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Lordship, that the seven battalions of infine General of the Spanish army, as soon as I
iry from Ireland and the islands, and the found that this country would furnish no
troops of horse artillery from Great Britain, means of this descripcion.
arrived at Lisbon in the beginning of the General Cuesta has urged the Central
month. General Crauford's rigade is on Junta to adopt vigorous measures to relieve
its march to join the army, but will not ar our wants; tiili ini supplied, I do not think
rive till the 24th or 25th.

it proper, and indeed i cannot, continue my I have the honour to be, &c.

operations. I have great hopes, however, ARTHUR WELLESLEY. that, before long, I shall be supplied from

Andalusia and La Mancha with the means Talavera de la Reyna, July 24. 1809. which I require, and I shall then resume MY LORD,

the active operacions which I have been comAccording to the arrangement which I pelled to relinquish. had settled with General Cuesta, the army

I have che honour to be, &c. broke up from Placentia on the 17th and

ARTHUR WELLESLEY. 18ch insi. and reached Oropesa on the 20th, when it formed a junction with the Spa Talavera de la Reyna, July 29. 1809. nish army under his command.

MY LORD, Sir Robert Wilson had marched from General Cuesta followed the enemy's the Venta de Bazagon, ou the Tietar, march, with his army, from the Alberche, with the Lusitanian legion, a battalion of on the morning of the 24th, as far as SanPortuguese chasseurs, and two Spanish ta Olalla, and pushed forward his advanced battalions, on the 15th ; he arrived at Are guard as far as Torrijos. ng on the 19th, and on the Alberche, at For the reasons stated to your Lordship Escalona, on the 23d.

in my dispatch of the 24th, I moved only General Venegas had also been directed two divisions of infantry and a brigade of to break up from Madrilejos on the 18th cavalry' across the Alberche, to Cassalegos, and 19th, and to march up by Trenhleque under the command of Lient.-Gen. Sherand Ocana to Puentedvenas on the Tagus, brooke, with a view to keep up the comwhere the river is crossed by a ford, and munication between General Cuesta and thence to Arganda, where he was to ar

me, and with Sir Robert Wilson's corps ac rive on the 22d and 23d.

Escalona. On the 22d, the combined armies moved It appears that General Venegas had not from Oropesa, and the advanced guard at carried into execution that part of the plan tacked the enemy's out-posts at Talavera. of operations which related to his corps, Their right was turned by the 1st hussars and that he was still at Damiel, in La and the 23d light dragoons, under General Mancha; and the enemy, in the course of Anson, directed by Lieutenant General the 24th, 25th, and 26th, collected all his Payne, and by the division of infantry un.' forces in this part of Spain, between Torrider the command of Major-General Mac- jns and Toledo, leaving but a small corps, kenzie, and they were driven in by the of 2000 men, in that place. Spanish advanced guards, under the com His united army thus consisted of the mand of General Sarjas and Duc d'Albu. corps of Marshal Victor, of that of Genequerque.

ral Sebastiani, and of 7000 or 8000 men, We lost eleven horses by the fire of the guards of Joseph Bonaparte and the cannon from the enemy's position on the garrison of Madrid, and it was commandAlberche, and the Spaniards had some men ed by Joseph Bonaparte in person, aided wounded.

by Marshals Jourdan and Victor, and GeThe columns were formed for the attack neral Sebastiani. of this position yesterday ; but the attack On the 26th General Cuesta's advanced was postponed till chis morning, by desire guard was attacked near Torrijos, and obof General Cuesta, when the different liged to fall back; and the General retired corps destined for the attack were put in with his army, on that day, to the left motion, buc the enemy had retired, at a. bank of the Alberche. Gen. Sherbrooke bout one in the morning, to Santa Olalla, continuing at Cassalegos, and the enemy at and thence towards 'Torrijos, I conclude to Santa Olalla. form a junction with the corps under Ge It was then obvious that the enemy inneral Sebastiani.

