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Whitehall, May 6. The King has been pleased to appoint William Erskine, Esqe pleased to grant the dignity of a Baronet of advocate, to be Sheriff-depute of the shire the united kingdom of Great Britain and of Orkney and Zerland, in the room of Ireland, to Michael Seymour, of High William Rae, Esq. appointed Sheriff-deMount, in the county of Cork, and of pute of Edinburgh. Friery Park in the county of Devon, Esq. James Ferguson, Esq. is appointed one Capain in the Royal Navy, and the heirs of the Advocates-depute, in the room of male of his body lawfully begotten. Wm. Erskine, Esq. appointed Sheriff of

Foreign Office, May 8. The King has Orkney and Shetland. been pleased to appoint Robert Adair, Esq. May 17. Archib Campbell, Esq. after

o be his Majesty's Ambassador Extraordi- reporting and giving his opinion upon the nary and Minister Plenipotentiary at the usual nuniber of law cases, as Lord Proba. Sublime Ottoman Porte.

tioner, took his seat as junior Judge of the To appoint Stratford Canning, Esq. to first division of the Court of Session, under be his Majesty's Secretary to said Embassy. the title of Lord Succoth, in room of Lord

Foreign Office, May 26. The King has Dunsinnan. been pleased to appoint Francis James Jack- May 8. The Right Hon. Robert Dundas son, Esq. to be his Majesty's Envoy Extra- was unanimously re-elected representative ordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to for the county of Edinburgh, having vacathe United States of America.

ted his seat on being appointed Chief Se. Foreign Office, June 10. The King has cretary of State for Ireland. been pleased to appoint Bartholomew Lieut.-Gen. Duncan Campbell of LochFrere, Esq. to be Secretary to his Majesty's nell, has been elected Member of ParliaEmbassy in Spain.

ment for the Ayr district of boroughs, vaTo appoint Robert Fagan, Esq. to be cant by the death of Col. John Campbell, his Majesty's Consul at Sicily and Malta: younger of Shawfield.

To order a Conge d’Elire to pass the The Earl of Selkirk has been pleased to Great Seal, empowering the Dean and appoint the Rev. Alexander Scott, A. B. Chapter of the Cathedral Church of St Rector of Bondleigh in Devonshire, to be Paul, London, to elect a Bishop of that one of his Lordship's domestic chaplains. See, the same being void by the death of The Town Council of Edinburgh have the Right Rev. Father in God Doctor Beils appointed Thomas Henderson, Esq. merby Porteus, late Bishop thereof; and his chant, Chamberlain of the city, in romni of Majesty has also been pleased, by his Royal James Jackson, Esq. appointed a ConimisSign Manual, to recommend to the said sioner of Excise. The Council unanimous, Dean and Chapter the Right Rev. Father ly voted their thanks to Mr Jackson, and in God John Bishop of Bangor, to be by resolved to present him with a piece of them elected Bishop of the said See of Lori plate of the value of one hundred guineas, don.

May 9. The Governors of George HeWhitehall; June 6. The King has been riot's Hospital have appointed Peter Hill, pleased to appoint Sir Rupert George, Knt. Esq. Treasurer of said Hospital, in room of Ambrose Serle, Esq. James Bowen, Esq. the Thomas Henderson, Esq. Hon. John Douglas, John Harness, Doctor May 10. The Lord Provost, Magis. in Physic, and the Hon. Courtenay Boyle, trates, and Council, unaniniously elected to be his Majesty's Commissioners for con- William Troiter, Esq. to be Old Treasuducting the Transport Service, for the care rer, in the room of Thomas Henderson, of sick and wounded seamen, and custody of Esq. appointed City Chamberlain. prisoners of war.

May 10. The Lord Provost, Magis. Whitehall, April 21. The King has trates, and Council, unanimously elected been pleased to appoint James Sedgwick, the Rev. Dr William Ritchie, one of the James Jackson, and Samuel Rose, Esqrs. to ministers of the High Church, to be Probe Commissioners of Excise in Scotland, in fessor of Divinity in the University of Edin. the room of James Stodart, Robert Graham, burgh, in the room of the deceased Dr AnEsqrs. and Sir John Stuart, Bart. removed. drew Hunter.

Whitehall, May 27. The King has been The Council also unanimously resolved pleased to appoint James Clerk, Esq. ad- to translate the Rev. Mr Alexander Brunvocate, to be one of the Barons of his Ma. ton, minister of the New Greyfriars jesty's Court of Exchequer in Scotland, in church, to the Tron Church of Edinburgh, the room of Archibald Cockburn, Esq. re- vacant by the death of the late Dr Andrew signed.

