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Aug. 7. At Harrowgate, where he went 15. At Blairngone, Mrs Marion Henfor the recovery of his health, John Caw, derson, relict of Mr Andrew Mudie, merEsq. merchant, Perth.

chant, Dunning, aged 90 years and two 7. At London, Mrs Ann Lownds, relict months. She retained her faculties until of J. Lownds, Esq. of Paisley.

within a few months of her death. 7. At Edinburgh, Mrs Saunders, relict of 16. Hugh M'Culloch, Esq, late Sheriff Mr James Saunders, writer to the signet, Substitute of Sutherland. He was one of and daughter of the late Joseph William- the unfortunate persons who were drownson, Esq. advocate.

ed in crossing the Meikle Ferry. His un8. At

after a very long illness, timely fate will be long deplored and laLady Amelia Hume.

mented by his numerous friends and ac8. At Liverpool, Miss Marion Scott, quaintances. youngest daughter of John Scott, Esq. At Costessey Hall, Sir William Jerningshipbuilder, Greenock.

ham, Bart. 8. At Orfelton, in the county of Pem. 17. Matthew Bolton, Esq. aged 81, the broke, aged 27, Sir Hugh Owen, Bart. respectable head of the Soho manufactory, M. P. for Peinbroke.

whose exertions in the improvement of the 8. At Glenrath, Walter Laidlaw, Esq. of mechanical arts have done so much honour Hyndhope.

to himself, and have proved so advanta. 8. At Edinburgh, Mr George Stevenson geous to the country. merchant.

17. At Glenrath, Caroline, fourth daugh9. At Harvieston, Miss Daniel Isabella ter of the deceased Walter Laidlaw, Esq. Elizab;th Brown, only daughter of the of Hyndhope. Rev. Dr Andrew Brown, one of the minis- 17. At Leith, Mr Robert Wilson, senior, ters of Edinburgh.

aged 87 years. 9. Ar Lisbon, Mungo Honyman, Esq. 18. At Gallanich, Patrick MacDougall, Assistant Commissary to the forces, eighth Esq. son of the late Patrick Honyman, Esq. of 19. At Haddington, Provost David Grämsay.

Smith, aged 89. 9. At Tanfield, Miss Katherine Lundie, 20. At Perth, Captain Donald M'Intosh youngest daughter of the late Rev. Ms of the 3d West India regiment. Lundie, ac Lonmay.

20. At Burrowmuirhead, aged 39, Mrs 9. At Glasgow, Mr John Anderson, Barbara Drysdale, relict of Capt. Littlereed nranufacturer.

john of the Royal Navy. 10. Ar Jessfield, near Leith, Mrs Mary 21. At Dundee, Mrs Elizabeth Jolly, Emilia MacLeod, wife of Capt. Norman spouse of John Jolly, druggist in Dundee. Ramsay, Royal Horse Artillery, and eldest 22. At Rosemarky Manse, in the 61st daughter of the late Lieut.-Gen. MacLeod year of his age, and 36th of his ministry, of MacLeod.

the Rev. Alex. Wood, minister of that 12. At Waldershare, Lord Henry Stu- parish. art, aged 34, third son of the Marquis of 22. At Edinburgh, in her 69th year, Bute.

Mrs Henrietta Balfour, relict of the late 12. At Newton Stewart, Mr Robert Mr John Balfour, surgeon. Guthrie, postmaster and stationer there. 22. At ditto, Charles, infant son of Mr

12. At Inverary, Captain James M'Ar- John Gray, writer. thur of the 6th Royal Veteran Battalion. 23. At the house of Charles Ogilvy, Esq.

13. At Ditto, Miss Elizabeth Campbell, of Tannadice, his son-in-law, beloved by daughter of the late Pruvost Lachlan his family and respected by all who knew Campbell.

him, Janies Macdonald, Esq. in the 892 13. Mr Alexander Henderson, farmer, year of his age. Muthilhill, Fife.

