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of his, age.

June 18. At Craigluscar, Thomas Cols the late Reverend George Murray, minisville, Esq. of Lambhill, aged 76.

ter of that place. 19. At Gayfield Place, Miss Catharine At Woolwich, Col. Harding, Royal ArFoggo.

cillery. 19. At Manse of Rathven, Archd. Dun. Ac Berwick, Mrs Jeffreys, widow of the bar, Esq. writer to the signet.

late William Jeffreys, Esq. Solicitor, at the 19. At Kinneddar, Gavin Drummond, advanced age of 96. Esq.

James Bourne of Carbolly, parish of Ga20. At Falmouth, Mrs Elizabeth Mac- naghey, and county of Down, Ireland, at Culloch, wife of Andrew Livingston, Esq. the advanced age of 106 years. late of Airds.

Lately, in a workhouse at Liverpool, a 22. At Edinburgh, Mrs M'Laren, wife female pauper, at the advanced age of 124 of Captain M'Laren, Adjutant in the Ber. years. She retained all her faculties to the wickshire regiment of militia.

last, except her sight, which, two months At Lyndock, Mrs Jean Ramsay, previously to her dissolution, had been teacher, Perth.

much impaired. 24. At Kilmarnock House, Miss Nancy July. I. At his house in Whitehall, LonHamilton, daughter of the late William don, John Fordyce of Ayton, Esq. Sur. Hamilton, Esq. of Craiglaw, physician. veyor-General of the Land Revenue, aged

24. At Brechin, Alexander Ferrier, 74. Esq. late of Kentrokat, in the 58th year 1. At St Helier's, Jersey, Katharine,

Few men lived more re- infant daughter of Captain Mellis of the spected, and whose death will be more ge- 4th Garrison Battalion. nerally lamented by an extensive and high- 2. At Leith, the Rev. Dr Alexander ly respectable circle of friends ; endowed Grant, minister of St James's Chapel. with a mind possessing every amiable vir. 2. At Woodhead, Mrs Charles Addison, tue chat can adorn man, his chief business

in her fifty-eighth year. and pleasure consisted in doing good,

2. At Glasgow, John Sym, Esq. 24. At Portobello, Mr Ingram Gilchrist, 2. At Edinburgh, aged 14, Miss Joanna second son of the late Arch. Gilchrist, Esq. Balfour, youngest daughter of Mr Elphing

24. Robert C. Tod, youngest son of An- stone Balfour, bookseller. drew Tod, Esq. Dean, near Borrowstoun- 2. At Hawick, Mrs Young, relict of the Dess, an amiable youth, aged 13 years. late Dr Young, minister there.

At Dunbar, Mr Thomas Edward 8. At Ayr, James Bone, Esq. surgeon. Ritchie, barrack-master.

3. At Edinburgh, James Gray, eldest 27. At Ranachan Strone, near Strontiền, son of Mr John Gray, writer, George's Argylshire , Captain Jobn Cameron, late Square. of the 70th regiment, only surviving heir of 3. At Greenock, John Hamilton, Esq.àthe slendessary family,

ged 54, much regretted. 27. At Stirling, Isabella, second survi- 4. At Edinburgh, Mrs Isabella Murving daughter of Mr James Syme, mer. ray, wife of James Glassford, Esq. advochant there.

cate, and sister of Sir Patrick Murray of 27. At East Bank, the Right Hon. Lady Auch tertyre, Barc, Sempill, mother of Lord Sempill.

5. At Kelso, Mr James Huie, officer of 28. At Lochnaw Castle, Sir Stair Ag- Excise, much regretted. new, Burt. at an advanced age.

7. At Makerstoun, Isabella, fourth daugh. 28. At Edinburgh, Miss Elizabeth Pit- ter of Sir Henry Hay Macdougall, Bart. cairn, daughter of the Rev. Thomas Pit- 8, At Edinburgh, Alexander, fifth son of cairn, some time one of the ministers of St the late William Richardson, Esq. Albany Cuthberts.

Street. 29. At Edinburgh, after a tedious and 8. At Inchmichael, Charles Kinnear, Esq. painful illness, Alvey Somerville, third of Kinnear. daughter of Mr John Somerville, writer. 9. At Edinburgh, William, second son of

30. At Edinburgh, Mrs Janet Campbell, Col. Fullerton. relict of Mr John Campbell, tacksman of 9. Ac ditto, Miss Agnes Fotheringham. Kinnoclachar, Rannoch, Perthshire, in the 9. At ditto, Rachel, aged 16. eldest 67th year of her age.

daughter of Mr Patrick Sanderson, banker,
30. A: Belle Ville, Stranraer, Miss Mar- St John's Street.
garet Maxwell, eldest daughter of the late 11. At Edinburgh, Mr William Selkirk,
William Maxwell, Esq. of Ardwell. merchant, late of the house of Mr William

Al Langton Manse, the Rev. Alexander Patison, South Bridge.
Girvan, minister of Langton.

