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A dreadfue

Verdun roads and bound to the Isle of DREADFUL FIRE IN LONDON.
France with naval stores, commanded

fire broke out, at nine by M. Dupotet, who defended his ship o'clock on the 14th May, in a warehouse with great resolution and ability. The at Dice's Quay on the eastern side of prize's foremast fell the day after the aco Billingsgate. I'he Aames communicated tion, when she was taken in tow by the to the shipping in the Thames, and, it Arethusa. She had 47 killed and 73

being low


all efforts to save the wounded. The Amethyst's main and vessels on the spot were ineffectual, mizen masts fell at the close of the ac- they being a ground. A sloop, laden tion, and she had 8 killed and 37 wound with cheese, butter, and spermaceti oil, ed. She was short of her complement from Deal, which had arrived at the two officers and 37 men, who had been quay in the morning, caught the flames, sent away in prizes, and had 69 priso. which communicated to the brig Zeaners from these on board.

lous, 250 tons burden, from Hull, which La Nouvelle Gironde, a noted priva

was nearly laden. 20 tons of currants teer of Bourdeaux, is taken by his Ma- had been shipped on board the week jesty's sloop the Parthian, Captain Har. before. She was entirely burnt to the ward, after a chace of 36 hours. La ground. The Britannia, a Margate hoy, Nouvelle Gironde is a fine copper-fas- also took fire. It destroyed her rig. tened brig, commanded by M. Lecomte, ging and part of her stern. She was set mounting four twelve and ten four-poup- a-drift by the explosion of some gunders, with a complement of 36 men, powder that was on board the sloop, and (58 on board) out 45 days. She was this saved her from being entirely conchased, during the last cruize, by 12 sumed. Three barges and three water. different men of war, none of which had men's hoys were also completely dethe smallest chance of nearing her. stroyed. The river engines had a won

We are concerned to announce the derful effect in saving the rest of the loss of the Alcmene frigate, of 32 guns, small craft. At twelve o'clock the flames Captain Tremlett, upon the coast of had nearly reached the Gun Tavern France, off Nantes. She was going up and Billingsgate Duck, as well as the the Loire to reconnoitre, but she struck surrounding watehouses; but they were upon a shoal and bilged. The officers 'saved by the activity of the land en. and crew, with part of the stores, have gines, which played with great effect a. been saved, and brought to Plymouth gainst the warehouses at Billingsgate in the Amelia frigate. The wreck of Dock, the cranes of which had nearly the Alcmene was set on fire, to prevent 'taken fire. The flanues raged with great its falling into the hands of the enemy. fury until five o'clock next morning.

On the oth of March, one of the trans. The concourse of people, who collected ports belonging to Gen. Sherbrooke's ex.

on London Bridge, was so great, that it pedition (the Prince George) ran down was impassable. The stores in the ware. an American bark in the night. The houses consisted of rum, brandy, oil, Captain, of the name of Mason, and his butter, cheese, bacon, &c. Two fire. crew, jumped on board the transport,

were very much hurt." One of except one man, who was asleep below. them, named Kingman, belonging to the The transport had just cleared herself Globe Fire Office, was dreadfully scaldof the wreck, when, in the confusion, ed; and Richard Winney, of the Hope, the Prince George ran on board the Isis had his knee broken by a cut from a frigate, and remained some time athwart hatchet. We do not learn that any

lives hawser, when the mizen-mast was car- have been lost. The damage is very

The soldiers and crew of .considerable. The Margate hoy was the transport attempted tojump on board insured, but the sloop and brig were the Isis ; Colonel Hulse, Capt. Chris- The Captains and crew were pot tie, and about 50 of the Coldstream able to save any thing. The Margate Guards, succeeded in getting on board; hoy lies'on her beam ends in Billingsbut Ensign Long, and two or three pri. “gate Dock. It is generally believed vates, fell overboard and were drowned. that the fire was occasioned by some Captain Mason and crew, of the Ame

persons who were stealing liquor from rican, succeeded in getting safe on board the casks on the quay. the Isis.

SCOT May '1809.


ried away.



