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grange attacked the village of Cascante, gar abuse of the Spanish monks, and the
where the line of Castanos was placed, British nation,
which did not exhibit a better counter

Spanish Account.
nance than the right, but abandoned the
field of battle, leaving behind its artil. The following is Gen. Castanos' ac-
lery, and a great number of prisoners. count of the battle of Tudela, dated
'The cavalry pursued the remains of the Aranjuez, N. v. 27.
enemy's army to Mallem; in the direc- “ General Don Francisco Xavier de
tion of Saragossa; and to Tarracona, Castanos reports, under date 26th Nov,
in the direction of Agreda. Seven from Calatayud, that on the 21st he res
standards, 30 pieces of cannon, with all ceived intelligence of the enemy having
their furniture, 12 colonels, 300 officers, advanced by Oma, with 12,000 infantry,
and 3000 men have been taken ; 4000 and 4000 horse. He immediately gave
Spaniards have been left dead on the orders for the army to fall back the
field of battle, or driven into the Ebro. same night to a position extending from
Our loss has been trifling; we have had Tarracona to Tudela, the last point to
sixty men killed, and 100 wounded ; a. be occupied by the troups of the army
mong the latter is General Lagrange, of Arragon, the fifth division of the cena
who has received a bullet in the arm. tre, which was in Capatroso. When the
Our troops found at Tudela a number order was received to retreat, the ene.
of magazines.

my was already in motion to attack, “ Marshal Moncey had began his his advanced parties having advanced march upon Saragossa, while a part of in the course of the morning against the fugitives retired to this place; the Calahorra with two pieces of ordnance, left, which had been cut off, fled in dis. and taken post on the beights within order to Tarracona and Agreda. Mar- gun-shot from Calahorra. Notwithstand. shal Ney, who was on the 22d at Soria, ing this movement, the army continued ought to have been on the 23d at Ag- the retreat in the darkness of the night, reda; not a man would have escaped. with considerable trouble, and the divi. But this corps being too much fatigued, sions reached their respective points, by remained at Soria the 230 and 24th.-- marching that nigh!, and the following He arrived at Agreda on the 25th, still day, and on the 22d the four divisions sufficiently in time to seize a great num- of the army were in the position which ber of magazines. One named Palafox, they had to occupy, without having formerly a garde du corps," a man without sustained any loss. talents, and without courage, a kind of in, “ On the 23d the advanced parties resignificant monk, the true head of a par- ported that three columns of the enety which acquired him the name of Ge- my were marching in the direction of peral, was the first to take flight. This Tudela; the generale was beaten, and is not the first time he has acted in that while the troops of Arragon were pasmanner--he has done the same on all sing the bridge, the enemy occupied occasions,

the points of attack, which began at This army of 45,000 has been thus eight o'clock in the morning ; at ten beaten and defeated, without our having o'clock the whole line was engaged. had more than 6ooo men engaged. The Our troops maintained their position battle of Burgos had struck the centre

with the utmost valour, and the enemy of the enemy, and the battle of Espino- was repulsed on all sides. He renewed sa the right. The battle of Tudela has the attack, and rendered himself master struck the left. Victory has thus struck of an olive grove on the left, whence our foe as with a thunderbolt, and dis. he descended with a tremendous fire, persed the whole league of the enemy. but was so well received by our gallant

“ Gen, Mathieu arrived on the 25th troops, that, after a most obstinate conat Borja, pursuing the enemy, and eve- fict, he was compelled to retreat. While ry moment taking fresh prisoners, the our troops were pursuing the enemy on number of which already amount to our left, another division of the enemy 5000. No quarter was given to any of penetrated through. Tudela on the right, the peasants who were found in arms.-- and took our pursuing troops in the We took 37 pieces of cannon.” The rear. This decided the fate of the day, bulletin concludes with a torrent of yule and nothing was left for our army but



to retreat to Borja. While this was go their attack on the Spanish right on the
ing forward in Tudela, the 4th division, 23d, and defeated two divisions of Va.
commanded by Gen. Lapina, which was lencians and Murcians, who retreated,
in Cascante, two hours march from the with considerable loss, towards Sara..
field of battle, and had received orders gossa. Subsequent accounts state, that
to attack the right flaok of the enemy, the Arragonese and Andalusian divi.
found 3000 French infantry and 1000 sions did not suffer much, and had been
cavalry opposed to them, in the act of able to retire in order, but the precise
offering battle. Lapina immediately en route taken by General Castanos's army
gaged, defeated, and pursued them to is not given."
the heights of Tudela, whence he was There is little doubt that the loss of
attacked by the enemy's troops, who the Spaniards in this battle has been very
occupied the heights. Lapina retreated considerable, but by no means to the
to the position of Cascante, where he extent given in the French bulletins.
defeated the enemy, and at the fall of The communication between the south
night began to fall back to Borja ; on and the north of Spain seems to be much
his retreat, he was again attacked by broken by the French armies, for no cer.
the enemy, but new troops checked his tain accounts are received from Casta.
progress, and the four divisions reached nus' army three days after the battle.
Borja, when they marched to Cala.

