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Admiral Harvey came on board the Ca. sions that escaped him, that became a Jedonia, and offered himself, and a num. man of honour; which, he said, he ber of officers and men of his ship, for should have been most happy to have the execution of the service. On being accepted of, had it been consistent with informed that the Admiralty had fixed his duty to his country, to his profession on Lord Cochrane for the purpose,

he as a naval officer, and what he owed to declared to Lord Gambier, in the most his public character as Commander in violent and most disrespectful manner, Chief. that if he was passed by, and Lord Coch. From the evidence of Sir H. B. Neale, rane, or any other junior officer appoint. Lord Cochrane, Capt. Bedford, and Capt. ed in preference, he should immediately Bowen, it appeared that Rear Admiral desire to strike his flag, and resign his Harvey had, in conversation with them, commission. Lord Gambier observing spoken of the appointment of Lord Cochthat he could not deviate from their rane, and of his own determination to Lordships' orders, Rear-Admiral Har- strike his fiag, in vehement terms, simivey continued his vehement and insul- lar to those above-mentioned; complainting language to his superior, and stated ed that his services had been lightly how much his former services had been treated, and declared it to be his opineglected, both by Lord Gambier, when nion that Lord Gambier was a man unfit in the Admiralty, as well as by prece- to command the fleet ; that he had never ding members of that Board. He ad. fileet so ill conducted; and said he ded, that he could impeach Lord G. for meant to bring his Lordship’s conduct misconduct and bad management; and before a court martial.-In addressing ended by saying, in the same insulting Lord Cochrane, he said, “ I am no cantone and manner as before used, that he ting Methodist, and no psalm-singer. would in the Tonnant, or any old I do not cheat old women out of their rotten 74, to board the enemy's three- estates by hypocrisy and canting ;" decked ship in Aix-Roads, and bring which words, Lord Cochrane declared, her out; though he had, a few days be. on being questioned, he thought alluded fore, in a conversation with Lord Gam. to Lord Gambier, because he understood bier, stated it to be his opinion, that his Lordship to be a religious mari, any ships which entered that anchor- Here the evidence for the prosecution age to attack the enemy could never re- closed, which the President intimated to turn from it.

Rear-Admiral Harvey, and observed The second letter merely states, that, that he would be allowed time to presince writing the first letter, it had comie pare his defence. The Rear. Admiral to the knowledge of Lord Gambier, that said he would be ready next day, to Rear-Admiral Harvey had in many in which the Court adjourned. stances spoken of him in a most contemptuous and disrespectful manner to Tuesday morning, at half past nine several officers in the fleet, and with o'clock, the Court re-assembled, when such publicity that it could not fail of Rear-Admiral Harvey, being called on being disseminated amongst the inferior to make his defence, delivered into the officers and seamen under his command. hands of the Deputy Judge. Advocate a

It concludes, therefore, with request. paper, which he requested to be read, îng the Lords of the Admiralty to or- as it contained all that he deemed neder a Court Martial on Rear-Admiral cessary to offer to their consideration, Harvey, for haying, at different times, The Deputy Judge-Advocate (Mr spoken of Lord G. and bis character Greetham) then read as follows:and conduct, in an unofficer-like man- Mr President and Gentlemen, ner, tending to subvert the discipline of “ I thank the Court for adjourning to the fleet, much to the prejudice of the this day. The interval of time has given public service,

you an opportunity of perusing the evi. Lord Gambier was the first witness ex. dence that has been adduced ; and, I amined, and whose evidence fully sub- trust, of discovering that it falls shori of stantiated the allegations set forth in proving the charges that have been ex. his letter.-His Lordship, however, ad- hibited against me. I should, however, pitted that Admiral Harvey had offered not be acting a fair and candid part, were to make any apology for the expres. I to deny that a conduct which I cannot



justify has been established against me, took in the battle ; nothing could be and I now offer my most humble apolo: finer; I have not words in which I can gy to the Court for it. For the offence sufficiently express my admiration of it. that I have given to the Commander in I hope to hear that you are unhurt, and Chief, his Lordship has proved that I pray send me your report of killed and have already offered an apology that wounded, with the officers' names who was satisfactory to his feelings. The fell in the action, and the state of your Court will not fail to recollect, that, al- own ship, whether you can get her in a though I have spoken of the Comman. state to meet Gravina, should he again der in Chief in terms which I am ex- attempt any thing. I am, dear Sir, with tremely sorry for having used, I did not great esteem, your faithful humble serspeak with that publicity that is stated vant,