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Robert Inglis and Peter M'Graw, Ayr, April 19.-LORD HERMAND. travelling chapmen, accused of uitering WM. Rowan, weaver in Netherton counterfeited coin. Inglis, failing to

Holm, parish of Kilmarnock, accused appear, was outlawed; and the diet a. of murder, and failing to appear, sentence gainst M'Graw was deserted, and he of fugitation was pronounced against was recommitted on a new warrant. him.

David Hall, accused of sheep.steal. In the case of Robert Carr, weaver in ing, being'upanimously found guilty of Maybole, accused of sedition, the Court stealing one sheep, and by a plurality of found the indictment not relevant, dis. yoices, of stealing three sheep, and be missed the pannel, but recommended to ing unanimously recommended to mere the Sheriff to take such further steps sy by the jury, was sentenced to fourtherein as might seem proper to him, teen years trapsportation beyond seas.

William Dornan, blacksmith, and Ro- Dayid Murray, accused of forging bert Smith, shoemaker, accused of house. letter of credit, in order to deceive ihe breaking and theft, were found guilty, trustees on the turnpike roads, was and sentenced to be executed there on found guilty, on his own confession. Friday May 26. They were both Irish. An objection being stated to the verdict men, and suffered with great composure. 'of the jury, the same was sustained, and

Dumfries, April 14.-Lord Hermand.-Murray was dismissed from the bar, Michael Donelly and James Duffy, late Aberdeen, April 19.- Lord Justice weavers in Carlisle, accused of uttering Clerk.--Anne Keith, servant to Gorforged notes. The jury, by a plurality don, Barron, and Co. in Frasersburgh, of voices, found the libel not proven accused of theft-George Davidson, at against Michael Doneliy, who was as- Meadow-hill of Strichen, and Margaret sailzied simpliciter, as i dismissed from Anderson his wife, also accused of thest the bar. Duffy was sentenced to be and Alex. Cowle, yintner in Banff, executed at Dumfries on Wednesday charged in like manner, having all failthe 31st May, but has since received a ed to appear, sentence of fugitation was respite during his Majesty's pleasure. pronounced against them. The Court gaye judgement in one

William Shearer, a boy of 14, charged case of appeal.

with opening a letter committed to his Fedburgh, May 4.-Lords Cullen and care, and taking therefrom a onç pound Hermand.--William Laidlaw, late Ex- note, pled Guilty. Alexander Morrison, cise officer at Hawick, accused of fraud late gamekeeper to the Marquis of and impositiop; and James Scott, car. Huntly, and Hannah Şiiliman his wife, ter in Peebles, accused of theft, failing accused of stçaling various articles from to appear, sentence of fugitation was Huntly Lodge, also pled Guilty; when pronounced against them.

all three were sentenced to transportaPeter and Adam Cairns, accused of fion for seven years. shtep-stealing, and Charles Svart Mere Robert Elmsly, tenant in Mains of cer, accused of rape. In respect of the Sclate, charged with the forgery of seabsence of some material witnesses, and ven acceptances, was then put to the other circumstances, the diet against bar, and pled Not Guilty. Mr Cockburn), them was deserted, and they were re. Depute Advocate, was proceeding to committed upon a 'now warrant, call James Forbes, Esø. of Scaton, the

John Johnston and Adam Roger, ac- first witness, when Mr A. Skene, coun, cused of culpable homicide, were found that for the pannel, stated to the Court, not guilty, and dismissed from the bar. that he had a very serious objection to

Alex. Macdowal, accused of theft, this witness, founded on the following was found guilty, by his own confession, facts : and sentenced to five years transportasión The prisoner, Elmsly, was a tenant beyond scas

on the estate of Mr Forbes in 3806,


when the forgeries were alledged to there was something extraordinary in have taken place. At that time, the it. His Lordship was of opinion, hosto! bills were put into the hands of Mr An- ever, that any examination of Mr For drew Davidson, advocate in Aberdeen, bes, or his agent, was quite unnecessary; agent for Mr Forbes, and Elmsly ob. The letters spake for themselves, and tained 35l. for them. They afterwards could not be explained away. He had no came into the hands of Mr Forbes, and right to dictate to the Public Prosecu. remained in his possession for nearly tor what course he should pursue, but two years. In 1807, Mr Forbes let a- he would suggest to him to desert the nother farm to the prisoner; and ha. diet simpliciter. This was accordingly ving, in 1808, prevailed upon him to done, and the jury having enclosed, re give up the farm which he first posses. turned a verdict of Not Guilty. His sed, he proceeded to let it to one Stark. Lordship also recommended the letters,

