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The army under Sir John Hope land- his proceedings in South Beveland, by ed at South Beveland on the ist of this which their Lordships will perceive that month, and, by a letter from Sir Rich. the operations of the combined force ard Keats, of yesterday's date, I find, under the Rear-Admiral and Sir John the whole of the island is in our posess. Hope, have been very successful, and sion, the enemy's ships are all above that the important post of Bathz has Lillo, and those most advanced, as high been evacuated by the enemy. I came up as Antwerp. We are getting our here to forward this dispatch to England, flotilla through the slough into the Wes. and shall leave the conjmand of this dia tern Scheldt, to prevent succours being vision with Rear-Admiral Otway, and thrown into Flushing by the canal of return to the flotilla, which I conclude Ghent. When the Řamekens battery is now investing Flushing. It is my inis taken, we hope to pass the lighter tention to hoist my ilag in one of the vessels to the Western Scheldt, for the small vessels in the Slough, that I may purpose of following up the other ob- be near the head-quarters of Lord Chatjects of the expedition,

ham, and to conduct the various servi. I cannot conclude this letter without ces in the West Scheldt. acknowledging the assistance I have re

I am, &c. ceived from Rear-Admiral Otway, and

(Sigoed) R. J. STRACHAN. how much I approve of the arrange, Hon. W. W. Pole. ments he made for landing the division under Sir Eyre Coote, which was car

Sabrina, off South Beveland, Aug. 1, ried into effect by Lord Amelius Beau- SIR, clerc, and Captain Cockburn, with much I have the satisfaction to inform you skill and activity. Sir Richard Keats, that Sir John Hope, and seven thausand in the execution of the arduous duties of his division of the army, were landed he has had to perform, has shewn his ac- on South Beveland this afternoon, since customed zeal and judgment. The Cap- which I have been informed by message tains, Officers, and crews of his Majesty's from him, that he was met, on his apships are indefatigable in the execution proach towards Gaes, by the magistrates, of their respective duties, and I have into which place he is at liberty to enter much pleasurç in adding, that there is a whenever he pleases. Three of the enemost perfect co-operation of the army my's ships of the line, and six brigs, and navy.--I have, &c.

are at anchor off the cast end of South

R. J. STRACHAN, Beveland; the others, I conclude, have P. S.--I send this by Lieut. Duncan, moved higher up the Scheldt.

whose cutter, the Idas, was close in Three of the four sloops I brought up shore, and covered the landing. with me struck in coming up. I have

hoisted my flag in the Sabrina, and am Venerable, off the Vere Gat, Ang. 5. 1809. not without hopes of getting the remainSIR,

ing parts of the division on shore, and It is with great satisfaction that I am most part of the army supplied to.mor. enabled to inclose, for their Lordships row. I have, &c. information, a copy of the capitulation

(Signed) R. G. KEATS. of the fort of Ramekens which surren- The substance of this letter was dered to his Majesty's forces under Lieutenant.General Fraser yesterday

sent by telegraphic communication from

the Sabrina, at five c'clock. The six afternoon. The possession of this post

brigs are getting under sail, and moving is of great importance to our further

up the Scheldt apparently, but the ships operations in the West Scheldt, as it will

of the line are still fast.
coable me, without molestation, to ad.
yance the whole of the flotilla, together

Sabrina, off Wemeldinge, Aug. 3. with the Camilla and Pallas, by the Soon after I landed I was informed by Slough, and which, I trust, will effectų. letter from Sir John Hope, that Bathz ally prevent any succours being thrown bad been evacuated in the night; and, into Flushing, either from Cadsand, or as he informed me, the communication by the Gheat Channel.

was open between Walcheren and this I have also the honour of forwarding island, and he had sent to Lord Chatham copies of Sir Richard Keats's account of an account of the evacuation, I conclu


