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the squadron against it, when such a lation, I accordingly nominated Lord measure should appear to be necessary. Gardner to meet Sir Eyre Coote, at

The squadron was led in by the Śt East Zouberg, and to take with him Dumingo, bearing my flag, and I was Captain Cockburn, in conjunction with followed by the Blake, with the flag the officers on the part of the army.of Rear-Admiral Lord Gardner; the o. Shortly after I received a message from ther ships advanced in succession. the Earl of Chatham, requesting to see Soon after we had opened our fire, the me at Zouberg. On my arrival there, wind came more southerly, and the St I found his Lordship had selected Col. Domingo grounded inside of the Dog Long, Adjutant-General of the army, Sand. Lord Gardner, not knowing our and Captain Cockburn, to be Commissituation, passed inside of us, by which sioners for settling the terms of capituthe Blake also grounded. The other lation, which were finally concluded ships were immediately directed to late in the evening of the 15th. haul off, and anchor as previously in In the extensive and various branch: tended.

es of the service committed to my care, After being some time in this situa-. their Lordships must be aware, that it tion, during which the enemy's fire would be impossible that all the flag.offi. slackened, by the active and zealous cers could be employed in the effective exertions of Captain Owen of the Clyde, ships under my command; but I am no who came to our assistance, and anchor less indebted for the active exertions of ed close to the St Domingo, she was Rear-Admiral Otway, with whom I left got off, and soon after I had the satis the difficult task of arranging all the faction of seeing the Blake also afloat, service connected with the operations and come to anchor with the rest of the against Flushing, and I am happy in squadron.

this opportunity of making him my acI was much pleased with the conduct knowledgements for the ability with and exertions of Capt. Gill, of the St which those arrangements were made, Domingo, and his officers, and with the and that service conducted. To Rear. steadiness, energy, and good order of Adm. Sir R. Keats, my thanks are parthe ships' company.

Lord Gardner ticularly due, for his zealous exertions bears equal testimony to the behaviour in defeating the intentions of the eneof the officers, seamen, and marines, of my at Bathz, and his active co-operathe Blake, and his Lordship mentions tion with Lieut.-Gen. Sir John Hope the assistance he received from Captain on South Beveland, and the upper part Codrington in the 'highest terms of of the East Scheldt. praise.

Their Lordships have already been The fire of the enemy towards the e. , informed that Rear-Adm. Lord Gardvening had considerably abated, the ner accompanied me on the service off town was burning in many places, and Flushing, where his Lordship conducmuch damage was done to the houses. ted himself with his accustomed gallanAt seven o'clock I received a message try. from Lieut. Gen. Sir Eyre Coote, re I have much pleasure in bearing the questing I would cease hostilities, as a most ample testimony to the exertions summons had been sent into Flushing; of Sir Home Popham, with the advanbut at night the fire again commenced, ced fotilla, in the upper part of the and was kept up without intermission West Scheldt, which has been of the until two o'clock of the morning of the most essential service. 15th, when the French Commandant I have received the most satisfactory General Monnet offered to surrender. accounts from Lieut.. Gen. Sir Eyre This was communicated to me by the Coote, of the conduct of Capt. Charles Lieut.-General, and in consequence I Richardson of the Cæsar, with whose directed the flag of truce to be hois- activity and zeal I have been long acted at day-light on board his Majesty's quainted. Captain Richardson speaks slips, and that hostilities should cease. in high terms of the assistance he recei.

The Lieutenant-General having also ved from Captain Blaney of the Harintimated his wish that two Commis. py, as well as his gallantry, throughout sioners should be sent on the part of the the whole of the service in the battery navy, to assist in the proposed capitu. worked by the seamen. I cannot con.


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clude this letter, without assuring their Captain Aberdour, who commands Lordships that every Captain, officer, the division of gun-boats now with me, seaman, and marine, have most zealous conducted himself much to my satisfacly done iheir duty, nor will it be tion, during the attack on Flushing; and thought taking away from the merits of under him Lieutenant Russel of the San others, in drawing their Lordships par. Josef, Baker of the Eagle, Bull of the ticular notice to the energetic exertions Impetueux, and Westphal, first Licuteof the Captains, officers, and men, em nant of the Belleisle, (who quitted his ployed in the gun boats: they have ship to take command of a subdivision been constantly under fire, and gone of the gun-boats,) severally distinguishthrough all the hardships of their situa ed themselves in their respective comtion, with the utmost cheerfulness.- mands. Indeed, Sir, the conduct of all Here with I enclose the reports of the those who had charge of the gun boats, officers who have had commands in the on this occasion, was highly merito. present service, including the reports rious. of killed and wounded.