"" The forces of the enemy in these It appears from the Spanish accounts,
actions of Tudela and Cascante amount- that after the retreat of Gen. Castanos,
ed to from 36 to 40,000 infantry, and two divisions of the French army, un-
from 6000 to 7000 cavalry. Their loss der Marshals Bessieres and Ney, advan-
has been very considerable, as has like. сed as far as Saragossa, and commented
wise ours in missing and prisoners; but another aitack upon that city, which
the number cannot be accurately stated was still defended by the gallant Pala-
till the Generals of the divisions have fox. No notice whatever is taken of
made out and delivered their lists. this affair in the French bulletins ; and

“ In a letter of the 27th, Gen. Casta. the only account we have of it is from nos sends advice, that not having in Ca. the Spanish General himself, in the follatayud the means of subsistence, and lowing report to the Supreme Junta :having received notice that the enemy “ Don Jose Palafox, General in Chief threatened to attack Samosierra, fór of the army of Arragon, under date of these reasons, and wishing to be near the ad December, sent the following the capital in case the French should report to the Supreme Central Junta : endeayour to advance to it, he had de- -“The enemy, from 12,000 to 15,000 termined to go to Siguenza."

strong, supported by 2000 horse, attack. Of the battle of Tudela, the follow. ed on the ist instant the extensive line ing report is stated to have been issued of the canal of Arragon, near Saragossa. from the Foreign office in London, as The bridge, defended by the intrepid having been brought from Corunna by Arragonese, was three times taken and Col. Bond and two Spanish officers. retaken.-The division of Asturian

“ Accounts have been received from troops which serves with this army beSaragossa, dated the 24th Nov. sta- haved with the utmost gallantry, and ting, that Gen. Castanos, upon hearing attacked the enemy with such uncom, that the French were moving a corps u. mon intrepidity and spirit, that they pon Soria from Burgos, and passing the completely routed and compelled him Ebro at Logrono, had assembled an ar- to retreat with the utmost precipitation, my of 40,000 foot, and 4000' horse, and notwithstanding their great superiority had taken up a position in an oblique in number. He left 2000 men killed line from Tudela to Borja. This posi- on the field of battle, and was convinced tion was unfavourable, as Tudela, the by his complete defeat, that if he lately right and the advanced part of the posi-, obtained some advantages, he was mere tion, was commanded by heights, and ly indebted for them to casualties ariwas indefensible. The French took ad- sing from circumstances, and to the vantage of this error, and having collec want of subrrdination and discipline ted an army of 45,pao men, commenced which prevailed among some of our


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troops. Let them imitate the perseve. Madrid, and Bonaparte devoted the rerance of the Arragonese, and their obe- mainder of the evening to reconnoitring dience to their General and Chiefs, and the place, and preparing a plan of atthe enemy will soon experience, that tack. Aty o'clock, a corps of infantry, neither the rapidity of his movements, part of the division of the Duke of Bel. por his boasted superiority in tactics, luno (Marshal Victor) arrived, and the can subdue a nation which has sworn French proceeded to take possession of to live and die free. Spaniards, let us the suburbs. The Spaniards fled at the fulfil that sacred oath ; God, the King, first fire, and the Duke of Beliuno spent the country, our wives, and children, the night in placing his artillery, prepaexact it from us-lèt us not frustrate ratory to an immediate attack. At midtheir hopes; the hopes of all Europe, night the Prince of Neufchatel (General which has her eyes fixed upon us with Berthier) sent a second summons to the admiration and envy.

citizens, the bearer of which returned Truxillo, roth Dec. 1808."

at nine o'clock on the morning of the CAPTURE OF. MADRID BY THE FRENCH.

3d, with an answer from the Marquis

Castelar, requesting a suspension of arms
French Account.

for that day, to consult the constituted The following account of the opera. authorities, ascertain the disposition of țions of the French army before' Madrid the citizens, and promising a categorical is extracted from their bulletins : answer early on the next morning. The