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Total 127

ded you would hear it from thence, and tenants, 4 Serjeant-Majors, 13 serjeants went on to Bathz with a view to make 4 touriers, 10 drummers, 3 pipers, 328 observations, and from which I am this soldiers. Naval, i Captain, I Master, moment returned. R. G. KEATS. 17 sailors, i boy, : serjeant, s corporal, Rear. Admiral Sir R.J. Strachan, Bart,

13 privates (serving as marines.) -ToArticles of capitulation for the surren

Terms of Capitulation of the Fortress of der of the town of Middleburgh to

Ramakens, August 3. 1809. his Britannic Majesty's forces, in con

The garrison surrenders prisoners of sequence of a deputation from the

war, with every thing that belongs to Prefect and Burgomasters for that the fortress, whether ammunition, canpurpose :

non, or government stores, belonging to I. Security to be granted to every the French and Dutch, of every sort person, public functionaries, citizens, and and kind. The garrison will lay down inhabitants, provided they conduct their arms this moment ; and to be disa

themselves, as peaceable citizens, and posed of as the British Government . conform to such regulations as will be chuses.

hereafter established by the authority of The officers to keep their swords, the British Government. II. Protec- and will, with their soldiers, be permite tion to all private property whatsoever, ted to keep their private baggage. but all public property to be accounted Strength of the garrison. for to such Commissioners as will be 2 Captains, 1 Lieutenant, 4-serjeants named by the General commanding his y corporals, 2 drummers, ili privates, Britannic Majesty's forces. III. The armed citizens, or other inhabitants

Dispatches, of which the following who have done military dury, to be pro

are copies, have been received at tected in their persons and property, the office of Lord Viscount Castle. upon condition that their arms are gi.

reagh, one of his Majesty's Princi. ven to such persons as will be duly au.

pai Secretaries of State, from Lieu. thorised to receive them. IV. Public

tent-General the Earl of Chatham, functionaries and their families are per

K. G. mitted, if they desire it, to return to a

Head-quarters, Middleburgh, ny other part of Holland. V. All mili.

My Lord,

August 7. 1809. tary sick in hospital to remain where

Nothing very material has occurred they are at present, and to be taken care of by their own medical people, we have been unremmittingly employ.

since my last dispatch of the 3d instant. out must be considered prisoners of war, (Signed) Eyre Coote, Lieut.-Gen. ammunition, and stores, to the vicinity

ed in bringing up the artillery of siege, Heights of Bree Sand, this

of Flushing, and the troops have been 31st day of July 1809.

occupied in the construction of the bat. Articles of capitulation granted by Gen.

teries, and in carrying in the several Mackenzie Fraser, to the fortress.of been necessarily interrupted by the very

works before the place, but which have Veer, Aug. 1. 1809.

heavy rains which have fallen here. The garrison to march out of the

The enemy is active and enterprising, town with all the honours of war, and

and the garrison has certainly considerto ground their arms on the glacis, but

able reinforcements from the opposite to be considered prisoners of war.

coast; nor has it been in the power of The officers to keep their . borses, the fiótilla hitherto to prevent it. Unswords, and property, and the soldiers

der these circumstances it has been 'their knapsacks. All the artillery and

found necessary to land Lieut. General stores, and public property, to be de

Grosvenor's division, and the two light livered up.

battalions of the King's German legion Prisoners taken at Ter Veer,

have been also for the present brought Artillery-1 Lieut.-Colonel, 1 Cap. on shore. tain, 4 Lieutenants, 7 serjeants, 2 cor- Immediately on the fall of the Ram. porals, 6 fire-workers, 5 artificers, 65 akens, I determined, as soon as the negunners, 1 drummer. Infantry—4 Cap- cessary arrangements were made, to pass tains, 4 first Lieutenants, 5 second Lieu. the infantry of Lieut-General the Earl