Some disputes, however, occurred be- and a minute containing the facts statween Elmsly and Mr Forbes about the red by Mr Skene, to be lodged with terms on which he was to give up his the Glerk of Justiciary, in order that form, and he refused to quit till these the Public Prosecutor might have an were adjusted to his satisfaction. In the opportunity of determining, whether be mcan time, Stark become very clamo. should not institute further proceedings rous for his entry to the farm, and Mr. upon them. The prisoner was then disa Forbes bad recourse to legal measuresy, missed from the bar, after a very imin order to remove Élmély. Having pressive address by the Judge, in the reason to dread, however, that he would course of wbich his Lordship declared, fail in these attempts, which has actually that, so long as he should have the hou since been the case, and Stark threaten-, nour to preside in the High Court of ing bim with an action of damages for Justiciary, he was determined, that its breach of bargain, a threat which he has proceedings should never be prostituted since fulálled, Mr Forbes, and his agent, io serve the purposes of private interest, Mr Davidson, attempted to force Elmse, or to gratify the malignity of indivily into their terms, by threatening him dựals, with a criminal prosecution for the for- Invernets, April24.- Lord Justice Clerka gery of the bills in their possession. Mr James Mule, in Cotts of Longbride, Skene proved these facts by a letter indicted for an assault, with intent to from Mr Forbes, to Stark, which was commit a rape, was outlawed' for not aponly put into his hands after the Court pearing. had met that morning, and by several Thomas Holm, son of Hector Holm, Jetters from the same gentleman and his late deputy postmaster at Invergordon, agent, addressed to the prisoner; and indicted for abstracting a letter from the he concluded by moving, that both Mr receiving-box at said post office, cona Forbes and his agent should be called taining a five pound note and a twentyto the bar, and examined as to these shilling note, and secreting the same. letters, before they could be received as The Jury, by a plurality of voices, found impartial witnesses on the trial of this the libel not proven, when he was aspoor man.

soilzied; but before leaving the Courts Mr Cockburn expressed his astonish. he was recommitted on a new charge. ment at what had been stated, and en. Janet Ross, alias Dags and Andrew tirely agreed with the counsel for the' Ross, alias Bain, lately residing in the prisoner, that Mr Forbes and his agent, Hill of Tain, indicted for the murder of who were the chief witnesses, should John M'Gregor, cartwright in Tain, be examined upon the letters which had, upon the night of the 25th of Feb, 1808, been read; observing, that it would be at,or pear the house of the said Janet of more importance to the public to de. Ross, by wouading him, on different tect and expose a scheme of this kind, parts of his head and body, with a hata than to convict the prisoner, however chet or some other instrument: And deep his guilt might be.

also for the murder of Catharine Munro, · The Lord Justice Clerk observed, alias Cook, residing in Tain, on the that when he first saw the indictment, same night, by strangulation, or stating the forgery, to have been com other means. This case stood over from mitted two years since, he thought the last Justiciary Court held here, owa

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ven years.

ing to want of sufficient evidence at the forcement, but not proven as to the asa time, and having now been again fully- sault ; and found John Robertson guilty investigated, by the examination of of both the assault and deforcement. variety of witnesses, and the Jury hav The Court sentenced John Robertson ing been enclosed, returned a verdict; to pay a fine of goli sterling, to be im-> finding the libel Not proven, upon which prisoned in the jail of Perth for three the prisoners were assoiizied, and dis.months, and thereafter till payment of missed from the bar.

said fine ; and Donald Robertson to pay Isobel Macmillan, from Dingwal, ac' a fine of 201. to be imprisoned in the cus:d of child murder, was, on her own said tolbouth fur une muntli, and there. petition, a d consent of the Advocate after till payment of said frie.' Depute, banished from Scotland for se. - John Galloway, lately residing at

East Carse of Trowan, accused of wil." The Court gave judgment in an ap- ful fire raising, was outlawed for not appeal case, which'ended the business at pearing. this place.