It appears from the bulletins, that on French, however, had not relaxed in the evening of the ad Dec. Bonaparte their preparations from the beginning, * arrived upon the heights that command and in the mean time an attack was that city, having been preceded by a made and a breach effected, in the Pa. force, consisting of dragoons and the lace of the Retiro, by a battery of 30 Imperial Guards, which he found postpieces of cannon, which they had brought ed there. The Duke of Istria (Mar. to bear against it. The Retiro being a shal Bessieres) then sent 'his Aid-de- commanding situation, it was resolutely Camp to summon the town.--On his defended by the Spaniards. The French arrival, he found that a military Junta entered the breach, but did not obtain had been formed, with the Marquis possession of it until after 1000 Spaniards of Castelar at its head, and under him had fallen in its defence. All the strong General Morla, Captain General of An- posts in its vicinity were of course ocdalusia, who was so instrumental to the cupied by the enemy. surrender of the French squadron at The French having made this pro Cadiz.-There were in the town 60,000 gress, and fully prepared the means for men in arms, including 6000 troops of storming the town, the Prince of Neufthe line, the remainder consisted of chatel sent another summons, at eleven armed citizens and peasants. The great. o'clock on the morning of the 4th, sta• est enthusiasm prevailed among the ting, that every thing was ready for an mass of the inhabitants. The Marquis immediate attempt to take the place by of Perales, who had been accused of storm, and granting until two o'clock putting sand in the cartridges, had been to send Commissioners to treat for the massacred on the preceding day, and surrender of the place. The advantage the cartridges ordered to be re-made : already obtained by the enemy had not, 4000 monks were employed in this however, the desired effect. No answer work, and all the houses were opened was returned until five o'clock, when to furnish provisions and every other Don Morla, one of the Members of the necessary, to the defenders of the place. Military Junta, and Don Bernardo Yri. A Spanish General was sent out with a arte, sent from the town, repaired to the refusal to the summons, declaring the tent of the Major-General. They indetermination of the citizens to defend formed him, that the most intelligent the town, and so great was their indig. persons were of opinion that the town nation, that the French Camp, was destitute of resources, and that the who was the bearer of the summons, continuation of the defence would be narrowly escaped with his life. All this the height of madness, but that the lowhappened on the 2d, at which time the er orders of the inhabitants, and the fo• French infantry were three leagues from reigners at Madrid, were determined to


persevere in the defence. Believing to precipitate it from the rocks of Es. that they could not do it with effect, pinosa, than to disarm it; I would rathey requested a pause of a few hours ther prefer having seven thousand more to inform the people of the real state of enemies to fight, than be deficient in ho. affairs. The Major-General presented nour and good faith. Return to Mathe Deputies to the Emperor and King, drid I give you till six o'ciock towho addressed them thus:

morrow morning-return at that hour “ You make use of the name of the --you have only to inform me of the people to no purpose ; if you cannot re- submission of the people--if not, you store tranquillity,and appease their minds, and your troops shall be put to the it is because you have excited them to re- sword.” This speech of the Emperor, volt, you have seduced them by propaga- repeated in the midst of the respectable ting falsehoods. Assemble the clergy, the people, the certainty that he command. heads of the convents, the Alcades, the ed in person, the losses sustained during men of property and influence, and let the foregoing day, had carried terror the town capitulate by six o'clock in the and repentance into all minds. During morning, or it shall be destroyed. I will the night the most mutinous withdrew not, nor ought I to withdraw my troops. themselves from the danger by flight, You have massacred the unfortunate and a part of the troops was disbanded. French prisoners who had fallen into At ten o'clock General Belliard took your hands ; only a few days ago, you the command of Madrid; all the posts suffered two persons in the suite of the were put into the hands of the French, Russian Ambassador to be dragged along and a general pardon was proclaimed. and murdered in the public streets, be- (The bulletin closes with a panegyric cause they were Frenchmen born. The on the order observed by the French in incapacity and baseness of a General taking possession of the town, the secuhad put into your power troops who rity enjoyed by the inhabitants, and had surrendered on the field of battle, with a tirade against the English, and and the capitulation has been violated. another long one against the Duke del You, M. Morla, what sort of an epistle Infantado, which ends with stating, that did you write to that General ? It well “ he will lose his titles, his property, became you, Sir, to talk of pillage, you, valued at 2,000,000 of livres a-year, and who, on entering Rousillon, carried off he will go to London to seek the contempt all the women, and distributed them as and ingratitude with which England has booty among your soldiers! What right always rewarded the men who sacrifice had you to hold such language else. their honour and their country to the where? The expectation ought to have injustice of their cause."] induced yoù to pursue a different line of Another bulletin gives further parti. conduct. See what has been the con. culars of the tranquil state of Madrid, duct of the English, who are far from and states, that a French soldier found piquing themselves on being rigid ob- 'guilty of plundering a number of wat servers of the law of nations. They ches, was shot in the principal square. have complained of the convention of The disarming was carried on without Portugal, but they have carried it into difficulty. The King of Spain (Josephy effect. To violate military treaties is had formed two regiments of foreign to renounce all civilization. It is pla- troops, from the late Spanish army ; one cing ourselves on a footing with the the Royal Foreigners, and the other that banditti of the desert. How dare you of Reding the younger, a Swiss General then presume to solicit capitulation, of a very different character from that you who violated that of Baylen? See of the Spanish General of the same how injustice and bad faith always recoil name. The sth and 8th corps of the upon the guilty, and operate to their French armies were but passing the Bi. prejudice. I had a Acet at Cadiz. It dossa, very far from the line of the was under the protection of Spain ; yet French army, and all the victories reyou directed against it the mortars of counted were already obtained, and the the town, where you commanded. I business was almost completely settled. had a Spanish army in my ranks; I would Another bulletin contains the following rather have viewed them embark on furious Proclamation and Decrees, issued board the English ships, and be obliged by Bonaparte about the soth December:


