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The battery between Lillo and Fredrick quarter, distributed between the envi. Hendrick is finished; it has ten guns. rons of Bergen-op-Zoom, Breda, Lillo, The enemy has been driven from that and Antwerp, and cantoned on the opwhich he was constructing on the Doel posite coast, is not less than thirty-five side, with loss, by the fire of our bombs thousand men, and by some statements and gun.vessels.

is estimated higher. Though a land, ing on the continent might, I have no

doubt, have been forced, yet as the Downing Street, Sept. 2.

siege of Antwerp, the possession of A dispatch, of which the following is a which could alone have secured to us

copy, was yesterday morning receive any of the ulterior objects of this expeed at the office of Lord Viscount dition, was, by this state of things, renCastlereagh, one of his Majesty's Se. dered utterly impracticable, such a meacretaries of State, from Lieutenant sure, if successful, could have led to no General the Earl of Chatham, dated solid advantage ; and the retreat of the head-quarters, Bathz, Aug. 29. 1809. army, which must at an early period MY LORD,

have been inevitable, would have been

exposed to much hazard. Major Bradford delivered to The utmost force, (and that daily your Lordship's dispatch of the 21st decreasing) that I could have brought inst. signifying to me his Majesty's into the field, after providing for the commands that I should convey to occupations of Walcheren and South Lieutenant-General Sir Eyre Coote, the Beveland, would have amounted to a. General Officers, and other troops em bout twenty-three thousand infantry ployed before Flushing, and particular and two thousand cavalry. Your ly to those of the artillery and engi. Lordship must at once see, even if the neer department, his Majesty's most enemy's force had been less numerous gracious approbation of their conduct; than represented, after the necessary and which I have obeyed with the detachments to observe the garrisons of most entire satisfaction.

Bergen-op-Zoom and Breda, and secu. I had the honour, in my last dispatch, ring our communication, how very in. of acquainting your Lordship with my adequate a force must have remained intention of proceeding to this place, for operations against Lilo and Lief. and should have been most happy to kenshoek, and ultimately against Ani. have been enabled to have announced werp; which town, so far from being in to your Lordship the further progress the state which had been reported, is, of this army. Unfortunately, however, from very correct accounts, represented it becomes my duty, to state to your to be in a complete state of defence ; Lordship, that, from the concurrent tes and the enemy's ships had been brought timony from so many quarters, as to up, and placed in security, under the leave no doubt of the truth of the in.

guns of the citadel. formation, the enemy appears to have Under these circumstances, however collected so formidable a force, as to mortifying to me, to see the progress convince me that the period was. ar arrested of an army, from whose good rived at which my instructions would conduct and valour I had every thing have directed me to withdraw the army to hope, I feel that my duty left me no under my command, even if engaged other course than to close my operain actual operations,

tions here ; and it will always be a saI had certainly understood, on my tisfaction to me to think, that I have arrival at Walcheren, that the enemy not been induced lightly to commit the were assembling in considerable force safety of the army confided to me, or on all points ; but I was unwilling to the reputation of his Majesty's arms.give too much credit to these reports, It was an additional satisfaction to me and I was determined to persevere, un to find, that the unanimous opinion of til I was satisfied, upon the fullest in the Lieutenant Generals of this army, formation, that all further attempts whom I thought it right to consuli, would be unavailable.

more out of respect to them, than that From all our intelligence it appears I thought a doubt could be entertained that the force of the enemy in this on the subject, concurred entirely in

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that purpose.

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the sentiments I have submitted to your were waiting my instructions at Paler. Lordship.

mo, under the command of LieutenantI am concerned to say, that the effect General de Bourcard, to proceed to a of the climate, at this unhealthy period of given rendezvous. His Royal Highthe year, is felt most seriously, and that ness Prince Leopold, I found, at our the number of sick already is little short subsequent junction, had embarked with of three thousand men.

this division. It is my intention to withdraw gradu. Our appearance on the coast of Ca. ally from the advanced position in this labria, which we re hed on the morn. island, and after sending into Walcheren, ing of the 13th, had the effect of indusuch an additional force as may be ne cing the body of the enemy stationed cessary to secure that important pos- in that province to abandon, for the pursession, to embark the remainder of pose of immediate concentration, the the troops, and to hold them in readi- greater part of their posts along the ness to await his Majesty's further com shore, when those upon the line oppo. mands, which I shall most anxiously ex site Messina were seized and disarmed peci.

by a corps under Lieutenant.Colonel I have the honour to be, &c. Smith, who had been detached from the

CHATHAM. fleet immediately after our sailing from

Milazzo, with provisionary orders for ITALY.