Hunter. To appoint William Rae, Esq. advo- The Lord Provost and Magistrates of cate, to be Sheriff-depute of the shire of E- Edinburgh have appointed Mr John Paterdinburgh, in thera

room of James Clerk, Esq. son overseer of the public works, in the Whitohall, June 6. The King has been room of the late Mr William Sibbald.

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1. Ac Glasgow, Mr Thomas Stodart, Downing-Street, April, 27. The King Biggarshiels, to Mrs Black, widow of the has been pleased to appoint Lieutenant

late Mr David Black, jun. merchant, GlasColonel Lachlan Macquarrie, of his Majes- gow. ty's 73d regiment of foot, to be Governor 2. At Edinburgh, at the house of Mrs and Commander in Chief in and over his

General Macleod of Macleod, by Bishop Majesty's settlement of New South Wales Sandford, Sir John Pringle of Stitchell, and its dependencies.

Bart. to Emilia Ann, third daughter of the May 2.

A Court of Directors was held late Lieuw Gen. Macleod of Macleod, at the East India House, when Major-Ge

2. At Aberdeen, Alexander Campbell, neral the Hon. John Abercrombie was ap. Esq. younger of Ballachyle, Lieut.. Col. of pointed Commander in Chief at Bombay, the Argyllshire militia, to Elizabeth, third with a seat in Council.

daughter of the late William Rose of BelliWar-Office, May 9. Brigadier General

vat, Esq. John Hupe, of the 60th foot, to be Deputy

3. Ac Elgin, Alexander Mason, Esq. of Adjutant-General to the Forces serving in

London, to Anna, eldest daughter of PatNorth Britain, vice Major General Mac

rick Duff, Esq. town-clerck of Elgin. kay, deceased.

5. At Glasgow, Mr David M‘Laren, Mar-Office, May 30. 44ch Fout-Gene- merchant, to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr ral Sir Thomas Trigge, to be Colonel, vice

John Wingate, jun. merchant.
Rainsford, deceased.

5. At Paisley, Mr Arthur Auchincloss, 68th ditto-Major-General John Coape merchant, to Miss Margaret Wyllie, daughSherbrooke, to bé Colonel, vice Sir Tho.

ter of Mr William Wyllie, manufacturer

there. 3d West India Regiment-Major. Gene.

5. At Rothesay, James Duncan, Esq. late ral Juhn Murray, to be Colonel, vice Sher

of Liverpool, to Miss Brown, only daughbrooke.

ter of Bailie Brown of Rothesay. Royal Regiment of Malta-Major-Ge

5. At Petershill, the Rev. Dr William Deral the Hon. John Brodrick, to be Colo

Meek of Torphichen, to Miss Croll. nel, vice Murray.

6. At Ibroix, William Jackson, Esq. to Lieut.-General David Douglas Wemyss,

Mrs Smith, widow of Captain Smith of the to be Governor of Tynemouth, vice Gene

14th foot. Tal Rainford, deceased.

7. At Leith, Mr John Young, jun. SoliDowning Strret, June 10, The King

citor in the Supreme Courts, to Helen, sehas been pleased to appoint Major General

cond daughter of William Bell, Esq. the Hop. John Brodrick, to be Governor and

8. Ac Twickenham, Capt. Carmichael, Commander-in-Chief of the island of Mar:

of che 9th dragoous, to Miss Mackenzie, tinique.

daughter of the late Peter Mackenzie, Esq. To appoint Lieut.-General Edwerd

12. At Mosstower, Mr James Brodie, Morrison to be Lieutenant Governor of Ormiston, to Ann, youngest daughter of the island of Jamaica, and to be Comman

Mr James Church. der of his Majesty's forces on the Janiaica

12. At Bellwood, near Perth, Thomas station.

Caw, Esq. merchant in London, to Eliza-
beth Catherine, daughter of John Young,

Esq. of Bellwood.

13. Ac Dunkeld, John Stewart, Esq. of April 15. At Petersburgh, Prince George Souch Persay, Captain in the Royal Perthof Oldenberg, to the Grand Duchess C.. shire Militia, to Christian Helen, daughter tharine. The nuptials were celebrated of the late Captain Thomas Stewart of the with great festivity.