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PROCLAMATION BY BONAPARTE. by the guilty ; for God hath given me power “ Spaniards ! - You have been misled by and inclination to surmount all obstacles!" perfidious men. They have engaged you

Given at our Imperial Camp at Madrid, in a senseless struggle, and you have had

Dec. 7 1808. recourse to arms.

there one amongst you, who, after a moment's reflection upon Next to this proclamation come the proall that has passed, would not be convin- ceedings of a municipal meeting at Madced that you have been the sport of the rid, on the 9th, consisting of heads of all eternal enemies of the Continent, who take the great bodies, &c. appointed of course delight in witnessing the effusion of Spa- under the eye of Napoleon. The Correginish and French blood ? What possible re- dor rose to inform the meeting, that he had sule would attend even the success of some

been admitted into the Imperial presence, campaigns ? An endless war upon your and came to acquaint them of the benefisoil, and a tedious uncertainty respecting cent intentions of Napoleon and King Jothe fate of your properties and lives. With seph towards Spain, adding that the fate of in the space of a few months, you have Madrid would be happy and prosperous, been delivered up to all the afflictions of if the inhabitants adhered faithfully to the popular factions. The defeat of your ar- constitution, and acknowledged with sincemies has been the work of some marches; rity, for their legitimate King, Don Joseph ' I have entered Madrid; the rights of war Napoleon 1,; but otherwise their country would justify me in making a signal exam. would be reduced to a province of France. ple, hy washing away in blood the outra- The meeting then came to the following ges offered to me and to my nation ; 'but I resolutions :have listened to the dictates of clemency “ Resolved to implore his Royal Majesonly. Some men, the authors of all your ty to indulge the capital with the presence calamities, shall alone be punished. I shall of the King : That the Emperor should be speedily drive from the peninsula that En- again thanked for his kindness to the city glish army which has been sent to Spain, after he had conquered it, and for his para not for the purpose of assistance to you, but don of what had been done in Joseph's abto inspire you with a false confidence, and sence. To implore pardon for those whom to mislead you.

fear had driven from the city, and for the “ I had declared to you in my proclama- peasants in arms. That property and retion of the 2d of June, that I wished to be ligion be respected. A tribute of gratitude your regenerator. To the rights which was then voted to King Joseph, whose in. had been ceded to me by the Princes of the tercession with his brother had saved Madlast dynasty, you wished that I should add rid; that his Majesty be requested to fathe right of conquest.

That shall not vour the city with his presence, that, unmake any alteration in my intentions.-I. der his just and beneficent government, am even disposed to praise all that may be good order, justice, and tranquillity, may generous in your efforts; I am willing to he restored within its walls. His Majesty admit that your real interests have been is finally requested to employ his good of. concealed from you, that the real state offices with his Imperial Brother to pardon things has been disguised from you. Spa. the absent, and the inhabitants who had taniards, your destiny is in your own hands. ken up arms. Reject the poisons which the English have After the exhibition of this imperial spread amongst you : let your King be as- farce, we have a string of imperial decrees, sured of your affection and your confidence, which we can merely notice: and you will be more powerful and more The first provides, that every person who happy than you have ever been. All that shall be in possession of any portion of the obstructed your prosperity and your gran- civil or ecclesiastical imposts, shall cease to deur, I have destroyed; the chains which receive them, and those from whom they have borne down the people, I have bro- are liable shall pay them into the agents of ken; a free constitution gives you a limit- King Joseph or the treasury.-- Second Deed and constitutional, instead of an absolute cree. All Seigniorial Courts of Justice are monarchy, It depends upon yourselves whe- abolished in Spain, and there shall exist no ther this constitution shall still continue in other jurisdiction than the Royal Courts of

Justice. By a third Decree, the following “ But should all my


persons are proscribed as declared enemies Jess, and should you not merit my confi- and traitors to France and Spain : The Duke dence, nothing will remain for me but to d'Infantado, Duke de Medina Celi, Mar. treat you as conquered provinces, and to quis de Santa Cruz, Count de Altamira, place my brother upon another throne. 1 Pedro Cevallos, late Minister of State, shall then place the Crown of Spain upon Duke de Hijar, Duke de Ossuna, Count de my own head, and cause it to be respected Fernan Nunes, Prince of Castelfranco, Bi


your land.

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