tended to try the result of a general action, I have not been able to follow the enemy for which the best position appeared to be as I could wish, on account of the great de in the neighbourhood of Talavera; and ficiency of means of transport in Spain. I General Cuesta having consented to take enclose the copy of a letter, which I thought up this position on the morning of the it proper to address upon this subject to 27th, I ordered General Sherbrooke to reMajor: General O'Donoghue, the Adjutant tire with his corps to its station in the line,


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leaving General Mackenzie, with a divi- ing satisfied with the banner in which sion of infantry and a brigade of cavalry, Major.Gen. Mackenzie withdres his as an advanced post, in the wood, on the advanced guard. right of the Alberche, which covered our As the day advanced, the enemy ap. left flank.

peared in larger numbers on the right The position taken up by the troops at Talavera extended rather more than two

of the Alberche, and it was obvious that miles; the ground was open upon the left, he was advancing to a general attack uwhere the British army was stacioned, and pon the combined army. it was commanded by a height, on which

General Mackenzie continued to fall was, in echellon and in second line, a divi- back gradually, upon the left of the posion of infantry, under the orders of Major- sition of the combined armies, where General Hill

he was placed in the second line, in the There was a valley between this height, rear of the Guards, Colonel Donkin be. and a range of mountains still further upon ing placed in the same situation, further the lest, which valley was not at first occu upon the left, in the rear of the King's pied, as it was con; manded by the height German legion. before-mentioned, and the range of moun

The enemy immediately commenced tains appeared too distant to have any in his attack in the dusk of the evening, fuence upon the expected action The right, consisting of Spanish troops; Sition, and by an attempt with his ca

by a cannonade upon the left of our pue" Extended immediately in front of the town of Palavera, down to the Tagus. This valry, to overthrow the Spanish intanpart of the ground was covered by olive try, posied, as I have before stated, on trees, and much intersected by banks and the right. This attempt failed entirely. ditches. The high road, leading from the Early in the night, he pushed a divibridge over the Alberche, was defended by sion along the valicy on the left of the a heavy battery in frort of a church, which height occupied by General Hill, of was occupied by Spanish infantry. All the which he gained a momentary possesavenues to the town were defended in a similar manner; the town was occupied ; and it instantly with the bayonet, and re

sion ; but Major-General Hill attacked the remainder of the Spanish infantry was formed in two lines behind the banks, on

gained it. the roads which led from the town, on the

This attack was repeated in the night, right, to the left of our position.

but failed ; and again, at day.light in In the centre, between the two armies,

the morning of the 28th, by two divi. there was a conimanding spot of ground,

sions of infantry, and was repuised by on which we had commenced to construct Major-General Hill. a redoubt, with some open ground in its Major-General Hill has reported to

me, in a particular manner, the conduct Brigadier-General Alexander Campbell of the 29th regiment, and of the ist bai. was posted on this spot, with a division of

talion 43ih reziment, in these different infantry, supported in luis rear by General

affairs, as well as that of Major General Cotton's brigade of dragoons and some Spanish cavalry.

Tilson, and Brigadier General Richard At about tro o'clock, on the 27th, the

Stewart. enemy appeared in strength on the left bank

We have lost many brave officers and of the Alberche, and manifested an inten

soldiers in the defeice of this importion to attack Gen. Mackenzie's division.

tant point in our position; among others, The attack was made before they could I cannot avoid to mention Brigadebe withdrawn, but the troops, consisting of Major Fordyce, and Brig. Major GardGeneral Mackenzie's and Colonel Donkin's ner; and Major. General Hill was him. brigades, and General Anson's brigade of self wounded, but, I am happy to say, cavalry, and supported by General Payne, but slightly. with the other four regiments of cavalry,

The defeat of this attempt was follow. in the plain between Talavera and the wood, withdrew in good order, but with

ed, about noon, by a general attack, some loss, particularly by the 2d battalion

with the enemy's whole force, upon the 37th regiment, and 2d battalion 31st regi

whole of that part of the position occument, in the wood.

pied by the British army. Upon this occasion, the steadiness and In consequence of the repeated at. discipline of the 45th regiment, and of the tempts upon the height on our left, by 5th battalion 60th regiment, were conspi- the valley, I had placed two brigades of cuous, and I had particular reason for be- British cavalry in that valley, support.



ed in the rear by the Duc d'Albuquer- as I observed the advance of the Guards, que's division of Spanish cavalry. and it was formed in the plain, and ad.