The Captains of the bomb.ships are Lieutenant William May, First Lieu. likewise entitled to much praise, for tenant of my flag ship, is the bearer of the judgment with which they placed this dispatch, and I recommend him to their ships, and the precision with which their Lordships as an officer of merit. the shells were thrown from them ; the I have the honour to be, &c. constant and correct fire froin the Æina,

R. J. STRACHAN. Capt. Lawless, particularly drew my Camilla, in the West Scheldt,

attention. August 15th 1809.

I beg, Sir, also to be permitted to I have the honour to inform you, that

recommend to your notice and conside

ration Captain Philip Brown, of this in pursuance of your instructions, I yesterday hoisted my flag in the Camil. ship, to whom I feel under great obligun brigs, and four divisions of gun skill, and propriety, with which he has la, and am at present with 18 sloops and gation, for the assistance lie has at all

times afforded me, and for the assiduity, boats, lying between the Saeftingen Shoals, a position judiciously chosen by managed the various details and arrange

ments of the flotilla, at the frequent peCaptain Sir Home Popham, as it effectually cuts off the communication be

riods of my being otherwise occupied tween the East and West Scheldt.

ir gun-vessels, on shore, &c. The enemy's flotilla, considerably in the Marlborough and Resolution, arri.

Captains Phillimore and Ward, of creased in number, has retired above or under the protection of Lillo, and the time enough to assist at the reduction

ved with their light armed transports men of war, with top gallant yards cros. sed, are anchored off and below Ant

of the fort; but I am sorry to add, werp, as far down as Phillipe. Six of that the country and service have to our frigates are anchored off

' Waerden, regret the loss of Lieutenant Rennie, waiting an opportunity to come up.

who was embarked with Captain Ward,

and who fell soon after getting into acR. G. KEATS.

tion. I cannot, Sir, conclude this letRear Admiral Sir R. 7. Strachan, Bart. ter, without also mentioning to you

His Majesty's sloop, Plover, off Lieutenant Bigland of the Belleisle, who
Flushing, August 15. 1809. has invariably attended me as Aid de.

camp, and whose courage and zeal fully I have the honour to enclose here. entitle him to this public acknowiedge. with, a list of killed and wounded on ment thereof. board the flotilla under my orders du I have the honour to be, &c. sing our late operations; and I feel it a

G. COCKBURN, duty incumbent on me, at the same

Captain of his Majesty's sloop Bel. time to state to you, that the several Captains, officers, and men, which you

leisle, and commanding bis Mawere pleased to place under my orders,

jesty's Flotilia before Flushing. have by their exertions and gallant con- Rear Admiral Sir R. J. Strachan, duct, merited my warmest praise and A return of killed and wounded on Conowledgements.

board the Flotilla under the orders




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of Captain Cockburn, of his Majesty's

East Zouberg, before Flushing, ship Beileisle, at the attack of Flush.

August 16. 1809.
ing, from the of August 1809 un.
til the 15th following.

I beg leave to inform you, that, in

obedience to your general orders, issued Blake (gun-boat, No. 67,) 1 killed, 4 on the 28th ult. I landed with the army wounded.

on the sand hills, near the signal post on San Josef(gun-boat, No. 67,)4 wounded. the island of Walcheren, on the 30th ult, San Domingo (gun-buat, No. 67,) I The officers and seamen you did me the wounded.

honour to place under my orders, were Orion, (gun boat, No. 270,) 1 killed.

composed of three divisions, having Monarch (gun-boat, No.19,)4

wounded. charge of nine pieces of ordnance, Resolution (gun boat, No. 27,) I wound. which were drawn and worked by them. ed.

At eight A.M. on the 31st, the left diImpetueux, (gun-boat, No.68,) 1 killed. vision took post before Ter Vere, and Impetueux, (gun-boat, No.08,) 1 killed, joined in the attack of that place, throw3 wounded.

ing several cases of rockets into it with Marlborough, (gun-boat, No. 62,) 1 good effect; during the night, a flag of killed.

truce was received, and the terms of Royal Sovereign yacht (Ætna bomb,) 1 capitulation agreed to and signed by killed.