CUTHB. COLLINGWOOD. in the charge against me.--I spoke only Capt. E. Harvey, Temeraire. to persons of rank and station in the fleet, on whose minds my words could

Mortimer Street, April 22. 1807. have to injurious effect; what I said is not found to have been disseminated a


I cannot retire from the command of mong the inferior orders of the Navy ; no seaman or petty officer has been cal" the Channel fleet, without expressing led who ever heard any of the language zeal, and perseverance displayed by you

the high sense I entertain of the ability, complained of. It will also occur to you, that all the intemperate expressions in the command of a detached squadron, used by me, are proved to have been during an unexampled long cruise off used about the same time, when I was

the north coast of Spain, and assuring in a state of great irritation, in conse

you of the esteem and regard with which

I have the honour to be, Sir, quence of my offer to attack the French

Your most obedient humble servant, feet being passed over, without the least acknowledgment of its having been

ST. VINCENT. made. Excess of zeal, and impatience

Rear-Admiral Harvey, &c. of restraiot, where an opportunity of en.

The Rear-Admiral then withdrew terprise presents itself, although faults, with his Counsel, Mr Serjeant Best, and are such as the most eminent Naval the Court was cleared for the purpose of Commanders have not been free from, deliberating on the evidence, in which and the effects of these are all that can they were occupied a considerable length be found blameable in my conduct. It of time. When strangers were re-adnever was my intention to thwart any mitted, and the Rear-Admiral had taken superior officer ; on the contrary, my his station on the left hand of the De. whole life has been and shall continue to puty Judge Advocate, that Gentleman be, entire submission to their commands. pronounced the following To many of the Gentlemen of this

SENTENCE. Court I have the honour to be known; The Court, having heard and delibe. tu them I appeal for my former charac- rated upon the evidence which has been

adduced in support of the charges exhi“ I shall also beg leave to desire that bited against Rear. Admiral Eliab Hara two letters, from most distinguished vey, and having heard what he has al. persons, under whom I had the honour leged in his defence, are of opinion, that to serve, may be read.

the charges of vehement and insulting “ The manner in which my services language to the Right Hon. Lord Gamhave been estimated by them, will, I am bier, and of having otherwise shewn sure, have its owa effect on the judg. great disrespect to him as commander in ment which the Court is called upon to Chief, on board his Majesty's ship Calea pronounce upon me.”

donia, and of having spoken of his Lord. Euryalus, Oct. 28, 1805. fui manner, have been proved, and the

ship, to several officers, in a disrespecta My Dear Sir,

Court doth therefore adjudge the said I congratulate you most sincerely on Rear Admiral Eliab Harvey to be disanisa the victory his Majesty's fleet has ob. sed bis Majesty's service ; and he is dis. tained over the enemy, and on the noble missed accordingly. The Court was and distinguished part the "Temeraire then immediately dissolved.





GENERAL ASSEMBLY. we shall be able to resist the fiercest at.

tacks of our enemies, and to transmit unim

paired to posterity those invaluable bles. May it please your Majesty,

sings which as a nation we have so long enWE your Majesty's most dutiful and loy. joyed.

al subjects, the Ministers and Elders As subjects of the Prince of Peace, we of the Church of Scotland, met in General pray for the termination of that destrucAssembly, beg leave to approach the throne tive war in which we are involved; but, in with sentiments of the warmest attach- the mean time, we submit without mur. ment to your person, family, and govern- mur or con plaint to those burdens and pri

vations which it necessarily imposes. SenIn the present alarming situation of the sible that not only our duty, but our existaffairs of Europe, we rejoice in the pledges ence as a nation, depends on our firm and of national safety which, under Heaven, we persevering exertions against our common enjoy in your Majesty's paternal solicitude, eneny, and looking for success to the Ruand in the wisdom and vigour of your ler of nations, we will not cease to cherish Councils. From a view of the subversion in our people that unanimity and public of ancient Governments, and the wreck of spirit which become those who are cornations, we frequently turn our eyes with tending for their most valuable and dearest heartfelt joy and exultation to our unim rights. We will teach them to make a paired constitution in Church and State ; wise improvement of those judgments the best which human wisdom ever devi- which are abroad in the earth, and to culsed, and administered by a Sovereign, who tivate the righteousness which exalceth a is at once the pattern of religion, the guar- nation, that God may avert from our coundian of liberty, and the father of his peo

try those calamities which our iniquities ple.