The enemy then placed light infantry vanced upon the enemy, and covered on the range of mountains on the left of the formation of Lieut.-General Sherthe valley, which were opposed by a brooke's division. division of Spanish infantry under Lieu Shortly after the repulse of this ge. tenant General De Bassecourt.

neral attack, in which apparently all The general attack began by the the enemy's troops were employed, he march of several columns of infantry in- commenced his retreat across the Alto the valley, with a view to attack berche, which was conducted in the the height occupied by Major General most regular order, and effected during Hill. These columns were immediate, the night, leaving in our hands twenty ly charged by the ist German light dra. pieces of cannon,

ammunition, tumbrils, goons and 23d dragoons, under the and some prisoners. command of General Anson, directed Your Lordship will observe by the by Lieut.-General Payne, and support- enclosed return, the great loss which ed by General Fane's brigade of heavy we have sustained of waluable officers cavalry ; and although the 23d dragoons and soldiers, in this long and hard-fought suffered considerable loss, the charge action, with more than double our numhad the effect of preventing the execu bers. That of the enemy has been tion of that part of the enemy's plan. much greater. I am informed that en

At the same time he directed an at- tire brigades of infantry have been detack upon Brig.-Gen. Alexander Camp- stroyed; and, indeed, the battalions bell's position, in the centre of the com that retreated were much reduced in bined armies, and on the right of the numbers. By all accounts, their loss is British

10,000 men ; Generals Lapisse and More This attack was most successfully' re. lot are killed; Generals Sebastiani and pulsed by Brig.-Gen. Campbell, support. Boulet wounded. ed by the King's regiment of Spanish I have particularly to lament the loss cavalry, and two battalions of Spanish in- of Major-General Mackenzie, who had fantry; and Brig.-Gen. Campbell took distinguished himself on the 27th ; and the enemy's cannon.

of Brigadier-General Langworth, of the The Brig.-General mentions particu- King's German legion, and of Brigadelarly the conduct of the 9th, the 2d Major Becket of ihe Guards. battalion of the 7th, and of the 2d bat Your Lordship will observe, that the talion of the 53d regiments; and I was attacks of the enemy were principally, highly satisfied with the manner in if not entirely, directed against the Brie which this part of the position was de. tish troops. The Spanish Commander fended.

in Chief, his officers and troops, mani. An attack was also made, at thexame fested every disposition to render us astime, upon Lieutenant-General Set- sistance, and those of them who were brooke's division, which was on the left engaged did their duty; but the ground and centre of the first line of the British which they occupied was so important, army:

and yet so difficult, that I did not think This attack was most gallantly repul- it proper to urge them to make any sed by a charge of bayonets, by the movement on the left of the enemy, whole division; but the brigade of while he was engaged with us. Guards, which were on the right, having I have reason to be satisfied with the advanced too far, they were exposed on conduct of all the officers and troops, their left flank to the fire of ihe enemy's I am much indebted to Lieut.-General battery, and of their retiring columns ; Sherbrooke, for the assistance I receiand the division was obliged to retire. ved from him, and the manner in which towards its original position, under co he led on his division to the charge with ver of the ad line of General Cotton's bayonets. brigade of cavalry, which I had moved To Lieutenant-General Payne, and from the centre, and of the ist battalion the cavalry, particularly General An. 43th regiment,

'son's brigade, to Major-Generals Hill I had moved this regiment from its and Tilson, Brigadier Generals Alexan. original position on the heights, as soon der Campbell, Richard Stewart, and Sept. 1809.


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Cameron, and to the divisions and bri. Return of Killed, Wounded, and Missing, of gades of infantry under their commands the army in the actions of 27th and 28th respectively, particularly the 29th regi. July 1809. ment, commanded by Colonel White;

K. W. the ist battalion 48tb, commanded by General Staff............... Colonel Donnellan; afterwards, when Royal Engineers.....

2 that officer was wounded, by Major Royal Artillery...........