5th regiment of foot. May 20. At Douglas, Lanarkshire, Ro- 15. At Berwick, Arthur Clifford, Esq. bert, son of William Watt, Esq. of Breck- iourth son of the late Hon. Thomas Clifness, Orkney, to Eliza, daughter of Mr Jas. ford of Tixal, Staffordshire, to Eliza Matil. Rue, nierchant, Douglas.

da, second daughter of the late Captain 24. At Dunfermline, Dr Henry Dewar John Macdonell of Leagh, Inverness-shire. of Lassodie, co Helen, daughter of the late 20. Ac Craigrothie, Mr Frederick AdamAndrew Spence, Esq. of Philadelphia. son, merchant in Glasgow, to Margaret,

At Yarmouth, James Henderson, Esq. of daughter of Oliver Gourlay of Craigrothie, the Ross-shire militia, to Eliza, eldest Esq. daughter of Sir Edmund Lacon.

20. At Edinburgh, Joseph Bell, Esq. surJune 1. Ac Portobello, David Stodart, geon, to Miss Craigie, daughter of the lace Esq. late of the island of Tobago, to Eliza. David Craigie, Esq. of Dumbarnie. beth, second daughter of William Jameson, At Gretna Green, Mr Braggs Carlyll of Esq Portobello.

Hull, merchant, to Elizabeth, only daugh





born son

a son,

ter and sole heiress of the late John Pit. late Rev. John Hamilton, minister of Bol. cairn, Esq. of Pitcairn house.

Dr Stewart, Balmoral, to Anne, second 9. At his estate of Belmont, in Jamaica, daughter of the Rev. Patrick Stewart, Sir David Kinloch, the last remaining son Kinneff.

of the late Sir James Kinloch Nevay of

Kinloch, Bart.

13. At Dunse Castle, parish of St George, At the Government House, Montreal, Jamaica, Mr Robert Johnson, house carpenCanada, the lady of Major-General Gordon ter, second son of the late Mr Robert Drummond,

Johnson, Dunse. · April 19. At Verdun, Mrs Innes, wife of April 22. At London, Mr William MitThomas lanes, Esq. of his Majesty's navy, chell, aged 77. He had been upwards of a daughter.

30 years in the service of his Grace the May 17 At Howick, Northumberland, Duke of Queensberry, and has bequeathed, the Countess Grey, a son.

after the death of an aged sister, the inte. 18. At Stevenston, Easę Lothian, Lady rest of 2001. for ever to the poor of the Margaret M'Lean, a son.

parish of St Fergus, where he was born. 26. Lady Maxwell, of Calderwood, a still. May 1. At Madeira, Joseph Alexander

Condell, Esq. many years merchant there. 27. At Barrock house, Mrs Sinclair of 11. At Chanting-Hall, Hamilton, Miss Barrock, a daughter.

Elizabeth Stewart, daughter of the late 28. At Ancrum Woodhead, Mrs Park, John Stewart, Esq. Blairhall.

14. At Crawfield, Mrs Beatrix Shedden, 29. At Edinburgh, the Hon. Mrs Ram- wife of John Shedden, Esq. of Muirston, say of Barnton, a son.

Ayrshire 29. At Edinburgh, Mrs Cochrane, a 14. At Insch, Mrs Jopp, widow of Mr daughter.

Alexander Jopp, aged 75. $1. At Hundalee, Mrs Elliot. of Har. 17. At London, Miss Leontina Drumwood, a son.

mond (of the noble and unfortunate family June 6. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Ro. of Melfort,) aged 16 years. bert Campbell, Esq. advocate, a son.

18. Ac Dalkeith, Mr George Cunning7. At Inverey, Mrs Skene of Rubislaw, a ham.

19. At Peebles, Mrs G. Dick, relict of 9. At Edinburgh, Mrs Wishart, wife of the Rev. Mr William Tate, late minister Mr Pacrick Wishart, writer to the signet, at Kilbrecks.

21. At ditto, Miss Margaret Trail. 9. At Bondleigh in Devonshire, the lady 21. At Edinburgh, Mr Ebenezer Jamieof the Rev. Alexander Scott, a daughter. son, seventh son of the Rev. Dr Jamieson.

11. Ai Glasgow, Mrs Dennistoun, wife 22. At Glasgow, Dr Hugh M'Cleod, Eof Mr Robert Dennistoun, a daughter. meritus Professor of Church History in

13. At Fort George, the Lady of Major that University. Hamilton, of the 78th regiment, a daughter. 22. At Edinburgh, Mrs Blair, wife of

15. Ac Jedburgh, Mrs Riddell, wife of. Alexander Blair, Esq. writer to the signet, Walter Riddell, Esq. a daughter.

and daughter of Sir David Maxwell of 17. Lady Ellenborough, of a seventh son, Cardoness, Bart. and 13th child.