* Inverary, April 27.- Lord Craig.-Perth, May, 2.-Lord Justice Clerk. Jas. MacGlashan, innkeeper in Knock Perer Pedie, late horse dealer at Gib. rioch, in the parish of Campbeltown, ác. bet Brae, n-ar Edinburgh, accused of cused of murder. The jury four:d the rape, committed in the county of Fife, pannel guilty of cu!paule t.omicide ofiand Robe Laing and John Laing, late ly, and he was sentenced to six months weavers at Dunshelt,' near Auchter.' imprisonment. muchty, indicted for the murder of Robr.' Margaret M.Phadain daughter of AlBestson, a private soldier in the 428 lan M.Phadain, tenant in Ballahough, foot, were outlawed for not appearing. " in the island of Coll; accused of the mur..

John Storrar, wright in Kirktown of dêr'of a boy of about five years of age, Largo, inc:icted for stealing a trunk, the son of a person with whom she was with property in it to the value of up. servant; but it was stared by the Cour.' wards or 4007 Sterling, 'by loosing or set for the pannel, that the state of her custing the same from the back of a' mind was such as to render her an unfit cha se travelling on the high road from object of trial at present, and, upon the Windygates to Balchristie, in Fife. The testimony of several witnesses, it was prisuner pleaded guilty, to the charge, fuund improper to proceed in the trial, and, being convicted by the jury, was and she was re-committed to prison, unadjudged to be transported beyond seas i trlliberated in due course of law.. for 14 years.

Glasgow, May 2.-Lords Craig and Robert Boyack, tide waiter'in St An-' Almadale.-M. Simpson and J. Staf.' drew's, accused of murder. Mt John' ford; accused of assault and robbery, Hagart, counsel for the "pannel, stated having p

pled Guilty, were sentenced io that he had not been legally cited, and fourteen years transportation. John thereføre was not bound to plead to Duncan, accused of murder or culpable the charge. His objection was, that the homicide, was unanimously found Net cupy of indictment, list of wichesses, Guilty; and dismissed from the bar. J. and assize served upon prisoner, Hastic, charged with an assault and rob. nut subscribed on each page, by the bery, was found Guilty; to be imprisonmessenger, nur did


ed for six months.

op ed mention the number

John Fraser, found guilty of forging which the copy consisted! The Court a letter from James Beatsor, Supervisustained the objection, and dismissed sor of Excise, was imprisoned for eight the pannel from the bar. prwis month's. The diet was deserted against

Isobel Hood, from Förfarshire, acéu. George Stewart, John Armstrong and sed gif child murder; the dit was desert- John Gordon Mintosh brought from

John Robertson and Donald Hobert and a new warrant was granted for theif son, buih residing at Ferung, parish of reçommiļment. Blairathole, for assaulting and deforcing Jaines Hannah, accused of assault and Excise Officers in execution of their du robbefy, and of being habit and repute ty. The jury found Donald Robertson a thiet, was unanimously found guiltya? guilty of aiding and abbetting in the de. An objection to the verdict was taken


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by the prisoner's counsel (John Wood, 28. At Edinburgh, Mr Wm. Henderson, Esq.) that the ave last named gentle- merchant, Leich, to Elizabeth, only daughi men of the jury had not been sworn. ter of che late Captain Perer Couper. . * A proof of this fact being taken, their

28. At ditto, Mr Alexander Cuming, Lordships inclined to sustain the objec. Bo'ness; to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr tion; but, on account of the importance

James Gardner, apothecary in Edinburgh..!

28. At ditto, Wm. Mouat, Esq advocate, of the case, they ordered it to be report

to Miss Cunningham, oply daughter of the ed to the High Court of Justiciary, for their opinion, and the prisoner to be

late Capt. Alex. Cunningham, of Pittarthies

28. Ac Kingston, East Lothian, Lieut. transmitted to Edinburghi.

Nisbet Glen, royal navy, co Miss CunStirling, May 6.Lord Armadaie. ningham, daughter of the late Mr William There was no criminal business at this. Cunningham, jeweller in Edinburgh. In place.