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of Rosslyn's corps, together with Lieut. serjeant, 24 rank and file, wounded ; 4 General the Marquis of Huntly's divi- rank and file missing.--(Not returned sion, and the light brigades of artillery,

in time to be inserted in last return.) into South Beveland, with the reserve 81st Foot--rank and file killed; I under Lieutenant General Sir John Lieutenant, 4 rank and file wounded. Hope, and that the cavalry and ordnance $5th Fout-y rank and file wounded. ships, together with the transports for 95th Footmi rank and file killed ; I Lieutenant-General Grosvenor's divi. Lieuienant, 2 serjeants, 6 rank and file, sion, the moment tbeir services could be wounded. spared from before Flushing, should be Embodied Detachment-ı Ensign, 3 brought through the Slow Passage, and rank and file, wounded. proceed up the West Scheldt, but of Staff Corps-1 Lieutenant, *rank course this latter operation cannot take and file, wounded. (Not returned in place until a sufficient naval force shall time to be included in last return.) have been enabled to enter the river,

Total I Assistant Surgeon, 25 and to proceed in advance; but the very

rank and file, killed ; 1 Major, 6 severe blowing weather we have con

Lieutenants, 2 Ensigns, 4 serstantly experienced, added to the great jeants, 114 rank and file, wounda difficulty of the navigation, has hitherto ed; 4 rank and file missing. ballled all their efforts.

Names of officers killed and wounded,
By letters from. Lieutenant General 26th Foot-Lieut. Maxwell, danger-
Sir John Hope, I find that the enemy ously wounded.
had, on the sth instant, come down with

68th Foot-Major Thompson, dan-
about 28 gun.vessels before Batz, on gerously wounded ;-Lieutenant H. B.
which place they kept up a smart can- Muids and Ensign A. Thompson, slight-
nonade for some hours, but were forced ly wounded.
to retire by the guns from the fort, and 71st Foot-Assist. Surgeon H. Quin,
every thing has since remained quiet in killed; Lieutenant D. Fletcher, slightly
that quarter.

wounded. I have the honour to inclose a state. 8150 Foot-Lieut, K. Montgomery, ment of the casualties that have occur- slightly wounded. red in the several corps before Flushing, 95th Foot--Lieut. Hambly, slightly since the last returns of killed an

wounded. wounded. I have the honour to be, &c. Embodied Detachment-Ensign Ads

CHATHAM, dison of the 6th regiment, slightly. Return of the rank and names of the of

Staff Corps-Lieut. A. Taylor, slight. ficers, and of the number of non-com- ly wounded. missioned officers and rank and file Officers returned wounded in last return, killed, wounded, and missing, since

but whose names were not then known. Jast return (August 2.) to August 6.

68th Foot-Capt. Crespigny. Lieuts. 1309, inclusive.

M•Donald and J. Menzies, slightly. Head quarters, Middleburgh, 85th Foot-Lieutenant Buch, slightAug. 7. 1809.

ly wounded. 2d Batt. Ist Foot-4 raok and file

35th Foot-Capt. Frederick, wound. killed ; 5 rank and file wounded.

ed as per last return, since dead.

R. LONG. Col. Adj. Gen. 5th Foot-I rank and file killed; 20 rank and file wounded.

Middleburgh, 8th August 1809. 14th Foot:—2 rank and file wounded. My Lord,

26th Foot-5 rank and file killed ; I Since closing my dispatch of yesterLieutenant, 1 serjeant, 19 rank and file day's date, the enemy, towards five o'wounded.

clock in the evening, in considerable 320 Foot-2 rank and file killed; 15 force, made a vigorous sortie upon the rank and file wounded.

right of our line, occupied by Major 68th Foot-2 rank and file killed ; I General Graham's division. - Major, 1 Lieu ant, 1 Ens 6 rank The attack was principally directed and file wounded.

upon our advanced picquets, which were 715t Foot Assistant-Surgeon, 8 supported by the 3d battalion of the rank and file, killed; 2 Lieutenants, i Royals, the 5th and 35th regiments, un