23. At Summer Lodge, Jamies Keith, in14. Before Flushing, Ensign Donald Sin- fant son of Mr William Jay. clair of the 71st regt. He was wounded 24. At Edinburgh, Mrs Ann Austin, wiin the knee, by a musket-ball, in an attack dow of Capt. Dan. M'Gregor of the Hon. on one of the enemy's batteries at Flush East India Company's service, and daughing, and, although immediate assistance ter of the late Dr Adam Austin, physician was procured, he died next morning; he in Edinburgh. was a brave officer, and died beloved and 25. At ditto, Mr William Cuthbertson, regretted by every individual of the corps. builder.

14. At Drumsheugh, Mrs Helen Rannie, 26. At Stewart Hall, county of Tyrone, relict of the late Mr James Weir, of Toll Ireland, at a very advanced age, Andrew

Thomas, Earl of Castlestewart. He was 15. At Largș, Miss Jean Carlyle, third the acknowledged head of the house of daughter of the late Mr John Carlyle, Stewart, being immediately descended, in merchant, Glasgow.

the male and legitimate line, from Robert



the second, King of Scotland. His Lord. proved him to be a meritorious officer. ship is succeeded by his eldest son Robert. His widow, and four orphan children, laa now Earl of Castltstewart.

ment his virtues in private life, Aug. 26. Ai Cambermere Abbey, Sir Ro. 2. At Deal, of the wound which he rebert Salisbury Cotton, Bart. in his 7150 ceived before Flushing, aged 37. Lieut.-Col. year. He sat in four Parliaments for the Peter Hayes Petit, of the 35th regt. foot. county of Cheshire.

2. At Viewfield, Inverness, Mrs Macken26, At Maidstone, in Kent, after a se- zie, wife of Alexander Mackenzie, Esq. vere illness, since his return from Spain, banker in Inverness. Major Gen. Coote Manningham, Equerry 2. At Edinburgh, Mr John Kid, wine to the King, and Colonel of the 95th or rifle merchant, and many years one of the Maregiment.

gistrates of that city. 26. At Carphin, Elizabeth, infant daugh- 2. At ditto, Mrs Catharine Grant, spouse ter of John Raitt, Esq. of Carphin.

of Mr Ralph Hardie, writer in Edinburgh. 27. At his house Hawthorndon, the Right 3. At London, George William Covena Rev. Bishop William Abernethy Drum- try, Earl of Coventry, Viscount Deerhurst, mond of Hawthornden, aged 9o.

Lord Lieutenant of the county, and Recor27. Ac Kinloch, Fifeshire, Thomas Kin- der of the City of Worcester. His Lordnear, Esq. of Kinloch.

ship was born April 26, 1723, and is suc29. At Edinburgh, General Robert Mel- ceeded in his titles by Viscount Deerhurst, ville of Strathkiness, the first and only Go- his Lordship's eldest son, who has been vernor in Chief, &c. of all the West India

blind these 24 years. Islands ceded by France to Great Britain in 3. Ac Bonnyton, near Stewarton, Mr J. 1763, and the oldest General in ratik, ex- Watt, aged 84. cept one, in the British army.

3. At Dunfermline, Mr John Durie, aged 29. At ditto, Miss Eliz. Smith, daugh. 66. ter of the late Mr Robert Smith, writer, 4. At Earl's Court, near Reading, of a fit Elgin.

of apoplexy, the Lady of che Right Hon. 29. At Kircudbrighi, James Gordon, son Sir Wm. Scott. of Mr Gordon, merchant, Glasgow.

4. Margaret, eldest daughter of John 29. At Lossiemouch House, Mrs Haig, Brander, Esq. of Pitgaveny, an amiable aged 77.

30. At London, Sir J. Murray of Black- 5. At Edinburgh, Charles Morris, young. barony, Bart. in the 48d year of his age. est child of Mr Broughton, accountant. He is succeeded in his title and estate by 5. At Greenock, Mr John Kerr, tobac. his eldest son, Archibald, an Ensign in the conist, aged 27 years. His death was ex3d regiment of foot guards.

tremely sudden, being seized with an ill30. At Edinburgh, the Hon. Mrs Bethia ness which continued only about ten miHamilton, Lady of William Ramsay, Esq. nutes. He is much and justly regretted. banker, and sister of William Lord Belha- 6. Ac Aberdeen, Andrew Simpson, Esq.

merchant, aged 58. 31. At Stirling, Mrs Janet Macnaugh- 6. Ac Rosehill, aged 55, Mr Alex. Laing, tan, wife of Donald M‘Donald, merchant writer. there.

