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a son.

April 26. At Fasque, the Lady of Alex. an the Leeward island station, West ludies, Renny Tailyour, Esq. of Borrowfield, a son. of the epidemic fover, aged eighteen years,

27. At Pinkie House, the Lady of Sir Mr William Quarrier, purser of that ship, John Hope of Craighall, Bart, a son. and youngest son of Mr Daniel Quarrier, - 30. Ac Borthwickbrae, Mrs Elliot Lock- Musselburgh. hart, a son.

March. At Easterice, in Norway, Tho. - At Edinburgh, the Lady of Philip mas Muldrup, Esq. late his Danish MajesGlover, Esq. Paymaster of the Inniskillea cy's Consul for Scotland. dragoons, a son.

At Jamaica, Mr John M'Kenzie, May 1. At ditto, Mrs Allan, spouse of surgeon, youngest son of the Rev. William Mr Thomas Allan, banker, a daughter. M-Kenzie, minister of longue.

2. At Poyntzfield, the Lady of Lieut.. 7. At Berbice, aged 36, David Hutcheon, Col. Munro, a daughter.

Esq. surgeon to the forces there. 3. At London, Viscountess Hereford, a April 2. At Lumiar, near Lisbon, of a

typhus fever, caught in the service of his : 3. At Edinburgh, Mrs Bell, spouse of G. King and country, in the 23d year of hus 1. Bell, Esq. advocate, a daughter.

age, Capt Alexander Ker, of the 43d"regi4. At ditto, Mrs Irving, wife of Mr ment of foot, son of James Ker, Esq. of John Irving, W. S. a daughter.

Blackshiells. 8. At Dundee, the Lady of William But. 4. Lieut. Archibald Hamilton, of the U." ler Laird, Esq. younger of Strathmarcin, nicorn frigate, son to Archibald Hamilton,

Esq. of Glasgow. He was killed by a can8. At London, the Lady of Cnl. Clea non ball, off che isle of Oleron, while gal. phane, M. P. for Kinross-shire, a daughter. lantly leading an attack by the boats of the

12. At Inverness, Mrs Graac, spouse of fleet, on a similar, but superior force of the Provog Grant, a daughter.


4, At London, after a short illaess, Mr DEATHS.

Ralph Hunt, son of the late Mr Alexander June 1808. Ac Pondicherry, Lieutenant Hunt, merchavt, Dunfermline. Charles Duncan, of che 7th regiment of na- 12. At Qirvan, Margaret Campbell, aged tive cavalry, only son of Mt Alexander 99. She had 10 children, 70 grand chilDuncan, clerk to the signet.

dren, and 40 great grand children, some of - Sept. 22. At Calcutta, Capt. David Dun- whom are upwards of 20 years of age. She lop, of the Mornington Indiaman, third son retained her faculties until within a few of the late Mr. David Dunlop, Loans, Ayr. days of her death. shire.

14. At Aberdeen, Mr George Dawson, Oct. At Breda, Sir David Nicolson, Bart. teller to che Commercial Bank. He is spcceded in his title by Lieat.-Col. 17. Mr John Richmond, nurseryman, William Nicholson, 720 regiment, Deputy Leith Walk. Adjutant-General at Madras.

18. Ac Duddingston manse, Mrs Isabelle 19. At Calcutta, John Walker, Esq. Ramsay, wife of the Rev. John Thomson,

28. At Ingeram, Madras, James Fuller- minister chere. ton, Esq. in the civil service of the Hon.: J8. At Leith, Mrs Scougall, wife of Me East India Company, and sixth son of the George Scougall merchant, Leith, and late William Fullerton of Carstairs, Esq. daughter of Thomas Edington, Esq. Glas

At Nupdydroog, East Indies, Hugh gow. B. M'Ghie, Esq. Capis in the 1st, or Royal 19. Ac Falkirk, Mr John Crawford, Tegiment of foot.

merchant there. At Penang, universally lamented, 20. At Greenock, Mr Hugh Irvine, lata James Scott, Esq. one of the original set- of Berbice. tlers and principal fouriers of that valuable 21. At Edinburgh, Mrs Ann Jean Johncolony.

stone. Nov. 22. At Christianstadt, St Croix, 22. At Inverness, Capt. Henry Morrit Thomas Rutherford, jun. merchant, Shef- late of the 79th foot, aged 32 years. field, eldest son of the late Andrew Rucher. 22. At Pirglassie, near Dingwall, Mr ford, merchant in Jedburgh.