Major.General Mackenzie, who had

sailed with me, as designed to bear a The following dispatches from Sir John Stuart contain an account of a successful part in this expedition, returned also, at descent which his army has made on the my request, about this period, for the coast of Naples.

general superintendance of these serDowning Street, Sept. 4.

vices, as well as to hold the general Dispatches, of which the following are,

command in Sicily, which becomes a copies, were yesterday morning re

charge so important during the term of ceived at the office of Lord Viscount

our present operations. Castlereagh, one of his Majesty's prin- sion of the British and Sicilian fleet,

On the 24th ult. the advanced divi. cipal Secretaries of State, from Lieut.General Sir Jolin Stuart, dated is. namely, that which contained the Brichia, 5th and 9th of July last.

tish troops, anchored off Cape Miseno,

in the vicinity of Baia, when our preMY LORD, Ischia, July 5. 1809. parations were immediately made for a In my dispatch to your Lordship of debarkation upon the island of Ischia ; the gth'ult. from Milazzo, I did myself and the necessary arrangements and disthe honour to acquaint you with a pro- positions of boats being intrusted, by ject which I had formed, in concert with the Admiral, to Sir F. Laforey, a deRear-Admiral Martin, to make such a

scent was forced, on the following movement as, although it should pro- morning, by the troops named in the duce no issue of achicvement to our.

margin *, commanded by Major-Geneselves, might still operate a diversion

ral MacFarlane, under the immediate in favour of our Austrian allies, under

fire of his Majesty's ships Warrior and the heavy pressure of reverse with which Success, aided by the British and Siciwe had learned, at the period, they were

lian bravely, but unequally struggling.

The first measure that suggested it. self to our contemplation, was a menace Troops that landed under the command upon the kingdom and the capital of of Major-General MacFarlane, assisted Naples; and the army as within detail

by the Hon. Brig.-General Lumley

...850 ed being embarked, we sailed, under

1st Batt. Light Infantry.. convoy of his Majesty's ships Canopus,

2d Batt. Light Infantry (Foreign)......330 81st Regiment....

.600 Spartiate, Warrior, and some frigates

Corsican Rangers....... and smaller vessels, on the nath of last

Detachment Calabrian Free Corps......150 month, leaving orders to the division of

Artillery, Staff Corps, &c......... his Sicilian Majesty's troops, which had

-2980 been placed under my command, and 4 Six. pounders. ? Howitzers.

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lian gun-boats, in the face of a formi. It is with much greater satisfaction, dable chain of batteries, with which however, my Lord, than any that can every aćcessible part of the shore was be derived from these local or momenperfectly fortified. These were turned, tary advantages, that I coniemplate our and successively abandoned as success in the material and important troops gained their footing. About 250 cbject of diversion, for which this ex. or 300 men of the ist legere, in the first pedition was designed. A considerable instance, fell into our hands. General body of troops, which had been recent. Colonna, who commanded, retired, with ly detached from Naples, as a reinforcehis principal force into the casile, where ment to the army in Upper Italy, as he rejected a summons from Major. Ge- well as almost the whole of the troops neral MacFarlane, and held out until which had been sent into the Roman the 30th ult, when a breaching battery states, to aid the late usurpation of ihe having been erected against his works, Papal dominions, were precipitately rehe surrendered upon terms of capitula. called, on our first appearance on the tion.

coast; and I venture to hope, that the As it was conjectured by the Admi- check which has been operated, and ral and myself that the success and which I shall endeavour to preserve, promptitude with which the landing u. will have already, tho' remotely, contri. pon Ischia was effected, might proba. buted to support the efforts of our brave bly operate an influence upon the ad- alties, jacent garrison of Procida, a summons The preponderating regular force was immediately sent to the Command.. which the eremy has now assembled in ant thereof, who in the course of the the contiguity of Naples, aided by a day submitted to our proposed terms; large body of national guards, preclude an event which contributed most for. the hope, at this moment, of any aftack tunately to the entire capture or de. upon the capital. But our footing upstruction of a large flotilla of about for. on these healthy islands (which were ty heavy gun-boats, which attempted essentially necessary to us as a tempotheir passage during the night and fol. rary lodgment as well as depot,) in af. lowing morning to Naples from Gaeta, fording us the earliest means of inforand expected to find protection, as well mation, as also a position from which as co-operation, under the artillery of we can profit from circumstances, or the fortress, in their passage through can move with facility and promptitude the narrow strait that separates the is. to ulterior objects'; while our enemy, land from the main.

who are observing us from the unw hol. This important service was executed some plains of Beia, must be kept on the by Captain Staines, of his Majesty's ship alert by the uncertainty of our operaCyane, assisted by the Espoir sloop, and tions, and harassed by ihe necessity of the British and Sicilian gun-boats. It corresponding with our every move. is with regret I add, that in a subsequent ment. intrepid attack upon the frigate and cor A flotilla of gun boats, which I found vette of the enemy in the bay, the a it necessary to fit out at Messina, to aid bove gallant oficer has received a wound, the army in that narrow strait, under which must for some time deprive the the direction of Captain Reade, of the service of his assistance.

