscribers, namely, Magister Johannis be maintained by the monastery ; to de Gaytmilk, Alamus de Liberton, Miwhich the jury reply, on their oath, that chạclis Squier, Radulphus Clericus, Jothe monastery is not bound to do so hannis de Herth, Alanus Dispenser, Rifrom strict law *, but from regard, as cardus filius Willielmi Scrimsour, Ro. they are men belonging to it. Thirdly,' bertus, Young, Johannis filius Henry, if one of their race shall slay a man, or Johannis de Lochilde, Radulphus Gour. commit any other crime, for which he ley, and many others, inhabitants of the may be reduced to seek the immunity Ferry. James de Dundas had, on acof the church, and shall retire to the mo. count of his molestation, incurred the nastery of Dunfermline for safety, that general sentence of excommunication so long as he remains there, he shall be contained in the confirmations of the defended from the property of the ab- popes, which he had during some time bey; to which the jury answer, that, as obdurately resisted, until, on the before the monastery would do so to a stran. mentioned day, he humbly supplicated ger, much more must it be done to their the abbot, sitting along with some of his

Fourthly, they demand, that council on these rocks, as being in posif any one of their race commits homi.' session of them, that he would absolve cide, and pays a composition for it, the him from the sentence of excommuni. abbot and monks shall contribute twelve cation, and he should abstain from momerks to discharge the composition. Jesting the men and boats in future. But on this, the jury declare," that they The abbot yielding to this humble supnever heard of such a thing in all their plication, absolved him from the senlives," fol. 3.

tence of excommunication, as far as lay The abbots of Dunfermline, it ap:

in his power, on finding security to aba ý pears, were not sparing of the right stain from the like molestation ; but, of excommunication, which they

were it ever repeated, he should imme. found a convenient instrument for pro- : fol. 118.

diately again incur the same censure, tecting and extending their property. The following gives a curious account

Mr D.' collects also some facts of a transaction of this nature: with regard to prices,

Memorandum, that in the year of Among the more inconsiderable facts God 1342, on Wednesday before the that the chartulary may tend to illus feast of St Bartholomew the Apostle, trate, is the relative value of money, and Alexander, by the grace of God, abbot the price of provisions : likewise the ad. of Dunfermline, went down to the south Vance on other commodities in 1409, side of the Queensferry,' at request of which is distinctly specified. The peJames de Dundas, concerning an ami. riod is not exactly known, when, as al. cable termination of a dispute that had ready mentioned, an ox of two years old arose between him and the abbot, on was estimated at four shillings. In 1507, account of his molesting the abbot's men the wages of a joiner were 20 merks, a and boats landing at two rocks within chalder of meal, and 3 bolls of male the flowing of the tide, as they were yearly; for which Symoo Karnour biuds wont to do. However, James de Dun- himself to the monastery for life, das had alleged these 'rocks to be his

P. 6. property ; though the abbot, his prede. cessors, and the monastery, had quietly Upon the whole, if we may, judge and peaceably enjoyed the right of land- from this specimen, it would appear, ing there beyond the memory of man; that much valuable information may and on this had a charter from king Da be drawn from the source indicated vid their founder and first patron, as als by Mr Dalyel! ; and, if, as we have so the confirmations of various kings, his successors, and several Pupes, as the been inforined, a catalogue has been abbot then exhibited, in presence of the preparing, of the MSS. in the Advo

cates Library, it will soon be rendered * Ex debito. more accessible than formerly,

P. 56.

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II. Exercises in Religious Knowledge ; Scottish Literary Intelligence.

for the instruction of young persons.
By Mrs Elizabeth Hamilton.- A General Narrative

of Shipwrecks 12mo. 2s.


to the most authentic accounts, ancient A Very great difficulty attends the and modern, will speedily be publishcommunicating religious instruc- ed, in three volumes

, 8vo. tions to young persons.-_“ Parents, Mr James Wardrop, Fellow of the and teachers,” observes Mrs Hamil- Royal College of Surgeons, and of the ton, “sometimes flatter themselves with Royal Society of Edinburgh, will having thus stored the minds of chil. speedily publish, in 8vo. Observations dren, when, in reality, it is the power Cancer. This work contains the his.

on the Fungus Hematodes, or Soft of memory alone that has received any benefit from their exertions.”

tory and appearance, on dissection of The work before us seems admirably the Fungus Hæmatodes

, or Soft Cancalculated, by exercising the judge cer, in several of the most important ment, to prevent the miserable effects organs of the body, illustrated by which every one must have perceived cases and plates. to flow from the system commonly

Mr Thomas Brown, Surgeon, Muspursued in this country, in instructing selburgh, has in the press, an Inquiry the young in the principles of christi into the Antivariolous power of Vac

cination. anity. Mrs H. speaks of being " thoroughly grounded” in the church ca.

