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Gazan then repaired with rapidity to the no idea can be formed of the miseries he
bridge over which the insurgents made had undergone."
their retreat to the town; he killed a vast It is difficult to conceive the motive for
number, made 4000 prisoners, amongst the ungenerous manner in which the de-
whom were 2 Generals, 12 Colonels, 19 fenders of Saragossa are here treated. That
Lieutenant Colonels, and 230 Officers. He an open town should have resisted all the
took 30 pieces of artillery. Nearly all the efforts of France for three months, while
troops of the line in the town had beset its defenders and their General were cow-
this important post, which had been threat- ards, is impossible; that the siege could
ened since the 10th. At the same moment have been so long protracted, while Pala-
the Duke of Abrantes entered the Cosso fox was detested and despised by his troops,
through several covered ways, and, by is absurd. The siege, we repeat it, is the
means of two small mines, blew up the ex most extraordinary on record, and the de.
tensive buildings of the Schaals. After fence glorious beyond example.
those events, terror was spread throughout The French did not enter Saragossa till
the town. The Junta, in order to procure the 5th of March. They have published
delay, and obtain time to abace the terror a long account of the ceremony of entrance,
of the inhabitants, sought a parley; but the procession to the church of our Lady
their bad faith was known, and this arti- of Pilar, the joy and acclamations of the
fice was useless. Thirty other houses were inhabitants, the sermon of the Bishop, der
possessed by undermining, or by mines. tailing the miseries of war and the blessings
At length, on the 21st of February, the of peace, the allegiance taken to King Jo-
whole town was possessed by our troops ; seph by the clergy, the Juntas, and all the
15,000 infantry and 2000 cavalry laid down oficers in the country, the entertainment
their arms at the gate of Portilla, and 40 given by the Duke of Montebello to 400
flags and 150 pieces of cannon were deliver- persons, with the three toasts to the Empe.
ed up. The insurgents lost 20,000 mien ror, the King of Spain, and the Empress,
during the siège ; 13,000 were found in the given by the three French Generals, and
hospitals; 500 died daily.

accompanied by discharges of cannon, This -- The Duke of Montebello would al account is concluded by a pompous account low no capitulation to the town of Sara. of the prodigious happiness enjoyed by the gossa. He only published the following inhabitants of Saragossa, and the kindness provisions :- The garrison shall at noon,

and affection shown to the French troops by on the 21st, lay down their arms at the the peasants of Arragon, all of which, it is gate of Portilla, where they shall remain needless to observe, must be absolutely prisoners of war. Those of the troops of false. Who ever heard of the happiness of the line, who are willing to take the oath a town just taken by storm, most of the to King Joseph, may be allowed to enter houses of which had been previously demointo his service, In case this entrance shall lished by mining? 21ot be permitted by the Minister of War The next article gives us the means to the King of Spain, they shall be prison. which the new King is taking to overcome ers of war, and sent to France. The wor. the opposition of his subjects. We have no ship of God shall be reverenced. All the doubt that it will be effectual ac least for a artillery and ammunition of every kind time :shall be delivered up. All the arms shall Madrid, Feb. 19.--By a decree of the 18th be deposited at the doors of the differene inst. an extraordinary criminal Junta han houses, and collected by the respective Al: been formed, composed of five Alcades of cades.

the Court, for the trial of assassins, robbers, “ The magazines of corn, rice, and fruit, recruiters in favour of the insurgents, those which have been found in the town, are who maintain correspondence with them, very considerable. The Duke of Monte- and who spread false reports. Persons bello has nominated General Laval Gover- brought before the tribunal for these crimes nor of Saragossa. A deputation of the shall be tried within 24 hours, and sentenced priesthood and different inhabitants has set to the gibbet.-The sentence shall be exeout for Madrid. Palafox is dangerously tuted without appeal.--Those against whom ill. He was the object of the contempt of there shall not be sufficient evidence, shall she whole hostile ariny, who accuse him of be placed at the disposal of the Minister of arrogance and meanness. He was never ; General Police, who shall send them to the seen where there was any danger. The ordinary tribunal, Count de Fuentes, Grandee of Spain, who By the recent royal decrees, all officers had been 'arrested hy the insurgents two, in the army, and all the Magistrates and months ago on his estates, was found in a : public functionaries, are required to take dungeon of eight feet square, and released; ihe caths of allegiance and obedience to the



CO: vents.

