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of the enemy's columns which advan- troops to dine. The piquet of observa. ced upon the island, and placed their tion on the Bisam-hill reported that the cannon 'so as to support the second pas- bridge across the Danube behind the sage, that he meditated a serious attack. isle of Lobau, being now quite finished, The advanced guard sustained a toler- was plainly perceivable, and that troops ably warm engagement, and the cavalry were without intermission seen filing routed the first division of the enemy, off over it, as well as passing in boats, which debouched from the low grounds to the isle. The outposts, likewise, on the edge of the river, late in the gave information of the gradual augevening; upon which the Archduke, mentation of the enemy in the town of whose intention was not to prevent the Entersdorf, and in the villages of Espassage of the enemy, but to attack him sling and Aspern, and of his advancing the following day, retreated with his ca. towards Hirschstetten. valry to Anderklaa, and ordered the ad. The Archduke Charles now thought vanced troops to fall back to Maass, ac- that the moment for giving battle had cording as the enemy should extend arrived, and hastened to Gerasdorf, himself.

where the Chief of the Quarter-master On the 21st at day-break, the Arch- General's staff, Gen. Baron Wimpfen, duke ordered his army under arms, and sketched out the following plan. formed it in two lines on the rising Plan of attack upon the hostile army on its ground behind Gerasdorf, and between the Bisam hill and the rivulet Russ. The

march between Essling and Aspern, and

towards Hirchstetten, corps of Lieut. Gen. Hiller formed the right wing near Stammersdorf ; on its 6 The attack to be made in five co. lett was the corps of the general of ca- lumns. The first column, or the covalry Count Bellegarde, and next to lumn of the right wing, is formed by the that the corps of Lieutenant General corps of Lieut. Gen. Hiller. It will Prince Hohenzollern in the alignement advance from its present position in the of Deutsch-wagram. The corps of direction between the “point" and Leo. Prince Rosenberg was posted by bat- poldau, along the nearest arm of the talions in column on the Russbach on Danube, pass along the left bank tothe rivulet Russ, kept Deutsch-wagram wards Stadelau and Aspern, keep constrongly occupied, having, for the secu- stantly near the Danube and the mearity of the left wing, placed on the dows bordering upon it, and is vigoheights beyond that place a division en rously to repulse the enemy, who must reserve. The whole cavalry, which the likely will meet it on the same road, day before had advanced under the and to drive him from the left bank. command of Prince Lichtenstein by An. This column must not suffer its proderklaa, was called back into the line, gress to be impeded by the batteries filling, in two lines, the space interven- which the enemy perhaps may have ing between the left wing of Prince erected on the islands, but must endea. Hohenzollern and the right of Prince vour to silence them by its cannon, and Rosenberg,

spiritedly continue to advance. The vast plain of the Marchfield " The second column consists of the spread like a carpet before the front of corps of the general of cavalry Count the line, and appeared, by the absence Bellegarde; leaving Gerasdorfto the left, of every obstruction, to be destined to it will march towards Leopoldau, endea. form the theatre of some great event. vour to join the first column on the right,

The grenadiers remained in reserve advance upon Kagran, and then,conjoint. near Seiering, and the corps of the ge- ly with the third column upon the left, neral of artillery Prince of Reuss kept push forwards towards Hirschstetten. the Bisam-hill and the low bushy ground “ The third column is composed of along the Danube strongly occupied. the corps of Lieutenant General Prince Part of it was still left near Krems, the Hohenzollern. It will march by Suf. corps being almost broke up by having fenbrunn to Breitenlee, and from thence so many of its divisions detached to so towards Aspern, and will endeavour to considerable a distance,

join on its right side the second column, At nine o'clock, the Archduke or. and on its left the fourth. dered the arms to be piled, and the “ The fourth column, under the com

mand under










Total 103

inand of Lieut-General Prince Rosen- and occupying the banks of the Lobau berg, is made up of that part of his with a numerous artillery, especially corps which is posted on the right bank Howitzers. of the rivulet Russ : it is to advance “ The infantry will form on the plain by Anderklaa and Raschdorf towards in battalions, with half divisions from Essling.

the centre. “ The fifth column is formed by that “ His Imperial Highness the General part of Prince Rosenberg's corps which in Chief recommends order, and close.stands between Deutsch-wagram and ness during the advance, and a proper Beamersdorf. It will cross the Russ use of every species of arms. His station near Beamersdorf, leave Raschdorf and will be with the second column. Bischdorf to the right, endeavour to pass to the left round the town of Enzers