Mr George Dyer, who, as many of techisms; we fear that such grounding for some time engaged in preparing a

our readers probably know, has been is too generally nothing more than å for some time engaged in preparing a mere matter of rote, and we would work on public Libraries, has suspend. recommend this work to the attentive ed the publication of that work, as he perusal of every one engaged in the finds several years will be necessary to education of youth, on which they complete his researches. Mr Dyer is will find the doctrines and precepts of now preparing to publish an edition of the gospel explained in a way peculiar his poetical works, in four volumes ly plain and perspicuous.

12mo; in which, as friends of genius, K. we heartily wish he may meet with


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New Works published in Edinburgh,

Literary Intelligence, English and N Inquiry into the Practical Me

FOREIGN. rits of the System for the Government of India, under the superintend. The late interesting and eventful ance of the Board of Controul. By

are about to be illustrated in a series of the Earl of Lagderdale. 8vo. Pp. Leiters, by Dr Adam Neale, physician 260.16s. 68!!" **1957

to the forces, and F.L.S. They will An Address to the Landed Inte' contain a full account of the operations rest of Scotland, on the subject of of the British armies under Sir Arthur Distillation. By a Scotch farmer. Wellesley and Sir John Moore, from the Svo. Pp. 2015s..

1.3'? day preceding the Battle of Vimiera, to Sermons, by James Finlayson, D.D. the battle and embarkation at Corunna ; F.R.S.E. To which is prefixed, an ble retreat from Sahagun. The author,

with an interesting detail of the memora. Account of the Life and Writings of who sketches beautifully, will enrich the Author. Svo, 10s. 6d.

the work with twelve Engravings, by


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។ I

Heath, from drawings made on the of Youth for the departments of active spot, illustrative of the campaign. life ; together wiih proposals for the

Mr De Luc, is about to publish an, further extention of the advantages of his Elementary Treatise on Geology, con system of instruction. This institus taining an examination of some modern tion has now been established in Bed. geological systems, and particularly of ford Place, Russell Square, for upwards the Hurtonian Theory of the Earth. of three years; and during that time it This work is translated from the French was asserted, that no person with any manuscript of M. de Luc, by the Rev., species of impediment, defect, or foreign Henry De la Fite, M.A. of Trinity Col. or provincial accent, has been under inlege, Oxford, and will form an octavo struction, even for the shortest period, volume.

without receiving essential benefit; nor The coloured Engravings, in imita- has any one persevered for any reasona. tion of the drawings by the Rev. W. ble time in the plans of the institution, Bredford, of the Costume, Character, without 'attaining an effectual and radi and Country in Spain and Portugal, cal cure. made during the campaigns 1808 and Dr Clough, physician man-midwife 1809, are in great forwardness. to the St. Marylebone General Dispen

Mr Galt, who has for some time såry, &c. will on Monday, the 8th of been engaged in researches among the May, at ten in the morning, commence national records, is preparing a work il- his course of Lectures on Puerperal A lustrative of the Life of Cardinal Wol. natomy, Physiology, and Pathology, ag sey, and those corruptions in the church, his house, No. 68, Berner's-street. which led to the Reformation, and the The Rev, Joseph Wilkinson is about general change which at that period to publish by subscription, Select Views took place in the political system of Eu, in Cumberland, Westmoreland, and part rope.

of Scotland, exhibiting the most pictu. Mr Greig, of Chelsea, has announced resque situations in these counties. : a work on Astronomy, on a new plan, Dr Serny is about to publish a trea. whereby that science is rendered simple tise on local inflammation, more parti-, and easy. The chief Constellations are cularly applicable to diseases of the eye, to be exhibited (in a manner similar to wherein an improvement in the treatgeography), on separate maps, with ment of those diseases is recommended, their etymology, boundary, the stars to founded on numerous, cases under the the 4th mag. introduced, and the de., author's own care. clination, right ascension, culminating, Mr Yorick Wilson, veterinary sur&c. of the principal star in each speci, geon of Lemington, near Warwick, has. fied, with remarks, &c.