King and Constitution, within three days seeming cowardice, while the British army after the publication of the decree to that was marching through their province in effect, in the places where they are. January, appear to have awakened from

The property of all individuals who have their lethargy, and to be again animated exercised an illegal authority, are answer. with some ardour to recover the indepenable for the funds which may have been dence of their country. After the embarspent by virtue of orders issued by them. kation of the British at Corunna, several

The contributions imposed on the city · bodies of French were detached from the of Madrid and the provinces are to be army of Marshal Soult, in February, to paid within six months, by three instal. take possession of the ports on the west

coast from Corunna to Vigo. The peaThree individuals of the order of Fran.

sants, encouraged by the appearance

of ciscans of the town of Toro, who sought British frigates on the coast, rose in consito raise disturbances, have been shut up in derable numbers, and defeated the Frencia their convent for six months, by order of in several petty engagements. On the 27th General Mazaredo. His Excellency has of March they attacked Vigo, in conjuncforbidden the monks to sleep out of their tion with the British, and compelled the

garrison to surrender prisoners of war. The French force having considerably Captain M.Kinley, of the Lively friincreased in Catalonia, General Reding gate, has transmitted to the Lords of the has been unable to niaintain himself in his Admiralty the following account of the sucposition; but he did not quit it without cess of the patriots in this quarter. sustaining three attacks from the enemy: " I can with confidence assure their in the two first the enemy gained no ada Lordships, that the spirit of the Gallicians vantage, and Reding preserved his position is aroused to the most enthusiastic ardour, The third time, the French, reinforced by governed by a cool and determinate cou8000 men, succeeded in forcing the gallant rage, and they confidently look for aid to General io retreat to Tarragona, having the generosity of the British Government, been himself five times wounded. Capt. speedily to succour then with arnis and Read, his Aid-de-camp, a young English- ammunition, to enable them to succeed in man, the son of a merchant in London, was the just cause which they have undercaken. wounded and taken prisoner.

« On the 7th of March a body of French Another victory is said to have been troops entered Villagarcia, and having kilgained by General Sebastiani at Ciudad led some old men and women in the streets, Real over the Duke of Albuquerque, on and set-fire to a few houses of the people the 27th of March. The Spaniards are whom they judged inimical to theni, they said to have lost 4000 men taken prisoners, retreated to Paden. On the 9th, a party 3000 killed, and 18 pieces of cannon. They of eight infantry and four cavalry, entered retreated, after the battle, to the other side Marin, but a fire being opened on thena of the Sierra Morena, and were pursued from this ship and the Plover, they made. by the French cavalry. On the 29th, Se. a precipitate retreat ; a Captain and Lieu. bastiani was at the foot of the Sierra Mo. tenant fell into the hands of the Spaniards, rena. This movement against the Duke of who delivered them to me. Albuquerque seems to have been part of a Skirmishes daily take place between plan by which the French should proceed the peasants and the enemy, which renders at the same time against the Duke's army, their procuring provisions both difficult and and the army under General Cuesta. Af harassing, and many fall victims to fatigue. ter retreating from the bauks of the Ta. In this perpetual warfare, the enemy inva. gus and Meravete, Cuesta fell back upon riably suffer, particularly on the 2d of Truxillo and Santa Cruz. Thither Mar March, when 105 Frenchmen were pillaging shal Victor pursued him, and he retreated the convent of St Bernardo de San Clauacross the Guadiana to Sanbenito and dio, where Don Bernardo Concales, with Modellen.

The position seems to have 32 Spaniards, attacked them, took many been a good one; the Guadiana was in his horses laden with pillage, and only 16 of front, and his flank was protected by bat.. the enens escaped. On the 9th, 10th, and teries ; here he awaited the attack of the Ilth inst. the French attacked the peasants enemy. At present we have only the of Deza and Traspeza, sustained by those, French accounts, which state that the Spa-' of Banos and Tabeiros, and were obliged niards were completely defeated, leaving to retreat with the loss of 114 men and an 7000 men on the field of battle, and 3000 officer. prisoners. Seville, is thus laid open to “ The enemy is much distressed by a ihem; and Marshal Victor has pushed his malignant fever; not less than two cartadvanced guard to Bajados.

loads are buried daily from tlie head-quarMeanwhile, the Spaniards in Gallicia, ters at St Jago : the inilicary Governor and who behaved with such indifference, and commanding officer of artillery, with a

number of other officers, have fallen victims of March, attacked about 700 Frenchmeri, to it."

while in the act of chanting Te Deum for Captain M Kinley gives the following the surrender of Saragossa.