22. At dito, Mr Robert Gordon, late The Countess of Albemarle, a son. bookseller in Edinburgh.

23. At Perth, in the 78th year of his age, DEATHS.

W. Alison, Esq. late Provost of that town. July 29. 1808. Ac Prince of Wales's 23. At Dysart, Mrs Janet Grandison, reIsland, Mr James Scott, second son of the lice of Mr A. Bruce, shipbuilder, Dysart. . late James Scott, Esq. of that island, much 24. At Chelsea, in his 49th year, after a and justly regretted.

long and painful illness, Sir William Henry At Calcutta, where he had gone for the Douglas, Bart. Vice-Admiral of the Blue. benefit of his health, William Spence, Esq. 24. At Jenny Bank, near Perth, Mr merchant, Madras.

John Honey, aged 23, a promising young Aug. 19. At Seringapatam, Colonel Hugh man, and much regretted. Buchan, of the Honourable East India 24. At Edinburgh, Miss Janet Bertram, Company's service.

much and justly regretted. Sept. 3. At Lucknow, Lieut. Thomas 26. At ditto, Mrs Jean Blackwood, relict Auldjo, fourth son of the late George of the late Mr John M.Lean, merchant in A uldjo Esq. of Portlethen.

Edinburgh. March &. 1809. Al Queenston, Upper 30. Ať jedburgh, niuch and justly reCanada, Robert Hamilton, Esq. son of the gretted, Dr William King, physiciari.


3 son.



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May 31. At Richmond, aged 14, Henry, of the family of Carslogie and Kirkness, eldest son of John Deas Thomson, Esq. of universally regretted by all her acquaintanNorton, one of the Commissioners of his Majesty's navy:

9. At Dumfries, Mrs Young of Young31. At Edinburgh, Miss Christian Oli- field, in her 77th year. phani, daughter of the lace Ebenezer Oli- 10. At Edinburgh, Miss Elizabeth Gor. phant of Condie, Esq.

don, youngest daughter of the lace Mr DaJune 1. At Moreham House, Jane Mar- vid Gordou, merchant. well Sommervail, infant daughter of Mr 10. At ditto, aged 72, Major-General John Sommervail.

the Hon. Mark Napier, uncle of Lord Na1. At Abbeyhill, Edinburgh, Miss Anne pier., Carmichael, last surviving daughter of the 10. At Lauriston, Andrew Bell, Esq. enlate David Carmichael of Balmedy, Esq.

graver, aged 83. 1. At Edinburgh, Mr David Allan, plum. 10. At Edinburgh, John M.Mikin Crauber.

fuird, eldest son of Mr Archibald Craufuird, 3. At Edinburgh, George Mulvibill, Esq. writer to the signet. of the county of Clare, Ireland, aged 23, 11. At Turner's Hill, Hertfordshire, Mr student of medicine in Edinburgh.

William Wallace Macpherson. 3. At the Manse of Gargunnock, the 11. At Charlesfield, Mrs Agnes Orr, wiRev. George Christison, minister of that dow of Mr William Young, minister at parish.

Hutton. 4. At London, Mr William Thompson, 12. At Sheerness, Mr William Etty of late in the Irish Provision Trade, aged 40 the Royal Navy, aged 28. He was unforyears.

tunately drowned whilst bathing. 4. At Clifton, near Bristol, of a putrid 12. At Edinburgh, Mrs Douglas, wife sore throat, after a few days illness, aged

of Mr Archibald Douglas, writer. ninety-one, John Peack Hungerford, Esq. 11. At Ogill, William Simpson, Esq. of many years one of the Representatives in Ogill. Parliament for the county of Leicester, 14. Lieut.-Col. Wynyard, of the 14th

4. At Fraserburgh, in her 18th year, Eli, light dragoons. zabeth, second daughter of the late Mr D. 15. At Stirling, Mrs Cecilia Murray, reGreen, of that place.

lict of Dr Hercules Lindsay, of the Univer5. At his house, at Lee, in the 81st year sity of Glasgow. of his age, David Papillon, Esq. late senior 15. At London, Sir George Baker, Bart. Commissioner of his Majesty's Excise. Physician to their Majesties. He had