in the press an improved practical treaMr Thelwall is preparing for public tise on Farriery, entitled the Gentle. cation, an Essay on the Causes and Pro. man's Veterinary Monitor. It is the bable Consequences of the Decline of result of his own experience in the vaPopular Talent; addressed to the serious rious diseases of horses, and prescribes consideration of those classes of the humane and rational methods of cure, community, the individuals of which without the assistance of a farrier. It may be expected to aspire to the dis- likewise, treats on breeding, training, tinctions of the segate and the bar, &c. purchasing, riding, management on a The work will contain a full discussion, journey, in the stable, &c. of the principal desiderata, in the ex- Mr Weston has translated one of the isting systems of liberal education, and Imperial Poems of Kien Long, men.. critical delineations of the characters, ta- tioned by Voltaire, in his Epistle to that lents, eloquence, and oratorical endow. Emperor, and found on a China Vase, ments of Messrs. Burke, Pitt, Fox, &c. in Mr W's Collection: An Engraving

Mr Thelwall has also in the press a of the Vase will be prefixed to the formal announcement (intended to be work. circulated through all the colleges, pub. The Fifty-two Lectures on the lic institutions, and literary societies of Church Catéchism, by the Rev. Sir Athe United Kingdom) of the Plan of his dam Gordon, will be published this Institution for the Cure of Impediments, month in two volumes, Cultivation of Oratory, and Preparation Letters of Mrs Elizabeth Montagu, with some of the letters of her corres- &c. &c. In alliance with the subject, pondents, will shortly be published by will be detailed the Rise and Progress Matthew Montagu, Esq. M.P. her ne. of Corporations, the History of their Charphew and executor.

ters; and their effects on the Towns Dr Carey has in the press, and will that are under their power.-4. Comspeedily publish an Essay, and familiar munications on the Free Trade of Great introduction to English Prosody and Britain, and on new Channels for Brie Versification, on a novel but simple tish Goods.-5. Natural History and plan; besides descriptions and analyses Culture of those Articles which consti

fthe different species of English verse, tute the principal objects of Trade, both with preparatory exercises in scanning; Foreign and Domestic, Cotton, Tea, Su.“ it contains practical exercises in versin. gar, Wool, Tin, Iron, Coal, &c.-6. Lecation, progressively accommodated to gal Intelligence; which not only exhibits the various capacities of youth, in the a Summary of every new Law or Order successive stages of scholastic edu. in Council, relative to Trade, Taxes, cation ; the whole calculated to pro. Commerce, or Manufactures, but also duce currectness of ear, and taste in concise Reports of all material Cases adreading or writing poetry.- For the judged in the different Courts of Law, du. convenience of teachers, a Key to the ring the current month. Together with Exercises will be added. Dr Carey is

a short Statement of the Law of Debtor also preparing for the press, an Easy and Creditor, Promissory Notes, Bonds, Introduction to Latiu Versification, un Assignees, Bills of Exchange, Trustees, a nearly similar plan.

Constables, Overseers, Churchwardens, The Travels of Lycurgus, the son of Executors, the Duties of Excisemen, Polydectes, into Greece, Crete, and Masters and Servants, Factor and Agent, Egypt, in Search of Knowledge, is print- Landlord and Tenant, Partners, Insu. jlig.

rance and other legal Duties, which in The Rev. Thomas Gisborne has in any way affect the Merchant, Trader, or the press, an octavo voluine of Sermons, Manufacturer.-7. Hints and Cautions chiefly designed to illustrate Christian to Apprentices, Servanıs, and young Morality.

Tradesmen, connected with their future, Dr Edward Popham, of Chilton, Prosperity in Business; including A. Wiltshire, has nearly ready for publica- necdotes and Biographical Sketches of tion, Remarks on various Texts of Scrip- Merchants, Traders, or Manufacturers, ture, in an octavo volame.

whom their industry and prudence have A Series of Letters on Canada, will raised to wealth and eminence.-8. A shortly appear from the pen of a gentle. Monthly Retrospect of Politics, so far man låtely resident some years in that as they have any influence on Comcountry.