The enemy account of the recapture of Vigo, dated defended themselves obstinately, but the March 29.

Spaniards obtained a decided advantage. “ Having learnt from Captain Crawfurd, The French Commander, Monnet, a Ma. of the Venus, off Vigo, that the loyal pea- jor-General, Colonel of the 32d regiment santry were in considerable force around of the line, and a Member of the Legion the castle and town of Vigo, I joined him of Honour, was made prisoner, and sent to on the evening of the 23d instant. Next Oviedo, with twelve others. Many more morning I went to the head-quarters of were taken, but died of their wounds. The Don Juan de Silva, who commanded the enemy lost above 100 killed. patriots. A summons was instantly sent to It is likewise affirmed, that the Marihe Governor of Vigo to surrender at dis- quis de la Romana had been successful cretion, which led to a negociation which in the same quarter, that the French continued till the 26th, when Don Pablo garrison of Villa Franca had surrenderMurillo, with a regular force of 1500 meu, ed to him, and that he had cut off many retired soldiers, arrived, and sent in a sum. mons to surrender. On the following day foraging parties , and iaken a great the proposals were brought on board the quantity of baggage and provisions.-It Lively by Don Pablo Murillo, accompa

is added, that the purts of Corunna and nied by three French officers. The answers Ferrol were weakly garrisoned, and by to them were delivered at 5 P. M. by Cap an active movement might easily be retain Crawford, who concluded the capitu- covered by the Spaniards. lation; and the whole of the garrison, con In Estremadura, the Duke of Albu. sisting of a colonel, 45 officers, and about querque had succeeded, about the end 1300 men, were embarked next morning."

of March, in forming a junction with The garrison were allowed no terms; General Cuesta, and with a part of Ur. but to surrender prisoners of war, and to

bina's army. The latter had supersedbe sent to Britain ;-and this probably at their own request, as the Spaniards are so

ed the Duke del Infantada, (for what enraged at the French, that they shew lit. 'reason we know not,) and is charged to tle mercy to their prisoners. Among the guard the positions in the rear of the garrison there were no less than 300 sick. bridge of Arzebispo and Cardeal. The There were taken 447 horses, 62 carriages, French who had penetrated to within waggons, and carts, a military chest, con- four leagues of Badajos, have been retaining 117,000 francs in French specie, pulsed by the Spaniards, 'under Albuwith a considerable quantity of cannon, ordu querque. The result of the action was nance stores, and ammunition, all of which the capture of a General, and more were delivered to Don Murillo.

than 200 men, who have been conducCaptain M-Kinley adds, that while ein

ced to Seville, and the slaughter of abarking the prisoners, he received accounts

bout 700. Cuesta has from 8 to 900m of Don Murillo having attacked and defeated a body of 300 French, who were cavalry in fine order; the French have coming from Tuy for the relief of Vigo, 5ooo, but lean and starved. The whole and made many prisoners.

French force in this quarter consists of A correspondence has been kept up; by29,000 men, the Spanish of 50,000." means of trusty messengers, between the With such a superiority, the Spaniards, army of Asturias and the army of Romana, it is to be hoped, will still effect some which was at Chaves, and General Silveira successful operation ; but after the many Pinto, of the Portugaeze army of Tralos specimens we have had of bad generalMontes, with the view of combining the ship in the officers, and bad discipline operations of the three armies. Some ships among the men, we cannot indulge any with supplies for the French garrison at St Andero, were driven on-shore by the Bri- very sanguine expectations of their fun tish cruizers in the bay, and destroyed.

ture conduct. The boats crews from the British vessels The Supreme Junta of Spain have publanded and destroyed two batteries, under lished a decree, in which they recount allt the fire of which the enemy's vessels ran for the enormities of the French troops, and protection. The Biscayan peasants co-ope.. their total disregard of treaties. They rated very gallantly with the British seanien then enact, that no quarter be given to any on the occasion.