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der Colonel Hay. These corps, to- 5th Foot-1 serjeant, 4 rank and file, gether with detachments of the royal ar. killed ; 1 Captain, 1 Lieutenant, 2 Entillery, the 95th and light battalions of signs, 47 rank and file, wounded; 1 Bre. the King's German legion, received the vet-Major, 2 rank and file, missing. enemy with their accustomed intrepi. 35th Foot-3 rank and file killed ; 3 dity, and, after a sharp contest, of some serjeants, 51 rank and file, wounded ; 2 duration, forced him to retire with very rank and file missing. considerable loss, in killed, wounded, 59th Foot-I rank and file wounded. and prisoners.

76th Foot-I rank and file killed. In this affair, the enemy has had an- 95th Foot-1 Lieutenant, 2 serjeant's, other opportunity of witnessing the su, 4 rank and file, wounded. perior gallantry of British troops. In ist Light Battalion of the King's no instance has he succeeded in inaking German legion-4 rank and file killed, the least impression throughout our line, 1 Lieutenant, i Ensign, 12 rank and and, on this occasion, so far from profi• file, wounded. ting by his attempt, he has been obliged Total-1 serjeant, 13 rank and file, to relinquish some very advantageous killed ; 1 Captain, 4 Lieutenants, 3 Enground, where our advanced posts are signs, 7 serjeants, 126 rank and file, now established.

wounded; 1 Brevet-Major, 4 rank and I cannot too strongly express my sense, file, missing, of the unremitting vigilance and ability Names of officers wounded and missing. inanifested by Major. General Graham,

Royal Artillery--Lieut, Grant slightin securing and maintaining his post a.

ly woanded. gainst the repeated attempts of the en

5th Foot-Brevet.Major Bird misemy to dislodge him; and I have great sing, supposed, to be taken prisoner; satisfaction in acquainting your Lord. ship, that the Major-General mentions, ed; Lieutenant C. Bird, Ensigns Gal

Captain Hamilton dangerously woundin terms of the warmest approbation, braith and Walton, slightly wounded. the distinguished conduct and gallantry

95th Foot-Lieut. Clarke dangerous.' of the officers and troops engaged on this

ly wounded. occasion. I am now enabled to transmit, for your legion - Lieutenant Frederick Du Fay

ist Light Bat. of the King's German Lordship's information, an abstract re.

and Ensign Frederick Hedeman, danturn of the ordnance, ammunition, and stores, that have fallen into our hands gerously wounded. since our arrival in this island.

ADMIRALTY OFFICE, Aug. 19. 1809. &c.

CHATHAM. Dispatches, of which the following are (Here follows a list of ordnance, &c. copies, have been received at this of, taken at Haak, Veer, Ramakens, and fice from Sir Richard John Strachan, batteries on the coast, amounting to up- Bart. K. B. Rear Admiral of the wards of 50 brass guns, 24 pounders, White, &c. addressed to the Hon. W. &c.; a number of mortars, cohorns, W. Pole. howitzers, muskets, swivels ; a vast

Kangaroo, in the West Scheldt, off quantity of ammunition, ball cartridges,

the Kaloot, Aug. 11. 1809. gun and travelling carriages, ordnance

SIR, stores, tools, cannon, &c. of every description.)

I beg leave to acquaint you, før the

information of the Lords Commissioners Return of the rank and names of offi- of the Admiralty, that I am this mo

cers, and of the number, of non-commissioned officers, and rank and file, veland, which has been attacked by a

ment going up to Bathz, in South Be. killed, wounded, and missing, in the affair of the 7th August.

strong detachment of the enemy's Aotil

la, and which, by Sir Richard Keats's Middleburg, August 8. 1809.

reports, consists of two frigates, one Royal Artillery-ı Lieut. 1 rank and bearing a Vice-Admiral's flag, thirty file, wounded.