Gerasdorf, May 21, 1869." dorf, and secure 'its left Alank by the Columns

Battal. Squado Archduke Ferdinand's regiment of hus- Ist consisted of

19 2d

16 “ The cavalry.reserve under the com

8 -mand of General Prince Lichtenstein, to march by the way of Anderklaa,



16 without coming in contact with the The Corps of Cavalry fourth column, between Raschdori and The Corps of Grenadiers 16 Breitenlee, and straight to the New Inn, keeping continually at such a distance

148 between the heads of the third and fourth columns, as, in case of necessity, to be all of which amounted to 75,000 men, near at hand for the purpose of repel. effective troops. ling the main body of the enemy's ca. Of artillery, there were is batteries of valry.

brigade, 13 of position, and 11 of horse The grenadier corps of reserve to artillery ; in the aggregate 288 pieces march from Seiering into the position of different calibres. which the corps of Bellegarde has taken The enemy had availed himself exup behind Gerasdorf.

tremely well of the advantages of the “ All the columns and corps will ground to cover his passage. The exmarch at 12 o'clock at noon. Their tensive villages of Essling and Aspern, second lines to follow them at a suitable mostly composed of brick houses, and distance, Every column to form its encircled by heaps of earth, resembled own advanced guard. The order of two bastions, between which a double march, and the distribution of the field line of natural trenches, intended to pieces, to be left to the judgment of the draw off the water, served as the curtain, Commanders of the respective corps. and afforded every possible security to The whole will march by half divi- the columns passing from the isle of sions. Lieutenant.-General Klenau to Lobau. Essling had a granary furform the advanced guard of the fourth nished with loop.holes, and whose three and fifth columns, and, before he advan storeys afforded room for several hun. ces, to suffer the heads of these columns dred men, while Aspern was provided to come quite up to him, in order that with a strong church.yard. The left he may have at hand a sufficient sup. of the latter village borders on an arm port of infantry.

of the Danube. Both villages had a safe “Of the corps of cavalry, the brigade communication with the bushy ground under the command of Veesey to be near the Danube, from which the enemy attached to the second column, and the had it constantly in his power to dispatch, regiment O'Reilly to the third ; and unseen, fresh reinforcements. The islé both brigades are to repair immediately, of Lobau served at once as a place of the former to Gerasdorf, and the latter arms and a tete de pont, a bridge-head to Sussenbrunn.

for the bridge, in the rear across the “ The principal object in view is to main arm of the river. drive back the enemy entirely over the The enemy, with the divisions of first arms

of the Danube, destroy Generals Molitor, Boudet, Nansouty, the bridges he has thrown over them, Legrand, Espagne, Lasalle, and Ferrand, July 1809.

under the Marshals Massena and Las. fields, which afford excellent breast nes, as well as Marshal Bessieres, toge- works. His right was covered by a ther with the guards of the Wirtemberg, battery, and his left by a broad and deep Hesse Darmstadt, and Baden auxiliaries, ditch(one of those that carry off the wa. had already left his position, and was ters of the Danube when it overflows), directing his march towards Hirsch- as well as by a bushy ground, which stetten, when the first Austrian advance was likewise occupied by several bodies ed guards met him.

in close order. If it be all permitted in war to in- Though the enemy had the advantage dulge favourable presentiments, it was of position all to himself, inasmuch as certainly excusable so to do at that the freshes of the Danube were only great moment, when on the 21st of May, passable by means of a small bridge, at exactly at 12 o'clock, the columns which he kept up a vigorous fire from began to put themselves in motion for behind the ditches both with cannon the attack. A general enthusiasm had and small arms, it did not prevent th taken possession of the troops : joyful 3d battalion of Giulay, immediately war-songs, accompanied by Turkish after the first had penetrated as far as the music, resounded through the air, and bushy meadows, to pass the bridge in a were interrupted by shouts of “ Long column, to form without delay, and live our Emperor, long live the Arch- with charged bayonets to attack the duke Charles !" whenever the Imperial enemy, who precipitately retreated to General appeared, who had placed him. Aspern, on which occasion that village, self at the head of the second column. after a vigorous but not very obstinate

Every breast panted with anxious resistance, was taken for the first time, desire and high confidence for the de. It was, however, not long before the cisive moment; and the finest weather enemy had it in his power, by the ar. favoured the awful scene.

rival of a fresh reinforcement, to expel

again the battalions of Giulay. By BATTLE OF THE 21ST OF May.

this time some battalions of the column First Column.