Quartermaster - General's department, The amount of prisoners who have has acquired the approbation of the Adfallen into our hands already exceeds miral, by their conduct upon this ser. 1500 regular troops, exclusive of their vice. Captain Cameron, of the 21st rekilled and wounded, both of military giment, who commanded a division of and marine, in different partial encoun These boats, is unfortunately among the ters, which we have reason to think are few who have fallen. considerable. Among the prisoners are The harmony and perfect concert a General of Brigade, two Colonels, and that have subsisted between the naval upwards of 70 officers of progressive and military branches upon this duty, ranks.

and between his Majesty's forces and Nearly one hundred pieces of ord. those of his Siciliau Majesty ; the great nance, with their corresponding stores, disposition to concurrence and support have also become our capture.

which I have received from Lieutenant


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General Lord Forbes, and the other Ge- tached, after our sailing from Milazzo,
neral Officers ; the able arrangements of with the roth regiment and Chasseurs
the Adjutani-General's and the Quarter- Britanniques, which were to be joined
master · General's departments, under at the Faro by the 21st regiment, with
Major - General Campbell and Lieut. orders to occupy and disarm the posts
Colonel Bunbury, as well as those of on the strait opposite to Messina, u.
the ordnance branches, under Lieute pon the late retreat of the enemy, on
nants. Colonels Bryce and Lemoine; the the first appearance of our armament u.,
providence of the Commissariat and Me. pon the coast of Calabria.
dical departments, under Mr Burgham Au attempt to reduce the castle of
and Dr Franklin, and the zeal, readi. Scylla was attended, in the first instance,
ness, and goodwill of the army through with disappointment, irom the sudden
out, are the means by which I am pre reappearance of a large preponderating
pared to avail myself of opportunities to force of the enemy, which constrained
prosecute further a service, the plans Lieut.-Colonel Smith to raise the siege,
and progress hitherto of which, I humbly

and embark for Messina; a peasure, hope, will meet his Majesty's most gra

which was effected, I am happy to say, ciuus approbation.

on the 20th ult. without the smallest I have the honour to be, &c. loss, but that of his besieging train,

J. STUART. which necessarily became a sacrifice.(Here follow the articles of capitulation of ly a sacrifice of the moment.

It fortunately, however, has proved on

The of Ischịa.)

ficial reports from Major - General Return of killed and wounded belonging Mackenzie state to me, that, on the

to the army under the command of night of the ad inst, the enemy, from Lieutenant-General Sir John Stuart, some sudden panic, retreated again from K. B. &c. between the 24th and 30th the coast, having previously blown up of June 1809.

the works of Scylla, and not only left us Ischia, July 4. 1809. again our captured stores, but an im21st Foot-I Subaltern killed.

mense quantity of ordnance and stores bih Bat. 13th King's German Legion

of their own, which had been placed in “I rank and file (rifleman) killed, 3

depot. Major - General Mackenzie rank and file (i rifleman), wounded.

mentions to me, in particular, that thirty Corsican Rangers.---1 Captain, i ser

pieces of brass cannon had been thrown jeant, 2 rank and file, wounded.

from the rock into the sea, from whence, Calabrian Free Corps- Bugle, I rank

however, there could be no difficulty in and file, killed; i serjeant wounded.

raising them, the water being extremely Army Flotilla-2 Marines killed, and

shallow. 2 wounded.

These stores had been progressively Total-i Subaltern, i bugle, 2 rank assembling, I am informed, by means of

and file, 2 marines, killed ; i Captain, coasting navigation, for a considerable 2 serjeants, 5 rank and file, 2 marines, time past, as preparatory to the longwounded.

menaced, and I believe, really intended

invasion of the kingdom of Sicily. Names of Officers killed and wounded.

The conduct of Lieut-Colonel Smith, 21st Four-Lieutenant Cameron, do. during the course of this service, al

ing duty with the flotilla, killed. though atiended with a momentary reCorsican Rangers Captain Arata, verse, has been represented to me by wounded.