7. At Middleburgh, Major Hill of the 31. At Perth, Mr William Ross, Keeper 85th regiment. of the Register of Sasine, and Procurator- 8. At Edinburgh, after a tedious illness, fiscal of the county of Perth.

which he bore with a Christian resigna31. At Glasgow, Mr Allan Fowlis, wood tiop, Mr Robert Ruthven, merchant. merchant.

8. At Scotscraig House, Fifeshire, Stew. At Shooter's Hill, Lady Stewart, relict art, the infant daughter of William Dala of Lord Henry Stewart, son of the Mar• gliesh of Scotscraig, Esq. quis of Bure ; hiç Lordship died on the 12th 9. At Weymouth, after a few days illness,

Captain Richard Carruthers Corne of the Sept. 1. Dr Daniel Forbes, Dole of Bro. Royal Navy. ra, in the county of Sutherland.

9. A¢ Edinburgh, Mrs W. West. 1. At Balthayock, Perthshire, Mrs Pa- 10. At dicto, Mrs Agnes Rutherford, retricia Stephen, relict of John Blair, Esq. of lict of Mr Andrew Kay, glazier. Balthayock.

10. At dicro, Miss Julia Morison, daugh1. At London, Robert Chrystie, Esq. of ter of George Morison, Esq. of Haddo. Leicester Place, ariny agent, aged 77. 14. At Liverpool, at the age of 106, Da

2. At Middleburgh, Captain George Su- vid Salmon, Cable Street, Liverpool; this therland of the 71st regiment. His servi- aged veteran sailed round the world with ces, as well upon the present occasion, as in Anson. the former expeditions to Holland and in 15. At Edinburgh, Lieut. Col. William Egypt, where he was severely wounded, Duncan, late of the Royals.


young lady.


of August,

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Sept. 15. At Ethie Lodge, Lady Leslie of 16. At Prestonpans, aged 35, Mrs Elizi Findrassie and Wardes, after a long and Lorn, spouse of Mr Thomas Pattison, mersevere illness, which she bore with much chant there. patience and resignation.--She is sincerely 20. At the house of his brother, Samuel regretted by her friends, and lamented by Douglas, Esq. of America Square, London, her family, from whom (to their irrepa- Sir William Douglas of Castle Douglas, rable loss) she has been cut off in the prime Bart. of life

At Belfast, at the advanced age of 86, 16. At Greenside Street, Kath. Black• Isaac Corry, Esq. of Newry. hall, relict of Mr Jas. Denham, merchant James Watson, Esq. of Arundel Street, in Selkirk.


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Mr Carey's Poem,--several Pieces of R. G.,-Lines on Mr W. Borthwick,-

continuation of Epitaphs, &c. will appear in our next.
Clio contains genius, though some very feeble lines ; one of the Pieces, how-

ever, may probably appear in our next. K. N. S., Bernard's Bower, Johny Gled, -Minor,–Version of Anacreon,

are received, and are under consideration.

The Gentleman at St Andrews, who some months ago transmitted a sketch and description of an uncommon animal, taken from the stomach of a Cod, is informed, that these having been laid before one of the most eminent naturalists in this country, he writes, that the animal is " a monster of an intestina, " and is without doubt an Echinorynchus, of gigantic stature,—a formidable “ internal companion: I should like to have had the animal, or a perfect “ drawing of it. There are many described, and some figured, in Zoologica “ Danica; but I really think this is new."

Erratum.-P. 567, col. 1. line 6. for James Anderson, read John Andersotho

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