have deserved. While we have beheld your Majesty em

That the Lord of Hosts may crown the ployed in promoting national ppiness, heads of our brave countrymen, by sea and and in extending equal protection to all land, with victory and honour; that their your subjects, we have lately contempla- success may be the means of securing a lastted, with the deepest interest and anxiety, ing and honourable peace; that your Mayour magnanimous interposition in favour jesty may long reign over a free, a loyal, and of the injured and oppressed nations of a happy people; and, that you may hereafSpain and Portugal. To resist the shock ter receive a heavenly crown, are the prayof that power before which almost all o- ers of, may it please your Majesty, your thers have been swept away as by a tor- Majesty's most faithful, most obedient, and rent, and to interpose between suffering most loyal subjects, the Ministers and Elnations and universal subjugation, was a ders met in this General Assembly of the measure worthy of a generous people, un

Church of Scotland. der the Government of a wise and patrio- Signed in our name, in our presence, and tic King. We observed, therefore, with at our appointment, by delight, that your Majesty's liberal offers of FRANCIS Nicol, D. D, Moderator. assistance to those oppressed states were Edinburgh, 20th May 1809. unanimously approved of, and warmly seconded by your people, and that admira

Civil PROMOTIONS. tion and affection mingled with their loyal.

Whitehall, July 10. ty to the best of Sovereigns.

The King has been pleased to constitute We beg leave to congratulate your Ma- and appoint the Right Honourable Dudley jesty on various enterprises both by sea and Baron Harrowby, the Right Hon. John land, in which the admirable discipline and Jeffreys Earl Camden, Knight of the steady courage of the British forces have Most Noble Order of the Garter, Presilately triumphed over superior numbers ; dent of his Majesty's Council; the Right atchievements which reflect signal honour Hon. Robert Banks Earl of Liverpool, the un those who were more immediately copie Right Hon. Henry Robert Stewart (comcerned, and glory on the British name.- monly called Viscount Castlereagh,) andWhatever effect they may have on the fate the Right Hon. George Canning, his Maof nur allies, they give us ground to trust, jesty's three Principal Secretaries of State ;

under the protection of Heaven, his Grace William Henry Cavendish Duke


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of Portland, Knight of the Most Nolle At Edinburgh, Edward Inglis, Esq. of
Order of the Garter, first Commissioner the Royal Navy, to 1. rbara, daughter of
of his Majesty's Treasury; the Right Hon. Mr William Allan, Qutensferry.
Spencer Perceval, Chancellor and Under At London, Mr Williani Tait, mer-
Teasurer of his Majesty's Exchequer; chant, London, to Jane, daughter of Dr
Grorge Percy, Esq.(commonly called Lord John Hunter, Professor of Humanity in
Levaine,) the Right Hon. John Baron the University of St Andrews.
Toignmouth, the Right Honourable 'Tho.

July 4. A: Kircudbright, the, Rev. Mr
mas Wallace, che Right Hon. Robert Dun- Thomas Turnbull, io Susan, daughter of
das, and Thomas Hamilton, Esq. (common- the Rev. Dr Mutti, Kircudbrighi.
ly called Lord Binning,) to be his Majes. 5. At Dunbar, Capr. J. Laskey, of the
Ty's Commissioners for the management of 21st (or Kirkcudbright) regiment of mili-
the Affairs of India.

tia, to Miss Margaret Oliver. The King has been pleased to grant


6. At Millbank of Mary Culter, Mr Pe. dignities of Viscount and Earl of the united ter Mellis, merchant in Aberdeen, to Ca. kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, to tharine, daughter of Mr Alexander M Nal, the Righ Honourable Dudley Baron Har- Millbank. rowby, and the heirs male of his body law- 7. Ac Edinburgh, William Mackenzie. fully begotten, by the names, styles, and Esq. W. S. to Miss Mary Mansfield, eldest citles of Viscount Sandon of Sandon, in the daughter of James Mansfield, Esq. of Midcounty of Stafford, and Earl of Harrowby, in the county of Lincoln.