French officers or men in any place where At a place called Cerbera, near Sahagun, such enormities have been committed. a party of Asturians, under the command

They have published likewise a spirited of Colonel Don Juan Porlier, on the 12th appeal to Europe, on the unjust conduct of


ebe French ruler. They enumerate all the

On their passage. benefits which France was constantly recei Cloth, pieces - 298 Shoes 78,000 ving from Spain, and describe the treacher. Shirts 4,100 Shoe Soles - 35,000 ous and abominable conduct of Bonaparte Pouches · 47,000 | Boots 8,100 towards Spain and its Princes.

To be shipped as soon as received from ConA statement of the losses sustained by

tractors. the French since their first entrance into Boots

29,100 | Ponches 150,150 Spain, has been published in the London Shoes 283,400 Cloth-yards papers. It must be in a considerable de Suits


125,000 gree conjectural. Their loss, by disease, the dagger, in the field, &c. is stated at 163,000 men.

PORTUGAL. It appears by the papers laid before Par. liament, that, in the course of last year, The accounts from Portugal are very unthere were embarked for Spain and 'Por favourable, though they are precisely what tugal (including officers,) 45,982 infantry, might have been anticipated. The French of which have disembarked or remain for have at length again entered that country. service 39,230, deficiency 6752.-N. B. Of - Marshal Soule has entered on the north, the above, it appears by a return from Lis. while another army seems to be approachbon, dated February 17. 1809, that 625 are ing Lisbon along the l'agus. Soult, on his doing duty at Oporto, and belong to diffe entrance into the kingdom, published the rent regiments which are returned from following insidious proclamation : Spain. About 400 British soldiers, who " In consequence of the memorable suchad been taken prisoners by the enemy, cesses obtained by the army of his Majes: were released by the Gallicians, and are on ty the Emperor and King, my august Sotheir way to Lisbon. Of the cavalry (in- vereign, 1 again approach your territory, ta cluding officers, &c.) there embarked 4500 take possession of the whole of it, in the men, and 4042 horses; whereof have dis: name of my master. I do not, therefore, embarked 4103 men, and 326 horses ; de expect that I shall meet with any resistance, ficiency of cavalry soldiers, 397, and 3746 but flatter myself I shall be received with horses. Of artillery-men and drivers (in the same cordiality with which we were cluding officers, &c ) there embarked 8939, received little more than a year ago. What and 2469 horses; whereof have relanded effect can resistance have? What can you 3759 men, and 764 horses. It is also sta propose to yourselves, when all those arted, that all the ordnance, except seven six mies which frenzy had assembled in Spain pounders, have been relanded.

are destroyed ? That British army whick The following statement of the sup- made its appearance on the Continent, only plies sent to Spain has been laid before to foment the spirit of disorder and rebels the House of Commons, and may there. lion, and inflict all kinds of calamities, has fore be considered as authentic.

been defeated, and forced to embark for

England, after having lost one-half of its Sent since the 1st of May 1808. soldiers, its best Generals, all its ammuniPieces of Cannon 98, & 31,600 Rounds of tion, its horses, and baggage. Portugueze, Ammunition -Howitzers 38, 7,200 ditto, in the name of his Majesty the Emperor -Carron ades 20, 4,000 ditto

and King Napoleon, I offer you that peace Muskets 200,177, Cloth-yards which you yourselves have driven from Rifles

125,000 your country. I offer you protection for Swords 61,391 Calico-do. 82,000 yourselves and your property, and for your Pikes 79,000 Serge-pieces - 6,485 religion, and the ministers of that religion. Infantry accoutre Cloth-do. • 4,015 I offer you, besides, an entire oblivion of

ments--sets 39,000 Great Coats 50,000 the past, and will engage that you shall reBall Cartridges Suits Clothing ceive the clemency of his Majesty the Em23,477,955

92,000 peror. You shall enjoy the benefit of the Lead Balls 6,000,000 Shirts 35,000 sublime institutions of the same august SoWhole Barrels of Shoes 96,600 vereign. It will be easy for me to deliver

Powder - 15,408 Shoe Soles · 15,000 you from the calamities which you cannot Specie L.1,934,903 Calico, pieces 22,212. deny that you endure, and assuage the evils Bills of Exchange &c. &c. &c. which you have suffered, if I arrange your negociated 220,404 Canteens 50,000 administrations, and organise anew the PorCamp Equipage, Haversacks - 54,000 tugueze army. There are among you ci

10,000 Hats and Caps tizens whose intentions have ever been Tents 40,000

16,000 pure, and who ought now to exercise their Linen--yards Pouches and Belts influence to promote the re-establishment 118,000

