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Dec, 20. At Blandfield, the Lady of Wm. the late Thomas Cockburn, Esq. of Row.
M‘Dowall, Esq. a daughter.

chester, writer to the signet.
25. At London, the most Hon. the Mar. Aug. 5. At Demerara, Mr John Muir,
chioness of Bath, a son.

jun. son of John Muir, Esq. of Greenhall. 31. Ac Melville Place, Stirling, Mrs Aug. At Malta, whither he had gone for Murray, a daughter.

the recovery of his health, aged 28, the At Wolverton, the Lady of the Hon. and Count de Beaujolais, only brother of the Rev, A. H. Cathcart, a daughter.

Duke of Orleans.
At Beaumont Cottage, Chertsey, the Sept. 5. Ac Christianstadt, St Croix,
Lady of Lieut.-Colonel Sir Robert Wilson, Lieut. Gordon Urquhart, of the 69th foot,
a daughter.

son of the Rev.-Mr Urquhart, of Roskeen. At Ipswich, the Lady of Capt. James Se- 14. In the West Indies, Mr John Chris. ton, 92d regiment, a son.

tian, formerly of Stonehaven, purser of his At Bath, the Lady of Daniel Mackin- Majesty's ship Pelican. son, Esq. a son.

25. At Port Royal, Jamaica, Mr Robert The Lady of Caleb Whiteford, Esq. a son. Erskine, surgeon of his Majesty's ship Red. Thc Lady of Major Giels of Gielston, a wing, eldest son of Mr James Erskine, offi

cer of Excise, Greenock. Jan. 3. 4t Edinburgh, the Lady of Wil- On his way from Canada to New York, liam Cunninghanie Graham, Esq. of Gart. Archibald M.Neil, Esq. his Britannic Ma. more, a daughter.

jesty's Consul for Louisiana, 5. At Cook, the Lady of Brigadier-Gen. Nov. 27. Ac Gijon, while serving with Graham, a son.

the British troops in Spain, Geo. Assiotti, 7. At Ardintoul, Kincail, the Lady of Esq. Deputy Commissary. Gen. for North Major Colin M.Rae, 75th regiment, a son. Britain.

10. At London, the Countess of Oxford, 28. The Rev. Mr William Jack, minis. a daughter.

ter of Northmaving, Shetland. 11. At Ballechan, the Lady of Hope Dec. 1. At Gaskbeg, the Rev. Mr John Stewart, Esq. a daughter.

Matheson, minister of Laggan, in the 49th 12. At Gedoch, Mrs Cathcart, of Ge. year of his age, and 7th of his ministry. noch, a daughter.

1. At Broxmouth, Mr Robert Tate, fac12. At Edinburgh, the Lady of William tor to her Grace the Duchess of Roxburgh. Arbuthnot Esq. a son.

4. At manse of New Monkland, Mrs At London, Lady Lucy Taylor, a daughe Margaret Matthie, relict of Mr John Mat,

thie, merchant in Greenock.
The Lady of Major Nesbitt, Assistant 4. At St Andrews, David Walker, Esqu
Quarter Master General, a daughter. of Fallfield.

At Corke, the Lady of Capt. Buchanan, 6. At Kirkwall, Orkney, Mrs Erskine,
Royal Engineers, a daughter,

wife of Mr James Erskine, merchant there. Mrs Gillanders of Highfield, a son, 8. At Stirling, Mr James Edmond, mer.

The Lady of Capt. H. M. Scott, royal chant, and late Provost of that burgh. navy, a daughter.

9. At his house, Lauriston Place, EdinAt London, Mrs Currie, King Street, burgh, Mr James Nisbet, surgeon. Holborn, three fine children, all doing well. 10. At Farnham Cottage, near Salisbury,

At Tonglane, near Middleton, the wife George Kerr of Moriston Esq. of a poor man, named William Turner, 10. Al-Kingsdown College, near Bath, three girls, who with their mother are do- in the 84th year of her age, Mrs Maclagan, ing well; they have been baptized by the relict of W. Maelagan, of Denvard, in the names of Faith, Hope, and Charity.