brigs, eight luggers or schooners, and 3d Bat. Ist Foot-I rank and file fourteen gun boats. killed ; i serjeant 10 rank and file, I was under the necessity of detain. wounded

ing our fotilla, to prevent supplies be

I am,


ing thrown into the garrison at Flushing, Their Lordships must be aware, that
and to assist in cutting off its commu: in this extensive and complicated ser-
nication with Cadsand, which service vice, it is impossible for me to enter so
was effectually done, except during the fully into detail as I could wish, espe-
late heavy gales, which drove the gun- cially as our arrangements must vary
boats from their stations, and prevented in proportion with the movements of
our ships entering the Scheldt, from the enemy.
the circumstance of their not being able In my absence, I have directed Rear-
to weigh their anchors. Since the wea- Admiral Otway to superintend the se-
ther has moderated, the wind has pro- veral du ies relative to the investment
vockingly drawn round to the south• of this island, and to correspond with
east, which is the only obstacle that pre- the Admiralty on all matters of service.
vents Lord William Stuart, with a Captain Dobbie, who acted in the
squadron of ten heavy frigates, passing Pallas during the absence of Capt. Scy-
Flushing, as well as Rear. Admiral Lord mour, is the bearer of this dispatch.--
Gardner, with the effective line of bat. He had my fjag for some time in that
tle ships, taking up the anchorage in ship, and has been particularly attentive
Dykeshook Bay, where I intend his to the public service.
Lordship shall remain, with a view of In consequence of the protracted
having the assistance of that squadron siege of Flushing, and the necessity for
in our further operations against the e. tne flotilla going up the Scheldt, I
nemy, and eventually to proceed up the have ordered guns from the ships of

war, to fit twenty transports as gunThe divisions of the army under the ships, and with the launches of the ships Earl of Rosslyn and Marquis of Hunt. under Rear-Admiral Otway, to form a ly, landed on South Beveland on the flotilla for the lower part of the Scheldt, 9th.

which I trust their Lordships will apThe cavalry and ordnance ships, with prove. the brigs and some sloops of war, have You will please likewise to inform passed through the Slough, into the their Lordships, that Lord Gardner ha West Scheldi, and are now availing ordered the Centaur and Theseus to themselves of every favourable tide to cruise off the Texel. proceed to Bathz. I am also endea- I have the honour to be, &c. vouring to warp the Pallas and Circe

R. J. STRACHAN. through by the same channel, and with Hon. W. W. Pole. every probability of success.

Kangaroo, in the West Scheldt, Sir Home Popham was detached with


August 1 2. 1809. some guo vessels, for the purpose of Having directed the frigates named sounding the river, and of joining Sir in the margin * to proceed

up the West Richard Keats at Bathz.

Scheldt, under the orders of Lord Wil. The batteries are not yet ready to ou liam Stuart, Captain of the Lavinia, the pen on Flushing, therefore I hope to be moment the wind was favourable, that here again in time to co-operate with zealous officer availed himself of a light the army in the attack on that garrison. air from the westward, on the afternoon

I am concerned to add, that the ene. of the 11th instant, notwithstanding the my has cut the dyke to the right of the tide was against his proceeding, and pastown, and the island is likely to be in sed the batteries between Flushing and undated. I have ordered Rear-Admi- Cadsand; the ships were under the eneral Otway to send the Monmouth and my's fire nearly two hours. Agincourt to England for water, as The.gallant and seaman-like manner soon as they can be got down from in which this squadron was conducted, Zierickzee ; and earnestly intreat that and their steady and well directed fire, other means may be adopted for supply- excited in my breast the warmest sensa. ing the army and navy from England, tions of admiration. The army witness. as I apprehend all the water in this is. land will be spoiled by the inundation, and that there is not more in the other * Lavinia, Heroine, Amethyst, Ro. islands than is necessary for the subsist. ta, Nymphen, L'Aigle, Euryalus, Stati ence of the inhabitants,

ra, Dryad, and Perlin.

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