General Fraser and myself. On the Hero (ship’s launch), 1 killed, 2 wound- first inst. the troops quitted Ter Vere, ed.

on their way to Fort Ramakens, when Resolution (armed transport Ann,) i we were constantly employed on the killed, 2 wounded.

construction of works, and drawing Total-oy killed, 22 wounded.

heavy cannon, till it also capitulated on Names of Oficers killed and wounded.

the 2d, at night. The detachment then

proceeded to East Zouberg, and were Marlborough-Lieut. Rennie, killed. employed, day and night, in cutting fasSan Josef Lieutenant Russel, and Mr cines, erecting batteries, and drawing Burnside, surgeon, slightly wounded. heavy ordnance into them. The artila

lery horses being found inadequate to Monarch, off Campvere, Aug. 16. 1809. perform that service from the narrow

roads, darkness of the night, and diffiSIR,

culty of driving clear of the ditches, I have the honour to enclose, for into which they had thrown several your information, a report from Captain twenty-four pounder guns and carriages. Richardson, of his Majesty's ship Cesar, This important duty, from the heavy who commanded the brigade of seamen

rains, and soft muddy soil, was attendthat landed on the 30th ult, with the

ed with the greatest difficulty and fadivision of the army under the orders tigue. of Lieutenant General Sir Eyre Coote, After having assisted in mounting all K. B, and I beg leave to add, that I am the batteries, and otherwise completing authorised, by the Lieutenant General them, on the 12th, General Sir Eyre who commanded the siege of Flushing, Coote honoured me with the command and under whose orders the naval bri.

of a new work, just lined out of for six gade more immediately acted; as like.

24-pounders; we made every possible wise by Major General M‘Leod, the

exertion to complete it, under a galling commanding officer of the royal artille- fire from the enemy's ramparts, distant ry, to express their high approbation of only 600 yards; during the day, four the bravery and zeal so very conspicu were killed and one wounded in the ous in the cond:ct of Captains Richard. battery. At sun rise on the 14th, we son and Blaney, and the whole of the opened a most destructive fire on the officers and men under their command, rampart and town in front of us, and in during the continuance of a long and

two hours every gun we could bear u. most arduous service.

Our fire was kept up I have the honour to be, &c.

incessantly until about seven o'clock

WM. A. OTWAY. in the evening, when I received an Rear-Admiral Sir R, J. Strachan. order to cease firing, as did all the

pon was silent,

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other works. We immediately put the being a detachment of seamen urder battery in a state for renewing the fire the orders of Captain Charles Richif found necessary, and at nine we ope ardson, of his Majesty's ship Cesar, ned again, by order, with still greater Aug. 14. 1809. effect, and continued our fire until two Revenge.-- Wounded-Edward Har. o'clock, when we ceased to fire, by or rick, midshipman; Felix Benjamin, der, the French General having agreed Benjamin Parrot, John Hitchcock, and to capitulate on the basis of the garri. Thomas Scott, seamen. son becoming prisoners of war.

Hero.-Wounded—John Woodcock I cannot conclude this report without and William Butler, seamen. assuring you that I have received every Total 7 wounded, possible support from Captain Blaney,

Total Killed and Wounded. and the Lieutenants of the different Captain Cockburn's Return-7 killed, ships under my orders; and I beg to 22 wounded, recommend them to your attention and General Return—2 killed, 18 woundprotection.

ed. I have likewise the honour to en. Captain Richardson's Return-7 close the names of the Lieutenants, ac. wounded. cording to their seniority, who served Total-, killed, 47 wounded. with me in the batteries on this occa

(Signed) R. J. STRACHAN. sion, and beg leave, from their exertions, A letter from Rear Admiral Sir Rich. earnestly to recommend them to your J. Strachan, to the Hon. William Wel. notice,

lesley Pole, dated on board the St Do. I likewise add a return of the casual- mingo, Flushing, 17th August 1809, ties of the officers and men,

transmits one from Sir Richard Goodwin I have the honour to be. &c. Keats, enclosing the terms of capitula.

CHARLES RICHARDSON. tion for the surrender of the towns of Rear-Admiral Wm. A. Otway.

Zeirickzee and Browershaven, with the

whole of the islands of Schowen and Names of the Lieutenants, according

to Duiveland, of which the following is a their seniority, who served in the bat

copy. tery before Flushing, under the or

Articles of Capitulation, entered into ders of Captain Richardson, of his

for the surrender of the towns of Majesty's ship Cesar.

Zeirickzee and Browershaven, and Lieutenants John Wyborn, Nicholson,

the whole of the islands of Schowen Travers, Hilton, Howell, Medway,

and Duiveland, to his Britannic Maand Hall. A return of the killed and wounded, be

jesty's furces, and concluded between longing to his Majesty's ships, in pas

ihe Earl of Rosslyn, Lieut.-General,

and Richard Goodwin Keats, K. B. sing the batteries of Flushing, on the

Rear-Admiral of the Blue, on the one 15th August 1809. Blake.-Killed - James Gatt, serjeant

part; and Mr J. Nelemans, Mr Seof marines; John Lowry, seamad.

cretary Van Dorff, and Mr J. de Ka. Wounded-Andrew Money, Thomas

ter, Members of the Regency, Depu.