David Aitken, land surveyor. : Den 4. At Calcutta, Mr Samuel Pater- 23. At Fincastle, Margaret Mary Stew. son, manager and partner of the extensive art, daughter of Lieut. Col. Stewart, of ship-building yard of Gilmore, and Co. Fincastle. there, second son of the late John Paterson, 23. At Edinburgh, Mr David Purdie, Chapchessan, Wigtonshire.

student of divinity. 14. At Allipore, Major George Downie, 23. At ditto, Geo. Colebrooke of Craw. commanding the Calcutta native militia. ford-Douglas, Esq. 18. On board his Majesty's ship Julia, 29. Ac Gardaer's Hall, Mrs Barbara


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Shairp,relict of the Rev. James M'Conichie Al Kilnuir, in the isle of Skye, to the minister of Crawford.

inconsolable loss of his family, and sorrow April 24. At London, the Rev. Dr De of his friends, Norman M.Leod, Esq. lace nald Grant, in the 720 year of his age. captain in the 71st foot. He was repeatedly

24. Ac Greenock, Mr George Lancaster, wounded in the service of his king and merchant there.

country, during the late American war. 25. At Achany, county of Sutherland, At Peterhead, Mr. William Scott, junior, aged 90, Mrs Munro, dowager of Achany. merchant there, to whose public spirit

25. Ac Edinburgh, Lady Suttie, widow the increase of that place is much indebted. of Sir George Suctie, of Balgone, Bart. and Lately, at Edinburgh, Mrs Blacklock, second daughter of the late Hon. William widow of the Rev. Dr Blacklock. Grant of Prescongrange, one of the Sena- At ditou, Mr Thomas Rattray, late of tors of che College of Justice.

the Navy Pay-Office, London, aged 74. 26. Ac Milimount, Ross-shire, Colonel May í. Ai dicco, john, youngest son of Robert Mackenzie, of the Hon. East India John Reid, Esq. Advocate, aged seven Company's service.

months. 26. Ac Edinburgh, aged 68, after a short 1. At Alloa, the Rev. Thomas Waters, illness, Major-General Alexander Mackay, in the 74th year of his age, and 41st of his Deputy Adjutant-General to the forces in ministry cheres Norch Britain, which appointment, and no 1. At Dumfries, Mr Peter Pritnrose, se thers on this scaff, he has held, with the ged 81. strictest fidelity and highest credit, for thir. 2. In Moss Side of Rothiemay, where he ty years,

resided neus 70 years, James Gordon, at 26. At his house, Fyffe Place, Leith the advanced age of 98 years. Walk, Capt. John Roberts, late of London, 4. At Iosuder, Mr John Thomson of in the 76th year of his age.

Blainslie, late merchant in London. 27. At Leich, David Allan, Esq. collec. 4. At Edinburgh, Claud Alexander, Esq. tor of excise.

of Ballanıyle. 28. At Kircudbright, Robert Dalyell, se- 5. James Dick, Esq. of Pitsherro. cond son of the deceased James Dalyell, 6. A: Banff, Capt. David Cumming, of late of Barncrosh.

the Royal Marines, aged 71. 28. At Tower Bridge, near Blarney, 6. At Edinburgh, Mr John Ramage Ireland, Robert Walsh, aged 100 years and merchant, Lawnmarket. 4 months. The whole of this long period 7. Ac ditco, Mrs Margaret Mercer, rea he spent as a bachelor, and enjoyed all his lict of Mr James Knox, Charles Street, a. faculties to the moment of his dissolution.

ged 75. 28. At Edinburgh, Mrs Katharine Bowie, -7. At Cromarty, Mr William M'Glashspouse of Mr Dumbreck, of the hotel, Stan, merchant there. Andrew's Square, very inuch regretted. 7 At Edinburgh, Agnes, third daughter

29. At ditto, Mrs Grizel Barcholomew, of Thomas Henderson Esq. merchant. relict of Capt. Henry Steel, aged 84. 8. Ai York, aged 80, Alexander Hunter,

29. Ac Glasgow, Mi John Strang, spirit M.D.F.R.S. L. & E. and Physician to the merchant.

York Lunatic Asylum. He practised 30. At Edinburgh, Mrs Lucy Ruddiman nearly 50 years in that city, with the highKerr, of Morristone, spouse of John Ruddi- est eminence. man Kerr, Esq.