7. At ditto, Sir Arscott Ourry MolesThe King has been pleased to appoint worth of Pencarrow, in the county of Benjamin Sydenham, Esq. to be a Commis Cornwall, Bart. to Miss Brown, daughter sioner for managing his Majesty's revenue of the late Patrick Brown, Esq. of Edinof Excise, in the room of William Jackson, burgh. Esq.

8. At Hawkfield, Capt. John Ross, of

the Galloway militia, to Helen, daughter MARRIAGES.

of Mr Crokat, Hawkfield. May 31. At Glenborodale, Mr John 10. Ac Hazledon, Mr Robert Paterson, Cumming, factor to Col. M Lean of Ard. merchant, Glasgow, to Margaret, daughgour, to Miss Margaret Canieron, daughter ter of the late Jo. Howie, Esq. of Shawhill. of the deceased James Cameron, Esq. Glen- 10. At Montague Street, London, by borodale,

special licence, William Miller, Esq. of OJune 19. At Dunkeld, Captain Stewart, zelworth Park, Gloucestershire, to Miss Royal Perthshire Militia, to Miss C. H. Wyndham, eldest daughter of the Righc Stewart, daughter of the late Captain Hon. William Wyndham. Thomas Stewart, of the 5th regiment of 12. At Norch Berwick, Captain Brown foot.

of the Inniskillen Dragoons, to Miss Mar21. Ac Edinburgh, Mr Robert Green, garet Dalrymple, daughter of the late Sir watch-maker, to Miss Deuchar, only daugh. Hew Dalrymple of North Berwick, Bart. ter of the late David Deuchar, Esq. of Immediately after the ceremony the marMorningside.

ried couple set off for Ireland. 24. At Low Leyton, Mr Thomas Black- 12. At Greenock, Mr Robert Spiers, wood, merchant in Edinburgh, to Susan. jun. merchant, Glasgow, to Jessie, daughmah, third daughter of Richard Adams, ier of the late Mr John Kerr, merchant, Esq. of Low Leyton, Essex.

Greenock. 28. At Inchdairney, Thomas Wilkinson, 13. At Donington Castle, Sir George Esq. attorney, Manchester, to Jane Bar- Runibold, Bart. to the Hon. Miss Parkyus, bara, only daughter of the late Dr Alex- sister of Lord Radcliffe. ander Eason, physician there,

17. At Grigory, near Kirkcudbright, 29. At London, Sir Tho'nas Ramsay, Mr Alexander Broadfoot, Dalbeaty, to Bart. of Balmain, to Miss Steele, youngest Margaret, eldest daughter of David Copdaughter of the late Rev. Dr Steele of Ja- land, Esq. of Grigory. maica, and niece to Dr Buin, of Heffleton 17. At Caninethan House, Captain Da1.odge, Dorsetshire.

vid Robertson, of ihe Hon. E. India Com29. At Plymouth, the Hon. Rear Admi- pany's service, to Caroline, daughter of ral Robert Scopford, to Mary, daughter of ih- late James Lockhart, Esq. of Castlehill. Conimissioner Fanshawe, of his Majesty's 20. At Edinburgh, Mr William Murray, Dock-yard, there,

writer, Edinburgh, to Mary, youngest 29, Ac Kilmarnock, Mr James Brown, daughter of the late John Thomson, Esq. writer, tu Miss Jean Orr, daughter of John of Duncrivie. Orr, Esq. of Sarscon.

Lately, Lord Grey de Ruthyn, to Anna 30. Ac Glasgow, Thomas Robertson, Maria Kellam, daughter of. William. KelEsq. to Eliza, eldest daughter of Mr Reid lam, Esq. of Ryton-upon-Dunsmore, Warof the Tontine.



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a son.

of his age.




Major George Downie, commanding the June 13. At Fort George, the Lady of Calcutta native militia.--He was a native Major Hamilton of the 730 regiment, a of Perthshire. daughter.

1809. Feb. 3. Mr William Cuthbertson 16. At London, Mrs Livingstone, Park- Sword, midshipman, son of James Sword, hall, a son and heir.