26 Middlemore ; the 2d battalion 7th, com

Coldstream Guards.... 35 262 manded by Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Wil. 3d foot Guards.....

54 267


3d drag. Guards.. liam Myers; the 2d battalion 53d, com

4th drag... manded by Lieutenant Colonel Bing

14th dicto............. ham; the 97th, commanded by Colonel

16th ditto........ Lyon; the ist battalion of detachments,

23d ditto.........

49 50 108 commanded by Lieut.-Colonel Bunbu.

3d foot.....

26 109 7 ty ; and the ad battalion 31st, comman 7th 2d bat......

57 ded by Major Watson; and of the 45th, 24th

2d bat................

284 commanded by Lieut. Colonel Guard ; 29th 1st bat.. and the sth baitalion both, commanded 31st

2d bat................

197 7 by Major Davy, on the 27th.

40th 1st bat..............

1st bat...............

150 The artillery, under Brig.-Gen. Ho

20 48th Ist bat......

22 155 warth, was also, throughout these days,


Ditto 2d bat.......... 12 58 1 of the greatest service, and I had every

530d 2d bat..

32 reason to be satisfied with the assistance

60th 5th bat.......... 10 36 31 I received from the chief engineer, 61st 1st bat.......... 49 207 16 Lieutenant-Colonel Fletcher; the Ad

66th 2d bat.......... 16 99 11 jutant-General, Brigadier General the 838 – 2d bat......... 42 213 28 Hon. C. Stewart; and the Quarter-mas- 87th - 2d bat.......... 36 183 39 ter General, Colonel Murray, and the 88th 1st bat...............

22 88 officers of those departments respective. 97th - Ist bat............... 6 25 22 ly; and from Colonel Bathurst, and the Detachments, 1 st bat....... 41 215 18 officers of my personal Staff.

Ditto - 2d bat.............. 7 13
I also received much assistance from
Colonel O'Lawlor, of the Spanish ser-

Total 611 2962 376 vice, and from Brigadier General Whit

3 30 tingham, who was wounded when Royal German Artillery...

3 36 S bringing up the two Spanish battalions German dragoons......

German Legion.......

184 885 273 to the assistance of Brig. Gen. Alexan. der Campbell.

Total 190 951 277
I have the honour to be, &c.

General Total 5367.
Talavera, August 1.
Since I had the honour of addressing

General Return of Officers, &c. Killed,

Wounded, and Missing. you on the 29th ult. the enemy have con

W. M. tinued to keep a rear-guard, of about

1 1 10,000 men, on the heights on the left Major Generals.........

1 of the Alberche. The extreme fatigue General Staff,.

Brig. Generals,.......

2 of the troops, the want of provisions, Lieut. Cols..........

10 0 and the numbers of wounded to be ta. ken care of, have prevented me from Captains,.......


53 5 moving from my position. Brig. Gen.


71 Crauford arrived with his brigade on the Cornets or Ensigns.........

1 29th, in the morning, having marched Adjutants,.................... twelve Spanish leagues in little more Serjeants,.......................

165 15 than twenty-four hours.


735 3537 620 P. S. The enemy withdrew their Rank and file.......... rear guard posted on the left of the Al.

Total berche, last night at 11 o'clock, and the

801 3913 653 whole army marched towards Santa Olalla, with a view of taking a position General Return of Horses, near Guadarama.

211 killed, 74 wounded, 159 missing.



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Names of the Officers Killed, Wounded, and

WOUNDED. Missing, in the Battles of Talavera, of Gen. Staff - Maj. Gen. Hill, slightly, the 27th and 28th of July 1809. Brigadier Gen. A. Campbell, slightly. KILLED—27th July.

Ditto H. Campbell, severely, but not

dangerously. Capt. Whittingham, DeGeneral Staff-Captain Fordyce, 81st, puty Assistant Quarter-Master General, Deputy Adjutant-General.

slightly. Capt. Blair, Brigade-Major Coldstream Guards - Lieut.-Colonel to General Cameron, severely. Capt. Ross.