210,000 of good order They may be assured their Pieces Sheeting 702 services will be well received, and that the


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most efficacious protection will be afforded observance of duty into a military corps, them, whatever their situation, whether in consists in the example set by the officers, the army, the state, or the church. Reflect, he hopes they will never fail to give their Portugueze, on your situation, and consi. men a lesson so necessary and important. der well these generous offers while it is Marshal Beresford has issued General Ortime ; but let your submission be prompt ders to the Portuguese army, on the capand sincere, if you wish to avoid the evils ture of Oporto by the French, accusing from which I would save you, and your them of the most shameful anarchy and incountry shall shine with new spleodour.” subordination, as the cause of the loss of that

On the 20th of March the French ap city. peared in considerable force within three · The great city of Oporto, (he says) leagues of Oporto; but the people feeling defended by 24,000 men, with trenches and much confidence in the strength of the redoubts furnished with more than 200 place, expected that it was capable of a fur- pieces of artillery, fell an easy conquest to midable resistance. The command of the

an enemy of little more than half the num. works was confided, by unanimous con ber of its garrison, notwithstanding the sent, to Colonel Arkwick, of the German people and their defenders were loyal and Legion, whose activity in the whole ma brave, because that enemy had been able nagement entitled him to that honour. He to produce, under the appearance of patriocontinued his command no longer than the cisni, disunion, and a general insubordinaIrench continued out of sight, for as soon tion; the consequences of which must ever as they appeared, he was displaced, and the be most ruinous. The Marshal therefore command given to the Portuguese. The hopes that the army will perceive that we bombardment commenced on the 27th, and ought always to distrust those who have there was some triffing show of resistance; been with the French or their partizans, but the nioment the enemy came nearer to and whacever reports they may propagate, the town, and made a serious attack, all re as they are undoubtedly paid by the enesistance was at an end ; the works were de

my to promote confusion and distress the serted, and the French allowed to enter. arms of which they make the most dangeAbout 9000 entered the town on the 29th sous use. and 30th ; from 6000, to 8000 were left in " At the same time, and in the same the rear. The French have obtained pos. manner, the enemy made themselves massession of about 20 vessels in the harbour, ters of the bridge of Villa Nova. Lét the on board of which had been shipped about troops be subordinate to their officers, and 3000 pipes of wine. These vessels had observe strict military discipline, and our been prevented from getting to sea, in con country will have nothing to fear. The sequence of the return of such weather as

enemy is in possession of Oporto; so he was rendered the bar impassable.

of Chaves ; but this place he has lost agailig The Bishop exerted himself to the ut with more than 1500 men, including primost to instil his own brave spirit into his soners, and killed. Brigadier-General De countrymen, but without the least success. Silveira informs me that he has taken 12 He went on board the Niobe frigate, and pieces of artillery, a great quantity of arms got safe to Lisbon alongst with some Brie and ammunition, and 80 horses. Recoltish officers.

lect, soldiers, that this officer, when pruWhile the French were employed in re dence dictated to him the necessity of reducing Oporto, it appears chat the Portu- • tiring from Chaves, where, from the nagueze General, Francisco de Silveira Pen ture and number of his forces, he was inLo da Fonseca, retook the town of Chaves, capable of resisting the enemy, those prewith the loss on the part of the enemy of tended patriots raised a cry of treason a300 killed and 200 wounded. The rest of gainst him, and induced a great number of the French, to the number of about 600, the despisers of discipline to attempt the dehad retired to the fort of St Francisco. fence of that place, which they surrendered

The Prince Regent has appointed Gene without firing a gun, with the troops that ral Beresford, Field Marshal and Com- had been deceived by them; but the firmmander in Chief of the Portugueze army. ness of the General saved the rest of the The Marshal has in consequence publish. army, and placed it in a situation to acquire ed a Proclamation to his army, announcing

greater glory, and meric the thanks of its his appointment, and calling upon the Por country. luguese to exert themselves in acquiring a

Of the ruinous insubordination of the knowledge of the military exercise, and to observe a proper subordination to their of Portuguese soldiery, alluded to by Geo ficers,—and recommending to the study of neral Berestord, we have another lathe latter the present state and improve mcntable instance, in the conduct of ment of the army ;-and as the best me-, their northern army, on the approach thod of introducing discipline and a strict of the French to Oporto ; though we

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