çounty of Perth,

10. At Glasgow, Mrs Isabella Campbell,

spouse to Mr George Household, sugar-
March. 1808. In India, Mr Alexander baker.
Gardner, eldest son of Mr Alex. Gardner, 10. Mrs Dick, late of Gartsherie.
Exchequer, Edinburgh.

11. At Glasgow, Mrs Lilias Finlay, reAprii 29. At Muttra, in the East Indies, lict of Robert Blackwell

, Esq. of Ramoth. after a short illness, Major-General Dick- 11. At the Nore, on board his Majesty's ens, commanding at that station.

ship Terror, Mr George Scark, surgeon, At Madras, the Rev. Richard Hall Kerr, Royal Navy. D. D. senior Chaplain to that Presidency. 15. At Edinburgh, Mr David Forbes, a

May 19. At Bombay, Captain Robert ged 21, eldest son of Mr William Forbes, Frame, son of the late Rev. Mir Jas. Frame, writer. minister of Alloa.

17. At London, in the 80th year of his June 3. At Trincomalee, Ceylon, Alex. age, the Right Hon. Charles Jenkinson, ockburn, Esq. of Madras, youngest son of Earl of Liverpool, Baron Hawkesbury of





Hawkesbury in Gloucestershire, Baronet, 29. At Edinburgh, Mrs Isobel Dickson, one of his Majesty's most Hon. Privy relict of Mr Richard Richardson, late nier. Council, and LL.D. He was many years chant in Edinburgh. President of the Board of Trade, and was 23. At ditto, Thomas Cairns Kerr, Esq. eminently distinguished for a thorough late purser of the Lady Castlereagh India. knowledge of the commercial interests of man, and youngest son of the late William his country. By his death, the offices of Kerr, Esq. of the General Post Office. Clerk to the Pells in Ireland, (which he 23. At Lewes, Sussex, Mrs Cranston, repurchased from the late Mr Fox,) and Colo lice of the late Capt. Cranston, Royal Navy, lector of the Customs inward in the port of 23. At Leith, Mr James Pillans, sen. London, become vacant. The former goes merchant there. by reversion to the Earl of Shannon, but at 35. At Edinburgh, Mr John Brough, ar. his death is to be abolished. The other chitect, Edinburgh. office wies with his Lordship. His Lord. 25. Ac Wilsontown, John Wilson Esq. ship married the widow of Sir Charles Cope, of Wilsontown. and is succeeded by his eldest son, the Right At Ipswich, Rear-Admiral Uvedale. Hon. Robert Banks, now Earl of Liver. 25. At Corehouse, Miss Edmondstoun, pool, Secretary of State for the Home De. eldest daughter of the late James Edmond. partment. His other issue are, the Hon. stoun, Esq. of Ednam. Cecil Jenkinson, and Lady Charlotte Grim- 25. Ac Kinnaird, Perthshire, Mrs Stewart ston, now Lady Grimston and Forrester.

of Percy. Dec. 17, Ac Bathfield, Miss Helen Camp- 26. At Glasgow, Mr Francis Pringle, bell, daughter of the late Neil Campbell, preacher of the gospel. Esq. of Duntroon.

26. At her house in Knock, Mrs Mary 17. A. London, after a long and painful Mackinnon, daughter to the late Lachlan illness, Mark Sprott, Esq an eminent stock. Mackinnon of Corrychattachan, and spoute broker,

to the Rev. Dr Martin MacPherson, minism 18. At Kilmarnock, Mr John Shaw, son ter of Sleat. of the Rev. Dr Andrew Shaw, minister of 27. At Queensferry, James Taylor, Esq. Craigie.

aged 88. 18. At Bower-tower, Caithness, Captain 27. At London, John Ogilvie, Esq. late William Gunn.

of Argyll Street, where he carried on the 18. Al Edinburgh, Mrs Jane Jackson, business of army agent for many years. widow of the Rev. Dr Thomas Robertson, 27. The Rev. Henry Stevenson, minister minister of Palmeny.

at Blantyre, in the Toch year of his age, 19. Al London, Patrick Home, Esq. of and 37th of his ministry. Wedderburne, in the county of Berwick, 29. At Southampton, Lady Shelly; sud: many years Representative in Parliament denly. for that county.

29. At Edinburgh, Mrs Kemp, wife of 19. Ac Glasgow, Mrs Jean Strathern, the late Mr Alex. Kemp, writer in Dingo spouse of Mr John Conell, merchant. wall.