merce.-9. Analysis of new and valuable A Commercial Magazine has now Books, published on Subjects relative been published for some months, and pro- to Commerce, Trade, or Manufactures. mises to be useful to the trading world. --10. Miscellaneous ;-- which Head con. It contains ;

tains Lists and Abstracts of all new Pa. 1. Original Communications on the tents for the Improvement, or promoRise, Progress, and present state of ting the Security of Arts, Trade, MaTrade in general; including an Account nufactures, and Commerce--The Prices of the Productions and Manufactures, Current-State of Markets--Exports and of the respective Exports and Im- and Imports--Lists of Bankrupts ports from and to various parts of the Meetings of Creditors-Dividends, DisWorld.-2. Historical Details on the Oria solution of Partnership, &c. Together gin, Progress, and present State of the with Abstracts of the Regulations for Commerce of Great Britain ; comprising the Excise and Customs, Calculations Particulars concerning the Nature, Pro- suited either to Wholesale or to Retail duce, and Manufactures of each Coun. Trades, the most commodious time for try, together with Topographical Sket. making Shipments to different Counches of the principal Manufacturing tries to the most advantage, Hints and Towns.---5. Accounts of the Chartered Instructions for the detection of Frauds Trading Companies, of Great Britain, in Trade, and on the impolicy and dansuch as the Bank, East India Company, ger of illicit Trade, Stc. &c.






But when his weapons he had laid aside, Continued from p. 206.

Death, like a coward, struck him, and he

died. 10. In St. Leonard's, Foster-Lane.

15. On Dr Caius, the founder of Caiuscolo WHEN the bells be merely roung, And the mass devoutly soung,

lege, Cambridge.
And the meal merely eaten,

Fui Caius.
Then shall Robert Trappis, his wiffs and

his chyldren be forgotcen.

Prey for they sowlygs of Michael Foro 11. On a tomb-stone, at Green-Bay, adjoins lace, and his wyf, and the worschypp of

ing the Apostles' Battery, Port Royal, God and our lady, for theyr faders, and Jamaica.

moders, wyth the sowlygs of all christen, Dieu SUR TOUT.

of yowr cherice sey a Pater Noster and an Here lies the body of Lewis Galdy, Esq.

Ave Maria. who departed this life, at Port-Royal, the Body: 1, Mary Pawson, ly below sleep220 December 1736, aged eighty. He ing. was born at Montpellier, in France, but Soul. 1, Mary Pawson, sit above weaking. left that country for his religion, and came Both. We hope to meet again, wyth glory to settle in this island, where he was swal- clothed, lowed up in the great earthquake, in the Then Mary Pawson for ever blessed. the year 1692, and by the providence of God, was by another shock thrown into 17. On Chancellor Sir Yohn Maitland, of the sea, and miraculously saved by swim

Letbington, by James VI. ming, until a boat took him up. He lived

Thou, passenger, that spies with gazing many years after, in great reputation, be

eyes, loved by all who knew him, and much la- This trophie sad, of death's triumphant mented at his death.

dart, 12. On Queen Anne.

Consider, when this outward tomb thou sees,

How fare a man leaves here this earth. March with his wind hath struck a cedar

ly part; tall,

His wisdom, and his uprightness of heart; And weeping April mourns the cedar's fall,

His piety; his practice of our state; And May intends no flowers her month

His quick engine, so verst in every art, shall bring,

As equally that all were in debate. Since she must lose the flower of all the

Thus justly hath his death brought forth spring ;

of late Thus March's wind hath caused April

An heavy grief to prince and subjects showers,

all, And yet sad May must lose her flower

That virtue love, and vice do bear at hate, of flowers.

'Though vitious man rejoices at his fall. 19. On Origen, said to be written by himself; So for himself most happy did he die,

Though for his prince it most unhappy bee.
Ille ego Origenes doctor verissimus olim,

Quem primum fidei gratia clara dedit. 18. On Shakespeare, in Westminster Abbey.
Si mihi credere vis, libros tot millia scripsi,

Quot legio missos mitcit in arma viros.
Nulla meos unguam tetegit blasphemia sen-

Anno post mortem, cxxiv.

Amor publicus posuit.
Sed probus atque vigil, tutus ab hoste fui The cloud cap'd towers,
Sola mihi casum Periarchon dicta dederunt,


gorgeous palaces, His me conjectum undique cela premunt,

The solemn cemples,

The great globe itself,
14. Sir Francis Vere.

Yea, all that it inherits,
When Vere sought death, arm’d with his

shall disolve;
sword and shield,

And, like the baseless fabric of a vision, Death was afraid to meet him in the field: Leave not a wreck behindi

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