11. At Edinburgh, James Garthshore,
At North Berwick, in the 73d year of Esq. late of Alderstone.
her age, Mrs Anne Murray, daughter of 11. Ac Glasgow, on his way to the place



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of his nativity in Aberdeenshire, John Wal- Grace's decline was rapid; he kept his bed ker, Esq. of the island of St Croix.

but three days previous to his dissolution. July 11. At St Andrew's, Mr Charles His Grace was in his 73d year. He is sucDempster, merchant there, aged 67. ceeded by his eldest son, Viscount Somer.

11. At Newcastle, Mr William Walker, tont, now Earl of Normaaton. builder, Edinburgh.

14. At Shuckburgh Park, Warwickshire, 13. At her fatner's house, in Ross-shire, Sir Stewkley Shuckburgh, Bart. in an apoMiss Beatrix Mackenzie, eldest daughter plectic fot. of Alexander Mackenzie, Esq. of Hilton, 15. At Gairbraid House, Mrs Mary

13. At Edinburgh, Mrs Janet Home, Hill,relict of Robert Graham of Lambhill, daughter of the late George Home, Esq. of Esq. Bassendean,

16. At Ayr, Miss Agnes Wood, daugh13. At Dunbartou, Capt, Robert Ro. ter of the late Bailie William Wood, mer. bertson.

chant there, 13. At Aberdeen, Bailie Peter Duguid, 16. At Castlesemple, Day Hort M'Dowaged 62.

all, Esq. of Castlesemple. 13. At Edinburgh, Mrs Janet Drum- 16. At Bath, aged 87, John Charnock, mond, relict of Alexander Home, Esq. of Esq. late of the island of Barbadoes. Whitfield.

17. At King's Grange, Alexander Cop14. At his house in Great Cumberland land, Esq. of Collieston. Place, London, the Most Rev. his Grace 19. Ai London, the Hon. Mrs St Lethe Lord Arch-Bishop of Dublin, Primate

ger. of Ireland, Earl of Normanton, &c. His

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TO CORRESPONDENTS. Mr Sleele’s Narrative,- J.B.,John Johnston's Poems,-Thomson's Birth-day,

-J. S.,-IV. M. W., -Willie Waefu', will appear in our next, or an early

number In a collection of epitaphs, recently published in London, we observe a

considerable number of those last transmitted to us by Glotianus. Of this circumstance he was probably not aware, but he will be sensible that we

can with propriety insert only such as are not found in that collection. J. O's pieces are hardly, as yet, fit for the public eye ; one of them, however,

is under consideration. The Essay on Virtue is not continued, as the subject was conceived to be of

a nature somewhat too general for a periodical miscellany.

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Edinburgh Literary Miscellany,


With a Map of the Islands of ZEALAND, and of the SCHELDT TO




Page Register of the Weatlter for August, 562 Scottish Literary Intelligence, . . . , ib. High Water at-Leith for September, . ib. Literary Intelligence, English and Description of the Islands of Zea.


605 land, and the Scheldt to Antwerp, 563 Biographical notice of the late Gen

POETRY. eral M-Kenzie, .


Address to the Swilcar Lawn Oak, Monthly Memoranda in Natural His

by Dr Darwin,

606 tory, Elegiac Lines, ..

ib. Observations on Mr Gillespie's Revol.

Lines on visiting the Duchess of ving Battery,

567 Life of Mrs Mary Ralphson, who

Buccleugh's Grotto, Dalkeith, Parks, 607 died at the age of 110,


Lines on seeing a species of Sea-Gull Extraordinary case of Capt. Kennedy, 570 Song--The waefu' want o' Siller, 60%

fly up Annan Water,

ib. Account of the Epidemic which ra. ged in Barbary and Spain in 1801, 571


ib, Report on the Police of Aberdeen, 576 Views of the present state of France, 577

PROCEEDINGS OF PARLIAMENT, Establishment of the Liverpool Bota- House of Commons,

609 nic Garden,

580 --Charges against the Duke of York, ib. On Cruelty to Animals, Account of Victor Hugues, late Com

HISTORICAL AFFAIRS. missioner of Cayenne. By Piton,. 582.

India, Account of the Rise and Progress

614 of the Wahabee Power,

-General Orders, 584


War between Austria and France, . 617 Account of the Caves of Carli and

Battle of the 22d of May, . ib, Kennari, near Barbary, . Memoirs of Robert Wallace, D.D. 591

Grand Expedition to Holland, 622

-Account of the Surrender of Mid. Memoirs of the Progress of Manu.

dleburgh, in the Island of Walcherer, 623 factures, Chemistry, Science, and the Fine Arts,



Court of Exchequer,.. 1. Nubilia in search of a Husband,. 595 High Court of Justiciary,

ib. II. A Dissertation on the Numbers Right Hon. Wm. Pitt's Birth-day, ib.

of Mankind in ancient and modern Prince of Wales's Birth-day, times. By Robert Wallace, D. D. 599 Lunatic Asylum,

ib. III. Observations on Fungus He- University of Edinburgh,

ib. matodes, or Soft Cancer. By James Civil Appointments.-Marriages, 638 Wardrop, F.R.S.E.,

602 Births and Deaths, New Works published in Edinburgh, 604 Stocks and Markets,




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