had arrived, the chasseurs of Major The advanced guard under General Schneider, of the 2d column, joined the Nordman, consisting of two battalions advanced guard of the ist; Giulay form. of Giulay and Lichtenstein hussars, had ed again, and the enemy was a second formed near the destroyed bridge of time pushed to the lower end of the vilTabor, and leaving the villages of Kag, lage, though he succeeded again in reran and Hirschstetten to the left, and gaining what he had lost. Stadeau to the right, marched in the Both parties were aware of the neces. plain towards Aspern.

sity of maintaining themselves in AsIt was followed by the column, which pern at any rate, which produced suc. having left the high road before the cessively the most obstinate efforts both Post Office at Stammersdorf, had march- of attack and defence; the parties ened from the right by half divisions. Its gaged each other in every street, in right flank along the Danube was every house, and in every barn ; carts, vered by a battalion of St Georgians, ploughs, and harrows were obliged to by the ist battalion of Vienna volun- be removed during an uninterrupted teers, and by a battalion of militia, un. fire, in order to get at the enemy; eveder the command of Major Count Col. ry individual wall was an impediment loredo.

of the assailants, and a rampart of the Within a cannon shot of Stadelau the attacked; the steeple, lofty trees, the out.posts met the enemy's piquets, garrets, and the cellars, were to be conwhich gradually retreated to their ori- quered before either of the parties could ginal divisions

stile itself master of the place, and yet At this time General Nordman order. the possession was ever of short dura. ed two battalions of Giulay to draw up tion; for no sooner had we taken a en echellon, in order to favour the ad- street or a house, than the enemy gainvance of the column. The enemy, ed another, furcing us to abandon the drawn up in large divisions, stood imme. former. This murderous confiict lastdiately before Aspern, having, to cover ed for several hours; the German bathis front, occupied all the ditches of the talions were supported by Hungarians,



proper distance.

who were again assisted by the Vienna brigade Veesey was detached against volunteers, each rivalling the other in the latter place, and the brigade Wincourage and perseverance. At the same zingerode, to dislodge the enemy from time the ad column combined its attacks Aspern. with those of the first, having to over- The column deployed before Hirscome the same resistance, by reason of' chstetten in two lines, in order to supthe enemy's constantly leading fresh re. port the advanced guard, and leaving inforcements into fire. At length Ge. Aspern to the right, followed upon the neral Vacquant, of the ad column, suc. plain, at ceeded in becoming master of the up- The brigade of Winzingerode, how. per part of the village, and maintained ever, met with so spirited a resistance himself there during the whole of the in its attempt upon Aspern, that an atnight.

tack upon the front alone was not like. By the shells of both parties many ly to be attended with success; the cahouses had been set on fire, and illumi. valry, therefore, of the advanced guard, nated the whole country around. was pushed forward from Aspern on the

At the extremity of the right wing, left, in order to support the attack on on the bushy meadow, the combats were the flank with the two batteries of canot less severe. The left flank of the valry, as well as to facilitate the juncenemy was secured by an arm of the tion with the third column, which was Danube ; impenetrable underwood, in advancing by Breitenlee. At the same tersected only by footpaths, covered his time the regiment of Reuss Plauen was front;

and a broad ditch and pallisadoes ordered to the right side of Aspern, afforded him the advantage of a natural with a view to an attack on that place ; rampart.

the rest of the 'corps were formed into Here fought, at the beginning of the close columns of battalions. battle, the ist battalion of Giulay, un- Meanwhile the enemy formed his left der Colonel Mariassy; then the batta- wing, which he refused, towards Aslion of chasseurs, under Major Schnei. pern, and his right upon Esslingen. der; next the St Georgians, under Ma. Thus he advanced with columns of injor Michailovich ; and finally, the two fantry and cavalry upon the main army, battalions of Vienna volunteers, under while an extremely brisk cannonade Lieutenant-Colonels Steigentesch and supported him. A line of 12 regiments St Quentin. Here also the enemy was of cuirassiers formed the centre of the defeated ; and the first day of this san. second line of the enemy, giving to the guinary engagement terminated by the whole an imposing aspect. occupation of Aspern by General Vac- Meanwhile the attack of a battalion quant, at the head of eight battalions of of Reuss-Plauen on Aspern was repulthe ad column, while Lieutenant Field- sed, and it gave way, being thrown inMarshal Hiller drew the troops of his to consternation by the loss of its Comcorps from the village, placed them a. mander, but it rallied immediately after. gain in order of battle, and passed the Count Bellegarde ordered General Vac. night under arms.

quant to renew the attack with the re. Second Column.