19. At Edinburgh, Dr Charles Congalton, 30. At Glasgow, Mr George Murdoch, aged 84 years.

aged 64. 20. Ac Edinburgh, Miss Agnes Buchan, 30. At Glasgow, Mrs Jane Munro, wife daughter of Hugh Buchan, Esq. late Cham- of Mr Robert Walkinshaw, of Parkhouse, berlain of the city of Edinburgh.

Sheriff-clerk of Renfrewshire. 20. At Clermiscon, Agnes, daughter of 30. At Portobello Tower, Mr John Gen, Robinson, Esq. Writer to the Signet. Turnbull, Jate merchant in Edinburgh.

20. At mapse of Carstairs, the Reverend 31. At his house in Clifton, Thomas BedJames Finlayson, minister of that parish, in dgos, M. D. the 66th year of his age, and 39th of his $1. At Corehouse, Miss Patricia Ed. ministry.

mondstoun, youngest daughter of the late 20. At Dalkeith, M: William Otto, wine James Edmondstoun, Esq. of Ednam. merchant.

31. At Borrowstounness, Mis Mary -20. At Pitfour, Mrs Richardson of Pit- Walkinshaw, spouse of Mr John Short, four.

surgeon there. 21. At Moss, William Douglas, Esq. of

the Right Anna Maria For. Moss, long a respectable corn merchant in rester, Baroness Forrester of Corstorphin, Glasgow.

daughter of Cecilia Lady Forrester, by 21. Ar Chryston, Mrs Janet Macdonald, George Cockburn of Ormiston Esq. She spouse of the Rev. Mr John Summers, mi- succeeded her mother in 1784. Dying ung nister there.

married, her Ladyship is succeeded by her 22. At Edinburgh, John, the infant son nephew, James Walter, now Viscr. Grimof Robt. Cathcari, Esg. writer to the signet.ston, ia Ireland, and Baron Verulam in



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· England ;-the late Lord Grimston (who equal force. He was afterwards in nine married Lady Forrester's sister) having glorious actions, in all of which he displayonly survived her Ladyship but a few ed such courage, skill, and magnanimity, weeks. Viscount Grimston is now a peer as were rewarded ultimately by his Soveof the three kingdoms.

reign, with the appointment of Admiral of Yan. 1. At Bath, the Right Hon. Alan the Red, Major-Gen. of the Marines, creLord Gardner, Admiral of the Red, Ma. ated Baron of the United Kingdom, and jor General of Marines, and late comman. had the honour of receiving, from the hand der of the Channel fleet. This gallant ve- of his Majesty, a gold chain, in approbateran certainly was to be considered as one tion of his conduct on the 29th of May and of the ornaments of the British navy. He Ist of June 1794. commenced his naval career on the 1st of 2. At Edinburgh, in the 18th year of his May 1765, on board the Medway of 60 age, George Stewart, son of Professor Du. guns, which took the Duc d'Aquitaine of gald Stewart,

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TO CORRESPONDENTS. TIMON having called, according to invitation, at the Publishers of this Magazine, and read over the paper sent to the Editor by W--r Rd, has discovered, that, from “ Fuller's Worthies of England,” and “Ray's Proverbs," the whole of his long paper has been copied either by himself, or his “deceased uncle.” The selection from these books, it may at same time be remarked, is extremely injudicious, as it comprehends many provincial English proverbs, very uninteresting to a Scot. Something might be added in respect to his observation of these not being addressed to the learned ; altho', with submission, we should conceive his paper chiefly addressed to that class, as every one of them has a parallel proverb in Latin ; and to most of them, in addition thereto, illustrations in the French and Italian languages.

We shall be exceedingly obliged to J. E. for his proposed Life of Sir John Moore; provided it be, as we trust it will, drawn from authentic sources. We should be obliged to such of our correspondents as would communicate to us any particulars respecting General Anstruther.

The useful communicatious of Mr Meliss and of Timon will appear in our next.

J. F.,-Hidallan.,-W. D.,-L--m.,-M. F. C.,-Glotianus, will probably appear in our next, or an early number.

Pe shall probably insert some, at least, of R. Go's pieces.

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