ties from the towns of Zeirickzee and Coat, Robert MacBurpie, and James

Browershaven, and the whole of the Lee, seamen, slightly; James Goodby,

islands of Schowen and Duiveland, on private, and William Stewart corporal of

the other part. marines, severely; John Macnamara, The said Deputies, in consequence of William Manby, and William Firby, privates of marines, slightly.

the eighth article of the capitulation

of the town of Middleburgh,communiSt Domingo.—Wounded - John Maynard, Charles M Murray, Hugh Molloy,

cated to them by the Prefect of Zee

land, and in conformity to the disposi. James Grady, Richard Platt, John Kir.

tion from him of the 6th August, have by, William Conner, Joseph Clearman, and William Owen, seamen.

expressed their readiness to accede Total-2 Killed, 18 wounded.

to the conditions of the said capitula(Copy) R. J. STRACHAY.

tion, and the whole of the islands of

Schowen and Duiveland, to bis Bri. A return of the killed and wounded in tannic Majesty's forces, upon the folthe scamen's battery before Flushing, lowing articles of capitulation :


Article I. Security shall be granted ADMIRALTY OFFICE, September 2. to every person, public functionaries, private persons, citizens, and inhabi: Extract of a letter from Rear-Admiral tants, whatever their political opinions

Sir Richard John Strachan, Bart, K. may have been, or now are, provided

B. to the Hon. W. Wellesley Pole, they conduct themselves as peaceabie

dated on board his Majesty's sbip the citizens, and conform to such regula

St Domingo, off Bathz, the 27th Autions as shall be hereafter established by

gust 1809. the authority of the British Government. I have now to acquaint you, for their

Art. II. Protection shall be granted Lordships information, that the flat boats, to all private property, but all public of every description of vessels, being property is to be accounted for, tò such assembled, and every necessary arrangecommissioners as shall be named by ihe ment made, on the part of the navy, General and Admiral commanding his for landing the army near Santfleet, on Britannic Majesty's forces.

the beach, which had been previously Art. III. T'he arms of the inhabitants, reconnoitred, and, not hearing from the which have been received from the Go: Earl of Chatham respecting his intenvernment, shall be delivered to such of- tions, I communicated with his Lord. ficer as shall be appointed on the part ship on the 24th instant, and on the of his Britannic Majesty to receive the following day, I found his Lorưship had same; but it shall be permitted to the not come to a determination, on account Magistrates to retain such proportion of the increased force of the enemy, and of them, and tó arm such part of the the army getting sickly, and hat he had burghers, for the purpose of the inter. sent for the Generals to consult, I, there. nal police of the towns, as shall appear fore, on the morning of the 26th, wrote to be proper and necessary to the offi. to liis Lordship, and I soon after went cer commanding in the island on the on shore to the meeting of the Lieutepart of his Britannic Majesty ; but none nant-Generals of the army, taking with shall be retained or used, except subject me Rear-Admiral Sir Richard Keats. to his authority and his discretion. I found them decidedly of opinion that

Art. IV. Public functionaries and no operation could be undertaken a. their families shall be permitted, if they gainst Antwerp, with any prospect of desire it, to return to any other part of success, at this advanced season of the Holland ; but such as shall remain shall, year, and the enemy increasing in if required and authorised so to do, bý strength, and our own forces diminish. the officer commanding in the islands, ed by sickness; and that, as the taking continue to exercise their several func. of Lillo and Liefkenshoek would not tions, for the administration of the af- insure our obtaining the ultimate obfairs of the towns and islands aforesaid. ject of the expedition, without Antwerp

Art. V. Iohabitants who are absent being reduced, and the country near from their houses, shall be perinitted to these fortresses being inundated, it was return with their property, subject to also their decided opinion, that the ar. the conditions in the first article. in.y ought not to make any attempt on

Art. VI. Every care shall be taken them. I had already, in the most una that the quartering of the troops stà qualified manner, offered every naval tioned in the towns and islands, shall be assisiance to reduce these fortresses, and made as little burdensome to the inha. also in aid of every other operation of bitants as possible.

the army. Conceiving the subject of Art. Vli. If any misunderstanding the deliberations of the Generals perfectshall arise, regarding the foregoing arti ly military, I withdrew with Sir Richcles, they shall be explained in favour of ard Keats. The ships of the enemny, the inhabitants of the towns and islands which were above the town of Antwerp aforesaid.

about five miles, have come down, and Done on board his Majesty's ship Su are now extended along the river face perb, off Cattendyke, Aug. 14.1809. of it, except two of the line, lower (Signed) Rosslyn, Lieut. Gen. down, in the reach above Leifkens, R. G. KEATS.

hoek; and four frigates went to Lillo. J. DE Kater. An immense number of small gun-boats Joh. NELEMANS. are on the boom ; behind them a cre

A. J. VAN DORFF. scent of sixty gun and mortar brigs. Sept. 1809.


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