giment of Vogelsang, and to carry the

village at all hazards. The latter obey. The advanced guard, commanded by ed the order with the most brilliant sucLieut.-General Fresnel, advanced by cess, and Aspern, though defended by Leopoldau and Kagran towards Hirs- 12,000 of the best of the enemy's troops, chstetten, and consisted of one battalion was carried by storm ; Vacquant being of chasseurs and two battalions of An- assisted by the regiment of Reuss-Plau. ton Mitsovsky, under Generat Winzin- en, by a battalion of Archduke Rainier, gerode, as well as the brigades of caval, and by the brigade of Maier of the third ry Klenau and Vincent, under General column. Veesey. It was followed in the same To frustrate this attack, the enemy direction by the column from its posin advanced with two columns of infanttion near Gerasdorf.

ry, supported by the heavy cavalry, upThe enemy having been discovered

on the main army, repulsed the two refrom the eminences near Hirschstetten giments of Klenau and Vincent's light to be near Aspern and Esslingen, the horse, and fell upon the infantry.


The latter expecting him with their what the fixed determination to conquer firelocks ready and with cool intrepidity, or die is capable of effecting against the fired at 10 paces distance so effectually most impetuous attacks, as totally to rout the enemy, upon which The enemy's cavalry turned these General Veesey, at the head of a divi. battalions on both wings, penetrated sion of Klenau, attacked the enemy's between them, repulsed the squadrons cuirassiers with such energy, that their of O'Reilly's light horse, who were unretreat was followed by that of the in- able to withstand such a superior force, fantry.

and in the confidence of victory, sum. Hereby the army along the whole of moned these corps of heroes to lay its line was disengaged from the enemy, down their arms. `A well directed and obtained communication on the left with destructive fire was the answer to this the corps of Prince Hohenzollern, and degrading proposition, and the enemy's, became possessed of the important post cavalry abandoned the field, leaving beof Aspern. The enemy being in fuli hind them a considerable number of retreat, attempted no further attack, and dead. confined himself merely to a cannonade. This corps, as well as the others, pas. The corps remained during the night sed the night on the field of battle. under arms. The enemy repeated, in. deed, his attacks on Aspern, but they

Fourth and Fifth Columns. all proved unsuccessful.

These were both composed of the

corps of Lieutenant-General Prince RoThird Columi.

senberg, on either bank of the Rusbach, This column, according to its destic and directed their march from their po. nation, had began its march from its po. sition, to the right and left of Deutschsition at Seiering, by the road of Sus- Wagram, senbrunn and Breitenlee. Some diyi. The fourth proceeded through Roch. sions of O'Reilly's light horse and chas. dorf straight to Esslingen. Col. Hardseurs formed the advanced guard of the egg of Schwarzenberg's huians conduccolumn, and at three o'clock in the af- ted the advanced guard. ternoon met, near Hirschstetten, the left The fifth directed its march towards wing of the enemy, which consisted the left, in order to go a circuit round mostly of cavalry.

the little town of Enzersdorf, and drive As about this time the first and se. the enemy out of the place. It was re.. cond columns advanced intrepidly upon inforced by Stipsic's hussars, under the Aspern, and the enemy began to fall command of Colonel Frolich. Lieuteback to his position between Esslingen nant-General Klenau led the advanced and Aspern, Lieut. General Hohenzol. guard of both columns. Jern ordered up his batteries, and a very As this circuit round Enzersdorf ob. þrisk cannonade commenced on both liged the fifth to describe a longer line, ides,

it was necessary for the fourth to ada The first line formed in close columns vance farther niore slowly. of battalions, and advanced with the Enzersdorf, however, was quickly tagreatest resolution upon the enemy, ken possession of by a detachment of when his cavalry suddenly rushed for: Stipsic's hussars, and of the Wallacho. ward in such disproportionate numbers, Illyrian frontier-regiment, as it was aland with such rapidity, that there was ready for the greatest part evacuated by scarcely time to save the artillery which the enemy, from whom no more than had been brought up, and the battalions 30 prisoners could be taken. were left to defend themselves by their Both columns now received orders to own unsupported exertions. This was adyance upon Esslingen. the remarkable moment in which the re. The fourth in close columns of batta. giments of Zach, Joseph Colloredo, Zet. lions of Czartorisky's, Archduke Louis's, twitz, Froon, a battalion of Stein's, and and Coburg's, who were twice succesthe second battalion of the Archduke sively attacked by upwards of 2000 of Charles's legion, under the conduct of the enemy's heavy cavalry; but these Lieutenant-General Brady, and Gene- were each time put to fight by our rals Buresch, Maier, and Koller, de- brave infantry with considerable loss. monstrated with unparalleled fortitude Of the fifth column, two battalions of


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