8. At London, Honry Knighe Erskine of 30. At Dundee, Mrs And Oliphant, Pittodrie, Esq. spouse to the Rev. Mr Taylor, Perth. 8. At Hamilton, James Clark Hume, in

30. Ac Achichork, Applecross, Mr Joha fant son of Dr John Hume. M'Kenzie, tacksman of that place.

8, Ac Edinburgh, Mrs Katharine Auch. 30. A. Newington, near Edinburgh, enleck, relict of Mr James Cargill, merMiss E. Reid, sister of Mr James Reid of chant, Edinburgh, aged 89 years. the Exchequer

- Eustacia Courtenay M.Conichie, in30. At Edinburgh, Mrs Isabella Cowlie, fant daughter of William Shairp, Esq. of spouse of Mr William White, Smith, Kirkton.

At Casule Mary, Viscounters Longue- 9. At Bath, Walsh Porter, Esq. He had ville.

on the preceding evening desired his valec The Right Hon. Charles Fulke Gree to order the post charioc, to be got in ville, second brother to the Earl of War. readiness by five o'clock on the following wick.

morning. The man attended his master's At Paris, Mr Payne, bookseller, of the order, and, on entering the room, found him Strand, London.

dead-in-ahis bed. His death is supposed to At Leominster, aged 90, the Rev. Sir have beco produced by the burscing of an Joha Dutton Colt, Bart.

abscess which had formed in the liver.


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May 9. At Dublin, Dr Plunket,'an emi- grammar-school of Rippon, under the Rev. nent physician.

Mr Hyde, from whence he removed to 9. At Glasgow, Mrs Robina Cross, wife Christ College, Cambridge. of Dr Peter Wright, physician.

14. At the manse of Southdean, the Rev. 10. At London, Mrs Pitcairn, in the 80ch William Scott, minister of the gospel there, year of ber age.

in the 72d year of his age, and 48th of his 10. At Exmouth, Miss Janet Mansfield, ministry. eldest daughter of the late Captain James 14. Ar Glasgow, Miss Ann Tennent, Mansfield.

daughter of Mr John Tennent, brewer. 11. Ac Calderbank, George, third son of 15. At London, Charles Graham, youngGeorge Munro, Esq. of Calderbank. est son of the late Charles Graham, Esq.

12. At Leith, Mr Thomas Gladstones, of Fenchurch buildings. merchant there, aged 76.

15. At Glasgow, Miss Mary Macdowall. 13. At Morrison's haven, Mr George 15. At Dryhope, Mr John Dalgliesh. Gordon, potter, having completed his 81 st 16. At Eastfield, near Leith, Macduff year and second month, after a life of inde. Hart, Esq. fatigable industry.

16. At his house in the Abbey Hill, Mr 14. At his house at Fulham, in the 78th William Morrison, late of the Annexed E. year of his age, the Right Rev. and Right states Office. Hon. Beilby Porteus. Lord Bishop of Lon- 17. At Linlithgow, in the 89th year of don, an official Trustee of the British Mu. his Rober: Clarke, Esq. of Woodside, seum, a Governor of the Charter house, many years Provost of that burgh. Dean of the Chapel Royal, Visitor of Sion 18. At Edinburgh, Mrs Anne Hamilton, College, and provincial Dean of Cantet. relict of Dr John Harvie, physician in Lonbury. This truly pious and learned Pre- don. late was a native of Yorkshire. His father, 1S. At Kirkcudbright, in the 81st year who is said to have been a reputable trades of her age, Mrs Mure, of Livingston is Aian, gave him a good education, at the Galloway.


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TO CORRESPONDENTS. A Caledonian,-N.,-Several pieces of R. G., M. F. C's corrected verses,

-M. B. E.,-W. M. W., -Glotianus.,-j. C., will probably appear in

our next, or an early number. 6.,-Claudus, M. F., are received.

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For the Scots Ma, & Edin."lit" Misi" pub by d. Constable & C 1 July 180g.

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