Esq. of Annfield. He was killed in at22. At Holly Hill, Sussex, Mrs Colonel tempring, with the boats of his Majesty's Keith Young, a son.

ship Alacrity, to intercept a convoy of 22. At Edinburgh, Mrs Gallaway, wife French small craft off the coast of Cala of Mr William Gallaway, merchant, a bria. daughter.

13. At Jaulna, George T. Robinson, Cos24. At Cluny, Mrs Colonel MacPherson, net in the 8th regiment of native cavalry,

third son of George Robinson of Clermiston, 25. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Captain Esq. a promising youth, in the 16th year Hodgson, of the Royal Navy, a daughter.

25. At Durham, the Lady of Major Er. At Montego Bay, Jamaica, William skine, 45th regt, a son.

Thorp, Esq. Lieutenant-Colonel of the St 26. At Harperston, county of Wexford, James's regiment of militia, who, on his rethe Hon. Mrs Hoare, a daughter.

turn from reviewing the regiment, was 29. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Major thrown by a young restive horse, and conMaxwell, younger of Carruchan, a son. veyed speechless to his house, in which Lady Andover, a son.

state he remained till his dissolution. Lady Caroline Stuart Wortley, a daugh- At Messina, John Wood, Esq. commis.

sary to the forces in the Mediterranean. At Exeter, the Lady of James Ferguson, May 31, At Kilmarnock, Miss Elisabeth Esq. a daughter.

Borland, daughter of Robert Borland, Esq. July 6. At Portsmouth, Mrs M'Kenzie June 2. At Aberdeen, Mr James Finnie, Strathgarve, a son and heir.

wright. 6. At Edinburgh, the Lady of William 3. At Gardenstoun, Mr William ChalJackson, Esq. Solicitor of Excise, a daugh- mers, merchant, aged 72.

7. At Edinburgh, Mrs Christian Murray, 8. Mrs Geddes, Ardmore, a daughter. relict of Thomas Miller, late merchant,

8. At Duff House, the Right Hon. Lady Edinburgh. Jane Taylor, a son.

8. At the Manse of Carmichael, Perth12. At Kintradwell, Mrs Gordon of Car- shire, Louisa, daughter of the Rev. Allan soll, a son.

Stewart. 12. At London, the Countess of Aber- 9. At Edinburgh, Mr Andrew Murison, deen, a daughter,

wine merchant. 13. At London, Mrs Glasfurd of Tilli- 9. At Edinburgh, Mr Martin Campbell, coultry, a daughter.

inspector of cutters in the service of the 13. At Dalkeith House, the Countess of Customs. Dalkeith, a son.

14. At London, Charles Montague, Esq. 21. At Bonjedward, the Lady of Archi- surgeon to the forces. bald Jerdon, Esq. a daughter.

14. At Fulford, James Thomson, son of The Marchioness of Tavistock, a son.

John Thomson, farmer, Pyetknow.

14. Mr John Welsh, son of Rob. Welsh

of Collin. DEATHS.

14. At Edinburgh, Mrs Alison Crans1808. May 1. At Wallajahbad, Madras, mun, relict of Robert Cranstoun, Esq. James Forbes Cushny, Lieutenant in the Crailinghall. 25th regiment of native infantry, and son 15. James Strange, Esq. merchant, Pea to the Rev, Alexander Cushny, ininister of tersbourgh, Virginia, formerly of GlasOyne.

gow. Sept. 19. At Madras, Brevet-Maj. Alex. 15. The Rev. Mr Henry Clark, Minister Peter Macdowall, of the 33d reginient of of the Associate Congregation at Boghole. foot, son of the late James Macdowall, Esq. 17. At Greenock, Mrs Campbell, wife Glasgow.

of Mr Duncan Campbell, jun. merchant. November 10. At Bushire, from whence 17. Ac Corsbie, Mrs Murray, wife of he was proceeding with the Embassy to John Murray, Esq. of Uplaw. the Court of Persia, as Persian and Latin 18. At Edinburgh, Susan, second daughtranslator, Charles Lechmere Coore, Esq. ter of Sir John Stuart, Bart. of Allanbank. of the Bombay Civil Establishment, aged 18. Near Edinburgh, of a scarlet fever, 21.

while on a visit to his friends, George CluDecr 14. At Allipore, after a short illness, pie, son of John Clunie, Esq. of Berwick.


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