Bouverie, Aid-de-camp to Sir Arthur 2d Batt. 31st Foot.-Capt. Lodge, Wellesley, slightly. Captain Ulysses

ist Batt. 85th-Lieuts. Graydon and Burgh, ditto, ditto. Capt. Zersen, Aid. M.Carthy.

de-camp to Gen. Langworth, severely: ist. Batt. Detach. Lieut. M.Dougal, Capt. Craig, to General gist.

Sherbrooke, slightly. 2d Batt. 87th-Ensign La Serre. 3d Dragoon Guards-Captain Bryce, WOUNDED.


14th Light Dragoons-Col. Hawker, Royal Engineers-Capt. Boothby, se. slightly ; Capts. Chapman and Hawker, verely. Coldstream Guards-Capt. Bryan, se

severely; Lieut. Ellis, ditto; Lieuts.

Wainman and Smith, slightly, verely.

16th ditto-Lieut. Bence, slightly. 29th Foot-Lieut. Popham, severely. 2d. Batt. 31st Foot-Capt. Coleman, land severely; Lord William Russell,

23d ditto--Capts. Howard and Frank. Lieut. Geo. Beamish ; Ensigns Gamble

and Cornet Dodville, ditto. and Soden, slightly.

Royal Engineers--Lieut. Stanway, ist. Batt. 45th - Lieut. Col. Guard,

slightly. severely. 5th. Batt. Goth-Capt. Wolf, ditto.

Royal British Artillery-Lieut.-Col. ist. Batt.615-Major Coghlan, ditto. Framingham slightly; Captains Taylor 2d. Batt. 87th--Capt. Macrae, severe

and Baynes, ditto. ly, Capt. Somersali slightly; Lieut. Lieut. Shapcham, slightly.

Royal Staff Corps--Captain Todd, Kavanagh ditto; Lieuts. Bagball, King

ist. Bat. Coldstream Guards-Lieut. ston, Johnson, and Carrol, severely; En

Colonels Stibbert and Sir William Shea sign Moore, slightly; Ensigns Knox

sidan severely, but not dangerously ; and Butler, severely.

Capts. Millman and Christie ditto; CapMISSING.

tains Collier and Wood slightly ; Capt. Ist. Batt. Detachments--Capt. Poole, Jenkinson severely, Ensign Sandilands, 52d; Capt. Walsh, 9ist; and Lieut. ditto, but not dangerously. Cameron, 79th.

ist. Bat. 3d Guards--Lieut. Colonel

Gordon, Major Fothringham, Captain KILLED,--28th July.

Geils, Ensigns Atcheson, Towers, and General Staff-Major-Gen. Macken. Scoti, all slightly. zie and Brig. Gen. Langworth.

Ist Bat. 3d Foot-Lieut. Col. Muter Coldstream Guards.-Captain Becket. severely, since dead; Maj. Drummond, 43d Foot-Captain Gardner, Brigade slightly. Major.

2d Bar. 7th. Lieuts. Kirwan and Mu230 Light Dragoons-Lieuts. King ter severely ; Adjutant Page slightly. and Powell.

zd Bat.24th-Lieut. Col. Drummond Ist Bat. Coldstream Guards--Ensign severely; Major Popham ditto; Capt. Parker.

Collis ditto ; Captain Evans ditto, since Royal Artillery-Lieut. Wyatt. dead; Lieut. Vardy slightly ; Ensigns

Ist Bat. 3d Guards-Capts. Walker, Grant, Skene, Johnson, and Jessamin, Buchanan, Dalrymple; Ensign Ram; severely ; Adjutant Top slightly. Adjutant Irby.

29th-Captain Gauntlett severely, 2d Bat. 7th Foot--Lieut. Beaufoy. Capt. Newbolt, slightly, Lieuts. Stanus,

ist Bat. 61st-Major Orpen, Captain Leslie, Stanhope, severely; Lieut. Ni. James, Lieut. Haimes.

cholson slightly. pe 2d Bat, 830--Lieut.. Colonel Gordon, 2d Bat. 31st--Captain Nicholls slightLieuts. Dahman, Montgomery, Flood, ly; Lieutenant Girdlestone slightly; ust Bat. $sih, Capt. Blake,

Lieut. A. Bezmish severely.


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