$ 28. At Dunfallandie, Perthshire, James

| Ferguson, Esq. late of Hanover, Jamaica CIVIL PROMOTIONS.

to Miss Eliza Macdiarmid, only daughter Earl Harcourt is appointed Master of of Mr Duncan Macdiarmid, in Kynachant the Horse to the Queen, in room of the late May 1. At Edinburgh, Dr Woodman, Earl, his brother.

of Bognor, Sussex, to Matilda, youngest Sir Charles Sedley is appointed Master: daughter of the late Rev. Thomas Linning, of the Robes to the King, in room of. Earl minister of Lesmahagos y Harcourt.

2. At Moorfarm, Mr George Stedman, The Hon. West is appointed a writer. in Edinburgh to Mary, eldest Groom of the Bedehamber to his Majesty, daughter of John Barclay, Esq. Sheriff-sube in 'room of Sir Charles Sedley.

stituce of Ross and Cromarty.s Foreign Office, April 29. The King has 6. At London, Captain George James, been pleased to appoint the Marquis Wel. of the Scots Greys, to Lady Frances Hay, lesley, Knight of St Patrick, to be his Ma- sister to the Earl of Errol jesty's Ambassador Extraårdinary and Plek: 8. AtsCampbelton, Captain Butler, of nipotentiary to his Catholic Majestŷ Fera the Clifton Trish revenue cruiser, to Mary, dinand the Vir; and has been pleased to daughter of the lace Bailię Colin Campbell; direct him to reside in that character at of Campbelton. the seat of the Central-or Supreme Junta in » 8: At London, William Milaer, Esq. el. Spain.

*2357 dest son of Sir William Milner, Bart. tal To appoint Frederick Lindeman, Esqb the Hon. Harriet Bentinck, daughter of to be his Majesty's Consul to the province Lord Edward Bentinck. of Batavia, in the Portuguese dominions in: 1.19. At Edinburgh, James Cathcart, Esq. South America. Aids, ***

mierchant in Leith, to Mary, eldest daughTo appoint John Lempriere, Esq. to ter of Cấpt. James Walker, of the Hon. East be his Majesty's Consul to the province of india Company's service. Pernambucco, in the said dominions:

9. At Strathmashie, John MʻPherson, To appoint Henry Veitch, Esq. to he: Esq. Dalchully, to Christian, second daugh. his Majesty's Agent and Consul Generaliin cer of the deceased Allan M.Donald, Esq. the islands of Madeiras !

of Gellovie.

16. Ac Portobello, the Rev. John Fer. MARRIAGES.

nie, minister of Dunfermline, to Agnes, April 15. Ac Bath, John Thompson, daughter of the late Mr James Tait, wris Esq. eldest son of Ross Thompson, Esq. of ter in Edinburgh. Lawrencetown, county of Down; to Helen, .616. At Rothesay, Mr Archibald M.Lea, youngest daughter of Juhn Robertson, Esqe of the Customs, to Miss Jánét Stewartz of the Crescent, Bath. In

daughter of Robert Yewart, Esq. Rothesaya 17. At Dalvey, James Dick, Esq. chief 17. At London, the Hon. G. Lambe, to Magistrate of Blairgowrie, to Ann, only Miss Le jeune, a ward of the Duke of Dedaughter of John Spalding, Esq. of Dalvey.' vonshire.

21. At Leith, Mr Alex. Macfarlane, merchant in Leith, to Ann, daughter of

BIRTHS. Mr William Thorburn, merchant there April 14. At Leadciune, Inverness-shire,

124.' At Glasgow, David Connel, Esq. to Mrs Drapee, a daughter. Isabella, daughter of John Alston, Esq. . 22. At London, ehe Countess of Selkirk,

25. Ac Edinburgh, Mr Fortune, of the a son and heir. Tontine Tavern, to Miss Helen St ledger 22. At Bath, the Lady of G. B. Brown, Gillies, daughter of the deceased Mr. Archi- Esqi of Knockenaloch, a daughter. *-. bald Gillies, ininister of St Monance, Fife: 22. Ac Eslemont House, Mirs Gordon of shire.

Hallhead, a daughter.

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