5. At Cutelehill, Kinrossshire, William nearly attained his 88th year, and passed a Wemyss, Esq. of Cutilehill.

long life almost without any of those infir6. Ai Ansiruther, Mr Thomas Ballar- mities, from which he had relieved thoudie,

sands in the course of his practice. H: 7. At London, Benjamin Shaw, Esq. of died so easily, and apparently so free from Upper Thames Street, many years one of pain, that the remarkable words of Cicero the Common Council for Queenhithe may be said of him, Non illi fuit'vita crepe Ward.

ta, sed nors donata, He was not deprived 7. At Paris House, Hugh Hay, Esq. of of life, but presented with death. No man, Paris.

perhaps, ever followed the career of Phy7. At Balnakilly, John Stewart, Esq. of sic, and the elegant paths of the Greek and Balnakilly.

Roman Muses, for the space of several 7. At Dumfries, Mr David Glen, writer. years, with more success, than Sir George 7. Ac Edinburgh, Mr James Grane, wri- Baker. He has left a splendid fortune.

18. At his seat of Parton, in Galloway, 7. At ditto, Mrs Margaret Hutton, re

William Glendonwyn of Glendonwyn, Esq. lict of Mr James Kidd, shipmaster, Leith. 18. At his seat in Kent, Filmer Hony

8. At Kildress, county of Tyrone, Ro- wood, Esq. of Mark's. hall. He was men.. bert Bourne, Esq. second son of the Rev. ber of Parliament for the county of Kent Richard Bourne of Holles Street, Dublin. in three successive Parliaments.

8. At Perth, Eliza Thomson, eldest At Egmore, the Rev. Richard Hall Kerr, daughter of the Rev. William Thomson, D. D. Senior Chaplain of Fort St George, one of the ministers of Perth.

and Superintendant of the Military Male 9. At Perth, Harriet, and on the 17th, Orphan Hospital. Agnes, daughters of Mr Robert Hepburn, At Walthamstow, David Barclay, Esq. merchant there.

in the 81st year of his age. the last grand9. At Kennoway, Mrs Elizabeth Cle- son of Robert Barclay of Urie, who wrote phane, only daughter of Alexander Cle. the celebrated apology for the people calphane, Esq. late surgeon in Falkland, Fife, led Quakers.



Notice of the late Mr Aler. Smyth. compositions shew no appearance of genius, The following concise account of Me they exhibit just and moral sentiments, a Smyth, is given principally as a tribute to language flowing, and often pretty. his memory, and as it may afford some lit. From the cruelty of fortune, he was im. tle information to the readers of this Mis. pressed with a settled melancholy, for a cellany concerning his productions in it, considerable time previous to his death, and from which perhaps they have at some this having occasioned much seclusion from hour or other derived amusement.

society, the circumstances of his last illness Mr Smyth was born about the year 1783 are imperfectly known. It is certain, howin the village of Collinsburgh, in Fife, of ever, that it was rapid; he died at Edin. parents whose circumstances exceeded in- burgh in the end of February list, with digence, and whose penary of education out ihe kindnesses of incimacy, or the cares made them feel a solicitude for that of of parental tenderness. their son.

Their efforts accordingly had To an elegant literary taste, Mr Smyth the effect of procuring him respectable in- added generosity and feeling, a courteous struction, which his own ardour and al- sociability, and jocular vivacity; when distention improved and extended. As a step tress presented itself, he always alleviated to a kind of genteel life, he was initiated it, quickness of impulse made him bestow into the profession of the law, but appears with profuseness, and having no pecuniary to have had no predilection for juridical superfluity, his imprudence frequently ren. study, never having practised, or been dered him necessitous. Under the smiles known to receive one professional commen- of prosperity, his gay colloquial qualities slation. Ilstead of spending his time in drew around him a circle of friends, buc the acquisition of legal knowledge, he de the last scenes of his life were clouded by dicated it to literature ; he fancied its walks misfortunes, and he was deserted by those enamelled with flowers, with whatever is who, it is said, had expressed unalienable fascinating ; but experience discovered to regard at a time when his only contenihim, alas! when it was too late, the delu- plation was lowring prospects, which

persions of imagination. Besides a variety of haps their sympathy and assistance might fugitive pieces, he wrote “ Providence, a have mitigated. Such is the influence of Fragment,” the tales of “ Sir Frederick Os- circumstances, and such the infidelity of mand," and the “ Clergyman's Daughter," friendship. in the Edinburgh Magazine. Altho' these


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Wheat. | Barley | Oats. | Pease.

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June 6.

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