Major General Mackenzie in terms of J. CAMPBELL, Maj. Gen. A. G. great approbation, with every praise to

the zeal and perseverance of the troops (Here follows a return of ordnance employed under his orders. He has al. and ordnance stores, taken in the islands so expressed great acknowledgements to of Ischia and Procida.)

the active assistance of Captains Craw

ley and Palmer, of his Majesty's ships MY LORD, Ischia, July 9. 809. Philomel and Alacrity, who were his coIn iny dispatch of the 5th inst. I had operators on this service. the honour of stating to your Lordship, The great disunion of party in the that Lieut.-Colonel Smith had been de province was a material obstacle to every

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means of ip!elligence, and led to the were repulsed with great slaughter, but the loss of a detachment of the 21st regiment, loss on our side was also very considerable. which had been sent, at the solicitation. From the almost impossibility of obtaining of the inhabitants of the town of Palmi, provisions and transport for such for their protection. General Mural arniies so near each other, Sir Arthur Wel.

lesley has found it necessary to retire upon directed a flag of truce to me after our

the frontier of Portugal.--The following arrival here, to cffer to treat for the ex

letters to Lord Casilereagh contain the change of the ofl.cers, non commissioni.

account of the General's operations down ed officers, and eighty men of this par.

to the end August. ty, who were stated to be prisoners, and on their march to Naples.--I had scarce

Placentia, July 15. 1809*

MY LORD, ly agreed to the measure, wher, in a

Alter I had written co your Lordship on seeming fit of humour, occasioned by a dissatisfaction at the terms of capitula.

the 1st. inst. Joseph Boua parte crossed the rion of this island, he sent another fiag Tagus again, and joined sebastiani with the

troops he had brought from Madrid, and again to me, withdrawing the foriner

with a detachment from Marshól Victor's offer, and declining any further corres.

corps, making the corps of Sebastiani about pondence or coinm.unication with me

twenty-eight thousand inen, with an inttuwhatever.

tion of attacking Venegas's corps. VeneI have ihe honour to be, &c. gas, hou ever, retired into the mountains of J. STUART, Lieut.-General. the Sierra Morena, and Col. Larry, with

his advanced guard, attacked a French ad. Return of casualties in the division of vanced corps in the night, and destroyed

the army under the orders of Lieute inany of them. want.Colonel Smith, 27th regiment,

The French troops then returned again

to the Tagus, which river Joseph had crosduring the siege of Scylla Castle, and

sed with the reinforcement which he had at Palmi, from the 13th to the 28th of taken to Sebastiani's corps; and this last June 1809.

corps, consisting of ten thousand men only Royal Artillery--I mule killed, 2 was on the left bank of the Tagus, about Jank and file wounded, 4 horses and Madnelejos, in front of Venegas, who was 11 mules missing.

again advancing. The last accounts from 10th Foot~2 rank and file missing.

this quarter were of the 8th. The Frencia 2 Ist Foot--1 Captain, 1 rank and file,

army under Victor, joined by the detach

ments brought by Joseph from Sebastiani's killed ; 7 rank and tile wounded ; 2 Captains, 2 subalterns, 4 serjeants, 2 drum- thirty-five thousand men, are concentrated

corps, and amounting in the whole to about mers, 76 rank and file, prisoners ; 7 tank in the urighbourhood of Talavera, and on and file missing.

the Alberche ; General Cuesta's army has Chasseurs Britanniques--13 rank and been in the position which I had informed file missing.

your Lordship that it had taken up since Dillon's Regiment2 rank and file I addressed you on the 1st inst. missing.

The advanced guard of the British army Toual-I Captain, I tank and file, i

arrived here on the 8th, and the troops mule, killed; 9 rark and tile wounded; by the 10th; the 23d light dragoons and

which were with me on the l'agus arrived 2 Captains, 2 subalterns, 4 serjeants, 2

the 48th arrived yesterday ; the 61st regi. drummers, 76 rank and file, prisoners ;

ment will arırve tomorrow. 24 rank and file, 4 horses, 11 mules, mis.

I went to General Cuesta's quarters a sing.

Almarez, on the 10th, and stayed there Narnes of the Officers killed and taken Pria till the 13th, and I have arranged with

that General, a plan of operations upon the

French army, which we are to begin to 21st Foot-Captain Hunter killed,

carry into execution on the 18th, if the
Captains Mackay and Conran, Lieuts. French should remain so long in their po-
M.Nab and Mackay, taken prisoners. sition.
J. CAMPBELL Maj. Gen. The Spanish army, under GeneralCuesta,

consists of about 38,000 men (exclusive of

Venegas's corps), of which 7000 are caval. important intelligence has been received ty: About 14,000 men are detached to the from the British army in Spain. On the bridge of Arzobispo, and the remainder are 90 28th of July, two very severe bat. in the camp under the Puerte de Mirabete. fought, in which the French I have the pleasure to inform your



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